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TCM® Enterprise makes it possible Imagine... .... You have many wind sites with several turbines - different types and from different vendors – and you also have conventional power plants in your power generation portfolio. .... You are focusing on performance and your asset management department wants to be in control to deliver the power required without any unforeseen disturbance. .... You had an effective solution to assist you in asset management and condition monitoring well integrated with your existing monitoring and SCADA system requiring a minimum of extra resources Imagination... Becomes reality with the TCM® Enterprise solution from Gram & Juhl A/S.

What is TCM® Enterprise The TCM® Enterprise is a server software using a MySQL® or Microsoft® MsSQL database. Requirements Linux Red Hat or SuSE Enterprise distribution with a maintenance subscription and certified HW for these OSs. What can you do with the TCM® Enterprise? With the TCM® Enterprise solution you can configure and monitor thousands of wind turbines equipped with the TCM® solution integrated with your SCADA system. Configuration Wind Turbines of same model are assigned the same configuration so you will only have to maintain one configuration for one type of turbine. We call it template configuration. Configurations are objects which are able to inherit properties from another configuration so you can easily and effortless create new configurations. Monitoring You can use the TCM® Enterprise web interface or you can have alarms and status information send to your SCADA system. You can use the web interface to manage your assets and to build up your own knowledge and historical database on root cause for faults and the maintenance of the wind turbines. Integration You can integrate the TCM® Enterprise through WEB or OPCUA to your SCADA system or a third party system e.g., a PI system from OSISoft®. Data mining When you want to investigate a symptom or find the root cause of a fault you can use the TCM® Data mining tools which are Java based, meaning no need to install any software on your computer. Software deployment When a new release of TCM® software is available you can deploy it from the TCM® Enterprise to all wind turbines and TCM® Site servers through the management interface.

User management and security The TCM® Enterprise has a full blown user management controlling accessibility and visibility to all functions and measurements. A secure https interface can be exposed to external users.

Concurrency More TCM® Enterprise servers can operate in parallel - ensuring that utilities, IPPs and turbine manufactures can monitor the same wind turbines. This is convinient for training and handing over turbines e.g., when warranty period ends or service responsibility shifts.

Asset management TCM® – Managing your assets in a profitable way At the end of the day it is all about ensuring reliable and profitable sustainable energy “ Wind Power forever”. Because of its well proven track record the TCM® Enterprise is an essential management tool at key organisations in the wind business sector, such as Siemens Wind Power and DONG Energy A/S*. “TCM® Enterprise is an excellent tool helping us to efficiently and simultaneously monitor and manage several wind turbines throughout the world”. Customer and user: Palle Uhre Knusen, Dong Energy, Wind Surveillance Center, Denmark. * DONG Energy delivers energy to the Danish population, gives advice on energy, enter into climate partnerships and continue to develop their interests in renewable energy – see more at:

CUMA - Getting the diagnosis right TCM® Diagnostic An important property for the TCM® Enterprise performance is its ability to perform accurate and informative diagnosis ensuring that only real warnings and alarms are brought to attention No false alarms.

TCM® Synergy Various departments in your organization can benefit from the TCM® Enterprise creating a synergy between Monitoring, Service and R&D departments.

The TCM® diagnostic is based on advanced empiric, deterministic and statistic methods combined with the ability to accumulate and train the TCM® system with the experience entered through the web system by the operator.

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