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Advancing Exceptional Care

2015 – 2017



OUR BEGINNINGS Grand River Hospital has been dedicated to serving this community for 120 years.

Our founding hospitals share notable anniversaries in 2015-16. In 2015, we celebrate the 120 year anniversary of the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital. In 2016, we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the Freeport Hospital. Also in 2015, we mark the 20 year anniversary of the merger of the K-W Hospital and Freeport Hospital which together is Grand River Hospital.

In 1895 – what is now our Kitchener Waterloo Campus, opened as the PHOTO TOP LEFT: Original Berlin and Waterloo Hospital building in 1895. PHOTO TOP RIGHT: Grand River Hospital’s KW Campus 2015. PHOTO BOTTOM LEFT: Original Freeport Military Hospital in 1916. PHOTO BOTTOM RIGHT: Grand River Hospital’s Freeport Campus 2015.

Berlin and Waterloo Hospital, the area’s first general hospital. The lands were donated by famed whiskey baron and racehorse enthusiast Joseph E. Seagram.

In 1916 – what is now our Freeport Campus first served as the Freeport Military Hospital, caring for soldiers stricken with tuberculosis during the First World War. Later it became the Freeport Sanatorium which went on to lead the fight against tuberculosis in south-central Ontario. Throughout its history, this hospital has provided exceptional care. We will continue to do so well into the future of this growing community.

2  |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017

A message from our

CHAIR AND CEO We will provide the very best health care services to our patients.

Grand River Hospital will lead the way in patient care outcomes, clinical practice advancements, and operational efficiency performance. Our staff, physicians, midwives, and volunteers will succeed in a work environment that actively supports them in their work through investments in education, training, technology and infrastructure. Our teams will succeed in their work and thrive in delivering the most advanced hospital care and services building on evidence-informed practices and propelled by research. With our partners in care, we will promote health and wellness in the community. We are committed to our collaborative partnerships with the other Waterloo Wellington hospitals and Community Care Access Centre, emergency medical services, police services, primary care and other community service providers. Together we will continue to build an increasingly responsive and efficient integrated health system for our community. Our Mission is to work with the communities we serve towards life-long health and well-being for all. We exist to provide exceptional care through inspired people, one patient at a time. To enable our continued success in delivering great care and with greater urgency, GRH must continue to improve productivity within a resource-challenged environment. GRH will employ strategies of innovation, improved processes, minimization of errors and re-work along with economies of scale to deliver the best value for every health care dollar. We will foster strategic partnerships to maximize our collective success in this time of shrinking resources and growing demand. Grand River Hospital will deliver exceptional care to our community to support our patients, today and always. We will provide care with compassion, in collaboration with our colleagues and our partners in care. We will do so with a positive attitude and optimism. We will demonstrate the professionalism our patients expect. We will respect those we have the privilege to serve and honour those with whom we work every day.

Geoff Bellew

Malcolm Maxwell

Chair, Grand River Hospital Board of Directors

President and CEO, Grand River Hospital


About your

HOSPITAL Grand River Hospital provides a comprehensive range of care to more than 700,000 residents of Waterloo Wellington.

Our service to you We are one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, offering regional stroke, cancer and renal (kidney) services; care for the most seriously ill and injured adults; services for mothers, newborns and children; emergency care; mental health and addictions; and care for older adults including rehabilitation. More than 3,400 staff members, 600 professional staff (physicians, dentists and midwives) and 1,000 volunteers care for patients across two main campuses, six partner locations for cancer and kidney care and three satellite community treatment centres.

Our main campuses The KW Campus, at 835 King Street West, is located just a few hundred metres east of the Kitchener and Waterloo municipal border. The compassionate and dedicated staff at this campus focus on patients of all ages in need of treatment for disease, severe illness or injury. They strive to return patients to health and home. The Freeport Campus is at 3570 King Street East in Kitchener, very near the Cambridge border. Freeport’s focus is on those living with complex health conditions or requiring follow-up care for recent illness or injury. The staff at this campus is committed to their patients’ recovery and rehabilitation.

Advancing care through teaching and research

TOP PHOTO: Olivia Hazelden (right) is one of many rehabilitative care specialists at Grand River Hospital’s Freeport Campus.

Grand River Hospital has a rapidly growing role in teaching and research. We are affiliated with the DeGroote Medical School of McMaster University serving as the principal hospital site for the Waterloo Undergraduate Medical Campus. We also are in partnership with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in providing experience and training for nursing students. Grand River has active research relationships with several institutions including Cancer Care Ontario. In 2015 GRH entered into a formal research partnership with the University of Waterloo.

4  |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017

OUR PRIORITIES How we will advance exceptional care:  elentlessly pursuing quality, R safety and accessibility of care Investing in our people Making it possible PHOTO: Dr. Bob Wickett is chief of emergency medicine for Grand River Hospital and St. Mary’s General Hospital. @GRHospitalKW  | |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  | 5



6  |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017

Our Strategies Design the patientand family-centred approach to care based on direct input from our patients and their families.

Improve the quality and safety of patient care through programs built on best practice.

Improve wait times to receive care.

Achieve recognized expertise in hospital care of the older adult.

Make a contribution to the broader health care sector with knowledge gained through research and innovation.

Work collaboratively with our health system partners to ensure that we receive and transfer patients safely and that the patients’ experience is respectful and inclusive.

PHOTO LEFT: Dr. Ernest Osei, head of medical physics at the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre collaborates with fellow medical physicist Andre Fleck. They’re using gold nanoparticles to help better plan and deliver radiation therapy. PHOTO RIGHT: Sabrina Lalji, a Grand River Hospital quality improvement consultant, interviews a patient to learn more about his experience with the hospital. @GRHospitalKW  | |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  | 7


OUR PEOPLE Our Strategies Strengthen physician engagement in leading change.

Promote a healthy workplace that is respectful, resilient and robust.

Enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of our staff, physicians and volunteers.

Build and foster a comprehensive human resource management system.

PHOTO: Stephanie Brundl, director of wellness and organizational development, facilitates a lesson on leadership with her Grand River Hospital colleagues. 8  |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017



Our Strategies Continue to demonstrate fiscal stewardship that is responsive to the needs of our patients and the changing health care environment.

In partnership with St. Mary’s General Hospital and other Waterloo Wellington hospitals, we will establish a plan for a common information systems solution.

Explore integration opportunities with Cambridge Memorial Hospital, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre and other health service providers in Waterloo Wellington.

Plan for our physical space needs both in the short and long term. Improve key stakeholders’ knowledge and understanding of our value to the community.

TOP PHOTO: Radiation therapy treatment area in the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.


Thanking those

WHO HELPED In April 2014 Grand River Hospital’s Board of Directors began the process of renewing the hospital’s 2015 to 2017 strategic plan.

Several interactive consultation sessions provided valuable opportunities for engagement with our partners. We discussed the challenges we face together and gathered the input needed to develop Grand River Hospital’s strategic plan priorities. Participation in these consultation sessions included governance, management, and physician leaders from Grand River Hospital, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Waterloo Wellington CCAC, Guelph General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Homewood Health Centre, Groves Memorial Community Hospital and North Wellington Health Care. We also looked to the leaders of the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and municipalities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Region of Waterloo for key inputs. Importantly, feedback from our patients, staff, physicians, Grand River Hospital Foundation and members of the general public was sought through interviews, surveys, and focus groups. We are grateful to all who dedicated their time and their insight to this critical process. Together we advance exceptional care.

TOP PHOTO: From left: Lydia Chudleigh, VP St. Mary’s General Hospital (SMGH); Dr. Dimitrios Divaris, chief of pathology for Grand River Hospital (GRH) and SMGH; Gary Higgs, CIO for GRH and SMGH; Tina Mah, VP GRH; Amaris Gerson, community member; and Barry Cheal, CFO of GRH. These are just a few of the people who contributed to the planning process.

10  |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017


of Exceptional Care

1 3


5 7

1. In 2015, registered nurse Jessica Socha cares for an infant in an isolette in Grand River Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

2. In 1947, a nurse cares for an infant in an early incubator.




3. In 1958, Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital doctors consult on a cancer patient’s follow-up x-ray.

4. In 2015, radiation oncologists Dr. Joda Kuk (left) and Dr. Sofya Kobeleva review a patient’s MRI in the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre.

5. In 2015, Grand River Hospital

7. In 1967, Girl Guides donate a

is more active than ever in nursing education. Instructor Denise Mole (centre) speaks with student Dany Mathai (left), Dharline Agullana and Binoy Anto at the hospital’s Freeport Campus.

record player to the children’s ward of K-W Hospital.

8. T oday, patients and siblings enjoy music therapy at Grand River Hospital’s children’s unit.

6. In 1905, student nurses at the Berlin and Waterloo Hospital brush up on their understanding of human anatomy.

@GRHospitalKW  | |  GRAND RIVER HOSPITAL  | 11

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Freeport Campus at 3570 King Street East, Kitchener

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Grand River Hospital – Building On Our Success  

Grand River Hospital Strategic Plan 2015-2017

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