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ATHLETE GUIDE The official event guide, with all relevant details for:

The Molweni River cuts through the Gorge, carving its way towards the Umgeni river, and ending up in the Indian Ocean. Prepare for some spectacular views along your journey to the finish line. These falls are at the 27km mark and you will be eager for home at this point, but take a moment to savour the sight.


Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is home to a multitude of indigenous plant life and wildlife. It is a 584ha reserve situated within a residential area. We welcome you to the inaugural Molweni Trail Run and wish you a safe and pleasant journey all the way from start to finish. This guide is intended to assist you on your journey and to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have. If the answer is not here, we refer you to our website, if the answer is not there then connect with us on our social media platforms (FaceBook & Twitter) and if you still then assistance then feel free to mail our race office:

Vital information: Start and finish venue: Forest Hills Sports Club ( See our website for map and directions to the venue. GPS Co-ordinates: 29°45'39.52"S   30°49'28.95"E Emergency call number: 084 243 4898 (RescueTech on Race Day only) 3

On behalf of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, 369Communications, Salomon and our event partners we welcome you to the event. We trust you will have an enjoyable and memorable experience and savour each and every moment of what we believe will be a truly African experience. Our goal is to excite you and make you proud to be an African.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our event would not be possible without our partners and sponsors, so we record our sincere thanks and appreciation. We trust the athletes give them their due by investigating their products and services and supporting them where possible.

Can someone else collect my goody bag?

We would also like to thank all the people who have contributed of their time over the past 22 months in putting this project together and to all of those who have helped in a small way to encourage us and believe in our vision with us.

When is registration?

Do I have to pay an entrance fee into the Reserve? No, your entrance and donation to EKW is included in your entry fee. Can I enter on race day? Absolutely not. No entries will be taken on the day.

No, each athlete must register for themselves, which includes signing an indemnity form, having an athlete wristband put on their arm and collect their own goody bag.

Registration is open on Saturday 3rd May from 8am onwards. You can only participate in the prologue once registered. Registration consists of: 1. Sign indemnity 2. Have wristband fitted 3. Collect goody bag. Your timing chip and race number will be in your goody bag, and both number & chip must be worn while competing. Does my prologue time count towards the overall time of the race? No, your prologue time is for batch seeding purposes for the 32km race start. How many water points are there on the route? There are 3 water points on the route. 4

Where are they? 1st point is at 12km (Uve Road) 2nd point is in Molweni River Community Park (20km) 3rd point is at Nkutu Picnic Site (24km) What do I do if I want to withdraw? You need to report to one of the safety marshalls (yellow vest), who will relay your race number to the JOC. Transport will be arranged, should you need it, or you will be directed to the closet collection point. Can I train on the route? The Reserve is open to running, but there are multiple section outside of the existing trail network which cannot be used. In addition there are routes outside of the Reserve in the Molweni Community River Park, which can be used but not without permission. The joining section through the private land owners property are strictly out of bounds and may not be used outside of the race. Essentially the only time you will be able to run this entire route will be during the event itself. Is seconding allowed on the route? No seconding is allowed along the route at all. Athletes need to be self-sufficient at all times and carry all requirements. There is sufficient support on route to meet all athletes needs.



SPECTATORS We welcome spectators to the event and are directing them to specific points on the route for the following reasons: 1. Safety 2. Prevention of damage to the Reserve 3. Control of people’s activities (litter etc)

Rocky scrambles through massive granite boulders make for an amazing experience well into the race, given the senses some relief. Enjoy the sights, look around, take your time to enjoy it.

Where can spectators go? There are 3 points, which correlate to the water points, where the spectators may go. No spectators are allowed access into the Reserve, even if they enter as a member of the public. Any athlete who has people connected to them, go into the Reserve will automatically be disqualified. 1st point is at 12km (Uve Road) 2nd point is in Molweni River Community Park (20km) 3rd point is at Nkutu Picnic Site (24km)


What is available to spectators at Forest Hills Sports Club?

Safe parking is available at the club.

Friends, family & supporters are encouraged to be at the finish venue where there will be catering and beverage / bar service available from the Club itself. All funds raised go towards the upkeep of the local Club. Please support them.

Toilets are available. Please refrain from using lawns, bushes, hedges or verges to relieve the need as many residents complain about athletes doing this during other events.

Kids can join in the fun by competing in the Mini-Molweni on Saturday 3rd May, from 12pm onwards. Full details elsewhere in this guide.

The section know as “Garden of Eden�


Let’s aim to create the best impression possible with the local Forest Hills community so that they embrace the event.

Forest Hills Sports Club. Parking is available on the field.


EQUIPMENT Each athlete must wear their race number provided, on their outer front garment, which must be visible at all times. Athletes must wear the timing chip provided on their ankle. The following equipment is compulsory for all athletes: • Space blanket / emergency blanket • Outer shell / windbreaker • 1.5l water carrying container • Whistle • Cell phone (with emergency number programmed in) • Energy bar or similar type food. Athletes will be required to place this equipment onto a template at the finish line in order to be considered an official finisher of the event. Failure to meet with the above will be immediate disqualification with the right to appeal the decision, which will stand until proven otherwise by the athlete. This equipment is for safety reason and the rule applies to all athletes. No exceptions will be considered. In the event of inclement weather, further equipment will become compulsory. Please refer to the website for full details. 10


Important times: Prologue course will be open from 9am in the morning (Saturday), athletes can only run once they have registered. Sunday will start from 6:30am onwards, based on seeding from the prologue. Sunrise will be at 6:26am on Sunday 4th May Approximate travel times to the start / finish venue: From King Shaka Airport: 50 minutes From Pinetown: 15 minutes From Pietermaritzburg: 35 minutes From Hillcrest: 10 minutes



Molweni Trail Run  

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