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at the Academy Awards with director Melissa Stubbs


a theatrical afteroon with actress Kyra Zagorsky

Atelier Grandi is a Vancouver-based luxury dressmaker’s boutique – a doorway to the exclusive world of custom clothing for women. Started in late 2013 by designer dressmaker Grandy, the atelier has garnered much attention, including in coverage by VOGUE UK and Glamour UK, as well as on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. Locally, Atelier Grandi has been covered by BC Living, Vancouver Sun, The Metro, Fairchild TV, Metro Living, along with many leading fashion blogs in Canada. Celebrating time-tested hallmarks of style, Atelier Grandi is relentlessly focused on the essence of timeless elegance, the bespoke tradition, and uncompromising quality in craftsmanship. Every piece is meticulously hand-crafted and made-to-measure, here in our Vancouver-based workshop. The atelier indulges our clients with luxurious, imported fabrics, and exceptionally fitting garments that enhance their sophisticated style.

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F E M M E FATA L E Interview with actress, writer, director Kyra Zagorsky, on sci-fi and her take on the role of strong women on stage



Spring/Summer 2016


Feminine, tailored, sophisticated

AN OSCARS STUNT Gracing the red carpet at the 88th annual Academy Awards with friend of the atelier director, actress, and stunts coordinator Melissa Stubbs


March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 3


A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016


AN OSCARS STUNT Gracing the red carpet at the 88th annual Academy Awards



She may not be a household movie name, but this incredible woman has just as many blockbuster movies to her name Inception, The Last Samuri, The Dark Knight Rises, X-Men 2, Indiana Jones, Jumanji, and apparently, she wasn’t joking about The Fifty Shades of Grey. The list continues. In the industry, she is well-recognized for her work as an award-winning stunts director and performer. We had the pleasure of dressing Melissa Stubbs for the 88th annual Academy Awards. She shone in this couture gown, designed exclusively for her.

March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 5

A chinoiserie, a “thing of chinoise”, first erupted onto the decor scene in 17th-century Europe after traders and merchants brought back art from the Orient. The unstructured aesthetics, the non-conforming lines, and the whimsical nature - often depicting scenes of gardens and nature - marked a stark contrast to its contemporary style of the ordered, rigid Classicism. Yet, it was this very ease that made it so relatable and so desirable. Artists and craftsmen began to produce works that were the Western interpretation of this new, fascinating Asiatic art form. The European public fawned, but the art establishment frowned. Seen as feminine and encouraging of hedonistic values, these decorative art became generally confined within the private quarters of women, adorning the walls of their dressing rooms and bedrooms. The prominent classical notions scorned such works for lacking cultural and intellectual depth. Still, the ability of an exotic - almost mystical - land so far away could not help but grip the fantasies of a hungry European society longing for more. The tea, the porcelain, the art, and, above all, the tales, eventually came to represent hallmarks of sophistication - the possession of which now an indication of polite society. Recreated for this campaign is a chinoiserie, meticulously painted by local artists, as has been done in centuries past. Feminine, tailored, this spring and summer capsule collection is designed by the Atelier to suit the essential needs of a sophisticated woman’s everyday life. Inspired by the staple garments in the designer’s own wardrobe, these simple and elegant pieces are easy, versatile, and affordable, making them appropriate for a variety of functions, from work to play. Perfect complements to our couture collections, these unique pieces stand out for their quality construction and exceptional fit, and can also integrate beautifully into your existing collection.










Whimsical birds lark over fragrant blossoms; the exotic night burns red with desire.


A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

Classic cocktail dress | retail $380

Modern two-piece suit | retail $445

10 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

tartan day dress / retail $339

March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 11

Cozy flannel day dress | retail $240

12 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

Satin jewel-neck blouse | retail $165

Picnic suede skirt | retail $170

14 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

Floral printed satin dress | retail $315

High neck chiffon blouse | retail $149

In the sensual garden, dim light from a muted moon lavish over the quiet spring night.

March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 15

A spring night Essentially feminine, Essentially yours.

16 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

Tulip neck evening dress | retail $360

Gown | beaded velvet gown, SS 2014



ACTRESS, WRITER, DIRECTOR KYRA ZAGORSKY TALKS SCI-FI AND HER TAKE ON THE ROLE OF STRONG WOMEN ON STAGE Written by Alice Chiang “My family doesn’t necessarily understand what I do. They are very supportive; but I have come to accept that I don’t have to tell my family everything. Just be happy with myself, with what I do.” said Kyra Zagorsky with refreshing candor, recounting her parents’ role throughout her acting career. The Colorado-raised actress, now living in Vancouver, is best known for her lead role as Julia Walker on the SyFy network series, Helix.

Couture Design from Atelier Grandi Photography | Roberutsu Styling | Alice Chiang & Iris Woo Makeup & Hairstyle | Terra French March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 19

WE WEAR GRANDI Between rehearsals, filming, and performances, Kyra found some time to stop by the studio for this photoshoot. The familiar scent of hairspray and makeup filled the air around her as she quietly rehearsed lines for an audition that she would later dash to immediately after the shoot. I managed to squeeze in my interview between takes.

Gown | beaded velvet gown, SS 2014

Accentuated by her dark, mysterious eyes, one could sense a poised beauty that blossoms from a strong, inner quality. There is a stillness in her presence, graceful yet tenacious, as if she was already getting into character for our femme fatale themed couture photo editorial. It is no surprise, really; this narrative is one familiar to Kyra. Aside from her leading role in Helix, she has starred as a number of strong, female characters, including her roles as Vasquez, a high tech operative from the future on Showcase network’s Continuum, and as Veronica in the sold out stage production, The Motherf**ker with the Hat. In the latter, her character battles a drug addiction against a precarious and turbulent backdrop of change. A reviewer describes her as “a creature of terrifying beauty,” marked by her defiantly expletive temper that is every bit the match to her pent-up drug trafficking lover. I wanted to know what drew her to different characters. “There are so many different definitions of strong female roles, but to me, a character needs to be 3-dimensional and have a story, not just a vibe.” Citing her character Veronica as an example, she said, “although she is troubled, she is vivacious... I know people like Veronica!” Her fascination with complexity and layers in the development of

a character is evident as she listed off some of her favourites. “One of my all-time favourite sci-fi characters is Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) from Alien. She is strong but at the same time vulnerable. She’s more relatable.” Kyra seems to have found a niche in the sci-fi femme fatale genre, to which she acknowledges with respect, praising its audiences for accepting “someone with my look.” Femme fatales are often morally ambiguous and associated with a sense of mystification and unease. Just the kind of complexity a discerning actor would want to sink her teeth into.

Dress | ribbon organza dress, SS 2016

20 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

“My dad introduced me to Ashland, Oregon where the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is

because he knew I loved Shakespeare. That’s where I discovered going to theatre school.” She described her road to a BFA in Theatre and a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting as a happy discovery in high school. “I grew up in a small town. I was athletic, very involved in sports. Then, I joined the choir and theatre in high school.” Once she played the baker’s wife in her school play she was hooked. As the backdrop is drawn, Kyra took to the set and impressed the crew with her innate talent in channeling these characters. In front of the camera is no longer an earnest actress studying lines; instead, we are served a sensuous, assertive heroine from a dark science fiction, ready to go out and catch some bad guys.

Top | leather halter blouse, SS 2016 Skirt | checkered knit skirt, AW 2014

March 2016 | A T E L I E R G R A N D I | 21

Dress | checkered knit dress, AW 2014 Coat | melton fur coat, AW 2015

22 |

A T E L I E R G R A N D I | March 2016

Dress | ribbon organza dress, SS 2016

“Know what you stand for and

don’t be afraid to

FIGHT FOR IT.” - kyra Zagorsky



GRANDI | 2016 Spring Essentials | No. 6  

Feminine, tailored, this spring and summer capsule collection is designed by the Atelier to suit the essential needs of a sophisticated woma...

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