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northumbria s t u d e n t s’ u n i o n

EDITORS WORDS Hey guys, Welcome to this year’s ¿rst edition of nu:life and welcome to Northumbria. Throughout these pages we have provided all the banter from your brand new SU so have a peek and see what’s going on. Meet your new sabbatical team, who work all year long to ensure you are represented and that your Union is the best place for you party, study and get involved!!

FEATURES Fresher’s Never Fear! 10-11 Page of Praise 13 GET INVOLVED Hot Topic: Politics: it’s a taxing subject 14-15 Rich’lll Fix It!! 17 Summer Experience 19 LIGHT RELIEF Summer spotted 20-21 Horoscopes 22 Lauren West Knows Best 23


NSU NEWS Editors Words and contents 3 Sabb Banter 4-5 Your New SU 6 Oh! What’s Occurring? 7 Hot or Not: Newcastle 9

STUDENT CULTURE Look after your sexual health 25 Faith Today 27 Alzheimer’s Society 27 The fees review is explained in student What to do in Newcastle 28-29 language, so we can know what it really Gig Goers: Gig Reviews 30-31 means when the big men in suits tell us September Flicks 33 we don’t pay fees but pay a moohoosive tax afterwards, then make up your own TEAM NORTHUMBRIA Creber goes for cycling gold 34-35 mind and answer our poll at Sport central 36-37 Neville to coach us into the future 38 Whether you’re all shiny and new or Season Preview 39 you’re coming back to your third year Contributors we’ve got it covered. And if you like Hot or not - Natalia Sawran-Smith or don’t like what you see, why don’t Fresher’s - Lauren Vamplew you get involved in the magazine team Hot topic - Vincent Kinchley, Pippa Harper & Usman Ali (NUS) yourself? Email me at: Summer work - Emily Chambers Lauren West - Lauren West Faith today - Gavin Wort Enjoy Alzheimer’s - Zoe Thomas Holly xxx Newcastle - Natalia Sawran-Smith Gig Reviews - Hannah Cassidy September Flicks - Callum Gibson Team Northumbria - Simon Rushworth Special thanks to Richard Buckley for Rich’lll Fix It.

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NSU NEWS Sabb’s Banter

Sabb Banter

Meet your new sabbatical team 2010/2011... Here is your new Sabbatical Team elected by you in March to represent you for a whole year in your students union. Your Sabbs are exposed telling us what their looking forward to this year and their view on this month’s hot topic “Higher Fees or Graduate Tax?”.

Adam White President What is your role? I am the ¿gure head of the Students’ Union, representing Northumbria students to the University, the NUS and wider community. I also oversee the motley crew that is the Sabb Team. What is your aim for this year? My biggest aim of the year is to ensure that NSU is recognised as the Students’ Union of the Year. What are you most looking forward to this year? To welcoming the thousands of new students to Northumbria.

Holly Seabrook Vice - President Communications & Involvement What is your role? I sort out everything media related, editing this very magazine, and overseeing the amazingness that will be NU:TV. What is your aim for this year? To get as many students involved is as many things as possible, And getting NU:TV bigger and better. What are you most looking forward to this year? Getting the students back and getting all my plans in action, hopefully winning awards for the union and NU:TV.

What do you think of the new building? I think it’s amazing. It offers so many What do you think of the exciting facilities for students new building? It’s pretty to use socialise in and learn. ¿t, I still can’t work out how they got so much stuff in the Higher fees or graduate space we had before. tax? Graduate Tax. The current system is failing Higher fees or graduate students and I believe that tax? I don’t really Graduate Tax offers a fairer understand it, but from what alternative to higher fees. I’ve got I think Graduate Tax a.white@ is better for us. holly.seabrook@

04 nu:life

NSU NEWS Sabb’s Banter

Adam Wigley Vice - President Academic Affairs What is your role? I deal with all the academic issues you may face at Northumbria whether that’s exams, assignment feedback or your team of trained Course Reps. What is your aim for this year? To train more reps than ever before so they have a positive impact on the lives of all our students. What are you most looking forward to this year? Volunteer Conference, it’s going to be awesome! What do you think of the new building? Bloody brilliant! The whole building now looks as great as the services we offer whether representation, volunteering or entertainment to name a few. Higher fees or graduate tax? Higher Fees. I don’t understand why a student on the same course should have to pay more for that education because they have resulted in earning more. a.wigley@

Becky Warburton Vice - President Activities & Development

Pete Woodward Vice - President Welfare & Equality

What is your role? I oversee all of the activities that we have at the union from Societies to GIAG, Welcome Team to RAG. If you want to get involved, I’m your girl!

In a nutshell - all issues that aren’t academic and a positive experience for EVERYONE!

What is your aim for this year? To make activities even bigger and better than it has been in the past. What are you most looking forward to this year? Welcome Week of course! But also the Volunteer Conference in November as it’s the ¿rst time we have ever done anything like it and it should be a really exciting day. What do you think of the new building? Fantastic! I am so happy to be back in our new building after our crazy summer in the shared of¿ce! Higher fees or graduate tax? Graduate Tax all the way! becky.warburton@

What is your role?

What is your aim for this year? Protecting student ¿nances - through halls prices, the tuition fees review, and all the costs in between! What are you most looking forward to this year? Improving our award winning Community Rep scheme making the student voice loud and clear in the local community. What do you think of the new building? We’ve started the new decade with a bang! The Base is amazing, and I know you love our bars (and drinking responsibly in them!) Higher fees or graduate tax? The devil is in the detail - but I’m ¿ghting for a Graduate Tax that ensures access to education is based on your ability, not your bank balance! pete.woodward@ nu:life 05


youruni n ‘A positive impact on the lives of all our students’

Over the summer, the University has invested over 5million English pounds in rebuilding your Studentsʦ Union so you can get the best from it and what a great and worthwhile spend it was. Knocking down walls, putting in new lights and sound, and creating more space for all us students to enjoy the Union is set to be the best in the North East. From outside we can see the grandeur that the new entrance has created, and inside the space is phenomenal. With the space seeming as if its sprung from nowhere, The Base offers all the information you need to get advice, representation or if you want to get involved in the greatest societyʦs around. There are also computers for you to use, but if they’re all full, never fear, IT services will happily provide you with a laptop to use for your work!!!

06 nu:life

Well Read Bookshop have moved, to a massive, wnidow view new shop, where they will have all the best books to help all of us leave Northumbria with a ¿rst, and if they havenʦt got it in stock, they will do all they can to get it for you. If thatʦs not enough, upstairs in Escape there is space for you to come and chill, hang out with your mates, and just have general banter, perhaps with the Sabbs who are also living in escape. This is also a space where you can eat your own food, or sit in without the hustle and bustle of commercial services. Returning students, you might remember Stage 2, the unused, cramped, static theatre space we had before, which has been completely gutted to welcome our new 250+ capacity theatre space, which will be used for gigs, shows, and lessons alike. Whether youʦre looking for somewhere to hang out, meet new people, or party, your new union has it, so come in and enjoy.

NSU NEWS Oh! What’s Occurring?



YOUR NEW SABB TEAM! The new team is all shiny and new just like the fresher’s, and they are here to run you SU. If you want to know anything about the union, get some representation or get involved with anything else including this magazine the Sabb team are here to help you make the most out of your university experience so come and see them in escape and say hello!


In theme with welcome week comes the welcome team, our 250 strong team of volunteers who are here to help fresher’s and returning students, so if you see a swarm of students hanging around in yellow and red t shirts don’t be afraid, they are here to help you settle into Northumbria life and will be more then happy to answer any worries you have or help you carry your 20 tonne telly to you’re room.


WELCOME WEEK! During your ¿rst week at Northumbria 2010-2011 we are holding the best welcome week to date with some of the best acts and daytime activities yet. Don’t forget to get yourself down to the fairs in domain from Monday the 20th till the 22nd and sign yourself up to doctors, societies and other exciting union activities, this year there’s more to choose from then ever.

Ever wanted to be involved in a TV station, well now’s your chance. If you want to make a ¿lm, be it a drama, action, or a documentary, just email the station manager at holly.seabrook@northumbria. and weʦll get you sorted. If you already have a video that you made at home or on your course and you would like it to go on the NU:TV site www.wmynsu. you can email us too, and we can get it on the Northumbria Facebook fan page for all our students to enjoy. nu:life 07

Look after your health and wellbeing at university and make sure you register with a GP

How to register with your GP You can find a surgery near you using the services directory on NHS Choices Contact the GP practice and ask to register with them.

You can access the following services for minor injuries without being registered with a GP if you become unwell or are injured. You can visit the following centres: Molineux Street NHS Centre Molineux Street, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne. Telephone: 0191 275 5862. Open 8:00am to 8:00pm, 7 days a week with the last patient booked in at 7:30pm. Westgate Walk-in Centre Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. Telephone: 0191 256 3163. Open 8:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week including bank holidays.

Newcastle Central NHS Walk-in Centre Unit 5, The Bar, St James Gate (near Jury’s Inn). Telephone: 0191 233 3760. Open 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday. Royal Victoria Infirmary Minor Injuries Unit Richardson Road. Telephone: 0191 282 0531. Open 9:00am to 4:00pm, every day.

Working on behalf of Newcastle and North Tyneside Primary Care Trusts and Northumberland Care Trust

NEWS Hot! or Not! Newcastle


• The last remaining - hot days before the inevitable return of ‘the coldest winter ever’Spend them wisely, in the quad, on Osborne road or putting your BBQ into overdrive. • New found organisation - There is nothing better than when you ¿rst come to university with your new accessories, matched cutlery, and ample stationery supplies. No doubt you make that ridiculous promise to yourself that your room will stay a pristine haven, fast forward two weeks and you will be falling over the traf¿c cones and desperately clinging to your last pen, a white one from some insurance company in Liverpool that you found under someone’s chair. • 4oD - Possibly the best hangover cure/ procrastination device ever created by mankind. Oh and you may ¿nd some old archived course relative documentaries, but for the most part you can just watch sitcoms and Hollyoaks until your eyes fall out.

• Fading Tans - Nothing brings you back to September with a bump more than that golden glow you were coveting and saving up for all year disappearing a mere two weeks after you set foot on Newcastle soil. Being left looking like the lovechild of Nicola Roberts and Casper by the end of the fresher’s activities will have most of us reaching for the St Tropez. Stat. • Fresherʦs Flu - Even the most hardened of immune systems, impenetrable to typhoid, malaria and other tropical nasties are no match for the fresher’s Àu. So stock up on the Beechams!


• Student Loans Company - Yes we are grateful that you are bestowing our tuition fees and maintenance loans upon us, however when the applications are a mine ¿eld, and you lose all of our information, it is extremely dif¿cult to feel anything but discontent when the King’s Ransom doesn’t show up until mid way through some distant month when we are so broke we are attempting to eat pasta sandwiches. Ok that may have just been me.

nu:life 09

FEATURES Fresher’s Never Fear!

Fresher’s Never Fear! You’ve arrived at your halls, unpacked your cases and abused the pin board with millions of photos of your friends, your family and your dog. So while you’re adapting to the new surroundings it’s time to throw yourself into the University lifestyle; get involved, meet new people and make some of the best memories of your life.


Get to know your room mates well as you’ll be living with them for a full year. Arrange a DVD night, open a bottle of wine and get chatting. Eventually these people will be the ones who tin foil your room and abuse your Facebook, so let’s face it; you’re going to have to love them to forgive them.


As it’s your ¿rst month at University, it would be rude not to plan a huge fancy dress night. So turn up as Lady GaGa, play some drinking games and get down to the Students Union. Girls, make sure you take a Àat pair of shoes in your handbag; you’ll be out almost every night and chances are those Topshop shoes will be unbearable to even look at by the end of the week.


You will probably battle with several this month, Therefore, it’s a good idea to lounge around on the sofa all day with your Àat mates; eventually they’ll see you looking Throwing yourself in your worst so get it out of the way as early at the deep end is the as possible. If in the unfortunate event best way to meet lots that you have a lecture that day, pull on a of exciting new people so comfortable hoodie and try to ¿ght your way don’t be shy and take part through without passing out on the table. in as many social events as possible. The By Lauren Vamplew Students Union offers plenty of fun activities and games to take part in. It is also a good opportunity to join a society, from break dancing to debating it’s an excellent place to meet people with similar interests.


10 nu:life

EATURES Fresher’s Never Fear!

You’re not a Northumbria University student until you have... BOUGHT A NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY HOODIE


From lazing around your Àat to strolling into early morning lectures, a Northumbria hoodie is the essential comfort item for those days when you are feeling slightly fragile.

There is nothing better than passing out on your sofa, watching the entire series of ‘Friends’ re-runs. By 6pm you’ll probably ¿nd you haven’t moved for several hours and have possibly eaten the full contents of your kitchen cupboard.



planning a big night, this drinking game is vital. All you need is a pack of playing cards, a pint glass and a set of rulesz. One last piece of advice, avoid the dirty pint at all costs.

It’s an excellent idea to get everyone in your seminar groups together. More than likely you will spend the next three years with them!

northumbria s t u d e n t s’ u n i o n

EATEN SUPER NOODLES EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK They’re cheap, easy to make and allows us to use the only kitchen item we know how to work - the microwave.

JOINED A SOCIETY The Student Union offers plenty of activities that will interest anyone and everyone. It’s a great opportunity to meet people with similar passions to yours!


NOT WASHED YOUR CLOTHES FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH The only excuse we need; our mum isn’t here.

DONE THE WALK OF SHAME Or at least have seen someone doing the walk of shame. GOTTEN OVER ‘FRESHER FLU’ By the end of the ¿rst month you may not be feeling your sparkly self, but never fear, you’re probably just recovering from the best few weeks of your entire life. By Lauren Vamplew

lectures and seminars. nu:life 11

FEATURES Page of praise


Within our union we have some of the best volunteers around who do amazing things for our Union and the surrounding community, here’s a selection of our most committed volunteers who really do make a difference, and we want to say a huge thank you to them.


Every May we have an awards ceremony where we thank our volunteers, the 2009/2010 winners are as follows: MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS: Danni Mustarde DIVERSITY CHAMPION Adam Lightfoot STACY HOARE COURSE REP Rachael Leathley Stacy gets involved in everything. SCHOOL REP Carrie Donaghy Collecting for RAG, PGT REP President of the Anthony Maguire award winning PGR REP Writers’ society and Lisa Thomas Ambassador for Documentation and Evaluation for Volunteer RAGGIE OF THE YEAR Michael Dignen Northumbria. We’re not sure how she WELCOME WEEK TEAM manages to balance her busy Law degree MEMBER OF THE YEAR and getting all this extra experience, but she Tom Waddington does and she does everything she can to get COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER others involved too. Stacy Hoare VOLUNTEER PROJECT OF THE YEAR KRISTI Tri Drama LENNON NSU VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR Matt Hall Kristi has been SOCIETY OF THE YEAR spending her Breakdance society summer months BEST NEW SOCIETY making videos for Writers Society the Union. She NSU LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT has recruited some Sarah Edmunds of the best ¿lmmakers for the videos and has made it possible for us to have a video Congratulations to them all, and if you want for each of our Get Involved sections, to see your name on this list next year, then allowing more of you to know what you have a look at our Get Involved Guide and can get involved in. Her enthusiasm and Get Involved!!!! commitment to work are an inspiration to us all. nu:life 13



It’s a taxing subject for students. I don’t know about you, but I’m worried about the debt I’m going to leave Northumbria with. Brown trousers worried. And now we’re faced with something different - a graduate tax. If you don’t understand it, this one’s for you. What is the graduate tax? The graduate tax means that students will pay for their tuition through an income tax once they start working, and will probably pay more tax as their earnings increase. Why bring it about, what was wrong with the loan system? When launching the initiative, Mr. Vincent Cable reasoned that bringing in the tax would make England’s student funding system fairer as well as increase its sustainability. He stated: ‘If you’re a graduate, on average you earn £100,000 net of tax over your lifetime more than if you’re a comparable non-graduate.’ He also explained that school teachers and youth workers currently pay the same tuition fees as a surgeon or commercial lawyer, and that tuition fees should be related to a graduate’s ability to pay if it’s feasible. This is called a progressive tax.

14 nu:life

Does this mean I’m going to pay more? For a long, long time, leading universities have argued that they should be allowed to charge more than others. However, Lord Browne’s ongoing review into university funding will ultimately decide whether these changes need to occur. A graduate tax technically has nothing to do with fees rising, but Uncle Vince has said ‘Students may have to pay more, but that is only part of the answer’. Cha-ching, Cha-ching! It’s unclear how long graduates will be taxed for, and there’s no con¿rmation of a set number of years a graduate would spend under the tax. It seems unlikely that any government hoping to be re-elected will lock an entire generation into a tax that could mean they pay several times the cost of their university education over their working life. But I don’t make the policies, I just write about them. By Vincent Kinchley.




The idea behind the graduate tax is simple - graduates should contribute towards their education only to the extent that they ¿nancially gain from it.

Students appear to have mixed views to the fairest outcome. Options such as graduate taxation, increased tuition fees and increased interest rates on students loans will hit students’ pockets, if not immediately, certainly in the longer term.

VIEW VIEW We believe that this is fairer, and will enable people from poorer backgrounds to apply to university without the fear of debt looming over them. It is important to remember that the NUS (National Union of Students) changed the debate with the Government, from the fees going up so Universities could charge what they wanted, to the model of a fairer alternative, the graduate tax. People claim it is ‘a debt you can never pay it off’, when it would in fact only last for 25 years. Others claim that it would cost students more, where in the NUS proposal, earners in the lowest quintile would pay less than £500 overall, those in the next quintile about half what they do now, and those in the middle quintile roughly the same as now - it’s only those who really bene¿t that would pay more. We think that’s only fair. By Usman Ali. (NUS)

Over two thirds of Universities, including the Russell Group, want the government to remove the cap on fees, giving them autonomy to set fee levels in order to retain their world class reputation. Increasing tuition fees however is likely to impact negatively on participation and result in mortgage style debts. The British Medical Association has warned medical students would have excessive debts over £90,000 because of the longer courses. Under a graduate tax some students would pay substantially more than the cost of their own degree. Opposition against the new proposal comes from university heads including the Russell Group who question how quickly and consistently such taxes would be redistributed to universities. A YouGov poll commissioned by Compass states only 12% of the public support an increase of tuition fees and the majority believe an alternative system should be found. Lord Browne’s long-awaited independent Student Finance Fees Review is published this autumn. By Pippa Harper.

nu:life 15

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We’re behind you.

GET INVOLVED Rich’ll Fix It!

te!or ll! I x g a

i s Lairx um F l lem F

’lProb h can h ic ic Ric

RAcadelml, Our a Sm

Dear Rich. I think I’ve picked the wrong course. I applied for it because it looked good in the prospectus but I’m not enjoying it, what can I do? Worried 1st year Before you make any moves, think about the course you’d rather do. Why this course? Have you researched it? The grass isn’t always greener - make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. If you’re certain, you’ll need to tell your Guidance Tutor and/or Programme Leader, and ask the administrators for the new programme if it’s possible to change. If the new programme is in the same subject area, this could be done very quickly. You’ll then need to contact Student Finance England (or home equivalent) since your loan entitlement could be affected.

If you’ve got a problem then Rich can ¿x, just email su.problems@ with ‘Rich’ll ¿x it’ in the subject line and your problem might be featured here soon.

Dear Rich. As a student, can I have a say in how my programme is run? All of my classmates pay over £3000 a year I’m from China so I pay £8000 - so it’s important that students have input and give feedback to our lecturers. Frustrated student. In short - yes, you can have your say! In the ¿rst six weeks of the semester, your class will be electing Course Reps, whose job it is to represent students’ views and ensure that lecturers are responsive to student feedback. The Students’ Union offers a huge support package to Course Reps: training, development opportunities, our nationally renowned Course Rep Conference and the chance to gain a Global Citizenship in recognition of time spent volunteering. Why not become a Course Rep yourself? Let your Programme Leader and classmates know you’re standing - once the Students’ Union receives your details, we’ll be in touch with things to get involved with.

nu:life 17

GET INVOLVED Summer Experience

SUMMER EXPERIENCE A new term has begun so it is time to be productive and get the most from your degree. It may seem early but why not think ahead to next summer and organise some valuable work experience? It is the perfect time to shine, strengthen your degree and have some fun whilst you’re at it. I have just begun my ¿nal year of Journalism and spent the summer working in London. I decided to do this after realising my CV was a little basic, so wrote to several media companies and applied for some work. I was aware that student internships were competitive so didn’t expect to get a response. However, several months later Sugar and Woman & Home magazines got in touch and invited me to spend a few weeks with them. At ¿rst I was extremely nervous, the magazines were situated in enormous city buildings ¿lled with professional journalists working for best-selling publications such as Elle and Marie Claire. Each placement consisted of a range of diverse and challenging tasks. At Woman & Home I mainly worked on my writing skills whereas at Sugar I spent many hours scowling Oxford Street for youngsters to interview. Both magazines gave me a new found con¿dence, heaps of knowledge and fantastic memories.

Many other Northumbria students have been showing off their talents with placements at the BBC, The Daily Telegraph and Blow PR. Third year student Francesca Briggs is currently working for Microsoft. Francesca said “I applied for the placement on Microsoft’s website and after a nerveracking interview and assessment day I was picked to work as a Product Marketing assistant for Xbox. I have already learnt so much that I would not get from a text book and being given the new Xbox 360 slim the week before it came onto the market was pretty cool too.” Gaining work experience is dif¿cult and no matter which industry you are trying to get into, student applications are high, so be persistent and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. Working in London is expensive, so if like most students you are struggling for cash you can apply locally. There were many times I wanted to give up, but hard work and determination paid off. If like me you would like a cracking CV and some unforgettable experiences start applying now and get the most out of your summer 2011. By Emily Chambers.

nu:life 19


20 nu:life



nu:life 21



(Sep24-Oct23) People are going to be drawn to you this month, don’t be frustrated by this, just enjoy it. Star with the same star: Matt Damon - 08/10/70


(Oct24-Nov22) Your increased energy and motivation may lead to new opportunities, grab on to them with all your might. Star with the same star: Julian Barnes - 08/11/1949


(Nov23-Dec21) You will make a breakthrough in your career, be sure to advance those skills. Star with the same star: Tyra Banks - 04/12/73


(Dec22-Jan21) Your ambitions are clear and you can see your goals. Go for it, remember shy bairnsbens get knout.nowt. Star with the same star: Nicolas Cage - 07/01/64


(Jan 21-Feb19) Don’t be scared by the sudden changes this month brings, it might be for the better. Star with the same star: Robbie Williams - 13/02/74


(Feb 20-Mar20) Close relationships are to be born, be it in love or work, let them spark your ideas. Star with the same star: Drew Barrymore - 22/02/75 22 nu:life


(Mar21-Apr20) Work may be overloading you this month, but don’t let your love life take a back seat. Star with the same star: Hugh Hefner - 09/04/26


(Apr21-May21) Attempting to bring harmony to groups can be dif¿cult, but don’t be phased, it might be fun. Star with the same star: David Beckham - 02/05/75


(May22-Jun22) Exciting changes are to be had, don’t over think them. Star with the same star: Jonny Depp - 09/06/63


(Jun23-Jul23) The energy you are pouring into new friendships may be tiresome, but it will be worth it in the end. Star with the same star: Cheryl Cole - 30/06/83


(Jul24-Aug23) Get your ¿nances in order ¿rst, you might be surprised at the help you receive when you do. Star with the same star: Ben AfÀeck - 15/08/72


(Aug24-Sep23) You are brimming with ideas this month, promote them and let the creative juices Àow. Star with the same star: Mother Theresa - 27/08/10

LIGHT RELIEF Lauren West Knows Best

LaurenWest knows best Dear Lauren: I’m really enjoying my fresher’s week, and I’m making lots of new friends, but my friends from home are getting really mad with me, and saying that I am changing. I don’t want to upset my friends from home but I don’t want to miss out at Northumbria either, what should I do? Confused fresher x Hi there, Firstly, I’m so glad you are enjoying your time at Northumbria so far, it’s a wicked place to be and I’m sure you will grow to love it even more! It can become dif¿cult to maintain a healthy balance between your friends from home and your new friends, as you are the one meeting all these new people and having such an amazing time, chances are they are getting mad at you because they are a bit jealous and feel a bit left out that you haven’t been focusing on them as much. Don’t stop having fun because of that, just have a chat with them and explain you havenʦt changed and ask how they think you have changed. Maybe try and choose a few times a week when you can have a catch up as well, so they know you aren’t ignoring them! I’m sure it will all work out :) keep having fun! Lauren xx

Dear Lauren: I have just come to university here, but my girlfriends gone to a different one, and I’m worried that were going to drift apart. Each day I am meeting more and more pretty girls in the union, and I’m worried that she will be at her uni too. I speak to her daily but I’m worried that she’s going to cheat on me which makes me want to cheat on her to make things even. Should I do it? Love struck lover Well, this problem seems to arise every single year to so many people who come to Uni! Basically, long distances do suck but they aren’t impossible if you are really genuinely into each other. The fact that you say you do not trust her which is making you want to cheat kind of answers your question in itself. It will not work if you don’t trust each other. Fact. Breaking up is rubbish but sometimes if you think it will end up in one of you hurting the other. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. But still, speak to her about it; she may feel the same way. Do pick your words carefully though, i.e., not what you have written to me! Good luck love struck. Lauren xxx

nu:life 23

Make sure the only thing you get at Uni is a degree... University should be fun but it should also be safe. If you’ve concerns about your sexual health, we can offer friendly, confidential help and advice, right here in the city centre. We’ve a full range of free contraception, genito urinary medicine (GUM) and sexual health services available so you don’t have to learn lessons the hard way.





call 0191 229 2999

W. ST.





For more information visit the Newcastle GUM clinic website or, or

Free city centre sexual health clinic

for an appointment, further advice about the service, or to check our bank holiday opening times.

Providing community healthcare services for Newcastle and North Tyneside Primary Care Trusts

Look after your sexual health with NHS support Look after your sexual health with NHS support Look out for our campaigns to help you look after your sexual health whilst you are at university. You can use C Card for free condoms and Plan B for emergency contraception. Condoms will protect you against catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as HIV. And if you experience a mishap while having sex, it’s time to activate Plan B - the free emergency contraception that can prevent unplanned pregnancy. Women of all ages can call into participating pharmacies and ask for the emergency contraception pill, which can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. Our pink Gremlin will help guide you to advice and testing for Chlamydia as part of the sexual health screening we offer for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Chlamydia is spread through unprotected sex and shows no symptoms so you may not know you have it. The little gremlin in your body can leave you infertile if left untreated. The good news is we can detect it with a simple ‘pee in a pot’ urine test and if you do have chlamydia it can be treated with a course of antibiotics. If you forget to take the contraceptive pill then LARCS (long acting reversible contraception methods) could be for you - LARCs are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy but do not protect from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The effectiveness of condoms and oral contraceptive pills depends on their correct and consistent use, whereas LARC methods can last for up to ten years. Come and see us in our new state of the art New Croft House to talk about contraception, testing and treatment for STIs, free condom supplies, pregnancy tests and emergency contraception. We offer sessions especially for young people and all services are free, con¿dential and open to all ages and sexualities.

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‘NUS Extra’ student discount card will save you loads of cash during your time at Northumbria and only costs £11! Use it in hundreds of shops and online stores in the UK for massive savings on clothes, entertainment, travel, food plus loads more. You can save yourself up to 30% on top brands such as Odeon Cinemas, Pizza Hut, JJB Sports, McDonalds and Orange, to name just a few. As well as this, for an additional £1.99 you can incorporate the ISIC (International Student ID) card worth £7, which provides more than 32,000 discounts around the world!' You can get your NUS Extra Card before you arrive at Northumbria by ordering at and it will be waiting for you in the Students’ Union when you arrive. If you don't get a chance to pre order your card, you can still pick one up when you arrive from the Welcome Desk in Students' Union.

Get your NUS Extra card for only £11 !

* Please note that the option to have a dual NUS Extra and ISIC card is only available to those who purchase their card online.


WRITE FOR NU:LIFE? Get yourself involved and gain valuable experience and stuff for your CV. Come along to our ¿rst editorial meeting on the 27th of September in the meeting room in the base at 5pm and get your voice heard and maybe become part of the editorial committee.

Issue No.11 Summer 2010

FREE to a good home

The official voice of Northumbria Students’ Union

Hottest Edition of the Year Festivals, Sex & Summer Sport

STUDENT CULTURE Faith Toady & Alzheimer’s Society

Faith Today: Good or Bad... and Why?’ This summer, I took three students to Northumbria’s Muslim Prayer Room. They’d travelled from the Middle-East to study here in Newcastle. One of the students told me that, arriving in the UK, he’d been worried about what others might think of him as a Muslim. He’d chosen to pray secretly in his room because he assumed that people would think he was a terrorist. I assured him that, here at Northumbria, students of all faiths and none are welcome. Here at Northumbria, students come from many different nations, cultures and religions. For the chaplains working in the Multifaith Chaplaincy, it’s essential that students of all faiths and none feel included in the life of our University. Clearly, if you have religious beliefs, you can’t just leave them at home. Instead, the chaplains provide opportunities for students of differing faiths to come together to share their beliefs and to listen to one another. Indeed, if you’d like to learn more, come and ¿nd me in the Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre Fourth Floor, Wynne Jones Building, City Campus. Today, we live in a big and diverse world. We need to learn to get along with one another, including those who are different from ourselves. By Gavin Wort, University Chaplain

Alzheimer’s Society needs

student support!

Dementia can affect anyone; a grandparent, neighbour, father or wife. Imagine how devastating dementia can be for both the person with dementia and their families and friends. “Hitting the books could help you ¿ght the symptoms of dementia in later life” Alzheimer’s Society is appealing to young people to help us raise vital funds and change the perception of dementia by joining us as a volunteer.


750,000 people with dementia in the UK with numbers set to rise to one million by 2025.


Through our network of local services we touch the lives of over 30,000 people every week, providing practical services and support for people with dementia and their carers.


We fund research to improve the knowledge we have about dementia and its treatment - and pursuing the ultimate goal of ¿nding a cure. We are looking to set up a Youth Fundraising Group – led by University Students - to help us run events and raise money as well as awareness for Alzheimer’s Society. It will look great on your CV and it will help to improve your con¿dence.

Email for more information.

nu:life 27

STUDENT CULTURE What to do in Newcastle

what to do in Newcastle is an amazing city, recently recognised as the Number One Student city in Britain, so be sure to enjoy the amazing places it offers while you’re here. TYNESIDE CINEMA Newcastle’s only full time independent cultural cinema, it specializes in the screening of independent, art house and world cinema features (making a refreshing change from the Twilight franchise and Saw 45). Tyneside Cinema recently underwent a £7m facelift that spanned 2 years; the venue now boasts state of the art digital projection facilities. Daily free showings of archive news reel footage and guided tours are also available as well as screenings of new blockbuster and foreign ¿lms. This unique venue is de¿nitely worth a visit to support this pre WW1 cinema which has been a premier ¿xture of Newcastle for decades.

28 nu:life

TYNEMOUTH With a direct metro link from the city centre up to Tynemouth, you can escape the city for an (almost) holiday in no longer than 20 minutes! With its sandy beaches, independent retailers and epic ¿sh and chips, a day away in Tynemouth can be the perfect antidote to the stresses of a busy city. Tynemouth is also a championship sur¿ng venue so if you feel like trying it out yourself rental equipment and lessons are available from the many surf shops in the town. Highly recommended for chilling out and sunbathing (while you still can) is King Edward’s bay. ELDON SQUARE A unique city centre shopping experience, Eldon Square houses large department

STUDENT CULTURE What to do in Newcastle

stores such as Debenhams and Fenwicks in amongst large high street chains. Also with the opening of the new St. Andrew’s way in Eldon Square South, there is now even more retail space with several Àagship stores now gracing the shoppers of Newcastle. Eldon Square also boasts several restaurants in the newly refurbished Old Eldon Square and is home to Eldon Leisure an exceptional inner city ¿tness facility which offers everything from a climbing wall to a sauna. BALTIC CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART Housed in a former Àour mill on the South Bank of the Tyne is the biggest gallery of its kind in the world! It encompasses everything from the work of local artists to huge blockbuster exhibitions. Famous Artists such as Chris Burden, Julian Opie, Carsten Holler, and Juame Plensa have had exhibitions displayed at the Baltic. Perfect if you feel like exploring the Quayside as the best thing about the Baltic Centre is that entry is completely free!

THE CUMBERLAND ARMS is a vibrant, traditional, community pub overlooking the Ouseburn Valley; with its four beautiful B&B rooms it’s ideally placed to explore what the city has to offer, as well as being a haven to return to. Find a fantastic Real Ale & Cider selection, great food including scrummy Sunday dinners, open ¿res and a beer garden alongside regular comedy, poetry, festivals and other quirky events. As one of Newcastle’s longstanding music venues, The Cumberland Arms has always offered a great space for live music as the back room gives way to a great variety of regulars each week with a feast of Ukulele’s, singing and Irish folk. Upstairs will satisfy your taste for acoustic, indie, rock and jazz. As the spiritual home of folk music in Newcastle, this autumn and winter we’ll be bringing you a fantastic folk season with some of our favourite acts; look out for Moishe’s Bagel (20th Sept), old favourites Lau (21st Oct), Spiers and Boden (22nd Oct), The Baghaddies (11th Dec) and new comers Uiscedwr (2nd Dec) to name a few. For more info and news check out, Facebook and ¿nd us on Twitter.

nu:life 29


This year your Uunion is set to welcome some of the biggest bands to date, so get a taste for them here, book your tickets at www.mynsu. and get down to Domain at the SU for some amazing nights and awesome tunage.

Marina and the Diamonds 4 Nov 2010 7.30pm £15

Yann Tiersen 8 Nov 2010 7.30pm £15

Yann, who is known to be somewhat of a musical entrepreneur, has been If like me, you are a huge blessing French audiences for years Marina and the Diamonds fan, with his stunning compositions. November just can’t come quick enough! This 25 Being asked to provide the year old half Greek, half Welsh stunner has come soundtrack to famous French Cult into her own in 2010. With the massive album ¿lm ‘Amelie’, gave Yann the platform ‘The Family Jewels’ Marina has been gracing the needed to launch his music into the stages of the likes of Glastonbury, Bestival and V international spotlight. It’s really Festival this summer promoting her album. For quite impossible to get your head those of you, who aren’t heavily into your indie around just how beautiful his music music, do not fear! Marina is the indie equivalent is; it some how manages to be of wor Cheryl Cole, pop music without a spray tan. amazingly simplistic but yet bares No matter what your musical preference, Marina many complexities that modern day offers an eccentric mixed bag of tracks, which music seems to lack. If you consider when combined with her electric stage presence, yourself to be an ‘arty’ type or guarantees you will leave completely satis¿ed. An just want to check out something interesting fact for you, unlike Florence and her completely out of your comfort ‘Machine’, Marina’s, Diamonds’ don’t actually refer zone, or maybe want to take in a to her backing band, but to her fans and is a play bit of culture, I highly recommend on her surname, which is „Diamandisʦ which is this unconventional French man. Greek for diamonds. I implore you, take a risk and try Favourite Track: Oh No! something different; this quality of Hidden Gem: Girls (Fast Car Version) live music is a rare breed! People Who like Marina and the Diamonds, also like: Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush, Lilly Allen.

30 nu:life


Frightened Rabbit 22 Nov 2010 7.30pm £11

The Drums 3 DEC 2010 7.30pm £11.50

If you have a thing for Scottish accents and beautiful autumnal sounds these are the guys for you. Frightened Rabbit was formed back in 2003 and have since earned recommendations from the likes of Q magazine, calling them ‘thrilling and inspiring’. After travelling around America playing anything from small intimate gigs, to huge indie festivals, the band have become massive in the States. Thankfully the band decided to move a little closer to home again in 2008, when they supported the amazing Death Cab For A Cutie. Fresh from playing Ibiza Rocks this summer, this ¿ve piece are touring to promote their new album, ‘The Winter Of Mixed Drinks’. Their music often written with themes of escape, freedom and reinvention provides the perfect tracks that make you want to shout from the rooftops. So, if you enjoy the atmosphere of chilled, feel good gigs and the kind of indie folk music that makes you want to put your arm around the person next to you and smile uncontrollably, make sure to check them out in November. Favourite Track: ‘Head Rolls Off’ Hidden Gem: ‘Keep Yourself Warm’ People who like Frightened Rabbit, also like: Mumford and Sons, Animal Collective

Girls, girls, girls, if you like the preppy indie type, then these boys are a treat for the eyes. Although these four boys from NYC have been involved in different music projects for years, they only came together to form The Drums in late 2008! In early 2010 they joined names such as Bombay Bicycle Club and The Maccabees on the NME Awards Tour and soon followed that by supporting the likes of Florence and the Machine and Kings of Leon. Without doubt The Drums hasave provided my soundtrack for the summer, the kind of music that has your toe tapping without even realising. However, don’t be fooled, despite The Drums providing tunes that make you feel like you have sand in between your toes and the troubles of the real world are a million miles away, their lyrics are dark, contentious and well written. Make sure to get a copy of their album, ‘Summertime’ so you’re ready to whistle along to the likes of ‘Let’s Go Sur¿ng’ when they play Northumbria. Favourite Song: Let’s Go Sur¿ng Hidden Gem: I felt Stupid People who like The Drums, also like: Darwin Deez, Mystery Jets, The XX By Hannah Cassidy.

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STUDENT CULTURE September Flicks


Much like the video-game scene during the summer months, the cinema tends to dry up as the leaves start to fall from the trees - it isn’t Christmas, the Oscars aren’t for another six months, and it’ll be at least a year until Michael Bay and his MTV-obsessed buddies are allowed to blow everything up again. Movies that are good or just plain fun (let alone being both) are thin on the ground, so to tide you over until Harry Potter 7, Sin City 2, and Let Me In grace our screens in the winter, here are a few of the best.

Jonah Hex (12) 03/9/10 Starring Josh Brolin as an undead-seeing, facially-scarred, sharpshootingcowboy, Megan Fox as his gun-weilding, corset-wearing, prostitute loveinterest, and John Malkovich as his sneering nemesis, this movie should be awesome. Cowboys, demons, and Fox-shaped hookers are enough to warrant admission alone, and that’s before you consider that it’s based on a popular DC comic (the last movie to be adapted from their work was The Dark Knight). Sadly TDK it isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as awful as Wild Wild West (though what is?) but it does come dangerously close on squandered potential alone. My advice? Orange Wednesdays. There are worse things to spend three quid on then watching Brolin be sexy and Fox being foxy. 5/5

G-Stars 2

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (TBC) 24/9/10

Oliver Stone is back, re-teaming with Michael Douglas (as lizard-faced stockbroker Gordon Gekko), and inviting Shia Labeouf (on his quest to update all things 80’s) along for the ride playing Gekko’s daughter’s ¿ancé, in this sequel to his 1987 Àick. When his boss is murdered, Labeouf accepts Gekko’s offer of help to bring down the suspected hedge-fund manager. Gekko’s angle? Maybe his estranged daughter will speak to him again. It’s been a while since Stone made a Àick that is both exciting and a scourging critique on the society in which we live today, so let me just say, “Welcome back, Ollie, it’s been way too long.” G-Stars 4

The Girl Who Played With Fire (15) 27/8/10 The second book to be adapted from the hugely successful Millenium Trilogy by late Swedish author Stieg Larsson sees Noomi Rapace once again involved in a dark tour of Sweden’s underbelly. A worthy sequel to The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, it keeps the tone, the fast paced plotting, and edge-of-your-seat twist while director Alfredson puts his own spin on things. If you’ve followed the saga from page to screen over the last couple of years and don’t mind the subtitles, you won’t be disappointed. G-Stars 4 5/5

nu:life 33

TN Creber Goes For Cycling Gold Scot Ross Creber is looking to follow in former Northumbria favourite Victoria Pendleton’s shoes when he goes for cycling gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. But without the backing of his tutors and fellow students the ambitious Scot admits he’d struggle to stay focused in the saddle. “There’s no way I could manage to do what the other students do and compete as an international cyclist without the support I get from the Northumbria staff,” he said. “There is an understanding of what it takes for me to compete at the highest level whether that’s in terms of training or competitions. “I work hard to be good student and a good cyclist but there aren’t always enough hours in the day to do both. And like the other sports scholars at Northumbria I’m grateful for the way the academic staff allow me to work around my cycling programme.” Like Pendleton before him Creber’s appearance in the Commonwealth Games represents a key stage on the road towards even greater glories.

CREBER GOES FOR CYCLING GOLD A trip to India and the home of curries is every student’s dream. But for one second year Sport and Geography undergraduate October’s trip to Delhi will involve all work – and no play.

34 nu:life

And while talk of London 2012 is being played down a more realistic short-term goal is a tilt at the Tour de France.

“Making the Commonwealths in India is another goal I was delighted to achieve.”

TN Creber Goes For Cycling Gold

“I raced against Lance Armstrong in Spain and gaining that kind of experience at this stage of my career is absolutely invaluable.”

“At the moment my team, Endura Racing, is

“I had a look around the place before it opened

looking to move up to the level where it would be

and for any sport scholar it’s an incredible

eligible for a Tour wildcard,” added Creber. “Earlier

resource,” he added. “Of course Victoria Pendleton

this year, when I was in Europe, I was beating

is one of the athletes celebrated inside Sport

guys who ride on the Tour and as a road racer

Central and that’s an inspiration to all of us.

that has to be a goal. “I was already lucky enough to bene¿t from “I raced against Lance Armstrong in Spain and

the superb facilities at the Institute Of Sport in

gaining that kind of experience at this stage of my

Scotland but to have Northumbria’s new facility on

career is absolutely invaluable.

my doorstep is a dream come true.”

“Making the Commonwealths in India is another goal I was delighted to achieve. It makes me even keener to go on to the next level.” If Delhi’s 30C heat and 96% humidity over a six-hour course would be a true test of any cyclist then Creber knows the off-road support he receives at Sport Central is second to none.

nu:life 35

TN Sport Central

SPORT CENTRAL Sport Central is home to the hopes and aspirations of thousands of Northumbria University students, staff and members of the North East community. A stunning state-of-the-art £30m structure, situated right in the heart of Newcastle city centre, our new Àagship facility ranks alongside St James’s Park, Gateshead Stadium and Metro Radio Arena as one of Tyneside’s most iconic and invaluable sporting venues. And you can be part of Sport Central’s historic ¿rst year - gaining unrivalled access to specialist equipment and expert staff the envy of universities across the UK. International basketball has already taken its bow on Sport Central’s superb sprung Àoor with thousands of fans packing the main arena to see NBA superstar Luol Deng and Newcastle Eagles favourite Drew Sullivan battle for vital Eurobasket points. And throughout the 2010/11 season big name internationals and top class coaches will use Sport Central as a platform for achieving success and selling their sports. But the new name for sporting excellence in the North East of England will also welcome with open arms Northumbria students, staff and the local community as Sport Central proves its worth as a hub for mass participation and social inclusion.

36 nu:life

TN Sport Central

Now’s your chance to embrace the opportunity of a lifetime. Make sure sport is central to your

The new Fitness Centre boasts more than

Northumbria life. Make Sport Central your home

150 individual stations where a range of

from home.

cardiovascular, resistance, core-stability and


free weights equipment is available. You can bene¿t from the latest high-spec PRECOR ¿tness

“Sport Central is up there with the very best that

technology and stations include USB and MP3

the American college system can offer and it’s a

docking bays plus television screens with on-

huge boost for basketball in the UK.” Chris Finch,

demand satellite television including Sky Sports.

Team GB Basketball head coach. But if you really want to make a splash inside “As soon as I had a look around Sport Central I

Sport Central then there’s only one place to

realised how fortunate I am to be a scholarship

go - the six-lane, 25 metre Swimming Pool with

student at Northumbria. This is a state-of-the-art

variable depth Àoating Àoor. Ideal for beginners

facility for now and for the future.” Ross Creber,

and performance athletes alike the pool will

Team Scotland Commonwealth Games Cyclist.

be available for training, lessons and social

“Sport Central is a huge boost to the North East


and everyone involved with Northumbria and it adds to the University’s reputation as a centre for

Those looking for a hasty introduction to the best

sporting excellence.” Steve Bates, Northumbria

Sport Central has to offer should check out the

Rugby Consultant and former England

four-lane, 40m Indoor Sprint Track. Using an


indoor version of the MONDO Àoor, on which Usain


Bolt smashed the 100m world record at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this is an exceptional resource

The jewel in the crown of Sport Central is the

adjacent to purpose-built analysis suites offering

North East’s brand new 3,000-Seat Arena. Every

instant feedback on form and technique.

seat boasts a brilliant view of the main court with spectators bene¿ting from the best DAKTRONICS

And if stats and sports science are your bag then

digital displays on the UK arena circuit and the

you’ll just love the fact that Sport Central is home

highest quality audio and lighting. Sport Central

to state-of-the-art Sports Laboratories dedicated

delivers an unrivalled spectator experience – see

to research and athlete development. Here

for yourself!

you’ll ¿nd a gait, biomechanics, physiology and integrated systems laboratory alongside an audio

Beyond the main arena the state-of-the-art

visual performance analysis suite and metabolic

facilities stack up on every level. Whether you

kitchen. Phew!

see yourself tackling our 12-meter Climbing Wall, boasting 18 different routes with overhangs and natural features, or settling down on one of our three German-designed glass-backed Squash Courts there are challenges aplenty within Sport Central.

nu:life 37

TN Neville to coach us into the future Neville succeeds Hartlepool playcaller Barbara Brown as the new face of TN’s Super League squad. And the sister of Premier League football stars Gary and Phil has already moved to appoint another former England favourite as her number two.


Neville and Lisa Stanley formed a potent attacking partnership as players. And Stanley will step into the assistant coach’s role hoping to transfer that on-court chemistry to the bench.

Netball at Northumbria is bracing itself for a brave

“Bringing in Tracey is a real coup for

new era after the University bagged one of the

Northumbria,” said TN’s Competitions Manager

sport’s biggest stars.

Katy Storie. “But adding Lisa to the coaching staff

Team Northumbria have snapped up Tracey Neville as their new head coach ahead of the 2010/11 Super League campaign. And the 81-times capped ex-England star can’t

is an added boost. “The two of them worked so well together on the court and we’re con¿dent they’ll bring the same passion and work ethic to their coaching roles.

wait to set about reviving the fortunes of a

“Due to the Commonwealth Games the start of

franchise which struggled to avoid last season’s

the Super League season has been delayed until

wooden spoon.

January and so Tracey has been given plenty of

“This is a great move for me and a fantastic

time to put a competitive roster in place.

challenge,” said the 33-year-old, who will lead TN

“She moves to the area next week and starts her

into action at their new £30m Sport Central home.

recruitment drive immediately.”

“I know Northumbria University is committed to

TN will host Super League action at the

developing homegrown talent and nurturing local

3,000-capacity indoor arena within Sport Central

players and that’s what attracted me to the job.

- Northumbria’s brand new state-of-the-art city

“The North East has always had a huge talent pool but it is an area which is still a sleeping giant in Super League terms. “I want to work closely with the Talent League squad and provide a pathway into Super League for those players with obvious potential.”

38 nu:life

centre sports complex. And university chiefs hope the combination of Neville and the best netball venue in Britain will persuade a host of emerging stars to commit their future to the North East.

TN Season Review

ACTION STATIONS If you’ve already heard that sport is a huge part

Throw in weekend water polo action, squash

of Northumbria University life then you’ve heard

events and climbing competitions on our brand


new wall and you won’t be spoilt for choice when

Everywhere you look there are world class sportsmen and women, top Àight ¿xtures and

it comes to picking out the best of Sport Central’s top class action.

facilities the envy of rival universities the length

Further a¿eld Paul Johnson’s Northern League

and breadth of Britain.

football squad has been in action for almost

Every month we’ll be bringing you all the latest sporting headlines in NU:Life. And you can check out everything as and when it happens - on the new-look www. website. But as you look forward to the new academic year what sporting treats can you expect? Well the opening of Sport Central brings with it top Àight volleyball - a ¿rst for Newcastle. Weekend action will see some of the UK’s leading players do battle and all with a view to competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Team Northumbria’s national league basketball squads will jostle for court time with our new resident BBL franchise – the Newcastle Eagles.

two months as they bid to win promotion to the Second Division. Featuring former pros and would be stars all the action takes place at Coach Lane – in the second oldest league in the world! TN’s rugby stars have won promotion for the past three seasons and now ¿nd themselves pitted against the best of rest at a regional level in North One East. Head to Bullocksteads on a Saturday for some bone crunching semi-pro action. Add midweek BUCS competition to the weekend’s National League clashes and you’ll never be short of something to feast your sporting eyes on. Check out all the latest ¿xtures, news and reaction on

And come January ex-England international Tracey Neville will lead her side into Netball Super League action.

nu:life 39


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NU:Life Issue 12  

The first NU:Life of the New Year - and quite frankly it's looking sexier and more exciting than ever before. Hope you enjoy...