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Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Tommy’s Margarita Don Julio Blanco lime juice agave syrup € 16

Paloma Don Julio Reposado grapefruit lime juice agave syrup top up with soda â‚Ź 16

Dia de Muertos Don Julio Reposado Campari “Kastro” bergamot liqueur Aztec chocolate bitters € 18

Devil’s kiss Don Julio Reposado Holly Ginger orgeat syrup fresh lime juice fresh grapefruit juice fresh orange juice angostura bitters Peychaud’s bitters salt € 16

Sage margarita Don Julio Anejo sage liqueur lime Juice agave syrup sage leaves salt solution â‚Ź 16

It’s Greek to me Don Julio Blanco fresh lime juice agave fresh prickly pear purée € 16

La siesta Mexicana Don Julio Blanco mandarin liqueur fresh lime juice sugar syrup mint leaves top up with Prosecco â‚Ź 16

GB ROOF GARDEN RESTAURANT & BAR I T + 30 210 33 30 766

Once Upon A Time In Mexico  
Once Upon A Time In Mexico