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Greetings Readers! It is the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 coming into our lives and changing many things – some possibly forever. The past year has no doubt been one of the most challenging years in healthcare history. But if you’re reading this, YOU HAVE SURVIVED! You survived by avoiding or overcoming this deadly virus and by helping others do the same with your talents and your service. And that is worth celebrating as we dive deeper into the new year ahead! We know that your leadership in healthcare has gotten more complicated as you navigate this pandemic. We know that the challenges you were tackling before Covid arrived have not gone away. We know you have looked after and supported a staff that was under extreme pressure. We applaud you for rising to the occasion and for taking care of the patient population in the West Tennessee region. Just as we thought we had seen the post-pandemic light of day, the snowstorm of 2021 hit. We have been trying to photograph our cover honorees for three weeks now. It caused a delay in the timing of this publication. But I suppose all good things take time, and today I was able to meet, in person, the three deserving individuals as they were being photographed in Jackson on a beautiful spring-like day. I’m pleased to introduce them to you. For those of us in healthcare who live and practice medicine west of the Tennessee River, we couldn’t be prouder than to have a West Tennessee native taking the helm of the Tennessee Medical Association this year. Dr. Ron Kirkland has a rich history – having served in the US Army, he also has retail experience, real estate experience, sales experience, coaching experience and is an otolaryngologist in both Memphis and Jackson. In addition, we think it’s a plus that he likes toy trains and antique cars. Kelly Harden is on this cover of InCharge representing nurses in the West Tennessee region. She is currently the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health at Union University. As the daughter of a US Navy Master Chief in the submarine service, Kelly lived in many places, including Italy. Eventually, they settled in the boot-heel of Missouri where she first attended nursing school in nearby Blytheville, Arkansas. Since then, she earned her bachelor’s in nursing in Albany (New York), her master’s in nursing in St. Louis and her doctorate in nursing in Memphis. As you can see, she was inching her way to Jackson, Tennessee, and we are thrilled that she landed there. We are also pleased to welcome Scott Krodel (father of 8!) and his family to Jackson. Scott has 30+ years invested in his career in Healthcare IT – over 20 years of that at an executive level. Most of it has been spent in Indiana where Scott grew up and been in charge of IT departments in various hospitals and medical centers. He holds a Master in Health Administration and enjoys fishing and sports. With telehealth and other forms of remote medicine becoming more important through this pandemic, Scott’s expertise will help guide West Tennessee Health Care into the future.


Hopefully, 2021 will be the year that the Covid-19 pandemic ends. We’ve certainly become stronger and wiser, and we’re ready for the rest of the battle. Here at West TN Medical News, we have made changes, too. With the exception of this annual InCharge magazine, West TN Medical News has become a digital publication, so it’s right at your fingertips – on your smart phone, tablet or PC. We hope to see you online at www.westtnmedicalnews.com. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact me directly. We are here for YOU!

Scott Krodel Ron Kirkland, MD Kelly Harden, DNSc, ARPN FNP-BC, FAANP

Pamela Z. Haskins Owner, Publisher West Tennessee Medical News pamela@westtnmedicalnews.com

Cover photo by Kristina Only


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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021

West Tennessee Healthcare Leaders Discuss Managing Through the COVID-19 Pandemic The Stress, The Changes and The Challenges Ahead If you pull together a nurse, a physician and a healthcare IT expert, you could pretty much run any kind of medical organization you wanted. West TN Medical News gathered them together for their take on one of the most challenging years in healthcare history and to look ahead as well. This year in our feature story we spoke with Kelly Harden, DNSc, Dean and Professor of Union University School of Nursing; Ronald H. Kirkland, MD, PresidentElect of the Tennessee Medical Association and Scott Krodel, Chief Information Officer at West Tennessee Healthcare. Enjoy.

How would you describe your style of leadership? HARDEN: I use a mixture of styles, depending on the issue at hand. We use a team approach in the College of Nursing, so I like to interact with team leaders but give them latitude. I enjoy hearing the perspectives and suggestions from all faculty and staff. I

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believe my job is to advocate for our team and ensure quality education for our students. KIRKLAND: I view my role as President-Elect (soon to be

President) of the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA) as being the representative of all Tennessee physicians to the public, to the media, and to our State Legislature. Further, there is my role as lead cheerleader for our more than 9000 member physicians in over 2000 practices across Tennessee. Finally, there is my role as consensus builder on our Board of Trustees to try and keep our TMA ship on course. Each of these roles involves having a positive attitude and a continuing emphasis on improving health care for our patients. KRODEL: I believe my style of leadership aligns with strategic and transformational leadership. In my role, it is vital to have vision and the plan to accomplish it. At the same time, I recognize I need to lead with the mindset and heart of a servant leader. I’m very open and have a great desire for my team members to grow professionally and personally. We are Kelly Harden, DNSc, APRN here to serve and make a FNP-BC, FAANP difference in each other’s Dean, College of Nursing and Health lives. Union University

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 How has Covid-19 affected your profession/ organization and how much of your time has been allocated to ensure the safety of your staff & patients? HARDEN: As an educator the impact has been significant. We have had to find creative ways to keep our students safe, both in the classroom and in the clinical arena. Last spring, all of our classes were online. Utilizing new technology and resources was very time consuming for faculty. Thankfully, we have a fair number of classes online anyway. One of the most challenging things was deciding how to move simulation experiences and clinicals to a virtual format for those programs where that was allowed by accrediting bodies. I am happy to say that with a lot of hard work and perseverance, we did it! Some people have the impression that online classes are less work for the professors and the students - that could not be less true. Countless hours were spent working all of this out. The nursing profession has been front line in the fight against Covid-19. Nurses place themselves at risk every day anyway, but in this pandemic that has been exponentially magnified. There is not only great physical risk, but I believe we have not really begun to imagine the psychological effects on nurses (and other healthcare workers). The sheer number of hours alone that nurses have worked during the pandemic is


Scott Krodel

Chief Information Officer West Tennessee Health Care unbelievable. The safety issues extend to family as well. KIRKLAND: Like so many other industries and business nationwide, our TMA was not immune to the effects to the pandemic. When the coronavirus first presented, Tennessee physicians went on high alert, first to provide high quality patient care, and second to measure the impact of the pandemic on our profession. In March, while frontline physicians, healthcare workers and hospitals were besieged, the other half of our profession saw reductions in patient care volume by up to 75 percent in some areas. It was difficult to predict how long these changes might last, or whether

a practice could sustain itself and retain employees. Historically, most of our member events have been in person, requiring travel by leaders and staff. As did many organizations, TMA began to deliver our events and services virtually. As a volunteer membership association our physician members pay dues annually. We anticipated a 20 percent reduction in revenues and modified expenses accordingly. Thankfully, the depth of reductions was much less. Meanwhile our staff began to work safely from home and, as necessary, in our offices to a limited extent. KRODEL: I believe every crisis can have a positive and negative affect. Covid-19 has impacted healthcare organizations in a dramatic way, and for me the “after crisis” realization has not hit us. It will change how we do things in the future as it relates to future care models and the continuum of care. I started with West Tennessee Healthcare the week of the pandemic, and the team here started rollouts of technologies as quickly as possible to align with new care models. Everything we did needed to align with keeping the patients safe and giving them the appropriate care. We followed a pilot and scale model. Like many healthcare organizations our Virtual Care program was not in place. There are multiple technologies that support virtual care. For

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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 example, our footprint in telehealth was very small. The pandemic required us to do rapid install of multiple telehealth platforms that aligned with the business and care needs of our community. Our number one priority was to provide patients an option to continue receiving care. The technologies we implemented will continue to allow West Tennessee Healthcare to enhance and continue to offer access to care in rural areas. Telehealth was a spring-board for us as we continue to roll out technologies and plan for a larger virtual care strategy. I believe our internal tracking systems will be enhanced, we will be working toward a care-at-home model, and we will be reviewing the opportunities around EICU to enhance our care. These steps bring in Artificial Intelligence to assist our care providers and manage patients virtually. The true heroes are the care teams at West Tennessee Healthcare. Our physicians, our nurses, the teams at the patient side. My job was to bring safe technologies that could help them and the patients during an historic time. I’m humbled and proud to witness the care these teams provided during these times.

What is the stress-level of your team/staff/profession in the Covid crisis environment and what is your strategy or advice to help them? HARDEN: Well, nurses are

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Ron Kirkland, MD

Pres Elect (May 2021 installation) Tennessee Medical Association known for keeping calm in a crisis. Of course, this crisis is not one we have dealt with before in our lifetimes. Students were stressed at the beginning, but with much education about how to protect themselves, and moving things online for a while, they adapted well. In addition, faculty spent so much time interacting individually with students via phone, zoom, and FaceTime – that helped to reassure students. As a faculty, we began preparing for this early. Of course, our plan changed frequently, but we were nimble in the rapidly changing environment. Union had a task team early on that met several times a week, and that was reassuring to faculty and staff. I

must say that our team coped well and worked together to help each other. In my opinion, the most helpful thing you can do during a crisis is to plan. Don’t just let things happen without thinking through how you should move forward. For nursing in general, I think ensuring PPE and other safety protocols (to the best of ability) was helpful. We were able to donate many of the supplies from our labs to hospitals. Our engineering department manufactured face shields to distribute to local facilities. Administration keeping nurses abreast of new information is also key to decrease stress. Nurses are accustomed to do what is needed, so I think that we may not see the full effect until things slow down. For our students, faculty, and staff, the most helpful tool we have had is prayer. We have gathered to pray for our clinical partners, and of course patients and families. Even in this storm, God has blessed us. KIRKLAND: The unexpected and urgent shift in our manner of doing business caused stress due to the immediacy of that shift and the sheer magnitude of unknowns we were dealing with as an association. Our association staff is a tightly knit unit, accustomed to working closely in an office environment. The pressure on them to not lose momentum in their daily projects and to work in a brand-new environment was immense in the early days of the pandemic. Fairly quickly our TMA staff adjusted aptly and kept a

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 business-as-usual sense about them. This was also very helpful to our volunteer leaders, who were dealing with similar stresses in their own practices and communities. The shift to virtual meetings greatly aided our ability to stay on track and to stay in contact with one another during trying times. Our best strategy was to over communicate during time of crisis. KRODEL: With any crisis your stress level goes up, and we had times where we had to step back and change a process or technology in a rapid fashion. We needed to support many areas of technology, and we were moving our teams virtually as much as possible. The key for us was honest and open communication. We changed priorities and staffing models to meet the need. Our CEO entrusts our team to do what we have to for our community without any restrictions. That was key for us to do things in a rapid rollout model. Ultimately my key advice is keep it simple, communicate, and validate. Things were moving so fast it was key that each individual worked with this mindset.

What is the biggest challenge you/your organization/your field (physicians, nurses, HIT) are facing in 2021? HARDEN: Many nurses are “burned out,” what we now call “compassion fatigue.” It is hard to say, but I hope seasoned nurses will not leave the profession. We do not yet know the full effect of the pandemic on healthcare workers, and I believe new challenges will arise as time passes. Around the world, adequate resources (PPE, vaccine, human workers) are still not available. There are financial issues because so many businesses have had to close, and people have lost their jobs. Access to care


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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 due to loss of insurance will be a challenge. KIRKLAND: We are still operating in a remote work situation eagerly awaiting the time our staff and our volunteer leaders can be together again to reconnect and regain the synergies that only come from meeting in person. We can complete most daily functions virtually, but nothing replaces meeting in person! A large part of our association focus is advocacy work representing physicians and patients. Most of this involves working with our State Legislature which itself is meeting with very little direct contact from outsiders. While we can present our information and interact with lawmakers by phone and by video conference, once again we are much more effective in person. KRODEL: I think of the word recovery. There are multiple areas that are going to be key challenges for many healthcare organizations. This includes staffing fatigue, crisis support models, finances, and for my team, entering a new era of technology. I do believe our journey in 2021 is the start of many great things to come. West Tennessee Healthcare’s mission and vision will be stronger than ever. Our physicians, our staff, and most importantly our patients have a healthcare organization they can rely on.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? HARDEN: In nursing education, our students now have had the unique opportunity to work during a pandemic. They have seen how the pandemic affects clinicians, administrators, and all areas of healthcare. They have experienced firsthand not only the medical impact, but the impact on the

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economy, and the effects of health policy. I am looking forward to using this experience to add to our curriculum in future courses. I think that many nurses now see the importance of leadership, and I hope they will move into leadership roles, and maybe even run for political office! Thanks to the foresight of this University, our classes have mostly been face to face since the fall semester. I am looking forward to continuing that model, and someday not having to worry about masks and social distancing, etc. I am looking forward to the positives that will come out of the pandemic: innovative use of technology, more cost-effective care, increase in the number of people wanting jobs/education in healthcare, and a better positive opinion of healthcare workers. KIRKLAND: Without a doubt, TMA is looking forward to reconnecting with our colleagues in person. The core purpose of any association is to bring people together to share experiences, learn from one another and unify our opinions and voice. We can and have been able to do that virtually, but human interactions cannot be replaced. KRODEL: Meeting our care teams and delivering new technologies that will improve the care to our patients. There will always be funding priorities, but I believe healthcare organizations have seen their IT limitations and opportunities during this pandemic. I think 2021 and 2022 will be the start of something new for the West Tennessee Healthcare Information Services team. Our focus is “IT THAT WORKS” and it has a personal meaning to each of us.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about going into the healthcare profession today, what would it be? HARDEN: There are some people who go into healthcare for “good money and a four-day work week.” Good luck finding that job. Although there is a fair degree of job security (many healthcare workers were placed on furlough during the pandemic), you better love what you do. It is hard. My advice is to shadow someone in the role you aspire to for several days to be sure you enjoy it. Healthcare is a very rewarding profession. There are many avenues down which to journey, and if you grow weary of one area you can often move to another. To me, it is a ministry. God has entrusted us to care for His most precious creation – man – at his most vulnerable. KIRKLAND: No one knows the future, but our newer physicians may have to fight to maintain the physician-patient relationship and protect it from the rise of technology and artificial intelligence. While high tech can be a great aid in diagnosis and inpatient care, it should never replace physicians and hands-on care. If someone is interested in working to preserve our most honorable profession, come on! KRODEL: I have been in Healthcare IT for 30 years. The technology and the opportunity to impact people’s lives in a positive way is very rewarding. It gives IT a perspective beyond nuts and bolts. Everything we do has a purpose with our patients in mind – meaning the mission of most healthcare organizations is to provide the best care possible. I believe if you are thinking of a healthcare profession you need to be purpose- and mission-driven.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021

A ­

Tim Adams Vice President of Hospital Services West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Dr Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Adams serves as Vice President of Hospital Services at West Tennessee Healthcare. He joined West Tennessee Healthcare in 1987 as a Safety Engineer with the Safety Department. Throughout his time with the health system, he has held various leadership positions including, Director of Safety, Security and Telecommunications; Director of Outpatient Services; Executive Director of West Tennessee Neurosciences and Spine and West Tennessee Rehabilitation Center. Adams has a BS in Chemistry from Lambuth University and an MBA in Business Management from Memphis State.

Mobile Check-In

Mark H. Allen Chief Executive Officer The Jackson Clinic, P.A. 828 N. Parkway Jackson, TN 38305 731-422-0285 jacksonclinic.com

Allen joined The Jackson Clinic in 2005 and was named the Chief Operating Officer in 2012. The Jackson Clinic has over 140 providers practicing in 25 specialties and subspecialties. He is responsible for the operations of the clinic’s 12 locations across 4 counties and more than 500 employees. He is an active member of the American Medical Group Associations CEO Leadership Council as well as a member of the Medical Group Management Association.

Chip Anderson Chief Financial Officer/ Practice Administrator West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic, PC 1004 Cornerstone Drive Paris, TN 38242 731-407-9333 handerson@wtbjc.com

Anderson has served as the practice administrator for the West Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic - Paris office for 15 years. The first 12 years of his tenure with Bone & Joint Specialists prior to their merger with WTBJC in 2014. He has served as WTBJC’s Chief Financial Officer since 2018. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Management and Marketing at David Lipscomb University. Anderson is an alumnus of the University of Tennes-


West TN Medical News 9

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 see’s Weststar Leadership Program and a member of the American Association of Orthopedic Executives. He has also served in various capacities, including President of the Paris Henry County Chamber of Commerce.

Neely Ashby Chief Nursing Officer/ Chief Operations Officer Henry County Medical Center 301 Tyson Avenue Paris, TN 38242 731-644-8257 hcmc-tn.org

Ashby began her career at HCMC as a nurse in 1996. She later joined the VA, but then returned home to Kentucky Lake Surgery Center. After HCMC’s purchase of the Surgery Center, Ashby led many health initiatives in our organization. She has served as Director of both the Surgery Center and Hospital Surgery. She has created, managed, or been involved with the areas of Pre-Admission Testing, Same Day Surgery, Nursing Leadership, and the Orthopedics Center of Excellence. Ashby is an RN and has a Masters in Nursing Leadership from Western Governor’s University.

B Scott Barber Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare - Camden Hospital Interim Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Dyersburg Hospital 175 Hospital Drive Camden, TN 38320 731-593-6300 400 E Tickle Street Dyersburg, TN 38024 731-285-2410 www.wth.org

Barber currently serves as CEO of WTH Camden Hospital and interim CEO of WTH Dyersburg Hospital. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Master of Business Administration from Bethel University. Previously, Barber served as CEO of Decatur County General Hospital. Along with executive leadership Barber has enjoyed an extensive career in Emergency Management with Air Evac Lifetime in which his bases received multiple state and national awards. Mr. Barber currently serves on Decatur County Carl Perkins Center Board, Dyersburg Chamber Executive Board, Dyersburg and Camden Rotary, First Baptist Church Parsons as Deacon,

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and appointed to Beach River Watershed Development Authority Board by Governor Haslam. He has been married for 26 years to wife Kim and they have two daughters Lauren and Grace.

Donna Barfield Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare -Volunteer Hospital 161 Mt. Pelia Road Martin, TN 38237 731-588-3201 www.wth.org

Barfield was appointed Chief Nursing Officer of Volunteer Hospital in December, 1996. She received her Associate of Arts degree in Nursing from the University of Tennessee at Martin, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Memphis State University, and Master of Science degree from Murray State University. Barfield has 36 years of experience in healthcare.

Jeff Blankenship, CPA Chief Financial Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Blankenship joined West Tennessee Healthcare in 1996 and has a BSBA from Union University and an MBA from the University of Memphis. Before assuming duties as Chief Financial Officer, his previous positions included Internal Auditor and Controller. Blankenship oversees West Tennessee Healthcare’s Revenue Strategies, Finance Accounting, Reimbursement, Managed Care, Internal Audit, Patient Financial Services, Employer Services, Health Partners, Materials Management and Strategic Development.

Brad Bloemer Chief Financial Officer Henry County Medical Center 301 Tyson Avenue Paris, TN 38242 731-644-8931


Bloemer joined HCMC in November 2020. Prior to coming to HCMC, he had thirty years of experience as a hospital CFO and controller. He served as CFO at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould Arkansas; Murray-Calloway County Hospital in Murray Kentucky; and Missouri Delta Medical Center in Sikeston Missouri. He was also the interim CEO at the hospitals in Paragould Arkansas and Murray Kentucky. Bloemer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance and a Master

of Healthcare Administration; both from Southeast Missouri State University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Barry “Skipper” Bondurant Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City 1201 Bishop St. Union City, TN 38261 731-884-8601 skipper.bondurant@ bmhcc.org

Bondurant joined Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City as administrator and CEO in 2012. Bondurant earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Tennessee at Martin, a master’s degree in exercise and sports medicine from the University of Memphis and another master’s degree in business administration from Union University. He previously served as administrator and CEO of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Tipton and assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City.

Susan Breeden Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Hospital-Huntingdon 631 R.B. Wilson Drive Huntingdon, TN 38344 731-986-7280


Breeden is administrator and CEO of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Huntingdon. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin and began her career with Baptist in 1988 as business office director at Baptist Huntingdon. After a brief absence, Breeden returned in 1993 as administrative assistant and chief financial officer. Breeden was named associate administrator of the hospital in 1996 and was promoted to her current position the following year.

Lori Brown Chief Nursing Officer Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City 1201 Bishop St. Union City, TN 38261 731-884-8621

Prior to being named CNO at Baptist Union City in 2011, Brown was the chief quality officer for Volunteer Community Hospital in Martin, Tennessee. She received her master’s degree in health administration from Kennedy-Western University in California.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021

C Lisa Casteel Chief Executive Officer Henry County Medical Center 301 Tyson Avenue Paris, TN, 38242 731-644-8478 lcasteel@hcmc-tn.org

Casteel joined Henry County Medical Center in 2005 and has a BBA with a Major in Accounting from the University of Memphis and an MBA with a concentration in Health Administration from Bethel University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant. Before joining Henry County Medical Center, she held the position of Controller and Compliance Officer for Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, Tennessee and before that as Auditor for both KPMG in Nashville and Shreveport, LA, and Deloitte & Touche in Memphis. Casteel is an active board member of both the Tennessee Hospital Association and the Hospital Alliance of Tennessee. She is an alumnus of the West Star Leadership Program, an active member with Paris-Lakeway Kiwanis, serves on various Tennessee Hospital Association committees, and a supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital in hopes for a cure to childhood cancer.

D Kevin Decker Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare -Volunteer Hospital 161 Mt. Pelia Road Martin, TN 38237 731-588-3201 www.wth.org

Decker was named CEO of Volunteer Hospital in October of 2020. He has over 30 years of experience in Healthcare. He began his leadership career as the Laboratory Director at White County Medical Center(now Unity Health) in Searcy AR and has since held several other positions in other healthcare systems, such as Assistant Chief Executive officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Vice President of Operations. Decker holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology from Arkansas State University and a master’s degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. He is also a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).


E Jon R. Ewing, MBA Chief Operations Officer Woman’s Clinic, P.A. 244 Coatsland Dr. Jackson, TN 38101 731-422-2292 womansclinicpa.com

Ewing serves as Chief Operating Officer at the Woman’s Clinic for over 13 years. Ewing has served on many boards and had numerous leadership roles in the Jackson community. He is proud to be the leader of the Woman’s Clinic who has established a unique niche for women’s health in the community. He encourages the providers and staff to provide a level of unmatched service and truly live out the clinic motto of “One Woman at a Time.”

F Teresa Freeman Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Jackson Madison County General Hospital 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Teresa is Vice President, CNO & CNIO for West TN Healthcare. Her background includes Intensive Care, Accounting and Informatics. She has a MBA from Union University, an Executive MSN from University of Memphis and is Board Certified Nurse Executive-Advanced. Teresa has spoken on “Medication Barcode Scanning,” “CPOE Implementation,” “Decreasing Nursing Workload in the EMR” and “A Discharge Advocate Program.”

G Amy Garner Vice President/ Chief Compliance & Communications Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Garner joined West Tennessee Healthcare in 1998. Previous positions with the system include Controller of Camden General Hospital, Controller of Milan General Hospital and Administrator of Camden General Hospital. She has a BSBA in Accounting, an

MBA from Union University, and Executive Juris Doctor from Concord University School of Law. She has a Certification in Health Care Compliance and is a Fellow of the Health Ethics Trust. Garner oversees Compliance, Privacy, IRB, Safety Engineering and Accreditation and Licensure, and Communications.

H Joseph R. Hames, MD Dean/Vice President College of Health Sciences Bethel University 325 Cherry Avenue McKenzie, TN 38201 731-352 6381 hamesj@bethelu.edu

Dr. Hames is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine. He was named as Dean of the College of Health Sciences at Bethel University in 2010 and Vice President of the College of Health Sciences in 2014. He has academic and administrative oversight of the undergraduate BSN program as well as the graduate Physician Assistant program. He is a Professor of Medicine and teaches Pharmacology to the Physician Assistant students. Dr Hames continues to practice Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine and currently serves on the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.

Kelly Harden, DNSc, APR, FNP-BC, FAANP Dean, College of Nursing and Health Union University 1050 Union University Dr. Jackson, TN 38305 731-661-5946

Harden is dean of Union University’s School of Nursing, which has graduate and undergraduate degree programs in Jackson, Germantown and Hendersonville, Tennessee. She came to Union in 2006 and still maintains active clinical practice one day per week in a Nurse Practitioner owned rural clinic. A Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Dr. Harden also is involved in professional and civic organizations on many levels. She is an active member of the Tennessee Nurse Association, serving as District Vice President in 2002; a member of the American Alliance of Nurse Practitioners, Sigma Theta Tau, and has served two terms as president of the West Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Alliance. She was chosen to receive a scholarship from the Beta Theta at Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau in

West TN Medical News 11

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 2005. Dr. Harden is a graduate of the Dyer County Leadership program and a member of Mensa International.

Brad Harrell, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC Assistant Dean of Nursing Director of MSN Programs Clinical Professor University of Memphis at Lambuth 705 Lambuth Boulevard Jackson, TN 38301 731-425-1969

Dr. Harrell is Assistant Dean of Nursing, Director of the MSN Program, and Clinical Professor in the Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis – Lambuth which offers the traditional undergraduate BSN program, a nationally ranked online RN-BSN program, and FNP program in Jackson, Tenn. He teaches leadership for undergraduate students and in the graduate nurse educator concentration. Dr. Harrell’s primary scholarship, in addition to professional practice, focuses on health disparities among sexual and gender minorities – especially LGBT+ individuals. He continues his work on abdominal compartment syndrome, for which he is one of two editors for the first international nursing textbook on the topic. He is active in the Tennessee Nurses Association, American Nurses Association, and is a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group (DEIG) with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Dr. Harrell is an experienced acute care nurse practitioner providing care to acute and chronically ill adults. His primary practice is with medical health services clinic at Western Mental Health Institute in Bolivar, Tennessee.

metro markets. Harris graduated from the University of Memphis’s Master of Healthcare Administration program in 2016.

Betty Haskins Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare - Camden Hospital 175 Hospital Drive Camden, TN 38320 731-593-6300 www.wth.org

Haskins has been with West Tennessee Healthcare for 23 years. She graduated from Jackson State Community College and UT Martin with a BSN and earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Capella University. Haskins has lived in Benton County her entire life and is very involved in community and church activities.

Pam Henson Executive Director Pathways of Tennessee, Inc. 238 Summar Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-8270


Henson is a licensed professional counselor with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee at Martin and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Murray State University. Having been in the mental health field since 1986, she is responsible for 8 Outpatient Mental Health Centers, an Inpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Unit, a Crisis Stabilization Unit, a Mobile Crisis Team and a Walk-In Triage Center. Pathways has approximately 240 total employees. They provide over 10,000 units of service each month.

Currie Higgs Parker Harris, MHA Vice President/Chief 2021 President General Counsel MidSouth Healthcare West Tennessee Executives (ACHE) Healthcare Chief Executive Officer / 620 Skyline Drive Administrator Jackson, TN 38301 Baptist Memorial 731-541-5000 Hospital- Tipton/Baptist www.wth.org Cancer Center Higgs joined the West Tennessee Health1995 Hwy 51 South care system in 2000 as Assistant General Covington, TN 38019 Counsel and became General Counsel in 901-475-5500m 2003. She has a BA from Northwestern parker.harris@bmhcc.org

Harris will continue in 2021 to be the President of the MidSouth Healthcare Executives which is the West Tennessee chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He also serves as the CEO and administrator of the Baptist hospital in Covington, Tennessee. In addition to the hospital, Harris oversees oncology operations in the West Tennessee, and Memphis

12 West TN Medical News

University, JD-College of William and Mary, Marshall Wythe School of Law. She oversees legal, contract development, review and management, litigation management, general and healthcare laws, rules and regulations, risk management, insurance claims, certain safety issues and pre-litigation matters.

Carolyn Hill Chief Financial Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Dyersburg Hospital 400 E Tickle Street Dyersburg, TN 38024 731-285-2410 www.wth.org

Hill has been with West Tennessee Healthcare for 27 years. Hill joined Dyersburg Hospital in 2019 as Entity Chief Financial Officer after serving as Business Unit Financial Director for Jackson Madison County General Hospital in the Perioperative Services area for 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Union University. Hill is responsible for the overall financial operations of the facility.

Leigh Ann Hughes Chief Financial Officer Hardin Medical Center 935 Wayne Road Savannah, TN 38372 731-926-8000 www.HardinMedical Center.org

Hughes is Chief Financial Officer at Hardin Medical Center (HMC). Hughes began her career at HMC as the controller and supervisor of the accounting department. She graduated with honors in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM), then magna cum laude with her Master of Accountancy in 2005 also from UTM. Additionally, Hughes holds an Associate of Science in Accounting from Jackson State Community College and in 2008 earned her certified public accountant (CPA) license.

Lynsie Hughes Administrator Sports Orthopedic and Spine 569 Skyline Dr Jackson, TN 38301 731-427-7888 Fax 731-265-4159

Hughes joined Sports Orthopedics and Spine in August of 2020. She has worked in medical management and administration for 6 years prior to joining the team at SOS. Hughes was born and raised in Jackson, Tenn. and left to attend college at the University of Tennessee at Martin where she earned her Bachelor of Science. She spent time in Los Angeles, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, before returning home to raise her children here in the South close to her family. Hughes has always regarded Jackson, Tennessee, as home and is grateful to have found such a wonderful work family at Sports Orthopedics and Spine.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021

K Adam Kelley Comptroller West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic 24 Physicians Drive Jackson, TN 38305 731-410-2306 akelley@wtbjc.com

Kelley joined West TN Bone & Joint Clinic in 2007 as Marketing Coordinator. He has served as the Comptroller for the last three years at the clinic. Kelley graduated from Freed Hardeman University in 2002 with a BS in finance.

Darrell King Vice President West Tennessee Medical Group West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

King joined West Tennessee Healthcare in December 2015 as Vice President of West Tennessee Medical Group. In addition, Darrell oversees Sports Plus Rehab Centers, Kirkland Cancer Center, Wound Care, and the Infusion Clinic. He has over 25 years of experience in managing large multi-specialty practices. Before joining West Tennessee Healthcare, King served as Chief Executive Officer of NEA Baptist Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Throughout his career, Darrell has been active in leadership and community organizations across Arkansas and Tennessee. He is a Jackson native, and has a BA from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from Union University.

Ron Kirkland, MD President-Elect Tennessee Medical Association 701 Bradford Avenue Nashville, TN 37204 615.385.2100 www.tnmed.org

Dr. Kirkland is a semi-retired otolaryngologist who most recently practiced at the Jackson Clinic in West Tennessee, where he served as board chair for five years. He has been a TMA member for approximately 40 years and held numerous other leadership positions, including chair of the TMA Legislative Committee, member of the IMPACT board and serving as a delegate to the TMA House of Delegates. Other experience includes Board Chair of American Medical Group Association and its foundation, Board Chair of Aspell Drug and Alcohol Recovery Community, president of the University of Tennessee National Alumni Association, and president of the Jackson Rotary Club. His term as President of the TMA will begin in May of 2021. He will then serve one year as President and one year as Immediate Past President.

Donna W. Klutts, RHIT, CMPE 2021 President West TN MGMA Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic, PC 24 Physicians Drive 219 Stonebridge Blvd., Jackson, TN 38305 1004 Cornerstone Dr. Paris, TN 38242 731-410-2318 Administrative Director, Chief Executive Officer Physicians Surgery Center 207 Stonebridge Blvd Jackson, TN 38305 731-661-6340

Klutts has been in her current position for the past twenty years. Prior to this role, she worked for Alabama Health Services in Birmingham, AL. WTBJ Clinic has 32 providers including Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons, Fellowships in Interventional Pain Specialists, Trauma, Sports Medicine, Spine, Shoulder, Elbow and Hand. The clinic has Physical and Occupational Therapists, including Hand Specialty Occupational Therapists. The clinic hosts services such as durable medical equipment, MRI, and Ambulatory Surgery Center. She oversees

New, Trusted Providers. Three Convenient Locations. Justin Turner, MD West Tennessee Healthcare UT Medicine 731-260-9481

Ruby Kirby Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare - Bolivar Hospital 650 Nuckolls Road Bolivar, TN 38008 731-659-0218 www.wth.org

Kirby has been CEO of Bolivar General Hospital since January, 2002. She began her healthcare career at West Tennessee Healthcare in 1979 and previously served as Director of General Surgery and SICU at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and Director of Patient Care at Bolivar General Hospital. Kirby has served on the board of the Tennessee Technology Center (Whiteville), Hardeman County Health Council, and received a 2012 Sterling Award in recognition of the Top 20 Most Influential Women of West Tennessee.


Joon Lee, MD Logan Hardin, DO

LIFT Health Clinic 731-251-4756

Walk-in Clinic Thomsen Farms 731-251-4690

Meet your latest options for trusted primary care, management of chronic conditions, immunizations, screenings, physicals and more.

West TN Medical News 13

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 the fiscal and organizational management as well as the recruitment, technology and strategic planning of the multiple offices in Jackson, Paris, Dyersburg, Bolivar, Huntingdon, Selmer, Savannah, Lexington, Trenton, and Union City. She also is the Administrative Director/CEO of Physicians Surgery Center. She was awarded the 2013 Healthcare Administrator of the Year by State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company and the Tennessee Medical Group Management Association. Klutts is a Certified Medical Practice Executive by the American College of Medical Practice Executives and has served in various leadership and volunteer roles for healthcare organizations across West Tennessee.

Scott Krodel Chief Information Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Dr Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Krodel was recently named chief information officer for West Tennessee Healthcare. Scott has over 30 years of experience within healthcare IT, 20 years being at the executive leadership level. Areas of responsibility are Information Systems and Communications. Scott feels privileged to be part of an industry that offers healing to those who are sick. He holds a master’s in health administration and enjoys fishing and sports. Most of his personal time is dedicated toward his 8 children and wife of 30 years this October.

L Dana Lawrence Chief Financial Officer West Tennessee Healthcare -Volunteer Hospital 161 Mt. Pelia Road Martin, TN 38237 731-588-3201 www.wth.org

Lawrence joined Volunteer Hospital in 2015 after serving as chief financial officer for Parkway Regional Hospital in Fulton, Kentucky, for 12 years. She holds a bachelor of science in business administration from the University of Tennessee at Martin. Lawrence is responsible for the overall financial operations of the facility including accounting, budgeting, audits, tax and other financial planning activities within the organization.

14 West TN Medical News

Nicholas P. Lewis Administrator/ Chief Executive Officer Hardin Medical Center 935 Wayne Road Savannah, TN 38372 731-926-8000


Lewis has been the administrator and CEO at Hardin Medical Center since early 2013. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Ohio State University. Prior to coming to Hardin Medical Center, Nick was the chief operating officer of Lourdes Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. He has been involved with patient experience and quality, patient safety, strategic planning, revenue growth, revenue cycle, physician recruitment, and capital construction throughout his career. More recently Lewis was awarded the 2016 Tennessee Hospital Association’s Small or Rural Hospital Leadership Award and was elected to serve as the vice-chairman of the Constituency Section Executive Committee. He serves on the Tennessee Hospital Association Board representing rural hospitals. In addition, Nick has served as the chairman of the Hospital Alliance of Tennessee and continues to serve on the board. He is a member of both the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Financial Management Association. He was also a Governor’s Appointee for the Governor’s Task Force on TennCare for the State of Tennessee and a past vice-president of the Tennessee Hospital Association Solutions Group.

Erica M. Johnson Lockett, RN, MSN, CCRN-K, WCC Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Bolivar Hospital 650 Nuckolls Road Bolivar, TN 38008 731-659-0217 www.wth.org

Johnson-Lockett is the Chief Nursing Officer for Bolivar Hospital and joined the team in March 2020. Previously, she worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Patient Safety Manager, Risk Management Specialist, Peer Review Coordinator, Critical Care RN and Med-Surg RN. In her role as the Patient Safety Manager, she helped the organization receive 2 Gold Cornerstone Awards along with 1 Silver Cornerstone Award from the VA National Center for Patient Safety. She has been a clinical supervisor, adjunct clinical instructor and a prison infirmary nurse. Ms. Johnson Lockett has 15 years of healthcare experience and has been a volunteer for various organizations for 24 years.

Candy Long Chief Financial Officer Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City 1201 Bishop St. Union City, TN 38261 731-884-8601

Long served as controller at BMH-UC from 2003 until July of 2018 when she became Chief Executive Officer. She holds a Master of Accountancy from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

M Jonathan A. McAnulty, OTR/L, MBA Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare Rehabilitation Hospital Cane Creek 180 Mount Pelia Road Martin, TN 38237 731-261-1230 jonathan.mcanulty@ encompasshealth.com

McAnulty serves as the Chief Executive Officer at West Tennessee Healthcare Rehabilitation Hospital Cane Creek in Martin, Tenn. He joined Encompass Health in 2017 as the Director of Quality and Risk Management for West Tennessee Healthcare Rehabilitation Hospital in Jackson, Tenn. He completed his Master of Business Administration from Bethel University in 2020; Master of Occupational Therapy from Tennessee State University in 2011; and Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2005.

Billie McKee, MBA MHA RT(R) (T) CRA FAHRA Chief Ancillary Services Officer Henry County Medical Center 301 Tyson Avenue Paris, TN 38242 731-644-8471


McKee joined Henry County Medical Center in 2004 as the Director of Imaging. She is a Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) and achieved Fellow status through AHRA in 2017. She has a Bachelor of Professional Studies from the University of Memphis, a Masters in Health Administration and MBA from University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. McKee began serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer in November 2017. Her role has recently changed to now serve as the Chief Ancillary Services Officer. She participates

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 in Strategic Planning and Business Growth of outpatient services. She has direct oversight of Imaging and Diagnostic Center Services, Laboratory, Sleep Lab, Centralized Scheduling, Home Health and Hospice and DME (Durable Medical Equipment). She continues to focus on customer services and patient relations in our outpatient settings.

N Vincent Nord Chief Financial Officer Sports, Orthopedics & Spine 569 Skyline Dr. Jackson, TN 38301 731-423-0975

Nord is the CFO of Sports, Orthopedics & Spine with locations in Jackson and Dyersburg, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a BA in Economics. Nord also holds a JD from The University of Tennessee College of Law, Knoxville, Tennessee, and a Master of Laws in Taxation from The University of Florida Levin College of Law, Gainesville. Prior to joining Sports, Orthopedics & Spine, Nord worked in Ernst & Young’s M&A tax group in Chicago, Illinois, for over five years.

P Dr. Vinay Pallekonda Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Jackson Madison County General Hospital West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000

Vanessa Patrick Vice President of Business Development West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Patrick was recently named Vice-President of Business Development for West Tennessee Healthcare. Vanessa Joined the West Tennessee Healthcare organization in 1999. Areas of responsibilities include provider recruiting, physician liaison program, corporate health and wellness, and strategic development including acquisitions. She has been married to Chad Patrick for 23 years and they have two daughters, Cameron and Langston, starting at UT Martin in the fall. Vanessa enjoys traveling with her family and watching her children compete on the golf course.

Lisa Peterson Director of Marketing Hardin Medical Center 935 Wayne Road Savannah, TN 38372 731-926-8299 www.HardinMedical Center.org

Peterson is responsible for planning, development and implementation of marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal. She graduated summa cum laude from Union University in Jackson, Tenn. with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership and is pursuing a Master of Business Administration. Peterson has over 20 years of marketing and public relations experience.

Lisa Piercey, MD, MBA, FAAP Commissioner Tennessee Department of Health 710 James Robertson Parkway 5th Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower Nashville, TN 37243 615-741-9409 www.tn.gov/health

Dr. Piercey is a West Tennessee native who serves as commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Health. Preceding her public service, Piercey spent a decade in health systems operations, most recently as executive vice president of West Tennessee Healthcare, a public, not-for-profit health system with more than 7,000 employees servicing 22 counties. Her responsibilities included oversight of five rural acute care hospitals, two inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, a behavioral health hospital and eight community mental health centers and the system’s population health initiatives. Piercey is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in both General Pediatrics and in the specialty field of Child Abuse Pediatrics. She has remained active in evaluating children for suspected abuse and neglect and serves in a volunteer capacity as medical director for the Madison County Child Advocacy Center and a faculty member at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Piercey is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, where she has been president of the Mid-South Healthcare Executives chapter as well as the national chairman of the Management Series Editorial Board. She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Lipscomb University, her medical degree and pediatrics residency training from East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine and her Master of Business Administration from Bethel University.


Dr. Pallekonda joined the team, effective September 14, as the Chief Medical Officer for Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. In this role, Dr. Pallekonda will work closely with the medical staff, officers and clinical department chairs to coordinate clinical staff administrative activities. He will also be responsible for oversight of hospital quality initiatives. Dr. Pallekonda has more than 20 years of clinical, operational and clinical healthcare experience, and is Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. He and his family are relocating to Jackson, Tenn. following his service as Chief Medical Officer for DMC Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.


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West TN Medical News 15

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 Tina Prescott, BSN, RN, MBA, NEA-BC Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Prescott is originally from Middleton, Tennessee and came to West Tennessee Healthcare in 1996 as a Registered Nurse in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Since then, she has held the position of Clinical Manager and Director of SICU and Administrator of Camden General Hospital. In 2007, she was named the Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Prescott is a graduate of Union University in Jackson where she received her BSN and MBA. She is board certified as an Advanced Nurse Executive with the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a member of the American Nurses Association and American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

William Preston, MD President/ Board Chairman The Jackson Clinic, P.A. 828 N. Parkway Jackson, TN 38305 731-422-0285 jacksonclinic.com

After 10 years of serving on the Board of Directors of The Jackson Clinic, PA, Dr. Preston stepped into the role of President and Chairman on July 1, 2019. Dr. Preston is a native of Booneville, Mississippi. He received his undergraduate degree in biology and his medical degree from Vanderbilt University, graduating in 1998. He did his residency at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, after which he joined the staff of The Jackson Clinic in 2003.

R Sandra Ray Administrator Henry County Healthcare Center & Plumley Rehabilitation 239 Hospital Circle Paris, TN 38242 731-642-5700 sray@hcmc-tn.org

Ray came to Henry County Healthcare Center in 1998 from Arkansas. She earned a master’s in operations management from the University of Arkansas and has worked in healthcare management for 34 years. She is an active member of the Tennessee

16 West TN Medical News

Health Care Association and her facility has won several awards of Excellence from the American Health Care Association.

Pam Ridley Chief Information Officer Henry County Medical Center 301 Tyson Avenue Paris, TN 38242 731-644-8583

Ridley joined Henry County Medical Center in the IT department in 1985 and was later promoted to the Director of Information Systems in 1988. In this role, Ridley has had oversight of all computer hardware, software, system implementations/upgrades and the advancement of technology usage at HCMC. Under her leadership, the IT department has been recognized nationally as “The Best Hospital IT Department – Small Division” by Healthcare IT News, a national healthcare magazine. Ridley now serves as the Chief Information Officer with responsibility for Telecommunications, Telehealth and Corporate Compliance. Pam graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems.

James Ross, AEMT, BSN, MSHA President and Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Ross is the President and Chief Executive Officer of West Tennessee Healthcare since May 2017. Throughout his 32 year career with the health system, he has held various positions including, Emergency Medical Technician, Surgical Intensive Care Registered Nurse, Critical Care Coordinator, Cardiac Services Manager, Director of CCU, Administrator of the West Tennessee Surgery Center, Executive Director of Physician Services, Director of Case Management/Social Services as well as Vice President of Hospital Services. In 2009, he was named Chief Operating Officer for Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and in April 2016 the Board of Trustees named him the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer for the organization. Ross is active with many professional organizations including, the Tennessee Hospital Association, Tennessee Organization of Nurse Executives (TONE), American Nurses Association (ANA), American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and Leadership Jackson Alumni Association. In 2016 he was recognized as Humanitarian of the Year by the American Red Cross.

Diane L. Rushing Director West Tennessee Pediatrics Le Bonheur Children’s Outpatient Center 1535 Vann Drive Jackson, TN 38305 731-984-9949 diane.rushing@ lebonheur.org

Rushing joined Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in July 1999 as a Physician Recruiter and brings over 30 years of diverse healthcare experience. Her healthcare experience includes physician recruiting, physician services, provider relations, continuing medical education and business and strategy planning. She is now Director of West Tennessee Pediatrics and oversees the services at the Le Bonheur Children’s Outpatient Center in Jackson. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Union University. She serves on local Boards of Directors for The SafeKids Coalition of West Tennessee, the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, The Jackson Chamber of Commerce, Helping Hands and The STAR Center. She is a member of the Jackson Civitan Club.

S Whitney Saylor Administrator Jackson Urological Associates, PC 28 Medical Center Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731.427.9971


Saylor joined Jackson Urological Associates, PC in May of 2019 and serves as Administrator of the practice. She holds a bachelor’s in healthcare administration from University of Memphis and a Master of Business Administration from Freed Hardeman University. Saylor is an active member of Medical Group Management Association as well as the American Urological Association Practice Managers Network. JUA has two office locations in Jackson as well as satellite locations in Dyersburg, Savannah, and Union City. Saylor is a firm believer in servant leadership and strives to lead staff in a manner that reflects that attribute to patients and the community.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 Sherry Scruggs Chief Executive Officer West Tennessee Healthcare - Milan Hospital 4039 South Highland Milan, TN 38358 731-686-1591 www.wth.org

Scruggs is CEO of Milan General Hospital and serves as Facilities Manager for both Humboldt Medical Center and Trenton Medical Center. She previously served as Administrator of Gibson General Hospital and also served as Chief Nursing Officer of this facility. She was hired as a staff nurse in 1983 and filled many different management roles throughout the hospital. Scruggs serves on many teams/committees in the healthcare system such as Lean projects, Clinical Documentation and Strategic Planning.

T Jackie Taylor, MD Chief Physician Executive West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Dr. Taylor has served patients in West Tennessee since 1990. In 2003, he joined the Emergency Medicine team at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. Throughout the years, Dr. Taylor has served in many different leadership roles. Most recently, he was named Chief Quality Officer and Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Taylor attended medical school at University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences and holds a board certification in family medicine. Taylor is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. Taylor works closely with the medical staff, Quality Outcomes, Quality Plus and Patient Safety (Infection Control, The Joint Commission).

Deann Thelen Vice President & CEO, Jackson-Madison County General Hospital West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Thelen joined West Tennessee Healthcare in 2012 following a career that includes being Chief of Operations, UI Heart and Vascular Center at University of Iowa hospitals and


Clinics. She has an MBA in Healthcare from University of Phoenix, a BSN and RN from the University of Iowa. She has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare. She oversees West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center, Radiology, Imaging Center, Respiratory, Pharmacy, Peri Procedure, Surgical Services, GI Services, Chest Pain Unit, Anesthesia and Pain Services.

Wendy Trickey Chief Nursing Officer Hardin Medical Center 935 Wayne Road Savannah, TN 38372 731-926-8000 www.HardinMedical Center.org

Trickey holds the title of Chief Nursing Officer at Hardin Medical Center (HMC). Trickey completed her undergraduate studies at North Mississippi Community College (NMCC) and the University of North Alabama (UNA), where she received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She also holds a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership also from UNA. Trickey brings to HMC experience in strategic leadership in the areas of quality care, process improvement and service growth.

U Karen Utley Chief Patient Experience Officer West Tennessee Healthcare 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301 731-541-5000 www.wth.org

Utley began her career here working as a Nursing Assistant, while attending school to become a Registered Nurse. She is a graduate of Union University where she received her AA and BSN. She continued her education at the University of Memphis graduating with an MPA with an emphasis in healthcare. Utley is credentialed as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a Registered Nurse. She was born and raised in Crockett County where she continues to live today with her husband Butch. She enjoys traveling, serving on local and state boards, riding motorcycles, working in her church and spending time with her family.

W Lori Wood, RN, MSN Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Milan Hospital 4039 South Highland Milan, TN 38358 731-686-1591 www.wth.org

Lori, an employee of WTH for 10 years, moved into her current role as CNO at Milan approximately 2 years ago. She received her BS degree in 2010 from UTM and MSN University Memphis in 2018. She has a varied nursing background in cardiac telemetry, orthopedics, inpatient rehab and Med- Surg Telemetry where she worked as a bedside nurse and multiple leadership roles. She is a member of Tennessee Organization of Nurse Executives.

Rebecca Wright Chief Operating Officer Hardin Medical Center 935 Wayne Road Savannah, TN 3372 731-926-8122 www.HardinMedical Center.org

Wright is the Chief Operating Officer at Hardin Medical Center (HMC). Wright joined the HMC team earlier this year. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Communication Studies from the University of Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri, and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration from Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois.

Z Janice R. Zimmer, RN, MSN Chief Nursing Officer West Tennessee Healthcare – Dyersburg Hospital 400 E Tickle Street Dyersburg, TN 38024 731-285-2410 www.wth.org

Zimmer joined Dyersburg Hospital as chief nursing officer in early 2018. Previous to her role in Dyersburg, she served as CNO of Regional Hospital of Jackson for 13 years. During her career, Zimmer received the CNO Excellence in Leadership award four times. Her 35 years of healthcare experience include advanced nurse practice roles, education and administration.

West TN Medical News 17

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 NOTES ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

InCharge Healthcare 2021 Company Index B


Baptist Memorial Hospital – Huntingdon 10

Sports, Ortho and Spine 12, 15

Baptist Memorial Hospital – Tipton 12



Baptist Memorial Hospital – Union City 10, 14 Bethel University College of Health Sciences 11

Tennessee Department of Health 15 Tennessee Medical Association 13




Hardin Medical Center 12, 14, 15, 17


Henry County Healthcare Center & Plumley Rehabilitation 16


Henry County Medical Center 10, 11, 14, 16

Union University College of Nursing and Health 11 University of Memphis at Lambuth 12


________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________


West Tennessee Bone & Joint 9, 13

The Jackson Clinic 9, 16 Jackson Urological Associates, PC 16

________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

L LeBonheur Children’s Outpatient Center 16


Midsouth Healthcare Executives 12

________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

P Pathways of Tennessee 12 Physician’s Surgery Center 13

West Tennessee Health Care 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 West Tennessee Health Care – Bolivar Hospital 13, 14 West Tennessee Health Care – Camden General Hospital 10, 12 West Tennessee Health Care – Dyersburg Hospital 10, 12, 17



West TN Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 13

West Tennessee Health Care – Jackson Madison County General Hospital 11, 15, 17 West Tennessee Health Care – Milan General Hospital 17 West Tennessee Health Care – Cane Creek Rehabilitation Hospital 14 West Tennessee Health Care – Volunteer Hospital 10, 11, 14 Woman’s Clinic 11

________________________________ ________________________________

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