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ou rarely see Delmarva Unleashed write about a particular company and Doggie Loot is normally reserved for products that we have reviewed and been impressed with, but when previous DU contributor Stephen Frolich reached out to let us know that he had taken a prominent position at a new dog products company, we knew it was worth a closer look. After all, someone we believe in, now produces products he believes in. Also, we have found most quality canine performance gear comes from European or Canadian companies. We are happy to share that there is now one U.S. company stepping to the forefront of the canine performance market. They’re veteran owned, and right in our back yard. Meet the Chesapeake Bay Dog Company. Four years ago, company founder and former Marine pilot Barton O'Brien decided to quit his finance job in New York City. He wanted to do something he was passionate about, and after adopting an 8-week old Labrador named Walter, he designed his first 48

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Summer 2019

dog product. A few years later the Chesapeake Bay Dog Company was formed, and in 2018 they launched their flagship brand, BAYDOG. Barton’s vision was to make products that reflect the sporting dog culture of the Chesapeake region. We found their designs to be stylish and built to perform! BAYDOG has succeeded in creating high-end performance gear for dogs, but with an affordable price tag. When Barton launched BAYDOG last year he did one other thing that differentiated the brand in the crowded dog accessory market: he decided to focus on independent brick and mortar retailers. While most of the industry was moving toward direct-to-consumer sales, utilizing discount platforms like and, BAYDOG is only available in independent stores and on their own website. They also guarantee their products 100%. As a result, BAYDOG is now sold in over 525 locations in both the U.S. and Canada in just over a year.

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Delmarva Unleashed Summer 2019  

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Delmarva Unleashed Summer 2019  

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