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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 stole from everyone the luxury of being able to plan ahead. I look forward to returning to some of the plans we put on hold last year and reevaluating them in the new normal. This year is our resurvey for our CARF accreditation. As the only one accredited in our field in the Mid-South, I’m looking forward to being able to focus our efforts on that intensive process. As difficult as it is to receive that accreditation, it is one we judge necessary to be a pain center of excellence, and it has helped us attract some of the best professionals in the field. Tacker: Face to face meetings without masks, hugs and going out to eat.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about going into healthcare administration,


what would that be?

Cummins: Working with physicians and all healthcare providers is a privilege. They save lives every day. While they are on-call for patients, we are on-call for them. Hone your time management skills as early as possible, because they will be put to the test. You will always be busy if you are talented and passionate about healthcare, so having tools and strategies in place to help you balance work, family, faith, and education will benefit you tremendously. Parsons: It’s an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career. I’m honored to get to serve and very proud to be on a team with incredible caregivers that do incredible work at Baptist-Memphis every day. Schnapp: Make time to be with your staff—all of them, not just senior staff/management—

without a specific agenda. We regularly rely on directors or managers for reports and news, but not everything important makes it all the way through the chain. I like to give our staff the opportunity to talk to me directly about anything on their minds, whether a task is giving them problems or the decorations they are preparing for their son’s wedding. I’ll learn about issues that could never be gleaned from a report or performance metrics. The time I spend with each employee and the information I learn from each of them is invaluable because I rely on them – all of them – being comfortable in telling me not what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. Tacker: Always make the decision that is best for the patient, and everything else will fall in place.

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