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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Grand Bend

INSPIRED BY A LOVE OF WATER Aquafest gives Kaelyn Banse, 8, a chance to enjoy water - complete with water from the heavens. More on page 6. INSIDE: GRAND BEND ART CENTRE NEEDS YOUR HELP, MAIN STREET PLANS AND MORE... COVER PHOTO BY CASEY LESSARD MOM & DAD P.11 - LIVING IN BALANCE & FIDO... COME... SIT P.13 - JAMES EDDINGTON P. 16 - TO DO LIST P. 14 & 15


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2 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strip Feature

Syd Holody of London paints during a class led by Grand Bend Art Centre founder Teresa Marie. The class could be one of the last at the centre, which needs community support to continue operating.

Art centre at risk of closing doors Needs supporters to maintain River Road presence

Story and photos by Casey Lessard The Grand Bend Art Centre could give up the lease on its River Road space if a fundraising effort fails to generate enough interest before October. Artists (including this reporter) use the space to teach art workshops to community members. Artist Teresa Marie, who launched the centre last summer, hopes to sell enough books of coupons valid yearround at local businesses ($40 each, available at the River Road Gallery and elsewhere locally) to pay the rent and secure programming for the fall. “We have to let Milford know by October whether we’re going to keep this facility as an art centre,” Teresa Marie says. “If we can sell 150 coupon books before the fall, we can probably pull ourselves out of this. Then in

April we’ll do the coupon book again with more coupons and have a fresher book for the new season. “I’m looking for people who want to support the art centre, and this is our gift back to them and our gift to the community to keep the money spent in the community.” The centre has $15,000 in annual expenses, and rentals and workshops do not cover the cost completely. Even with donations from Rotary and some private donors, the centre has not been able to cover costs. “We fell short of our budget last year. Milford Purdy, who has been very forgiving, has let us continue to have the place and we’re paying him on a catch-up basis right now. “As a painter, I was trying to get all of the

painters in town together to form groups to use the art centre. For the short term summer season, I wanted it to be available for visiting artists who would stay for the weekend, take some workshops, meet some artists, spend some money in town, and get to know our community through the art.” Regardless of whether it has a permanent physical space, Teresa Marie says the centre will continue to operate. “If we can’t come up with the funds to keep that location, I will have to farm out the workshops elsewhere. I will continue to do this on a smaller scale, but I would like to see it continue here.” Judy Steeper of Corbett hopes the space can maintain the status quo.

“I love the classes,” Steeper says. “They’re Grand Bend’s best kept secret. We’re really fortunate to have it because it’s a treasure. It’s great, especially for me. I work as a wedding planner and designer, and this helps me keep my creativity up. “It’s handy and it’s close to home. It’s adding tourism and it’s a plus all around.” Marie Hughes of Bayfield agrees. “I hope it keeps on going,” says Hughes, who has taken several classes at the centre. “I’ve been hoping to do this for years and years. It’s an opportunity to do some learning close at hand without driving to the big city.” Hughes notes that the centre is special because students of all abilities are welcome. Continued on page 3

Strip Feature

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 3

Marie Hughes of Bayfield hopes the centre remains because she can’t afford the time or energy to drive to London for such workshops. So far she has taken almost 10 classes at the centre, and hopes to take more.

Judy Steeper of Corbett thinks the classes are “Grand Bend’s best kept secret” and a “treasure”. “It’s handy and it’s close to home.”

Teresa Marie believes “good things happen when good people get together.” She’s hoping people will gather around her project and keep the doors open.

Coupon books give members discounts at year-round businesses “It’s suitable for people who have never picked up a brush. I like that everyone in the class is at different stages in their ability.” That’s what attracted Rosemary Stevens of London to the Teresa Marie’s painting workshop. “I always wanted to find out if I could paint,” Stevens says. “I just retired in January and I established a bucket list of things to do that I never had time to do. My mother painted for pleasure and I always admired her work. I thought I’d like to try that and come down and take a class.” How has the experience been?

and I want to share that with other people.” For Rosemary Stevens, supporting the art centre is important for Grand Bend, not only for the students but also for the greater community. Teresa Marie, Grand Bend Art Centre “I think it’s an expression of people in the community and their appreciation for where “I started to paint when I was 28 years old they are. It’s very important.” and I learned to paint from Barry Richman, To show your support, buy a coupon book ($40 David Bannister, and Klaus Verboom. Through them, the art gallery developed. at River Road Gallery and elsewhere) or sign up Good things happen when good people get for a class. To find out more, call 519-238-8978 or email together. Out of that has grown a second gallery. I was taught by other people hands-on,

I was taught by other people hands-on, and I want to share that with other people.

“It was very scary when I first started, but now I’m developing some self-confidence. It shows you that you just have to try.” “People don’t always want to buy things,” says Teresa Marie, “but they want to do things. Grand Bend needs to offer that so people can stay active physically and mentally.

4 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strip Events

Fun in the rain Corbett Fun Day suffered the same fate as Aquafest, taking place on a very rainy afternoon and leading everyone to take cover. That didn’t stop Magnum from performing with some protection from the elements. Above, Stewart Irvine Sr. plays drums in the band. Right: Neil Grant and Stewart Irvine Jr.

Show opens August 21 at the Grand Bend Art Centre (in River Road Gallery complex)


365 .COM

Grand Bend Strip

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 5

Grand Bend Main Street makeover set to start Federal and provincial funding means project has to finish by June 1, 2010, but Lambton Shores was ready thanks to master plan Story and photo by Casey Lessard Grand Bend’s Main Street is less than a year away from a major makeover that will see few major changes, but which the municipality believes will make Grand Bend a better place for pedestrians and motorists. “The whole idea is to make the street more humanized,” says Patrick Li of EDA Collaborative Inc., the company that mapped out Grand Bend’s beach enhancement project. “Encourage pedestrian safety and enjoyment without compromising the cars. We maintain what is required for two-lane traffic, and we clearly identify parking on both sides. We create angles in and out so it’s easier to park. We also begin to introduce colour and graphics, trees and banners, benches and bicycle racks.” The thrust of the project is reworking the road and sidewalks to meet current provincial standards for accessibility and safety. The road will be graded and sidewalks will allow for smooth entry to most businesses, Li says. Parking will be reduced by about 20 spaces on the main street. Trees will be replaced with native trees; the new trees will be given appropriate room to breathe and grow. Hydro wires will be buried on the north side and poles on the south side will be replaced. Paving stones at intersections will form visual mosaics that symbolize local themes, and a new meeting space will replace some parking spaces at the former Finnegan’s parking lot. “We have an opportunity to make the street easier for pedestrians and traffic,” says Ward

1 Lambton Shores councillor John Dehondt. “We can fix a lot of the things that were done in the original design. If you look through the main street, we’ve lost a bit of parking, but everything flows better and it’s safer for pedestrians.” The project is going forward thanks to a federal/provincial infrastructure grant that will cover 2/3rds of the $2.6 million project. Thanks to advanced planning by the municipality in the form of its master plan, the project was an easy pitch. “We went ahead in each of our communities and put together what we would like the communities to look like. When we found out that infrastructure money could happen, we were shovel-ready, and they said go for it. It all has to be done by June 1, 2010, and we can accommodate that.” The plan is not perfect, say business owner Greg Gallello and artist Teresa Marie. Gallello says he came to the Thursday showand-tell meeting with a closed mind, and left putting his trust in the municipality. “Grand Bend is what it is because of the beach,” Gallello says. “Without that, we’re just like any other small town. We have to remember our main attraction is the beach. When you turn on Main Street now, you see the sand and the water, and it looks amazing. Looking at these plans, it looks like you’re not going to see the beach anymore because of all the trees.”

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Regal representative on site


Extending enhancement along Main Street

Patrick Li of EDA Collaborative Inc. shows business owner Greg Gallello plans his company drafted for the Main Street makeover that will happen before next summer thanks to federal/provincial infrastructure funding. Despite concerns about sight lines and the speed of the project, tenders will be called this fall.

Teresa Marie believes the municipality handled the process poorly, racing through the process that will still see local funds pay almost $1 million for the project. “It could have been on display all summer,” she said of the plans displayed Thursday. “They’ve known about this. They’ve got the money. It’s not like they found out about this yesterday.” In fact, last time this newspaper was invited to a meeting about the downtown was in May 2008, when plans included angled parking. “They want me to believe that this is what they’ve come up with in a year,” Teresa Marie says. “And no price breakdown. How much will those paving stones cost? Why are you putting paving stones on a road where no one’s going to see them? Why not put that money into sculpture instead of trees on the street? Everyone has trees. Sculptures are

more unique.” For John Dehondt, majority rules, and he says most people are on board with the project, even if the details cause disagreement. “I think everyone’s on side with the project fundamentally. If we don’t inconvenience people during the process, I think we’re good.” There is still some room for public input, but it seems as if the bulk of the project is a done deal. The municipality will be putting it out to tender soon so the project can meet its June 2010 completion deadline. “This kind of development can bring in a new clientele for merchants,” Li says of the benefit of supporting the project. “Before, merchants relied on teenagers driving their hot rods. We’re trying to encourage young families to come. Creating a more comfortable environment to come here and spend money.”

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Strip Events

6 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Serious about getting wet Grand Bend Aquafest got rained on - hard - but that didn’t stop supporters from enjoying the eco-bash. Photos by Casey Lessard Right: Sharon Cowan does the water quality limbo.

Komoka’s Karla Vermeulen gets a water cycle bracelet.

Andy McGuire performs with Brian Dale thanks to power from cyclists riding the SoundCycle generator.

Taste of Huron Dinner Matches and Marriages, Wines and Menus August 25 at 7 p.m.

Local and Long Distance Trips Airport Service • Deliveries Grand Bend Taxi - 519-238-8790

Four courses, $35 per person - Reservations required Presented by Hessenland Country Inn and Pelee Island Wine Master Walter Schmoranz

Hessenland Country Inn RR#2 Zurich - (519) 236-7707

Evan Schwartz transforms into Spider-Man.

Grand Bend

Grand Bend’s Best Kept Secret (519) 238-2120


Aug. 22 - Cactus Jam Aug. 29 - Mike Fagan EVERYBODY WELCOME! Fun Darts Mondays @ 7 p.m. Bingo Tuesdays @ 7 p.m. Meat Draws Fridays @ 5 p.m. Hall rentals - contact Sharon (519) 238-6865

Strip in the Kitchen

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 7

In praise of Fat Taste of Huron AUGUST 24-30 Full list of dinners, workshops, and other events:


Dinners at Huron County restaurants $35 per person (excluding alcohol, taxes and service) Book through host restaurant.


7 to 9 p.m. – Hessenland $35 – Reserve: 1-866-543-7736 Tasting and discussion with Pelee Island wine master Walter Schmoranz. Features dishes paired or prepared with Pelee Island brand wines.


JM: In the last five years, food has become a political topic. People got lost; they got disconnected from their food in lots of different ways: in the source of it, but also how to make and cook it. That’s what’s made a mess of people’s diets and health. I want people to think about what they’re doing and eating. Food is vital to our culture, and I want people to understand that something like fat isn’t bad just because CL: How did you get inspired to the media tells you it is. Fat’s a very important part of your diet and it write about bones and fat? JM: I’d done a small piece for a won’t kill you. magazine on bones, and my agent CL: What are you trying to argue thought it could develop into a larger idea. I liked the concept because in Fat? JM: That the low-fat, no-fat thing I had worked for a long time as a food stylist and was doing a lot of was pretty much wrong and it did boneless and skinless meat, and it us more harm than good. We need a mix of different things, including drove me crazy. Bones were fascinating because fat, in our diet. Our brains are made they’re taboo. Everyone’s buying of fat. There are a lot of vitamins everything boneless and it seemed that are only fat-soluble. They put the right topic because it could be vitamins in low-fat milk, which is more than just a cookbook. Bones a waste of time because those vitaappeal to the primal sense in man, mins require fat. If you put fat into your diet, you’ll and there’s a lot of history attached probably actually lose weight. It not to it. When I was with my editor in only makes it very tasty, but it also New York, someone asked me what makes it very satisfying. You’ll eat I was going to do next, and I joked less of something that’s better for that I was going to do a trilogy: you instead of eating empty carbobones, skin and fat. I was joking, but hydrates. If we all just ate a normal, regular when I thought about fat, that was another topic that interested me. Fat diet, we’d all be a lot healthier. Essentially, Fat is a cookbook, so is where the flavour is, and it was a topic no one was touching other I’m showing people how to cook than no-fat or low-fat. But it was with fat and how it’s a good media hard book to sell (to publishers), um to cook in and how they can get and it was a Canadian publisher their hands on fat. that picked it up. CL: Why is it important to cook To me, it’s about writing something that is interesting and saying with animal fat? JM: Animal fats are better to cook something that needs to be said, contributing to culinary knowledge. with than vegetable oils because animal fats have a better balance of CL: What do your books contrib- Omega-3s and Omega-6s. They’re also very stable. What you do with ute to the modern eating culture? Two-time James Beard Single Subject categor y award winner for Bones (2005) and Fat (2009), Jennifer McLagan is also the 2009 winner of the James Beard Cookbook of the Year for Fat. McLagan will join James Eddington for a meal consisting of her recipes August 26. Casey Lessard (a strict vegetarian, by the way) spoke with McLagan about her views on food.


7 to 9 p.m. – Eddington’s 7 to 11 p.m. – Bayley’s Barn, $35 – Reserve: 519-235-3030 Hensall Evening with author Jennifer $20 – Corn and Pig Roast McLagan, winner of the 2009 Corn, pork, baked beans, fiddle James Beard Cookbook of the music and square dancing. Year for Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes. fat when you cook is you heat it up. Highly polyunsaturated (vegetable) fats break down and become rancid very quickly. A lot of oils we buy in bottles are already rancid but you can’t tell because of the way they’re being processed. With an animal fat you can tell straight away if it’s rancid. Bones are also something we think is too much work. But there’s lots of great stuff about cooking with bones. You get collagens and gelatins, which are good for you, but you also get a wonderful base for a sauce. When you braise on the bone, you get this wonderful, unctuous sauce that has all the flavour and goodness in there. Bone marrow is an extremely good source of unsaturated fat. All this stuff is good for you, but we’ve forgotten that. We’re not willing to do any work to get our food, and that’s a shame. CL: The next book you’re doing is about the oddities of food. JM: I’m calling it Odd Bits – what to do with the rest. These are the second cuts. Every cookbook uses the prime cuts, like chicken breast and tenderloin. They’re good, but sometimes they have less taste than pieces like the brisket or the neck or the shoulder. People don’t use those cuts anymore because they don’t know how to deal with them. I’ll also cover parts that people are scared of, like brains, kidney and liver. CL: How do you think that book will be received? JM: I think it needs to be done. It’s very hard to find any sources for what to do with these parts. What do you do with liver and how do you tell whether it’s good or not? What can you cook with it? How do you handle it? Brisket makes

Portrait by Rob Fiocca

Jennifer McLagan is the author of Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes, winner of the 2009 James Beard Cookbook of the Year. She will speak at a dinner at Eddington’s August 26; James Eddington will be preparing dishes from McLagan’s book. A place at the dinner is $35 per person.

wonderful gravy and hamburgers. and it’s a huge problem. In North Get that information out for people America, we’re swinging back the other way. Especially in the cities, so it’s out there. there are a lot of people eating the CL: As a world traveler, do you 100-mile diet. People are looking find the Europeans are adopt- locally, and this is all good. ing the bad habits of Nor th CL: Why should people buy your Americans? JM: I spend a lot of time in book, Fat? JM: I want people to realize that France, and while there’s a certain generation that still eats real food fat’s not a four-letter word. Fat’s from markets, and you can get raw good for them, it’s essential, and food in the supermarket, that ’s best of all, it’s tasty. changing with the younger generation. The older generation sits down Jennifer McLagan’s Fat: An at a table with smaller portions, while the younger generation eats Appreciation of a Misunderstood fast food and there’s a rise in obesity. Ingredient, with Recipes is published In England, there’s a lot of fast food, by McClelland & Stewart.

8 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strip Feature


365 .COM

Photography by Casey Lessard Opening August 21 at Grand Bend Art Centre (River Road Gallery complex) Visit for more details

Anjhela Michielsen

The Old River

Summer Landscape

Strip Feature

Red Dancer

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 9

Poppy Fields

Artists find Bliss in working together Paintings by Lorraine Thomson and Tony Miller on display at Bliss Studio in Port Franks

The Art of Bliss

Bliss Studio, 519-243-3598 7617 Riverside Drive, Port Franks

A winter storm set in motion a collaboration that led to this summer’s final show at Bliss Studio in Port Franks. Owners Lorraine Thomson and Tony Miller started working together on paintings after Thomson came into the studio where Miller was working in December. Asking if she could add some strokes to his painting, Miller agreed, and by the time they were done, they had to push the door together to get through the snowpile that had built up. “I was working on the Red Dancer,” Miller says. “She said she’d really like to paint on it, too. So we went for it. It worked out so well, I got her to make me a commitment to work on a series for a show. Just wanted to show how two different styles can work together.” “It was Tony’s idea, but it was meant to happen,” Thomson says. “After all these years, it was inevitable.”

Together, the pair painted six works that are on display at their home studio/gallery. Work by the individual artists completes the show. “It’s surrealistic,” says Miller, describing the work. “I do some high realism work and some abstract work. Lorraine’s a contemporary artist, but she paints a lot of realism and abstracts it a bit. Combined they’re abstract, surrealistic and fantasy. It’s hard to put a label on them.” “Our work is experimental,” Thomson adds. “If it doesn’t work out, it’s no big deal. It’s not the end of the world.” There were times, though, when Thomson surprised Miller with her contributions. “She shocked me sometimes by totally covering something I just spent an hour or two painting,” Miller says. “You just have to trust each other knowing you have the best wishes for the ultimate outcome.”

The Cheese Stands Alone

Strip Thoughts

10 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do we value art? Is the recession over View from the Strip By Casey Lessard

As you have hopefully read by the time you are reading this page, the artist Teresa Marie faces funding challenges keeping the doors to the physical presence of the Grand Bend Art Centre open. It’s a concern for me because I run my photography classes there and believe it’s not only good for me and my students, but also for anyone else who needs a decent space for such classes. It’s also a concern for me because it reflects the way people feel about incidental activities such as the arts in this community. We’ve had no problem finding the money for a new beachfront and Main Street revitalization, but there is not enough support for a $15,000 annual centre for artists and the community. (I have similar concerns about the Baseball To the Editor, Even Mother Nature couldn’t dampen the spirits of 150 participants at the 4th annual Henry’s Fun Golf Tournament for Breast Cancer. On August 8, likely the rainiest day of the summer, the fundraising event still had its most successful year raising $4,209. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through the CIBC Run for the Cure. The event was shortened to nine holes with golfers focused on simply surviving the conditions rather than on the birdies and eagles

Project and other that are on the sidelines because of the bigger ones and the economy.) It’s clear that I believe in the value of the arts – this newspaper is usually full of arts stories, but I know that I am preaching to the converted. This newspaper reflects such arts and lifestyle stories because that’s the bulk of what happens around here. It’s what people are interested in. Such activities are interesting, but do we care enough to keep the arts centre open as a physical entity? Teresa Marie needs 150 more supporters simply to keep the doors open, and a total of 350 a year to maintain it in general. Are those people out there? Do you care? I’ve put my money where my mouth is and will continue to rent the space as often as I can. It’s a central location for my classes, and I’m now splurging to host an art show of my there. Please visit starting this weekend to see my work and the space. While you’re there, consider the value of buying a coupon book and supporting art in the Grand Bend area. they usually chase at Sand Hills Golf Resort. After dinner the weather cleared enough to stage the always exciting putting contest. Host Andy Henry was eventually crowned champion.  Steve O’Halloran and Mark Henry rounded out the medalists this year. Thank you to all sponsors, prize donors, and Sand Hills Golf Resort. The event is sure to be another sell out next year. For more information contact Andy Henry at Abby and Andy Henry

Back in business

Trudie and Bill Nieuwland, Mary Lou Glenn, Philip Walden and Ron Gilpin celebrated the opening of Victoria Street in Thedford with a party to celebrate the reopening of the street after repaving.

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– or just beginning? Alternative View By Lance Crossley

On July 23, Bank of Canada governor are slumping. Consumer spending is tightMark Carney announced that the recession ening despite government efforts to stimuwas coming to an end. On July 29, President late credit. Even the Bank for International Obama said things have gotten better: the Settlements, which acts as a global central United States had prevented a depression bank, has warned that the fiscal stimulus and this was the beginning of the end of the packages are only a band-aid and will be folrecession. On August 3, a Bank of Montreal lowed by an “extended period of economic economist said the U.S. recession will end in stagnation.” the third quarter. And on August 5, the front Most ominously, countries like China and page of The Toronto Star declared “Economy Russia are starting to show signs they will on the Rebound”. Leaders, experts, and media no longer support America’s debt by buying have announced in unison that all is well with its government bonds and treasury bills. If our economy. this happens, the dollar will plummet and What a steaming pile of horse doo-doo. American standard of living will drastically The facts tell a ver y different stor y. fall, as everything they import will becoming Everything hinges on the United States’ abil- significantly more expensive. ity to generate growth but there just isn’t any credible evidence Declarations that “all is well” that will happen. Now that the housing bubble has burst, the are “a steaming pile.” next shoe to drop is the commercial real estate market. Banks have postponed So why all the optimism about emerging this day of reckoning by extending commer- “green shoots” in the economy? Their hope cial loans instead of foreclosing, but how long is largely based on the rise of stock marthis can go on is anybody’s guess. kets, which have rebounded greatly since botUnemployment is officially at almost 10 toming out in March. But this climb can be percent now. Unofficially, some reputable attributed to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben analysts have it at almost twice that figure Bernanke, who has expanded the monetary because of the skewed methods the govern- base by $1 trillion with fresh money. This new ment uses in its calculations. Either way, money has not been directed into producunemployment benefits are running out for tive purposes; rather it has been channelled many Americans, with the New York Times straight into tradable assets. As a July 16 Wall reporting as many as 1.5 million jobless will Street Journal article pointed out: “In other see their benefits end by Christmas. words, Ben Bernanke has been the market.” State tax revenues have experienced their Where is it all headed? I wouldn’t be at all biggest fall since records began 45 years ago. surprised to see another stock market crash Virtually every state is insolvent, most notably as early as this fall, following the end of the California, which has had to make draconian American fiscal year when the final numbers cuts to avoid bankruptcy. come through and investors can see the bigRailroad carloads, which carry goods and ger picture. Even if that day is postponed, the are an accepted reflection of economic vitality, economy’s cheerleaders won’t be able to hide are down 22.5 percent since 2006. Retail sales the reality forever.

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Strip Thoughts

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 11

The complaints lady Reunited and it feels so good Tales from the 2009 Lessard reunion

Advice from Mom

Keeping the Peace

By Rita Lessard

“Hello, Complaints Department. Rita speaking. How may I help you?” This is my new line, and I feel justified in saying this because anytime there’s a complaint, it is inevitably addressed to me. Some people have an ear for music; I have an ear for complaints. I can live with this role, but sometimes the complaints are a bit much. For instance, take the beautiful warm weather we’ve had in the last few days. Would you believe people are complaining it’s too hot? I swore in May, June and July that I would slap the first person who complained about the sunny weather. However, I’m not generally a violent person, so I had to restrain myself a few times. Enjoy this weather people because I’m sure it won’t last that long. Working with the public I have people complaining all the time. I have one customer who gets a large coffee with four milks and three sugars, and then complains that the coffee is cold. For a few weeks this was an ongoing complaint, so I created a science experiment – there a science to making coffee – to solve this problem. The next time this order came in, I put four small milks in the coffee, nuked it and then give the customer a couple of take out milks on the side. Problem solved. One happy customer. After many years of marriage, my friend Bev complained that her husband Ted was no longer as romantic as he once was. For instance, the other day she and Ted were walking through the park and noticed a young man and a woman sitting on a bench passionately kissing. Inspired by the way the man was kissing his partner, Bev turned to Ted and asked him why he didn’t do that. Ted replied, “Dear, I don’t even know that young woman.”

Some complaints can be fixed and others can’t. You have to pick your battles. Customers think I’m a soft touch because they always come to me or they’ll call and ask for me. This is fine because I lead them to think that the customer is always right whether they are or not. It’s much easier to make them happy by apologizing for the wrongs done to them than it is to argue and waste time. Replace their order and offer them a free donut and let them be on their ways. Easy night! Some helpful hints on some common complaints: • Keep counters cat-free - If your kitty loves to jump onto your counter, try this trick. Put a few aluminum baking pans on the top of the counter - the noise will stop your cat doing it again. • My friend Sharon’s dog encountered the wrath of a nasty skunk. Her mother suggested she get a small bottle of peroxide, mix it with half a box of baking soda and a tablespoon of dish detergent. Brush this mixture on the dog and rinse with warm water. I hope this works. I just got this problem solver about and hour ago, so I hope it worked for Sharon. • With the nice weather come the mosquitoes, and other insects. Pin a used fabric softener sheet to your skirt or clip some to the bottom of chairs and tables. The bugs will fly elsewhere.

By Tom Lessard, C.D.

My Sunday morning began at 2:45 a.m. when I woke to a bright light shining through my main floor bedroom window. I first thought that someone had forgotten to turn off the ballpark lights, which are directly across the street from my house. I got up and looked out the window and saw a black pick-up truck sitting in the park driveway. While I watched, the truck pulled out and drove away. The strange thing about this incident is that our main street had just had new curbs poured on Friday afternoon. There were pylons posted across the entrance to the park, and on either side of the curb were ditches across which the average vehicle would not dare to traverse. This person did, driving over and flattening the pylons. At seven a.m. when I crossed the road to water the Communities in Bloom planters, I put the pylons back up in their original locations and went back home. After breakfast (about an hour later), I went back out to sit on the porch and read a book. I glanced across the road and saw that, lo and behold, the pylons had been moved off the roadway and another nut had driven in and out again. These pylons are regarded about as much as the stop sign at Crediton Rd. and Airport Line. Lots of people don’t stop. Many don’t even slow down. Anyway, at 11 a.m. Rita and I loaded into her sister’s van and headed out to Wildwood Park near St. Marys for my family’s ninth biennial reunion. The rain was so heavy on Happy birthday to my daughter-in-law the Kirkton Road that I thought we might have to pull over. By the time we arrived at Christine - August 15th. the campground, the rain had slowed to a P.S. The next issue will have the results of drizzle. Thankfully, the area we rented had a pavilion. Sharon’s dog’s dilemma.

It was great to once again see all of our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws. One cousin came from Houston, Texas; other family members came from as far away as Calgary. Mike’s in-laws came from Sudbury and camped for the weekend. The sun came out and brought the heat and heavy humidity that we often see this time of year. The games began with all types of fun for everyone. I entered the water balloon toss, but was quickly ejected (arthritis set in and I dropped the balloon. This is my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). My grandson was my partner for the next game, and we won second prize. I was sitting in my chair having a beer and watching all the antics going on when Ryan approached and asked me to be his partner for the three-legged race. He told me to stay where I was, and lend him my artificial leg. That was easily done. He took my leg and with my sister’s help, he tied it to his leg. He didn’t realize how heavy it was until the race was over. It was the easiest medal I’ve ever won. My sister Pat made a beautiful large cake with a portrait of my father and his nine sisters in the icing. One half of the cake was made white, and the other chocolate, so you could have a choice. There were draws for plenty of prizes which family members donated to raise money to cover the costs of the 2011 reunion. As is tradition, the day ended with a family photo. A wonderful time was had by all. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Happy anniversary to Tommy and Connie. Happy birthday to Brenda MacDonald.


519-238-2880 Highway 21, 1 mi. south of Grand Bend

12 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strip on Stage

Evita actress has “star quality” Story by Casey Lessard Sometimes the Huron Country Playhouse saves the best for last, and this year is one of those times. Evita, playing now until August 29, is top quality theatre thanks to excellent hiring decisions that include a star director, a perfect Evita, and great talent all around. Michael Lichtefeld, who was a performer in the original Broadway cast of Evita, directs and choreographs the Playhouse version to great effect. “I’m not recreating what we did on Broadway,” Lichtefeld says, “but you can’t do a show for two years and not be influenced by what you did. I’m trying to make it my own and make it fresh for now.” For Lichtefeld, a key part of making it fresh is the star he discovered after a chance audition. “I think we’ve found a Canadian star in Dena Chiarcossi,” he says. “She’s exactly what I was looking for because I was looking for someone young and on the verge of a breakthrough. For me, she’s spectacular in the show. The whole cast is terrific.” Chiarcossi planned to audition for a sec-

ondary role, Juan Perón’s mistress. “I asked my agent if I could audition to play the part,” she says, “but they said it was already cast, but they’re looking for an Eva. I said, all right, I’ll try.” “She’s an incredible actress and has an amazing voice,” Lichtefeld says. “I asked her at the audition if she could dance and she said ‘a little.’ Well, she dances a lot more than just ‘a little.’ She’s quite a find for me, and she knocked my socks off.” The show opens with Eva Perón’s 1952 death at age 33, and flashes back to show her life from age 15 to her rise to power with her husband Juan Perón, who was Argentina’s president from 1946 to 1955 and again from 1973 to 1974. During her time at Casa Rosada (the presidential residence), Eva Perón championed women’s rights and the rights of workers. “I’ve always been on her side,” Lichtefeld says. “There’s something interesting about a woman, especially in the ‘30s and ‘40s, who worked her way up through a male-dominated society to become as powerful as she did. At the end, it went to her head. But look at how many young stars spend all their money or get burned out at the end. “She’s kind of an anti-hero. She’s a tough character and you’re either going to love her or be elated that she dies in the end.” Chiarcossi believes the script makes Evita (or Little Eva) look worse than she was. “Eva Perón was for the people,” she says. “The reason she wanted power and jewels and money was to show the upper class and middle class that they’re not the only ones entitled to this. She, being lower class, wanted

Dena Chiarcossi is flawless in Evita, the musical playing to August 29 at the Huron Country Playhouse.

to show the people of Argentina that they too could have all of those riches. That’s what I believe. The script is a little different. It manipulates that a little. It shows her more on the arrogant and greedy side.” This is the challenge for viewers: is Evita (the character) good or bad? “For me, it’s about how power can corrupt,” Lichtefeld says. “She started off with ambitions to be greater than what fate had dealt her at the beginning. She worked her way up to be the first lady of Argentina. She did some great stuff but also some really bad stuff. “She slept her way to the top. But she got the vote for women in Argentina, and that itself is a big deal.” As a counterpoint, Stephen Patterson plays narrator Che Guevara, who never met Evita.

“I tried to find out why they chose him,” says Patterson, who plays a central role in the success (once again – he starred in Miss Saigon and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) of this Playhouse presentation. “What would his problems be with Perónism? A revolutionary acts from the heart. She might have believed she was there for the people, but Che would likely say that she wasn’t.” With strong singing, dancing and acting, perfectly simple set pieces, and wonderful orchestration, Evita is a perfect reason to spend a couple of hours in the Playhouse theatre on a hot August afternoon or evening. “It’s controversial, which makes good theatre and makes you think,” Patterson says. “If you can leave the theatre and think about something, we’ve done our job.”



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Bliss Studio 519-243-3598 7617 Riverside Drive, Port Franks

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CountryManor 519-296-4919 66 Victoria St., Thedford

Enthammer - Hall The Grand Bend Strip is your Richard Enthammer of Guelph and Doreen Fraser of Huron Park are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Tanya to Reuben, son of Alice and Kyle Hall of London. The happy couple plans to marry in 2010. Congratulations to both of you!

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Strip Outside

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 13

American kestrel: hawk or falcon? Living in Balance

By Jenipher Appleton During the summer months, plenty of hawks and falcons are on the prowl for rodents and smaller birds. Redtailed hawks, the rough-legged hawk and goshawks are seen perched in dead limbs, on wires, or soaring over the fields. To identify a rough-legged hawk in flight, look for a large, dark patch on the underside of each of its wings. The redtailed is very easy to identify because of its large size and the distinctive rusty tail feathers that stand out against its white underbelly. I have actually witnessed a red-tailed hawk swoop down on an unsuspecting black squirrel perched in a maple tree. The hawk then proceeded to sail away into the distance, squirrel in talons. You’ll also see Cooper’s and sharp-shinned hawks visiting back yards in hope of scooping up an unsuspecting songbird.

Giving the sparrow hawk a bad name

The smallest hawk in our area is the sparrow hawk, or American kestrel (Falco sparverius). The name is actually a misnomer because it is neither a hawk, nor does it consume very many sparrows. The sparrow hawk is actually a member of the falcon family. The American kestrel is a mere 9-12 inches in length, or about the size of a blue jay. It is the only

small hawk with a rufous back and tail. The combination of the blue-jay wings and rust back makes for a very attractive bird. Both male and female have a moustached black-andwhite face pattern. The little falcon would fit nicely into the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe or other medieval lore. I often see kestrels perched on roadside hydro wires. They hover for prey on rapidly beating wings, much like a kingfisher. The voice is a rapid high “klee-klee-klee!” Foods include rodents, insects, bats, small birds, small reptiles and frogs. The kestrel is a solitary nester and will readily nest in bird boxes built especially for them. During breeding season and courtship, the male gathers food and feeds the female in the air. Both parents nurture their single yearly brood, which consists of three to seven creamy to pale pink eggs, which are heavily blotched with brown, and measure 3.6 cm in length. Their population is common throughout North America. You can spot the American kestrel throughout the year in our region, but most likely in spring and summer months. The fact that we have so many hawks and falcons in our region suggests that they are well fed. Therefore, the rodent population would appear to be in good shape as well. To suggest a topic, email nature(at)

No need to apologize about walking the dog

Rules are important, but it’s more important that you and your dogs enjoy the experience Fido... Come... Sit By Yvonne Passmore While talking to my Mother about leash walking her dog, she seemed almost apologetic about walking her little Bichon with an extended or Flex-type leash. I assume she expected that I, as a dog trainer, would frown upon her dog not walking neatly by her side. While training a dog, I can get pretty anal about how to walk a dog, how a dog should walk with us and how to train a dog to walk. Setting rules and expectations while dog training, especially with leash walking, sets the tone for how you will both get along, or

not get along on walks for the rest of your dog’s life. I admit that I am particular about teaching a dog to walk on a particular side, about not pulling me on the leash, and about keeping my pace whether fast or slow. I think I may differ from many dog trainers about how a dog should walk on leash. I teach my dogs to heel, but I certainly don’t walk my dogs in heel. My purpose for walking my dogs is to release energy, to maintain good physical shape and to remain exposed to the outside world. This isn’t just for my dogs, but for me as well. Above all else, I want to enjoy my walks, and I want the dogs to enjoy our walks. I’m fine with letting a dog explore and sniff around. Go ahead and mark a post or a tree occasionally. Walk a little ahead of me, or behind, see and smell what the neighbour-

BOB DIETRICH - HANDYMAN - 519-236-4989 Repairs, Honey-Do Lists Renovating, Odd Jobs

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hood has to offer. There’s no need for me to continually enforce strict rules while trying to enjoy a walk. If I’m constantly nagging my dogs about where they are when on leash, I’m not going to enjoy all the benefits of that walk and neither are my dogs. Perfection from my dogs has never been my goal with dog training. I certainly am not perfect, despite what I make my husband believe. If I can’t expect myself to be perfect, why would I expect an animal to be? That said, the following are my expectations for leash walking. As I mentioned earlier, I do expect a dog to learn which side I want them to walk on. I hate having a dog that constantly crisscrosses in front of and behind me. Being pulled on leash is unbearable to me. I teach early on that pulling will not

BEST’S RESTAURANT - MILKSHAKES Homemade Ice Cream Highway 21 South, Grand Bend

Value Meals


take them in the direction they want to go. I expect my dogs to come back to me to walk in check when I instruct and need them to. I always walk one of my dogs on an extended leash. It’s good for her. She’s happy when she has the ability to explore a little. She has the freedom to be behind me or in front of me, but she knows and understands the rules so that we can both enjoy the outing. As a dog trainer people probably expect me to apologize for allowing my dog to walk far in front and not in a tight and controlled heel position. But as a pet owner I feel no one needs to apologize for making walks as comfortable as we can for both our dogs and ourselves. Suggestions, comments, questions, book info? Go to

Miss Pia Jane

in the Port


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10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Pt Franks Comm Ctr Kids Matter every Tuesday. Join us as we crochet sleeping mats out of milk bags to send to the children in Africa and South America. Bring your lunch, scissors and a #7 crochet hook. Call Peggy Smith at 519-2965834 for details. 7 p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Bingo


5 to 7 p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Meat Draw

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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 6 to 9 p.m. - Grand Bend Art Centre Plein Air Art Show Opening 6 p.m. - Oakwood Golf Club 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - 45 Centre St, GB Golf ball drop. Presented by West Coast Yard Sale. Household items, purses, dishLions Club serving Grand Bend. $10 tick- es, glasses, golf clubs, electric snow shovel. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 et gets you a chance to win: $2500 travel Grand Bend Art Centre voucher or cash, $1000 TV, or $500 ring. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 Plein Air Art Show To purchase tickets, ask a Lions member, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. - 45 Centre St, GB call Peter at 519-238-2715, Dianne at 519Yard Sale. See above. Health & Fitness 236-7399 or Agnes at 519-238-6267, or visit the booth at the Grand Bend Beer Store Arts & Entertainment MONDAYS Fridays. After ball drop, Sundance balloons 8 to 9 a.m. - Lion’s Pavilion, by BMO will take passengers for $5 donation. Workout for Your Life. $8/class; $5 spousWEDNESDAYS es/students. Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. TO AUGUST 26 MONDAY, AUGUST 31 6:30 to 9 p.m. - GB Art Centre Life Drawing Group (Space limited; pre10:30 to 11:45 a.m. - Anne’s Yoga Port Blake Park Works, Pt. Franks Grand Bend Horticultural Society Picnic registration required) Beginner Yoga to Aug 31 – 519-243-3548 and Awards. or FRIDAYS 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. - GB Youth Centre 6:45 to 8 p.m. - Anne’s Yoga Works, Pt. Grand Bend Drum Circle. Contact Anita Franks at the Youth Centre or call 519-238-8759. Beginner/Intermediate Yoga to Aug 31 – 519-243-3548 or  THURSDAY, AUGUST 20   9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (pre-registration required) - Grand Bend Art Centre TUESDAYS Photography Workshop (Intermediate – 9 a.m. – Pt Franks Community Centre pt 1 of 2) Mary Lynn Fluter. $80 (members Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Program. $75). 519-238-8978 or Free!! Cindy Maxfield 519-238-1556 x6. FRIDAY, AUGUST 28

9:30 to 10:30 a.m. - Anne’s Yoga Works, Pt. Franks 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (pre-registration DROP IN Yoga/Pilates for Adults. required) - Grand Bend Art Centre Workshop (T.B.A.) with Suzette Terry. Residents and Tourists Welcome – 519-243$80 (members $75). 519-238-8978 or grbart- 3548 or 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. - Anne’s Yoga Works, Pt. Franks 3 to 6 p.m. - Grand Bend Legion DROP IN Kids Yoga – 519-243-3548 or Live Music with Cactus Jam   SUNDAY, AUGUST 23 6 to 7 p.m. - McNaughton Park, Exeter 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (pre-registration Workout for Your Life. $8/class; $5 spousrequired) - Grand Bend Art Centre Workshop (T.B.A.) with Suzette Terry. es/students. Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. $80 (members $75). 519-238-8978 or WEDNESDAYS 8 to 9 a.m. - Lion’s Pavilion, by BMO Workout for Your Life. $8/class; $5 spousTHURSDAY, AUGUST 27 es/students. Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (pre-registration required) - Grand Bend Art Centre Photography Workshop (Intermediate – 8:45 to 10 a.m. - Anne’s Yoga Works, Pt. pt 2 of 2) Mary Lynn Fluter. $80 (members Franks $75). 519-238-8978 or Experienced Yoga to Aug. 26 - 519-2433548 or   SATURDAY, AUGUST 29 10:15 to 11:30 a.m. - Anne’s Yoga 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. - GB Art Centre Works, Pt. Franks Plein Air Painting Competition Pilates Mat 1, to August 26 - 519-2433548 or 3 to 6 p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Live Music with Mike Fagan


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009 • 15



6 to 7 p.m. - McNaughton Park, Exeter 8 to 9 a.m. - Lion’s Pavilion, by BMO 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Grand Bend CHC 2 to 4 p.m. - GB CHC Adult Wing Workout for Your Life. $8/class; $5 spousWorkout for Your Life. $8/class; $5 spousMen Can Cook. Advance your cooking Community Blood Pressure Clinic. es/students. Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. es/students. Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. skills and enjoy a tasty healthy lunch for $5. Everyone welcome. Have your blood presContact Miranda at 519-238-1556 ext 222. sure checked free. No appointment necessary. THURSDAYS THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 1:30 p.m. - Grand Bend CHC 9 a.m. – Port Franks Comm Centre 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Blessings, Zurich Mental Health Support Group. Contact Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Program. Cooking Outside of the Box. Taste test Free!! Cindy Maxfield 519-238-1556 x6. and get ideas for yummy, low-cost, healthy Social Worker Lise Callahan at 519-238recipes! Utilizing the Good Food Box. 1556 ext 230 for more info. Miranda 519-238-1556 x222

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16 • Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Strip in the Kitchen

Cool off with a summer soup James Eddington’s signature gazpacho is easy and perfect on a hot day

Eddington’s Gazpacho 1 cup red onion 1 cup green pepper 1 cucumber 1 cup peeled tomatoes (all above fine-medium chopped) 2 tsp 1/4 cup 3 1/2 cups 1 1 sprig 1/4 cup

diced garlic tomato paste tomato juice fresh lemon squeezed thyme extra virgin olive oil

Cayenne and salt and pepper to taste This is EASY! Mix all ingredients in large bowl. Blend 1/2 to 3/4 of mixture in food processor. Transfer all ingredients back to serving bowl. If you desire a sweeter flavour, add honey. Let rest in refrigerator over night. Will last 3 days in fridge. Great to garnish with torn bread chunks or fried leeks mixed with shredded cucumber.

Recipe by James Eddington Eddington’s of Exeter, 527 Main Street, Exeter, 519-235-3030 -

Photo by Casey Lessard If you have missed some of James’ recipes, visit our website at and look for In The Kitchen under Lifestyle.

Profile for Grand Bend Strip

Vol. 3 #6 - August 19, 2009 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. Inside: Aquafest, Grand Bend Art Centre risks closing its doors, Main Street make...

Vol. 3 #6 - August 19, 2009 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. Inside: Aquafest, Grand Bend Art Centre risks closing its doors, Main Street make...