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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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SOUTH HURON HITS THE ROAD Casey Lessard joins the South Huron District High School music department as it heads west to collaborate in the Windy City, Chicago. PLUS: A LANDMARK FOR THE LUNCH LADY, OLIVER AT HCP, AND GRAND BEND PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOW OFF... COVER PHOTO BY CASEY LESSARD


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Grand Bend Strip

2 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CCNA judge Debra Downey: A detailed and interesting report, with some great photos to illustrate the triumphs and trails of the day.

CCNA judge Michelle Stewart: Wow, talk about a reporter taking a story idea and sinking his teeth in to the point where every possible angle has a bite mark.

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CCNA judge Tracy McCall: Hilarious, very creative, eye-catching, racy and entertaining. The photos were excellent.

CCNA judge Glenn Mitchell: The Strip knows a little bit of fun is the way to bring out the story when it comes to the arts.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 3

Jennie’s day in the sun South Huron DHS’ cafeteria operator reflects on turning 80 and the funeral celebration she wanted to be alive to see Jennie Rowe has run the South Huron District High School cafeteria for more than 40 years, along with other food enterprises including the cafeteria at the Exeter canning plant, the booth at the arena and the pool, and catering local events. Rowe turned 80 Friday, and the school has named the cafeteria in her honour. Then her “fabulous” kids (Kathy, Bob, Jim, Lori, and Jeff, and an “add-on”, Dale) threw her a three-day party to celebrate the milestone.

As told to Casey Lessard I have always worked where there has been food. Beaver Foods had the service here (at South Huron) and when I went to apply for the job, someone called me and told me that they thought this would be the job for me. I went to see this guy, and he was a tyrant. I thought, I can’t work for this guy. But by the end of that school term, the board came to me and asked me if I would take it on and I said yes. At that time, I did work for the board, but after about a year, the board wanted to walk away from it, and they said it was mine. It became my own enterprise. We didn’t even have a contract; it was just by word of mouth back then. Ten years ago, the board came and said that all of the contractors had to buy what was in the kitchen, and I said I wasn’t afraid to buy. Everything in the kitchen belongs to me, and it’s my little corner in the school. I’ve only had a contract with the board for the last ten years, and it’s renewed every five years. It runs out this August. I talked to one of the other contractors and we haven’t heard what’s going to happen. But I’m not going to let them take it away from me. If they have to buy everything in the kitchen, I’m going to price it so high that nobody will want to buy it. I don’t do it for fame or glory. This is my life. One time I realized that I could cook anywhere. I can’t meet these kids otherwise. So it’s basically all about the kids. And I have had the most amazing employees. Whether they were students or grown women, they have made me what I am today. I used to feed the multitudes for the Sportsman’s Dinner, and Lincoln Alexander was one of the invited guests. They had just built the arena, and they

said, “Jennie, we will be touring the arena, and we would like to show him the kitchen facilities.” I said, well, I run a pretty ship most of the time, but give us a little warning before you come. They said they’d be bringing him in around 5 p.m.. Well, at 3:40, the kitchen door opens and who walks in but Bruce Shaw and Lincoln Alexander. I had buckets on the counter and Jennie has her arms elbow deep in coleslaw. I said, Excuse me, sir. I washed my hands and shook his hand, and said, You caught me at a very inopportune time. He looked at the bucket and said, “Not being a cook, I can’t imagine mixing coleslaw in that amount any other way.” Now I had battled with the Lions because dinner we always served it country style so people could take what they wanted. They said, We want the head table served on a plate. I said no. I said, He’s human like us, and I’m going to give this man an opportunity to put on his plate what he wants. They didn’t think that was the right idea, but they went along with it. He came back in and commented and said, “It was kind of nice to be able to put what I wanted on my dinner plate.” I didn’t ask him if he had any coleslaw. Despite the fact that I’m 80 and people ask me when I’m going to retire, well, I’m widowed now and what do you do? What would I do if I retired? I think I’d be totally lost without it. Anyone that can work should, if your health is good and you’re in a position that you can. I feel too vibrant yet to want to go home and sit on the back deck. Because I live such a busy life, I don’t bowl, I don’t golf, I don’t curl. What do I have left? When you look at the people in the Villa or the hospital, they get stuck there. It’s not that family doesn’t love you, but they’re busy with their lives. Kids move on. I don’t think people realize the lonely hours. That’s why I said I would go to the hospital, if only to wash their hair, massage a little oil on their arms, read their cards, or whatever. Watching my mother go downhill, I said, Mom, what do you want? Do you want me to read to you? She said, “No.” Do you want me to rub your back? “No.” She closed her eyes, and I know the first two lines to most songs, so I just sang some songs to my

More stories, more photos, and a PDF archive of winter issues. Online at

mom. The next time I came back, she said, “Thank you for singing all those songs to me. I heard you.” This is what people need. When the day comes that I have to move out of here, I hope that I’m healthy enough and still able to go and do that for someone else. Every day is a day in the sun for me. Be it a phone call from someone just to talk, or someone popping in the back door with a coffee in their hands from Timmy’s or whatever. The kids at the school and how they respond in conversation with me; the things they ask of me, they think it’s me that’s giving, but it’s them that’s giving because they’re doing me a favour that they care enough about me that they want me in their lives. My husband Elmer died four years ago of a heart attack. He was 76. He always said, “Jennie, when I die, don’t have a flowery splash. Tell people to come in their work clothes and just have a good time.” Elmer liked his Scotch, so he said to line up a bar full of Scotch and everybody had to have one drink of Scotch on Elmer. We had it at our farm and people were told to dress casual. Some came dressed up. My kids came in shorts and sandals because it was the 15th of June. Our son Jeff got up and spoke, and people said the comments he made about his dad sounded more like he was roasting him. I said, Then you didn’t know Elmer, because that’s exactly what he would have expected. But he wasn’t there to celebrate. When you die, they always say they’re going to celebrate your life, but you’re not there anymore. You’re gone. I decided that after making all the arrangements for my funeral and for celebrating Jennie’s life, I decided I wanted to be part of it. I wanted a great big tent open to whoever wants to come, there would be loud music playing (ABBA), there would be an abundance of good food to snack on, and just lots of love and friendship. I wanted to be part of that. Not a dead body. A one day deal turned into three days. It was lucky that my birthday was on a Friday. If they had done this when I died, I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy it. I highly recommend this. Think about it. I said to my kids, when I die, bury me. That’s all. This is my day in the sun.

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4 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

Chicago! South Huron District High School ’s music department spent four days from May 13-16 in Chicago as part of an experimental type of band trip. The Strip’s Casey Lessard tagged along.

Story and photos by Casey Lessard “ Two years ago in Cleveland, I met Benjamin Washington by happenstance,” says South Huron music teacher and band director Isaac Moore, speaking of Chicago King College Prep High School’s band director. “He needed a bass amp and I needed a trumpet, so we ended up talking and exchanging instruments for an hour or so. Because of that, we ended up talking about where each of us was from and how neat it would be if we tried to do something together. ” Each year, South Huron’s music department takes a trip, but most of the recent trips have been for competitions. “We could have done that again this year. But I wanted to give the kids a varied experience; we had never gone to Chicago, and a lot of kids were interested in going there.” Sixty-six members of the band joined the trip, along with eight chaperones. The visit to America’s third largest city included sightseeing, a trip to the famed Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Sears Tower, and lots of music. The band performed all day its second day, starting with a master class at a college for music teachers, followed by a jazz combo performance at Buddy Guy’s Legends bar. Then it was off to King College Prep for an afternoon and evening collaboration, which started with watching the one of the city’s best marching bands practise. “Our marching band is everywhere, winning competitions,” says Benjamin Washington. “We’re like the Soul Train of Chicago. Just last year, we opened for the Stone Temple Pilots concert, Wynton Marsalis dropped by and played with us here. [U.S. President

Rachel Mungar, a final year student at South Huron District High School, rides the ‘L’ (elevated) train in downtown Chicago. She was in the city with the school’s music department to spend four days working in partnership with an urban school, Martin Luther King College Prep High School, on a musical collaboration.

Obama’s house] is about three or four blocks from here. Marching around in the summer time, we would pass by it. I didn’t even know he lived there until the presidential election.” Whether Obama ever noticed King’s marching band or not, percussionist Joe Pavkeje of Exeter found it valuable to see how King’s musicians perform, bobbing their heads while playing. “It showed we could be doing a lot of things we’re not doing. Not that we’re not doing


enough, but they have a different style that I thought was interesting. They really got into their music, which helps them with their stage presence. It makes them sound better. If they’re more into it, it makes it more enjoyable for everybody.” While Pavkeje noticed the contrasts, Moore hopes he also noticed the similarities. “We often think these major cities are better than what we’re doing here. Rural schools are have not and city schools are have. It



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shows the kids how special this school is and gives them perspective on how great they’re doing and how wonderful the music they’re doing is.” Kristy Pavkeje is thankful for the experience, and knows who should get the credit. “It’s a really high quality program. If you look around (elsewhere in our region), we seem to be more dedicated or something. A lot of that is due to Mr. Moore. (Continued on Page 6)





Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

A side-by-side comparison South Huron DHS

Left: Percussionist Jon Gill warms up with King star student Natasha Reese, the school’s drum major who is headed to university to become a doctor. “This school expects a lot from you,” Reese says. “They make sure you’re on top of your game. A lot of us come from way out; for some it takes an hour to get here. “Band is like a safe haven for us. We come and are part of a family. We come together and have fun. There are a lot of students who don’t have as much care at home, and we help each other.” G i l l ’s e x p e r i e n c e i s s i m i l a r, a s h e n o t e s t h a t “music brings us all together. W hen we come into this room, we’re all striving toward the same goal.” One goal that Reese and her bandmates won’t soon forget is a recent chance to perform during an historic occasion. “The inauguration (KCP was invited to perform at Barack Obama’s inauguration music festival) was so overwhelming. We didn’t expect to be out there like that. You know, our school is named after Martin Luther King, and the inauguration was right after his birthday. Then we had the first African American president, and we get to come out here and support him. His house is right down the street from us. It was a once in a lifetime experience. It makes me feel like I was part of history, and I’ll be able to pass that down to my family.”

King College Prep H.S.



1971 # Students




96.5% white (town)

93.7% black (school)


Exeter’s East Side

Chicago’s South Side

City population

9,980 (S. Huron)

2,836,659 (#3 in U.S.)




School specialties

Arts & Culture, Transportation

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 5

Architecture, Engineering, Info. Tech., Arts

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6 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

Both teachers hopeful King bands will visit South Huron

Thoughts from a master The band spent an hour attending a master class with Vandercook College of Music’s director of music education Stacey Larson, who listened to the group perform and gave advice on how to improve. “Just keep loving music,” she said. “You can tell that they have a strong passion for music, performing and the art in general. Just keep that alive and everything else is studying hard and practising.”

(Continued from Page 4) He knows how to get the most out of this program for us. With the SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program (in Arts & Culture), it looks good when you go to university or college, and he worked hard to get it at the school.” For Moore’s part, he notes he couldn’t pull it off without the overwhelming support of the community. “The community is so, so important to what we’re doing here. They support our concerts to show our kids that what they’re doing is important. The fact that we have this extremely supportive community and excellent tradition of music at this school, it’s a machine that doesn’t seem to stop. Every day I come here, I don’t know who I’m thanking, but I’m thanking someone.” Moore is eager to show the music program’s supporters what King College Prep is doing, and hopes Washington is able to bring his students to Exeter next year. “Having the opportunity to see their marching band and the enthusiasm they have for music, it was infectious. Our kids loved watching their band perform, and this community would love seeing it, too. It’s really fun to watch.” Washington is on board, too, and hopes it can happen. “It gives the kids the opportunity to see children from other areas and see we’re doing the same thing,” he says. “I’m sure Mr. Moore is saying the same things: you’ve got to practise, you’ve got to listen, you’ve got to watch the rhythms. It gives the children a chance to see that what I’m trying to provide for them is what others are trying to do as well.” Looking back on the trip, Moore hopes his students got enough time to interact with their Chicago counterparts. “The students said the best part of the trip was socializing with students from the other school, and you can’t plan that. It would have been nice to have more time for that. It’s through that social bond that they see that we’re doing the same things here.”

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Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

Happy to have the blues One of the highlights of the trip was a performance by South Huron’s jazz combo at fivetime Grammy award winner Buddy Guy’s Legends blues bar in downtown Chicago. Above: Travis Jaques, Lana Shapton, Eric Robertson, OPP Constable Jason Sibley, and Kara deLange load gear into the bar. Right: the performance was the highlight for Eric Robertson, who is a big fan of Buddy Guy. “I was a little shocked to hear that I was going to be playing on the same stage that Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, David Bowie had played on,” he said. “The blues is the most honest type of music I’ve heard. You can express anything in a given moment with that kind of music.” Below: Lana Shapton of Exeter plays piano in the combo. Her mom Dianne and Leanne Hoffman’s mom Louise drove down to see the girls perform at Buddy Guy’s. “Road trip! We wanted to be here to share the moment,” Dianne said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Louise said, “We certainly didn’t have these opportunities when we were growing up. It might even mean more to us than it does for them.” Leanne, an Exeter resident who plans to study marine biology at Dalhousie University, agrees. “It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but I think years from now I’ll look back and it will be a bigger deal then than it is now.” Far right: Incoming music council president Joe Pavkeje of Exeter plays drums in the combo.

To watch the jazz combo perform at Buddy Guy’s, visit YouTube and search for SHDHS Buddy Guy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 7

8 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

A night at the auditorium South Huron’s bands performed Thursday night in King College Prep’s beautiful auditorium with members of the school’s music department. Above: Emmett O’Reilly of Kirkton, a final year trumpeter who is heading to the University of Toronto for music, performs a solo. “I was really hoping it would be a great trip, and it lived up to that. Being with all these people, to show what we’ve got, was great.” Above left: Kristy Pavkeje of Exeter, the outgoing music council president, was skeptical about the trip at first, favouring the competition-based trips of the past. “But as soon as we got there, it was really fun. With the ball game and playing with another school that does a different style. I played a marching French horn for the first time. A lot of us may never get another chance to go there.” Right: Tedi-Ann Warrington, Evelyn Johns, Conrad Love, and Mac Wood perform during the concert.

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Strip Special: SHDHS Does Chicago

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 9

South Huron students got a treat when they visited KCP in time to see the marching band warm up for a weekend competition.

King College Prep’s marching band is one of the best in Illinois, and practises in the summers on the street U.S. President Barack Obama used to call home. Above: majorette Monet Dean is a junior at the school.

Jessyka Yoakum can’t believe the way South Huron’s band sounds when it sings Happy Birthday; it’s a band tradition to sing as off-key as possible.

King students check to see if Jenna Easton (left) is okay after one of the King drummers’ drumsticks flies past her head during a performance.

South Huron was happy to visit King College Prep, and they were happy to see South Huron. Kudos to both for a great trip!

10 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strip Feature: Grand Bend Photo Classes

Grand Bend photography class showcase The latest cohort of Casey Lessard’s Grand Bend photography classes finished in early May, and they have some beautiful work to share with you. Above: Macro (closeup) photography is our newest addiction, and Judy Jewell shows us why. Right: Claire is pretty in pink in this photograph from the very talented Melissa McCann. Below: One of the weekly assignments is shooting at night. Like Craig Coltman shows here, it’s best to let your camera rest on something if you have an exposure longer than 1/30 of a second. Below right: Judy Page demonstrates good use of colour and clean composition in this photo of the yacht club.

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Strip Feature: Grand Bend Photo Classes

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 11

Left: Jessica Brown demonstrates a great way to shoot a self portrait - set up the camera and have an assistant push the trigger. One of the secrets to a great sunset is shooting with your exposure at -2 (see the +/- setting). Above: Tom Roes shows us his favourite body part, his wife’s pregnant belly.

YOU’RE INVITED! Show and sale of photos from Grand Bend Strip publisher Casey Lessard’s photo blog

Opening Reception: July 4, 2009 - 2-6pm Show Hours: July 4 to 26, 12-6pm (weekends) or by appointment or chance BLISS STUDIO 7617 Riverside Drive Port Franks, Ontario (519) 243-3598 For directions, visit: or call Casey at (519) 614-3614 Refreshments and entertainment at opening reception

12 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strip Feature: Grand Bend Photo Classes

Above: Kathey Ford captured this cute photo of Jayden Walker, who just moments before (she has the photo to prove it) was just as cute with tears running down her face. Proof that a good moment should be captured, but be sure to stick around to get the even better one that follows. Right: Maggie Brennan is now a macro addict, and captured this ladybug using a technique Casey Lessard learned from one of his Humber College students. Want to know the secret? Sign up for a class at Below: Stacey Leggate demonstrates a great way to use night to your advantage. Here, she paints a self-portrait (just kidding) with a flashlight using her camera on a long exposure (on a tripod, of course). Below right: Elizabeth Brown demonstrates that a good sunset is fine, but a great landscape photo has three levels of interest: foreground, middle, and background.

Interested in learning more? Visit or call 519-614-3614 to get on Casey’s mailing list.

Strip on Stage

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 13

From regular kid to child star in no time Story and Photo by Casey Lessard Drayton Entertainment has struck gold this spring, discovering an adorable ingenue who should have audiences (especially grandmothers) coming back for more Oliver! The play, based on Charles Dickens’ story of the orphan who falls in with a gang of pickpockets, opens June 2 at the Huron Country Playhouse. Joel Cox, 10, is a Grade 5 student at Mary Johnston Public School in Waterloo. At 4’4”, and with curly golden locks that extend to his shoulders, it’s hard to picture Mr. Bumble (the orphan’s caretaker) refusing him more Food, Glorious Food. Cox was discovered at a open audition for the role. “My music teacher said I should try out for Oliver,” Cox says, “then Kim and my dad asked me if I wanted to do it. I just came here (to audition) for the experience to see what it would be like. Three days later, they told me that I was Oliver. I didn’t think it was that big. Then after a few days, I finally figured out, Whoa, this is huge.” Dean Cox, Joel’s dad, moved the family to a cottage for five weeks during Joel’s two-week rehearsal and three-week run. “It’s a cool story. He’s gone from nothing to everything. He’s

Wealthy Barber author raises funds for Playhouse When it comes to making money, the Huron Country Playhouse Guild has chosen the right person for its upcoming fundraiser. Humourist and motivational speaker David Chilton, renowned author of Canada’s all-time best selling book, The Wealthy Barber, knows his finances and can help you find your way out of the current economic mess. Chilton will speak at the Playhouse Friday June 12, with the

a bright kid and he likes to be challenged. I hope he enjoys it because I don’t think he realizes how big it is yet. He’s still innocent, and that makes it special.” With thousands of ticket-holders expecting big things from the young star, it’s a good thing he is innocent, considering this is his first professional performance. “I did have some experience singing for about two years,” says Joel, who also plays guitar, “but I don’t have any drama experience other than community theatre. “Now I’m in this acting thing. My school supports me well, and I don’t think they’re too worried. I didn’t have to do any homework over this, so that’s good.” Joel’s innocent attitude could rule the day, with Kim Cox noting Joel is eager to return even after long days in rehearsals. “It’s been really fun,” Joel says. “Usually I pick up things really quick. When you’re having fun, it’s a blast.” With dreams of being a professional actor, a guitarist and a midfielder for the British soccer club Chelsea, Cox is focused and exudes confidence that he can pull this off. His secret? “Just be myself. Just act.” Oliver! is directed by Ron Ulrich, and runs June 2 to 20. For tickets, visit or call 519-238-6000. $25 tickets more than half sold. All proceeds go to the Huron Country Playhouse Capital Campaign, and with a copy of Food Network stars Janet and Greta Podleski’s Eat Shrink & Be Merry (a $30 value) included, as well as performances by the stars of the 2009 Playhouse season, organizers expect the show will sell out soon. The Huron Country Playhouse Guild is a volunteer organization of 100 theatre members who support theatre enhancement projects through a variety of fundraising initiatives. Tickets can be ordered by calling (519) 238-6000 or toll free at 1-888-449-4463.

Huron Country Playhouse G R A N D



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Oliver! A Rags to Riches Musical Music & Lyrics by LIONEL BART Licensed by arrangements with Oliver Productions, Ltd. & Oliver Promotions, Ltd. Directed by RON ULRICH Choreographed by JIM WHITE

Follow the adventures of London’s plucky young orphan in the Broadway hit that captures the bonds of love – in all its remarkable forms.

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14 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The end of the free Strip Why I’m cutting my losses to support it. I am especially grateful for the 600 loyal subscribers who mailed in their cheques, often with kind notes. It’s important for someone like me to receive such affirmation, especially considering I have done this for two years without pay. By Casey Lessard By Lance Crossley Not that there haven’t been other rewards. It’s no secret that the newspaper business is Last year, I earned first place in Canada for in free fall as businesses tighten their adver- reporting, second in Ontario for photograLet me share my financial predicament. tising budgets. Local papers, like the Grand phy, and third for photo page design. This My family currently rents an apartment and Bend Strip, are supposed to be immune to year, mostly for my reportage, I earned two within the next year or two we would like to such a tightening, but that’s changing. I have first-place awards in Ontario, a second in put a down payment on a house by using the to admit that I didn’t see the change coming. Canada and one in Ontario, and four thirds in government’s First Time Home Buyers Plan It’s my worst kept (HBP). The plan allows you to withdraw from secret that my profit your RRSP, without penalty, to use as a down margins are so slim payment on a home with the promise you will that they ’re of ten pay back the “loan” over a period of time. non-existent. And Like many Canadians this past fall, I that was before the watched in dismay as the value of my investeconomy tanked. I ments nosedived. My middle-of-the-road faced this reality earmutual fund portfolio took a 25-30 percent lier this month when hit. Fortunately for me, I am nowhere near I headed into early retirement age, but it did complicate my plan May prepared to put to buy a home, as I would have to cash in my a newspaper together. investments at a loss to use the HBP. News came that sevRecent stock market gains have “increased” eral key clients decidthe value of my mutual funds into the negaed not to return to tive 15-20 percent territory – a tempting sign the fold for the sumto keep my money parked there until the mer, and it became funds fully recover. apparent that I would But the stock market rally of late is a tease, no longer be immune which is why I have decided to cut my lossOCNA president Abbas Homayed presents the Strip’s Anjhela Michielsen and to the changes that Casey Lessard three awards (two firsts and one second) at April’s awards dinner. es before the market takes another tumble. are happening in this Instead I’ll deposit whatever is left into a safe industry. Faced with taking a fairly large loss, Canada. It’s among the best turnouts for any money market fund. I was forced to cancel the May 13 edition of paper in Ontario (and possibly Canada) this Why? Because I believe the loss I’ll take year. A full list of the honours can be found will be less now than later. Nine months after the Strip. It was a hard decision to make. Even harder is the decision I’ve had to make on page two and at the stock market crash of 1929, there was So, if you think what we are doing with since then, and that is the one to end free distribution of the Strip. It’s simply no lon- this newspaper is worthwhile, please support Excerpts from comments by CCNA ger sustainable, especially for an independent it financially. First, I hope you will subscribe, and OCNA award judges: publisher like me. So, despite a letter that and second, support the businesses that have CCNA judge Michelle Stewart (2nd place went out to subscribers outside the free cover- advertised in the past and those that con- in Canada for feature series): age area of Grand Bend, Exeter, Dashwood, tinue to advertise in the Strip. I also hope Casey Lessard’s series on wheelchair accesand Crediton, the paper will no longer be you’ll consider taking one of my photography sibility had touching personal stories of peoavailable free anywhere after the June 17 edi- classes, and attending my art show and sale at ple confined to wheelchairs and their everyday tion. Starting with the July 8 edition and Bliss Studio this summer. Reprints of photos struggles with limited access. Lessard accomgoing forward, the paper will only be available from the newspaper are always available for panied his subjects in their everyday activities sale, so if you like a photo, please consider and spent time getting to know this issue by subscription or paid at local shops. Going forward, I want to thank you, the taking one home. through their eyes. This writer wasn’t satisfied I’ve said this in the past, but I’ll say it again: to just report on an issue, he took time to live reader, for helping the Strip achieve the success it has to date, and hope you’ll continue Thank you. I can’t do this without you. it and do his part to remedy it.

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Advertising is accepted on condition that, in the event of an error, the portion of the ad occupied by the error will not be charged for, but the balance will be paid at the usual rate. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to check their ads on first publication, and the publisher accepts no responsibility for errors in multiple insertions. The Grand Bend Strip reserves the right to reject or edit any advertisement likely to offend community standards and/or the law. All material herein, including advertising design, is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form.

a similar stock market rally that led many – including U.S. President Herbert Hoover – to believe the depression was over. The stock market subsequently crashed even further and didn’t hit the bottom until the summer of 1932. Things aren’t as bad as the Great Depression, but there is too much evidence that the worst is yet to come. The economy won’t recover unless two things increase: consumer spending and exports. Consumer spending is the most important, accounting for more than half of the economy. But consumers are tapped out. Household debt in Canada is at an all-time high. Jobs are hemorrhaging at a rate faster than they were during the recessions of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Yes, there was a recent job surge in April, which the media hailed as a sign of recovery, but most of the new jobs were through selfemployment. This is the predictable result of the Harper government’s refusal to fix the Employment Insurance system, which less than 45 percent of the unemployed quality for – compared to the more than 80 percent who qualified during the last recession. In the absence of an effective social safety net, workers scramble to put food on the table through what are often lower-income, no-future selfemployment activities. Exports account for a third of the economy, but they won’t generate a recovery until our biggest buyer to the south gets its house in order. Other countries are in a similar situation and will also be curtailing purchases, which again is bad news for our exports. That is why I am going to save the oldfashioned way for a down payment. OCNA judge Ted Murphy (1st place Sports & Recreation story for No Lifeguards...) Lessard did a masterful job on two fronts: he highlighted a dangerous situation (three drownings in three years) in addition to paying tribute to the most recent victim, a 14year-old girl. It was a clear cut winner. OCNA judge Kelly Clemmer (1st place Best Editorial for No Lifeguards...) This editorial... was striking. It was worth the additional effort. It begs the question, how much is a life worth?

Grand Bend Strip is printed every other Wednesday in the summer and monthly in the winter. For this edition, 5661 free copies were delivered by Canada Post to homes in Grand Bend, Dashwood, Crediton and Exeter. To subscribe, use PayPal online or send a cheque: $28/year, $18/summer, $10/winter. Alert the Grand Bend Strip of any address changes, and to let us know if you should be but are not receiving your copy of the paper.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 15

What a waste! Boys will be boys in Beirut Keeping the Peace

Advice from Mom

By Tom Lessard, C.D.

By Rita Lessard Sign at a pool: The P is already in Pool, so please don’t add yours to it. Sign on a lawn: What leaves your dog’s behind, please don’t leave behind. Waste! How is it that we have so much waste? I suppose it’s simple enough to figure out. As a wasteful society, we have way too much stuff. I was talking the other day about recycling when I was at Curves, and Anne Armstrong claimed to be the queen of recycling. I told her she should join forces with Tom because he’s the absolute best when it comes to recycling; at least, I can’t keep up with him. I usually put most of the paper and cardboard on the counter and let him get on with his pastime. Perhaps he should give lessons on this very important subject. Waste is so abundant that people not only waste stuff, but they also waste time, energy and opportunity. At work, people waste time and the boss’ money. Not too long ago, I heard a worker complaining about how dumb their boss was. What they don’t realize is

that they’d be out of a job if their dumb boss were any smarter. In this economy, they really should watch their mouths, which are usually working overtime while their minds are on vacation. On March 4, we were blessed with a new grandson, Jonah, a little brother for Will and a second son for Bill and Christine. Kids are so great and very smart. I recall bragging one day about how smart one of my sons was because he was able to walk at nine months. My neighbour looked at me and said, “You call that intelligent? When my Sara was that old, she let me carry her.” Right! So much for being proud. Well, it doesn’t matter because all of my sons have been able to stand on their own two feet and it’s especially nice when they walk in the house and say, I love you mom. I wonder if Sara can do that. Meow! Thoughts for the month: keep smiling, be cheerful and good luck to all the students who are getting ready to finish their school year. Make us proud!

Dandelion solution

519-296-4919 66 Victoria St., Thedford

in a

Karaoke Friday Nights with Fat Kat (Bobbie)





Luxury retirement living you can afford... SERVING SENIORS WITH CARE

stin hri e’



I suppose we had better get used to the colour yellow on our lawns. Although green is my favourite colour, I can live with yellow now that the ban on pesticides has been issued. That’s a good reason for the family to pull together and make a summer project of pulling weeds. It’s been suggested that hot water and vinegar will get rid of dandelions. It’s up to you! Have fun and enjoy the summer.

The time came to get out of the desert, so a two-week leave in Beirut, Lebanon was set up for us. We trucked to Gaza City to catch a Greek yacht for our journey. I seem to recall that there were 20 of us on the boat. We set out to sea in the Mediterranean at about 10 a.m. on a bright sunny day. Around noon, we were served lunch. Grouper floated in olive oil and a huge garden salad with a beer to wash it all down. The meal didn’t sit too well with me, so I went to the head. It consisted of a stall with a hole in the floor and two railings to hang onto. The rolling motion of the boat made it quite a humourous event. By 3 p.m., we were pulling into Beirut harbour, and after passing through customs we spotted a store that sold liquor. A bottle of C.C. could be had for $1.50, so two buddies and I purchased a case, which should have lasted the duration of our stay. A bus took us through Beirut up the mountains (5000’) to a resort hotel called the Beit Mery. It was a wonderful restful accommodation for us. The air that high up was cool compared to the city. We stored our gear in our rooms, got cleaned up and then went to the front desk, where we left most of our money in a safe. Lebanon was a very inexpensive country coompared to a lot of the places I had visited. Being Canadians with the United Nations, we were treated very well. Some of the people in Beirut didn’t think much of the American military (following the 1958 Lebanon crisis). Beirut at the time was the financial capital of the Middle East, and was a beautiful city. Fantastic clubs and restaurants abounded. We tried to go to all of them but unfortunately there were too man for the short time we were alloted. One day, I walked on my own into a market full of shops and people. Big mistake, going alone. I was swarmed by about 20 kids. Some kept me busy while others picked my pockets. The cops had to rescue me. I was given a dressing down and turned over to the United Nations after spending more than three hours

Live entertainment on the patio every Sunday Starts June 21 - 4-7 p.m.

, Bar & G


OUR HOURS: Thurs. 4-10pm Fri. 12pm-12am Sat. 11am-10pm - Sun. 11am-9pm

10072 Poplar Ave.

Port Franks 519-243-3636

in protective custody. Another time, we were sitting in a bar having a drink and a look around, when out of nowhere appears a gang of Brazilian soldiers. As they walked by our table, one of them reached out and grabbed my buddy’s beret. We took off after them and ended up on the street in a brawl. Along came the cops again. Another visit to the local lock-up and another recovery by the U.N. We never did get the beret back. At the end of our holiday, we were getting ready to leave and we were told to hurry up as there was trouble at the airport; it seems the Americans were involved in some kind of skirmish. We hurried and left behind a beautiful country with some wonderful memories, all courtesy the Canadian people and the United Nations. Happy belated birthday to Brittany & Joan!

Grand Bend Farmers’ Market Simply in Season Dining Partnership May 27 to June 2

The Schoolhouse 19 - 81 Crescent, Grand Bend

Farmers’ Market is open May-Oct.


See you there!!!

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Grand Bend




To Do List Community/Charity

take place. Refreshments and fellowship will end the Probus year until September.

 to  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Live Music with The Persuaders

FRIDAY, JUNE 12 TUESDAYS  a.m. to  p.m. - Pt Franks Comm Ctr Kids Matter every Tuesday. Join us as we Crochet sleeping mats out of milk bags to send to the children in Africa and South America. Bring your lunch, scissors and a #7 crochet hook. Call Peggy Smith at 519-2965834 for details.  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Bingo

To Do List

16 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huron County Playhouse Guild presents SATURDAY, JUNE 13 an Evening with David Chilton, author of  to  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion the Wealthy Barber. For tickets contact Val Live Music with Cactus Jam at 519-236-4404 or HCP Box Office at 2386000. Tickets $25 and include a copy of “Eat, Health & Fitness Shrink and Be Merry”.

 to  p.m. - McNaughton Park, Exeter Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for gym members, spouses and students. Call Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555.  to  p.m. - Parkhill Leisure Club Yoga Classes, info and registration call Anne 519-243-3552. Beginners welcome.


 a.m. – Pt Franks Community Centre Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Program. Sponsored in part by Healthy Living  to  a.m. - GB Lion’s Pavilion Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for Lambton. Cost: Free!! Everyone welcome. spouses and students. Call Beth Sweeney, Contact Cindy Maxfield at the GBACHC, 519-238-1556 ext 6 to register. (519) 238-5555.

MONDAYS TUESDAY, JUNE 16  a.m. - Grand Bend Legion Grand Bend Men’s Probus Club Meeting.


: to  a.m. - Grand Bend Legion  to  p.m. - Grand Bend CHC T.G.I.F. (Thank God I’m Fit) exercise 10 year Anniversar y Celebration of Schoolhouse Restaurant, Grand Bend Socrates Café. An informal discussion Midwestern Adult Day Centre. Speakers, class with Elinor Clarke 519-294-6499. $3 group. For more information contact Dinah music from the Grand Bend Beach Boys, per week; all fees go to charity Taylor, 519-238-1114 or Ian Young, 519- open house and refreshments 238-5335.  to  p.m. - McNaughton Park, Exeter Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for Arts & Entertainment gym members, spouses and students. Call FRIDAYS Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555.  to  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion THURSDAYS Meat Draw  to  p.m. - Grand Bend Art Centre : to  p.m. Open Painting. Cost is $10 - bring a projAnne’s Yoga Works studio, Port Franks ect and materials and paint with various WEDNESDAY, MAY 27 Yoga Classes, info and registration call artists. Grand Bend Horticultural Society. Anne 519-243-3552. Beginners welcome. Plant sale.

FRIDAYS TUESDAY, JUNE 2 TO 20 Huron Country Playhouse Oliver! For tickets, call 519-238-6000.


: to : p.m. - GB Youth Centre Grand Bend Drum Circle. Contact Anita at the Youth Centre or call 519-238-8759.


Grand Bend Horticultural Society. Bus Arts Project, London (Dundas St. Tour to Sipkens, Degroots, Sarnia parks, between Richmond and Clarence) Forest Glen Herb Farm and mystery spot as South Huron DHS Visual Arts students shown on separate flyer. present a variety of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and mixed media pieces) created by students in grades 9 through 12. : p.m. - Grand Bend Legion Grand Bend Golden Agers Luncheon. Guest Speaker, Casey Lessard. Shuffleboard every Mon. & Thurs. at 1:00 p.m., Euchre SATURDAY, MAY 30 every 2 & 4 Wed. at 1:30 p.m. New members  to  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion welcome! Live Music with Midlife Crisis



: a.m. - Grand Bend Legion  to  p.m. - Bliss Studios, Pt. Franks Grand Bend Women’s Probus meeting. Opening for Lead and Feed the Creation, Annual General Meeting. Annual reports featuring work of Sarah Westgate and Ryan and voting on the new slate of officers will Thomson. Runs to June 25. All welcome.

Releash the hounds Fido... Come... Sit By Yvonne Passmore After a dreary, cold and wet winter, we look forward to going for long strolls again with our dogs. Dogs also feel the warmth, appreciate the breeze and long to sniff at every tree, hoping to see who was there before. Many dogs haven’t seen other people and dogs for months. Dogs now have to readjust to sharing their turf.

For some dogs, all the new people and puppies and bikers and skateboarders can be a little overwhelming. When dogs are overwhelmed they hide behind their owner and shut down or they become overexcited, bouncy and unmanageable. If you notice your neighbors rolling their eyes and crossing the road to avoid you and your dog, then you have a problem. Maybe your dog is too friendly (there are worse things) and insists that he goes to say hello to everyone that passes by. That’s great, for your dog, but not necessarily so for the passerby. Or perhaps you have a dog that is far from that. Snarling, growling, barking and

FRIDAYS  to  a.m. - GB Lion’s Pavilion Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for spouses and students. Call Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. : to  a.m. - Grand Bend Legion T.G.I.F. (Thank God I’m Fit) exercise class with Elinor Clarke 519-294-6499. $3 per week; all fees go to charity


 p.m. - Grand Bend CHC Alzheimer Caregiver Support. A great monthly facilitated group program that provides education and support to caregivers. TUESDAYS  a.m. – Pt Franks Community Centre Please contact the Alzheimer’s Society of Healthy Lifestyle Exercise Program. Huron at 1-800-561-5012 for details. Last Sponsored in part by Healthy Living meeting till fall. Lambton. Cost: Free!! Everyone welcome. Contact Cindy Maxfield at the GBACHC, TUESDAY, JUNE 2 519-238-1556 ext 6 to register.  to  a.m. - Grand Bend Catholic Church or Port Franks Comm Centre Walking for Wellness. Each Tuesday WEDNESDAYS and Thursday. Contact Cindy Maxfield at  to  a.m. - GB Lion’s Pavilion Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for GBACHC 519-238-1556 ext. 231. spouses and students. Call Beth Sweeney, (519) 238-5555. THURSDAY, JUNE 11  to  p.m. - Grand Bend CHC : to  a.m. - Grand Bend Legion Community Health & Safety Day. FREE T.G.I.F. (Thank God I’m Fit) exercise Car seat check, BP clinic, cooking demonclass with Elinor Clarke 519-294-6499. $3 strations, information on low cost things to per week; all fees go to charity do this summer for fun, tips and strategies to help you deal with the current econom to : a.m. - Grand Bend Legion ics along with contact information, stress Line Dancing reduction, home safety, falls prevention & checklists, refreshments and door prizes. lunging toward all who come too near In both cases, you can’t let your dog continue the rude behavior. Rude, as in happily pulling you and jumping on people, or by putting on his best “Cujo” face in an attempt to keep people away. In both cases you need “park bench therapy” and you absolutely have to have physical control. The physical control part is easy. There are many tools out there, such as head halters and harnesses. My favorite for managing the strength and mobility of a dog is the Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness. Once you gain physical control you are now able to relax. Park Bench Therapy is where the real work begins. This means that you have to take him out in public, warts and all; this may be a scary thought, but a dog’s life behind the walls of a house or tied in the back yard is no

life at all. Over time, and for periods of time that are dependent on your dog, you park yourself on a well traveled, but not overwhelming corner or bench. You want to teach your dog that other people are not his business and ignoring them is a good thing. You do this by distracting him with one worthwhile treat each time someone passes. You may also pet and talk to him to help keep his focus on you. Ignore him when no one is around so he begins to make the connection that people passing by means good things from you. To help reinforce that thought, you need to politely discourage strangers from petting your dog. If you explain that your dog is in training, most won’t take offense. Need help with your pet? Visit www.f for more information.

Grand Bend Strip

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 17


Community Notice:

Vendors wanted for Mt. Carmel Yard Sale

your vehicle, set up your sale, keep your profits, pack up and go! We will provide the advertising, location and the attraction of a community sale. We will arrange to have a donation truck available at 1:00pm for any items you would Community Yard Sale. VENDORS WANTED!!! We like to donate. Please RSVP by Wed. June 3rd. (Rain date provide a space for you to park your vehicle and the adjacent Sat. June 13th) Set up 6:30 a.m.-7:30 a.m. For questions call parking space for you to set up your sale for just $15. Park 519-237-3337 or email:  a.m. to  p.m. - Mt. Carmel School (at the intersection of Mt. Carmel Road and Bronson Line)

Network Classifieds:

Advertise Across Ontario or Across the Country!

For more information contact

Casey Lessard: 614-3614 Your local (519) newspaper






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MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Ontario MUST be registered with OMVIC. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint, visit or 1-800-943-6002. If you're buying a vehicle privately, don't become a curbsider's victim. Curbsiders are impostors who pose as private individuals, but are actually in the business of selling stolen or damaged vehicles.

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Strip Outside

18 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School project: Our Peaceful Eagles’ Nest Spring refresher Golf Tips by Cameron Rankin Sand Hills Golf head professional

Living in Balance

It’s time to get ready for a long summer season. Remember the following: Check your grips. Shiny or worn grips will rob you of distance. Clean with powdered Comet or Ajax. Don’t forget your putter grip! Make sure you have a new set of soft spikes in your shoes. Arrive early for your tee-time, hit a few balls on the range, hit some chips and putts.

By Jenipher Appleton East Williams Memorial School (where I teach) has been moving forward in an ecofriendly way for some time. We were excited to learn just this week that we will be certified as a bona fide Ontario Eco-School in June of this year. One of the six components of becoming a recognized Ontario Eco-School is to have an ongoing ‘greening project’. This means there must be an area on the school property which provides shade, nurtures vegetation, and encourages students to be involved in its creation and maintenance. From the time of the forming of our Peaceful Schools Committee six years ago, to the present Peaceful/Healthy Schools Committee, there has been a vision to create a Peace Garden. Our answer came in early March of this year when Mr. Chris Redfearn, one of our parents, proposed a donation of $1000 (through a Union Gas community grant) toward an outdoor school improvement project. East Williams had to apply for the validity of the grant and consequently won the bid. Principal Vivienne Bell-McKaig embraced the idea with enthusiasm, along with the Eco-Schools Committee. Once the ball started rolling, the community came together for this project. Students began to design blueprint-type plans for our peace garden. The final design was created from the blueprint by Emily Morse. Grade 5 student Adam Galloway won the naming contest, calling it the “Peaceful Eagles’ Nest” to reflect the school’s spirit name, the East

Remember the fundamentals The East Williams P.S. peace garden. Photo by Heather Baker

Williams Eagles. Families jumped aboard the project with support, hundreds of donations including: plants, topsoil, mulch, lumber, birdhouses, birdseed, and a tree, along with a great deal of physical labour. Entire families, from ages three to 43, spent many hours digging, raking, hoeing, and planting to implement the framework of the new peace garden. As the project’s core contributors, the Whitmore, Morse, Gregory, Redfearn, Helloway, Baker, and Waht families have been omnipresent during this effort. Shannon Waht, a local woodworker, constructed a beautiful arbour for the entryway to the space. Carved letters proclaim ‘PEACE’ along the header. Carved eagles adorn the exit side of the arbour. The Kim family donated a birdbath. Every class in the school is well represented by generous donations of their parents to enhance the beauty of the project. Each class has a friendship garden bordering the periphery of the space,

Create an outdoor retreat Eye for Design By Lorette Mawson It’s time to create an outdoor haven to relax; whether you are dealing with a small budget or one that allows you to splurge, summer is about having a place to kick back, relax and entertain.

With today’s selection of patio furniture, staying on budget is an easy task. Basic chairs and tables can be jazzed up with inexpensive seat cushions, tablecloths, and various-sized lanterns. These can be found pretty much anywhere, from hardware stores to home decor stores. The same goes for outdoor rugs, which you can find in sizes and prices to fit any budget.


Grand Bend

which is theirs to maintain into the future.

What does it look like? The square plot of land sits at the front of the school outside the Grade 1 and kindergarten classes. Each side of the garden is bordered with a substantial burm of topsoil, mulch and a multitude of plants (hostas, petunias, impatiens, day lilies, etc.) The focal point is a raised peace symbol. In each section of the symbol, petunias have been planted in school colours; one section white, one red and one blue. Sturdy benches are being constructed from recycled hydro poles and will be installed shortly. Then the students will be able to come and sit to appreciate the fruits of their labours. Passes will be issued to two students from each class on a daily basis to be able to enter the Peaceful Eagles’ Nest. Bravo to a great community in the little village of Nairn!

For splurging, canopies are a wonderful way to enjoy dining in the great outdoors. They come in many price points, with some that have closed-in sides to keep pesky critters at bay. Even if you only have the space for a little corner, making it comfortable with a great lounge chair for soaking up the sun, along with a small side table for a nice cold drink, you should create a spot to enjoy. If only our summers would outlast our winters, we could really get into some outdoor lounging.

Grand Bend’s Best Kept Secret (519) 238-2120

JOIN US SATURDAYS 3-6 PM May 30 - Midlife Crisis June 6 - The Persuaders

EVERYBODY WELCOME! Fun Darts Mondays @ 7 p.m. Bingo Tuesdays @ 7 p.m. Meat Draws Fridays @ 5 p.m. Hall rentals - contact Sharon (519) 238-6865

Check these six fundamentals before you make any changes to your swing motion. Remember most swing faults are caused by incorrect fundamentals. 1) Position your club head: the leading edge of your club should be at right angles to your intended target. 2) The Grip: you should see 2 to 2 1/2 knuckles on the back of your dominant hand when you look down on your hands at the address position. Remember to grip the club in your fingers not palms. 3) Stance: feet shoulder width apart, wider with longer clubs, narrower with shorter clubs. 4) Ball position: forward in stance with long clubs, gradually moving back to the middle of your stance with the shorter clubs. 5) Posture: bend over from the waist, keeping your spine as straight as possible, slight leg flex, arms should hang straight down from your shoulders, the base of your spine should feel slightly concave. 6) Alignment: your body and stance should be positioned parallel left (for lefties, right for righties) of your intended target. Think of a mini railway line, your club head and ball on the far track and your body on the near track.

Oakwood Links Luxury Townhomes in Grand Bend

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Starting at $274,900 (1,200 sq ft of quality finish) Customer chooses all finishes, flooring, kitchen, etc. All units have a double car garage. $364,900 model home (2,665 sq ft of quality finish) backs onto treed creek

100% maintenance free! Cobblestone drives & roads Lawns are sprinklered Condo fees are $126.

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John Goodwin Broker of Record 27 Queens Ave Grand Bend

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Strip on Stage

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 • 19

Is there a Doctor in the house? North Middlesex District High School presented Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor, which is a tribute to playwright Anton Chekhov. Left: Thomas Pardo is the Sexton and Cody Martina as Kuryatin, the doctor-to-be who is eager to pull the Sexton’s teeth. Above: Matt Woroniuk is Semyonych, an expert seducer of other men’s wives who soon meets his match.

My prom date was a zombie South Huron District High School presented Zombie Prom May 6, 7, and 8, with direction from Beth Jantzi. The musical comedy centres on Toffee and Jonny, hopeful lovers torn apart by the high school principal. Barred from seeing Toffee, distraught Jonny drives his motorcycle into a nuclear cooling tower. He returns as a zombie and chaos ensues as the principal tries to keep the two apart. Left: Meaghan Forrester plays Toffee, whose love is lost and revived. Above: Leanne Hoffman plays Miss Delilah Strict, the principal who turns out to be Jonny’s mother. Right: Mathias Memmel plays Jonny, here seen after he has become a zombie.

Photos by Casey Lessard

Strip in the Kitchen

20 • Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shrimp sautée, lemon chive chicken, and asparagus Looking for a way to use fresh asparagus? Here’s your answer. Recipes by James Eddington Eddington’s of Exeter  Main Street, Exeter -- - Photos by Casey Lessard The following recipes will serve 2 people. Grasshopper beer is excellent with this dish. If you prefer wine, a Riesling traditionally pairs best with the curry flavour. Personally, I enjoy a red wine with my entrée: a Shiraz would pair very well. Medium bodied with lots of flavour and would not over power the taste of the Chicken. I would stay away from a full-bodied red and save for another night when beef of lamb is your main.

Lemon chive chicken, served with curried basmati rice and fresh seasonal asparagus. Lemon Chive Chicken In medium-sized mixing bowl, add olive oil, white wine, chopped tomato, Montréal chicken spice, 1/2 of lemon, 1/2 of lime (save other 1/2 for garnish), 4 chives diced small (save other 4 for garnish). Mix ingredients well, then add chicken breast. Cover and let marinate for a minimum of 3 hours. Overnight is even better! Cooked chicken breast at 400F on pie plate or small roasting pan (line pan with parchment paper to avoid burning the bottom). Cook for app. 25 minutes. To check chicken, insert one sleeve of tongs into under side of breast and make sure juices look clear (no trace of pink is left in the poultry). Do not over cook. In a separate skillet, add 1 tsp of Set a medium sized skillet or wok on high butter, 2 tsp of chopped tomatoes, pan dripheat and add butter. Once the butter has ping from chicken, rubbed thyme and orange melted, add garlic, wait 30 seconds and add brandy liqueur. Let reduce until desired thickness. Serve! shrimp. Once shrimp color starts to turn pink add tomatoes and whisky. Add a pinch of salt and Curried basmati rice pepper and let whisky reduce. In medium sized pot, sauté onions and garOnce reduced, serve on a bed of greens with lic. Once sautéed, add curry powder (keep fresh lemon wedges. stirring), and slowly add basmati rice to mixTasting Note: To add more flavour, mari- ture. Make sure all of the rice is glazed with nate diced tomatoes in Italian seasonings, for curry mixture. Slowly add stock and bring to Fresh Asparagus example basil and oregano. Parmesan cheese boil. Once boiling, stir once more and then Depending on size, you should get 4-6 asparawill also help thicken sauté if you were a little reduce to low heat and cover. Let cook for gus per person. (The photo shows green beans.) heavy on the whisky. app. 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. After 20 This is SO EASY. Cut off woody stem, add Pairing note: Pinot Grigio will be crisp and minutes, check to see if rice is done. If almost to non-stick ban with app 4 oz of water. Bring clean, bringing out the flavour of the shrimp cooked, take off heat and let rest, fluffing with to boil. Once water has evaporated, serve. and garlic. a fork before you serve. Want more flavour at the last moment?

Shrimp Sautée

What you’ll need Lemon Chive Chicken 2x6 oz chicken breasts 1 lemon (thinly slice) 1 lime (thinly slice) 1 tsp chopped garlic 8 chives (app. 1/4 of bunch) 2 oz white wine

2 oz orange brandy liqueur 1 oz olive oil 1 tsp butter 4 tbsp chopped tomato Montreal chicken spice (3 shakes)

Fresh Asparagus

Add butter, salt and pepper to taste. Tasting note: Right before you serve you can add butter or olive oil and any of your favorite seasoning to asparagus. Make sure when serving your final dish, drizzle reduced sauce from chicken on the asparagus!

Curried basmati rice

Shrimp Sautée

1 cup basmati rice 4 tbsp butter 1/4 cup fine chopped Spanish onion 1 clove minced garlic 2 tsp curry powder 2 cups chicken or vegetable stock Salt and pepper to taste Fresh parsley for garnish

12 peeled and deveined tiger shrimp (raw) 2 tsp butter 2 cloves chopped garlic 2 oz whisky 1/4 cup diced tomatoes Handful mixed greens 1 fresh lemon Salt and pepper to taste

Vol. 3 #1 - May 27, 2009 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. South Huron District High School visits Chicago to collaborate with King College...

Vol. 3 #1 - May 27, 2009 Grand Bend Strip  

Award winning journalism from Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. South Huron District High School visits Chicago to collaborate with King College...