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nu:life Isuue No.5 May 2009 - BUMPER END OF YEAR FINAL EDITION


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The official voice of Northumbria Students’ Union

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It’s Summer time And it’s time to party – Thai full moon style Regular features: Entertainment, news, your union, food, sports, horoscopes, spotted plus loads more

nu:life Isuue No.5 May 2009 - BUMPER END OF YEAR FINAL EDITION


The official voice of Northumbria Students’ Union Editors words:

Summer is practically upon us and we have a fantastic edition to end the academic year before you all go off on your hols. Feeling stressed about exams? Don’t panic because we have it sorted; turn to page 7 for some top tips, and to pages 22 and 23 for some essential brain foods to help get you through these tough tough times. But it’s not all doom and gloom... We also find out what some of you guys are getting up to over the next few months, celebrate the Union achieving Investors in People status, and catch up with all the latest Team Northumbria News. This is also my final edition as editor, but don’t worry because your next Vice President of Communications and Involvement, the newly elected Alison Jones, will be taking over and making sure you still have a fantastic magazine to read next year. I have absolutely loved producing NU:life, so I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have! And the end of term means one thing… party time! On the 5th June we have the ultimate Thai Full Moon party taking place right here at your Students’ Union. It’s going to be huge, and I promise you, is definitely not one to be missed. Hope to see you all there. Love Debbie xx Concept design & production

Contents... 02 - 03 NSU News

Are you ready for Welcome Week ‘09? NSU achieves Investors in People.

04 - 09 Features

What are you up to this summer? Feeling stressed? Students travel to Auschwitz.

10 - 12 get involved at the su

Students’ Union Awards Evening. Want to become a future Community Rep/Student Trustee? Find out how here.

14 - 17 LIght relief

Ask Alexa - Everyone’s favourite Agony Aunt. ‘You what, you what’ - Students overheard. Horoscopes. Spotted - Double page special.

18 - 19 Are you a budding journalist?

Show off your skills.

21 Fashion

NU:Life reporter checks out a Vintage Fashion Fair.

22 - 23 Food

Eat your way to exam success.

25 - 28 Entertainments

Film reviews, music and local bands.

30 - 41 Team Northumbria news

Special extended section. ALL the news from your favourite sports teams.

Contributors Features - Editor - Carmel Lawless

Contributors - Danni Mustarde • Cheryl Corner and Hayley Hindmarsh • Samantha Pym • Mark Coffey • Adam Willert

Light relief - Mickey Devereux • Carmel Lawless • Lucille Valentine Fashion - Josie Bramhall Food - Tek Harrington Entertainments - Editors - Simon England Contributors - James Maughan • Mark Coffey • SJ Bowie • Peter Hawkins Sports - Simon Rushworth • Paul Cooksley • Stuart Wade • Andy Spoors • Dave Chalton • Adam Houston



What’s really going on...

Most people remember their first week at University with fantastic memories, and you have the chance to get involved again by becoming

Next year’s sabbatical officers will be: Dave Wright President

Adam White

Vice President Academic Affairs

News... NEWS... News... NSU achieves Investors in People

Northumbria Students’ Union has formally been recognised as an Investors in People organisation. This is a great achievement for the Students’ Union and shows its commitment to training, development, performance management and having a clear, focused business plan.

a member of the Welcome Team.

Becky Warburton

If the idea of making friends, helping new students settle in, and getting the chance to attend all the amazing night time entertainment appeals to you, then why not apply? Applications close on May 27th and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Contact Lewis Still (

Vice President Communications and Involvement

for more details.

Elections The Results

NSU President, Dave Wright says “it is a great achievement to be awarded Investors in People status and proves our commitment to being a great employer. We employ 140 staff, including roughly 100 students and will be recruiting more staff after Easter. A lot of hard work has gone into reaching the IIP standard and we’re very proud of the award.” If you are interested in working for Northumbria Students’ Union please email


m in Tra

ome Tea

The Welc

Alison Jones

Pete Woodward

Vice President Welfare and Equality

And your elected Lay Student Councillors are: Paul Blair Ramesh Kolluri Holly Marsh Naushad Khadun Paul Phillips

Congratulations to everyone who was successful.

Tell us what YOU think! Left to Right: Alison and Adam Pete, Becky, Dave,

Get ready for Welcome Week 2009

Vice President Activities and Development

You can’t have failed to notice the elections which took place at the start of March, with all the candidates and their campaigns teams running around trying to get your vote. Well the winners were announced and you chose your representatives for the next academic year.

Do you want the chance to win £500? Fancy a free coffee? Want to make the Students’ Union more able to provide for your needs? The make sure you log on to mynsu. to fill out “Your Union Your Say”. The Students’ Union is a run entirely for its members, which means we’re here for every single one of you! But to be able to provide what you want, we need to know what that is! For just a few minutes of your time you could have your say and potentially win £500 in the process.


New Community there who wants to be kept up to Strategy Student Council said YES to making a difference in the community by passing the new Northumbria Students’ Union’s Community Strategy 2009-2012.

The strategy is a 3 year working plan that sets out the current and future ambitions of the Students’ Union to have a positive and long lasting impact upon our local communities. It details how the Union aims to engage with the local community. Through student societies, NSCA and RAG, the Students’ Union has developed lots of creative working links with many local organisations which have enabled us to extend the positive work of the Union out into the wider community. Student Council voted yes to extending this work over 5 strands - Housing, Volunteering, Community Impact, Students as Employees and Safety and Security. Vice President Rachael Brannan explains: “This strategy highlights our commitment to consider ways in which we work and also, sets out to evaluate our success in this area and to identify ways in which we can improve and develop our future community participation” “I’m really excited for where this could lead us and how students can further get involved”.

date with recent and upcoming SU events, events on around Newcastle and general banter, this feature is for you. EVOLOUTION FESTIVAL 2009

As every North-East based student should know, this years favourite “overdraft friendly” music event, Evolution Festival (previously 3voloution Festival) will be taking place on bank holiday Sunday and Monday on the 24th and 25th of May. This Weekender event, takes place every year on Newcastle’s Iconic Quayside with acts performing simultaneously to suit everyone’s tastes at both Baltic Square and Spillers Wharf and this years is going to be a BELTER. With headlining acts including Dizzee Rascal, Human League, The Wombats, The View, The Macabees and Chase and Status, to name a few, the Evoloution Weekend is set to be top stuff and can be all yours for the mere price of £15 for the entire weekend. Good, eh? Unfortunately though, the weekend tickets have


already sold out, but don’t get those music-hungry knickers in a twist because last time I checked there were still individual day tickets left for both days at £9.50 each per day. So, with no excuses, get yourself to either HMV in town which were selling tickets for the event or go online to for more information on line-ups, the event and ticket sales.

Don’t miss this year’s biggest North East festival right on your doorstep!


Along with the awaited end of term last semester, came the “Easter Bunny Blowout”, which was purely eggcellent. Thanks to the load of you who turned up, t-shirts at the ready, waiting for the chocolate mayhem inside - the Easter eggs and bunny girls went down a treat. Keep a look out on the SU website for news on the Summer event, the much anticipated Thai Full Moon party!

For more “What’s On” Listings, Check out http://mynsu. Danni Mustarde

Don’t delay, fill out “Your Union Your Say”.





Feeling Camp? During a rare and well-earned break from our intense dedication to NU:Life, Debbie and I embraced the recent heat wave and went for a leisurely stroll in Heaton Park. As the sun beat down and we tasted our first ice-creams of the season it felt like summer was finally on its way.

Currently my plan is to spend the summer sitting in the sun singing along to Power Ballads Vol. 3 until I’m overheard by a talent scout and snapped up for a whirlwind romance with MTV, crazed stalkers and duets with everyone from Alphabeat to Jay-Z. Fortunately a quick poll revealed most of you have been a little more organised and have lots of interesting things lined up for the summer. This season everyone seems to be ditching Blighty to camp it up in America and Europe. I spoke to these Northumbria students to find out what on earth could possibly compete with a summer of soggy camping and fish and chips....

I’ll be working as a courier for Holiday Break for 8 weeks, cleaning and looking after the guests etc.

I don’t know where yet which is quite exciting, could be in a number of places across Europe, though I requested Italy. I think doing this will improve my confidence and social skills and I’ll get to meet loads of people. I want to travel after uni so this’ll be a nice start! Rachel Rooney

Three Dimensional Design

Rosie Brass

Communication and Public Relations

I’m working at an American summer camp called Camp Modin in Maine. I’ll be a General Councillor/Archery Specialist as they call it which means I’ll be living with the kids and generally looking after them but for 3 hours a day I’ll be teaching Archery. I’ve been doing Archery with my stepdad, who’s a qualified instructor, for about 10 years and started helping him to teach children about 3 years ago and so thought it would be a good excuse to go and see America as I’ll be travelling for two weeks after camp. Craig Voller

Business Information Technology with Entrepreneurship


I’m going to work as a prep chef in a traditional American summer camp.

It’s basically just chopping up food, which is good because I’m not the best cook! The camp is on Orcas Island in Washington State, I’ll be there for 11 weeks then I get to travel for 30 days


after yay! I could’ve done the same job here but thought it would be more fun to be in a different country, plus there’s the travelling aspect. My friend worked in a summer camp last year and said it was amazing - I can’t wait!

I’ll be teaching tennis for 8 weeks at a camp in New Hampshire in America.

I went last year and really enjoyed it, I made loads of friends there and quite a few are going back so it’ll be good to see them. I’m going travelling afterwards too. Joanne Middleton

Sports Development and Coaching

Carmel Lawless

Here come the girls... Miss Student UK is a modern day beauty contest with a twist: they’re looking for someone who is ‘more than just a pretty face’ and one girl who certainly fits that description is Northumbria’s very own Nicola Elliott who has made it through to the grand final in June!

So what exactly did the contest involve? Strutting around in a bikini dreaming of world peace? “Not at all!” laughs Nicola, “The judges take into account loads of things like what subject you’re studying at uni, dedication and talent. We’ve also had mentoring sessions focused on self-confidence and development, they really try and promote the attitude that if you think you can - you can”

The event will be held in London where the finalists will battle it out for a truly incredible prize which includes a holiday for two to Europe, a 12 month TV and modelling contract and a rather tasty £10,000 cash. “My dream is to work as a nurse in Australia” says Nicola, who is currently in her first year studying Adult Nursing, “The money from this competition would go towards paying for my placement over there in my second year of training. Nothing satisfies me more than making people smile and cheering them up, which is why I’m studying to become a nurse. Working 14 hour shifts is a killer but I keep going because I know I’m making an impact on other people’s lives every single day.”

You can show off your poly pride by adding Nicola as a friend or leaving a comment online at www. missstudentuk. com/student. asp?s=3446.

Want to support Nicola even more and think you’ve got what it takes to take part next year? Enter online for Miss Student Uk 2009/10 now! Don’t forget to quote “Nicola 3446” when it asks how you heard about the competition. Let’s show everyone once and for all that Northumbria really does have the hottest girls and yes, we are more than just a pretty face. Carmel Lawless



Exam Stress: TOP TIPS! The end of term may be on the horizon but before we can escape there’s a little matter of exams and assignments to deal with. Here are my top tips for survival...

1. Hopefully the subject

you’ve chosen to dedicate three (or more) years of your life to does actually interest you and secretly you’d quite like to show off what an expert you are - so do it!

Round up some chums and head to somewhere like Habita or the library basement for a more informal revision session. Try starting a debate or quizzing each other. Loser buys the next round.

2. Cover your laptop in

post-it notes with key revision points.

No-one can resist the seduction

of Facebook but at least when you succumb you can benefit from some subliminal messaging.

3. Resist the urge to get

ratted. After a long day revising/Googling your own name you may find yourself gagging for that first pint refreshment but keep it tame.

Going on a massive bender will mean your body will spend the next day (or two) attempting to cope with sleep deprivation, depleted sugar levels, dehydration and quite possibly a very dodgy kebab. As

lovely as hangovers are, they’re not the best revision aide. Better to save them for after the exams.

4. Stretch.

When you start to feel the tension build in your shoulders get up and walk around, stretching your back muscles by pushing your palms to the ceiling for ten seconds and touching your toes for another ten. Best done in private to avoid looking like you’re on day release.

5. Speak to your

guidance tutor.

Each course has one and their role is to help with any academic problems you may encounter - including revision stress. Don’t be afraid to admit if you haven’t started your work or you totally don’t get one of your modules, the sooner you ask for help the sooner you can get on top of it all and relax.

6. Tap into the Skills Plus

service via the e-learning portal for tips on essay and report writing, IT skills and more.

There’s even a Skills Check tool to help identify what skills you need to develop, so even if you think you’re perfect you can take the quiz to make sure.

7. Have faith.

In yourself I mean, but don’t be shy to turn to religion either, even if it’s not usually your thing. Northumbria’s chaplaincy service has multi-faith staff on hand to offer independent and confidential advice and absolutely everyone is welcome. They’re based at 6 College Lane, opposite the car park on St Mary’s Place/Sandyford Rd and in the student services department in Northumberland Building. Contact Gavin Wort at for more info.

8. Feed your brain.

Make each meal act as a break from studying and eat something substantial and nutritious to maximise concentration levels. Stuck for ideas? See this month’s food pages for Tek’s top 5 brain foods.

Carmel Lawless




The Journey of Understanding. experience helped us gain a common understanding of the atrocities and unimaginable conditions which were placed upon over fifteen million people worldwide in the camps of Auschwitz.

During the January inter semester break we travelled with many students and staff from Northumbria University to Poland.

The purpose of the trip was to gain understanding of the Holocaust. We visited the camps of Auschwitz for the 64th memorial. The group travelled by coach through Europe which enabled us to bond in a unique way and this shared


During our trip to Poland we visited two camps, Auschwitz and Birkenau which can also be known as Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II. Auschwitz I was run by SS officers during the Reign of Adolph Hitler. This camp was built as a work camp for the prisoners but became the place of the malicious killing of thousands of people. The camp was also the base for the treacherous work of an officer within the SS called Joseph Mengele. Joseph Mengele was in charge of the selection process of people who came into the camps, his role was to separate the “healthy from the sick” or the “useful” from the “un-useful”. From these he would choose those able to work and those to be used for experimentation. One of his main interests was children and in particular twins. A range of tests were placed upon young prisoners, one of which involved placing them into cold water, watching and waiting to se how long it took for their heart to cease. This was just one of many terrible experiments inflicted upon prisoners in the Auschwitz camps. During our visit to Auschwitz, we entered one of the buildings where thousands of possessions taken from the prisoners were stacked up to view. These possessions included shoes, clothes, suitcases, seven tons of human hair shaved from prisoners’ heads, 460 artificial limbs, hundreds of prayer shawls, combs and even baby clothes.

Seeing such items brought the scale of the atrocity to life, it made a huge impact on the group. In other buildings hundreds of photographs of the prisoners hung bleakly on the walls - the sight was haunting. We viewed areas where the prisoners were housed and witnessed first hand the rooms and areas designed to torture thousands of people such as the standing cells and the horrific gas chambers. Seeing such sights first hand is unexplainable it was so overwhelming. The second day we visited another of the Auschwitz camps, Birkenau also known as Auschwitz II. The feeling of Birkenau was very different; the sheer scale of the area is soul destroying. This part of the camp was built for one purpose, which was extermination. It seems like a huge machine designed for the most ruthless

process of murdering people which when thinking of this is so upsetting. The day at Birkenau was particularly poignant because we visited on the 64th Memorial. As we walked through the camp many survivors were arriving to commemorate this day. Some members of the group expressed that they could not understand why these survivors would want to return to such a place. It was not until the guide explained that Birkenau and the area around it is seen as a resting place for many survivors family and friends, and they do not have the benefit of visiting a graveside or place of rest elsewhere. Many of us felt so humbled to witness such an event. It was a highly emotional experience to be part of the remembrance of so many who perished and

to be standing strongly with those who survived.

Later that day we held our own memorial whereby many members of the group read out poems, readings, and prayers and we stood in silence to reflect on the life changing experience. Candles were lit in remembrance of those who suffered and as darkness fell we made the haunting walk from the memorial site to entrance/exit which is best known as the “gate of death”, this allowed us to reflect on those who did not make it out of the camps and who were left to perish in such inhumane ways. The trip itself was both physically and emotionally tiring but together we found unity and came to some understanding of the inhumanities that took place. During our journey we had the chance to reflect personally on ourselves, as a group we learnt to question our own decision making, the impact we have on others and what we offer, do and could do for others in society. The trip showed us a glimpse of the suffering that went on and stirred up varied feelings in all. Witnessing artefacts, the places where so many people perished and suffered was very moving. The learning from the trip was not related solely to the Holocaust but also relevant in today’s societies regarding suffering, personal responsibility, human strength, surviving and ensuring that happenings during the Holocaust are not forgotten or able to be repeated again in the future. Everyone undoubtedly experiences different reactions and feelings when visiting Auschwitz. Those emotions cannot be recreated by hearing the stories on TV, nor by seeing the images on the internet or in books. Of course

we have read and seen a lot about the place, but actually being there is very much different. We would like to reiterate that this is not a trip or tourist destination, but the site of dehumanising and barbaric acts. We don’t think it is possible to put down in words the impact of such an experience, we hope that through gaining such first hand experiences we can broaden others understanding on the issues surrounding the Holocaust and their relevance today such as valuing and celebrating diversity, and spreading the word of our commitment to ensuring nothing of this nature is ever allowed to happen again.

May peace and love be with all those who suffered.

Cheryl Corner and Hayley Hindmarsh


Membership services

Membership services

Your Union is currently recruiting 5 “Community Representatives”

Annual Bridge the gap! Awards Evening Each year over a thousand Northumbria students dedicate their time to volunteering. These good causes have included projects which benefit the local community, running societies, and enhancing your student experience as a School Rep plus many more.


We believe these people deserve recognition so to reward their efforts and say a massive thank you on behalf of the SU we hold the Annual Awards Evening every May. Thursday 14th May 2009 sees the 5th anniversary of the Students’ Union Annual Awards Evening. This event is a massive celebration of all the volunteering that students at Northumbria undertake to improve student life here at University.

Nominate yourself or a friend for one of our prestigious awards: • Best New Society • Society of the Year • Raggie of the Year • Welcome Team Member of the Year • Diversity Champion, Community Volunteer • Communications & Media Volunteer of the Year

to work for a year in the area in which they live to build relationships between the Students’ Union and the local community.

The reps will gain fantastic experience in representing the University, receive £100 per term for their work and be fully trained and supported in the role. The Community Reps will work together on projects which affect all students and individually on those more specific to the area.

They will have the opportunity to work with key members of the community such as councillors and the police

as well as sourcing the views of other students to create a voice in the community and a catalyst for positive change.

For more information and information on how to apply see

• School Rep • Course Rep • PGR Rep • NSU Volunteer of the Year • NSU Lifetime Achievement Award

Nomination forms are available from the Activities Centre or by downloading below. Closing date for nominations: 1st May 2009 The Awards Evening is also a chance for any students who have completed a Northumbria Plus+ Logbook detailing their continuous voluntary work, to collect their Northumbria Plus+ certificate. The night itself is all glitz and glam with a wine and canapes reception and free entertainment but on top of all that we give out awards to the most outstanding volunteers as nominated by you the students. You can nominate someone who you know, or you can choose to nominate yourself - there’s no shame in knowing that you’ve done a good job!

The event is free and anyone is welcome to attend.

Are you looking for an outstanding development opportunity? If so, pick an application pack now for the position of:

Student Trustee - Voluntary Northumbria Students’ Union is a busy, active and thriving democratic organisation and we are seeking four Student Trustees to drive the future development of the organisation. You will ensure that the Students’ Union has a clear strategic direction, ensure that it is well-run and you will effectively scrutinise it as a charity. You will have an empathy with the work of the Students’ Union; possess the skills to be effective in decision-making and a commitment to the principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. This is a tremendous, genuine development opportunity for four Northumbria students and one that will enhance any CV.

Pick up an application pack / submit your CV by Monday 11th May 2009: t: 0191 2274288 e:

ÂŁ thumbri



tud ents



n m



ei itiv A pos

S tudent S

ct o

ll o n the lives of a


Do you Need a Job?

Will you be a Northumbria student in 2009 / 2010? The Students' Union is recruiting around 60 staff in the following areas:

Bars / Catering Marketing and Promotions Graphic Design / Web Development The Welcome Desk The Student Activities Centre The Advice & Representation Centre NUS Extra Assistants Pick up an application pack from:

The Students' Union Welcome Desk Coach Lane Shop Careers and Employment Service or

We offer good rates of pay (currently ÂŁ5.76 p/h), flexibility and lots of fun! We also have an extensive rewards package (includes free access to regular events and some concerts), which is included in full in the application pack.

If you submit an application you will automatically be invited to an assessment day on Saturday 16th May at 10am - please ensure that you reserve this date.

Closing date for applications is 4pm on Monday 11th May 2009 Northumbria Students' Union, 2 Sandyford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8SB I 0191 2274757 I

light relief


Everyone’s favourite agony aunt is here to answer YOUR problems.


Ask Alexa... Dear Alexa

Dear Alexa

I’ve been living with a friend in a house in Heaton since September, and throughout the year they have become increasingly more clingy towards me. I feel like I can’t even go to the library without them having to come with me. My own friends aren’t my own anymore and neither is any of my property. I do really value them as a friend and don’t want to hurt them but it’s beginning to get too much and I feel I may snap and say something I’ll regret forever, What can I do?

At the beginning of the year I made friends with a really good group of people and have stuck close to them throughout the year. We decided we should live together pretty early on but now I’m worried that I’m drifting away from them because of my course commitments. I really don’t want them to think I’m neglecting them in any way but my course is really important to me. How can I make them understand where I’m coming from?

Smothered in Sandyford

Studious in Shieldfield

Dear Studious Be honest with them is the best advice I can really give. Yeah it’s great being at Uni but at the end of the day you’re all here to get the same thing. A degree. Sit them down and explain that you’re not ignoring them intentionally and that you still care for them a great deal and enjoy their company but that you do feel like your course needs to be a priority. I guarantee things will be easier for you when you’re all living under the same roof next year, because then you’ll see each other on a daily basis and will be more in tune to how everyone is feeling. I hope this helps.


Dear Smothered



20 January to 18 February

Finally you find time for something that you wished you had had more time for. You revisit stuff that you have been dealing with since October; but with more humour and wisdom.


18 February to 20 March

In the merry month of May you work with women or with beauty and it is easy and fortuitous. Don’t second guess your luck because then you take you eye off the ball.

20 March to 19 April

7 7




2 3 6




1 3 4







9 6













The first thing you need to do is meet with your housemate in a neutral area and talk to them on a one to one level. Perhaps they are having a hard time and feel that you are the only person they can relate to in the house or on their course. By speaking to them you may be able to resolve issues that they themselves may not even be aware of. Let them know how much you value them but also make it clear that sometimes you just need some time to yourself.

ALERT: Mercury retrograde this month means... make backups now!

You launch a new project and your relationships flourish. Are you ready or did you overdo it last month? This is a lucky month but since it is very physically demanding you must stay healthy.


19 April to 20 May

You are in a mad dash and when bulls run the earth shakes which can be rather scary looking. So reassure people close to you: wear a metaphorical sign that reads “don’t panic, I am just in a hurry”.


20 May to 21 June

Plans are slowed down but rather than get frustrated you should appreciate the beauty of your slower creativity. You will complete your projects and that is deeply restful and satisfying.


21 June to 22 July

What you need is someone to talk to and there is just such a person, someone stable and steady; look around. It is your choice whether you make use of the chance; it will be good for you both.


22 July to 23 August

You are good at maintaining your own natural balance and right now you want sensory input, to be in touch with your body to get the whole picture. Nothing else will do and remember to take notes.


22 September to 23 October

The transaction that you almost finished back in March can be concluded at the end of May, if you are ready for it. Revise and trust that this will be the last time; really just do it.


23 October to 22 November

You get things done and people follow you. Your energy is high. You find yourself in the right place at the right time and as a result you may travel or win in an ongoing legal battle.


22 November to 21 December

You are drawn to meditation, vision questing, art and you will use technology to bring these to the greatest number of fellow humans. You flourish in creative groups.

Capricorn Virgo

23 August to 22 September

Be sure that you know what is really happening before you are too hard on yourself. Do a reality check. You do need the rest, to catch your breath. Review your methods and the new routine.

21 December to 20 January

Commit to a routine of daily right action: start yoga or running with full attention. As you are released from issues that have slowed you down you gain certainty and that is a relief. Lucille Valentine



If you’re the lucky person we’ve spotted this issue then email to find out what you’ve won! Make sure you turn up to events in the Students’ Union to see if you get “Spotted” next month!

See anyone you know?

Spotted Spotted Spotted Spotted

You What You What?!

You guys really do come out with some stupid comments sometimes, here’s what I’ve overheard this month...


• Gordon Brown? Yeah I’ve heard of him but I don’t really get what he does, well, he

doesn’t take an interest in my life does he?

• Good Friday.... Is that Easter? • I used to fundraise for a charity for the deaf but it was really hard cos no-one had

heard of them.

Sunderland? No it’s Sheff Utd. Oops, I think I support them. [flicking through a dictionary] where’s the index?

• I like guessing which teams are playing by looking at their strips. Is it Burnley V •


Short Story


Got a flare for writing? Continued You might remember a short story featured in a previous edition of NU:life in which we invited all you budding writers to write the next chapter? Well talented Adam Willert wrote the successful winning entry, congratulations to him.

no knowledge of what I had casually strolled into the building with. They were unaware that the door had even opened. They would know I had been there when I left. As I strode toward him, my mind found a peace which it had not known in the last seventy-two hours. Actually, it had been seventy-four long, gruelling and terrifying hours. Black as night was the suit he wore, which increased in suave appeal at every step I took closer to him. Partly due to the tracksuit bottom and trench coat combination I had opted for, but also because of the fact that the suit cost an amount which could have paid for my flat. Now as I approached his personal space, I noticed the fine complexion of the man before me. His hair was dark but not black. It was

Can’t take the suspense? Then read on for the next instalment…

a shade most men imagined

His face was the only one which

feature, it actually added a

glistened when I entered. This

pleasant amount of character to

crowded hotel’s inhabitants had

his appearance. As I continued


that they possessed but few did. Accompanying this, the man had a smooth face but with an off balance nose; despite this being a conventionally unattractive

considering the exterior of the man, I almost forgot my reasoning for my being there. This was ironic considering my delivery of the package to this man would be the final step of my current treacherous journey and the first step in my new one. Only for a moment were we face to face because his straight jaw dropped to view my rucksack, before he questioned me with his eyes. I nodded casually. Without words, he turned smoothly and walked towards the lifts along the left side of the hallway which sparkled brightly but lacked any original style. Deadly silent in the lift we stood. Peering to my side I saw a strange mark on his hand. I knew what it meant. We rose quickly but then halted. My mind considered what was ahead for me after this delivery. The glimmering silver doors opened. I blinked and before me stood the man. Think you can carry on the story? Then send your entry (max 350 words) to mark.coffey@northumbria


iRadio The birth of iRadio, the brand new radio station from the school of Arts and Social Sciences, created a fantastic opportunity for budding student journalists. The station is run by students, and is a great example of how students can get valuable work experience without even having to venture outside of the University. For the volunteers, the deadlines can be tough and there are times when you really don’t feel the show will be finished in time (STRESS), but somehow working as a team demolishes all sense of apprehension and by the day before the deadline (Wednesday evening the night before a broadcast) the show is done and dusted.

Saying this, it’s by no means easy and everyone involved would be stuck if there weren’t others around to help. This working environment not only gives an insight into how a radio station would work but is also amazing fun and provides an outlet for the journalistic talents within the student community. When first given the chance to involve myself in iRadio I was daunted. I wasn’t sure I would be able to produce work to a high enough standard. But as soon as the first show was over it became apparent how silly I had been; yes the shows and broadcasting we do has to be checked and edited, but the way we are allowed to produce our own work is amazing, the support network that has appeared really made me feel comfortable with the workload. Not once did I feel out of my depth, something that is all down to the amount of dedication and perseverance each team member contributed throughout the show.

I only contributed to a handful of shows but it’s given me the desire to continue the experience and hopefully help with next year’s shows... all students who want to get involved with such things really shouldn’t feel shy about having their say and input, all types of work experience in a chosen field can be of great benefit especially when combined with a genuine passion for the subject. I love radio and this opportunity has let me explore this interest, build on my strengths and try my best to better my weaknesses, whichever way you look at it, whether or not your interest is in radio or magazines or something completely different, the experience is fun and I’ve met some amazing characters along the way. It’s something I’ll always be proud of.

Even if getting involved isn’t your thing make sure you listen to the show. The previous episodes are online and the show will start up again in October. For more information and to listen to the show go to iradio Samantha Pym



Vintage Fasion Fair. Northumbria recently played host to a fantastic array of colours, garments, materials, and jewellery all dating back to the era most of our parents grew up in. The Vintage Fashion fair, which travels the country visiting different Universities, came to our Uni on Sunday 1st March. A variety of stalls had been set up and it only cost a mere £2 to explore the wonderful items. As you entered, the smell we all associate with “vintage” hit you. Where to begin was definitely the first thought that crossed my mind as I was met with so many different eye catching things. I must admit the clothes were a little daunting. When shopping, I do like things to be a little more organised but as it was a vintage fair I wasn’t exactly expecting just wouldn’t be authentic.

I did however find a gorgeous dress at one stall with a lovely fairy-tale twist to it and a black, ruffled bottom accompanied by a silk, cream bow tied round the waist. It would have set me back £45 and for the dress it was a good bargain. However, being a student, and not a good one with money, I stepped back and continued my exploration.

While I was there, I chatted to the organiser to find out more: How long have you been running the vintage fair and been interested in this type of the fashion industry?

Are there products available for both male and female consumers? Yes, though we sell more ladies clothing then menswear.

Do you have any other fairs lined up? Are they mainly at Universities? Yes, nearly every weekend. We’re heading over to Northampton then London, and then back to Lincoln and Nottingham. We stick to Universities and art galleries as they make for more interesting customers.

What advice can you give to students who are interested in entering the vintage fashion industry?

I’ve been running the fair for 4 years and have been interested in vintage fashion since I was 16.

You’re never going to get rich from it, but it will teach you about fabrics and construction. It’s a passion that you can’t put down, but its long hours and hard work.

Where do the products come from? Are they independent retailers or part of one large company?

What’s the best way of going about wearing vintage fashions?

All independents. Some of our stall holders are wholesalers and supply small shops around the country, some are vintage addicts who sell off their surplus, some are small vintage shops who need a day in a new city and the rest are antique dealers who have moved over to the dark side of vintage fashion!

Anyway you like! Mix it up with high street or customize it to add a personal twist. Josie Bramhall




reverse memory loss, pretty useful after a night out. They can be frozen and will still keep a lot of their nutrients. Add these to your whole grain cereal in the morning and

you’ll be on your way to a First.

The Belly rules the mind... ...some may beg to differ but you certainly can’t deny that it at least feeds the mind and with deadlines and exams around the corner there’s no better time to be feeding your brain with the essential nutrients it needs to work at its best.

So here are my top 5 foods for thought to give you a head start during these bad, bad, bad times.


1. Oily fish such


Nuts and Seeds are rich in protein which provides building blocks for most of the body’s tissues including the brain.

Just like oily fish, they are a great source of omega 3. They make a good snack on their own, but try adding them into your salads, pastas and (yet again) whole grain cereal for an extra mental boost.

as salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines.

They are rich in omega 3 and docosahexaenoic acid, which is a major component of the brain. Arm your larder with

any of the above fish in tinned form and have them as a quick and nutritious snack. Just make sure you don’t go out face-raping afterwards, no-one likes fish breath.

2. Wholegrain

foods such as cereals, wheat bran, wheat germ and whole wheat pasta will help make you feel full for longer and improve your memory.

Swap normal pasta for whole wheat as they taste practically the same.

3. Blueberries

are great for keeping us looking young (not that we have to worry about it yet). They are also so good for the brain that they have the potential to

5. Dark Leafy

Greens such as Broccoli, Spinach and Curly Kale are high in several minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and iron which all help the brain transmit information.

Did you not know that Pop-Eye had a PhD in Quantum Physics? No health-related article is complete without a mention of the old fail safe -

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! There... done. Ok, preaching over and done with. I do feel like a bit of a hypocritical fake writing this in the vicinity of an empty McDonald’s take away bag, a milky way bar and a bottle of cherry coke (not even diet).

Couscous and Smoked Mackerel This is the last recipe I’ll be bringing you this year so make the most of it yeah? It combines most of the above foods and is a great dish to welcome the summer with.

Tek’s Super Nutritious Couscous and Smoked Mackerel Salad For 2 braniacs you will need:

• 2 small cups of whole wheat couscous • 2 fillets of smoked mackerel • 1 whole avocado • 100g baby spinach • Small bag of mixed nuts and seeds • 100g jarred roasted peppers • 1 tbsp Grated Parmesan cheese • Olive oil • Lemon • Salt and pepper

Method: Cook the couscous according to the instructions on the pack and add a small pinch of salt and pepper. Drain the roasted peppers of their oil and cut into small strips. Rinse and dry the spinach and roughly chop through it. In a dry pan, roast the nuts and seeds until slightly brown. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone, spoon out the flesh and cut into small strips. Grab a mixing bowl and put in the couscous, roasted peppers, spinach, avocado and nuts and flake the smoked mackerel through it. Give the whole thing a good mix and dress with olive oil, the juice of half a lemon and a dash of salt and pepper to taste.

during orgasm. So if you’re going to walk into an exam with an empty stomach then make sure you swing by the toilet a good 5 minutes before hand (pun very intended). If only it was as easy to banish hunger by rubbing the belly as it is to masturbate... Tek Harrington

This dish spells summer for me and it requires hardly any cooking. With everything ready at hand, it should take no longer than 10 minutes to knock up, even for a novice. You can even keep it in a lunch box and nibble at it throughout the day. If fish turns you off then replace the mackerel with chicken. It works well with the salad and contains high levels of B6, which is important for the neurotransmitters that send information to your brain. As well as feeding your brain, chicken is good for your guns too (or buns if you’re a lady reader). One more word from the (not so) wise, two of the top three neurotransmitters that are important in releasing your brain’s potential are dopamine and serotonin, both of which are released


adaptation of the graphic novels and Zack Snyder can again be pleased with his work and although it doesn’t hit the heights of “300” it still provides a very entertaining couple of hours. For me, it was a great new dark and mysterious method of portraying this genre of film and is definitely worth a watch.

Entertainment of the original Sci-Fi Series. It follows the background stories of original characters Spock and James T. Kirk, and their voyage aboard the USS Enterprise to battle Nero. Eric Bana and Chris Pine lead the new cast.

Movies ★ ★★ Dir. Frank Miller

Watchmen stays true to graphic novel By James Maughan

“7/10- A Breath of fresh air” The Watchmen was one of the biggest selling graphic novels of all time and so it was a big gamble for director Zack Snyder to attempt to bring it to life on the silver screen.

Popcorn Time Mark Coffey

Summer is traditionally the season for big blockbusters, and this year’s selection certainly doesn’t disappoint. Here are a few of the movies making their way to your local cinema very shortly.

Angels & Demons 12A

Of course we must not forget that it was Snyder who successfully directed the adaptation of graphic novel “300” but with “The Watchmen” it seemed a much greater task. In terms of the film itself, it was everything you would expect of a Snyder piece, with excellent visual effects and dark themes. It far surpassed my expectations of a standard heroic storyline and even raised several deep and dark questions about mankind and how society treats those who are different. Avid fans of the Watchmen graphic novels needn’t worry as I feel this adaptation indeed stays true to the deep meanings of the novel and a great deal of the film does stay true to Alan Moore’s ideas. For those who were not followers of the original graphic novels (myself included) this film still stands out as great cinematic piece and something you will enjoy immensely if you choose to see it. The acting is also very good with Jackie Earle Haley being the most entertaining as Rorschach. The character he portrays entertains you throughout and leaves wanting to know more about him. Overall “The Watchmen” is a very good

Released: May 15 2009

X Men Origins: Wolverine 12A Released: May 1 Hugh Jackman is back in this prequel to the X Men trilogy, set roughly twenty years before the original movies. It focuses on the title character’s shady past, relationship with half-brother Sabretooth and dealings with Team X. Early indications suggest this will be a hit, with talk of a possible sequel set in Japan.

This is the second film adaptation of a Dan Brown book and is the prequel to The Da Vinci Code (2006). Tom Hanks makes another appearance as symbolist Robert Langdon, who this time is trying to prevent a secret organisation called the Illuminati from destroying the Vatican. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know how good the story is, so fingers crossed it translates as well on the big screen. Ewan McGregor co stars. Other releases this summer: Catch Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox battle more robots in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (June 24)... more superhero shenanigans in The First Avenger: Captain America (July 22) and Death seeks its revenge again in Final Destination: Death Trip3D (August 28).

Star Trek 12A Released: May 8 Creator of Lost, JJ Abrams, is at the helm of this reimagining




Hundred Reasons Interview Remember Hundred Reasons? Well they’re not exactly back as they never really left but they are touring again and are taking their own orders now, ready to embrace their next phase of music making.

I was lucky enough to catch up with lead singer Colin Doran at Newcastle Academy, during their new tour promoting the re-release of their album “Quick the Word, Sharp the Action.” I found out that no matter what has happened to this band in the past they know who they are and just want to make music. The re-release is being produced by the band since their record label was bought out and left them without a label for the second time in their career.


Self-producing is not an issue for Hundred Reasons; their 2006 album “Kill Your Own”, which Colin say is their best record, was produced by band member Larry Hibbitt. I asked Colin how he feels about all this new musical freedom and promoting the re-release: “It’s cool; it’s a good thing to do. The album didn’t get promoted enough first time around. We’re happy about it coming out again, it gives us a chance to get out on the road. I think after this we’re going to write some more material. We’re not rushing anything because we don’t have to, so we’re not going to. Now that the pressure from the label is off, there are no time restraints on this record so we are going to take our time.” The band’s single “Silver” reached number 15 in the UK singles chart and their first album reached number 6. Colin recalls how much hype surrounded them: “We’re not going to say we weren’t happy when it happened. We didn’t expect to be that successful that quickly.” Seven years on from the release of their first album “Ideas Above Your Station” they still have a following of die-hard fans. “We know that as a band we are not as big as we used to be but we make music for our fans and hopefully that’s what they see. We’ve always been about the fans.” One thing the fans love about this band is their live shows. Having seen this band

Live Reviews ★ ★★ Dir. Frank Miller

several times now, I know they never disappoint with their energy, passion for the music and talent on stage. With this tour their set list is an eclectic mix of all their albums and even their EPs. “It’s kind of a silly thing really, going out and promoting a new album when there is nothing wrong with the older stuff. We wanted to come on tour with songs that we all really wanted to play, and that is what we are doing. It’s been almost a selfish set list. But I think the crowd will enjoy it more too. I really like playing ‘Soapbox Rally’ again because we haven’t played that for a long time.” You can catch Hundred Reasons as a few festivals this year including Slam Dunk in Leeds, where the headliners are mainstream favourites You Me at Six. The line up features both established bands and coming talent.

On this note I had to wrap up my chat with him, pack up my journo note pad and go to the concert. They didn’t disappoint one little bit. S.J. Bowie

Kid British Newcastle Academy

Not surprisingly, only a few hundred people ventured to the venue early to catch this band of rude boyz who were playing third on the bill to the Enemy and Manchester’s “Next big thing” Twisted Wheel. Kid British easily held their own on the big stage and after a few quieter numbers got the crowd dancing and clapping along to their indie-tinged ska. Rather than sounding like music bores The Dead 60’s, their take on ska was more reminiscent of the lighter side of The Clash. Theirs is a sound that will work perfectly on festival stages in the afternoons. The whole band were in good spirits throughout and the singer let rip with a wideboy “Niiice One” after every song. Standout tracks were Elizabeth and Lost in London and current single “Sunny Days”. Simon England

Boxer Rebellion Newcastle Academy

I seem to vaguely remember The Boxer Rebellion when they first surfaced around 5 years ago; they were eventually dropped from their record label and disappeared off the musical radar. Unsigned, they recently grabbed headlines by storming the iTunes charts in both the UK and the US with an appearance in the top 5. Their album “Union” also broke into the top 100 of the Billboard album chart. In terms of stage presence, I wasn’t expecting much from them as on record some of their stuff sounds slightly run of the mill indie. However, I was pleasantly surprised by their live show. Their sound was expansive, almost post-rock, recalling the luscious melodies of the likes of Sigur Ros combined with a more traditional rock sound such as on recent single “Evacuate”. There were clearly some hardcore followers of the band as older tracks such as “Watermelon” received perhaps more appreciation than recent material showing that people still remember them fondly. Simon England

Bat For Lashes Northumbria Unversity

With the likes of Little Boots and La Roux being among 2009’s big tips it seems to be the year of the electro girl but Natasha Khan, aka Bat For Lashes, is ahead of the game. Following her debut Fur and Gold, which was shortlisted for the 2007 Mercury Prize, she has released Two Suns which could be nominated again even with its more modern accessible feel. The stage features strange figurines and what appears to be a standard lamp until it flashes on and off in time with the music to become part of the light show. The majority of the second album is played with most of it sounding upbeat, almost sci-fi in places. The lead single Daniel sounds even better live and is played towards the start of the set. Aside from the idiots in front of me that continued to talk throughout even during the quieter songs it was a thoroughly enjoyable gig that shows she is way above the next big thing and should be seen in the same light as other treasures such as Kate Bush and Bjork. Simon England



Live Reviews Maximo Park

Ahead of the release of new album “Quicken the Heart”, Maximo Park played an exclusive free gig in the Newcastle College Performing Academy, all in aid of cancer charity No Surrender. Excitement levels rapidly escalated as the doors finally opened at 7pm, providing relief for the eager fans who had braved the blistering wind and rain all day for the rare opportunity to see the Geordie five-piece in an intimate setting. Luckily the band were on top form, rattling through a plethora of new tracks which unveiled a tight, layered new sound, with the creeping taut groove of “Wraithlike” proving to be an early highlight. Similarly, new single “The Kids Are Sick Again” also went down a storm, transforming an initially subdued crowd into a blazing mass of energy. Wrapping up the set with fan favourite “Apply Some Pressure” proves a thrilling conclusion, leaving fans in no doubt that the Park are going to continue going from strength to strength over the next year. Peter Hawkins


Peter Doherty

No stranger to controversy, tabloid favourite Peter Doherty’s show at the O2 Academy was always going to be met with apprehension, with his tainted track record of not showing up to his own gigs. In support of his new solo album “Grace/ Wasteland”, this was one of the final dates in his extensive UK tour, which has gained a slew of mixed reviews. Tonight’s sell out crowd were somewhat bewildered when the trilby-clad star actually hits the stage on time at 9pm, looking relatively healthy and enthusiastic. Accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, after playing a brief opening Pete was then joined by a full

backing band, including a surprise appearance by Blur guitarist Graham Coxon.

As a result, he delivered a surprisingly polished performance. Playing through most of his new solo album, tracks such as “Arcady” and “1939 Returning” were delivered with passion and coherence; thrilling the riotous crowd. A selection of Babyshambles tracks were also strummed out, including a subdued version of “Killamangiro” which was met with a euphoric response. Judging by his impressive performance, Pete definitely has the talent to live up to his hedonistic reputation, and may be able to convert even his biggest critics if he can continue performing in the vein of tonight. Peter Hawkins

Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

Brilliant Basketball

Footy stars set for kick off in 2009 The 2008/09 Northern League football season proved to be a season full of ‘ups and downs’ for Team Northumbria. TN’s inconsistency ultimately proved to be their downfall, as for the most part they had to settle for score draws in games they should’ve won. “Had we won half the games we drew, we would’ve been in the top four,” said Head coach Paul Johnson. Despite what the statistics show, upon reflection the side have performed well, especially considering some of the players are as young as 16: “Andy Jennison has done extremely well for a 16 year old, as has Ben Christensen our captain - and Lee Johnson. All the scholars in the team have played well.” Lee Johnson’s season looked, at the time of writing, to be ending on a sour note, being sidelined with ligament damage


Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

very own drama this season.

Although there was heartbreak along the way there was to be no denying Greg Modzelewski and his men their fairytale ending, winning the EBL Division Two Playoff title.

sustained in Team Northumbria’s 5-1 victory away at Whickham.

“He (Lee Johnson) recovered in about two weeks after his last injury, although with only three games left it looks like his season’s over.” Team Northumbria looked to be closing out the season on a high, scoring goals at every opportunity of late. Regrettably, it was a case of too little-too late as far as the current goal frenzy is concerned. Paul Johnson believes confidence to be a key issue: “I think they maybe lacked confidence earlier in the season, not scoring many despite numerous chances on goal. Although at the end we got some big scores and that can’t help but boost the lads’ confidence.” Upon looking at the league standings and Team Northumbria’s mid table finish, it would be all too easy to write off this season. However, with a team so young, many of the players coming straight out of academy football and into senior non-league games, the future certainly looks bright. After all, some of the teams higher up in the league have spent large sums of money on player transfers - a luxury Team Northumbria have been without. When you consider that the lads have been

competitive with these teams for most of the season, it makes you wonder how good the players can be when they have matured as a team over a couple of seasons. “If we can keep these players together, we’ve got the makings of a very strong team,” said Paul Johnson. The future certainly looks bright for Team Northumbria football, bring on next season! Stuart Wade

Everyone has seen at least one sports movie. The underdogs upsetting the odds, injured star players and last gasp threepointers. But fans of Team Northumbria’s own hoop stars have been treated to their

Modzelewski. “But here at Team Northumbria we aim to prepare players for that next step up, which is why we run a schedule tougher than most professional teams here in the UK. “Saying that, I am really impressed with the way some of the guys have developed this season.”

Finishing 12 points behind bitter rivals Leeds Carnegie in the regular season, the lads never looked likely to threaten the big boys of the league. Losing out to Carnegie twice in the EBL and again in the Patrons Cup Final was a significant setback and then there was a tough start to their long BUCS weekend in Sheffield.

With the culmination of a crammed season ending in the biggest grudge match since Stan Calvert (an easy win!) a determined Team Northumbria slammed their way to silverware winning the final 84-64. Always the leader, skipper Chris Pearce bagged the MVP title but the high flyer still had some choice words about the team’s performance this season.

Crashing out of contention for the BUCS championships at the first attempt, Greg’s boys picked themselves up and never looked back. Winning the next two matches against Solent and Oxford meant the hoopsters posted a record fifth place finish.

“You could say we’ve been prone to collapses this season and I think that’s fair comment,” said captain Pearce. “We’ve often been in control at the half only to let things slip in the third quarter and leave ourselves a mountain to climb after that.

But that was to be the start of bigger and better things for Greg and his stars, finishing with an undefeated streak until the end of the season.

We should be celebrating a double this season as we should have won the Patron’s Cup. But we let that one slip and we were determined not to make the same mistake twice.”

With a gruelling fixture list over the season, no one can begrudge the team a well deserved rest before a new season that is bound to throw up new twists. “For some of these guys, playing 20plus minutes in 40 games has been a huge shock to the system,” said coach

So with the award for the Playoffs going to Team Northumbria and the credits rolling on the 08/09 season, everyone associated with Northumbria University will be hoping for a sequel coming next year. Andy Spoors


Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

Success? Jit’s a given!

Northumbria Jitsu Club returned victorious from the TJF Randori Nationals at the Telford International Centre.

Bringing back a fabulous FOUR gold medals, Northumbria outperformed local rivals Newcastle University for the first time, as well as finishing ahead of the Newcastle College club. Jitsu clubs from all over the world come together twice every year to train and compete together under the supervision of the leading practitioners of the art of jiu jitsu. And while the competition in November focuses on self-defence techniques, in

the spring competitors fight one-on-one in two separate types of competition. Team Northumbria’s Jitsu club has a reputation for welcoming members of all ages and abilities; the team entering the Nationals contained students, staff, and alumni with ages ranging from 19 to 42. But the competitions got off to a rocky start, with 1st year Social Work student Bryce Doherty being drawn against fellow Team Northumbria member Rid Kinkhabwala in the first round. It was unfortunate that one of them had to go out in the first round but Doherty beat Kinkhabwala and took three more fights on his way to the final. He fought a gruelling but controlled fight to dominate his opponent 2-0 and secure a win to become the National Champion in his division. Third year Architecture student Alex Macaulay fought the opening rounds and final of stand-up competition in quick succession, totally dominating his opponents without conceding even a point.

fight that Alex once again thoroughly dominated, demonstrating his superior skill to all who were watching. Alex becomes Team Northumbria’s second double national champion following in the footsteps of Law student Adam Slawson, not competing due to injury this time. Northumbria Sports Science graduate Kayleigh Jackson (pictured) fought a local derby in her Nage Waza final, as her opponent was a Newcastle University graduate, and the spirit of Stan Calvert hung in the air. Despite the friendship between the two fighters, total focus remained on winning gold. After a gripping fight, Kayleigh secured the win and yet another National title for Team Northumbria - and a 1-2 result for the North East. TN Jitsu returned to the region, our heads high, with four National Championship Golds - bringing the total to 11 golds in the past five years. Dave Chalton

Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

Northumbria cram in sports expertise Olympic silver medallist Steve Cram was the star of the show at the inaugural Sport Universities North East England (SUNEE) conference.

But Team Northumbria journalist James Henderson was among a clutch of students playing a big role behind the scenes at an event highlighting the value of University sport. SUNEE is a groundbreaking scheme bringing together all five of the North East’s Universities with a view to improving participation and performance across the board. And their 2009 conference - staged across the road at Newcastle University - featured keynote speeches from Cram and former Sports Minister Richard Caborn.

Winning with style, panache and aggression, he claimed Gold and another National Championship title for Team Northumbria. But there was no time for celebrations as Alex had to focus his mind on the rare feat of becoming a double National Champion in the same year.

James - a Northumbria Journalism undergraduate - was part of an afternoon workshop showcasing the student experience through sport.

His Ne Waza final was a tough

The budding hack joined fellow students from Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside



and Durham Universities in delivering a tailor-made press conference.

And James and his colleagues quizzed a panel of staff and students involved in the SUNEE programme. “It was a great experience and proved the value of sport to students whether or not they actually play to a high level,” he said. “I was involved in the planning which goes into a press conference and was then able to hone my interview technique in a room full of people. It gave me an excellent insight into what is required to be a sports journalist ñ the career I want to pursue.” Central to the panel was Team Northumbria chief Ian Elvin - one of the driving forces behind SUNEE. And he said: “Overall the event was a huge success right from the main sessions through to the afternoon workshops. “But I particularly enjoyed taking part in the student experience workshop as it proved how sport can bring together students from across the university community.

“SUNEE offers volunteers the chance to do a variety of work which could prove invaluable in terms of future employment. And those students interested in the media certainly impressed me on the day.”


Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

Look of the Irish

Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

In a league of it’s own another win - only to see the home side suffer a narrow 16-26 defeat.

Irish eyes are smiling on the North East’s Emerald Isle ex-pats after the region’s first ever Gaelic Sports pitch was launched on Tyneside.

All Ireland Gaelic Football champions Pascal McConnell and Angela Walsh flew into Newcastle to officially open the multisports facility.

And it is hoped those schooled in Gaelic games will soon be joined by complete beginners looking to try a taste of the Irish. “It’s great to see the facility open because the sports have been growing in the UK and I hope people can take pride in the field that you have here,” said McConnell. “The North East is very lucky to boast these facilities. We wish the very best to Northumbria and I’m sure we will be back soon!” Following the ribbon-cutting, the final of the men’s Gaelic Football got under way with Team Northumbria taking on regional side Cu Chulainn.

And with this year’s St Patrick’s day celebrations still in full swing a bemused crowd was treated to Gaelic Football and Camogie (women’s hurling).

With puzzled looks aplenty from spectators, the game was explained as Northumbria kicked the ball over twice in quick succession to find themselves 2-0 up.

The pitch, developed on Northumbria University’s Bullocksteads site next door to Newcastle Falcons’ Kingston Park home, will be used throughout the year.

With three points awarded after a goal, Northumbria raced to a 5-1 lead before being cut back at half-time to 5-4.


With the wind swirling - but now firmly with the hosts - there was no surprise that the final outcome favoured Northumbria. Some quick math revealed the home side had won 15-7 and the Team Northumbria players were awarded the inaugural Northumbria Trophy from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Craig Mahoney. “We recruit a lot of Irish students so we have opened the pitch and are going to support them and their aspirations to play the sports,” said Mahoney. “There are national competitions and we have entered in them before so this first Trophy is an example of what can happen. Now the players can train and play on this pitch I have no doubt that in the future more trophies will be coming our way!” And with the luck of the Irish showing no signs of running out after their Six Nations rugby Grand Slam win there won’t be too many who will argue with that. Andy Spoors

2008 saw the introduction of Rugby League into Team Northumbria’s family of Focus Sports.

With the men’s first team joining the nation’s elite in the newly-formed Gillette Super Six and the second team competing in the BUCS North division, hopes of success were high. The season couldn’t have got off to a better start with the “A” team in action at Inter-City Rivals Newcastle “A” - Team Northumbria coming out on top and preventing the “Posh” from scoring, taking the spoils 18-0. With the first Team playing an evening kick off against visitors St Mary’s at Percy Park, the crowds turned up hopeful of seeing

With the firsts suffering heavy defeats away at the hands of Loughborough & Leeds Met, as well as Hull at Home which saw them with four defeats out of four, the seconds enjoyed a better run of form winning three out of their first four games losing out only to York St John by a narrow six-point margin.

Wednesday 12th November 2008 saw history made with both of Northumbria Rugby League teams recording victories on the same day for the first time, the firsts overcoming a strong Birmingham side 18-12 at home and the seconds beating Hull 46-14. The success was not to last though, with the firsts having to wait until the end of January for their only other victory, again over rivals Birmingham, condemning the Midlands side to bottom spot in the Inaugural Super Six competition. However the seconds maintained their winning form to take the BUCS North Division, where they had finished rock bottom in the previous year.

side. Both teams fell at the first hurdle in the BUCS knockouts, losing at the hands of Leeds Met seconds and University of Cumbria respectively, and suffering disappointing defeats in the Stan Calvert Cup. Coach Adam Houston said: “I can’t fault the commitment and hard work the boys have shown this year. They’ve done themselves proud and we’ve a great future ahead retaining the majority of this year’s squad to push on in 2009.” Adam Houston

When the seconds defeated Leeds Uni firsts to reach the Promotion Final Playoff, a win would have seen them compete in Premier North Division next year. This was not to be the case and they were defeated by a strong Bangor University


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Netball News Representing England, the girls enjoyed success in all three of their matches, leaving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in their wake.

A very modest Montgomery was on hand to talk to Team Northumbria after her week in the national spotlight. “It’s fantastic to represent Team Northumbria while playing for England,” she said. “We all played well over all three matches and it’s great to win the tournament.”

Tessa Burton (pictured) and Jenny Montgomery will be flying the flag for UK Universities this summer after starring in the inaugural British Universities Home Nations tournament. Team Northumbria’s netball programme received national recognition as three of the University’s students represented the England side.

And Talei Bari joined Montgomery and Burton in bringing home the big wins for the hosts.


In a crammed schedule the girls endured three matches in three days leading to trials for the British University side. Kicking off proceedings last Monday the girls saw off a plucky Welsh side 49-34 before thrashing Scotland 74-11. With Northern Ireland coming out on top in their first two fixtures, there really was everything to play for in the final match. In a tightly contested tie, England

prevailed 54-42 emerging with the first trophy of its kind. And to top off a fantastic week for Team Northumbria’s hotshot netballers, Burton and Montgomery both received call ups for the British University side. Representing Britain the girls will take on Singapore, Northern Ireland and Scotland’s Under 21 side. Even with this year’s Super League finished and no time to rest in the summer, Montgomery is already thinking ahead to Team Northumbria’s next campaign. “I think we should be aiming for the top four again,” she added. “The squad was quite new at the beginning of the season so we really started to gel towards the end. We are going to have a new coach but I think whoever it is we should still fit quite well as a squad.” Andy Spoors

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Give us a cheer Throw together 13 girls, six cans of hairspray, five hotel rooms, two seven-seat hire cars and one united passion and what do you get?

The event of the year for Team Northumbria’s North Stars Cheerleading Squad - held at Telford International Centre. The BCA (British Cheerleading Association) Championships is what the North Stars work hard to prepare for all year so that they can create a fantastic routine to show all the other universities what they can do. “The girls worked so hard for this year’s competition and put in so much effort that regardless of the result we knew we’d all feel like winners when we stepped out on the floor to perform,” said captain Rachel Teate. There are 21 different categories to enter from stunting squads to tumbling. But the senior dance medium section is where the North Stars want to “Bring It On!” This year’s routine, choreographed by Coach Danielle Looker, was a mixture of strong contemporary dance, typical cheerleading cheese and hip-hop/street dance. “It’s been a lot of sacrifice and hard

cheerleader Carolyn Simpson said: “After a lot of hard work and dedication it was clear that the girls put their all into this dance. It definitely paid off on the day and I’m very proud of us all.”

work but I couldn’t be more proud of myself or the team who gave their best performance this year at the competition,” she said. The competition is exactly what you see on films like ‘Bring It On’ with huge squads, including male cheerleaders, who bring supporters from all over the country to watch them shine.

The results came in and it was fingers crossed for Team Northumbria. “Senior Dance Medium runners-up goes to” you could see every squad wishing and hoping “...the North Stars” announced the commentator. Teate added: “I am so proud of all of the North Stars. To come second out of all the Universities entered is amazing.” The girls will definitely be celebrating their success with a couple of VK’s in TN sponsored Mood when they return from an Easter break! Remember Northumbria - Keep it ’North’. Keep it ‘Stars’.

Team Northumbria’s squad is the smallest - at just 13 - and is the only team to enter just one event. Teate added: “Because we only enter one category it means we can concentrate all of our rehearsals on this dance. “But it’s a very long day for us as you have to register at 8.30am then find seats, so when you’re not performing till 6.05pm it becomes a very, very long day!” After the performance there is a screen where you can watch how well or how badly your routine went but Team Northumbria decided not to watch and let the results do the talking! The North Stars only saw a couple of their competitors perform and had no idea where their routine sat in the rankings. Team Northumbria reporter and


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Team Northumbria is committed to unearthing the best sporting talent from within the University and we’d hate you to slip through the net. Every year we offer talented athletes scholarships designed to support the needs of performance athletes during their time studying on Tyneside.

But we’re always looking to invest more of our time and money into Northumbria University’s stars of the future.

And while we’re searching high and low for potential candidates we can’t catch all the top performers all of the time.

So check out Team Northumbria’s scholarship scheme now and take the next step towards sporting glory.

Which is where you come in. If you play any sport to a high standard and you feel we can help then get in touch now. Across the Northumbria University community sports-mad students like you benefit from financial assistance and targeted personal development. Whether you need to raise a few pounds to pay for a training weekend away or need to shed the excess pounds which could make the difference between winning and losing - we’re here to help. We provide practical solutions and services to students who have the talent and commitment to fulfill their potential within their chosen sport. And we ensure that your academic goals remain attainable - even at the height of sporting competition.

Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS • Specialised fitness assessments and training such as SAQ • Privileged access to University sports facilities

Are you a rising star?

Scholarship support services include:

• Sporting Equipment • Personal Development • Sports physiotherapy and sports massage • Specialised nutritional assessments and follow ups • Access to accredited sports psychologists

• Academic and Sport Mentor Support

Students are expected to show recent achievements and a commitment to developing their performance. Potential scholars should have achieved Senior, U21, or U18 representation from their National Governing Body but applications will be considered from athletes in performance/development squads at junior or senior level.

To apply for a 2009/10 scholarship contact Gareth McKenna by email at performancesport@

“As a Team Northumbria Sports Scholar I can achieve sporting success and my academic goals” Ben Thornton Team Northumbria fencer

“Thanks to the TN Scholarship scheme I know I’m getting the support I need on an off the pitch” Abi Mowbray Team Northumbria women’s rugby skipper



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Maiden wins for Team Northumbria Northumbria played a full part in the annual SUNEE intramural tournament as hundreds of students from across the region battled it out for sporting glory. Eight Team Northumbria sides hit Durham’s Maiden Castle, all guns blazing as the North East’s five universities locked horns across four sports. The weather could not have been better and it meant all sports - men’s 11-a-side football, women’s five-a-side football, men’s and women’s 7’s rugby, mixed 7’s hockey and netball - were played in cool, sunny conditions. The day began well with men’s football gaining early wins, closely followed by the netball and mixed hockey. As the round robin matches drew to a close, all of Northumbria’s teams were well set to qualify for the semis. The men’s rugby league team needed a win in their final match to go through and only just missed out - losing by just one score.


it once again went to penalties, with Pink Mafia coming out on top.

Overall Results: Northumbria’s Rugby League seconds, the Pirates, qualified in second place to make it through gaining five points for the overall tally. In the football both men’s teams made progress and avoided each other in the semis. Both netball and hockey progressed. In the men’s rugby Newcastle were the dominant force with all three of their teams making the semis and once the final whistle blew they came out with a first, second and equal third with Northumbria. The women also won their competition meaning Newcastle scored 28 points from just one sport. In the netball Team Northumbria had to play Durham in the final, who they had lost to earlier in the day, and a nail biting finish saw our side beaten by just one goal. In mixed hockey it was a very similar story with the team going down 1-0 in the final - again against Durham. There was better news in the men’s football as both Pink Mafia and FC Jesmond made it through to the final. FC Jesmond getting there via a penalty shoot-out in the semis in which their goal keeper saved three penalties! In the final

1 Newcastle 2 Durham Northumbria (joint 2nd)


1 Northumbria, 2 Northumbria Netball: 1 Durham 2 Northumbria Men’s Rugby: 1 Newcastle 2 Newcastle 3 Newcastle 3 Northumbria Women’s Rugby: 1 Newcastle 2 Teesside Women’s Football: 1 Teesside Mixed hockey: 1 Durham 2 Northumbria Paul Cooksley

Extra long sports section - even more Team NOrthumbria NEWS

Scrum on feel the noise It’s been another successful year for rugby and head coach Rich Arnold who has built upon an impressive first term at the helm of Team Northumbria’s most popular focus sport.

After almost taking the women’s BUCS crown at the end of last season (his charges narrowly losing to UWIC at the dramatic Twickenham final), the squad took their campaign to a higher level in the Guinness Premiership this year.

In what looked to be an impossible challenge for them at the beginning of the season - after suffering a string of defeats - Team Northumbria managed to hold their own and stay in the top flight. Survival was a highly understated achievement in the presence of the best women’s rugby clubs in the country. But after narrowly missing out on silverware on so many occasions last year, Arnie finally had something to accompany his Falcons’ medals as the men took the Durham & Northumberland Plate final against Ponteland. A hard fought game was dominated by Team Northumbria who won 51-10 some scalp for a squad which has only been playing in the national arena for two seasons but is slowly working its way up the ranks. The D&N side also came agonisingly close to taking the division two crown from long time league leaders Hartlepool with a flurry of wins towards

the end of the season nudging them into the lead on try difference. But an injury-cursed season finally took its toll on the national league team as they were forced to travel to Barnard Castle with only 12 players and no front row cover - bringing their winning streak to a heartbreaking end and forfeiting the title in the process. Nevertheless, the Durham & Northumberland first division awaits as Arnie’s army secured a promotion spot for the second year running. “It’s been a lot tougher this year in all aspects,” he said. “There’s been much stronger competition and we need more depth in the squads. Next year is only going to get harder still as there are some great teams in the Premiership and in the D&N top flight. But we are going to aim at promotion in the latter again for sure.” Mark Kelly


NU Life (5th ed)  

The official magazine of Northumbria Students' Union. Keep up to date with all the key goings on in YOUR Union...

NU Life (5th ed)  

The official magazine of Northumbria Students' Union. Keep up to date with all the key goings on in YOUR Union...