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Amber Wilson, 34 What has changed since your first day as a Jane? So much has changed since the first day! I'm smaller, stronger, more confident and hopeful. In just a short amount of time, I’ve experienced success, and that has given me the momentum to continue the journey. All the perks helped me see myself through a different lens, and the women who provided them have been so kind. They’re passionate about their profession and that inspired me, too. What did you learn about yourself? I learned that I am stronger than I think, mentally and physically. I realized that I hold all the skills I need to accomplish my fitness and weight loss goals, and I learned to be vulnerable and accept compliments. When I admitted my weaknesses and allowed others to guide me, I gained so much strength. When I realized that people didn't have to compliment me—they wanted to—my whole outlook changed. I am strong. I am worth it.


Occupation: Early Childhood Specialist Height: 5'6” Starting Weight: 266 Current Weight: 240

26 LBS


What was your biggest obstacle? My biggest obstacle was me. The negative voice in my head has been in charge for many years, so it took some practice to replace it with a positive message. When my schedule was hectic or my muscles were sore, I had to teach myself to say, "I can do this. Make time, stretch more. You deserve this." Brittany taught me a strategy to use when negative and defeating thoughts crept in. She told me to say "Cancel" and replace the negative thought with a positive one. It’s so simple, but so effective! What are you most proud of? Honestly, that I can do real pushups! The pushups demonstrated the muscle I’ve built and the strength I possess, and they are one thing I truly thought I would never be able to do. I am strong and so proud of myself every time I surpass my expectations. What is your top tip? My top tip is to find and surround yourself with people who also desire to live a healthier lifestyle as well as those who live the lifestyle you want. Be vulnerable in this search for your “tribe.” Allow yourself to be taught, encouraged and picked back up when you fall. Include people who push you and people who make you laugh. What’s next for you? I have chosen to continue my personal training sessions at the Y with Brittany. I plan to continue to attend STT (Strength Train Together Class) and I look forward to the Fresh Air Challenge at the Y. I have run a 5k and 10k, and I plan to run more. I will continue to look for ways to challenge my fitness level and keep things interesting. I am going to continue this weight loss journey until I lose 100 pounds total, and next summer I plan to do some sort of obstacle course race!

Brittany Tembreull YMCA PERSONAL TRAINER When I met Amber, I could tell she was all in with this program—she was ready for a life change. I was impressed with her drive to do her absolute best every single workout, and she never gave up! I gave her direction, but she did the hard work of listening and taking my advice. She lost weight and also gained a LOT of strength throughout the challenge. The way her body changed was just a bonus to her internal transformation. She is happy with herself, and it shows in her proud posture and bright, confident smile. She brings me tears of joy as her trainer; saying I am proud of her just doesn't cut it. Amber is an inspiration and has made my first-time Jane experience so memorable and perfect. I can't wait to watch her continue to better herself and exceed her own expectations!

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