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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 COVID presents. In addition, needed their care addressed. any stressors, including UCH has developed a COVID-19 Without continued physical, COVID-19, that come our way. testing lab in conjunction with interventional, or medication For physicians, we launched the University of Tennessee. We treatment, many of our patients’ our Thrive initiative remotely have also partnered with the City in August. Thrive is a wellbeing conditions could worsen, of Memphis and Shelby County impacting their function. For initiative that seeks to support to manage their testing sites. I many, we serve as an integral physicians who are experiencing would have to say COVID-19 has part of their support circle. symptoms of depression, been pretty consuming for us Once a pandemic was declared, burnout and other mental health this year. within days we had researched, challenges. Thrive’s flagship tested, trained, and deployed offering is a confidential hotline, telemedicine to our patients which physicians can access What is the stress-level of to ensure we provided that that connects them to a licensed your team and staff in the continuity of care. psychologist. The psychologist’s COVID crisis environment, My motto in 2020 was and what is your strategy to time is covered by our 501(c) “Pivot,” as that is what we (3) entity Memphis Medical help them? constantly found ourselves Foundation. Future goals include Cummins: Within our doing. From implementing new in-person appointment offerings walls, we have always strived protocols, to remote working, and expanded access to other to maintain positivity despite to distancing in the office, healthcare providers. to overhauling processes Parsons: We talk about rescheduling, shuffling the stress of our team and providers; we constantly I’m proud that our team has shifted to accommodate done a good job looking out what the pandemic threw for each other during what at us. Our staff rose to the has been a very stressful challenge, because as quickly time. I firmly believe that we as we learned of a new only get results through our change, they implemented people, so we’re constantly it without complaint and looking for ways to support incredible attitudes. The our teams. Sometimes culture at Mays & Schnapp it’s big things like COVID has always been one where Employee Assistance for people look out for one finances or our EAP program another, and this has never for a counselor to talk to, been more clear than during but many times it can be the pandemic. small things like a thank you, Tacker: COVID-19 has rounding to check on them, affected our organization or welcoming them into significantly. Ensuring the work. safety of our patients, Schnapp: After their physicians and staff are top and their families’ health, priority. There has been so everyone’s next concern much time spent rethinking was whether they would still how we work and how we have a job. Between reading Clint Cummins, CEO/EVP provide care for our patients about massive layoffs in the Memphis Medical Society – safely. We have been community and furloughs creative and flexible this of entire departments, we year in order to implement were faced with making “Thrive is a wellbeing initiative social distancing protocols that seeks to support physicians bet-the-farm decisions with and accommodate remote imperfect, ever-changing who are experiencing symptoms information. working arrangements which of depression, burnout ensure that our staff can We did not fire; we did work safely and productively and other mental health not furlough. Instead, we in spite of the barriers made the decision to bet on challenges.”

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