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Aaron Davis, Miss Gay Texas USofA Classic 16

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Tribute to Erica Andrews 24

Bottomlicious 22

Get Ready for the heat!

“Helping the LGBTQ Folks of South Coastal Texas Buy and Sell Real Estate the Right Way.” Work with someone who is comfortable working with you. Call me if I can help: William Milan Uhlarik, MBA, ARM (“Bill”) Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker Keller Williams Realty Coaastal Bend 15105 South Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi, TX 78418 Cell: 361-739-3167 Fax: 361-949-9902 E-mail:

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Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Model Photo by Valerie Escobedo / Cover Design by Manuel Garza

Cover Models: Owen Foster, left and Jayden Daniels, right Published by The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation* Editors: Alison Johnson and Abe Aguirre Page Designer/Art Editor: Manuel Garza Contributing Photographer: Valerie Escobedo

Bartender Spot Light 4-8 HC staff writers Horoscopes 10-12 Ammie Carr Consumer Corner 13 Alison Johnson Do You Hear the People Sing? 15 Korbin Boomer Mathews Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent 16 Joseph Cavazos Flavor Combinations 17 Liz Wilson History of the Rainbow Pride Flag 20 Jojo Gomez Mr. Hard Candy 2013 Update on Jayden Daniels 21 Bottomlicious 22 Alison Johnson Safe Sex Crossword Puzzle 23 Answers 27 Liz Wilson Tribute to Erica Andrews 24 Brittany Andrews VIVA LA TRANS: Equality for All 26 Kitana Sanchez

Funded through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Texas Department of State Health Services Substance Abuse Services Unit.


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

We asked local bartenders what’s their favorite drink to serve and how they promote responsible drinking.

By HC staff writers Photos courtesy of HC staff

“Calling them a cab or making sure they have a DD”

“Monitor how many drinks they have had”

Favorite Drink: Chocolate Cake Martini

Favorite Drink: Blue Hawaiian

– Adrian Gonzales Hidden Door

– Gilbert Gomez Hidden Door

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

“Cut the bitch off…!”

– Jaime De La Garza Hidden Door Favorite Drink: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

We asked local bartenders what’s their favorite drink to serve and how they promote responsible drinking.


“Keep the same liquor”

– John Nolan Hidden Door Favorite Drink: Dreamsicle shot


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

We asked local bartenders what’s their favorite drink to serve and how they promote responsible drinking.

“Don’t drink all your money away, save enough for a cab ride home” – Carlos Cano

“Encourage drinking water between drinks”

Hidden Door

– Jerry Gaytan Klub BESO

Favorite Drink: Sex with an Alligator shot

Favorite Drink: Bud Light

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013


“Make sure they are legal to drink”

“Know when they have had enough”

Favorite Drink: Strawberry Kiwi Martini

Favorite Drink: Tsunami

– Sam Curiel Club Seven

– Robert Ramos Club Seven

We asked local bartenders what’s their favorite drink to serve and how they promote responsible drinking.


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

We asked local bartenders what’s their favorite drink to serve and how they promote responsible drinking.

“Let them sober up before leaving the bar”

“If you get too drunk, I will take you home myself!”

Favorite Drink: Screwdriver

Favorite Drink: Strawberry Margarita Bulldog

– Andy Lopez, Bar Manager Triangle Night Club

– Jose Sosa, Head Bartender Triangle Night Club

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013




Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Cancer: 22 June –22 July By: Ammie Carr

All About Cuddly Cancer: Cancer the Crab are some of the most sensitive and loving creatures in the zodiac. Intensely loyal, these folks will stay in a relationship long after it’s evident that there is nothing left. Why? Because Cancer’s hate change. Cancer’s become very comfortable with their environment and become anxious if there are any sudden changes. Cancer’s tend to be very intuitive about others’ feelings and are compassionate enough to lend an ear or shoulder to a loved one in need. Cancer’s are fiercely protective of their loved ones but have a tendency to become jealous and possessive when insecure. They are easily hurt but instead of voicing their hurt, will sulk and become moody instead. These are not the people to lie to because they will remember exactly what you said to them, no matter how long it’s been. Likes: comfort and helping others Dislikes: sudden changes, conflict Harmonious With: Pisces and Virgo Unsuited For: Sagittarius and Gemini

Illustration by Eden Gonzalez /

Horoscopes Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013


Leo: 23 July – 22 August By: Ammie Carr

All About Lusty Leo: You probably know Leo the Lion. They are hard to miss. Leo’s are flamboyant, outgoing and want your attention as well as everyone else’s. These are the leaders of the zodiac and would rather die than move to someone else’s beat. They are inspiring. They exhibit loads of courage and will go where most are afraid to tread. Leo’s tend to be very direct and may hurt your feelings once in a while. They are ambitious and competitive and will fight for what they feel passionate about. Want to know a secret? Leos are not nearly as confident as they want you to believe. Want to get on Leo’s good side? Complement their appearance or have them teach you something. This gives them the validation they so badly need. Want to get under their skin? Simply ignore them. But beware! The angry Lion is something to be feared. Likes: praise, attention, luxury Dislikes: criticism, boredom, following others instructions Harmonious With: Aries and Gemini Unsuited For: Scorpio and Capricorn Illustration by Eden Gonzalez /



Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Virgo: 23 August – 23 September By: Ammie Carr

All About Vibrant Virgo: Virgos are helpful and accommodating to basically everyone. They love to be needed. Virgos will put up with much more than anyone else in a relationship because they wholeheartedly believe they can fix anyone if they just try hard enough. Virgos aim for perfection, not only of themselves, but everyone else too. How do you know? They’ll criticize and nag you to death. But they’re really trying to be helpful, honest. They love to talk! They’ll never shy away from a good healthy debate; some might even call them argumentative. They are highly adaptable and have no problem adjusting to changes in their life, as long as it makes sense. They have a tendency to worry and will complain of stomachaches when under stress. A word of caution: manipulation is a tool Virgos wield with ease. Likes: details, improving everything around them, planning Dislikes: public displays of affection, laziness or complacency in others Harmonious With: Taurus and Scorpio Unsuited For: Leo and Aquarius

Illustration by Eden Gonzalez /

Photo by Valerie Escobedo

Consumer Corner

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013


The Bottom Condom Is the “FC2” right for you? By Alison Johnson


t first glance, you are probably thinking F*#$ No! It is a bit uncomfortable and not everyone will enjoy bottoming with this condom. Sure, most men will say “just use a regular condom”. How many times have you been with a man who told you, “condoms don’t feel good” or my favorite, “they don’t fit”. The bottom condom has been adapted from the popular FC2 female condom. The female condom is manufactured to be used for vaginal use only. Consumers have been creative and have extended this use for anal sex*. If used properly, this condom can provide protection for both partners:

twist the condom and pull out. Discard properly. If you would like to try the female condom for bottoming, you may come by the Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation and pick up as many as you like for FREE. We encourage condom consumers to write in with their opinions about this bottom condom. Share how you are protecting yourself against HIV and other STIs. * Disclaimer The manufacturers of the FC2 Female condom, The Female Health Company & the FDA, do not support or endorse the use of the female condom for anal sex.

Step 1: Check expiration date. Step 2: Open properly. Use the arrow at the top of the package to indicate which corner. Step 3: Take the inner ring out. Step 4: Insert using your fingers up as far as you can go. You may be laying down on back, on all fours, or squatting. You may also have your partner place the condom on his erect penis and insert into you. It helps if you stimulate the area first! Step 5: Guide the penis in slowly, making sure the condom isn’t push to the side and you are not inserting into the unprotected anus. You may have to hold the condom in place. Step 6: ENJOY! Have the top hold the condom in place while he is pulling in and out. Step 7: After ejaculation, stay in the position you are in,

Illustration by Royce Rolls


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Making home ownership dreams come true

“We don’t want to be the biggest DJ company. We only want to be the best at what we do for your event.”

Travis Teel, REALTOR® 921 Houston St, Portland, TX 78374 (361) 876-5530 •

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Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Do You Hear The People Sing?


Legendary Broadway Musical Les Misérables Opens This Summer By Korbin Boomer Mathews


o I know what you’re thinking. What the f*** is Les Mis and why is it haunting me? This last year the iconic musical spectacular was adapted to the screen, with a star-studded cast, and raked in an entire awards season worth of accolades (ever wonder why you couldn’t escape Anne Hathaway grinning ear to ear clutching an Oscar?). It was impossible to turn on your television or walk into a cinema without seeing the age-old story everywhere you looked. Which begs the question: why is everyone so dick-whipped by this show? The short answer is BECAUSE THIS STORY IS FREAKING EPIC, THAT’S WHY. Now normally in my day-to-day life I don’t obsess over the French Revolution but something about how Les Misérables pairs it with a backdrop of swelling music and period perfect costumes makes it an undeniable feast for any audience. Blah, blah, blah historical narrative written by Victor Hugo in 1860-whatever. Blah, blah, blah, downtrodden and dispossessed French people. Blah, blah, blah, death. That is what I imagine is ringing in your brain as you skim through this article. Au contraire, ladies and gents. …the best part is, it’s NOT boring. At all! Not even in the slightest. Sprinkled with theft, imprisonment, illegitimate children, battles, mayhem, plenty of prostitution and more lover’s angst than an episode of Gossip Girl this tale is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. This Summer, opening July 19th and running through August 25th, the Corpus Christi Harbor Playhouse (located downtown adjacent to the American Bank Center) will take on the challenge of bringing this modern classic to the stage and it is predicted to be one of the most grand local productions in the theater’s almost 85 year history. Former shows that have raised the bar at the theater have included Chicago, CATS, and Oklahoma and this year is expected to carry on the tradition of excellence in Corpus Christi entertainment. In addition to the high-budget performance, patrons will be pleasantly surprised when they sashay through the doors of the local-landmark and are greeted with an entirely renovated lobby! With a whole new level of sophistication and hometown glamour you’d be silly not to waltz down to the Playhouse and take in this thrilling and breathtaking show. For more information follow the Harbor Playhouse Facebook page, visit for ticket prices and show times or call the boxoffice at 361-888-SHOW. Illustration courtesy of Public Domain


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent Corpus Christi houses strong competitors. By Joseph Cavazos


mong the many possibilities to find entertainment in any given city, you might find yourself in venues hosting drag shows; events of illusion, intensity, and expression. If you ever get the opportunity to witness a drag pageant though, you'll be captivated by the sheer value of the event. A simple way to describe the aesthetic of pageantry: "mesmerizing." Corpus Christi houses strong competitors. Local club owner Aaron Davis recently won Miss Gay Texas USofA Classic. Current reigning Mr. Hard Candy, Jayden Daniels, proved to be more than just an attractive face among the scene by conquering Mr. Hot Body Texas and Mr. Gay Houston USofA this year. I had the opportunity of sitting down with Corpus' own Cristina LaGrand after her jaw dropping win at Miss Corpus Christi Sweetheart. LaGrand's best aspect is her ability to progress. "It just feels like a big journey of progression," said LaGrand describing the events leading up to her win. For LaGrand, the next step involves representing her title professionally while working with local promoter Brittany Andrews to prepare for a season of pageantry and progress. Pageantry can signify more than representing a person or title. Kitana Sanchez recently won Miss Queen of Fantasia held at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. With her crown and conviction, Kitana aims to represent the transgendered community and Corpus as she walks the path toward Miss Texas Continental. If you've ever had the opportunity to witness Kitana speak of perform, you'll notice her passion is her greatest strength. Most pageants have an interview category, which Sanchez breezes through charismatically. If you would like to learn more about pageants.....attend one. Maybe you will discover a whole new aspect of entertainment you never knew you would like.

Aaron Davis recently won Miss Gay Texas USofA Classic. Photo courtesy of Aaron Davis at

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013



Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013


Community Champions Golf Tournament

North Shore Country Club, Portland, Texas Friday, October 4, 2013 6:30 a.m. Check-in & Breakfast • 8:00 a.m. Shotgun Start Awards Luncheon Following Golf Gold Sponsor

BMW of Corpus Christi 4225 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (888) 378-1109

D’yan Lopez Insurance Agency 5403 Everhart Rd #212, Corpus Christi, TX 78411 (361) 592-8450 •

Mike Shaw KIA 6802 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 (888) 718-4151

Travis Teel, REALTOR® 921 Houston St, Portland, TX 78374 (361) 876-5530 •

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Outreach & Prevention FREE & Confidential Testing: HIV Rapid, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, & Hepatitis C Available testing days: Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

We also offer:

• Screening & Referrals • HIV/AIDS/STI, and Hepatitis C Education • Group Interventions • Substance Abuse Education • Risk Reduction Counseling

400 Mann Street, Suite 800 • Corpus Christi, TX, 78401 Phone 361.814.2001 • Funded through the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Texas Department of State Health Services Substance Abuse Services Unit.



Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

History of the Rainbow Pride Flag By JoJo Gomez


ver wonder how the Pride Flag came to be? Did you know that there were two versions before the one we have now? The use of color has played a meaningful role in our community’s declaration of pride. In Victorian England, the color green was associated with homosexuality. In the late 1960’s post Stonewall, the catchphrase was “purple power”. The Nazi’s used the pink triangle to identify gay males in concentration camps. The pink triangle received worldwide notoriety and soon used as a gay pop icon symbol. But the most recognized symbol has been our Rainbow Pride Flag and its rainbow of colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. In 1978 the Rainbow Pride Flag first appeared in the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. Adopting symbolism from black civil rights groups and other movements, Gilbert Baker a well known artist/gay rights activist from San Francisco, designed the rainbow flag desiring the need for a symbol that could be used year after year. Baker created a flag with eight stripes and colors. Each of those colors represented sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony and spirit. Baker and thirty volunteers hand stitched and hand dyed two enormous prototype flags for the parade. Baker approached San Francisco’s Paramount Flag Company about mass producing and selling his pride flag. Because Baker had hand dyed all the colors and pink was not commercially available, mass production of the eight striped version was condensed to seven stripes instead. In November 1978 San Francisco’s gay community was stunned and saddened by the assassination of the city’s first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk. The 1979 Pride Parade Committee decided to use Baker’s flag in a show of unity and strength to rise above the tragedy that had taken the life of such an outspoken leader, that inspired a movement that propelled gay rights into to the spotlight. Before the Pride Parade took place, the committee decided to remove the indigo stripe so that the flag could be displayed evenly along the parade route, three colors on each side of the street. Soon after that, the six striped version is what has been adopted today. These colors represent the pride and diversity of our beautiful community.

Bouquets or by the dozen for all occasions Weddings and Birthdays Specialties (361) 816-0607


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Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Mr. Hard Candy Update Our first Mr. Hard Candy By Hard Candy Staff Writer


ayden Daniels was crowned Mr. Hard Candy 2013 back in December 2012. Since winning this title, he has remained busy with expanding his portfolio and titles. Jayden is currently Mr. Hot Body Texas and Mr. Houston USofA. He is preparing to compete for Mr. Gay Texas USofA in June. As if pageants don’t take up enough of his time, Jayden is currently a junior at TAMUCC where he is working towards his bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Theatre as well as a certificate in dance. He is dancing professionally with Avant Dance Studios and has performed in places like Austin and Corpus Christi. Jayden is a male entertainer at Club SE7EN and also has performed at other clubs on the weekends in Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio. Congratulations and Good Luck!

Photo by Valerie Escobedo

Jayden Daniels, Mr. Hard Candy 2013, on the cover of Hard Candy’s Premier issue



Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

How to Maintain a Healthy Bottom To Douche or Not to Douche? By Alison Johnson and Abe Aguirre


efore going out to meet someone, you check to make sure you have nothing in your teeth…you make sure you don’t have bad breath…you make sure you smell good… but do you make sure your butt is healthy before bottoming? Our staff gets asked many questions about proper anal care. Of course you want to freshen up before and after bottoming but there is certain things you need to keep in mind before you do so. •Wipe down the outside of the anus with a moist wipe like Charmin Fresh Mates or Kleenex Cottonelle Flushable wipes. •Douching or glycerin suppositories should be used sparingly and should not be done right before bottoming. These products contain harsh chemicals which dry out the lining of the anus and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. The tip of the applicator of the douche can puncture or scratch the lining. When in doubt, do not use. •Just because it makes you smell good, does not mean you can use it on your butt. Do not use lotions or creams with perfumes on the anus. •Best option: Flush out with plain ol’ warm water! Simple but most effective. You may use an ear syringe (the blue bulb with the tapered nozzle used on babies) with warm water and gently squeeze into the rectum. The small amount of water and the soft applicator will not cause any damage. Do not stick the tip all the way up into the rectum, just the tip! Last step: ENJOY! Resources: Book-Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women by Jack Morin

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Safe Sex... Fun Sex


By Liz Wilson

Flavors, textures, and brands to know

Answers on page 27


Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

The Legacy of Erica Andrews By Brittany Andrews

“If you Google Erica Andrews, it’s quite obvious that she left her mark in this world.” - Manny

I Brittany Andrews

nternational beauty queen & film star Erica Andrews passes. A San Antonio native, Erica worked as a professional makeup artist and legendary showgirl throughout the nation. Her energy and seductive performances were truly captivating and above inspirational. Her accomplishments in the "Art of Illusion" were second to none. Both on and off stage; she remained humble, gracious and supportive. The advice and knowledge she offered to young transgendered woman everywhere has proven to be monumental. She lived the ultimate dream filled with success, love and acceptance. She was true meaning of an "Influential Diva". Her legacy and words of wisdom will be remembered for generations to come; "Practice Love not Labels"

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

Ultra talented Erica Andrews brilliantly channels screen icon Joan Crawford in this photo Photo courtesy of Public Domain



Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013

“If there were more positive views in the media about transgender, perhaps the discrimination I experienced at a local country bar would not have occurred.”

Viva La Trans Equality for All? By Katrina Sanchez


t’s been awhile readers since the last time we’ve “spilt t” and this writer has had plenty of “t” to brew. It wasn’t too long ago that on television a young trans-girl was arrested and portrayed in a negative light. In the video clip the reporter said, “…and the big shocking twist in the story,” to which they switch to a police officer stating, “That’s a man. That is a man.” What’s shocking is all of the hard work a girl like me has put into creating a positive image for society, and that it can go up in smoke in an instant. If there were more positive views in the media about transgender, perhaps the discrimination I experienced at a local country bar would not have occurred. I was denied entrance into the Country dance bar. A worker informed me that because of complaints from genetic women about transwomen in the bathroom, my sisters and I are no longer welcome. It brings me distress to know that even if I speak on behalf of a community who has no voice, I am shunned, like a degenerate, from indulging in normal activities. So what’s a girl like me supposed to do? Exactly what I’m doing now, writing for a future of acceptance.

Katrina Sanchez

Hard Candy Magazine • Summer 2013



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Hard Candy Magazine - Summer 2013