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Who’s, continued from page 8 were: “Do people have access to care? Is the population healthy? Do they have high quality hospitals? And do they have high quality specialists?” She said in addition to having some form of insurance coverage, analysts also considered the percentage of population that didn’t feel restricted from seeking care due to cost, including high deductibles and co-pays. The group also looked at preventive and behavioral measures including the percentage of people ages 50-75 who had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years, percentage of women 40 and older who had a mammogram within the last two years, percentage who had visited a dentist in the past 12 months, had a normal body mass index (BMI), reported physical activity within the past month, and the percentage of residents who reported having at least one person they identified as their personal healthcare provider. Hospital quality measures came from the latest Healthgrades rankings; and the team looked at the number of specialists per capita across multiple disciplines, as well as patient satisfaction with those specialists. “In order to have a healthy community, it’s all these different factors,” Dr. Georgiou said of the ingredients required to enable healthiness. Rochester, Minnesota, Burlington, Vermont, and Charleston, South Carolina, led the way this year. San Francisco, which came in at 17th on the list, was identified as having the healthiest residents. Worchester, Massachusetts, with an overall rank of 55, had the highest access to healthcare. Berlin, New Hampshire, which ranked last at 130, struggles with population health and availability of high quality hospitals and specialists. Yet, Dr. Georgiou noted, the area does have a high percentage of the population insured and an above average rate of those who can access care affordably. She pointed out every metropolitan area has different strengths and challenges to address. Some cities might need to focus on community programming or public works to create more opportunities for physical activity. Others might have to look at creative ways to entice more specialists to the area. The index, she noted, provides a starting point for those discussions and a snapshot for patients making decisions about their care. “I think the index is a step forward in our whole mentality around being consumer-focused. It looks at the full continuum from access and insurance all the way through to your personal behaviors,” Dr. Georgiou concluded. “The National Health Index is designed to help consumers understand the health of their community, to empower them to navigate their care journey with confidence and to help them access the right care in their market.”

Healthgrades’ Top and Bottom Twenty This is Healthgrades’ top and bottom according to its 2019 report. The entire Healthgrades Hospital Quality list can be found on its website.




The Top Twenty 1

Rochester, MN


Burlington, VT


Charleston, SC


Cincinnati, OH


Baltimore, MD


Philadelphia, PA


Gainesville, FL


Hartford, CT


San Jose, CA

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16 Portland, OR

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