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October 2011, Nairobi

MARRIAGE To those about to get married

Take the plunge better.

Pendo’sDiary Tired of waiting.

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Why wait?

Spiritually speaking.


Dear Love- Letting Go..


The Foundations of our fathers Maybe I can do more...

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October is breast cancer Month.

Do Something for a breast cancer patient.

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Maranna Tours Take a Kenyan Safari.

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features Nairobi, October 2011 Papparrazzi:


Great achievements at groove with warming extensions of humility.


We have started the LSR magazbe compilation issue with you in mind. This compilation issue wil allow you to enjoya36 spread magazine thattalks about Love sexandrelationships inGod’s perspective while allowing you to know whatyout artists , favourite businesses and places are upto. Go ahead andwrite to us ifyou have a business that you would like to advertise onLSR-its free.Thatmaynotbesoforsolong,sogo aheadandtakeadvantagewhiletheofferremains! Wealsowelcomeyoursuggestionsandarticles.Theseweshallpublish withglee-however,makesureyougothroughourvisionandmissionto besureyouhavetherightarticleforLSRMAgazine!



In this issueswe talkaboutSexandthevaluesofwaiting, theroleof fathers,what mayawait inmarriageandthen goontoencourage youtoletgowhen it hurts-afteryouloseyourlovedone.

letting go when your loved one dies.

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take the plunge with confidence. Great lessons for those about to marry...



why wait when we know where this is headed?

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Ofcoursethereareplentyofartiststhathavereleasedtheiralbums, plentyofholidaysuggestionsandtheeventswethinkyoumightenjoy. Remember,Octoberisbreastcancermonth-sogoonanddosomething foracancerpatient. Happyreading. EveryblessinginChristJesus!




great food to substitute your fast food culture.

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some camping, diving and beach holiday ideas More


new music, events and concerts!

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the team CEO - Jesus Christ

Volume 1|* Compilation Issue 1


LSRMovement Guild Bev Mkosh Naliaka Xriss Mutungi - Eleazer Charles Karuri - Dodo Mutua Matheka Sheila Muyira Liz Wa Mbugua Evelyn Wanjiku Waweru Daniel Mbure Grace Njuguna Shira Sozo Washira Dennis X-po Joseph Kimanthi Kivanguli Cornell Ngare Jennifer Kinuthia Kui Githui Karimi ‘Rere’ Mbae Nathaniel Mugo Graham Ingokho Our Vision: To see people give Godly love, practise Godly sex and have Godly relationships, as desired by God, in His Word. Our Mission: To TEACH on LSR (love, sex and relationships) from The Word of God, to REVIEW contemporary LSR practices and norms through the lens of The timeless Word of God, and to PRACTICALLY ADDRESS contemporary LSR issues and challenges through activities, intiatives, projects and programmes using The Word of God as the policy handbook. The mission especially, will guide aspiring writers and any person or entity who wishes to partner with us on how to write and engage with us respectively. Especially for the writers, The LORD has put in our hearts that this is the reason why some may not have written. The vision and mission have now been made clear and plain (Hab 2:2) for them and all to see. Teaching: As you know, there is a serious need for teaching, for people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Reviewing: Culture (human ways of doing things) keeps changing according to our whims and the times; The Word of God is the timeless standard (Mt 24:35) by which we can evaluate all things to ensure we remain on the right track. Acting: Faith without works is dead (James 2:17) and so we must practially impact the world with Godly actions for our King and LORD, Jesus Christ.

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To those about to marry.

From fear to faith - it takes a change of mind. by Graham Ingokho

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“ Indeed, it is excuseable for ignorant consumers of a product to achieve the least benefit from the product ...”


finally you have found your ‘meat of your meat’ and ‘bone of your bone’. Congratulations! It is an interesting place, after all it should happen only once- if you do it right. From the onset, please understand that it will not be your job to work hard to fix your marriage, or to advocate that you are having fun in there.

The inventor

would i place the burden upon myself to market this product or stand up for it - that it works. I should only be attentive to the advertisements made by the manufacturer on how best to benefit from the product. If this product is Gods invention, then why would i use it without his close supervision and guidelines either through a manual or through a product walk through?

No. That is the job of the inventor of marriage. Walkthrough Your job is to appear at the wedding, ensure all It is therefore incumbent upon any user of a product the guests and families are to expect to be shown how invited, and ensure the persons it works. Naturally, the user ‘From the onset, please officiating the marrige appear. must invite the manufacturer There afteryou shall follow his sales people to conduct understand that it will not be or the officiator’s instructions and a product walkthrough. This your job to work hard to fix line of thinking immediately guidelines for the best results. And its very important that the users of the your marriage, or to advocate separates the officiator(God) appears, products into two categories. that you are having fun in Ignorant consumers or impulse otherwise you have no blue print for marriage. buyers and well educated/ there.’ It will be like operating a new savvy product users. That can product without the manual. also be roughly translated to mean well performing marriages and poorly Brands performing ones. We live in a marketed and branded world. Simply put, people buy brands not products. Ignorance People buy a promise from a manufacturer about Indeed, it is excuseable for ignorant consumers their product, an illusion of great satisfaction that of a product to achieve the least benefit from has been crystallized into what is termed as the the product and even to go ahead and substitute product experience. People dont buy the soft drinks that product with other competing products as is Fanta or Diet Coke, because they are healthy and normally seen with things like detergent. balanced products, rather they buy them because Therefore, any marriage basher can be excused for they are made by CocaCola, a great company that their line of thought because it will be clear to any sells quality. So. If I didnt invent marriage, why trained ‘product’ user that the basher is ignorant of

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the product and hence getting least satisfaction from it. To such a user, no savvy consumer should be shocked when they substitute the Real Deal for cheap thrills and expensive mistakes such as flings (mpango wa kando) and the like. In the case of detergent, the science behind it directs that clothes are not necessarily made clean by scrubbing( forceful cleaning) but rather by soap action where the active ingredients in a soap connect to the dirt molecules and dislodge the from clothing in a set up often referred to as ‘soaking.’ A savvy soap user knows that they dont need to scrub their clothes for hours to get a clean. They just soak in enough detergent for a specific number of minutes, and then do a little kneading and squeezing before putting the clothing up on the line.

Competition Now, as is the case with any manufacturer worth their name, there is always unrelenting effort to increase market share, dislogde competitiors and improve their product through research and development all the while trickling such wisdom down to the consumer. That is what God does. Since revelation is progressive based on the capacity of the recipients (us), God is constantly improving our access to the product and its inherent user information. And that is because, the product is never changing in its quality, but we are ever growing in our awareness of its uses. Uses that have always been available.

Choice God is not keen to stop or drive out his competition( read cheap flings), He is keen on giving the consumer(marriages) as much user information as we can accept, so that we decide (based on truths) to use the right product (hence achieve freedom) and shun the substitutes. Thats how his corporation works. A consumer that has decided to use a product, and unlocked the benefits thereof is one committed to that product for good. But first, the consumer must listen to the manufacturers advert and go out and buy the product. That is why marriage is meant for three, the man, the woman and the product manufacturer- God.

‘ Since revelation is progressive based on the capacity of the recipients (us), God is constantly improving our access to the product and its inherent user information. ’

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Christine: Plays the trumpet and the SaxophoneSee her at concert. Twitter : @TheJazzist

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We met..

...At the NY Subway. Ac same seats twice. Ai! Wh

Yes.I do!

...a couple that resides in the US comes to Kenya to do their wedding with friends and loved ones. by Michael & Jackie

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ctually, we shared the hat are the odds!

The first thing...

...I thought was, ‘Wow, how can a daughter of Zion be so beautiful and calm!’. My wife a strong woman. She is so confident and full of life.

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Mzuka Entertainment Music Group.

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Transform Kenya Masculinity- Curse or Blessing?

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Chicken & Cheese Sandwich

|With onion rings and spread... by Mutua Matheka


Measure out the following:

1. 1 large white onion. 2. Half a liter of milk. 3. A half cup of mayonnaise. 4. A teaspoon of Garlic. 5. A tablespoon of thyme. 6. A tablespoon of basil. 7. Chopped up dhania. 8. 1 Kg deboned chicken breast. 9. 1 Kg All purpose wheat flour. 10. 1 teaspoon of salt. 11. 1 Teaspoon paprika. 12. White pepper. 13. Black pepper- optional. 14. Vegetable oil. 15. Ciabatta rolls/ plain buns. 16. Tab of mozarella cheese

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The How...

Now that you are ready, 1. Slice your white onions super thin. Put them in a dish and soak them in milk. for 1hr in the fridge for flavorto soak in. 2. For the sandwich spread, mix the mayo, garlic, thyme, basil and dhania into a smooth mix. 3. Let this also sit in the fridge for about 30min-1hr. 4. Make a marinade from the cooking oil, some thyme & basil, garlic and a little milk. Make sure it’s pasty. 5. Spread the marinade on the chicken breasts and let the cchicken marinate for 12hrs in the fridge. 6. Toss the onions from the milk into some seasoned flour. Seasoned flour is a mix of All purpose flour, Salt, Peprika & white pepper/ black pepper. 7. Toss the onions around in this flour then deep fry them in very hot oil. 8. Bring out the chicken breasts. Apply a little oil on a frying pan. Sear the chicken breasts for about 5min per side. 9. Fry until they get that nice almost burnt up look. You want that burnt flavor, trust me. 10. Split the ciabatta rolls in half. Apply your spread. 11. grill the rolls with the spread side down on the pan for a few minutes - well done. 12. Slice the chicken diagonally into nice thin slices of pure delight. 13. Place the slices on the bottom side of the roll. Place a layer of cheese on the chicken. 14. Place your sandwiches in the oven with the cheese exposed so that it melts down into the chicken. 15. Get them out and add a layer of the onions and then a layer of dhania and then place the top side on the roll and place that back into the oven for about 10minutes.

Eat up!


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Pendo’s Diary Pendo delves into those seasons when we get to and feel like we are tired of waiting.... by Guyana

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“ I feel so alone and am struggling to trust God to bring that special friend in my life. It’s turning into resignation...” ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11’ Weary of waiting?..........I will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land, I will strengthen your frame. ‘Am so tired of waiting Pendo’, shiko quipped dropping her handbag on the table and laying back her head on the seat, eyes closed.

she has a relationship with God so real in the way she talks about God. It has always been contagious. She is my “ iron sharpens iron “kind of friend. So on this day I knew I just needed to listen.


I feel so alone and am struggling to trust God to bring that special friend in my life. It’s turning more into resignation. I feel that I am ready to Fatigue relate and on top of that I have been faithful to I had watched her walk to the coffee shop. Shiko God, walked in obedience yet that seems to be walked elegantly, her head the one thing that God has held up high. She is not the withheld from me. Not that I ‘..I would almost drop type of girl you would fail don’t have a choice to say yes to notice along the street, someone, but my values as everything for a “ I need to to beautiful and regal. But this I know God has convicted me talk call” - because she has a won’t just allow me. day, her entire body screamt of physical fatigue. relationship with God so real Cold cocoa I need to talk A waitress comes to wait on in the way she talks about her as I sip my cocoa which is ‘Should I ask how your day was?’I attempted to ask as she now lukewarm (yuk) and she God. It’s contagious’ stretched her hands adorning shrugs her away. her well manicured nails to I am tired of feeling a longing hold on to the for companionship that is not being fulfilled. table as though holding on to it for support. She shifts her focus to the flat screen where a “I have been so low the entire day’’ she said her football match with her favorite team Manchester gaze shifting outside the window. I feel so tired of United is playing. That seems to bring some glitter waiting and particularly today. I am even asked in her eyes, well at least. God what was cutting. Deep heart matters That coming from shiko was a heavily loaded Not such a big football enthusiast myself, so its easy statement. This has been a fortified girl, the kind to drift as she is already captivated by the who always has a wise word more often than not game .I could not help but think about a particular backed by scripture. Why I would almost drop man, yes a man who was so deep in these everything for a “ I need to talk call” was because heart matters especially with God. This was a man

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whose heart was beautiful. One who laid it out as it is when he was down and out, when he was happy, when he felt like God was just not listening anymore. Meet David, a king who was not dignified when it came to God, Iimagine him taking a walk to talk to God and he pours his heart out. Lord you know what I long for and you hear all my groans but why are you silent?

God knows

that He would give us a promise for such ti land I will satisfy your needs and I will stre be the need of the moment is companionsh Like King David, you can tell God exactly heart and mind. You see,if you are relating person you would think of sharing your hea God has given you the gift of single hood, he desires you share your heart with him. Y complain to God why he has not brought h Get real, and think of how God feels when someone else and ultimately express disco

God knows the desires of our hearts and can hear even through your silence when you are quietly giving up when an answer is delayed. It’s human to grow weary of waiting on God especially to them who choose not to orchestrate or take life into their own hands and help God, to do what He “seems” to be delaying to do (yea right!).You could easily Be real with God become tired of waiting especially when you feel ready to move to the Be real with God. David In psalms 22 dare next stage of your life but its not God’s time yet. God why hav ‘Shiko no good thing….’ des ‘God knows the desires of our hearts crying Interrupting my statement .Yea I know No good does not and can hear even through your silence thing will he withhold from those whose walk you but is blameless .I know that verse and I have when you are quietly giving up -when an had Go told God His word enough times. She offered cringe w answer is delayed. It’s human to grow weary as she continued to watch the game. I can That is s of waiting on God especially to them who while in only pray that her future mate is a soccer fun and he will be the happiest man to have his choose not to orchestrate or take life into his open favorite person watch his favorite sport with up ackno their own hands and help God’ him. God. In hi reminded of Accusing proved himself faithful. He would often end See, sometimes we get to that point that shiko was that evening, we in God. not only feel tired but we start accusing God for “ not listening” to our prayers and sometimes we resign to not telling him our hearts desires. Rejoice... surprise life. Yet the waiting period has such a divine purpose. Don’t miss out on the You can not afford to sulk on God on days purpose of the season. For some it’s longer while others its pretty brief. of waiting. Choose to pour your heart to G Yet God has divine purposes for each season and remember every one rush to answer your prayer. Remember He has their own path .The psalmist shares with us a secret he discovered, with Himself, His joy and cause you to be c that the Lord has assigned you your portion and your cup. Understand season to while away grumbling in disconte that the season of waiting is a God ordained season where God desires you an abundant life and you can experie to be your all. Remember He will still want to be your number one even seasons of your life. Simply ask of Him. Yo when He brings her or him along. I am reminded of a dear friend now garden and was having a ball! Until God s in her mid forties, she is married to a good man who loves and provides he needed a better half. God is the author well for her, the type you’d say surpasses all other men (if there is such Him to show you the beauty of your waitin a thing and sorry guys) but for the last 12 years of her marriage she shiku; her team won so you bet she is looki has been waiting on God for the blessing of a child. See, discover God’s words of a song by John waller thought or idea regarding your season of waiting and live life abundantly in completeness in Him. It might be for a life partner, a child, While am waiting I will serve you, a job that you are waiting for but the principles of the waiting season While am waiting I will worship you are the same. While am waiting I will not faint I‘ll be running the race even while I wait ;-) Reassuarance Isaiah 58:11 God reassures us that there will be those days when we ** References** feel that the sun of life is too hot and we can’t withstand it anymore. Isaiah 58:11,Proverbs 27:17,psalms 38:9,p That instead of enjoying the warmth of the early morning sunshine in waller’s song while am waiting. your season of waiting, you feel the scorching heat. Is it not wonderful 22 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

imes? That in a sun scorched engthen your frame. It could hip and God knows that. what is going on in your g, its only natural that the first art is your special one but if , yes it’s a gift, its because Yet often it will be easier to her or him yet into your life. n you would rather be with ontentment with His gift of you.

e ask God serious questions. ve you abandoned me? I keep sperately for help but it still t come. During the day I call to you do not answer. This man od for a best friend .He didn’t when asking some questions. something special we can learn waiting season. Amazingly in n groaning David would end owledging the greatness of is talk to God, He would be past instances when God had d up confessing again his trust

s you feel defeated or weary God .He will not necessarily is God but he will fill your life complete in him. It’s a beautiful entment. God has promised ence that through the changing ou see Adam was alone in the saw that it was not good, that r of the different seasons. Asks ng season! As we walk out with ing all radiant, I thought of the

Mum and Toto

Stylish maternity/ baby items.


psalms 84:11,Psalms 22, John

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Seen On Facebook LSRMovement Cornell Ngare “ Stable relationships are for horses...” “How far is too far?” really means, “How far from God can we get now that we are together?” For the Christian dating couple, the question to ponder should be, “How much Holier and Purer can we get now that we are together?” #RadicalChastity

Brian Prince “ i think the dating way is kinda like driving on Thika rd ryt now, u miss one turn and u find yourself in thika or juja, while maybe u just wanted to go to Parky.

Shira Sozo Washira

He might not be a prince in shinning Armour But His Father is a man of war And his ARMOUR IS NOT SHINNY METALLIC But whats better than Having the WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD he is not a dark knight He’s a SON OF THE LIGHT that’s after CHRIST and even though he doesn’t match the qualities in your list that’s because you are the one meant to fit in His And that’s just to say the least That’s just GODS WAY OF DOING THINGS

Xriss Mutungi You can do everything righy,just as God did,but she still dogs on you (Genesis 3:11).What excuse will you have then,that you deserved it?NONE!just let it burn so that you may heal.....just let it burn!

Kaj Vincent :: On ‘Dating and courtship’ Like Joseph to Mary. They were courting but not yet married. Courting is more like ‘Betrothment’. Dating hatukufunzwa na Baba yetu.:)

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 25

Bev Mkosh Naliaka Being a man is more than being male!!! Theres alot bhind th male tht i love to call DETAILS. Such details are what will differentiate a man nd a male being!!

Kaisa Aho In an attempt to guard our hearts more, would it be better to be more upfront with each other about the possibility of being interested in each other so that you could discuss if you would even be right for each other to begin with? And if so, at what point would it be best for the guy to approach the girl with the issue? When they’ve just met or when they’ve been friends for a while? In reading a bunch courtship stories, I’ve seen many of the guys express interest soon after meeting but others waited a few months or years. What is possibly the most ideal time or does that depend on the couple? And what happens when the girl is interested in a guy who isn’t interested in her but she doesn’t know that? The guy is supposed to take the lead but he might be oblivious to her liking him and he might not be interested in her so neither one is able to talk. Is it better for her to just remain silent about it and keep herself from letting her feelings grow? (I’ve spent many wasted months in the past liking guys who turned out to not be interested in me. Most probably didn’t know it but if any of them did, they didn’t talk to me about it so that they could let me down. I wish there had been a better way.)

Jasmine ‘Maua’ Mungai ON:: The word’s “ I Love you” should frequently be spoken in a relationship. They should especially be spoken when there is conflict and strife in that relationship - because it is in those dark moments when those word’s will carry their heaviest meaning more so to the person who says them than to the person they are said to. #Selah (pause and calmly think about that). SAID:: Selah. I dont know why exactly but romans 5:8 comes to mind. That even when we were still sinners, Christ died for us. The ultimate act of love right! If sin means enmity and rebellion, meaning we were just that(IN CONFLICT), He chose to Love us even then. This leads me to agree with you on this sauke. Such are the times we must prove our love, by acts and by simply SAYING IT.

Hadassah Johnson What if, being single, you met someone and you fell in love, then they soon asked you, ‘are you a virgin?’ or ‘how many people have you been with in bed?’. Would you answer?

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Neema’s Dawn

Album in Stores & On Itunes

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Umba Living Spaces Affordable and modern.

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Youth Ministry - November/December 0723977111

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 29

Dear Love, A heart felt rendition in a love letter to a passed loved one. by Mkosh-Kosh

30 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

“ Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men...”


ear Love,

As fresh as daisies as the English men would say As precious as gold are our memories

My days are longer without you Its all misty and windy My life is cold and grey There are days I just want to lay in my bed Switch off my phone Disconnect my Internet because I might be tempted to tweet or Face Book Warm my self with my warm duvet Cry myself to sleep ‘..or to grieve Perhaps I will wake up in another world or at least a different timezone For to me you’ve never been grey

When It Rains I see you for you loved the smell of rain on dry soil Sometimes I think the world makes it harder for me to forget you I wake up with your favourite tune on the local station I am reminded of when you left every year like the rest of I see loved ones walking hand in hand everyday love

men, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and Well, Fridays and Sundays are more depressing for me rose again..’ I spend my time lining up for a Double M with my earphones in my ears

My memory is as fresh as yesterday For you are my angel Still my love For you mastered the music of my heart Made me your queen Treated me with honor Loved me faithfully Held me tenderly

And sometimes love, its too painful that I look to the heavens and I shed a tear I see kids going to Sunday school and I wish we would have had ours I attend my friends’ weddings.. Well love, I see you everywhere I know it will take some time for you to fade in my life, in my head, in my heart, in my everything

My Love Your presence has never left

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 31

Guess What love!!! I still compose messages to you and save them as drafts. It was too early for you to leave love But God knows why So I wont get tired of visiting your resting place every year Dropping you flowers every year Asking God to take good care of you till we meet again You were the perfect example of love You were love, A gem to me Highly cherished love Rest well my love Till we meet again God has His ways He knows why you left too soon I miss you love. Rest in Peace Love!!! With love, Your love

‘ and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 1 Thessalonians 4:13 -14 ’

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Umba Living Spaces Affordable and modern.

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| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 39

The Father’s Blessing

The Foundations of our fathers. Part 1 by Pastor Prince

40 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

“Is there anyone still left of the house of Saul to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?”


have the obligation to lead their families in the way of the Lord. That way they lay a foundation that ensures the Blessing of Yahweh continues to rest in their home. However, close scrutiny reveals otherwise. Todays father is living in a life whose foundations they inherited and have by ignorance left undone. In fact, an examination of two or three generations behind will show this.

Bad start

kill our brother and cover up his blood? Come, let’s sell him to the Ishmaelites and not lay our hands on him; after all, he is our brother, our own flesh and blood.” His brothers agreed. This is seen in Judahs children later, with David in the case of Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 9:1-7, David asked, “Is there anyone still left of the house of Saul to whom I can show kindness for Jonathan’s sake?” And with Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah - Hebrews ‘..Some of our fore fathers 4:15 For we do not have a were drunk profligates, high priest who is unable sympathize with our womanizers, murderers, to weaknesses, but we have one thieves... If we dont accept who has been tempted in way, just as we are--yet the gift of Christ, we inherit every was without sin.

Some of our fore fathers were drunk profligates, womanizers, murderers, wizards and the like. If we dont accept the gift of Christ, we inherit by default, these struggles and ways. 1 Peter 1:18:19 For you know that it was not with perishable by default, these struggles and Advocate with a voice: things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed Judah was a great advocate ways...’ from the empty way of life in the case between Joseph the handed down to you from your ruler of Egypt – his brother, vs. forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a Benjamin who was under the trumped up charges of lamb without blemish or defect. stealing Joseph’s cup of divination. Is there proof that we can live a lifestyle in the He pleaded the case for Benjamin and by the end foundations set by our great grandfathers? of his plea Joseph broke down into tears. Yes. We can examine the life of Judah to see the Genesis 44:16-34, 45:1 patterns he established for his lineage. Further reading: Genesis 43: 8-9, Num13:30 This advocacy is also taken up by Solomon in his GOOD FOUNDATIONS prayer at the dedication of the temple, Compassion: 1 Kings 8:22-54, and in the judgement of the case Genesis 37:26-27 between the two prostitutes, where Solomon was Judah said to his brothers, “What will we gain if we

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able to determine the true mother of a child. 1 Kings 3:16 It is also the quality that Jesus has in redeeming us. 1 John 2:1 My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate who speaks to the Father in our defense--Jesus Christ, the Righteous One.

BAD FOUNDATIONS Prostitution: Judah had a weakness for prostitutes. In fact, that weakness led him to sleep with his own daughter in law,Tamar, leading to the continuation of his lineage through her. This weakness brought about great distress in the following generations. Genesis 38:1215 David and Bathsheba 2 Samuel 11:3 One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to find out about her. The man said, “Isn’t this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite?” Then David sent messengers to get her. She came to him, and he slept with her. Further reading : Amnon and Tamar - 2 Samuel 13:11

PRAYER POINTS 1. Receive Jesus as your Lord and savior. Only he broke the curse of the Judah Clan. He did not get married, neither did he live in sin. 2. Make a declaration to God that you don’t want to Go the evil ways of your fathers; Numbers 14:28 3. Turn away from the evil ways you can identify through the Holy spirit, that run in your family: Drunkenness, polygamy. Ezekiel 33:11 - Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?’ 4. Refuse to partake the punishment for the sins of your forefathers. Deuteronomy 24:16 Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own.

‘ The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.’ Proverbs 20:7

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Owens Saluti Album

I can do all things through Christ.Phil 4:13

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Fruit of the land

Dried Fruits: confectionery, cakes, cereals 0724942877

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Reason for Existence.

You are not an accident, even though live will try desparately to tell you otherwise. by Racheal Kimani

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“Ever wondered why you were chosen to exist in a time like this? Why today and not in the times of Jesus?”


other Sunday found me eagerly looking to go to Church and fellowship with other brethren. I have always looked forward to the weekend, especially Sunday, going to church always comes with new surprises and new things to learn and it also affords the opportunity of feeling like we are beginning the week on the right footing.


world comes to a close.

Why now? Ever wondered why you were chosen to exist in a time like this? Why did the Lord see it fit to place you today and not in the times of Jesus? Why did he choose to place you in Africa and not any other continent? Why did he choose to create you black with short kinky hair (ladies) and not long flowing Indian or Caucasian hair with fair skin?

As I took the time to prepare myself, humming along the gospel melodies playing on the radio, suddenly something came upon ‘..It occurred to me - there Let’s take a moment and me and I found myself flipping think about it, and if it proves was a grand design for my life challenging, ask the Lord why. through the Bible. The first verse that caught my attention that The Lord had laid down Grand Design was Genesis 1: 1-2 about the It occurred to me that there creation of the Universe, then centuries ago and that this was was a grand design for my further on came the verse the best environment and time life that The Lord had laid about one day being like a down those centuries of years thousand years and vice versa. that I could perfectly fulfill my ago and that this was the Those two words spoke so best environment and time purpose on earth, ...’ powerfully to me in a way that that I could perfectly fulfill my I had never been ministered to. purpose on earth, better than I was chosen any other time or any place or any other race or That before the world became the organized color. form it is today, God had already designed the He perfectly knew all about you long before any Universe, putting together in place all that there is of us came to be. Do you know that He even chose in a day (read a thousand years) and that every your family for you? Yes even your father/mother living thing had also been allocated their time in the who you consider the worst parent, and your sibling various centuries that have come and passed. He with whom many a times you cannot see eye to eye. chose some to exist in the time of Noah, others in The Lord had the ability to have placed you in that the time of Jesus and us in our present time and He family that you consider the best endowed with has already chosen those who will exist before the wealth, beauty etc. but He chose the best platform

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 49

that you would thrive in the best way possible.

All for him. Let’s all think about it critically. See, the Lord created all things for Himself. Thus, each and everyone of us has been made for a divine purpose known to God, though we might never understand it especially when we undergo lean times and nothing seems to be working out, we are truly here because we were meant to be here. With that basic knowledge and revelation (it was truly for me), what are we to do concerning our lives? According to Scripture, it means that those who are in existence, background- notwithstanding, are here for a specific reason. How then do we make sense of our existence? It is by talking to God one on one and asking Him to clearly define your existence here and guide you in your cut path.

By revelation

mankind. The story of Joseph attests to this fact. through what he went through, chances are: the P never have known the meaning of his dream, and tragedy would have been that the generation a wiped out by the severe drought that swept thro Joseph ultimately lived out his higher purpose by (The gold shone through)

Difficult times

Some of you could be going through difficult tim doors seem to be closed and the windows ever t pass through; When you cease looking down at that plague you and instead look up at the sky, t yourself up for a greater purpose that goes bey unfathomable and chances are you will end up b maker. Look at Mandela, there could be times w would never leave Robben Island alive, but now, celebrated world figure.

God always hears us when we call upon Him, He will reveal Himself and show you the cut path. And “With the Lord, a day is like a thousand there are ready examples in the Bible. Martin L For starters, if there was no Abraham years and a thousand years like a day” When embarked on t as we know Him today, there could be movement alon 2 Peter 3:8 no Israel as it exists today. If there was chose to preac no Moses, there could be no story of nonviolence an the deliverance of the Israelis from the peaceful rallies and non-retaliation even when c Egyptians as we know them today. violence. When he preached his last sermon “I ha Closer home, lets take a moment and think about the leaders who it was a premonition, he never lived to see his dr fought for independence; Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, as he was assassinated days after, but it finally d Jomo Kenyatta . These were people that God created for specific celebrated all over America never to be forgotte reasons. And closer yet, lets think about you and me, we may not down the history annals that will be passed on fo have made such a mark like other famous people, but the truth is come. we are making our difference in our own small ways, and there are people around grateful because we have made a difference The greatest story of all! in their lives. And the greatest story of all is that of Jesus Chri agreed to be the Sacrifice, we would never know You are special to someone Him now. It’s an encouragement to all of us that w You are the sibling that your sister or brother is always grateful be destiny makers in our own ways, and good th for-because of the sacrifices you have made for them to make their lives better, your mother looks at you and tells all and sundry easy, but when they finally do, they outlive us. Be seems to be one long struggle, those whom God that you are the apple of their eyes because you bring untold joy will have to fall not once but many times; when t in their lives. their grip and rise up, they become a pillar of ho For those in relationships, your partner or spouse looks at you has made you for a reason, choose not to live a differently because through you they have seen the love of God choose to live a life that will leave a legacy long manifest in their lives. Some have seen their lives take a new turn gone. Ask the Maker what it is He made you for and direction because you were there to help them navigate an answer, let it be your way of life till death do through their weaknesses and now they are proud of who they have become because of you. Bible reference You may ask, what about that bully in school or in the work place that made your life a living hell? Sometimes in our lives some of us Genesis 41-52; Proverbs 16:4; Psalms 139; Prov were destined to pass through fire, so that the gold within may be made manifest to enable us fulfill our purpose for the benefit of

50 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

If he never went Pharaoh would d the greatest at that time been ough the land. y saving mankind.

mes, where all too narrow to the problems then you set yond you, that is being a destiny when he thought he he has become a

Luther King Jr. the civil rights ng with others, he ch a message of nd advocated for confronted with ave a dream�, ream come alive did. And he is en, and going or generations to

ist; if He never w God as we know we were made to hings don’t come e glad when life has appointed they finally do get ope to many. God mundane life, but g after you are and once you get o you part. Amen.

verbs 24:16

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Cornell Ngare THE ONE:: It is what both of you become

when you get married. I SUGGEST that instead of looking for a person who is The One for YOU, let God lead you to a person with whom you can become ONE for GOD.

Kaisa Aho Do you just let Him lead you or is there something to look for in order to find that?

Cornell Ngare God leads us to Himself. In a nutshell, look for God. Let His Word be your checklist. God has a way of bringing together the hearts people who are genuinely after His heart.

Kaisa Aho What part of His Word is the checklist? There are a lot of people after His heart. Many of them could potentially match up. So then what do you take to be the sign that someone has finally found the one God wants them to marry?

Cornell Ngare The comment above is a “nutshell” answer. In the end, you will realize that every part of His Word is a checklist. However, for specific checklists in specific areas, that’s what this page is for.

Kaisa Aho Okay. Sometimes I think that everyone is putting the standards so high and making everyone look for perfect people. The one we marry isn't going to meet every standard. People should focus more on the vital criteria. We are all works in progress.

Cornell Ngare True. Personally, I believe that my wife will be THE ONE for me (and in essence, with me), not my girlfriend or even my fiancee. I hope that is not confusing.

Kaisa Aho Uh, yeah, that is a little confusing. Not sure what you mean.

Cornell Ngare I meant, my soul-mate is my wife. Before I marry her, she is not my soul mate. I have learnt that the concept of "the one" or "soulmate" as understood in the world is not biblical. The only exception to that claim is Adam and Eve (Gen 2:18-24). I will explain below why they may actually NOT be an exception. But in as far as Biblical theology is concerned, no sound doctrine can be formed from that incident simply because the rest of the Bible does not affirm the concept. Consider these two verses: Matthew 22:25-26, "Now there were seven brothers among us. The first one married and died, and since he had no children, he left his wife to his brother. The same thing happened to the second and third brother, right on down to the seventh." Deut 25:5-6, "If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband’s brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her." IN THE TWO CASES ABOVE, WHICH OF THESE BROTHERS WAS THE WOMAN'S SOUL-MATE? WHY? Now, when I said above that Adam and Eve are the exception, the reason (I THINK) is because there was only one man and one woman. This is why the doctrine of soul-mates based only on Genesis 2:18-24 does not hold water and is not sustainable throughout scripture. Let me give a final, albeit radical, answer. God has not created a SPECIFIC, INDIVIDUAL man or woman who is your soul-mate and if you do not marry them you have missed The One. No, God made man and woman. Man complements Woman. But the world interprets this as SPECIFIC man complements SPECIFIC woman.

52 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |


Kaisa Aho My idea of 'the one' is that whoever you marry is 'the one' regardless of anything else. The minute you marry them, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the one because you did marry them. That concept could easily apply to the above situation where she eventually married each of the guys. She was meant to marry each of them. But then that makes the term 'the one' a little weird because it seems to imply something singular, not plural. But I would keep the term because of the fact that many people only marry one person in their lifetime. Because of God's sovereignty, you will marry the one you were meant to marry even if it was not the most ideal person for you to marry. That's my thoughts on the term and I don't think it contradicts any Biblical teachings.

Cornell Ngare You have just said the same thing in different words :). My prayer is that we will all be freed from the bondage of worldly definitions and parameters for relationships that do not stand the test of scripture. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Eph 6:12


Kaisa Aho haha I guess it's true, great minds think alike. :)

Yes, Bible-saturated thinking. Question everything, and then only believe what God says. So, my conclusion? Kaisa, do you want to know who The One for you is? I can confidently tell you that it is a MAN, not another woman :) Which Specific Man? You do the shopping, compatibility tests, match-making etc and get married. His Word is your checklist. NO CHOICE YOU MAKE WILL BE WRONG. There are no wrong people, the problem is sin. As far as BIBLICAL COMPATIBILITY is concerned: A man is a woman's soul-mate, A woman is a man's soul-mate (Mark 10:7-9). Anything more specific or more individualistic than this is simply not Biblical... it may even be bordering to the point of heretical to insist it is biblical without biblical proof. But until the Bible says so, these compatibility tests and checks are simply a product of your discernment and are not based on any direct Biblical doctrine..... Unless someone else proves otherwise (using the Bible). I am still learning too :)

Weloba Adisa Sophy He's God we are not' when You say I

do~that person becomes your soulmate my take:-)Rom 8:28.

Cornell Ngare Amen. It is the covenant that makes her my

soul-mate. So who is THE ONE? Me and her in holy matrimony :)

Mercy Kandie nice debate people...we are kings...we

create...we speak it happens...when you say i do...he/she becomes( by the power invested in you) the bone of your bone... flesh of your flesh...and just like any other creature need God after creation to make...or else you will break it..

Gituma Nturibi He/she becomes the one at I do

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Why wait...

And we know where this is headed. by Eleazer

60 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

““Consider it pure joy...whenever you face trials of many kinds...the testing of your faith develops perseverance. ” So given the 3 famous ABC’s : Abstain, Be faithful and use a Condom, we opt for ‘C’ or ‘B’ and deride ‘A’. Well, the joke’s on you if you brush off “nimechill” (abstinence) as merely a mantra for youth who are yet to learn the “realities” of life.

Trust Issues

You see, abstinence is all about trust. If you don’t abstain before you get married, you will not trust your spouse. If you are having wild, bed-rocking sex before you get married, you will especially not trust your spouse after you get married. Why? Usual path Because when you are “separated” (not able to So let us explore the “usual” path of majority of have sex for whatever reason) from each other contemporary heterosexual relationships. As they for a time you will very likely be unfaithful to say: each other. You may be thinking, “but since our 1. boy meets girl (I prefer man meets woman) sex is rocking, I will wait for them! I won’t settle 2. boy and girl attracted for kawaida (ordinary) sex”. to each other, first physically, then emotionally and sexually, ‘..You see, abstinence is all You cannot judge sex until you have it, so how will you 3. after which at some about trust. If you don’t abstain ascertain that the said sex with future juncuture, the sexual extramarital partner will be attraction leads boy and before you get married, you an ordinary or rocking until you girl to engage in coitus (sex), ostensibly as an expression of will not trust your spouse. ...’ engage in it? Hmmmmm….. food for thought! their emotional congruity (i.e. being in love or lust, as the case may be). Drought Ok, another argument you may have may be In Love that most people “trip” with former lovers (exNow for arguments sake, let us assume that you girlfriends/boyfriends, people you are sexually actually love this person and so you are not familiar with) during times of “drought” (sexual engaging in casual copulation (sex); you are in a scarcity occasioned by various circumstances). Here stable relationship. You are therefore practicing then you may probably have merit in saying that the ‘B’ of the ABC’s, and are expectant of this you know for sure that the sex you have with your phase of your relationship terminating at the church spouse is better than the sex you had with your altar, and thereafter living happily ever after in former lovers. This may not always be true (making postnuptial bliss. So why wait, why abstain when things even worse) and even if it is, in times of you already know that you are meant for each “drought”, “water” is “water”! You’re not as picky other and you’re in this for the long haul? Walk with about the “quality” of sex when you are sexually me here.

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 61

starved. You just need a “fix” to get by. Yes, these will be the problems you will have to contend with if you never trained in abstinence before marriage. The word of God says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. (James 1:2-4) When you are used to having two rounds of sex every night and one every morning, what happens when your spouse gets that dream promotion and so needs to be sent to Ghana for a 6 month training? When you are accustomed to spicing up your days with “quickies” at lunch time, what happens when your spouse is posted to a new station out of town? What if they are medically indisposed and so are unable to engage in sex for an extended period of time? Ok, this is the worst: what happens when they have to leave the country for higher studies e.g. a prestigious masters degree in the USA for 1 year, 2 years?

that you may be mature enough in times like these, to focus on the real issues your spouse is going through. He/she could be psychologically unsettled by the new environment, could be feeling spiritually disconnected from God, could be under a lot of work pressure etc while you and they are thinking how will each of you survive without sex? Is each of you being faithful or not? …..


Same thing with God. He says abstain, so JUST DO IT, because He says so. That is love. He said, “If you love me, you will obey what I command” (Jn 14:15) So I will leave you with His word about abstinence: “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honourable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God; and that in this matter no-one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him” (1 Thessalonians 4:3-6) TRAIN IN ABSTINENCE so that you can trust each other when you are not together, and so that you don’t wrong your brother/sister by being unfaithful on your spouse with theirs, or wrecking their home by being “a spare wheel” in their marriage. God BLESS you and FAVOUR you in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Yeah, it’s all romantic to say “I will wait for you”! That’s until your loins catch fire and you’re panting for sex like an animal on heat! and your “sugar” is hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. And as if that agony is not enough, you are also tormented by the thoughts of, “How are they fairing on their end?” Yes, you exchange sweet nothings over email/phone/ facebook/skype/twitter daily, but you can also sense the sexual starvation in their voice. You know them, you know how he/she is a lady/gent in the street but a freak, a nympho in the bed….. so you can’t help but think, “How will they survive without it, because I am also “dying” here without it!”………. you know where this train of thought is headed. So there you are, both of you, in a real mess, because you never took the energy to train in abstinence, to persevere against sexual desires so

Abstain If you dated for 3 years and practiced abstinence by the grace of God, the 6 months or 1 year or even 2 year separation will be manageable because you will have been in such a place before, and come out victorious. God’s understanding has no limit (Ps 147:5), so when He tells you abstain, LISTEN! But more importantly, abstain just because He says abstain. Don’t abstain because of an explanation like this. If your sweetheart’s favourite colour is purple, you don’t ask them, “Why? Explain the reasons for purple being your favourite colour”. IT JUST IS! So buy them purple things!


‘God’s understanding has no limit (Ps 147:5), so when He tells you abstain, LISTEN!’

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| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 67

Why I’m not getting laid...

And why Im not planning to practise sex before I marry. by Graham Ingokho

68 | LSRMagazine | | Compilation Issue #1 | October 2011 |

“Great businesses in the form of bachelor parties, gentlemen’s clubs and ladies getaways have sprung up...” These days, getting sex is easy. The fabric of society has been modified and remodelled to ensure you don’t attract too much heat for assuming on sexual adventures - after all it has been accepted that we shouldnt judge, shouldnt set ‘very high’ standards, shouldnt butt an eyelid... everyone is free to live as they please as long as they dont endanger others.

opportunity - after all, we all live once.

No Clues

This is true. Men have little clue as to what moves the nuts and bolts of their womans sexual experiences -because ideally they should learn the truths by asking her. And it should also be vice versa. In this light, my practise of the same with say three women before her does not make me better. Great businesses It further compromises my ability to satisfty my wife, Great businesses in the form of bachelor parties, but also complicates my understanding of what gentlemen’s clubs and ladies ‘..after all it has been accepted she’ll want. In truth, it will also getaways have sprung up get me into trouble with having that we shouldnt judge, with these intentions in mind, emotional and mental purity and heavily marketed and shouldnt set ‘very high’ when having sex with her (ill publicized so that we all know be hoping she is better than x standards, shouldnt butt an their unrivalled market position or that she will allow me to try to satisfy the most discrete and eyelid... everyone is free to livewhat I did with y.) most unique sexual urges. Consider this, when two as they please as long as they inexperienced lovers come into Money money The young professional has dont endanger others. ...’ union after marriage, then the more chances that the man and quickly dismissed the notion woman will be clueless on how that sex has divine implications. to find the elusive orgasms safely tucked away in We are now too advaced to be tied down by books theyve read. commitment, or say divine guidance tailored to They will be less ashamed, now that they all have to curtail our freedoms. learn what rocks each others boat. So in principle, If my english, laden with dashes of American twang each night they have sex will be one of great - still doesnt get me any, then I can pay for it with a learning and experimentation. Knowing my father splash of a few crip notes of the legal tender kind. in Heaven, Human beings are set up to learn by If my beat up car(2002 toyota corolla) doesn’t lure revelation and practise- only this practise is with the ladies, then my borrowed BMW will. Any way I the right person after they find them and commit to look at it, numerous opportunities are presented to them in marriage. me daily for hot sex. So why have i neglected that

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 69

An act of service It gets interesting, the act of sex becomes an act of service done in humility because remember - there are no know it alls here. Conversation around this mind boggling act means that husband and wife create trust in intricate ways. Trust that paves way for unique partnerships in other things in life. Sex is no longer what a couple do for purposes of spending bedtime. It becomes a way of communicating love without words whose unspoken codes are as unique as the two.

Getting ready They say a lion that is caged in a zoo all its years, soon forgets its greatness. And that’s what happened to us. We have forgotten what greatness there is in sexual purity. Oh, maybe we have never known it in the first place. But im not one to give a weak argument and hope you bite. Sex is a great asset in the business called marriage. Contrary to pop culture, I don’t get ready for my wife by practicing sex. The woman for me will have very trademarked tastes for sex. As unique as her finger print. She will have to teach me how she likes her sex served. And same applies to me in her case.

A decision I dont decide to avoid sex because Im incapable, but because my wife deserves a blank piece of paper on which to record her experiences and expectations. I on the other hand dont want to know any other technique in sex except the one taught to me by her and those we learn together. I should be her blank piece of paper. In marriage, the expression of commitmment and care and the understanding that He/She is the first and only one are nothing short of amazing. Men and women should have the confidence to start out as an amatuers and feel confident about it. After all, for those who are teachers, isnt there something fresh about teaching first graders? The humility to accept new things and the committment to get better?

“Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.” Proverbs 5:15-17

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Splendid Weddings Unique, Impressive, Unforgetabbbe

| | October 2011| Compilation Issue # 1 | | LSRMagazine | 71

LoveSexRelationships Magazine  

Love, Sex, and Relationships Magazine -God's Way

LoveSexRelationships Magazine  

Love, Sex, and Relationships Magazine -God's Way