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Form a Company in Ireland- Frequently Asked Questions Ireland is gaining popularity as one of the most charming countries in the corporate arena with an abundance of opportunities. As things continue to look bleak for the job market, several individuals are finding business setups a viable resort. Those who have dreamt to form a company in Ireland are now finding realization of their dreams. The excitement of setting up a new business is often toned down by queries that never cease to haunt entrepreneurs. Finding answers to all such questions is crucial as it can help an individual make wellinformed decisions. The following aims to answer all questions that can help an individual secure peace of mind. Let’s get started. What is a business name? Why do I need to register it? A business name is simply a trading name. It is required by Irish law for a business to register its name if it is operating under any name other than the owner’s true name. This is done so as to make identities of those operating the business public. An advantage associated with a registered business name is that no one else will be able to create a new legal entity under the same name.

What is the procedure of registering a company? A company operates as an individual entity and is separate from its operators. While the entire procedure cannot be described here, one has to understand that certain steps have to be followed and one may be required to submit documents like articles of association and memorandums. Is it possible to reserve a company name? Yes. The official company register for Ireland provides this service. The company name will be reserved for a period of 28 days and a minimal fee will be charged for it. Does a registered company name imply that trademarks will be protected? No. It has to be understood that trademark law is different from company law and that registering a company name does offer protection for trademarks.

What is the time duration for company incorporation? This vastly depends on the method of registration one chooses. As soon as registration is complete, the company can be incorporated. Thankfully, company registration in Ireland usually does not take more than 5 days.

What is a registered office address? Will a PO Box number suffice? A company’s registered office address is the address to which all the correspondence is directed. A PO Box number will not be enough as Irish law requires for a company to have a physical registered office. How many directors are needed to setup an Irish company? Each and every single company operating in Ireland must have at least 2 directors. Is it necessary for all the directors to be residents of Ireland? No, the only restriction enforced by law in this regard is that at least one of the directors must be a member of EEA or European Economic Area. Where can I get a company seal? Is the Companies Registration Office going to provide it? A company seal can be obtained from legal stationers. The Companies Registration Office is not responsible for providing business seals.

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Ireland is gaining popularity as one of the most charming countries in the corporate arena with an abundance of opportunities.

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