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WHO HEALS HIM? Admired. Respected. Relied upon. While being a medical professional is among the most satisI\LQJFDUHHUVIHZ LIDQ\ MREVDUHĂ€OOHGZLWKPRUHSUHVVXUH The commitment it takes to be a doctor, nurse, technician RUĂ€UVWUHVSRQGHULVQRWRQO\SK\VLFDOO\GHPDQGLQJEXWDOVR mentally taxing and emotionally draining. $VDUHVXOWPHQWDOKHDOWKDQGVXEVWDQFHDEXVHLVVXHVDIĂ LFW SURIHVVLRQDOVLQWKHPHGLFDOĂ€HOGDWKLJKHUUDWHVWKDQWKH general population. 7KH/DQGLQJZDVFUHDWHGVSHFLĂ€FDOO\ for professionals like you in need of treatment, support and recovery. Our approach is informed by years RIFOLQLFDOH[SHULHQFHDQGFRQĂ€UPV that high-functioning patients can be connected to the outside world and still realize treatment success.

Behavioral treatment for healthcare professionals.

That’s why, at The Landing, patients are able to access work and home while receiving care – and keep up with the responsibilities of their daily lives.

Equally as important, your treatment will take place in a patient-centric environment where your safety and comfort are paramount.

For those in high pressure careers: Specialized care.

This includes a private, modern room with access to a business FHQWHUDQGĂ€WQHVVVWXGLR

Our holistic offerings such as equine-assisted psychotherapy, instructor-led yoga and meditation sessions are an integral part of the experience. So, too, are chef-prepared, organic meals. 7KH/DQGLQJ¡VWRSà LJKWWHDPÀUVWFODVVDPHQLWLHV²DQG programs that employ the latest modalities for treating mental illness and substance abuse – are reasons why professionals choose The Landing for their care. At The Landing, we’re on call – and here to help – 24/7. Just like you. Call us at 901.500.8517.

Whether yours is a mental health issue, a substance abuse problem or a combination of both, our team of accomplished professionals will develop a treatment plan with your unique needs in mind – and your recovery the goal.



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March 2018 WTMN  

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