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CSSC 'World' Kart Championship Warden Law Circuit 20th August 2009

Photography by Grahame Jenkins

All those tyres........sitting........waiting for business!

That little transponder ready to log your blistering lap times.

The machines of death lined-up, oozing power and menace.

And it's GO! GO! GO!

Well, not quite go, go, go just yet.......Mick grabs a quick nap. He will tell you he was visualising the circuit!

Looking every inch like a relaxed pro Dave contemplates his choice of team mate. How long the relaxation phase would last was anybody's guess. Is that a touch of doubt creeping across his face?

Errrr Christine, this isn't the nail biting for beginners class. Anyway, doing it with gloves on doesn't get covered until the advanced class!

ď žNo sign of anyone coming round yet boss ď ž

Hell's bells, none turn-up for ages then four come along at once!

Who is that mysterious masked man?

Looking familiar yet?

No, he's either trying to remain incognito or pull that old "the sun was in my eyes, I couldn't see a damn thing" excuse.

Whoever he was, he had certainly picked-up the gist of this racing body language malarky. He's got his 'race face' on now for sure!

Meanwhile Gary is lining-up a back-marker for a sudden shock. Can't remember exactly when this was taken but Gary assures me it was when he was 14 laps in front "building a cushion" (for his bad back?). He eased-up a bit later to give the others a chance to catch him.

Yup, definitely eased off, he's coasting now; those eyes don't show their earlier scalpel-like qualities.

Another flyweight blue overaller.

And he uses that light weight to sneak up on Mick in the twisty bits.

As do a few others!

Lost in space there!

Recovered it now - that's more like it!

Consistency and focus is the key.

Lap after lap, relentless!

Christine has recovered from the nail biting phase and is straight into the I am going to slam the door on him phase.

But wait......Mick's not slamming any doors, running over toes maybe?

"Supposed to put petrol in there mate, not diesel!"

"........and steer using this little black wheel thing"

Oh dear, careful out there on that damp track with those baldy tyres! Hope you all remembered the clean underwear.

Meanwhile Gary is trying to do that whole swerve over to the pit wall and wave to your crew and supporters thing as he comes up to take the chequered flag.

Well there's the chequered flag Gary........dunno where your hordes of loyal fans were though!


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