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I have always feared truly putting myself out there, but now, it was required. This helped me overcome some of my self-doubt and gave me the courage later in life to continue doing so. Though we didn’t win, we made it to the finale and truly won an experience of a lifetime.

RULE IT OUT When we returned from traveling the world, I needed to find work. With my roller derby design portfolio in hand, I landed a job doing e-marketing for a local car dealership. I loved that I was able to create and design. Yet, after a few years of working in a corporate atmosphere, I realized that it was not me. I’d started becoming physically ill and having panic attacks on my way to work. I was depressed, anxious and I shed a lot of tears during this time. I had to put on a corporate persona which was never in my blood. I felt self-conscious in my tattoocovered skin and something needed to change. I needed a space where I could just be myself.

VOICES OF REASON In need of some inspiration, I started listening to motivational speakers on my drive to work. The common theme I kept hearing was to “just do it.” There’s was never going to be a perfect time in my life where all my stars were aligned. I needed to take the steps to start building a career for myself that would bring me joy and contentment. I knew I wanted to create and develop something that I would have fun doing. I started researching subscription boxes and was intrigued by the concept of reoccurring income.

THE GREAT QUIRKY CRATE I soon came up with the idea of Quirky Crate—a subscription box for the not-sobasic girl. A subscription box for women like me who aren’t afraid of dancing to the beat of their own drum. I would create and manufacture products, feature a woman artist each month, and produce mail that would not only be fun to make, but receive. In the winter and spring of 2017, I spent a lot of late nights working on my logo, branding, website and started pre-launching my idea. I took out my 401k and bought the product for my first crate. I began taking orders in May 2017 and sold out my first month. I put my two weeks in at the dealership and have refused to look back. Since May 2017, I have shipped nearly 10,000 crates worldwide out of my home office in Kalkaska. I run every aspect of my business including the website, design, product curation, marketing, photography, customer service and more. Recently, I’ve hired my parents to help me with packing the crates each month. Quirky Crate has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed and other national publications.

QUIRKY AND LOVING IT It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride to get where I am today, and I have only just begun. There are certainly weeks of long hours, and days where I don’t have all the answers. Honestly, I’m just winging it. However, I realize that I’m finally on the right path and doing something I love to do. Each skillset that I use today was a gift from every detour that I took: a lap around the derby track, a day at the dealership, a trip around the world. I have learned to appreciate these detours, as they give me the strength to walk the right path when I get there. I may not have a big house or fancy car, but to me, I have everything (and some cute and quirky things to boot). Rochelle Nevedal is a subscription box entrepreneur based in Kalkaska. Learn more at

What’s a subscription box? Subscription boxes are packages of products that customers receive on a regular basis, usually monthly or weekly. What’s inside the box is completely up to the subscriber—there are all types of products! Whether you’re searching for a selection of beauty products or a bundle of books, if you’ve wondered about it, there’s probably a box for it. A recent Quirky Crate “Happy News” box included a funky pair of socks, a fun clasp-purse, a pencil with pom-pom attached, a Happy Newsletter and more. You can see the “unboxing” at her website

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