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A condominium, or condo, is the form of housing tenure and other real property where a specified part of a piece of real estate is individually owned. Use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, and exterior areas are executed under legal rights associated with the individual ownership. These rights are controlled by the association of owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece.

A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and tourism. The term "resort" is now also used for a self-contained commercial establishment which attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term may be used to identify a hotel property that provides an array of amenities and typically includes entertainment and recreational activities.

Golf resorts are resorts that cater specifically to the sport of golf, and include access to one or more golf course and or clubhouse. Golf resorts typically provide golf packages that provide visitors with all greens and cart fees, range balls, accommodations and meals.

A golf club is a piece of sporting equipment used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf. Each club is composed of a shaft with a grip and a club head. The Riviera Maya Golf accommodations are a great delight for the lodgers. There is blue waters and the flora and fauna including the sprawling green stretches around make a boulevard of healthy living for the residents

A holiday resort is a type of self-contained resort in Mexico, where the accommodation is generally in villas. A holiday camp refers to a resort where the accommodation is in chalets. The term "holiday resort" is used for a resort where the accommodation includes static caravans and chalets.

The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times.

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