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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2021 hard to make it clear to the approach to supplying PPE. team that my purpose was To each their own, but we not to over-administrate but chose a different route to help the practice reach because our mission allows its potential. I needed to be us to do so. We worked careful to take a measured with a variety of industry approach to preserve the partners, some even outside values that had made the of healthcare, to procure the practice successful while lowest cost (sometimes free) still making the changes, PPE that we could distribute some dramatic, that we to the community. needed. I don’t know that Parsons: The safety of I would have been able to our patients and our staff appreciate the extent and is always our priority. We subtlety of Mays & Schnapp’s have worked tirelessly to treatment philosophy develop systems of care without my exposure to it – from screening, testing, before, which guides me in visitation, and procedures, how we onboard providers to be prepared for COVID and staff. No matter how patients as well as continuing seasoned the physician, PA, other important care or NP, each one spends an provided at our hospital. It extensive period one-onhas dominated the past year, one with the other providers without doubt. learning the practice’s Schnapp: For months, Shannon Tacker, CEO philosophy, it’s nuances, the bulk of my time was University Clinical Health and how it came to be. spent ensuring the safety Only once that philosophy of the staff, patients, and “UCH has developed a COVID-19 practice, because they are is understood and adopted, testing lab, in conjunction with does that provider even get intertwined: we all rely on the opportunity to apply it to the University of Tennessee.” each other. our patients. One of the challenges of which was good. I am very I regularly feel it is my the pandemic has been the pleased with the dynamics of our amount and speed of information responsibility to remind the leadership team. team that I work for them just coming out of every entity: as much as they work for the agencies, organizations, state organization. We demand a lot How has COVID-19 affected and federal governments. Simply from our staff, and I need them weeding through information your organization, and to know I’m not deaf to how was a monumental daily effort, how much of your time has we meet those demands or the not to mention resolving been allocated to ensure impact it has on them. If Mays & the safety of your staff and conflicting essential material. For Schnapp is to reach our goals, months, every day was spent patients? I’m going to do everything I can figuring out just what we were Cummins: In our office, we to help it get there. supposed to do to protect our closed the doors on day one of Tacker: It has been a staff and patients long before the pandemic allowing visitors wonderful experience, very we could even begin doing it. for only a few exceptions. Across smooth. I have worked in We spent considerable time the healthcare community, we healthcare in Memphis for and resources hedging our bets: saw this massive PPE crisis, over 25 years, so I already had ordering extra supplies, setting which is hopefully behind us. connections with several of up every worker for teleworking, That is definitely tied to patient our leaders and physicians. I implementing a new phone and staff safety. We had clinics have to say that coming into system so we could answer calls calling us with zero inventory an organization during a from anywhere. and hospitals with critical levels pandemic is not the easiest Lockdowns and quarantines of inventory. There were also way to transition, but it forced notwithstanding, patients opportunity-seeking vendors us to come together quickly, with chronic conditions still who emerged to take a capitalist memphismedicalnews.com

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