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Arizona Masonry Vol. 36, No 4

January/February 2012

Arizona Masonry Features & Articles January/February 2012 editor in chief D. Brook Cunningham, Grand Master Managing editor David H. Luebke, PGM, Grand Editor Arizona Masonry is an official publication of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona. Unless otherwise noted, articles in this publication express only the private opinion or assertions of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Grand Lodge. The jurisdiction speaks only through the Grand Master and the Grand Lodge Trustees when attested to as official, in writing, by the Grand Secretary. The Editorial staff invites contributions in the form of informative articles, reports, news and other timely information (of about 350 to 800 words in length) that broadly relate to general Masonry. When possible, photographs or graphics that support the submission are encouraged. Pieces submitted should be typed, double spaced and sent via e-mail to: arizonamasonry@ Articles are subject to editing and become the property of the Grand Lodge, F. & A.M. of Arizona. No compensation is permitted for any article, photographs, or other materials submitted for publication. All photographs must be identified as to who took the photo and the names of all individuals who may appear in the photo. Permission to reprint articles is automatically granted to recognized Masonic publications. When reprinted, articles should note: “Reprinted with permission of Arizona Masonry in the jurisdiction of Arizona (month, year).” Please direct all articles and correspondence to: David H. Luebke Grand Editor, Arizona Masonry P.O. Box 370 Chino Valley, AZ 86323-0370 Deadline for submission of articles for the next edition is March 5, 2012

Grand Master’s Message .................................. Pg 3 Grand Editor’s Desk ............................................ Pg 4 Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children Henry Spomer PM, Foundation President .................. Pg 5 How Do I Know You To Be A Mason? George E. Weil ........................................................ Pg 6 Karma In The Blue Lodge Laren Gallegly ........................................................ Pg 7 Grand Lodge Registration .................................. Pg 8 A Thought to Ponder Past Masters: The Backbone of Freemasonry Phillip Shulsky ........................................................ Pg 11 Why Do We Wait? S.K. Baril ................................................................ Pg 12 A Mason’s New Year Jeremy Borie ........................................................ Pg 12 A Masonic Quiz: Answers ................................ Pg 13 Wills & Bequests Corner ....................................Pg 13 Competition ........................................................Pg 14 Masonic Family Opportunities ..........................Pg 15 grottoes active in arizona:

a.k.a - Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm rameses grotto – Meets 1st Friday each month at 7:00 pm, at Peoria No. 31, 10220 N. 83rd St., Peoria. Info call Doug Robertson (602) 391-5634 altan Kol grotto – Meets 2nd Thursday each month at 7:00 pm at Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, 3959 E Mabel St, Tucson. Info call Tom Dingwall at (520) 4586527 “A social place for Master Masons” abbid grotto – Meets 1st Wednesday each month at 6:00 pm, Kingman Odd Fellows Building, 2495 Butler Ave., Kingman. Info call Charlie Bidinger, (928) 681-3364. “A Social place for Master Masons.”

Grand Master’s Message In lieu of my regular article, I am printing the letter that was sent to all Arizona Lodges regarding the Deputy Grand Master. The facts relating to this action have become blown out of proportion such that I feel they need to be reviewed. One of the rumors being circuPlease read lated is that after I relieved the the facts Deputy Grand Master of his duties that the Senior and Junior Grand Wardens resigned along with the rest of the Grand Line. Of course this is entirely untrue. None of our current Grand Lodge Officers have resigned; further, the Grand Line is in support of my actions.



Another rumor is that my action was taken as a result of Brother Richard McNeill’s resignation. Of course this is also inaccurate. As I wrote in a previous letter Brother Richard chose to resign for personal reasons. These are just a couple of rumors that are been circulated. Therefore, my Brethren, please read the facts of the matter.

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January/February 2012

Arizona Masonry Magazine


Grand Editor’s Desk Brethren, We are in a very serious time in Arizona Masonry. We all need to look to the future and do what we each is right for our beloved craft; however we must do it carefully and thoughtfully. In the words made immortal by the Late Past Grand Master Robert Fisher Henderson I believe each of us must “make haste slowly” Now to this issue of Arizona Masonry grand Master’s Message This month our Grand Master puts forth his thoughts on our current situation and asks each of us to look to the future of the Craft. on the cover On our cover we once again turn to the digital brush of Brother Stephen McKim. The dark clouds may be a representation of the challenges we currently face while the sun shining through the bright future we shall attain IF we remember and practice the Masonic Tenents printed on the Square and Compasses We must have FAITH in our leadership and principles, HOPE for the future and CHARITY towards the beliefs of each other. grand communication 2012 Yep, its almost on top of us. Enclosed in this issue are the registration forms for both the Grand Sessions and the Ladies’ Programs charity In this issue we include an opportunity to help OUR youth and gat a new “bola” as well. When was the last time you made a donation to our youth? Here’s your opportunity AND there is even an envelope included! Please remember that the goal of this (the Charity) column is to highlight all of our Masonic Family Charities. All of our Masonic Family organizations are encouraged to submit articles for this series. a Masonic Quiz This issue we present the answers to last issue’s question and present yet another challenge. a Masonic challenge for all of our readers We had very few submissions for our quiz section this issue. The issue we again offer a challenge submitted by Brother Bob Weed of Kingman #22. Remember all of our readers are invited to submit challenge questions. Each question should require the reader to give some thought for an answer and perhaps even do some research. Where were we then & Where are we now? In his first submission to Arizona Masonry, Worshipful Brother Mike Manning makes some comparisons with the Past.


How Do i Know You to Be a Mason? From the Byline of Brother George Weil we receive yet another challenge. Just what does it mean to be a Mason. Karma in the Blue Lodge? Is The Eastern Term really so foreign to Masonry. Find out here by reading Brother Loren Gallegly’s article Wills & Bequests Have you been thinking about how you can insure the future of our Fraternity. In this article Most Worshipful Brother Bob Hannon shares his views and makes some suggestions. active vs inactive? In his second submission, Worshipful Brother Phil Shulsky spends some time analyzing the difference and how it happens a Mason’s new Year. New contributor Jeremy Borie poses some insightful ideas on the use of time. shrine opportunity. Enclosed in this issue is an opportunity to attend the El Zaribah Spring Ceremonial. our Mail Bag In addition to our new article submitters, Brother Jim Geer did have this to say about our challenge question on dates: Do not agree with the answer to the question concerning BCE. It is not an original Hebrew usage... Per Wikipedia- The first-so-far found usage of the phrase “before the common era” is in a 1770 work that also uses common era and vulgar era as synonyms, in a translation of a book originally written in German.[42] Some Jewish academics were already using the CE and BCE abbreviations by the mid-19th century, such as in 1856, when Rabbi and historian, Morris Jacob Raphall used the abbreviation in his book, Post-Biblical History of The Jews.[56] As early as 1825, a different abbreviation, VE, had already been in use among Jews to denote years on the Western calendar.[57] All of our readers are encouraged to submit articles, questions and comments. If you agree or disagree with the opinions of our writers let us know. If you have a suggestion for improvement, let us know that too. Our address is: David H. Luebke Grand Editor, Arizona Masonry P.O. Box 370 Chino Valley, AZ 86323-0370


Arizona Masonry Magazine

January/February 2012

How did you do? The point is none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. These are no second-rate achievers. They are the best in their fields. But the applause dies. Awards tarnish. Achievements are forgotten. Accolades and certificates are buried with their owners.

continued from pg. 3

In closing my Brothers, I believe that the actions I have taken while not easy were necessary. Unfortunately the rumors and mis- Here’s another quiz. see how you do on this one: information will continue. Remember one thing my Brothers, truth will always 1. List a few teachers who aided your journey stand alone. Now is the time for all Arizona Masons to through school. take a step forward and move our fraternity in a positive 2. Name three friends who have helped you through direction. a difficult time.



Now is the time to move our Fraternity forward


3. Name five people who have taught you something worthwhile.

Arizona Masonic Foundation for Children By Henry Spomer PM, Foundation President

4. Think of a few people who have made you feel appreciated and special. 5. Think of five people you enjoy spending time with.

My Brothers, i received an email the other day which the lesson: The people who make a difference in your hit the proverbial nail on the head, the work the arilife are not the ones with the most credentials, the most zona Masonic Foundation for children is doing for money...or the most awards. They simply are the ones school children in arizona. who care the most. the email stated the following. the following is the philosophy of charles schulz, the creator of the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. You don’t have to actually an- The Foundation is doing great work and it is appreciated swer the questions. Just ponder on them. Just read by so very many in our schools and the public who hear the e-mail straight through and you’ll get the point. about it. We care anD it sHoWs through the Masonic student assistance intervention Program 1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world. which over the past 5 years has touched the lives of and helped about 9,900 kids. It is your Foundation and 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy winners. it works, please support it. 3. Name the last five winners of the Miss America pageant. 4. Name ten people who have won the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize. 5. Name the last half dozen Academy Award winners for best actor and actress. 6. Name the last decade’s worth of World Series winners.

January/February 2012

Arizona Masonry Magazine


Philosophy How Do I Know You To Be A Mason?

By George E. Weil

My Honored Brethren, Freemasonry is often thought by the uninitiated and misinformed to be a secret study occupying the minds of elitists. But the secret study or “secrets” of Freemasonry aren’t the typical kind in which information is revealed but to the few. Freemasonry (rightly so) has perplexed outsiders throughout the ages. Our Craft’s arcane symbols and mystical doctrines have seemed impenetrable at times. The rituals, customs, laws, and activities of our honored Order is one that is stingy. It is only revealed to those who are ready to receive such a gift. If a person holds on tightly to the ideas and beliefs that he currently has, it’s usually impossible to let new ones in. But, the biblical view…first do and then understand is a useful approach. In Freemasonry, students have found that by participating in a little study, and some ritual observance that the doors begin to slightly open, and true learning can take place.


We are but ordinary men of the world sufficiently occupied already with our primary civic, social and family obligations and following the obvious normal path of natural life. Our Order is a philosophy that incorporates its wisdom into each Mason’s life and provides us with tools to receive clues to a further light. It promises light, charts the way, and indicates the qualifications and conditions of progress. However, let’s be clear. This enlightenment is not to be acquired by the formal passage through three degrees in as many months; it is a knowledge impossible of full achievement until knowledge is granted through selfstudy, self-reflection and self-improvement.


Freemasonry is an art

Like the Kabbalah which means “to receive.” Freemasonry is an art that cannot be read in any book and fully understood or captured by internet mystics that self-proclaim themselves to be experts in all things Masonic. Our Order allows each man to begin with a step, followed by another step, followed by another and so on. We are traveling through that level of time searching for further light and exploring the arts and sciences of Freemasonry. Our Order proclaims the fact that there exists a higher and more secret path of life than that which we normally tread. When the outer or profane world and its pursuits and rewards lose their attractiveness and prove insufficient to our deeper needs, as sooner or later they will, we are compelled to turn back within ourselves, to seek and knock at the door of a world within. Is Freemasonry that world which answers that knock? I say, that for every Mason it is not. There are Masons who have not recognized fully that path of self-perfection and do not care or dare to follow it. Is it beyond our reach? Or, are the thoughts of pursuing this path one that most are not ready to travel?


To state things briefly, Masonry offer us, in dramatic form and by means of dramatic ceremonies a philosophy of the spiritual life of man and a diagram of the process of regeneration.

The very essence of Masonic philosophy is that all men in this world are in search of something in their own nature which they have lost, but that with proper instruction and by their own patience and industry they may hope to find. No one can communicate the deeper things in our Craft to another. Every man must discover and learn them for himself. Although, a friend or brother may be able to conduct him a certain distance on the path of understanding. Perhaps, it should be emphasized by our leaders that to meet in our Lodges regularly, to perform our ceremonial work, to repeat our catechism night after night is not the be-all and the end-all of the Masonic tapestry that many members signed up for. Sadly, it remains almost entirely outside the consciousness of many of our members that this is not the case. How do I know you to be a Mason? Is it the apron you wear? Is it the ring and different pins and hats that announce who you are and what you are a member of? Or, is it your idea of being merely connected with a body continued on pg.78

Arizona Masonry Magazine

January/February 2012

Philosophy Karma in the Blue Lodge

continued from pg. 6 which seems to be something combining the natures of a club and a benefit society? I submit to all Masons that it By Laren Gallegly, Glendale #23 is far more than all these things. The definition of what Karma is a term not uncommon to the reflection of our actions. a Mason is, is difficult to put into words. Loosely thrown about in conversation it usually follows what one The shape and experiences and is therefore expressed as being positive or negarichness of our tive. This is wrong and needs to be further examined by a true Craft cannot be heart with just intentions.


All men are in search of something


diluted and its relevance to society as a whole cannot be discounted by the mere essence of “going through the motions.” What will our legacy be to the next generation of Masons? Assuming there is another generation of Masons. It almost goes without saying that we are the future builders of these living essays that enter our Order.

It is up to all of us to continue in our own personal ways to elevate the Craft and make it successful. The elements of leadership, management, active participation and idea building cannot be overlooked in the forward evolution of our Order. To close our eyes to new ideas and changes in our thoughts in the Masonic Arts and Sciences is similar to condemning our Order to walk in the path of the Dodo and fade quickly into the shadows of obscurity. Worshipful Brother, Weil is a Past Master Of Scientia Coronati Research Lodge #4 and is the current Worshipful Master of Aztlan Lodge #1

DANIEL BURTNETT Specializing in:

Annuities Medicare Supplements Long Term Nursing Plans 2509 N. Campbell Avenue — Tucson, AZ 85719 520-887-5566

January/February 2012

No Mason will find the word Karma used in Masonic ritual. Nor does this article suggest its usage to be found anywhere in the text. But the principles inherent in what this wandering concept entails are to be found enriched in the deep treasury of Masonic thought. As a foundation, the best description for our interests here is that Karma is neither good nor bad and cannot act for it is action itself. With this understanding comes the idea that it is not Karma which affects us at all, but instead us who affect it. This is synonymous with the Mason seeking harmony within his lodge; the equilibrium sought after by the most earnest apprentice and experienced master. Indeed, if building temples has anything to do with Freemasonry then the architecture of which must adhere to a law, force, or process; whatever you may want to call it in Nature. It must be so then that if the GAOTU is to design anything, there remains an order which is forever unbroken. For the moment we choose to initiate any sort of action Karma is the sharp instrument piercing our hearts, the one which adjusts the order of design and is the very first to check the efforts of the individual, society, or fraternity. How then can it be justly defined as being good or bad? If there was no such balance equally disposed to us all there would be no need for a free will, a free masonry, or the teaching of tools to build a temple. The indifference of such a concept is what maintains its justice. Its strength is exemplified in Freemasonry’s adherence to no division of creed, color, or position. Just as it has always been within us to progress forward, it is our actions and more greatly the intention of our actions which constitutes what we become. Tenants and cardinal virtues are useless without the opportunity to enact them. Thus, the challenges we face determines the fruits of our Karma. What is really good or bad is up to us. These fruits of our labors create impressions that may linger or vanish - only to reappear, as if by chance, for us to redeem ourselves stronger. Impressions return, people remember, and this is the lesson Charity teaches through faith. Faith that sincere action breeds more of the same, for it is particularly Masons who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection, Karma. It truly is the combination of clay, chalk, and charcoal for just as we are charged to exert our talents to the welfare of our fellow creatures, it should be clear that we have not only a solemn obligation, but a moral responsibility to do so. Certainly, this Eastern term is not so distant after all.

Arizona Masonry Magazine


Grand Lodge of Arizona

130th Annual Communication Poco Diablo Resort 1752 State Route 197 Sedona, AZ 86336 May 31, through June 2, 2012 Registration Form (Please Type or Print Legibly) Last Name____________________________________

First Name________________________________

Address__________________________________________________________________________________ City___________________________State__________________________Zip_________________________ E-Mail_______________________________________


Attending as: GM___ PGM____WM____SW____JW____PM____ MM____ Other___________________ Grand Jurisdiction ________________________________________________________________________ Primary Lodge and Number_________________________________________________________________ Staying at Hotel: Yes____ No____ My lady will accompany me: Yes____ No____ Her name is _______________________________________ Thursday Evening Grand Masters Banquet (formal)


No. ____ $__________

Friday Lunch –


No. ____ $__________


No. ____ $__________


No. ____ $__________

Opened to masons and their ladies.

Saturday Lunch –

Opened to masons and their ladies.

Ladies Program {See reverse Side} Conference Fee:

One Day: $ 20.00

Two Days:

$ 40.00

130th Grand Communication Proceedings Book

$__________ $30.00

No.____ $__________ Total


Make Checks payable to: 130th Grand Lodge Communication Mail to: 345 W. Monroe St, Phoenix, Ariz. 85003-1684 Hotel Reservations: Poco Diablo Resort – Phone Reservations – 1-928-203-5923 Room Rate $134.00 plus Tax – Refer to Grand Lodge of Arizona CUT OFF DATE FOR HOTEL, MEALS AND LADIES PROGRAM IS May 1, 2012 Attendees are on their own Friday evening. Poco Diablo Resort will be serving a buffet dinner on Friday evening for those wishing to attend.

2012 GRAND LODGE LADIES WEEK-END ACTIVITIES AND REGISTRATION FORM “A TIME TO REMEMBER” Thursday May 31, 2012 Ladies Registration Desk Opens Friday June 1, 2012 “Welcome to Beautiful Sedona, Arizona” A presentation giving us the History Past & Present of Beautiful Sedona


LADIES LUNCHEON followed by our “SILHOUETTES PAST & PRESENT PROGRAM” Lunch will be served overlooking the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona, followed by a Spectacular Fashion Event that will feature fashions from the early 1800’s through the 1900’s. A luncheon you will not want to miss! (Seating limited to 90 Ladies) Following Lunch….Shopping in the Uptown Sedona Shops Transportation Included


TRANSFER $40.00 COST OF LADIES LUNCHEON TO MEN’S REGISTRATION FORM Saturday June 2, 2012 Microwave/Micro-Convection Cooking “The Wise Way to Cook” The author/producer of the Cookbook & DVD “Cook It Don’t Nuke It” brings us new and up-to-date healthy tips & techniques. Mother Earth’s Treasurers Stones and Gems given to us by Mother Earth! You will learn the many qualities, properties & uses of these magnificent gifts! Essential Oils and How to Use Them You will learn the use and benefits from single & combination oils! Presentation will be given by the Owner of Sedona’s “A Spa for You”.



After our Presentations there will be time with our Presenters for Questions and Shopping! ______________________________________________________________ GOLF WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND WITH NO GREEN FEES (Clubs, balls and tees $5.00 per day) Reservations may be made upon arrival.

Philosophy A Thought to Ponder Active vs. Inactive

By Phillip Shulsky

edge that he has not been forgotten.

I was in the VFW the other night when I noticed a sign I had not seen before. It read “How would your VFW Post be if every member where just like you?” It really made me think about our organization. We really are not that different from the rest.

This is just one example; there are many others. Each of you has experienced this frustration in one, or all, of the many organizations you belong to; a lack of active members to perform the work, I am merely putting voice to it. Sometimes we have the habit of using the ideal of Brotherly Love to prevent us from naming things that In every organization, you have about 10% of the mem- need named, but that is an article for another month. bership doing 90% of the work. This trend is alive and well in every Masonic group I belong to: the brothers I love the craft. I am proud to serve it in any capacity it doing the ritual are the same ones supporting fundrais- requires. I have also realized that for the active memers, are the same ones trying to support the “no Mason bership, the 24-inch gauge has little importance. I will left behind” are the same ones who participate in Lodge always step up and support my Mother Lodge even at functions. How does this define equality? the expense of personal needs. I hope that as my memory Now I understand very well that many of those we no fades and my physical abilities longer see supporting the Lodge in any measurable way deteriorate I will still be willing were once very active. In truth, they may well have felt to stretch forth a helping hand as I do now and may have wrote similar articles. How- to serve. ever, the fact remains that as a craft we are constantly burning out the movers and shakers, relegating them to Worshipful Brother Shulsky is the current inactive status. Thus the cycle continues: Join with enMaster of Huachuca Lodge #52 ergy and vigor that changes into pride of ownership, slowly metamorphosing into resentment and frustration, often ending in withdraw. There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part this seems to be the trend.

Question of the Month:

I have come to believe that, perhaps, the measure should not be quantity of work or depth of effort. How thankful What is the symbolism of the would I be personally, if a brother who does not attend Lodge because of age or distance, offered to serve his three (3) knocks at the Door? Lodge on the call committee? How great a service this would be to the craft, and how grateful would the “acARIZONA ASSOCIATION tive brother” be in having a small piece of his pie reOF MASONIC moved! Chances are that the brothers he would call HIGH TWELVE CLUBS, INC. would not be personally known by the newer membership, yet had a personal relationship with the inactive “In Service to Freemasonry” Brother doing the calling. It is a win-win situation. The Five Clubs in Arizona to serve you inactive Brother receives the knowledge that he is still (Sierra Vista, Green Valley, Tucson, Sun actively supporting His Lodge; the newer member reCity West and Phoenix). Ladies always ceives the relief of a few precious minutes in his day For additional information contact that he can spend in other endeavors; and the Brother Kevin Hokerk, PSP at 623.239.6101 being called receives the feeling of unity in the knowlJanuary/February 2012 Arizona Masonry Magazine 11

Thoughts to Ponder Why Do We Wait?

A Mason’s New Year

This morning, I read the local newspaper from the town in Connecticut where I had resided before moving to the Cincinnati area. It contained numerous eulogies for the Chief of Police who succumbed to a heart attack a few days ago. He was fifty four years old. These words were beautifully written and consumed over two pages of the newspaper. While reading these eulogies which were filled with praise for this individual, his love for his family and his friends, his sense of humor, his dedication, his devotion to duty and to the town in which he served, his compassion for others, and his assistance to those who called upon him, I realized he truly was an honorable man, and a dedicated leader. He will be missed by many. Upon reflecting on these eulogies, a thought came to me. How many individuals do each of us know personally, especially family members, or friends of ours, who fit the same description as that popular Chief of Police? I’ll bet we all know some one. During the period of time we have known these individuals, how many times have we mentioned the way we feel towards them? How many times do we express our inner most feelings to them, shake their hand or even give them a loveable hug? Have we hugged someone today? Most likely not! Why? Maybe it is because we are ashamed to. Perhaps we are too “macho” to express our feelings. It could be that we feel today is not the appropriate time to do this and we will definitely do it at some other time; some other time? When? When will we have the nerve or the “guts” to tell someone we love, or admire, what they mean to us? Give me a time table when you plan to accomplish this. You can’t!!

There is a simple beauty in the arbitrary lines that dictate our lives. These lines range from land boundaries, personal and cultural restrictions, to the time impositions that are not natural to the Earth or her cycles. Some of these manmade lines also allow us to regularly begin anew. New Year’s Day is one of these arbitrary lines that permit us to reflect upon our past selves, making necessary and idealistic adjustments for the future year.

By S.K. Baril – Grand Lodge of Minnesota

By Jeremy Borie

We find that we make New Year’s Resolutions to improve ourselves, our relationships, our financial standing and our relationship with God. Though it is a culturally accepted fact that we will severely fall short of these resolutions rather quickly, there is a hope that comes from our willingness to make these resolutions. The hope of these resolutions is within the inherent free will that we personally and collectively possess. This free will of seeking betterment is something that helped induce us to become Freemasons in the first place.

It is apt that the working tools presented in the first degree are the twenty four inch gauge and common gavel. Correctly allocating our time positively and the divestment of superfluities are the foundation of betterment. The life changing effects of proper time management and the ability to divest ourselves of bad habits are simple on their face but skills that take a lifetime to master. We as Master Masons can draw a close parallel between our entry in to the craft and our own entry in to this New Year, needing to focus ourWhy is it at visitations and funerals we hear from family selves on these tools for self improvement in order to grow. members and friends of the deceased all the great attributes this person had. Was he or she informed of these feelings I trust every brother has allowed himself to reflect on this while they were still with us? Funeral homes usually are past year with clear eyes and that each one of us optimistifilled with a variety of floral arrangements, conveying the cally welcomes the uncertainty of 2012. Seemingly, the culsympathies of many people. Have flowers ever been sent to tural, political and theological happenings all conspire to these same people while they were living? Have flowers been inspire only dread. But let us sent just for the sake of sending someone a bouquet? Think hold out hope though, as it is our now; how many times have you sent flowers to someone just inherent free will combined with to say Hi, or “I love you?” Have we sent flowers to someone positive implementation which just to brighten their day? How many acts of random kind- will improve ourselves in Maness do we perform in the course of a day? Be honest sonry, as well as in our own pernow. How many? Don’t be ashamed, be truthful. sonal lives. As human beings, we take everything for granted. When continued on pg. 15


Brother Borie is the current Junior Warden of Wayfarers Lodge #50

Arizona Masonry Magazine

January/February 2012

Wills & Bequests Corner New Year Gifting One of the major concepts of Charity is the belief in the brotherhood of man. This means that we believe all human beings are members of the same family and that we care and assist each other. There are many ways for you to choose from when you make a contribution. casH giFts

just a few that need to be endowed. Endowing these areas of our budget could in time lower the per capita cost to the lodges. Your check, made out to the Grand Lodge Endowment Fund should be sent to the grand Lodge of arizona, 345 W. Monroe, Phoenix, az 85003.

Cash is probably the most popular form of Charitable Also, if you are fortunate to have a capitol gains tax donation because, in most instances it is very conven- problem this coming year, we can suggest some ways ient. It is always appropriate to give cash because it can that will help you retain more be directly deposited into a foundation fund. income for you and your family. Contact the Wills and BeStocks, bonds, mutual funds and even real estate may quest Committee at the Grand be donated to the various Charities of our Grand Lodge. Lodge office. There are advantages to the donor when appreciated property of any kind is given. Such gifts avoid the capMost Worshipful Brother Hannon is a Past ital gains taxes if held longer than twelve months and Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of such gifts qualify for a charitable deduction for federal Arizona, Recipient of the Grand Lodge of Arizona Lifetime Achievement Award and is income tax purposes. currently the Chairman of the Grand Lodge Wills & Bequests Committee

LiFe incoMe giFts 1. charitable remainder annuity trust A donor irrevocably transfers cash or other property to the Masonic Charities Foundation and the foundation agrees to pay a fixed life annual income for the life of the donor and another life if desired. Income to the donor is based on age, and the size of the gift After the death of the donor, income may be transferred to a second recipient, if so listed. After the death of the second recipient the fund becomes the property of the foundation. 2. charitable remainder trusts This unitrust is similar to the annuity trust in most ways, except that the income is based on a percentage of the fair market value of the property, determined annually. Additional contributions can be made to a unitrust in future years. • Grand Lodge Endowment Fund - A special fund to endow the programs of our Grand Lodge. Candidate education, lodge officer training, monthly newsletter, officer travel and membership development are January/February 2012

A Masonic Quiz:

Answers to Last Month’s Quiz 1 - A Lewis is the son of a Mason and as such has the distinct privilege of becoming a Mason. In the English working the privilege is that a Lewis is afforded the privilege of being given “first in line” of any candidates that are being considered. 2 - A Lewis is a device for lifting heavy blocks. A hole is drilled in the top of the stone and a metal piece called a lewis is placed in the hole which enables the block to be lifted. In some Lodges the perfect ashlar is displayed by being suspended by a lewis in a tripod. The picture of George Washington laying the cornerstone illustrates the use of a lewis to suspend the block.

Arizona Masonry Magazine


Competiton Where Were We Then? Where Are We Now?

By Mike Manning

just under one and a half million nationwide.

It is certainly not difficult to recognize that Freemasonry WHAT HAPPENED ????????? in America has a problem with declining membership. One must ask ….. What may have caused this? … Or, Well, I’m glad you asked. In about 1952 Americans started hearing about a new technological marvel called better yet, how do we reverse it? Television. By 1954, these strange things started showing I have been pondering this situation for several years. up in our homes; and by the mid-1960’s almost every When I sat down last year to organize my official visit home could afford one IN COLOR !!!! schedule, this disturbing trend was in the forefront of my mind; along with a few possible reasons for this decline My Goodness ….. Why leave home & family at least one night per week and go to Lodge, when I can sit and watch and also some possible solutions. my favorite TV show in the comfort of my own living To start with lets look at some figures that demonstrate room ????? this awful trend: This era in our history was also home to the unpopular My research could only take me as far back as 1920, be- Viet Nam War as well as the realization that we were loscause that is the year when the membership figures for ing WWII and Korean War Veterans in record numbers. the United States were first tabulated; and subsequently Therein lies a problem; but how do we go about fixing collected on a regular basis. In 1920 there were just over it? two and one half million Master Masons in the U.S. alone. After WWI ended, our surviving troops came I am sure that there are at least a dozen ways that we can home and joined one or more of the several Fraternities combat this loss in membership problem. To start with, that were available. Freemasonry being the most visible, its a matter of putting forth the effort to “DO SOMETHING”. Even one effort, such as making a visit to our naturally we gained the most. returning Veterans from the Middle East and saying to By the year 1930 American Freemasonry could claim a them “Welcome Home …. Is there anything we can do membership of over three and one half million. But then for you ???? something happened …… Our country’s surviving Civil War Vets had reached into their seventies and eighties Remember that our upward trends were, at least in no and were being called to The Great Architect’s Lodge small part, due to returning Vets. We can reflect upon above. By 1940 our membership figures stood back near those trends to help overcome what could be a dismal future for our beloved Freemasonry. In my Official Visits the 1920 level. to our Lodges around the state, I will be exploring some Of course, once again, something happened. The entire of the ways that we can use to help reverse this downworld became locked in a horrific struggle of life and ward slide. I hope to see each and everyone of you there death. This again created a spike in membership when so we can share ideas. the survivors of WWII came home. Not only that, hot on the heels of WWII came the war in Korea. By 1960, there It can be done; but remember …… Its really up to all of us. were over four million Masons in the U.S. alone. Now, one would think that we were on an “endless roll” and the future looked very bright………… Think again!!!! The membership figures for our Fraternity now stand at 14

Worshipful Brother Manning is a Past Grand Lecturer and is currently the Senior Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of Arizona

Arizona Masonry Magazine

January/February 2012

Masonic Family Opportunities continued from pg. 12 we get into our cars and turn the ignition key on, we take for granted the engine will start; when we enter a dark room we automatically flip the light switch on and take for granted the light will come on. When we turn the thermostat up on a cold winter day, we take for granted the furnace will fire up and keep us warm. The examples are endless. The most important items we take for granted are our family members, and our own lives. Who can guarantee us that we or one of our loved ones will be with us in the next second? What a shame it is that we take these loved ones so much for granted, most always, unconsciously. The last two verses of a poem I read many years ago seem to sum it up perfectly. So hold your loved ones close today And whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them And that you’ll always hold them dear. Take time to say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank you, or it’s Okay,” For if tomorrow never comes, You’ll have no regrets about today.

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Arizona Masonry Magazine



Arizona Masonry

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Arizona Masonry  

Arizona Masonry Vol 36 No 4 January / February 2012

Arizona Masonry  

Arizona Masonry Vol 36 No 4 January / February 2012


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