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Graham Jones Internet Psychologist

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Strategic Support

Your business can undoubtedly grow online. But are you getting the right advice and information to help you maximise that growth? Are you getting “the big picture” from your current suppliers? Most web designers focus on design alone; search engine marketing specialists will merely consider search engines; e-commerce advisers will simply think about the financial aspects of your web site. That means they leave you to integrate. Sure, you can do that, but who do you turn to for advice, ideas, information or even “hand-holding”? I look at how your online activities fit within your existing business and how you can ensure that everything is coordinated in such a way as to improve your business generally. Rather than focusing on specific aspects of using the Internet I take a human-centred approach, ensuring that your strategy for your business works. Here’s how it works You have an initial meeting with me so that I can understand your business, what you are trying to achieve and how you see the Internet working for you. I then go away, look at your existing web sites, consider your competitors and your industry in general and then come up with my suggestions as to how you can maximise what your business is doing. We then work together on a strategic plan so that your business continues to grow by using the Internet effectively and efficiently. Over the course of an agreed period of time, I work with you and your team to ensure that the strategy is implemented. What a strategic plan includes The strategy I help you develop and work on will depend upon several factors, such as the size and type of your business, the technical skills within your firm and the availability of specific resources. However, you can expect the strategy to include: ü How to integrate Internet activities within your business as a whole ü How to maximise your online presence for business growth ü How to ensure staff can be more productive online ü How to increase sales online Clearly the work we do together will include more than this, but you will get a more integrated approach from me, considering all aspects of your Internet activities and how they fit in with your overall business structure and plans.

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You may be in a good position with the way you use the Internet in your business and simply want specific guidance on one particular aspect, such as marketing, social networking, blogging and so on. One-to-one coaching on a specific aspect of your online activities can help you improve your existing work. All the world’s most successful people have coaches to help them increase their skills and abilities. Even coaches have coaches. As a psychologist who specialises in the Internet and as a successful Internet entrepreneur myself, I bring a special blend of knowledge and experience that can help you in a range of areas. Internet marketing Marketing your business online can often seem confusing and difficult. Not only that, how do you integrate it within your overall marketing plan? I can guide you through the maze and help you perform optimum online marketing. Together we will focus your efforts on connecting with real people - potential and actual customers - rather than worrying about the technology. Blogging Blogging is an essential activity for any business online; that’s not just my view, but the editorial opinion of Business Week magazine. I’ll help you ensure you can blog every day, bringing you increased reputation and authority in your field Social networking There are hundreds of social networks around - but which ones should you concentrate on, and how can you maximise their use in your business? I’ll help you ensure you use social networks effectively in your business. I’ll coach you and support you in ensuring your business profits from your social networking activities. Internet profits Sometimes people don’t want coaching in a specific area of the Internet, but simply need guidance on using the Internet profitably. Together we can ensure that you adopt a range of practices and develop your skills so that you profit from your online endeavours - or increase your existing profits. How coaching works Coaching is provided in a mix of telephone, email and online activities. If you wish, face-to-face meetings can also be arranged. Each month we set goals and targets and I help you achieve them.

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Not everyone’s circumstances are the same, so if your particular requirements don’t fit within my standard prices, please contact me and we can discuss a price for your specific situation.


Strategic support Strategic support costs £7,000 for a full year of support for one person in your business, such as the CEO or the executive in charge of strategic development, or perhaps a Marketing Director. The price includes initial meetings and reports, review meetings as well as continuous follow-up advice by phone and email. Coaching Individual coaching costs £500 per month, with discounts being applied for purchase of multiple month contracts. For instance, 3 months costs a total of £1,350, six months costs£2,625 and a full year costs £4,800. Face-toface meetings cost £175 per hour of my time. Corporate contracts Corporate contracts are available to provide coaching and support to all staff who undertake specific Internet activities such as marketing, blogging, social networking and strategic planning. Depending on your requirements a specific price will be provided, though as an example one client of 250 employees recently required a series of five workshops for key staff, coaching for 10 individuals for a year and strategic support for a senior executive; the quoted price for this work was £57,000. Payment terms All fees are payable in advance and may be subject to Value Added Tax at the appropriate rate. Payments can be made by cheque, standing order, direct debit, credit card, debit card or PayPal. Travel and accommodation expenses will be charged in addition, where appropriate.

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