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Vol. 4, No. 3

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Good luck on your new adventure, Casey!


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Grand Bend

After three years, the Grand Bend Strip finally lives up to its name. Enjoy an all local swimsuit edition.



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2 • Wednesday, y Julyy 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip ip Swimsuit Edition


S Karl and Shelly Weselan

Apparel courtesy Archie’s Surf Shop, Grand Bend Hair by Amy Michielsen of The Cutting Edge, Thedford Makeup by Kristyn Van Elswyk of Explore Elegance, St. Joseph Shot on location at Turnbull’s Grove Left: Karl in Quiksilver board shorts Below: Shelly in Hurley bikini and Grand Bend beach patrol hoodie Opposite: Shelly in Volcom bikini

Photos by Casey Lessard see more at

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 3

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!-EDIEVAL!DVENTURE Open May-December 2010 Museum open year round Closed weekends November-February Also... Discover stories unique to Sarnia Lambton Explore nine buildings Picnic in the shade of our mature oak forest


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Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition Gra Gran

4 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carlyn Rose Murray and Caroline Eineke

Apparel courtesy Splash, Grand Bend Hair by Amy Michielsen of The Cutting Edge Makeup by Kristyn Van Elswyk of Explore Elegance Shot on location at Grand Bend main beach Right: Carlyn in Powder Room rash guard and Foxy bikini Far right: Caroline in Bench bikini Jewelry from Splash Below right: Caroline in Powder Room bikini

Photos by Casey Lessard see more at


Monday, July 19 @ 7 p.m.

The series continues Monday, August 16 and Sunday, September 19

Enjoy our gardens while enjoying food presentations and stations, and entertainment by Mark Cassius (featured in Sweet Charity and returning for the Dance Legends) and his Toronto accompanist Ken Lindsay

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1-866-543-7736 ~ 519-236-7707

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition: Our Models

Karl Weselan

Shelley Van Osch

Age: 42 I live in: St. Marys Occupation: Dentist

Age: 45 I live in: Mt. Carmel mostly... Grand Bend in the summer Occupation: fitness trainer

1) To me, Grand Bend is: a great place to both relax with my family on the beach, visit my wonderful in-laws and stay active with some beach volleyball 2) I don’t tell many people that I: secretly wanted to be a gigolo, but that didn’t quite pan out... so I pursued a career in dentistry 3) To me, summer is: a season that I wish existed year-round 4) To me, the beach is: nirvana 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: one that is bigger than a Speedo and smaller than a pair of pants 6) To me, my body is: the only one I am going to get so I try and treat it with respect and take good care of it 7) My secret to staying in shape is: eating healthfully and having a regular fitness routine 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: “Is this the senior’s edition??” 9) I also want people to know (you can promote yourself, your business, or your favourite cause/ hobby if you would like): that they can make dramatic improvements in their own health by taking a little bit of personal responsibility. Eat well, exercise and thrive....don’t just survive!

Shelly Black Weselan Age: 40 I live in: St. Marys (cottage in Grand Bend) Occupation: Teacher at South Huron DHS 1) To me, Grand Bend is: the setting for a lot of my happiest memories. 2) I don’t tell many people that I: follow the stock markets, the Canadian dollar & real estate listings daily. 3) To me, summer is: as unscheduled as possible. 4) To me, the beach is: the best in the evening. 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: one I can wear to play with my sons. 6) To me, my body is: a work in progress. 7) My secret to staying in shape is: going to the gym 4 times a week. 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: “Are you serious, why me?”

1) To me, Grand Bend is: one of the best-kept secrets as it has it all! Great people, the best beach, fantastic variety of shopping and restaurants, and a strong sense of community. 2) I don’t tell many people that I: not much, I’m pretty open 3) To me, summer is: the sunset with my family, a glass of wine and music 4) To me, the beach is: a gift. Clean water, air and freedom 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: one that covers enough to leave something to the imagination 6) To me, my body is: all maintenance from here on in… 7) My secret to staying in shape is: keeping your life in balance-mind, body & spirit 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: Are you kidding? No. But Casey is a good guy. 9) I also want people to know: I offer personal training within your home. Private hourly sessions within Grand Bend and surrounding area. Certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and nutrition and wellness specialist. You can call me at 519-234-6253.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 5

Fred Van Osch Age: 50 I live in: Mt, Carmel and Grand Bend in summer Occupation: Farmer 1) To me, Grand Bend is: my escape 2) I don’t tell many people that I: am a trekkie 3) To me, summer is: way too short 4) To me, the beach is: my absolutely favourite place 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: a bikini 6) To me, my body is: I haven’t really thought about it... 7) My secret to staying in shape is: keeping up with Shelley 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: what? A farmer?

Beth Sweeney Age: 40 I live in: Southcott Pines Occupation: Nurse practitioner & fitness instructor 1) To me, Grand Bend is: friends and family 2) I don’t tell many people that I: would love to be in a movie 3) To me, summer is: sun, sand & surf 4) To me, the beach is: the best playground in the world! 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: sexy, yet sporty 6) To me, my body is: my future ¬– health promotion & disease prevention to live healthier longer, is my daily regime 7) My secret to staying in shape is: cardio, resistance and balance training – teaching fitness is AWESOME motivation to be the best I can be for my clients 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: only if Shelley (my fitness partner) will do it too! 9) I also want people to know (you can promote yourself, your business, or your favourite cause/ hobby if you would like): I value and respect everything that Grand Bend has to offer for us a family. Mind, Body, Spirit! “Workout For Your Life!” has been running classes in Grand Bend for 11 years and in Exeter for 6 years. Aside from the winter months, we offer the unique option of exercising in the beautiful outdoors at the community pavilions. Every class is different offering kickbox cardio, circuit training, stability balls, iron yoga, Pilates & head to toe weight training. All equipment, expertise and motivation are supplied by instructors Beth Sweeney and Shelley Van Osch. for more info call Beth at 238 5555.

Stephanie Churchill Age: 21 I live in: Strathroy Occupation: Student, sales staff at Skirt

Alynn Marie Kowalczyk Pinpeta Gina Phouttharath Joe Boyle Age: 48 I live in: Southcott Pines Occupation: Real Estate Agent & Farmer 1) To me, Grand Bend is: the best place in the World 2) I don’t tell many people that I: am superstitious 3) To me, summer is: friends and family 4) To me, the beach is: a place for family and friends to gather 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: anything from Archie’s Surf Shop or Big Reds 6) To me, my body is: next question please 7) My secret to staying in shape is: having a wife that is a fitness instructor & eating properly 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: reluctance 9) I also want people to know: I have a done a lot of travelling, and every time I return home, I always say, to anyone I talk to in real estate that ”Grand Bend is the best place in the world - we have it all”. 1) To me, Grand Bend is: wholesome - the simple life on the farm or on the beach 2) I don’t tell many people that I: envy my cousins - they always know the right path to take and what to wear while taking it 3) To me, summer is: invigorating 4) To me, the beach is: solitude 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: a bandeau – no tan lines :) 6) To me, my body is: oddly proportioned – but everyone wants what they don’t have 7) My secret to staying in shape is: rollerblading – doesn’t even feel like a workout 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: What a great opportunity and idea for what Grand Bend represents 9) I also want people to know: nothing is impossible

I live in: Centralia Occupation: waitress 1) To me, Grand Bend is: a place to spend my summer days. 2) I don’t tell many people that: my real name isn’t Gina 3) To me, summer is: a time to relax, and spend time with friends and family. 4) To me, the beach is: where I soak up the sun 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: the spotted brown bikini I wore at my photo shoot 6) To me, my body is: in shape. 7) My secret to staying in shape is: playing soccer, and jogging and working out on my days off of soccer. 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: that sounds fun. 9) I also want people to know: I play for London United Falcons, a regional level soccer team. I enjoy playing most sports, and love reading and working with others, especially kids.

Age: 28 I live in: just north of Grand Bend Occupation: account manager for a law firm 1) To me, Grand Bend is: good times, great people and amazing memories. 2) I don’t tell many people that I: I’ll pretty much tell you anything you want to know. 3) To me, summer is: delicious! 4) To me, the beach is: in my blood and the water has always been my escape from dullness. 5) To me, the best swimsuit is: the one that makes me feel the most comfortable. 6) To me, my body is: “I am convinced that life in a physical body is meant to be an ecstatic experience.” ~ Shakti Gawain 7) My secret to staying in shape is: exercise, and drinking lots of water! 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: Really? Only if it’s less Maxim, more Marie Claire! Thanks Casey.

Ashley Murphy Age: 17 I live in: Grand Bend Occupation: Student/sales associate at Archie’s Surf Shop 1) To me, Grand Bend is: one word, perfection. 2) I don’t tell many people that I: I’m a huge brainiac. 3) To me, summer is: the best two months of the year. 4) To me, the beach is: my favourite spot to hang out and get a tan.

5) To me, the best swimsuit is: a bather that is comfortable with bright patterns and designs. 6) To me, my body is: always in need of a massage. 7) My secret to staying in shape is: going for daily runs while snacking on a Dairy Queen hot fudge sundae. 8) My first response to posing for this issue was: Who me?! 9) I also want people to know: music is a huge part of my life and it’s a perfect way to relax.

6 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Superior Quality Plants


Direct to You from the Grower

Beth Sweeney and Joe, Michael and James Boyle 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme: models’ own Shot on location in Southcott Pines

Fred and Shelley Van Osch

74101 Bronson Line RR#2 Zurich


The Steckle Family Find us on:

Apparel courtesy Big Red’s, Exeter Hair by Rachel Gray of Beauty ‘n’ the Beach, Grand Bend Makeup by Jessica Michielsen Shot on location at Van Osch farms

Top right: Fred in Volcom woven shirt, O’Neill T-shirt, and Ripzone shorts; Shelley in O’Neill bikini and Billabong shirt Bottom right: Fred in Ripzone shorts Far right: Shelley in O’Neill bikini and It jeans

Photos by Casey Lessard see more at

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 7

Strip Parting Thoughts

8 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hard to swallow this paper, by its nature, could never be considered the best newspaper in Ontario or By Casey Lessard Canada. It’s too It’s very emotionally jarring to different to be understood by the close such an important chapter of industry. You can’t run full page picmy life, especially one that I have tures! You can’t put a corner ad on written myself. Although Anjhela your front page! You have to have and I spoke about it often dur- classifieds and a sports section! ing the process of applying for her That’s what they tell me every year. master’s degree, it wasn’t until this But they’re wrong. weekend that I realized how big of Despite the provincial and a deal it is to stop doing this news- national recognition, I try to reflect paper. Reading words from my par- on what really matters. It’s nice to ents and my columnist friends about have some plaques on my wall, but how they will no longer be doing the only reason they are there is that this with me, it drops a lump in my I did what I thought was right for throat. It’s very hard for me to write this community. From the Regiers this, too. to the Kovars to anyone using a I decided that it would be a good wheelchair here, the issues I will idea to write this early (meaning remember are the ones where I put nine hours before deadline instead my heart and soul into making sure of the usual one or two) to give me people saw the injustice of the sitsome time to read it over again, and uation. Beyond that, the rest was maybe for once get a second pair a rollercoaster ride to discover my of eyes on it. Most of the time, this personal limits upon the backdrop column (or editorial, when I take it of a great little community. seriously) has only rarely been used And that’s why we’re leaving now. as the key tool in this newspaper. When Anjhela was accepted to do This week I received a letter from her master’s at Oxford, I couldn’t the people judging this newspaper let her turn that down. We’ve both on a national level saying that the worked too hard to create a culture editorial needs to be more promi- where that was possible, and where nent. I’m not like that. she could say yes. It’s a huge change, For me, the editorial is to either and very, very scary. Many times we make friends or enemies. If it’s to have asked whether we’re doing the make friends, I’d rather use that right thing. space to put a letter in, or allow It is the right thing. It does hurt. Lance et al the space to finish their With respect to this newspaper, it’s thoughts. You already know what time to move on. I’m pretty sure, I’m thinking each week: look at the anyway. rest of the pages. When I’m making enemies, well, I’m sure each reader Just in case As a legacy and just in case I remembers the rare times when I change my mind, I will maintain a did that. I have achieved most of what I presence at http://www.grandbenddesired; third best paper in Ontario There, you can access all is more than enough for me. And of the paper’s back issues and sto-

View from the Strip


Grand Bend




Publisher/Editor: Casey Lessard Advertising Sales: Casey Lessard Chief Photographer: Casey Lessard


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Distribution: Joan McCullough, Rita Lessard and Casey Lessard Contributors: Rita Lessard – my mom Tom Lessard – my dad Anjhela Michielsen – social justice Jenipher Appleton – nature/birding Lance Crossley – national affairs James Eddington – fine dining Yvonne Passmore – pet training

ries and photos from the past three years. High quality 12”x12” reprints of any page of any issue are available to frame for $30, and reprints of photos from the paper’s archives are always available by contacting me with the photo information. This issue is a special one to me, and a project I longed to do since the first year. I will be making special products available soon, including calendars, posters and a book of images. You would be surprised at the number of great images that did not make the cut this week, and I will be sharing them exclusively through paid access on the website. To vote for your favourite swimsuit model and photo, and to order a poster, calendar, or print, visit http:// starting Monday, July 19. The financial office at the University of Oxford will appreciate your contribution. Well, that’s it for me. Thank you so much for reading this newspaper, for sending your words, for offering your time to sit for my questions, pose for a photo, or invite me into your neighbourhood. If you gave me money, you have no idea how thankful I am for that. You are the people who helped me stay here. If I offended you and you didn’t deserve it, I am sorry. Otherwise, that’s my job. If I thrilled you, that’s the better part of my job. In that case, I’m glad to be of service, and let’s stay in touch. With love, Casey Lessard If you want to hire me, I charge fair rates for my photography and photo education services. You can find me here: The Alpha to this Omega Mom and I picked up the first edition of the Strip in Stratford in May 2007. We now h t t p : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / print with the Guelph Mercury. Thank you to mom, Joan, Jonathan and his mom, Chris and Kelly for your assistance with printing and delivery. CaseyLessardPhotography

Advertising is accepted on condition that, in the event of an error, the portion of the ad occupied by the error will not be charged for, but the balance will be paid at the usual rate. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check their ads on first publication, and the publisher accepts no responsibility for errors in multiple insertions. All material herein, including advertising design, is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form. For this edition, 3000 copies were printed with 600 sent directl y to subscribers and 1600 to homes in the Grand Bend area and beyond.

Grand Bend Strip: 3rd place winner of OCNA General Excellence Class 1 category for papers under 2,000 circulation (2009) Casey Lessard: three-time runner up for OCNA Photographer of the Year (2006, 2007, 2009) Locally owned and operated © Copyright 2010

2nd place Feature Series 3rd place Rural Reporting Business Writing Arts Coverage In House Ad Campaign

1st place Outstanding Reporter Initiative (Circulation up to 9,999)

Strip Parting Thoughts

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 9

That’s all folks! We’ll miss you! Advice from Mom

Keeping the Peace

By Rita Lessard

By Tom Lessard, C.D.

Since this will be my last time writing an article in the Grand Bend Strip, I would like to congratulate Casey on his perseverance and his courage on creating such a challenging and award-winning newspaper. Once again, you’ve proven that success is not an accident, but that you have the talent to undertake a task that so many people wish they had the guts and the bravery to do, and to accomplish in the three years you have run the Strip. I’m sure your faithful readers will miss you, as I know I will. Good luck in England. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for allowing me to use them as resources for my articles. My family and friends are quite funny, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to write most of my articles. My apologies if I’ve offended anyone. My column was meant to be an advice column, but somewhere along the way, I got sidetracked. Sorry!


Looking good, mom. Who’s that hot blonde beside you? No bathing suits were harmed in the making of this image.

The woman went to a dentist to have her false teeth adjusted for the fifth time. She said they still didn’t fit. “Well,” said I think you’ll enjoy Casey’s last issue, especially some of his the dentist, “I’ll do it again this time, but no more. There’s photos. Since this issue is all about the beach and swimwear, not reason why these shouldn’t fit your mouth easily.” “Who you’ll probably see many shapes and sizes. Some very attrac- said anything about my mouth?,” the woman answered, “They don’t fit in the glass!” tive beings and some not so. Most people know the expression, “Beauty is skin deep.” Maybe so, but I don’t imagine there are too many livers or My final words of advice: bladders that are all that gorgeous. What about that inner If you neglected to apply sunscreen, here’s a quick fix: make beauty stuff ? You know, growing up, I was told that many a past of about 2 tsps of cornstarch to a bit of water, especially times. I’m okay with it. I did have my gallbladder removed some years ago, and if you have a burn on your nose. Then, spread if on the affectalthough there must be some beauty in me, I’m not willing to ed area to relieve itching and burning. show my scars to prove it. Did your child’s bubble gum mysteriously leave her mouth Speaking of looking good, it reminds me of my former neighbour, Gloria. Gloria had to accompany her husband Bob and end up in her hair? Solution: coat the child’s locks with when he went for his annual check up. While her husband peanut butter, then carefully comb out the goo. The peanut was getting dressed, the doctor came out and said to Gloria, butter will reduce the stickiness, so that you can remove the “I don’t like the way your husband looks.” “Neither do I,” said gum. If the child is allergic to peanut butter, I hear the bald look is in. Sorry, that’s the best I can do. Gloria, “but he’s handy around the house.” Have you ever experienced a greenish tint to your hair after swimming in a town pool? It’s a reaction to the chemicals in the water. Fear not, there is a solution to this problem. Before you shampoo, rinse your hair with a little red wine. After you wash and dry your hair, the green will be gone. Any cheap red wine will do. If this doesn’t work, drink the wine and after A man called his doctor’s office for an appointment. “I’m a while, green may become a favourite colour. (Please avoid sorry,” said the receptionist, “we can’t fit you in for at least two driving under the influence.) weeks.” “But I could be dead by then!” he said. “No problem, Farewell to my faithful fans. I’ve quite enjoyed my writing sir. If your wife will let us know, we’ll cancel the appointment experience. Love, mom. - no charge, of course.” A guy spots his doctor in the mall. He stops him and says, “Six weeks ago when I was in your office, you told me to go home, get into bed and stay there until you called, but you never called.” “I didn’t,” the doctor says, “so what are you doing out of bed?”

Grand Bend

Grand Bend’s Best Kept Secret

All Welcome! JOIN US SATURDAYS 3-6 PM Hall Rentals for all occasions Call Sharon 519 238 6865

20 Municipal Dr., Grand Bend (Behind Bank of Montreal)

(519) 238-2120

It’s sad to say that this is the last edition of the Grand Bend Strip entertainment and lifestyle newspaper. As it happens, it’s pretty good timing for me; the rest of my stories as an employee of the taxpayers are not for public consumption. As Casey and Anjhela embark on their new adventure, it reminds me of my youth collecting such stories. Thank you for sharing my escapades as I served two years in Montreal as an apprentice soldier, three years in Germany attached to the 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, and two summers attached to the R.C.E.M.E. in Wainwright, Alberta. I served one year attached to 56 infantry workshop (R.C.E.M.E.) in Rafah, Egypt with the United Nations Emergency Force, two tours in Cyprus – one as an ordnance store clerk in 1967, and the other in 1970 as an infantry man – and a couple of years in Ipperwash as a clerk in the quartermasters stores. The remainder of my service tenure was in London, where I lived in barracks for a time and otherwise in the economy boarding houses. You’ve also read of my month-long exercise in Jamaica working in the canteen. I also lived a life of ease at the beach on the north east shore of the Island near Port Antonio. If it weren’t for the service, I wouldn’t have the family I have today. Most of our children were born while I served. Tom and Glen were born in Germany. Mike was born in Montreal while I was away in Cyprus. Bill arrived while I was stationed in London, but living in Huron Park; Rita delivered him in Exeter. Our last, but not least, came along at the Exeter Hospital, too. He grew up to become the owner, publisher, photographer, writer, delivery man and all round journalist of this fine newspaper. Thanks for entertaining us, Casey. To all my friends and neighbours - Live well and be happy. Get well soon, Deb Mason.

Huge thank you to mom and dad for agreeing to help me with this paper. I am so glad to have been able to share this with you and I will miss you so much when we are gone. Anjhela is the reason for the Grand Bend Strip, and the reason why we are ending its run. I am so proud of you, Anj, and can’t wait for our new adventure. To my readers, thank you so much for your support. Lots of love to all of you.

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519-238-6644 (Grand Bend)

10 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition


Stephanie Churchill

Apparel courtesy Skirt, Grand Bend Swimwear courtesy Bum Bum, Grand Bend Jewelry courtesy Sea Jewels, Grand Bend, and Tweak Boutique, Parkhill Hair by Amy Michielsen of The Cutting Edge, Thedford Shot on location at Pine Dale Motor Inn, Grand Bend Above: Solemio sequin tank and Spot jean shorts; bracelet by Sea Jewels Right: Body Glove one-piece; coral necklace by Sea Jewels Opposite top: The Classic tank; birdcage necklace by Sea Jewels Opposite lower: Pretty Good tank; necklace by Tweak Boutique


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Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 11

Photos by Casey Lessard see more at

Your pet is in good hands This summer, you can leave for a day, week or longer knowing they’re with friends

North Fork Kennel & Grooming

519-234-6879 69484 PARR LINE, CREDITON

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Body Glove one-piece courtesy Bum Bum, Grand Bend; necklace courtesy Sea Jewels Hair by Amy Michielsen of The Cutting Edge, Thedford Shot on location at Pine Dale Motor Inn, Grand Bend

Stephanie Churchill


Grand Bend


See more and order prints at

Photo by Casey Lessard

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

S 14 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition Gra Gran

Ashley Murphy Apparel courtesy Archie’s, Grand Bend Watch courtesy Archie’s, Grand Bend Necklace courtesy Tweak Boutique, Parkhill Hair by Rachel Gray of Beauty ‘n’ the Beach, Grand Bend Shot on location at Ashley’s home, Grand Bend Right: Roxy bikini Below: Roxy bikini; Tweak Boutique necklace Below right: Billabong bikini Opposite: Volcom top, Roxy skirt, and Nixon Newton watch

Photos by Casey Lessard see more at

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition


Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 15

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16 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 17

Here’s to new beginnings! Living in Balance By Jenipher Appleton Wherever there is an ending, there must always be a new beginning. And so, I find myself writing the final ‘Living in Balance’ article for this wonderful newspaper, the Grand Bend Strip. Its existence may have been short, but nonetheless spectacular; a result of the creativity and talent of Casey Lessard. As I pen the sketch for this article, it has been ten days, thirteen hours and five minutes since I retired from a thirty-six year career as an elementary schoolteacher. Through those

years, I always strove to keep life in balance, which has helped immensely with the main theme of all my writings for this paper; ideas which have included, birds, environmental issues, community happenings, and a little love-of-country. On the last day of school, I knew there was to be a farewell assembly of some description and that I would be called upon to speak. The night before the assembly, I tried to come up with something meaningful for a farewell message. I pondered over countless ideas, even reading an entire book of sayings for all occasions. I fell asleep with nothing organized in my mind. I awoke at 5 a.m. to the sound of birds singing and bullfrogs croaking from the backyard water garden. Then I knew I had my spark for what I should say; it had come from

nature. As it turns out, my parting thoughts for the students and community of East Williams are the same as my parting thoughts to you, the reader. I told the group assembled in the gym how I had awoken that morning; the rest of the message is as follows:

lot, Nothing is going to get better, it’s not!

Also, remember to stand up with pride for our national anthem. Canada is the greatest country in the world. Countless thousands of men and women have given their lives so that we can live in a free, democratic country. So, stand up tall Remember to always look after, care for, and and sing it out loud, with spirit and with heart. to nurture the animals, the birds, the trees, the flowers. Everything is so intricately interconFarewell to all. I wish Casey and Anjhela nected and we are the stewards to make sure the fair winds in the years to come. chains are not broken. If each day, each one of us Appleton: Over – and out! does something to help the ecosystem, to reduce your personal eco-footprint, then it all adds up to (Editor’s note: Congratulations, Jenipher, doing something really huge for Mother Nature. on your long career educating local kids. As in the words of Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax”: You’ll be missed at the school, and here, too. Enjoy your retirement!) Unless someone like you cares a whole awful

The big spill’s big picture Alternative View By Lance Crossley I recently asked a good friend of mine, who works out of New Orleans for a major U.S. newspaper, how it feels to be on the front lines of the disastrous BP oil spill. His answer was starker than I had imagined: “It’s been a difficult, depressing story to cover.” It’s not like my friend hasn’t seen his share of horror: before his current gig, he was living in Baghdad covering the Iraq war. But that didn’t stop him from describing the coast’s pretty little beach communities as a “war zone”. The BP oil spill story has a lot of angles to it. There is the obvious environmental catastrophe. There is the economic devastation to the seafood and tourism industries. Less talked about, but just as dire, are the possible effects on British pensions funds if BP goes bankrupt. Also, BP also has a considerable trading operation dealing in overthe-counter derivatives, so bankruptcy also carries the possibility of an Enron or Lehman Brothers type of economic contagion. But there is also a “bigger picture” story. And that concerns the idea of peak oil. Peak oil is the thesis that global production of oil will eventually reach its pinnacle and begin a long, slow decline. Some believe we’ve already hit peak oil; others believe it’ll happen within the next 10-20 years. Peak oil doesn’t mean we are going to run out of oil in our lifetimes. It just means we will witness the end of cheap, easily recoverable oil. Perhaps the BP oil spill is a sign this future is not far off. With any resource, humans always pick the “low-hanging” fruit

first. The high quality, easy to get stuff. But as the resource depletes – in this case oil – it becomes more difficult and expensive to extract. Deep sea drilling is a good example of how far we now have to dig to extract our energy needs. There are some who say we know more about the moon than we do about the bottom of the ocean. Globally, the International Energy Agency predicts that by 2020, deepwater oil will provide 40 percent of the world’s oil needs. Deep sea drilling is enormously expensive and complex. The recent disaster will make things even more expensive and complex going forward. For example, insurance costs for deep sea rigs already run into the millions. Now they are going to be much, much higher. Any future projects will also likely encounter much more difficult and restrictive government regulation before getting the green light. The net effect of all this will be a reduction in deep sea oil production. If the world is becoming more dependent on deep sea oil, then we have a serious challenge ahead of us. In the end, the legacy of the BP oil spill may be much more than environmental. It may have also ushered the era of cheap oil to a close, sooner than we thought. One last note – I want to thank Casey for giving me the opportunity to vent about what I see as the pressing problems of our time for lo these many months. Good luck, my friend, on your new adventure and hope to see you soon.

Thank you to Jenipher (my first freelancer), Lance (my old newspaper friend), James (a soon-to-be celebrity chef), Yvonne, Cameron, Lorette, Tamara, mom and dad, Anjhela, and all of the other people who have made contributions to the Grand Bend Strip. I am so lucky to have you on my side. Special thanks to the women who made this issue possible: Amy, Rachel, Jessica, Kristyn, and the people at every store. Links to each business involved will be on our website.

Bob Dietrich HANDYMAN 519-236-4989 Odd Jobs Honey-Do Lists Repairs New Windows & Doors

NOW IN SEASON: Strawberries, sweet peas, green onions, fresh herbs, leaf lettuce, spinach, baked goods, cheese, meats, kettle popcorn and more. NEW LOCATION:

Colonial Parking Lot Wednesdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Until October 6 The Grand Bend Farmers’ Market would like to congratulate Casey Lessard on the Grand Bend Strip. We have been impressed by the standard of journalism, photography and ad creation. Best wishes in your future endeavours.

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

18 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting a lesson Endless Surf offers paddle board and wakeboard lessons. Left: JP White shows Gina how to balance herself on the board before she heads out on her own.




in Learning presents

for councillor Ward One Lambton Shores

Accessibility. Accountability. Action. • Founding Member of Zone 3 Sewer Group • Vice President Men’s Probus • Past Chair Port Franks Police Committee

an evening with

Dr. Steve Evans

Over 46 Hard Ice Cream Flavours Homemade Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Soft Serve Ice Cream

Air Conditioned Inside · Large Outdoor Patio

(Professor of Geological Engineering, University of Waterloo)

“Our Moving Earth”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Good Food at the Right Price! Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner All Day Breakfast · Chicken Wraps · Club House Sandwich Bacon Cheese Burger · Halibut · Veggie Burger · Pizza Poutine · Caesar Salad · Kids Meals · Value Meal Combos

3 kg Bag of Ice $1.25 Everyday

345 Highway 21 S. Grand Bend


at Grand Bend Community Health Centre Free admission - Limited Seating

Professional Associations • Canadian Geotechnical Society • Geological Society of America • International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment

Honours and Awards • 2004 Thomas Roy Award, Canadian Geotechnical Society (Engineering Geology Division).

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

S Gina Phouttharath

Swimwear courtesy Endless Surf, Grand Bend Hair by Amy Michielsen of The Cutting Edge, Thedford Makeup by Kristyn Van Elswyk of Explore Elegance, St. Joseph Shot on location at north beach, Grand Bend

Above: L-Space bikini; Dogeared necklace Right: Vix bikini; Dog-eared necklace Opposite: model’s own bikini

Photos by Casey Lessard

see more at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 19

20 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Secrets from the chef’s kitchen I met Casey several years ago when I agreed to write a n food column for his paper. Immediately, I thought it was an d excellent opportunity to share my love and passion for food with those who take the time to read the local paper. At thatt d moment I began to brainstorm the ideas and recipes I wanted n to share with the readers. I was excited to inspire creativity in homes and kitchens of Grand Bend, Exeter and area. This iss where my journey begins. d First, I wanted to educate people about buying local and keeping it fresh. Being aware of what our region has to offerr w is important. So, I set out to create recipes that would allow people to shop at local farmers’ markets and buy producee when in it’s in season. Having a restaurant kitchen full of diverse cooking sup-plies, I had to keep in mind that not every home is as fullyy equipped. I wanted to be sure not to include ingredients thatt were difficult to find or outrageously expensive. Next, came preparing the recipes and writing the articles.. d Like most professional chefs, I rarely measure ingredients and almost never second-guess if a recipe needs a dash of this orr a splash of that. I knew I’d have to start paying closer atten-o tion to exactly how much of each ingredient I was adding to the mixture. I found this to be a little bit of a challenge, butt it allowed me to develop as chef. I became aware of how a ‘pinch’, ‘dash’ or ‘splash’ could be interpreted very differentlyy h from one person to the next. But with that being said, each recipe I created for the article left room for individual creativ-ity. Last year, Casey and I decided to work more closely; wee began to photograph either the final product or the variouss steps of preparation. Here’s when things really started to get interesting. I learned that the presentation of food when it is sitting in front of you compared to when you’re looking at a picture is quite different. What I created to be appealing to various senses, namely sight and smell, was up to Casey to illustrate purely on a visual level. I needed to rethink the way in which I arranged the food on the plate to ensure everything was seen. We had to consider proper lighting and colour contrasts to make the dish more pleasing to the eye. All in all, Casey and I had a great time meeting new challenges and making each deadline. Working with Casey has been a wonderful experience and is something I will truly miss. I wish him all the best in his adventures and hope we cross paths again in the future. For the final edition of the Strip, rather than a recipe, I am going to share some of the need-to-knows of the kitchen and fun philosophies of cooking I’ve learned along the way. Enjoy! James Eddington Eddington’s of Exeter The 5 P’s: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. This is my mantra, in or out of the kitchen. For example: appetizers and hors d’oeuvres let you attend your own party; just make sure you have everything ready before your guests arrive! “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!” ~ Julia Child Cooking is like comedy: timing is everything! Garnish your food: eyes are the first to feast. Buy local when at all possible. Parchment paper makes your life a lot easier! To keep leftover cake moist, place an apple wedge with it in the refrigerator. A whole apple in a bag of potatoes will help prevent sprouting.

To maximize flavour in stocks or thin sauces, reduce quanttity in half by heating on low/medium heat. A small amount of salt will enhance other natural flavours. Store spices in a cool dark place. Sweet, salty, sour and bitter are the 4 basic flavours. Don’t forget about the four others: Pungent: Peppercorns or Chili Peppers Astringent: Spinach or Tea Cooling: Mint Umami: Mushrooms Experiment! Step outside you culinary comfort zone! STOP OVER COOKING YOUR PORK! A hint of pink iis good! 155 degrees internal temperature is plenty. Glass conducts heat better than metal, so lower oven temp perature if using glass bakeware by approximately 30 degrees. Wooden or plastic cutting boards only; everything else dulls yyour knife. Try poaching an egg in tomato juice and white wine. Eggs Benny: when poaching an egg, add a small amount of w white vinegar to the water. This will help maintain the integrrity of the egg. When cooking with oil, if it starts to smoke, it is too hot. S Start again. A moist and full flavoured turkey is soaked in brine for 2 d days. Google brine for more information. Times for grilling fish: 2 minutes per side for thin fillets on med/hot heat. Want bubbles back in your already opened champagne? 3 minutes per side for medium fillets on med/hot heat. Drop a raisin in the bottle. 3.5 minutes per side for thick fillets on hot heat. To prevent discoloration of low acid foods once cut, squeeze Fillets should be more opaque in colour and flake apart ½ fresh lemon and toss together. This works greats for fruit easily with a fork. cocktails, apples, bananas and potatoes. To revive limp vegetables and herbs, trim the bottom porBe consistent with your flour when baking. Different brands tion of the stem, place in water and refrigerate for 2 hours. vary in protein content and therefore will change the flavour Blanching your vegetables: submerge into boiling water for and texture of your final product. a few minutes, remove and place in ice cold water. This proSave your left over fresh herb stems and trimmings. Toss in cess will maintain the colour of the vegetables, allowing you to BBQ for a natural flavour when grilling. reheat later or use in a cold dish such as a salad. Zest is the outermost part of a citrus fruit. Grate this when To plump up dried fruits, soak in cool tea for approx. 8 min- creating salad dressings, sauces, summer cocktails and garnishutes. ing plates. Take care not to go beyond the outer layer, as the Buying Nuts: Purchase with shells on. They last longer, taste white pith is bitter and less flavourful. better and are less expensive. Button mushrooms help enhance the flavour of any food When purchasing balsamic vinegar, make sure it has six per they are cooked with. cent acidity and is from Modena. Keep mushrooms in a cool dry place. Refrigerate in an open For those of you with a musically tuned ear give a water- brown paper bag. Do not keep in plastic bags and never wash melon a good thump, if you hear a B flat, it is perfect! until ready to use! Olives are a fruit. Try substituting olive oil when baking. When choosing fall vegetables, look for the ones with the Put onions in freezer 20 minutes before chopping. This will darkest sheen. They will have a higher amount of beta-caro- help with the tears! tene and a better flavour. Mussels: when purchasing, make sure they are fresh! Tap Perfect pasta pairing: the shell and they should snap shut. This means they are alive Long and thin ~ Oil or broth ng and thick ~ C Cre ream am oorr to toma mato to and healthy. The smaller the mussel, the more tender and flaLong Cream tomato ck and d chunky h vourful it will be. Thick ~ Meat sauce or casserole ~S Sou oup p an and d salads sala sa lads ds Heavy cream holds flavour to your taste buds longer, so add Tinyy Soup it to your sauces. It also balances acidity and sharpness of flaokk i ng is abo out u sin si n g all a ll of o f your yo ur senses. sen s ense sess . Be B e creative. crea cr eati tive. vours. Cooking about using mber to ta aste, ssmell mell and nd enjoy enjjoy the the process. p pro roce cess ss.. Onions can add flavour to just about everything. Remember taste, A small amount of vinegar will enhance the flavour of vee a wo o ndee rff u l anything you’re cooking, from chutneys to poultry and even Have wonderful merr! Chee ers! seafood. Add a touch of vinegar either during the marinating summer! Cheers! mees Eddin ngto ton or cooking process. James Eddington w..eddinggton ns.cca Sweeten sauces, soups, etc. with honey rather than sugar (editor’s note: I use agave nectar instead of honey). When cooking with curry, dilute with a small amount of applesauce if it’s too spicy.

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 21

Make a Splash at Our Eco-bash! Aquafest 2010 August 6, 7 and 8 Main Beach, River Road and Pinery Provincial Park Featuring: Juno Nominated Great Lakes Swimmers - Cindy Cook of Polka Dot Door Fame - Hot Docs Winner “Waterlife” - The Great Lakes Chowder Competition with Chef Jamie Kennedy - Ecoholic Author Adria Vasil - Grand Bend’s Brian Dale

Complete programme at

Plus: Educational Games, Art Exhibits, Sandcastle Building, Water Sport and Safety Demonstrations Eco Exhibits - Hikes - Face Painting and much more.


Paddington’s Pub Eatery Alehouse and Wine Bar

James Eddington and Alynn Kowalczyk Swimwear courtesy Big Red’s, Exeter Hair by Rachel Gray of Beauty ‘n’ the Beach, Grand Bend Makeup by Jessica Michielsen Shot on location at the home of Mike Veri, St. Joseph Opposite: James wears DC board shorts Above: Alynn wears Volcom bikini

Photo by Casey Lessard see more at

Grand Bend Art Centre







Free Admission to All Events – Rain or Shine!


Kryart Studio

22 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

S James Eddington and Alynn Kowalczyk

Swimwear courtesy Big Red’s, Exeter Hair by Rachel Gray of Beauty ‘n’ the Beach, Grand Bend Makeup by Jessica Michielsen Shot on location at the home of Mike Veri, St. Joseph

Left: Alynn wears Roxy bikini Above: James wears O’Neill shirt and walk shorts Opposite top: Alynn wears Billabong tunic; James wears Billabong T-shirt and walk shorts Opposite bottoom: James wears Billabong tank and DC board shorts; Alynn wears Hurley dress

Photos by Casey Lessard

see more at

Grand Bend Strip Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 • 23

ӅͩґҿSFǑͨ 4-PH5̢ͥȑȪS8ΝS͛ Talk to us about building a custom home or cottage.

We also build pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and more! 519-694-3180

Sunnivue Farm – Making it good for you! We offer all



Every Saturday from 9-5! Free Coffee & Tea Lots of nice people And the famous water buffalo to look at.

THE SUNNIVUE FARMSTORE 27093 New Ontario Road, Ailsa Craig (25 minutes NW of London, ON)


Strip in the Kitchen

24 • Wednesday, July 14, 2010




FRIDAY 08/13







*HST included plus handling fee.


Vol. 4 #3 - July 14, 2010 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. Inside: Swimsuits. Photography by Casey Lessard.

Vol. 4 #3 - July 14, 2010 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. Inside: Swimsuits. Photography by Casey Lessard.