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My Top Tips on How to Choose a Plumber Choosing a skilled and trustworthy tradesperson is often a daunting and difficult decision and when it comes to choosing the right plumber the scenario is no different. Sadly the actions of a small minority of cowboy plumbers have left the reputation of honest, reputable plumbers in pieces. So if your kitchen sink is blocked and you need to find a plumber fast, how can you ensure that the person you chose as your plumber is capable of doing the job whilst not charging over the odds? Obviously the best way to find a reputable, skilled plumber is via word of mouth. Recommendations from family, friends and work colleagues who have hired a particular plumber are the best route to go down. However, if you cannot be recommended a plumber by someone else, you will have to find one for yourself. The internet is the first place anyone in need of a plumber should visit. Visit the Institute of Plumbing which has a directory of registered plumbers that you can search by postcode, perfect if you are looking for plumbers in Edinburgh, London, Manchester etc. People should also look at online directories such as Yell and Thomson Local and draw up a list of potential plumbers and their contact details. Once you have drawn up a list of potential plumbers it’s all about asking them the right questions when you call. The first question I always ask is how long they have been in business for and if they have any professional accreditations or a member of a professional trade body as these bodies require their members to adhere to a code of practice. I also find it useful to ask them for some references and if it is possible to see some previous work they have done. Finally, I always like to ask if their work is guaranteed and if so is their guarantee is insurance backed. This means if the plumber goes out of business their work is still covered. During the phone call, I also find it very useful to give as much information as possible about the problem as this helps the plumber price the job. My final tip is to not simply accept the first quote that you receive and when you do select a plumber, agree the price before work starts. I also avoid any plumber that asks for the complete fee up front. The author is a DIY expert and for encourages you to click here for Edinburgh plumbers or visit Shandon Plumbing

How To Choose A Plumber  

My top tips on how to choose a plumber

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