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About Us

Graham Shepherd MRCVS

Chris Shepherd

John Carr

Brothers, Chris and Graham Shepherd were brought up on the family farm in Lancashire. While Graham went to qualify as a Vet and ran a successful veterinary practice for eighteen years, Chris gained experience at home & at agricultural college. He went on to work in cattle genetics, a breed society and in farm finance. Graham also farms a pedigree Hereford herd and a flock of ewes. Graham launched G Shepherd Animal Health in 2008 and the business has steadily grown and

developed into a reputable & innovative animal health company. Originally focused on calf health and fresh cow management, GSAH now supplies a wide range of animal health products and equipment. Graham also provides advice to farmers and consultancy to larger organisations. Graham states: “Disease is not just infection, and

drugs are not the only answer. Most disease has its roots in animal management, especially the husbandry, nutrition, genetics and how they match the chosen farming system.” Graham and Chris are ably assisted by John Carr, who was also brought up on his family’s farm. He went on to become a herdsman, before joining GSAH as product manager. John is also an accomplished triathlete and ‘Ironman’ competitor.

Why buy from GSAH?

Graham Shepherd (on left) presenting the championship award at the British Limousin Cattle Society’s Red Ladies day

• Family-run business, offering first class customer service

• Access to veterinary advice on how to choose and use our products

• Grassroots farming directors, with practical experience

• Total focus on farm livestock production and pioneering new advances in cattle & sheep health

• Tell us what your problem is and we will do our best to help you

• Just choose your biggest problem and let’s try to sort it!

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Colostrum Management

Super-Lamb fed Lambs - courtesy of Katie Summerfield

Colostrum Management – with advice from Graham Shepherd MCRVS. As you know, correct colostrum supply to the newborn animal is VITAL for its survival, general thrift and even lifetime production! We can assist with feeding and storing your own colostrum, as well as providing safe supplies when you need to buy it in. The general rule is that for good immunity, the newborn needs 10% of its body weight as colostrum in the first six hours of life. A top-up may also be required, to supply energy for body heat. And of course, the colostrum needs to be of a good quality. All our colostrum products are of the highest quality and offer excellent value for money in their field. We source the colostrum direct and control the manufacture at all stages. The supply chain is as direct as possible, with fewer ‘middlemen.’

2 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

“We have had a couple of occasions where ewes have lambed with no milk for a couple of hours, or when the lambs were a little weak. When you know you only have a few hours, it’s imperative to get a quality feed into them as soon as possible. You only have one chance to get it right. “The lambs that we have fed with the new colostrum have done fantastically well. We wholeheartedly recommend this product; it has been a success and we will definitely buy more for the next lambing season.” Summerfields Border Leicesters.

Lamb Colostrums

“We have been using various makes of dried lamb colostrum over the years and found a surprising inconsistency with the results, some with dire outcomes. This is the first year we have tried ‘First Thirst Super Lamb Colostrum’ and we have been thrilled with the results.


OFFER 10% OF FIRST ORD F E R of either p ro duct

First Thirst® Super-Lamb Colostrum

First Thirst Lamb Colostrum Supplement

This is a pure, powdered colostrum supplement, with nothing added and nothing taken away. It is therefore much stronger than many other products. As it contains full-fat for energy, it will require water at 45 degrees C for mixing. Remember - “If it mixes like lamb milk replacer, it probably is mainly lamb milk replacer!”

Ideal for use when the dam has inadequate colostrum, such as triplets and quads. It is a premium quality, easy-mixing product, with full fat for energy and very high antibody levels.

Give by teat or feeder tube as soon as possible after birth; volumes depend on the lamb’s size and whether it has sucked. The latter can be assessed by lifting the lamb by its front legs, to assess belly fill. If in any doubt about amounts or method of feeding or tubing, seek advice from a trained person, such as your vet. Keep the belly full, to avoid hypothermia. How to use – Mix 25gms with 100ml of warm water.

Packaging / Price: £35.00 per 250gms sachet

Each lamb requires a minimum of 10% of its body weight in dam’s colostrum or First Thirst Colostrum Supplement. The lamb should be checked every three hours, to ensure it is full. Lambs require a high volume of colostrum, to avoid hypothermia. Our colostrums are high in natural fats to provide maximum energy. After 24 hours, a good quality milk replacer can be fed if needed. How to use – Mix 25gms with 100ml warm water and feed enough to fill the belly; a good indication is a nice full pear shape to the belly. Repeat every 3 hours during the first 24 hours of life.

Packaging / Price: £69.00 per 1kg bucket (which equals 40 doses) Free tube feeder with every bucket. Discount for quantity!

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Calf Colostrums


er off ofif FrirssttTohirrstd ®

First Thirst IBR Elite Colostrum This colostrum is totally unique in the colostrum market; pure colostrum powder, but WITHOUT IBR antibodies. Particularly important for calves in cattle health schemes, or animals which require a negative blood sample for AI studs or international trade. Each First Thirst IBR Elite batch is tested by an independent laboratory for IBR antibody negativity and high immunoglobulin quality.

How to use - Use one sachet as a supplement to dam’s colostrum, or two sachets as a replacement.

To be given to calves as soon as possible after birth – as soon as the calf is seen! It is important to note that calves may acquire IBR antibodies from their dam’s colostrum, or by natural infection. The diseases on your farm may not be covered by the particular antibodies in our product, if no dam’s colostrum is available or given. Therefore, if the calf is destined for the AI industry, or for export, then isolation, disinfection and high biosecurity are vital.

First Thirst Calf Colostrum Supplement

The Perfect Udder bags allow you to mix in the bag and then feed from the bag, using the screw-on teat or feeding tube.

Ideal for late night calving or for calves out of cows with no colostrum. If disease precautions allow, always feed as much colostrum from the calf’s own dam as possible.

This helps to reduce the risk of introducing harmful pathogens to your valuable calves. First Thirst IBR Elite Colostrum is available in sachets or sealed within Perfect Udder bags.

Packaging / Prices: Boxes of four sachets £140.00 (£35 each). Boxes of four Perfect Udder bags £160.00 (£40 each). Teats and tubes are included with each Perfect Udder pack.

An easy-mixing, PREMIUM colostrum powder for newborn calves. It is a top quality, dried colostrum, sterilised by radiation, not heat. Guaranteed free of IBR virus, EBL virus, EBL antibody and Johne’s disease. For use as a supplement to maternal colostrum, in cases of poor quality or quantity.

How to use – Just add warm water, mix and feed, OR add to weak colostrum.

Packaging / Prices: 2.25kg bucket (10 calf doses) £125.00; 10kg bucket (44 calf doses) £500.00; double dose of 450g within a Perfect Udder bag £29.00

4 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

Calf Rearing

Perfect Udder Colostrum Bags

Calf coat/Blanket

The hygienic & convenient way to store and feed colostrum for your calves. 2.8L & 3.8L foil bags with a screw-on lid. Teats and feeding tubes are included, that screw directly on to the bag. The bags are made of a special foil that conducts heat, so both cooling and heating are faster; • Bug growth is less as you can cool them faster • Warming up and thawing are faster, so calves get fed sooner We do sell a heating / thawing element to make this more efficient. Pasteurisers are available to pasteurise colostrum also.

Price: £89.00 for 50 bags, 3 teats & 3 tubes

Our calf coats provide extra thermal insulation, thus diverting energy to growth and reducing cortisol levels and stress. They are usually worn by dairy-bred calves for the first 3 weeks of life. The science bit! A young calf’s thermo-neutral zone (it doesn’t need to spend extra energy on heating and cooling) is approx 10-25C. Every 1 degree C below the thermo-neutral zone requires 2% more energy, so a calf at freezing temperature requires 20% more energy = 20%more milk or milk powder. If it doesn’t get this extra feed, then it will not grow or may even get pneumonia, due to its low immunity.

Packaging / Prices: £28.00 (large); £27.00 (small) BULK DEALS AVAILABLE

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Calf’s Digestive System The Calf’s Digestive System/Preventing Calf Scour – with advice from Graham Shepherd MCRVS. Nutritional causes could be varying quality of raw milk, poor quality raw milk, poor quality milk powder, poor mixing of powder or wrong feeding height. Management causes could be too little or weak colostrum, inadequate disinfection, or adding young calves to groups of older calves. Infectious causes could be Rotavirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium, Salmonella, Coccidiosis, E.coli etc. Don’t bring in someone with a test kit, but use your Vet or myself, and test at least five fresh, untreated cases via a proper lab. Remember, you can find bugs even when the root cause is nutritional or management.

All young animals are prone to digestive upsets and infections. Their body has a higher water content than an adult, so dehydration takes longer to correct. We focus on prevention by lowering exposure to bugs and improving resistance. We also have our own high quality electrolyte product, for those cases that we will always get. To minimise the risk of scour, firstly, KNOW YOUR ENEMY! Is the scour nutritional, management-related or infectious?

Recent scour survey results show that Cryptosporidium and Rotavirus are the most dominant calf scour-causing organisms on UK cattle units. Calf faecal samples showed that over 32% tested positive for Crypto, with more than 29% positive for Rotavirus. These are aggressive bugs, but their effects can be reduced by: • Good colostrum management • Disinfection with appropriate detergent & disinfectant combination • Increasing immunity through vaccination or individual dosing

6 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

off firs

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of Yolk -A Life-Gu y or ard

Calf’s Digestive System


Yolk-Ay Calf Paste with Iron

Life-Guard Calf Electrolyte

Yolk-Ay Calf Paste with Iron is a two-dose, oral probiotic paste to promote gut health in new born and young calves. It also contains egg proteins from hens vaccinated against E coli, Cryptosporidium, Rotavirus, Coronavirus and Clostridia. The good probiotic bugs colonise the bowel and provide competition against bad bacteria. The pastes also contain soya oil, for energy and vitamins and minerals. But it is not a replacement for good colostrum management!

This is a high specification electrolyte powder for calves. A very effective way to treat scouring animals. Although LifeGuard and other sachets contain sugars, the gut and the animal as a whole require more complex nutrition. Therefore, after the first day of treatment it is important to give some milk between the electrolyte feeds, or allow restricted suckling. Milk & electrolyte feeds should be separated by 4 hours. How to use – mix one sachet with 2 litres of warm water. Do not feed mixed with milk and follow the instructions for feed timings.

Please note: only the highest quality ingredients are used in the Yolk-Ay manufacturing process. This product is made to our own recipe by the owner of the vaccinated hens; having fewer people in the marketing chain allows us to make it available at a highly competitive price; it comes to us and then to you.

Packaging/ Prices: Comes in boxes of: £18.00 (12 sachets); £48.00 (48 sachets); £90.00 (96 sachets)

How to use - dose the calf with half a syringe as soon as it is born and give the rest of the syringe 12 days later. For bought in calves, give half a tube on arrival and half a tube, 12 days later.

Packaging: Boxes of 6 x 33g syringes Price: £90.00 (per box of six). Bulk deals available

Free Delivery (subject to T&Cs)

Order online at 7

Trace Elements & Vitamins

Trace Element Supplementation with advice from Graham Shepherd MCRVS.

Trace element supplementation is a minefield! There are so many variables, including region, soil type, breed and management system. Graham can advise you on which product will best suit your needs. Our high quality boluses provide a steady supply over 6 months. Drenches give a quick boost, which may be needed and are convenient. We also supply bagged and bucket minerals to any specification.

Bovi-Power Drench for Cattle

Ovi-Power Drench with Copper

Multivitamin and Trace Element Drench for Cattle (with Copper)

Highly bio-available copper, cobalt and selenium, plus vitamins. Ideal for use if copper deficiency is proven. Beware, however, copper excess can KILL sheep, particularly if housed. Ovi-Power can be given to lambs at weaning and ewes at tupping and pre-lambing.

A drench containing bio-available multi-vitamins and TOP QUALITY chelated trace elements. For growing and adult cattle, designed to improve fertility, growth rates and calf vigour.

Important! Do not give to sheep or cattle susceptible to copper poisoning Packaging / Prices: 2.5litre packs, ÂŁ80.00

l a i c e Sp ! BUY 2 & GET Offer F R E E A DRENCH GUN

How to use - dose rate is 5mls per 40kgs bodyweight. For example, lambs under 3 months of age 2.5ml; lambs over 3 months of age 5ml. Typically used on lambs as a pre-weaning drench (such as when dosing for Nematodirus and at weaning). Also for bought-in stores if they need copper. Can be used in ewes pre-breeding and pre-lambing. Important - not to be given any more often than 8 weeks between doses.

Packaging / Prices: 2.5litre packs, ÂŁ55.00


8 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

Mineral Boluses

Tracesure Boluses

Cosecure and CoseIcure Boluses

Excellent cattle boluses supplying cobalt, selenium and iodine, comes with or without copper. The leaching technology provides a steady release over six months.

Again a great British product, supplying copper, selenium and cobalt, with or without iodine.

Tracesure Cu-I supplies Copper, Iodine, Selenium & Cobalt How to use – cattle below 550kgs, 1 application, over 550kgs, 2 applications.

Packaging / Price: £49.00 per 10 applications Bulk discounts available

Other Tracesure Products: Tracesure I (Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt, but no copper) & Copasure (Copper Oxide) also in stock. Tracesure Calf Triple Pack

CoSeCure contains Copper, Selenium & Cobalt. CoSe-I-Cure contains Copper, Cobalt, Selenium & Iodine. Particularly successful for low copper and high molybdenum situations. Actually made from special glass, to give steady release over six months. How to use – dosage is 2 boluses for ruminating cattle over 100kgs.

Packaging / Price: Boxes of 20 boluses providing 10 cattle doses Priced around £5-£6 per animal, depending on type of bolus and quantity

Tracesure Sheep (Traffic Lights)

Free Delivery (subject to T&Cs)

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After 1 Mount

After 3-5 Mounts

More than 5 Mounts


Estrus Alert

Metrifoam is an expanding, oil-based foam containing the antiseptic properties of ozone and plant oils. An obstetrical lubricant with an antiseptic action, it can be used during and after calving, lambing and farrowing. It is also a skin antiseptic, to soothe irritated skin; for example between the udder and the back leg in heifers. BUT it needs to be applied at an early stage; at the first sign of redness, swelling or pain. Long catheters for obstetrical purposes are available to go with this product.

These heat detectors reduce labour costs and are more reliable than ‘soft’ scratch card-type detectors. The top surface rubs off, instead of scratching off. They come on a roll and you tear off and stick to the cow with aerosol glue. This method helps to keep the detector firmly in place and minimises false positive readings. If the top surface of your current heat detector can be scratched off with your thumbnail, you are using old technology.

How to use - once or twice for obstetrical. Use twice daily for skin problems.

• Fewer missed heats


Packaging: One can or boxes of four cans (one can contains approximately 120 seconds of foam emission) Price: One can £30.00; pack of four cans £105.00 Pack of 30 long catheters £15

Benefits: • Lower AI costs through greater accuracy • Labour saved can be diverted to other tasks

Packaging: rolls of 100 patches with a tin of aerosol glue. Patches come in red, pink, green and yellow Price: From 68p to £1.20 per application, depending on quantity

10 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

Rumen Health

Rumen Function

with advice from Graham Shepherd MCRVS.

The health of the rumen should NEVER be ignored. Ruminants were not designed to eat grain. However, it is often necessary to feed a diet high in starch, to provide the energy required for high production or to balance a poor quality roughage, such as straw. In these situations, certain live yeasts and buffers should be fed. We can also advise on mycotoxin risk factors and mycotoxin binders, if required.

Rumen First Live-Yeast


A live yeast which increases the number and activity of the rumen bacteria associated with acid reduction and fibre digestion. This specific strain of yeast will improve fibre digestion in all ruminant livestock and also reduce rumen acid content in cattle on a high concentrate diet.

Ostrea is a rumen buffer which helps to prevent acidosis, by promoting rumen health through the neutralisation of acids. It also encourages intakes and reduces the risk of laminitis, rumenitis and liver abscesses. Contains calcium and other minerals.


How to use – 50-100g/head/day, mixed with the feed.

• Around 5-10% improved weight gain

Packaging: 25kg bags and 1,000kgs tote bags

• Reduced lameness and other acidosis problems • More efficient digestion all round How to use – large cattle 10g/head/day, beef youngstock 5g/ head/day; calves under four months 2g/head/day.

Packaging / Price: 20kg buckets, price - £130 per 20kg 10g/day costs approx 6p/head/day

Price: 2.5p to 5p/head/day Did You Know? Ostrea is made from ground seashells, this structure gives a steady reaction with acid, unlike a quick ‘fizz’ from sodium bicarbonate.

Discounts available for quantity

Free Delivery (subject to T&Cs)

Order Order online online at at 13 11

Hygiene T.K. 200™ Disinfectant

Vulkamin Bedding Powder

• Dry powder disinfectant and detergent for dilution in water prior to use

• Rapid elimination of infectious agents

• Kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and spores

• Contains a powerful detergent, for one-step cleaning and disinfection

• Unique colour indicator, to confirm that the disinfectant has been activated

Great for lambing pens, calving boxes and cubicles, Vulkamin can be used instead of lime and unlike lime it is not caustic, so it is much more pleasant to use. It is a naturally active antiseptic bedding powder, for use on cubicle and loose housing. Vulkamin creates a rapid rise in pH, an action which kills off many harmful organisms, including microbes which cause mastitis, scours and navel infections. Fast drying and also reduces fly infestations.

• Active even in hard water conditions

• Helps to remove biomatter and calcium deposits

Vulkamin doesn’t release ammonia from the dung & urine, so the air is more pleasant and a real financial benefit is the saving in lost Nitrogen. Every tonne of lime can waste upto 180kg of Nitrogen, worth say £250

How to use – 1:200 dilution.

How to use – treat it just like lime.

Packaging / Price: 1 x 5kg tub makes up 1000 litres of disinfectant, price £50.00

Price: £ 465 per tonne tote bag

Packaging: 1 Tonne tote bag or 20kg buckets

Top Tip Ensure that surfaces are as clean as possible BEFORE applying disinfectant. However TK200’s own detergent helps with final cleaning and even more bugs go down the drain.

12 G Shepherd Animal Health Order Hotline: 01772 690131

Working dogs

Dog Food, Wormers, Tick & Flea Control

Parasite Control

Other Products From G Shepherd


Rat and Mouse Control

Parasite Control

Rat and Mouse Control

Dog Food, Wormers, Tick and Flea control

We carry a full range of wormers, flukers and insecticides. As Graham is a vet he is the prescriber. We carry brands that are chosen to give you the best value for money. Graham checks all sales of medicines as it is a legal requirement and to ensure you are using the right products. Best prices are on our website

We stock whole wheat & pasta baits suitable for rats and mice. Bait stations should always be used to protect the bait and non-target species. We advise on the use of our baits and correct placement of bait stations.

To keep your “live equipment” in fine fettle, we have our own range of foods. They are made to a healthy standard, rather than to a cheap price per bag. However, you aren’t paying for fancy packaging, adverts and middle men, so you are getting good value. Your dogs should be healthier and live longer than those fed on the budget meals.

We have seasonal offer prices on the website.

We also supply dog wormers, flea & tick treatments chosen to be safe, effective and good value. Please view our dog care range at

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How to buy: On-line shop: Easy to use website… pay by card, cheque or BACS On-line enquiry service: Ask for advice, we’ll get back to you Over the phone: Call 01772 690131 for advice and to order

If you don’t see what you need, please call us, as we probably have it or can get it!

More information & products available at

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G Shepherd Cattle & Sheep Catalogue  

Details on our firm and our range of products to improve the health of cattle (beef & dairy youngstock) & sheep.