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In Business News: SERC Physical Therapy

SERC Physical Therapy, located at 103 SW Eagles Parkway, is celebrating its 4th year in business in Grain Valley on November 10th.

SERC Physical Therapy is a part of BenchMark Rehab Partners, a family of physical therapy brands that operate over 350 clinics in 15 states. The Grain Valley clinic focuses mainly on outpatient physical therapy.

Trisha Krska, is the Area Director for SERC and Clinic Director for the Grain Valley location.

“I specialize in working with performing artists and dancers. I danced through high school, and after tearing my ACL, I became interested in physical therapy (PT). When I was in school for PT, I was able to do a clinical with the New York City Ballet and enjoyed that experience,” Krska said.

One of the clinicians in Grain Valley is certified in Sports Metrics and specializes in sports rehabilitation. According to Krska, patients range in age from youth to a 90-year old patient who comes in to work on balance issues.

The majority of the patients arrive at SERC following an injury or after experiencing pain, but the clinic also offers a variety of services for those experiencing conditions that could be improved through PT.

“Patients do not always realize they have a choice when a physician orders physical therapy. Likewise, patients are not always aware that they can visit a physical therapist prior to visiting their primary care physician to request a referral,” Krska said.

Following a screening, a PT can contact a patient’s primary care physician to discuss with the doctor If physical therapy is a good option.

SERC Physical Therapy can be reached at 816-443-2375.

Trisha Krska, PT, DPT, OCS, is AreaDirector for SERC Physical Therapy.
SERC Physical Therapy is located at103 SW Eagles Parkway.