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5 Terre

Vernazza Harbour

“I want to get a timer picture. Of us.�

Riomaggiore - Corniglia

“Ooh... can we get a cat?”

Vernazza - Monterosso

“G... where are we?�

“Are you sure we’ve got time?”

Sanctuary nr. Vernazza

“Take one of me over there”

“I love it here”

“Don’t honey... it’s dangerous”

“Old people were elbowing each other just for sweets”

“ Oh no ­– the cameras! ”

“Yeah I ate one - why?”

“They’ve still not collected our grapes!”

“I don’t want to leave, but at least we can watch more Breaking Bad” quotes by Rachael as remembered by G

5 Terre

Cinque Terre - PhotoBook  

An album of photos from our 2013 hiking holiday in Cinque Terre, Italy.