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Who Are We Brooke Amara Mehak Mitch

Clothes 2 Go Have you ever spilled red wine on your white shirt right before going out? Have you ever been splashed by mud when walking on the sidewalk? Have you ever been at work and had explosive diarrhea and ruined your pants? That’s where we come in. We are a company designed to bring you clothes when you need them the most. If you can’t make it to the store, and are too far from home and you need clothes, we’re the people you call. We have you covered with the basics, from underwear, bras, socks, tank tops, t-shirts and jeans. You call and we’re there with whatever you need for that interview, date, class or wherever you were or needed to be when disaster hit.

Who Are We?

➔ Clothes 2 Go is a company that delivers clothing to you when you’re in an emergency situation and need clothing fast.

We will be manufacturing our own basics that include plain t-shirts, socks, underwear and bras that will be available on our app “Clothes 2 Go”

The orders will be placed on our app where customers will create their own profiles, giving their measurements so they can order clothes and we will know which size to deliver and also insert their credit cards numbers so no payment will be taken during delivery

We will have employees that will be either delivering via bike or car if the drop off location is far

How We Operate

Mission Statement Our mission is to find the best basics in clothing including t-shirts, underwear, bras and socks and will deliver it to our customers in the most efficient way. We will reach these objectives by: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Partnering with the best company to bring you good quality basics at an affordable price Hiring efficient and friendly delivery employees as well as knowledgeable customer service representatives Building an application that is user friendly, free and able to provide the best user experience available Understanding our customers needs and wants Promising our customers the best sizing and customer service Giving back to our community and doing our part for our social responsibility

Clothes 2 Go

Partner Hudson’s Bay Company

We will be working with Hudson's Bay to have more variety, providing more brands and options to our customers instead of just the basics

They will also help us create a bigger reach so we can get out farther to more of our customers

We will have them be an advocate for our clothing drives -placing bins in their stores

If we decide to expand, their products that we choose to include in our company will be available on our app and they will help with customer sizing

Strengths: - Good customer service - Convenient - Easy of use - Fast delivery - Affordable Weaknesses: - Limited variety - Reach - Not always work appropriate -more basics Opportunities: - Partner with big name brand companies - Broaden our styles - Expand to baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc - Deliver in farther locations opposed to just the Greater Vancouver Area Threats:


Other speedy delivery companies Potential delivery obstacles Customer dissatisfaction Stocking issues

SWOT Analysis

Clothes 2 Go

Why We’re Different ➔

There are no companies offering emergency clothing delivery

Easy to use app, quick service, and availability give us the edge

Our exclusive line of basics allow us to offer lower prices and ensure stock

No physical stores, so no overhead allowing us to provide good rates

Top 2 Competitors 1) 2)

Amazon Walmart

Because Amazon is one the biggest and most recognizable delivery companies therefore they have the upper hand when it comes to delivery and are known for efficient deliveries Walmart is a good place to buy basics, they are usually located in every small town and city so they are convenient and easily accessible and they deliver also Our companies are all similar being delivery services but we are almost immediate if we are close and the product is brought straight to the customer

Target Market Target Market: Male and Female 20-35 Secondary Target: Male and female 35-60

Clothes 2 Go

What we will use to advertise: Traditional Media: Radio, print and television Non-Traditional Media: Social Media (Instagram, FaceBook & Twitter)

How we will advertise: Social Media Personality: We see Clothes 2 Go having a funny, savage, and relatable presence on social media personality. By staying current and continue the conversations with customers, we will secure a presence in the local social media scene

Social Responsibility ➔

Our social responsibility will be to give back to our community through our clothing drives

We will have clothing bins at our head office and also at all Hudson Bay’s around Vancouver and the lower mainland in order for customers and citizens to donate their clothing

Customers who make orders can also donate their clothes when their orders are delivered

We will be donating all of the clothes we receive to homeless shelters and youth care centres

Promotions/Event ● ● ●

Being a sponsor at “The Sun Run” Good way to get our brand in the public’s eye Will be at the event, promoting ourselves and giving samples of some of our products ex: our t-shirts/socks

Have clothing drive events held to allow people to come and donate clothing and then have these people at our event to enjoy and get the word out about our company

Clothes 2 Go

Celebrity Spokesperson Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is the perfect spokesperson for our company because he a funny and stylish dad who will bring a fresh and fun face to our brand. He is Vancouver based and would bring a quirky yet appealing vibe to the company


â—? Amara, Brooke, Mehak & Mitch

Clothes 2 go  

This was a project done for Marketing. My group and I created a company called Clothes 2 Go. From here, we learned how to market a company a...

Clothes 2 go  

This was a project done for Marketing. My group and I created a company called Clothes 2 Go. From here, we learned how to market a company a...