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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2020 Carla Kirkland Title: President, Tennessee Nurses Association; Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Saint Francis Hospital Emergency Department Birthplace: Bentonville, Arkansas Experience: RN, ICU, Central Arkansas General Hospital, Searcy, Arkansas; ICU, Saint Francis Hospital, Memphis; ACNP, Kraus Internal Medicine, Memphis

it today. How the medical marketplace responds to these innovations is anyone’s guess. “Consolidation of provider networks, decreased reimbursement for services, and increasing administrative burdens will probably not abate for the seeable future. Critical shortages of nurses, surgical technicians and other ancillary personnel are compromising hospitals and like institutions ability to deliver the highest quality of care. Creative and affordable education programs that lead to substantial job opportunities in the industry are essential. Rising education debt is steering young physicians away from specialties that are underserved, and poorly compensated to those that will afford them the ability to better address their economic concerns. Creating a less financially burdensome path to medical education would alleviate the need to make some of those choices.”

Carla Kirkland

Reflections: “The consensus among the colleagues I polled was technology. Electronic Health Records, which nurses have a love/hate relationship with; telehealth; e-ICUs; robotic surgery; evolving newer and smarter machines which improve evaluation and treatment of the patient. Technology also provides data for metrics, which affect nurse staffing and healthcare reimbursement. “The nursing shortage is everpresent and evolving in different ways, due to an increased demand


for nursing jobs, need for nurses in certain specialties, a significant number of nurses nearing retirement age, and a shortage of faculty limiting nursing school enrollment. “In the nursing profession, the number of nurses with bachelor’s degrees has grown, and the number of nurses with a doctorate degree has tripled. Nurses are providing leadership on an ever growing number of health care, business, and community boards. Nurses are also moving into CEO positions at major hospitals and health systems. “Schools of Nursing are working to improve diversity in their graduates. There is a long way to go but the number of minority and male RN graduates has increased, better mirroring the population in their care.” Looking Ahead: “The nursing shortage is expected to continue into the next decade, making nursing a high demand profession, but also leading to increased job stress, burnout, and turnover in the nursing field. Nurse leaders will continue to excel as innovators, researchers, and educators. “Tennessee has pockets of excellent health care, but too many of our patients’ still lack insurance and in our largely rural state they

are challenged to find local, quality, affordable health care. Tennessee ranks poorly in America’s Health Rankings Report, most especially regarding lack of physical activity, obesity, substance use disorder, and nicotine dependence. We have higher rates of heart disease and diabetes. This necessitates an ‘all hands on deck’ approach. Tennessee has many outdated laws which restrict Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), AND Registered Nurses, from practicing to the top of their education and training. Tennessee is also the only state in the U.S in which Nurse Practitioners are not allowed to prescribe buprenorphine, recognized as effective in the treatment of opioid addiction. Legislation needs to be updated to allow APRNs to practice and provide care more efficiently, and cost effectively, to combat the health crises in our state.”

Michael Wiggins

Reflections: “The past decade has seen amazing advances in care for chil-

Michael Wiggins Title: President, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia Experience: President, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, 2019; SVP, Operations, Children’s Health System of Texas, 20182019; Administrator, SVP, Northern Market Executive, Children’s Medical Center, Plano, Texas, 2015-2018, Vice President, Operations, Children’s of Alabama

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2020 Memphis Medical News InCharge Healthcare  

A Snapshot of Who’s Leading Memphis Healthcare Into the Next Decade

2020 Memphis Medical News InCharge Healthcare  

A Snapshot of Who’s Leading Memphis Healthcare Into the Next Decade