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2 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip Thoughts

Reader: Focus on federal issues

Down the drain Remember what each level of government does View from the Strip By Casey Lessard

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but – like it or not – Grand Bend area residents will soon be tying into a municipal sewage system. Many people aren’t aware of the impending costs that are associated with the process, but with figures in the tens of thousands of dollars, they need to start planning now. Perhaps you’re one of them. Crediton faced this crisis two years ago, and the fallout still has residents talking. Just recently, they faced a deadline to pay cash (about $10,000 per lot plus hookup costs) or face mandatory financing at more than five per cent for 20 years; many thought the day would not come, and missed an opportunity to reduce their costs by finding private financing on their own. While you can’t stop the provincially mandated process that is well on its way, if you

live in the area affected by the proposed sewage system (Grand Bend, St. Joseph, and Dashwood), you can start saving your pennies and talking to your bank. The cost isn’t set yet, but you can bet (based on other communities’ experiences) it will be in the five-figure range for most. Do you have that kind of money underneath your mattress? Didn’t think so. The situation is worst for the residents of Dashwood, who will have to pipe their waste into Grand Bend, and it’s quite a distance. The cost to do so will be between 20 and 30 per cent of their home values for many. Home values will increase accordingly, residents are told. Tell that to homeowners in Crediton, where home values haven’t changed much and the home sales market is flooded. Don’t be surprised if you see the same situation in Dashwood some day soon.

To the Editor, With a federal election campaign now underway, it is an ideal time to draw attention to what each of our three levels of government is supposed to be responsible for, so candidates and leaders will not discuss with voters those things that are not federal areas of jurisdiction. Health care is not a federal responsibility, and it would be grossly misleading for Canada’s federal politicians to campaign around the nation promising all sorts of money for, and improvements to, each province’s health care system. With the dozen recent deaths linked directly to the listeriosis crisis, the federal government ought to be focusing its Health Canada resources on areas it is responsible for, such as improving the inspection of Canada’s meat industry in the interests of public safety. Medical wait-times are something the provincial governments must tackle. Federal parties should only be promising the transfer of taxes collected on behalf of the provinces, with no strings attached, and nothing more. Provincial health ministers must be given the

room to maneouvre they require in order to ensure the availability of adequate levels of health care services for their residents. Inner city safe needle injection sites, highway and other infrastructure projects, industrial and labour policies, energy, educational scholarships: These are all provincial jurisdictions. The federal parties have a bad habit of stepping on the toes of the provinces - especially at election time - in order to grab the attention of voters. There is no shortage of purely federal issues to discuss: the war in Afghanistan, international trade agreements, the federal debt and taxation levels, the Canadian dollar and its impact on Canada’s - and in particular Ontario’s - economy, criminal justice, the successor to the Kyoto Accord and Canada’s poor environmental record, global warming and sovereignty issues in the Arctic. So Mr. Harper, Mr. Dion, Mr. Layton, and Ms. May, let us please confine ourselves to federal political issues. There is plenty of meat on that bone for you all to chew on. Brad Harness Leader, Reform Party of Ontario

When Harper touts his leadership, be afraid Alternative View By Gloria Martin

In the Sept. 10 Strip, Casey Lessard made comment that he feared a majority government in the federal election, and that, although he couldn’t quite put your finger on it, he “just doesn’t trust him (Prime Minister Stephen Harper).” I have to admit that I resonate with that fear, but I think with good reason. First off is the fact that we are facing an early election despite Harper’s own pronouncements to the contrary; he says one thing and does another. Second, we have a prime minister who does not respect the will

of Parliament by disregarding a majority vote in the house: the vote taken on allowing Iraq war resisters to stay in Canada. Having refused to participate in an illegal war not sanctioned by the United Nations, a war which has committed serious human rights violations, left countless untold dead, with lives and communities utterly destroyed, Harper continues to deport these courageous resisters back to the United States to face prison sentences. This is in spite of the fact that a majority vote was taken in the House of Commons to let them stay. Make no mistake: Canada would be fighting in this Iraq war if the Conservatives had their way. Perhaps this is why Harper is so insistent on supporting another very unpopular war in Afghanistan. Canadians have heard the pleadings of voices like Afghan’s former MP Malalai Joya urging us to stop supporting her government, one of the most corrupt and

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criminal governments in the world – a gang of druglords and warlords, many of them wanted for human rights violations. She has told us that 60% of the Afghan people consider this government to be the worst in two decades. She reminds us that it’s a proven fact that no nation can liberate another. Liberation must be achieved by the people themselves – others can only provide support. The majority of Canadians want to support the troops by bringing them home, but Harper is determined to keep them there and watch as many of them return home in body bags. I was proud to call myself Canadian because we were a peacekeeping country concerned for human rights and people in crisis. Now we are involved in a war and supporting a criminal government. Would Harper follow the US in a war against Iran? His actions thus far suggest he well might. He seems more intent on impressing the Republican government

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than the Canadian people. We need to read the writing on the wall before it happens. Last but not least is Harper’s reneging of the Kyoto Accord. Faced with the biggest crisis of all time he would rather point a finger at China than take full responsibility for our significant part in the global environmental crisis. Our very life on this planet depends on us taking urgent measures now. Now is the time for strong leadership on this matter because we don’t have until 2050! So am I nervous about the outcome of this election? Very! And with good reason. For more information please go to www. and watch Malalai Joya on Democracy Now! 19June07; Malalai Joya on ABC program on Afghanistan; War Resisters Supporter Catches Up With Stephen Harper; Canada’s Parliament votes to let U.S. War Resisters stay. Gloria Martin is a Parkhill resident.

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Grand Bend Strip

Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 3

John Mason’s Last Stand The Dashwood resident isn’t eager to tie into Grand Bend’s sewage line. Are you? Story and photo by Casey Lessard


Tuesday, September   to  p.m. - Grand Bend Public School

Standing in front of a lagoon that currently services the sewage waste of 1100 residents, John Mason wonders how these same lagoons east of Grand Bend will hold the waste of 11,000 in 2031. Yes, there will be a new sewage treatment facility at the site (once the trimunicipality consortium of Lambton Shores, Bluewater and South Huron approves it), but the Dashwood resident questions the decisions that are leading to the future he fears. “People are upset,” Mason says. “I had a neighbour come over the other night crying; she can’t afford to keep going right now, let alone have a $26,000 sewage bill to tie in. Then there’s the $150 monthly cost. Mother Nature is doing it for free right now (Dashwood is on septic). They’re just putting undue hardships on everybody.” Since the Walkerton E. coli tragedy, wastewater at all Ontario lagoons (Grand Bend’s was installed in 1979) must be treated through a treatment plant. Following Crediton’s and Hensall’s lead, Dashwood, St. Joseph and Grand Bend must now convert from septic to sewage with a plant at the present lagoon site on Mollard Line.

“Last year in Hensall, the costs that were presented to us then were $26,000 for each lot in Dashwood to tie into the system,” Mason says, “but that’s at today’s rates and we might not tie in for 10 or 12 years. Who knows what the price will be then.” Mason is concerned that not everyone in the project’s zone is aware of the fact that they’ll be paying big money to tie in. “Along the lake it’s $24,000 each to start,” he predicts. “A 3,000 gallon tank is $5,000. The other tank is $5,000. Plus they have to tie in from the road, so all told it’s about $40,000 per lot from St. Joseph to the Pinery.” Lambton Shores community ser vices director Peggy Van Mierlo-West says she can’t confirm a projected per household cost because the firm handling the project, Dillon Consulting, is not finished its proposal and has not set a cost estimate. “They are working on that right now,” she says, “so I don’t know where people are coming up with those numbers.” Mason figures that with Dashwood home values in the $150,000 range, it’s not a stretch to suggest that most families there will have to refinance their homes or move. “We recently put my mom in a home, so we have her home for sale. It’s 30 years old, brick with a full basement on an acre lot. Doublecar garage. We got an offer on it the other

day for $147,000. A house just like it just sold in Exeter for $349,000. Wait until we get assessed for sewage, and we won’t be able to give this house away. “Dashwood’s the last teepee standing, where we can live cheaply. Where are our poor people going to live? The Bible says, ‘The meek shall inherit the Earth.’ Where are we meek going to live?” Mason has some solutions that could help pay for the project. They include making such infrastructure expenditures tax deductible; offering government loans at the prime rate; and canceling the project by diverting the affluent to fertilize trees at the Pinery. The public input phase for the tertiary plant is complete, Van Mierlo-West says. Promoted as a superior environmental alternative, the new facility would use top of the line technology, including UV radiation, to purify water and eliminate not only bacteria but also nitrates and phosphates, along with any toxic materials residents put down their drains. Solar, wind, and geothermal technology would help power and heat the plant. The lagoons on Mollard Line currently drain into the Shipka Drain, which feeds the Parkhill Creek, which takes the water to Lake Huron south of the pier. While the new system will manage 10-times as much water, Van Mierlo-West says it will reduce the amount of

waste that goes into the lake – by a long shot. “It doesn’t eliminate the risk, but it reduces it most drastically. Very low actually,” she says. “We’re sizing it for that capacity, and we’re looking at a method that will have the water treated by UV light before it’s released.” The September 30 meeting is a chance for residents to tell Lambton Shores council which system they want to transport the waste from their home to the plant. The two options are: gravity to a municipal pumping station; and privately powered pumps that force the water into the main pipes. With the first system, small buildings with control panels will be erected in strategic locations; with the second, each homeowner will pay hydro to pump the waste out. “We haven’t made a decision yet on which method we’re looking at,” Van Mierlo-West says, noting the cost for each will be presented at the meeting. After receiving more than 100 comments from the last public meeting, Van MierloWest is eager to see a strong community turnout; community associations in Southcott Pines and Huron Woods, among others, are encouraging residents to attend the meeting. “A lot of people are going to be showing up for this meeting,” she says. “It’s nice to know there’s interest in this project. If there wasn’t, I’d be worried.”

BIG BILL’S STORAGE Dashwood, Ontario

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4 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip at the Fair

My fair ladies The 150th Parkhill Fall Fair ran the weekend of September 19-21, and fair queens/ ambassadors from previous years (including Robin Turner with son Zachary Groulx, 5, of London) attended Friday night’s fair ambassador crowning ceremony. Among the finalists, Janel Steeper, Sarah Nirta (right), runner-up Melanie O’Neill and ambassador Amanda Vandenberk.

Photos by Casey Lessard

Above: Cindy Van Bree of Parkhill was the 2004 ambassador. Van Bree is currently a business student at the University of Western Ontario.

You need a plan!

Melanie Hartman Melabu Design & Drafting T. 519.237.3654 C. 519.860.8338 E. 70352 Shipka Line, RR#2 Dashwood

Randy Groundwater, the veterans’ service officer, will be in Grand Bend in early October to answer questions and concerns re: pensions, etc. For appt., call Armand Mero (519) 238-8648



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Grand Bend

in a


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Right: 2008 ambassador Amanda Vandenberk of Greenway. “I’m really excited for everything I get to do this year and at the fair. I’ve lived on a pig farm my whole life and being ambassador is something I’ve wanted since I was a little girl.”

, Bar & G



Nightly Specials Thursday: Fish & Chips Friday: Shrimp & Wings Saturday: Perch & Panzarotti Fat Kat Karaoke

Thurs. 4-10pm, Fri. 12pm-12am Sat. 12-10pm, Sun. 12-9pm

Every Friday until Thanksgiving

10072 Poplar Ave.

Port Franks 519-243-3636

Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 5

Strip at the Fair

At the baby show, Jen Moxham entered three-month-old Grayson as: Most Handsome in Blue, Biggest and Brightest Eyes, and Most Vocal.

Gracie Tomes, 10 mos., checks out the competition from mom Rosanne’s lap. Gracie won for Craziest Hair.

Junior Ambassador competitors Rebecca Redfearn, Miss “Belle in the Making” and Taylor Vernon, Miss “Adorable Little Lady”, compare medals.

BEST’S RESTAURANT - MILKSHAKES Homemade Ice Cream Highway 21 South, Grand Bend

Value Meals


If you know a young person, aged 6 to 17, who is involved in worthwhile community service; a special person who is contributing while living with a limitation; a youth who has performed an act of heroism; or a ‘good kid’ who shows a commitment to making life better for others, doing more than is normally expected of someone their age – help us recognize their contribution – nominate them today! Sponsored by:

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Keira McLeod, 8 mos., gets a nuzzle from mom Sherri. Keira was entered in Baldest, Most Dimples and Rolls, and Brightest Eyes.

Jennifer Barclay, Miss “Pretty in Pink”, won the competition.

TWO BARBERS - HOT TOWEL SHAVES Otterbein’s Barbershop Men’s & Ladies’

394 Main Street, Exeter


Nominations are now being accepted for the

Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards The strength of our community lies in solid citizens. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

Nominations will be accepted until November 30, 2008 Contact this newspaper or the Ontario Community Newspapers Association at or 905.639.8720

6 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip at the Fair

Parkhill’s got talent Andrea’s Dance Studio shows off dance moves that helped its students achieve at the Western Fair Youth Talent Search Photos by Casey Lessard

Noah Klein is “Dr. Jones”

Geoff Masschelein, 15, demonstrates an excellent sense of balance in a routine he performed at the Western Fair.

Samantha Davey, 12, Danielle Jones, 11, and Emily Pardo, 12, are Arachnophobia, winners of the Junior Youth Talent Search contest at the Western Fair this month.

Strip at the Fair

Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 7

Kevin Bax and Mark Ritchie collide at the Demolition Derby. Four Ritchie cars made it to the finals.

Krystin Krainz of Shipka inspects her faux Redneck Girl tattoo. “We have a club that is in a grain bin, and we’re going to put two upper levels in it. We’ve been working on it all summer.

Phylicia Krainz of Shipka and Jessica Houston of Crediton ride the Plum Crazy ride Sunday afternoon. The fair committee couldn’t have asked for better weather all weekend, with sunny skies and warm temperatures bringing crowds to the fair site.


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8 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip Events

Zurich’s 2nd annual Red Dog Classic was held on a soggy day September 13. The lawn game event is a tribute to Cliff Gingerich, who died last year. Above left: Kyle Gingerich and Jamie Ramer play Holey Board. Above right: Tim Doherty and Mark Funk check a horseshoe marker. Right: Darryl Drudge and Ashley Ward play the Swedish import, Kubb.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 9

Strip for a Good Cause

98 Ontario Street South, Grand Bend

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Phil Gaudreault (G.B.Posh) and Sandy Dixon of Beach o’ Pines were named Best Dressed.

A Roarin’ good time The Grand Bend Rotary Club recalls the Roarin’ 20s at its Autumn Indulgence event at the Huron Country Playhouse September 20. Photos by Casey Lessard

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Right: Bill and Cindy Maxfield attended the live auction and ceremonies.

mini sizzlers



Above right: Christina Hantos and Candice Jeromkin, the Playhouse’s head of props and lead painter respectively, show their entry in the live auction.



selected varieties

Above: Josie Britton bids on a David Bannister room divider.



english cucumbers


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10 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strip on the Road

Audrey Bergsma races in the open division.

Lucas Bowers of Dashwood and Duncan Blyde of Zurich fly out of the starting gate, erm, ramp.

Racing with gravity Scenes from the first annual Dashwood Optimist Soap Box Derby, held September 20.

Photos by Casey Lessard The only collision came in the last race of the day, which had to be rerun after official inspection.


58 Ontario St. N. Grand Bend




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Colton Becker rejoices after winning his heat in the Bronson Flyer.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 11

Grand Bend Strip

Celebrating Canadians in Uniform Scenes from the RCMP Musical Ride in Exeter September 11. The show was part of a day-long event celebrating Canadians in Uniform. Photos by Casey Lessard

Riders performed to a crowd of 4300.

Meredith Darrah of Halifax introduces June to local kids. “It’s an amazing experience,” says the 2nd year rider, “seeing parts of the country you wouldn’t see normally. And the crowds are good.”

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SHDHS student Chelsey Jeffery of Exeter rode around the arena with the Canadian flag during the performance of O Canada. “I’m so nervous,” she said before the ride.

Imagine your child in a real band! The Band in You Music School is opening in Grand Bend WANTED: Students aged 3-18 for the fall semester (starting Oct. 1) END RESULT: Your child will learn a new instrument, be part of a band, and receive a professional studio recording of an age-appropriate song INSTRUMENTS: Lead, rhythm and bass guitar, drums (percussion), keyboard (piano), lead and backup vocals. LIMIT: Six children per age group Music enhances a child’s mentality and ability to make logical decisions, while improving comprehension and their performance in school. Music builds self-confidence and can lead to a lifelong hobby or career.

To book your child’s spot or request our flyer, please call:

The Band in You Music School 519-851-7013 •

12 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toilet humour What to do when you have to go

Keeping the Peace

Grand Bend Farmers’ Market Simply in Season Dining Partnership Sept. 24 to 30

Falling for you Advice from mom

By Tom Lessard, C.D. At Protective Plastics Limited in Huron Park, we built fiberglass reinforced plywood panels, roofs, and doors for the trucking industry. You didn’t need to be on dope to work there because after a day in the plant you were pretty well flying. As in other companies, PPL had its share of entertainers. For instance, while standing atop 50’x11’ roofs, grinding at the excess resin, all of a sudden the air supply would stop. You’d check the grinder and the hoses and then holler for someone to turn the compressor back on. “It is on,” someone would reply. It wasn’t until you were frustrated that someone would pop up from under the trolley that the mold was on and yell, “Surprise!” The son of a gun was under there crimping the hose to stop the air supply. Over in plant #5, there was only one washroom. One morning about an hour in the shift, one of the employees had to go. He got to the washroom only to find it was occupied. He told the occupant repeatedly to hurry up, but to no avail. He finally couldn’t wait any

Strip Thoughts

By Rita Lessard longer and ran to the next building to do his business. The stall stayed occupied all day meaning that the others had to travel to do their thing. When you looked under the stall door, there was a pair of boots with coveralls down on the top of them, so you surmised that it was truly someone in there. What had happened was a prankster entered the stall and placed the boots and coveralls to look as though there was someone there, locked the door and crawled out underneath and went to work. Another time, he put a pair of boots at the toilet facing the back wall, took off the tank cover, disconnected the water hose so that the water kept running (to make a sound as if someone was urinating), exited the same way as before and carried on as if nothing was amiss. There are many humourous stories of the fine crews that made their living in those plants in Huron Park, and the atmosphere was such that you were happy to get to work each morning to find out what was going to happen that day.

To our customers: Thank you for making our first year outstanding! We can’t wait to see you and your pets again soon. Rena Oag, Tina and Tedi-Ann Warrington North Fork Kennel

The word fall has so many meanings. As the season turns, we can look forward to the changing of colours and the cooler weather. In its other form, the term is not as pretty as the season. My little friend Garrett Steffler had a fall last Thursday and the doctor glued the cut together. It’s amazing what they can do today to lessen the occurrence of scars. My guys were not so lucky as every one of them has at least one scar. This falling business must be hereditary. My mother, for instance, was a fallen woman; no, that’s not right – I should say she fell a lot. That’s better. My mother used to wear high-heeled shoes and a long fur coat, and I do believe that was her major downfall. I think her troubles started when she was about two years old and she fell down a flight of stairs and broke her nose; I think she tripped over her diaper that time. It’s not exactly hereditary that my husband Tom has fallen and broken his nose several times, but our son Tommy had a broken nose and two black eyes when he got hit by a swing at the age of two. Falling backward, he also got a crack on the back of his head as he landed on a rock. Talk about bad luck!

Having children is the greatest thing, but this is one project that doesn’t come with a manual of instructions. It’s relatively simple when they are small babies; if all goes well, you just feed them, water them, and then you can put them down to rest. Once they get on their feet, however, you are presented with a whole new ball game; that’s when the fun begins in earnest. I realize that young mothers are anxious for their children to grow up; be patient and enjoy them when they are small and having small troubles, because the bigger they get, the bigger the trouble. So take heart Ashley (Garrett’s mom): your son will be fine and hopefully not have too many falls. You can take heart in the fact that Tommy’s fall didn’t do too much damage: he graduated at the top of his class in Grade 8, and while accepting awards at graduation, didn’t fall off the stage once. (Editor’s note: Mom, you forgot to mention the scar on my forehead, a result of Bill pushing me into the dining room cabinet at age 3. I can still remember the bloody drive to South Huron Hospital and Dr. Gans stitching me up. Ah, the memories!)

To the Editor: On Thurs. Sept. 11, I had the pleasure of attending the marvelous Musical Ride in Exeter. What a great show put on by our fine RCMP officers. I was especially touched and grateful for the army cadets who greeted us and supplied us with chairs for my sister and disabled brotherin-law. We ended up with front row seats. Thank you for your kindness. Joan McCullough (Casey Lessard’s aunt) Shipka

Septic Problems?

Back ‘n Time 31 Ontario St. N., Grand Bend features:

Apple Cake

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Wednesdays 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 21 to October 8 Gill Road Parking Lot

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If you need your septic tank pumped, call:

Johnson’s Sanitation Service - 519-294-6954

Strip at School

Thursday, September 25, 2008 • 13

Devon Weeden comes to North Middlesex after vice-principal positions in London and St. Thomas. Before that, though, most of her teaching experience was in rural high schools, including Strathroy and Glencoe.


Raised: Kingston Lives: London Experience: Napanee, Strathroy, Glencoe, Saunders (VP), Arthur Voaden (VP). This is first principal position.

We’re all working together. At school, it’s not only about the curriculum, but also the leadership skills and the opportunities to be exposed to different things.

Outside of work:

I don’t have a lot of hobbies because school keeps me busy. I like to be physically active and on weekends I bicycle through the Coming to North Middlesex It is a big change. I’m looking forward to Springbank Park system. It’s a gorgeous area working with the community and the kids. and a great opportunity to stay in shape and I’m working on the school improvement plan spend time with friends. with the staff. There have been lots of things since I’ve arrived. We have been working on Urban vs. rural: the Grade 9 successful start program, where There’s a connectedness here. Urban kids kids come in and meet with the Student have access to different things, but here peoAdministrative Council and Marauders ple are very supportive of each other. Athletics Association. They’ve learned about transition and using the library as well.

New this year:

I’m interested in working collaboratively with school council and as part of our school improvement plan, we’ll be working on merging the board goals with our tailored goals here.

Focus for the year:

We’re taking a very active role to improve student learning. The goal statements we’re merging are to improve student learning, reduce identifiable instruction gaps, and to increase graduation rates. We’re putting a large amount of effort into our Grade 9 successful start program so they earn their eight credits for the year and they’re in good stead for the remainder of their high school career.

To students:

My overall vision is that we’re all people first and nothing is insurmountable.

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14 • Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Cauldrons, Murders and Unkindnesses Living in Balance

By Jenipher Appleton It is commonplace for us to refer to certain groups of animals by their correct term: herds of cattle, schools of fish, pods of whales, swarms of bees, litter of puppies, etc. In the avian family, the names for species groups are indeed quite unique, if not intriguing. Three group names are stated in the title of this article. Bird groups are often named by more interesting terms than ‘flock’. In many cases the group name is more appropriate than one might think. A few examples are highlighted in the ensuing paragraphs. One might wonder why a group of raptors (hawks for example) would be called a ‘cauldron’. Perhaps these adept hunters had been historically associated with witches’ brew. Wrong. Upon some investigation I learned that the term refers to migratory behaviour. In the autumn when massive flocks of raptors take off from the ground, the spiraling funnels of thousands of birds resemble kettles or cauldrons. Makes sense. A ‘murder’ of crows is another term that conjures up macabre scenes of ghosts and haunted houses. Again, the group name is based on crow behaviour. Crows are known to fly in large mobs in order to harass other birds, like hawks and owls. Mob mentality frequently ends up in murder. Hence the group name. Similarly, a group of ravens is referred to as an ‘unkindness’. The ominous appearance of this bearded black bird, with its raucous voice was highlighted in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. It is featured in mythology worldwide. The raven is the cleverest of birds and

Top left: Common raven, courtesy National Parks Service. Above left: American crow, courtesty Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Above right: A red-tailed hawk courtesy Joby Joseph, WikiCommons

has been known to steer a hawk to a rabbit (which the hawk kills) and then chase the hawk away so the raven can have his lunch. The hawk would call that ‘unkind’. Eagles have long been admired for their soaring spirits and have been used as symbols of wisdom and determination. They are always at the top of the food chain. Sports teams and universities often use the eagle image as a logo or mascot. The link to higher

education may explain the group name ‘a convocation of eagles’. A group of peacocks is known as an ‘ostentation’. The reason is obvious when one thinks of the ostentatious strutting of the males, parading their coloured fans for the females. A ‘gaggle’ of geese simply comes from the burbling sound made by a passing flock. A group of hummingbirds is known as a ‘charm’. Everyone is charmed by the beauty of this

tiniest of birds, delicately sipping nectar from a bell-shaped flower. Other examples include: a bevy of quail, a bouquet of pheasants, a company of parrots, an exaltation of larks, a pitying of doves (yes the cooing is pitiful) and a herd of cranes. Try applying these terms next time you see a ‘flock’ of crows or migrating hawks. You may get some strange looks, but you will be the wiser.

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 to  p.m. - McNaughton Park, Exeter  p.m. – Grand Bend CHC Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for Alzheimer Caregiver Support. Group proSATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 spouses and students. gram that provides education and support to  to  p.m. - Grand Bend Legion caregivers. Please contact the Alzheimer’s Live Music with Bob Finlay Society of Huron at 1-800-561-5012 for FRIDAYS details. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12  to  a.m. - Lions’ Pavilion, GB Workout for Your Life. $8 per class; $5 for : a.m. -  p.m. - Pinery Flea Market spouses and students. Live Music with Brian Dale TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7  p.m. – St. Lutheran Church, Zurich Zurich Community Kitchen. Come help FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 make low cost nutritious meals to take  a.m. to  p.m. - GB Art Centre  to  p.m. – Grand Bend CHC The Best Painting You Never Thought Community Blood Pressure Clinic. home. Contact Miranda Grand Bend CHC You Could Paint with Mary Abma. For Ever yone welcome. Have your blood for details 519-238-1556 ext 222 details, call 519-238-8978 or 519-238-6874 pressure checked by one of our Nurse or email Practitioners. No appointment necessary.

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 a.m. to  p.m. - Gill St. parking lot, Grand Bend Grand Bend Farmers’ Market

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Vol. 2 #11 Grand Bend Strip, September 25, 2008  

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