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As a result of meta-theoretical analysis addressed to understand the possible integration of history, philosophy and sociology for the description of techno-science practice, we conclude for the implementation of a multidisciplinary strategy as opposed to an interdisciplinary one. This, we believe, would allow the construction of more complete and less complicated descriptions of techno-science serving the twofold porpoise of understanding science in its complexity and offering policy makers intelligible descriptive narratives to be employed for evaluation and regulation of science practice. We will discuss topics related to policy strategies such funding of private and no-profits knowledge institutions, reevaluating human capital and natural capital in cost benefits analysis for both sustainable knowledge and nature polices, the challenges relative to a society-friendly role of “expert” knowledge, blind funding for favoring unexpected innovation incrementing cultural exchange between science and the humanities, unveiling the humanistic elements of science practice, relaxing the educational pressures of excessive specialization. We hope to formulate policy suggestions addressing the role of creativity in innovation processes and the importance of fostering the ideal of “society good”, beyond the linear model of innovation exemplified by the 2000 Lisbon objective of making Europe the most competitive democratic knowledge-based society by 2010, that is the contrast between a market-driven, short-term oriented ideal of scientific/technological innovation and the long-terms expectation of a hoped-for “democratization of culture”.

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reflecting science in society

may 2008

politiche europee e società della conoscenza

Dec 2008

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MIRRORS (Monitoring Ideas Regarding Research Organizations and Reasons in Science) is a two years project financed by European Commission through Seventh Framework Program. It is managed by a research team of Dipartimento di Processi Formativi of the University of Catania coordinated by Francesco Coniglione.

MIRRORS (Monitoring Ideas Regarding Research Organizations and Reasons in Science) ha la durata di dueDIPARTIMENTO anni; è finanziato dalla Commissione DI PROCESSI FORMATIVI V IA BIBLIOTECA 4 (P.ZZO INGRASSIA) Europea per95124 mezzo del Settimo- Programma - CATANIA ITALY Quadro ed è gestito da un team095 di ricerca del TEL. 095 2528063 FAX 2508070 WWW . MIRRORS PROJECT . IT Dipartimento di Processi Formativi dell’Università di Catania coordinato da Francesco Coniglione.


With the cooperation of: 095 2528063

Sep 2009



Catania Sept 21-22, 2009 University of Catania Villa Citelli - via Tomaselli, 31

some policy recommendations … we believe that a policy addressed to the creation of a knowledge-based democratic society must base its regulative practice by acknowledging the inseparable interaction between the economic/financial system, scientific and technological practice and civil society… … policy makers should regulate science practice and scientific institutions assuring the existence and self-maintenance of knowledge-creating institutions… this should help the maintenance of “curiosity-driven” science practice as well as the engagement of researchers in activities promoting social benefits that do not directly translate into financial gain… … firms and governments should adopt a cost and benefit analysis that would include environmental costs, favouring at the same time the employment of human capital (scientists, technicians and users) toward the objective of improving quality of life. Adopting as objective the mere gain of financial capital has serious consequences for firms, for scientists, technicians and workers and for society as a whole, as it pays the costs of a economical system whose indifference to extra-financial costs… … it is necessary to create occasions for exchange of ideas, not only between scientists, but also between workers in both the hard and soft sciences. Exchange and competition of different conceptual logics, often very different, are the keys of creativity and hence innovation…

Science Policy and Knowledge Societ Be


ond Lisbon 2000

21 Settembre 2009

22 settembre 2009

9:30-10:00 AM - Inauguration and opening statements

09:00-9:45 AM - Obiectivity, Evidence, and Social Policies (E. montuschi, London School of Economics) (discussant: R. Poli, Univ. di trento)

10:00-10:15 AM - Introduction by European Commission (J.-F. Dechamp) 10:15-10:45 AM - Presentation of MIRRORS Policy recommendations by Project Coordinator (F. Coniglione) BREAK

9:45-10:30 AM - The function in ipermodern society: The case of Europe (S. Charles, Univ. di Sheerbroke Canada) (discussant: p. Federighi, Univ. di Bologna)

11:15-12:00 AM - Entrapreneurschip and frontier epistemology (T. Nickles, Univ. di Reno - Nevada) (discussant: I. licata, Univ. di ann habour - florida)

10:30-11:15 AM - Scienza e società tra comunicazione ed identità della persona (E. Coco - Univ. kore, Enna) (discussant: S. Vasta, Univ. di Catania)



2:30-3:15 PM - Opinione pubblica e scienza istituzionalizzata (A. Francese, Univ. di Catania) (discussant: A. Costanzo, Magistrato)

11:30-1:30 AM 1st roundtable debate (focusing on recommendations 3,4,5)

3:15-4:00 PM - Etica e biotecnologia in Europa (C. Rizza, Univ. di Catania) (discussant: A. Cafaro, Studio teologico S. Paolo) BREAK 4:15 -5:00 PM - Expertise ed opinione pubblica informata (G. Sapienza, Univ. di catania) (discussant: G. Borbone, Univ. di catania) 5:00-5:45 PM - Ricerca ed Università nella società della conoscenza (S. Di Tommasi - Univ. di Catania) (discussant: E. Rizzarelli, Univ. di Catania)

(S. Charles, P. Federighi, S. Poggi, M. Kaufmann, S. Vasta) LUNCH BREAK 3:00-5:00 PM 2nd roundtable debate (focusing on recommendations 1,2,6,7) (I. Licata, E. Montuschi, T. Nickles, E. Viola) 5:00-5:15 PM - Closing speech 5:15 PM - Closing of event by University, Project Coordinator F. Coniglione (announcement of next steps)

Brochure meeting settembe 2009 MIRRORS  
Brochure meeting settembe 2009 MIRRORS  

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