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The JCPenney Salon and Sephora (located inside JCPenney) at the Grand Traverse Mall provided hair and makeup services for the three Janes this year and treated them to a fresh, polished look for the See Jane Lose Reveal party! At the salon, Michelle Strait and Kim Lueck started Amber with a keratin complex smoothing treatment, adding strength and shine to her hair while diminishing frizz. "A life changer!” said Amber. Next, the stylists refreshed Amber's color, nixing the few grays with some subtle highlights to complete her total new look. Shaelyn Bunner and Naomi Williams worked with Melissa. They went with a fresh new approach and gave Melissa a lob (a cut that is longer than a bob) haircut. It’s suitable for nearly every facial shape and hair type. With Melissa's luminous skin tone, they opted to add dimension with blonde highlights and red lowlights throughout, taking her hair to the next level! Jamie Rosinski had Andrea all to herself. To ease Andrea's busy lifestyle, they decided on a dramatic change—a trendy bob haircut! With invisible layers, it is much easier to style. Jamie then shifted Andrea's natural brown tones into a summer blonde with golden strands throughout. Her fresh new look is perfect for spring and summer fun! The JCPenney Salon can be found at They can also be reached at 231-929-9180, on Instagram as JCP Salon Traverse City, and on Facebook as JCP Salon Grand Traverse Mall. Sephora inside JCPenney Salon provided makeup for the Janes on their big day as well!

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At Your Service Cleaning loved having the opportunity to help the Janes by providing a free house cleaning because we know exactly what it is like to be a woman in these busy times. As women ourselves, we know that many of us give too much and do not elect to provide time for ourselves. And we know it is hard to juggle personal needs and desires against what the rest of the world expects from us! We were proud to sponsor these simply exceptional women who had the guts and courage to accept the challenge. By our cleaning their homes, these three women could take the essential time they needed for themselves. It is truly the wish of those around them, who care about them, that they stay healthy and happy. These Janes are role models to their children and muses to their husbands. They are someone’s daughter, the apple of their eye, and ought to be loved and pampered. In addition, as a woman business owner, I’m proud to run a company that is made powerful by the strength of each and every one of “my girls.” I am inspired by all of my employees. I am also grateful to the women in my past who served as role models—those who embodied everything I wanted to be— who helped me to see what my goals were. That’s why I want to help other women see how resilient and amazing they really are. And it can all start with something as simple as a clean house!

Grand Traverse Nutrition loved supporting the Janes in their healthy lifestyle changes. We provided each participant with a free nutrition assessment, a consultation for personalized meal planning, and we scheduled routine check-ins to help them make smart food choices and establish healthy eating habits. It was important to help each Jane, as a busy career woman, wife and mother, plan for not only her own nutrition needs, but also her family’s. The Janes needed realistic, balanced meals to power them through the day, have energy for YMCA workouts and family activities, and to be healthy-eating role models for their families.  Below is a sample of some nutrition goals the Janes practiced. Try them in your life! Develop appetite awareness through mindful eating and hunger-fullness cues • Eat away from distractions (TV, phone, book and avoid multitasking to master eating slowly.   Eat every 3-4 hours • Small snacks between meals keep us from getting over-hungry, balances blood sugar and crushes food cravings. Eat breakfast an hour after getting up. If you work out, have a small snack before an early morning workout and then breakfast within the hour after. • Plan and prep breakfast the night before – overnight oats, egg and veggie muffin omelets, or a whole-grain muffin with fresh fruit and nut butter are great choices!   Add veggies • Pack fruit and veggies to pair with snacks and meals at work and have veggies on hand for dinner. • Veggie trays or frozen veggie medleys are great in a pinch!

Find a day and time to outline a menu for the week • Create a list of family (kid)-friendly meals that are quick to prep or can be prepared ahead – and are easy to add veggies to! • Take a list on your grocery store trip. Find a day and time to do a little veggie/ meal prep • Batch cook or roast veggies and use them for multiple meals. • Cut, peel, dice – group your food into containers so it’s ready to go! • Create adult “lunchables” – a great mix might include whole grain crackers, string cheese or a boiled egg, and veggies and hummus.   Try one new recipe each week • Schedule a day to make it–and DO IT! • Keep notes. What worked? What didn’t? Miranda Monroe, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), nutrition coach and founder/owner of Grand Traverse Nutrition, specializing in sports and performance nutrition, weight management, food sensitivities and healthy eating. Learn more at

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