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the verandah

Share a cup of laughter with Chef Mark and we guarantee he will charm you the Aussie way. #ModernAustralianCuisine

confeitaria Freshly prepared coffee specialties in collaboration with local producer and roaster Devi coffee. Enjoy a range of bakeries, sandwiches and freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. In the evenings choose from a selection of the finest wines and digestives. #DeviCoffee #CoffeeBar

bay view lounge


The kitchen aromas rich in spices, color and warmth take you on an Indian tour so precious, so unique. Or experience flavors of your much loved buzz in different forms. #ChulhaCocktailBar #IndianCookingSecrets

A sip of wine, a bite of cheese, a view of the Palace Lawns and the Bay; time can stand still or race to great heights – you pick. #GoaCentralMeetingPlace

capiz bar & fireplace

A fireplace for nostalgic stories under the starlit night sky or a bar that keeps you grooving while you make new stories. It’s all happening here. #NightMagic

the dining room Five interactive kitchens, five ways to tell you we love you, five times over. #AllDayDining


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4 quick getaway international Grand Hyatt destinations


Played squash professionally as well as represented the South African defence force

Addicted to candles, a fire place, BBQ, nature and the outdoors

Enjoys good wine, Hendrick’s gin and his mother’s home recipes

Leader of 3 Alpha in 8 South African infantry battalion at the beginning of the Nelson Mandela era

Hosted Nelson Mandela at the Lord Charles Hotel in South Africa for one of his first dinners after 27 years of imprisonment

Needs to live close to water ie. ocean a lake or similar

Used to be a surfer with long hair and an earring

Loves vintage bikes and taking his Royal Enfield for long rides

Obsessed with luxury watches, BOSS clothing and Tumi luggage bags

Loves spending time with his beagle – Neo and Siberian Husky – Nova Loves water and swimming Loves cooking with friends and family

having taken over the reins at the grand hyatt goa in 2014, south african born

jaco le roux general manager

is a person who is always optimistic about life, works hard and lives life to the fullest! with a cheery disposition and impeccable taste, to his credit he has over 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry having worked with the hyatt group the world over as general manager, director of food and beverage, as well as executive assistant manager with a wealth of international hotel experience behind his name. Jaco began his career in 1994 after which his expertise took him across the globe on a roller coaster ride. Apart from working in his home country South Africa, he has also worked and managed 5 star chains in various locations like Muscat, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Moscow, Belgrade and London which has helped him gain an excellent understanding of diverse cultures and global hospitality. Prior to joining Grand Hyatt Goa, Jaco Le Roux has been General Manager of Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort & Spa for three years.



must visit restaurants by


Chef Mark Long

Titled with the longest designation at Grand Hyatt Goa,

Sascha Lenz is the executive assistant manager food & beverage. A big fan of Indian food and flavours, Sascha’s world revolves around food, family and football.

british by birth, australian by expertise and a true goan at heart, chef mark long shares his pick of the 5 best places to dine in goa


amigos bar & restaurant located under the Nerul Bridge overlooking a peaceful river. Run by Sabita who can assure you of the freshest seafood catch on your table, especially live fresh crabs. However you must call ahead

As the new Executive Assistant Manager, Food and Beverage at Grand Hyatt Goa, Sascha is

responsible for planning, organising, and controlling the work of the food and beverage division, ensuring smooth, efficient and up-tostandards running of the hotel’s facilities and food and beverage outlets, as well as maintaining high professional standards of quality and service.


must try >> Crabs butter garlic, Goan salad, don’t pass the hand cut chips reminds me of my Mams cooking


peeps kitchen in caranzalem run by Amey who welcomes you to his restaurant just the way he would welcome you to his home. Great food, wonderful for seafood and Goan food, wonderful friendly staff as well. It’s my must go to place

once a week. You might even see me there eating out in the open air; but they also have an upstairs with air-conditioning. must try >> Fish thali for a quick lunch but if dinner is an option, sit down and enjoy the food right from prawn biryani, chonak rawa fry, butter garlic prawns; serves the best Goan prawn curry in town, recheado pomfret, garlic naan. I simply love this place.


batti village in nerul a quaint, warm and cosy joint run by a Goan family out of an extension of their house. You can be assured of authentic Goan food at Batti Village. However don’t expect a menu here, as it changes with the market demand

4 black sheep bistro was my first stop when I came to Goa, lovely people great food and service must try >> I just graze through the tapas menu with a few cold ones, lovely restaurant and bar feel


seaman’s nest restaurant in Assolna South Goa – A great local place by the river with the freshest catch and quick in service, you can always be assured of good Goan seafood. must try >> Anything seafood, crabs are always good. King fish, garlic prawns, squid, they do great pork especially Portuguese sausage naan

must try >> Pork! Anything pork. Did I say pork? Let the boss recommend. I left stuffed as a pig when finished


1 drink lots of water >> Staying

hydrated helps with alertness, appetite control, fatigue; and will make your skin glow.

day to keep our metabolism running, our energy up and our blood sugar levels stable. Keep fish, lentil, eggs and cheese as part of your daily diet.

for organic foods is an effectual choice for personal and planetary health.


sleep well >> Aim for about 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night. This simple practice could result in better memory, weight management, a longer life and lower stress.


eat well >> Experience fruits and veggies! You should truly believe that what you put in your body is what you’re going to get out. Add more nutrient-dense foods like dark leafy greens, healthy whole grains and vibrantly colored fruits, and you’re going to get a vivacious, energetic, happy person.

4 alkaline balance diet >> Eat

a diet of 60-80% alkaline-forming foods and 20-40% acid-forming foods. For the acid-forming foods, skip the fast-food burgers and processed foods. Instead choose healthier options like beans, grains and other fresh foods.


low glycemic diet >> Eating foods that have a low score on the glycemic index can keep blood sugar levels steady and can even help your body metabolize fat more efficiently.

6 run >> Everyone knows that

running is a great way to get into shape, but did you know that it can benefit almost every part of your body, as well as lift your mood? Running is incredibly effective at making you healthier in a number of ways.


practice yoga >> There is an endless list of benefits; however yoga provides both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health.


protein diet >> We need to eat plenty of protein foods every single



breathe well >> Bad breathing habits can give rise to a lot of unexpected negative effects on our health and well-being. Healthy breathing is very important in maintaining a balanced body because each breath has an immediate effect on the nervous system. A dysfunctional breathing habit, like a short and forced one, results in a tense body and much higher levels of stress. By taking control of our breathing and making it more relaxed, our body tunes in and becomes relaxed as well which leads to better functioning in general.

healthy habits to live by Alejandro Leo, Director of Spa & Recreation


eat organic >> Avoid chemically produced food, opting



As you may know, everyone in the rooms department is constantly walking around the resort. On an average anyone in rooms walks for at least 7-7.5 KMs in a day. If one totals the total distance walked by the entire division in one month, it will be around 65000 KM. Which is 1.5 times the circumference of earth! On an average we have 175-180 cars that drive intro the Porte Cochere every day. We open almost two doors per car, which is almost 10500 doors opened every month. This is more than the total number of cars in Togo.

10,95,00,000 litres of grey water is treated and reused for irrigation in a year. 64,000 kg of food and organic waste is converted into manure in a year.


Grand Hyatt Goa works incordination with over 2700 registered vendors from across the country.

11000 kg of horticulture waste is converted to manure by a Vermiculture Treatment Plant in a year.

The hotel has the latest Wi-Fi system giving the property a boosted signal strength across 28 acres of land and 313 rooms.

Our guest buggies cover 43,800 km of emission free travel in a year transporting guests and their baggage.

Sanjeev Kumar Director of Finance

The number of apples placed in guest rooms per month is enough to dish out an apple pie for 5000 people. The hotel has been chosen as a venue for over 900 events (weddings and corporates) since the opening in 2011.

In both Housekeeping and Laundry there is an average of 45 chemicals being used in both departments. Out of all the chemicals, there are only two chemicals which are acidic. Remaining all are either alkaline or neutral.

Grand Hyatt Goa is a melting pot for various nationalities. We currently have seven nationalities working together to provide an endlessly multicultural experience to our guests. A minimum of 8000 luggage bags are scanned per month. Guests leave behind an average of 250 non valuable items in a month. 65% of which is clothing.

‘Learn’ is one of our core competencies at Grand Hyatt Goa. We train approximately 303 students every year.

Every security officer in his shift walks a minimum 5km per day.

At Hyatt we recognize our employees by raising ‘HYStars’. In the year 2015, 10517 HYStars were raised.

Rooms division gets almost 500 guest requests a day. This can be a buggy request or dental kit required.

On any given day, at least one guest has a question by the beach access. The question – Is the hotel located in front of the sea or river.

Our employee cafeteria, Cafe Grande serves around 18,000 meals a month making it the busiest restaurant in Grand Hyatt Goa.

Noel Betty Noronha Remedios

Lynn Murray

K.S Priyan

Vinay Ravi

Director of Engineering

Director of Rooms

Manager Safety & Security

Director of Human Resources

With over 130 weddings that have taken place at the hotel, a total number of 97,840 wedding guests have been catered to by the hotel. Our longest staying guest has stayed with us for 96 nights in a row.

Director of Sales & Marketing





here’s a look at how our guests experience life Share your stories with us




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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Zoccer mania Aqua aerobics Wild web rope course Scuba diving in the pool Zip line Flying fox Wall climbing Massage classes RC car drive Chopper mania Boot camp Functional training Yoga Aqua zorbing

15. Nature walk 16. Volleyball 17. Stretching class 18. Mud soccer 19. Sumo wrestling 20. Balloon sculpting 21. Magic show 22. Nature photography 23. Hair beading 24. Balloon shooting 25. Archery 26. Dance classes 27. Tug of war 28. Chess

29. Table tennis 30. Face painting 31. Mini olympics 32. Nail art 33. Paintball 34. Pottery 35. Talk on snakes 36. Karaoke 37. Caricatures 38. Two to tango (couples endurance course) 39. Temporary tattoo 40. Sailing

58. Photography tours 59. Historic sites / forts 60. Panjim shopping street 61. The local Goan Friday market in Mapusa 62. Nightlife, clubs and restaurants 63. Architectural tours 64. UNESCO heritage sites 65. Visit old portuguese heritage homes 66. Visit to the waterfalls 67. Dining in old goan homes 68. Spice plantations


69. Elephant riding 70. Explore the churches and temples 71. Salim Ali bird sanctuary 72. Horse riding 73. Goa by bike 74. Tennis 75. Squash 76. Badminton 77. Kickboxing 78. Jungle fun at Shangrila 79. Trekking 80. Museum of Christian art

81. Ethnographic museum – Goa Chitra 82. Art galleries 83. Scuba diving 84. Butterfly conservatory 85. Rafting 86. Jet ski 87. Bumper ride 88. Banana ride 89. Kayaking 90. Self driven boats

tours & adventures

101++experiences food & beverage

41. Fondue evenings 42. Chulha cocktail bar 43. Learn to make Indian inspired cocktails 44. Cook with our chefs 45. Sunday brunch 46. Capiz@17 47. Wine Flights 48. Celebration dinner by the bay 49. Happy hours 50. World flavours at The Dining Room 51. High tea at Confeitaria & Bay View Lounge 52. Wine table at Bay View Lounge 53. Modern Australian cuisine at The Verandah 54. Indian street food at Chulha 55. Coffee bar 56. Smoking Cocktails at Capiz Bar 57. Live music and perfomances at the Palace Lawns

With over 101 experiences to choose from. You can cook with our chefs, learn to make indian inspired cocktails, rejuvenate and detox at shamana spa or hit the adventure zone for an adrenaline rush. Savour modern australian 18


91. Detox & rejuvenate 92. Chocolate fondue wrap 93. Steam, sauna and whirlpool 94. Beauty salon 95. Ayurveda 96. Indoor swimming pool 97. Body sculpting treatment 98. Meditation at the lifestyle studio 99. Halotherapy 100. Fitness programs


101. Yoga for kids 102. Craft 103. Wealth out of waste 104. Nature walk 105. Mehendi art 106. Painting 107. Creating cards 108. Singing 109. Book reading 110. Story telling 111. Shell art 112. Video games/ Play station – Wii 113. Capiz painting 114. Kids Playground

cuisine at The Verandah or indulge in fondue at Capiz Bar. With a selection of seven restaurants and bars, an extensive spa, a versatile recreational menu and a sailing centre, we have a grand plan for you every day. 19

360 Degree Sailing with


Pioneers in Leisure and Corporate Sailing sailebrate • learn • explore

80 boats • 8 diverse experiences 3 superb venues • world class sailing holidays Aquasail has options for everyone: individuals, families and for

corporate India. From short experiential sailing packages delighting your sense of adventure to learn to sail courses and camps for those seeking a hobby. Get on board for business lessons on the sea or to network with your clients. Whatever the objective; Aquasail combines warm hospitality with superb expertise on water guaranteed to make it a once in a lifetime experience.

sail with aquasail. sail with the best


The Verandah

Carefully curated by Executive Chef Mark Long, The Verandah serves contemporary and light Modern Australian cuisine, using the best local and international products in Goa. The restaurant presents a menu that is prepared with the freshest ingredients and perfect presentation methods to dish out signature meals that have international flair and local appeal. 7:00 PM – 11:30 pm

Chocolate chili cake

MUST TRY Chocolate chili cake Crispy potato shrimps, pickled green papaya salad, nam jim dressing


ingredients • 3/4 cup sugar • 4 whole eggs • 1 1/4 cup chocolate covertures • 1 cup unsalted butter • 1/4 cup water • 1/4 tsp chilli powder method 1. Whip sugar and egg in large bowl until light and fluffy 2. Add the water to the above mix 3. Melt chocolate and butter separately in bain-marie and add to above mixture and add chilli powder at last 4. Line the baking tray with parchment paper bake at 1800C for 15 to 20 minutes in the oven 5. Remove from the oven allow it to cool down on a wire rack. Slice accordingly into desired portion and serve.


This informal, local India, ‘Home-Style’ restaurant features an interactive kitchen, live tandoor section, chaat counter and a cocktail bar. Experience flavors of your much loved buzz at the Chulha Cocktail Bar; and if you are in for some fun – learn to make them too! The bartenders will give you an opportunity to learn how to make some of Chulha’s Indian inspired cocktails. Lunch: 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM • Dinner: 7:00 PM - 11:30 pm Chulha Cocktail Bar: 7:00 PM – 11:30 pm

Murg Mangalram (Serves 2) ingredients

masala pomfret rechado fried murgh mangal ram achari paneer tikka

6 garlic cloves, roughly chopped • 1 Large onion 50gm ginger, roughly chopped • 4 tbsp mustard oil 4 tbsp yoghurt • 1 tsp coriander powder • 1 tsp cumin seed • 5 cm cardamom powder • 1 tsp chilli powder • 1 tsp garam masala 1 tsp turmeric • 1 tsp sugar • 50gm chopped tomatoes • 2 green chillis chopped • 8 chicken thighs, cleaned, boneless (about 400 gm) • 2 tbsp chopped coriander • 1/2 tsp Fenugreek leaf powder • 1 tbsp fried cashew nut paste • 1/2 tbsp almond paste

Signature Chulha Cocktails



mumbai sugarcane mojito bacardi rum, lime chunks, few mint leaves, lemon juice, fresh sugarcane juice. tangy margarita tequila, tamarind paste, fresh orange juice, triple sec, lime juice


In a pan put mustard oil, chopped garlic, ginger, green chilli, chopped onion, fry till golden brown then add cleaned chicken into, again fry for 3 minutes afterword put all spices powder, yoghurt, chopped tomatoes and cook with the lid for 5 minutes. Remove lid add cashew nut and almond paste, cardamom powder, chopped coriander leaf and fenugreek leaf powder and keep aside. Serve with any Indian bread or rice.



With its five interactive kitchens and daily changing cuisines, The Dining Room offers rotational buffet and a la carte options. Sunday’s bring you everybody’s favorite – the Wicked Liquid Brunch. Relish a sumptuous meal over five interactive food counters along with free flowing beverages and live music.


Around the world in 80 plates sunday

seafood night saturday


The Goan Kitchen

Turkish Mezze’s & grills thursday

Purani Delhi Khana Khazana wednesday


South Indian Spice trail

MUST TRY Theme Dinners every evening

Mediterranean nights monday

Breakfast 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM • Lunch 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM • Dinner 7:00 PM – 11:30 PM


CAPIZ BAR Designed as an early evening to late night lounge, the Capiz Bar is the entertainment venue of the resort. GREAT COCKTAILS, SHISHA, FONDUE AND TAPAS. Everyday enjoy 25% discount on all alcoholic beverages during Happy Hours.

CAPIZ BAR 4:00 PM to late HAPPY HOURS 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Signature dishes Thai red curry with chicken, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, basil and chili

Phad thai noodles with prawns, tofu, spring onions, peanuts and chili


Signature Cocktails pomojito White rum, fresh pomegranate, mint, lime, bar mix, crushed ice and soda.

peri-peru Vodka, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt, lime juice, pepper, guava juice with spicy chilli powder and salt mixed rim.

POOL BAR AND GRILL Benefiting from

executive chef mark long's

extensive experience in Asia, the menu at the Asian Wok comprises some of the most authentic signature recipes Asia has to offer.

indonesian laksa, thai curries and traditional chinese wok dishes are just some of the highlights.

pool bar & grill • 10:00 am to 7:00 pm asian wok • 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm



A central meeting point which turns into a cozy Wine Table by evening, with a selection of wines, complimentary canapés and Wi-Fi. 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM Wine Table: 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Wine Table

Presents a unique experience, whilst enjoying the stunning view of Bambolim bay, enjoy a glass of wine along with your choice of delectable canapé. canapés from the wine table menu: • Lemon grass cured salmon crème friache • Tuna Horse radish caviar • Prawn chive vol au vents • Goat cheese, fig compote, pumpernickel



Freshly prepared coffee specialties in collaboration with local producer and roaster Devi coffee. Enjoy a range of bakeries, sandwiches and freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. In the evenings choose from a selection of the ďŹ nest wines and digestives. #DeviCoffee

7:00 am – 7:00 pm signature highlights Tiramisu Deconstructed banana bonafie pie 52 different Devi coffee blends available for purchase in small individual packed batches of 100g to 1kg. Freshly ground to order.

confeitaria coffee bar 34


RESORTstories Mother and child statue

The deep copper and bronze sculpture seen at the Porte Cochére is symbol of protection, and healing represented by a mother and child. Just like the holy Tulsi welcoming each guest in homes seen in villages. The mother and child sit on a silent fountain pool enjoying gentle ripples of water, whispering to each other about the arrival of each and every guest. Largest

spa of the region with 19 treatment suites


Each Grand Hyatt hotel features a majestic and expansive lobby, a key and unique feature you will find as you walk into any Grand Hyatt hotel across the globe. You will be greeted by striking architecture punctuated with impressive lighting, art installations and atmospheric music.

Largest room inventory in Goa with 313 rooms and suites

Roof tops

Did you know that the resort’s baroque style architectural high roof consists of approximately 1,000,000 roof tiles.

Outdoor Swimming pool

The biggest water feature in the palace, the outdoor swimming pool is designed to look and feel as the temple bath area of the palace. The stone used around the pool area is a type of granite called sadarhalli and the bottom of the pool is built using slate, which is a natural anti-slip stone.


Goa’s only 25-metre indoor swimming pool


RESORTstories Only 5-star resort with a sailing centre


Our chapel has two stories of its origin. Legend has it as a chapel built by the local fishermen as a place to worship. But after the plague of the mid 17th century, it was abandoned which lead to its destruction. However historians have a different story to tell. They believe that this Chapel was built in 1613 by Gonsalo Pinto da Fonseca when Bambolim was declared as a separate parish. This chapel lost its prominence in 1616 when a new church was built on Orth de Vigar or Padigaracho Dongor. Our Lady of Belem, Confraria Nossa Senhora De Belem church which is now located on the hill, regularly sees people coming in for Sunday Mass. Until the hotel was built, fishermen still used this place as a safe house to store their nets or other fishing equipment for safekeeping under God’s protection. Till date, locals come to pray at this chapel.

Capiz Shells

The name #CapizBar is derived from the #CapizShells that are exclusively found on the #Bambolim Bay

Terrazzo style of tiling One of the largest banquet facilities in India, spread over 32,000 sq ft (3,000 sq m) indoor venues


The Terrazzo style of tiling is a unique system of tilling that was used in ancient India. This style can be seen in the lobby of the resort and is similar to mosaic tiles, however rectangular in shape. Each rectangular piece has been hand placed therefore causing some unique imperfections across the lobby floor.

Strategically located above the banquet entrance, the jharokha gives every bridal couple a traditional royal entrance with petals or confetti bestowed upon them. The artistic woodwork around the jharokha is a traditional intricate design done in Burma Teak.



Bringing to life the ultimate Sunday destination, Grand Hyatt Goa presents guests with more than 20 food and beverage bars, 50% off spa treatments and salon services, complimentary access to the fitness centre, sauna, steam room, whirlpool and swimming pool, plus live music and elaborate children’s activities.

BRUNCH it’s more than just a brunch


access to the shamana spa from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

At 1:00 PM, head over to The Dining Room, where the resort’s culinary wizards present an extravagant spread of more than 20 food and beverage bars. Offerings include plenty of prawn and seafood options, oriental cuisine, roasted meats, sushi, pasta and barbecue. With items like grilled prawns, crispy crackling pork, eggs benedict, hand crafted thin crust pizzas, prawn balchao dosa, kebabs, specialty eggs, bacon wrapped prawn, chocolate fountain, crepes, chocolate chili cake, cake pops, New York cheesecake and everything sinful, the brunch urges you to over indulge.



Offering guests a vivid world of experiences to choose from, the Wicked Liquid brunch promises to be much more than just a regular brunch. Guests can begin the day at the award winning Shamana Spa and enjoy 50% off all spa and salon treatments, indulge in the sauna or steam room, or take a dip in the whirlpool. While adults treat themselves to the detox health bar or get their nails done, kids can have their own fun at Shamana Spa’s lifestyle studio, which turns into a kids’ club every Sunday.

50% off on salon services 50% off on treatments at shamana spa fitness centre sauna steam jacuzzi swimming pool (indoor and outdoor)


everything sinful, the brunch urges you to over indulge —Cocktails— Making sure the brunch suits everybody’s need; kids are well taken care of with fun interactive and creative activities at Camp Hyatt – the kids club. The chefs have even curated a kids-mini buffet along with an exclusive kid’s cocktail bar that includes favorites such as marshmallow milkshakes, chocolate smoothies’ and fruit milkshakes.

The liquid menu is as extensive as the food offering, with herb-infused spirits, detox drinks, health juices, cocktails, sparkling wine, coffee cocktails and a pour-your-own drink option. Guests are sure to be spoilt for choice. The cocktail bar is nothing short of extraordinary; with over 18 specially crafted cocktails there is a story behind every drink. Some of the must try include banana espresso martini, cucumber basil gin and tonic, aloe vera margarita, watermelon basil mojito and goan mint juleb.


There are several ways to spend a Sunday, but none are as indulgent as the Wicked Liquid brunch. With seven hours of brunching, the new brunch is all about relaxation, overindulgence, great food, live music and #LivingGrand.

banana espresso martini

cucumber cooler

citrus white wine spritzer

kafir lime daiquiri

aloe vera margarita

rosemary lemon spritzer

lemongrass gin and tonic

cucumber, mint gin and tonic

bacon capeta

boozy basil lemonade

watermelon basil mojito

dining room cooler

goan mint julep

peach & rosemary spritzer

pineapple basil mojito

rosemary gimlet

espresso banana martini

`2,200 plus taxes (unlimited wine, sparkling wine, cocktails) `1,600 plus taxes (non-alcoholic)


Don’t just eat like a local; learn to cook like one too. Let our chefs teach you to prepare your favorite Indian recipe, and then take the opportunity to share your masterpiece with family and friends.

Enjoy 25% discount on all your favourite beverages at capiz bar

learn to cook at chulha

happy hours IN YOU

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm `1,900 + taxes per person


Taste our unique 17@capiz signature cocktails and tapas selection

6:00 pm – 8:00 PM


exclusive membership benefits

• 20% discount on food & beverages • 20% discount on all room categories, based on availability • 30% discount on all hotel activities • 40% discount on any massage • 30% discount on facials and body treatments • complimentary access to camp hyatt for 2 kids

the must try Shamana Spa packages rejuvenate package

Experience flavors of your much loved buzz in different forms; and if you are in for some fun – learn to make them too! Our bartenders will give you an opportunity to learn how to make some of Chulha’s Indian inspired cocktails.

• body sculpting dry powder massage 60 min • coconut butter body wrap 60 min

glowing package

• lymphatic drainage massage 60 min • coffee wrap 60 min • natural skin firming facial 60 min

access to fitness centre & yoga studio sauna, steam bath and whirlpool indoor and outdoor swimming pool for more details, please contact spa reception. ask for referral program.

Both packages include an ayurvedic consultation


pampered For more details and information visit us at Shamana Spa between 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM or call 0832 301 1604

6:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Welcome to a peaceful and serene retreat for the ultimate in wellness and relaxation, offering South East Asian treatments with a contemporary approach.

CHULHA COCKTAIL BAR 7:00 pm — 11:30 pm at the chulha cocktail bar


Celebration Dinner

BY THE BAY OR IN THE POOL Call up the Resort Centre minimum 12 hours in advance and we will lay a special celebration dinner for you. Enjoy the privacy and intimacy of exclusive dining by the bay or in the outdoor swimming pool.

7:00 pm – 11:00 PM



Let the Grand Hyatt professionals organize your evening or night. Your personal picnic coordinator will discuss your likes and dislikes with you. After that lean back and let us do the rest for you. we will organize all food and drinks, set up of a barbeque with chef and service staff. suitable for couples or groups of up to 12 people.

BBQ Picnic under the stars 6:00 pm — midnight `1,800 onwards depending on your requirements



Imagine the vast blue sea, the crack of dawn or the warmth of an evening sunset; go fishing with local fishermen for an authentic Goan experience. Bring back your catch and our chefs will cook it for you just the way you would like.

sunrise or sunset



try our new range of the highest quality shishas and signature tobacco flavours available at capiz bar. This exclusive range by meduse dramatically enhances the shisha smoking delight and elevates it to the level of a gastronomic experience. The tobacco blend itself is a balanced mix of various flavours and is richer than the classic single flavour.

However, the fruit cocktail, consisting of fresh fruits, herbs, spices, syrups and other ingredients, influences the resulting taste significantly and moves it to a new level.

Smoking Cocktails 4:00 pm till late



Come and meet the F&B team of Grand Hyatt Goa at Bay View Lounge between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM for insight recommendations to help you plan your dinner at the resort. Our team will happily help you make the right choice for your dinner and take down all special notes and requirements.

Equally perfect for an intimate evening or a casual dinner with friends and family, fondue is more than bread and cheese (but it is that, too). Enjoy evenings with a selection of chocolate and cheese fondue at the Capiz Bar.

Dining Concierge at

Bay View Lounge 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


4:00 pm – midnight


Gather around the fireplace at the Capiz Bar for an evening of sundowners, tapas, fun and laughter from sunset to midnight.

Take your pick from Traditional English or Indian Afternoon High Tea

sundowners by the fireplace

6:00 PM – late


high tea 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm starting from `680 plus taxes


Let us take you on a journey. Our wine flights are designed to take you through a range of grape varieties, or regions. See how Indian wines have developed over the last decade and compare them with some old world classics. Our team will design your flight around your taste and interests. Why settle for one, when you can try 3 wines and pick the one that's made for you.

Your favourite glass of wine with canapés from our chef @ Bay View Lounge

6:00 PM – 11:00 pm only `600


wine table

wine flights 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm `600 plus taxes


Smell your wine. Sniff it, taste it, and think about it.

When opening a wine bottle, try to do it quietly, like a ninja

Wine Etiquette

Fill your glass less than half way to give your wine room to breathe.

The Essential List of Wine Etiquette Tips To Master

Try to keep your portion of drinking equivalent to the other people around you.

*source: Hold your glass by the stem or the base.

Offer wine to others before pouring seconds for yourself.

Try to drink from the same position on your wine glass to reduce unsightly mouth marks


Pouring wine? hold the bottle towards the base.

When clinking: clink glasses bell to bell (it reduces breakage) andlook your clinkingbuddy in the eye.


sunday the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm


around the world in 80 plates

monday the dining room • 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm



wednesday the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

purani delhi khana khazana

south india - coastal spice trail

tuesday the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm



buffet at asian wok at the pool bar & grill 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

turkish mezze & grill

asian food made to order raining chili - wok + noodle bar

thursday the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm




the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

goan kitchen

saturday seafood swing night

saturday the dining room 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm



wahida & band

sunday during sunday brunch


saturday seafood swing night


friday nights

wahida & band (modern pop and

thursday classics) and live performances soul & pop with gil (blues female singer, double bass & gil on

soul & pop with gil (blues female singer, double bass & gil on

TUEsday clarinette) and live performances

live music and performances

73 72

Wednesday clarinette)


christmas eve dinner

christmas day lunch

christmas day brunch

new year's day brunch

at the dining room january 1, 2017 • 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

at the dining room

Continue New Year’s celebrations with an elaborate spread at The Dining Room

december 24, 2016 • 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Let the magic of Christmas Eve fill your hearts as our musicians bring back beautiful nostalgic melodies. Indulge in a scrumptious buffet of international cuisines and the much awaited Christmas desserts. `2,000 plus taxes per person – buffet only

at the verandah

at the dining room

december 25, 2016 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

december 25, 2016 • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

It’s the time to count our blessings and feel the warmth of the glorious Christmas season with that special one person who makes it all worth while. Bring your ‘one and only’ true love and we will make your Christmas lunch truly special.

Celebrate this day of love as you unwind with family and friends over a lavish brunch with live music and fun while little ones enjoy fun-filled games at Camp Hyatt.

`2,000 plus taxes per person – buffet only 76

`2,000 plus taxes per person – buffet only `2,600 plus taxes per person – liquid brunch

`2,000 plus taxes per person – buffet only `2,600 plus taxes per person – liquid brunch 77

Saturday, 31 December 2016 Welcome drinks start at 7:00 PM and Garden of Dreams 2016 show starts at 9:00 PM garden of dreams stay package includes: • 2 way airport transfers • Daily buffet breakfast at The Dining Room • An exquisite theatrical music show with gala dinner and unlimited premium select beverages on 31st December night

garden of dreams 2016 includes:

An exquisite theatrical music show with gala dinner and unlimited premium select beverages on 31st December night

A theatrical music dinner show For amazing early bird offers call +91 832 301 1110

Escape from reality Visit Follow



@GrandHyattGoa and


grand hyatt goa • Bambolim, 15 minutes from Panaji



FLASHBACK 2014 and 2015



camp hyatt activity calendar

saturday 9:00 Registrations and Colouring Pages 10:00 Making of Colorful Wrist Band 11:30 Indoor Game – Hula Hoop 12:00 Craft Activity – Movie Show 1:30 Lunch Break 2:30 Making of Paper Pouch 3:30 Indoor Game – Memory Game 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity – Collecting Shells 6:30 Tissue Paper Roll Art 7:30 Bubble Wrap Painting 8:30 Colouring Pages 9:00 Close

MONDAY 9:00 Registration & Colouring Pages 10:00 Black & White Art 11:30 Indoor Game-Musical Hoola Hoop 12:00 Movie Time 1:30 Lunch Break with Parents 2:30 Craft Activity – Making of Woven Fish 3:30 Indoor Game – Balance Beam 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity- Yoga 6:30 Leaf Art 7:30 Roller Painting 8:30 Colouring Pages 9:00 Close


tuesday 9:00 Registration & Colouring Pages 10:00 Making of Locket 11:30 Indoor Game – Bebo Say’s 12:00 Movie Show 1:30 Lunch Break with Parents 2:30 Magazine Art 3:30 Indoor Game – Musical Bumps 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor ActivityScavenger Hunt

wednesday 9:00 Registration & Colouring Pages 10:00 Making of a Greeting Card 11:30 Indoor Game – Memory Game 12:00 Movie Time 1:30 Lunch Break with Parents 2:30 Thread Art 3:30 Indoor Game - Birdie On Perch 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity – Yoga

6:30 Scratch Art

6:30 Origami Art

7:30 Block Printing

7:30 Thumb Printing

8:30 Colouring Pages

8:30 Colouring Pages

9:00 Close

9:00 Close

thursday 9:00 Registrations and Colouring Pages 10:00 3D Mosaic Art 11:30 Indoor Game – Lock & Key 12:00 Movie Time 1:30 Lunch Break with Parents 2:30 Making of Paper Flowers 3:30 Indoor Game – Simon Say’s 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity – Nature Walk 6:30 Water Colour Wash Art 7:30 Spray Painting

friday 9:00 Registrations and Colouring Pages 10:00 Making of Bookmarks 11:30 Indoor Game – Land & Water 12:00 Movie Time

sunday 9:00 Registrations and Colouring Pages 10:00 Scratch Art 11:30 Indoor Game – Crowning Bebo 12:00 Movie Time

1:30 Lunch Break with Parents

1:30 Lunch Break with Parents

2:30 Making of Different Paper Beads

2:30 Thread Art

3:30 Indoor Game – Crowning Bebo 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity – Yoga

3:30 Indoor Game - Minute to win it 4:00 Snack Break 5:00 Outdoor Activity –Lawn Games

8:30 Colouring Pages

6:30 Making of Colorful Key Chains

6:30 Making of Bookmarks

9:00 Close

7:30 Blow Painting

8:30 Colouring Pages

8:30 Colouring Pages 9:00 Close

7:30 Water Colour Painting 9:00 Close


Shamana’s Children Spa Menu *All guests under the age of 18 must have a signed parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

it is never too early for children and teens to learn the secrets of relaxation and beauty. therefore, shamana spa has created what can be the best experience suitable for young people’s needs. going to the spa for some pampering is great, but going with kids is even better! all our spa treatments use 100% natural and paraben-free products.

every child is born divine. and as we grow up, they say we lose our connection with the inner self. which is why, yoga and mindful meditation brings our children closer to who they really are, their very best within. an introduction to such practice leads the way for a better world.

KIDS (BETWEEN 5 AND 18 YEARS OLD) relaxation discovery | 30 min Head & Foot Massage

my first facial | 30 min Get fairy tale-ready with a facial that includes a cleanse and massage. Your beautiful face will be glowing and your lips will be shining after an application of a flavored lip gloss.

on cloud nine | 30 min Relaxing treatment for the back, shoulders & head chocolate craziness, you have to try it! | 30 min It's every child's dream to be covered in chocolate. A sweet mask and massage will make them feel like a walking chocolate bar.

*All treatments are subject to the accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian for a treatment in the spa room for two people.


yoga for Kids

WHEN 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) WHERE Camp Hyatt HOW Scheduled Yoga technique poses like sun salutation, breathing, yoga nidra & guided meditation with fun activities.


Walk into the Shamana Spa for a unique experience of

Halotherapy Halotherapy, derived from the Greek halos, meaning salt, is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt.

Himalayan Salt blocks are natural negative ion generators. Negative ions occur more often in nature and they are often created by things like lightning storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves. This is one of the reasons people often report feeling renewed or refreshed after been exposed to a natural atmosphere. Places like waterfalls and beaches where negative ions are naturally produced can have a negative ion concentration of up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter whereas busy cities can have negative ion levels as low as 100 ions per cubic centimeter. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. They also protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation




salt sauna room is lined with pure blocks of mineral himalayan salt, and it releases negative ions that create a fresh, clean, bacteria-free environment. as every other sauna, salt sauna reduces the effects of stressful life and has good effects on the purification of skin. the heat from salt sauna releases the negative ions, which are captured in salt. its many benefits include regulating blood pressure, balancing blood sugar and ph acid levels, promoting healthy patterns in intimacy and sleep, and help in reducing the common signs of aging. 87

• Please note all activities will be coordinated from the pool desk except the 8:00 AM activities.Guests interested in joining the 8:00 AM activity, should contact the Spa reception at 7:45 AM • Guests interested in joining the 7:00 AM activities, should inform the pool desk the previous day before 7:00 PM • All activities are with compliments from Shamana Spa except for the activities highlighted in blue which are chargeable • Personal Training for Yoga and Fitness Classes are available • We also have the following activities available on chargeable basis Bicycles, Temporary Tattoo, Archery, Aqua Zorbing, Zipline, Flying Fox and various other adventure activities • Please contact 1603/4 (Shamana Spa) for any queries










7:00 am

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Beach Walk

Nature Walk

Beach Walk

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

8:00 am

Surya Namashkar (Life style studio)

Hatha Yoga (Life style studio)

Surya Namashkar (Life style studio)

Yoga Session (Life style studio)

Surya Namashkar (Life style studio)

Yoga Session (Lawn 7)

Hatha yoga (Life style studio)

10:00 am

Body Combat – Fitness Class (Life style studio)

Beach Soccer

Capiz Painting

Pool Sailing Games

• Swimming Class • RC Cars

• 7 tiles • Body Combat - Fitness Class (Life style studio)

11:00 am

Volleyball Tournament

Abs (Abdominal) Class (Life style studio)

Stretching Class (Life style studio)

Stretching Class (Life style studio)

Agility Training (Lawn 8)

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Adventure Activities

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

Adventure Activities

3:00 pm

Stretching Class (Life style studio) • Chess/ Carom/ TT Tournament • Power yoga (Life style studio)

Zoccer Mania

Zoccer Mania

5:00 pm

• Nature Photography • Penalty shoot out

Functional Training (Lawn 8)

Recipe contest Agility training (Lawn 8)

6:00 pm

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

Adventure activities

Power yoga (Life style studio)

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Zoccer Mania

Adventure Activities

Shamana through Ayurveda

• RC Cars • Surya Namashkar (Life style studio)

4:00 pm


Adventure Activities

• RC Cars • Abs (Abdominal) Class (Life style studio)

• The World of Sailing • Chess/Carom/TT Tournament • Surya Namashkar (Life style studio)

Zoccer Mania

Zoccer Mania

Zoccer Mania

Boot Camp (Lawn 8)

Fuctional Training (Lawn 8)

• Power yoga (Life style studio) • Recipe contest

• Penalty shoot out • Boot Camp (Lawn 8) • Nature Photography

Adventure activities

Adventure activities

Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

• Meditation / Pranayama (Life style studio) • Scuba Diving Zoccer Mania


this is the perfect way to indulge with your friends before the big day. we make sure we plan every little detail just the way you like it. speak to our spa manager for a custommade beautous bridal shower day.

the right cue

picture perfect

The planning starts with an exciting array of theme options that you can choose from, whether you want something that suits your personality or you wish to do something completely different - we have it.

You, dear bride and all your friends will be wearing customised bathrobes, flip flops and face masks (if you want) that make for memorable photographs while you let loose and hang out with your loved ones.

align fun chakras

feel the love

Choose your theme and we will customise your invitations. Then comes the menu; our chef will curate a special menu of your favorites as well as keep the energy levels up for the day. Throw in some detox juices while you are at it for that special glow. And finally, you get to choose the various activities that range from ‘discovering new things’ to ‘getting naughty and nice’. Each guaranteed to ensure a whole lot of laughter and selfie moments.

While you have fun, our experts will ensure your skin looks like never before with massage therapies, facials, scrubs and wraps. After which, we get the glam quotient on with hair care, manicure, pedicure, styling, draping and mehendi.

Weddings can be a bit demanding with unending to-do lists, which is why our Beauteous Bridal Day is designed to make you stop and relax. To take time out to make those very special memories and enjoy the biggest event in your life. And of course, making sure you and your friends look like a diva, is our job.



bridal shower


AB S (A Bene BDOMINAL fits: S ) CLA uppo Incre SS rt a Impr ses weigh s your sp oves i t n e, l i ft ing low impro ves p er back s capacity, venu ostur treng e e th , Sund : Lifestyle . ay: 10 studi : Tues day: 0 0 AM to o 6:00 PM t 11 : 0 0 AM STRET o 7: 0 0 PM Stret CHING C ch i n g LA S S or te exerc nd i orde on flexed se in whic rt h elast o improv or stretch muscle i cit y e e d in t h em an musc le ton d achieve uscle’s B ene e. comf fi or t ab of mo ts: Improv le es fle t io n i n join perfo xib ili ty t r venu mance in , Improve , range s you phys e : Lif ic al a r est yl Frida c t i v it es y y. Mond : 10 : 0 0 AM tudio ay: 6 : 0 0 P to 11 : 0 0 A M to HATH 7: 0 0 M PM Hath A YOGA a The w yoga is a b o Bene rd hatha ranch of y fits: m oga . eans Im musc le joi proves fl Force. nt mo exibi postu l it y b r venu e, eases b ility corre and c ts e : Lif a ck p e Wed a nesd style stud in. ay io Satur day: : 10 : 0 0 A 6:00 M to 1 PM t o 7: 0 1 : 0 0 AM 0 PM

fitnes s

FUN C Bene TIONAL TRA fits: I IN nc and s tabili reases jo ING ty, in venu creas int mobili e ty es d e Mond : Lawn 8 pend ay: 10 a b i l it y Frida y: 6 : 0 : 0 0 AM to 0 PM 11 : 0 0 to 7: 0 A BOOT 0 PM M B e n e CA M P fi stam ts: improv ina , in es st r cr impro e ves m eases mo ngth, enh venu ance b i l it y u s cl e s e i Satur : Lawn 8 enduranc n joint, e. day: 10 Wed n e s d : 0 0 AM ay: 6 : 0 0 A to 11 : 0 0 A BODY M to M 7: 0 0 Bene COMBAT P M fi incre ts: Toning as u co-or es core s p all mus cl e s , treng dinat io th venu e: Lif n, speed , improve est yl and a Tues s es da g i l it y . Thur y: 10 : 0 0 tudio sday: A 6 : 0 0 M to 11 : 0 PM t 0 AM AGIL o 7: 0 ITY TRA 0 PM Agilit INI y direc is the ab NG i l it y t tio n o oc and e f ffecti the body hange th ve m e B ene in a n an fi effici ent Impr ts: Aid in ner. ov in incre e multi-p jur y prev entio ase b la n a r n, lo c the b ody, od flow t oordinati incre on , o the conn a s es ec mind througho v e n u tio n . ut body e: La w Thur sday: n 8 10 S und ay: 6 : : 0 0 AM t 00 P M to o 11 : 0 0 A M 7: 0 0 PM


e r u t n e v ad of rray s an a ccer, a h g, zo am n e i t b r n o io p. qua-z creat t cam ing , a ur re o b o O b . m i l h s c g and wa l l ne ru ra i n i n ding en a li t r u l l d a c a n n i o n rom, fo r a u n c ti os e f ing , f zone l o c e h r y c c u t to u rs e , dven it i e s th e a pe co a c ti v o o r g t n r b i t e i ove i l d -w d exc H ead fox, w us an o g r n u i t y n ne, fl adve zi p - l i , y r e arch

e n zo


shamana spa

The resort’s – ‘Shamana Spa’ creates the perfect balance between well-being and lifestyle. Programmes include the time tested cultural and traditional wisdom of Southeast Asian principles of science and Indian healing from Ayurveda. Shamana Spa houses couple suites with a plunge pool, single and ayurveda suites, yoga sessions, fitness centre, beauty salon, indoor lap pool, whirlpool, wet areas with sauna and steam and consultation. 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

ayurveda suite at shamana spa

Pamper your inner self at the ultimate piece-de-resistance. We bring to you highly acclaimed and recognized names in creative hairdressing - L’Oreal Professionel and Kerastase (Paris), the finest organic skin care range on the planet – Éminence Organics (Hungary), and a fully equipped Nail Bar by O.P.I, that promises to pamper you both head and toes. 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

snip privÉ – the beauty salon

resort centre

camp hyatt® – our kids club

camp hyatt – our kids club

Camp Hyatt gives your children a vacation tailored to their likes and interests. They can explore their creative side learning pottery, arts and crafts or make new friends while learning to fly a kite or on a fun scavenger hunt. What’s more, they can even spend time glued to their favourite video games like PlayStation and Wii or choose to play some good-old board games. 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


snip privé - the beauty salon

Located at the lobby level, our Resort Centre team is a one-stop-shop that helps you design the Grand Goa Plan and discover a truly Goan experience, by arranging trips to various places in Goa. 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

sailing by the bambolim bay

aquasail sailing centre

Our sailing centre is the only sailing center in India, based at a 5-star resort. A great experience awaits you with a top-of-the-line fleet and certified instructors allowing individuals and groups to achieve the best in sailing. 10:00 am – 5:30 pm


Castaway Cruise Crocodile Dundee Leisure Cruise House boat F1 Boat Breakfast with Dolphins Sport Fishing Water Skiing Jet Skiing Towable rides Fly Board Go Karting Bowling photography tours

tours and adventures

GOA experience


Speak to our Resort Centre team*, a one-stop-shop to help you design the Grand Goa Plan, to make your holiday truly unique. Call +91 832 3011510. *We help you explore Goa in and around our resort. This service is available for non-hotel guests also.


GOA experience

goan markets

Shopping in Goa charms visitors and locals with handicrafts, clothes, spices, herbs, semi-precious and precious jewelry made by local artists and traveling tourists from all over the world. The Anjuna Wednesday Market and the Saturday Night Arpora market are a must-see.

house boat cruise

Take a cruise along the calm waters of Morjim river and enjoy the serene backwaters of Goa while enjoying a Goan meal.

old goa

Old Goa is a historical city in North Goa district. The city was constructed in the 15th century, and was under Portuguese rule from 16th to 18th century as the administrative seat of Portuguese India. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Hertiage site and holds the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier.

dining in old portuguese homes

Take a walk down history as you get a tour of an old Portuguese house, followed by a specially prepared home cooked Goan meal.

Our Lady of Immaculate Church, Panjim Basillica of Bom Jesus, old goa

Shri Mangeshi Temple

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary 98

Cabo de Rama Fort

Dudhsagar falls

Excursions and Sightseeing photography tours

Speak to our Resort Centre team*, a one-stop-shop to help you design the Grand Goa Plan, to make your holiday truly unique. Call +91 832 3011510.

culinary cycle tours

*We help you explore Goa in and around our resort. This service is available for non-hotel guests also.

Take on a photography tour by Francisco DeSouza into some of Goa’s most bustling and rural areas. The photography tours cover bustling markets, fishing villages and ruins of coastal forts.

Take a culinary cycle adventure that combines a visit to the 400-year-old Aldona church and the historical Corjeum Fort. And conclude the tour with a culinary experience in the amazing setting of Avanilaya in Aldona.

Mae De Deus Church, Saligao Anjuna Flea Market

Fort Aguada


Beaches: Miramar • Baga • Calangute Bird Sanctuary Morjim • Candolim • Bambolim Night Market Ashwem • Utorda • Palolem • Patnem


Fine | Floating | Fantasy

foxylady Welcome on-board the Foxy Lady, an exquisite luxury yacht that can be your floating fantasy for a romantic getaway or some bespoke business indulgence. Allow this 66 ft virgin-white stunner to escape you off the Goa coastline into the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea. With a crew that will delight you with fine service and gourmet dining. A short cruise or a long-night, the Foxy Lady awaits.

Call +91 98225 81953 or +91 80 4510 4510 Mail:

must-do things in bali relax in style: A total of 636 spacious guestrooms in modern Balinese design. the view: Magnificent sights of tropical gardens, lagoons, and white sand beach set on 42 acres. dine under the stars at pasar senggol: Featuring daily Balinese cultural show and local cuisine. extensive convention and meeting facilities: 13,320 sq ft of meeting space to suit every occasion. must-do things in hong kong

grand hyatt hong kong Make Grand Hyatt Hong Kong your destination on your next trip to Hong Kong. The newly renovated Suites atop Grand Hyatt Hong Kong are back to the spotlight, with carefully thought-out designs that reflect not only the magnificence of the Victoria Harbour, but also the variety of personalities of our guests. Together with the hotel’s brand new rooms and suites, event venues and Grand Club Lounge, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong presents itself once again as the city’s premier destination for luxury travel and extravagant, memorable events.


Enjoy authentic Cantonese Dim Sum lunch at One Harbour Road Chinese restaurant Re-balance your body and mind at Plateau Spa with various wellness journeys tailored to your needs Chillax by an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery Watch sunset over Victoria Harbour while sipping Champagne at Grand Club Lounge on top of Grand Hyatt Create memorable moments with your loved ones #MomentsOfMore

luxury retreat: take relaxation to the next level in one of our five pools, 24 Kriya Spa villas or 24 hour fitness center.

grand hyatt bali Grand Hyatt Bali hotel is the crown jewel of resorts in Nusa Dua, located moments from a world-class convention center and steps away from Bali Collection shopping center. Just 15 minutes from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, the hotel is suitable for both business and leisure with its combination of Balinese charm and modern convenience.


grand hyatt dubai

THE MUST-DOs Soak in the stunning views as you indulge in absolute comfort.

grand hyatt kuala lumpur Overlooking the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and situated in the heart of Golden Triangle shopping and entertainment district, experience a world of charming Malaysian hospitality. Find out more by contacting us at +60 3 2182 1234 or email to Explore our hotel further at


Vibrant and interactive show kitchens, savour authentic and tantaling Hyatt cuisine. Escape to sanctuary and bask in traditional Malay ramuan healing at Essa Spa.

five things to do Ahasees Spa & Club

Dubai has flourished as one of the fastest growing cities with a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures. Constantly striving to be the first of its kind with the largest, tallest and greatest modern attractions, Dubai maintains a dynamism that places the city firmly on the map as a tourist hotspot.

Kidz Club Poolside Awtar Restaurant Peppercrab only Singapore Chinese Restaurant in Dubai


bay view lounge Goa’s most central meeting point which turns into a cozy Wine Table by evening, with a selection of wines accompanied by complimentary canapes.

8:00 am – 11:00 pm wine table: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

CAPIZ BAR Designed as an early evening to late night lounge, the Capiz Bar is the entertainment venue of the resort. Live music, great cocktails, shisha, fondue and tapas.

4:00 pm to late

THE DINING ROOM With its five interactive kitchens and daily changing cuisines, The Dining Room offers rotational buffet and a la carte options.

breakfast: 7:00 am – 11:00 am lunch: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm dinner: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm


CHULHA Take a culinary journey around India. Chulha presents authentic Indian and signature dishes from across the region. This informal, local India, ‘Home-Style’ restaurant features an interactive kitchen, live tandoor section, chaat counter and a cocktail bar.

lunch: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm dinner: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm IN-ROOM DINING Enjoy dining in the privacy of your room. Room service is available 24 hours.

CONFEITARIA – COFFEE BAR An ideal casual meeting hub within the resort. You can either sit down and enjoy a selection of signature coffees or order everything to take away. It’s the perfect place to pick up your coffee when you are on the go. With plenty of coffee creations along with signature ice teas and coffees, milkshakes as well as a small curated food menu add up for the perfect coffee bar experience

8:00 am – 1:00 am

ASIAN WOK AT THE POOL BAR & GRILL Nestled right between the outdoor swimming pool and Bambolim bay, Pool Bar & Grill serves excellent cocktails, mocktails and comfort food in an outdoor ambience.

pool bar & grill: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm asian wok: 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

THE VERANDAH Carefully curated by our very talented Executive Chef Mark Long, The Verandah serves contemporary and light Modern Australian cuisine, using the best local and international products in Goa. The restaurant presents a menu that is prepared with the freshest ingredients and perfect presentation methods to dish out signature meals that have international flair and local appeal.

dinner: 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm


a merry christmas and wonderful 2017

GRAND HYATT GOA P.O. Goa University, Bambolim, Goa 403 206, India +91 832 301 1234 telephone +91 832 301 1235 fax Š 2016 Hyatt Corp. HYATT name, design, and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt Corporation. All rights reserved.

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The Grand Hyatt Goa – Living Grand Magazine encompasses everything celebratory for the season within and around the resort. With breath-taki...

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