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Message from the Publisher… It’s not like me to quote lyrics from a Miley Cyrus song, but here goes:

Publisher Pamela Z. Haskins 501.247.9189 Editor PL Jeter Photographer Greg Campbell Creative Director Susan Graham Graphic Designers Susan Graham Katy Barrett-Alley Memphis Medical News is now privately and locally owned by Ziggy Productions, LLC. P O Box 164831 Little Rock, AR 72206 President: Pamela Z. Haskins Vice President: Patrick Rains Twitter @MemphisMedNews

“There’s always gonna be another mountain I’m always gonna wanna make it move Always gonna be an uphill battle Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose Ain’t about how fast I get there Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side It’s the climb.” Pardon the slang but this is apropos to why we chose to shoot the backdrop for our InCharge magazine cover at High Point Climbing. It seems like climbing is symbolic on many relevant levels. For one, climbing over Mt. Covid has been a huge challenge for all of us. Have we peaked? It seems so, but some still may be climbing. It’s not a big leap to say that leadership is all about climbing. The vision of the summit, the plan to get there, learning, working, struggling, inching up, overcoming obstacles, measuring the distance along the way. Sometimes your foot slips and you have to go back and pick up some steps. But you never stop climbing. Sometimes that summit is even higher than you thought. Sometimes you wonder if that summit is everything you think it will be. After all, the climb itself can be a bit addictive. The four cover honorees for this year’s InCharge have no doubt done their share of climbing. I had the fortune of meeting them recently, and what delightful people they are. Talented, interesting, compassionate healthcare leaders. I’m pleased to introduce you to them. Dr. Chris Pokabla is a respected orthosurgeon with OrthoSouth. He’s known to work on elbows and shoulders – a little further up the anatomy than his father who was a podiatrist. Dr. Pokabla also did his fellowship in sports medicine and has served as a team physician for both Tulane University and Arlington High School. In 2022, he will head the Memphis Medical Society, and we will be happy to watch the contributions he will make to that organization. Soon, you may find Chris taking a break from the climb as he glides down a slope on an upcoming ski trip with his wife, Maygan! As always, I’m happy to put a nurse in the mix and Joy Gilmore is a nurse! She may be genetically predisposed to be a nurse. You’ll read about that in the cover story. My point is, if you find a nurse with clinical experience AND leadership skills – you better lift her (or him) on up to that summit because they will make a difference in your organization. Joy has both. Add to that she’s the dedicated mom of a special needs child and home schooled her children for 14 years while she was climbing, and I am sold. After spending over 20 years at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Joy is now the COO and market vice president of Gastro One in Memphis. In 2019, Michael Scarbrough, a lifelong Memphian and his friend Doug Wenners launched a physician-led home care company called Prospero Health. Since then, the company has grown and invested heavily into downtown Memphis, most recently moving into an 80,000 square foot operational headquarters at 50 South BB King Boulevard. I asked Michael why he chose to put their offices in downtown Memphis? He said they wanted to make their presence known and be close to the millennial segment of the Memphis workforce because apparently the 38103-zip code is densely populated with young professionals. This company and this fellow Memphian are ones to watch! And lastly, I would like to welcome Chris Cosby and his family to Memphis and to the Memphis medical community. He will no doubt breathe some new life and energy into Saint Francis Memphis – after all, he is a tri-athlete who has competed in Ironman competitions – plus he has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare leadership! We are excited that Chris’s climb led him to the Bluff City.

ON THE COVER Joy Gilmore, Chris Pokabla, MD

Memphis Medical News has experienced our own climb – for over 20 years, we’ve been bringing local, statewide and national medical news to the greater Memphis area spotlighting your superstars along the way. We have climbed Mt. Covid too, and I’m here to say, it wasn’t easy. We need your continued support. The focus topics we have coming up in 2022 will match the very things your organization is communicating. See more of that on page 11. So let’s partner up. Contact me for more info. Meanwhile enjoy the cover story and this annual snapshot of local healthcare leaders. My best to all of you!

Pamela Haskins, Michael Scarbrough Chris Cosby Cover photos by Greg Campbell

Pamela Z. Haskins Owner, Publisher

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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

The Story of the Climb

Q & A with the 2022 InCharge Cover Honorees Every person who holds a leadership position in healthcare has a story of their climb. Our four cover honorees have paid dues and earned stripes. They’ve risen to a summit – maybe on their way to the next one but certainly they’re on an upward spiral of progress. Now let’s see what got them there, and what bits of wisdom they have to pass on to us. Enjoy. Where did you grow up and when and how did you decide to pursue a career in healthcare? COSBY: I grew up in Dothan, Alabama. I decided to pursue healthcare due to my desire to help people but also to make a difference in the community. Both my parents had an influence on that decision as well. My mother worked in healthcare when I was younger. My first exposure was when she worked for a surgical company that would open new Ambulatory Surgical Centers as a partnership between hospitals and surgeons. My father owns Cosby’s Heating and Cooling in Dothan, and I grew up watching

4 Memphis Medical News

him make business decisions. You combine the two and that’s what helped influence me to look at Healthcare Administration. GILMORE: I am a native Memphian and love the 901. I am proud to be part of the Memphis medical community! I grew up knowing from a young age that I wanted to be a nurse. My aunt, Carol Thetford, is the Chief Nursing Officer at Baptist Women’s Hospital. She was my role model all my life. I

Chris Cosby, CEO

Saint Francis Memphis

pursued a career in nursing right out of high school and I have loved every minute of it. The opportunities and options it provided me as a working mom were so rewarding. I was able to work a schedule that allowed me to raise and homeschool my children and, once they were older, I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue roles in leadership. Memphis is an amazing city to live and work in healthcare. The different communities you can serve and the work you can do in this field are almost limitless and so rewarding. POKABLA: I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio in a family of six with two brothers and one sister. My father was a podiatrist, and my mother was a nurse. Growing up, my father would regularly take me to his office and often to the hospital to round with him on patients. I was surrounded by physicians and other health care providers, which helped shape my future in health care. I decided to become a physician while I was in college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I started off studying chemistry,

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 however, I also greatly enjoyed studying the biological sciences. SCARBROUGH: I grew up in Memphis, near Shelby Forest. I decided to pursue a career in healthcare when I was 19 years old. I initially worked in the Radiology Department at Baptist Memorial Hospital Medical Center on Madison downtown. I first entered the healthcare field on the advice of my great uncle, who insisted a career in healthcare was a “good job” to have. Ultimately, my passion for healthcare grew as I continued to witness the challenges experienced by my mom, Jan. She had a form of muscular dystrophy and as her only son and principal caregiver, it became obvious that the system wasn’t designed to meet her needs. While she had some great providers at the local MDA clinic, such as Dr. Tulio Bertorini, most other health care providers were of little help. To make matters worse, our health policy in the 1990’s and early 2000’s did more to restrict choices for people like my mom than offer any true solutions. Following my mom’s death in 2004, I began to dedicate more of my time and professional energy toward seeking solutions for people

He wanted to explore the possibility of creating a company focused on serving people with serious illness through inhome physician-led care teams. After months of planning, writing business plans, and raising capital, Prospero Health launched in 2019. What started with a team of fewer than 20 people quickly grew to serve patients in 10 states by the end of our first year in 2020, 26 states by the end of 2021, and 29 states by the end of the first quarter of 2022. We will have over 1,150 employees this year serving patients from Portland, Maine, to Los Angeles, California, Joy Gilmore, COO & Market Vice President and nearly 250 of those Gastro One employees will be right here in Prospero’s like her. I worked with the Memphis offices, where we State of Tennessee to help support our clinicians around draft and implement changes the country. to the TennCare program that expanded choices for Did you have a special mentor additional at-home services or mentors along the way that instead of leaving people you’d like to mention? with no choice but to seek COSBY: I have worked institutional care. My mom with several great CEOs in my could have benefited from career, and all have had an those expanded at-home influence on my career and life. service choices. I then spent I learned something from every most of the early 2010’s one of them. I stay in touch working with additional states with several of them. around the country to further GILMORE: Absolutely want refine and expand these to mention my aunt again, programs so they became Carol Thetford, who was such available to well over 500,000 a role model and mentor for additional Americans. me. I watched her work the In 2018, I received a call crazy shifts, love what she did from my friend, Doug Wenners. and serve families with such a Memphis Medical News 5

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 heart filled with compassion, and then grow in her career at Baptist to achieve so much as a woman in healthcare leadership. To me, she exemplifies everything I wanted to be as a nurse and a leader. Also, Chris Jenkins, now the COO at Saint Francis Bartlett was truly the best leader I have ever had the privilege to work with. He epitomizes what a leader should be in the way he promotes collaboration and opportunities to branch out and try new things. He has a gift for balancing his insights and brilliance as a leader with promoting innovating thinking in those who report to him. His “we, not me” mentality helped me take on challenges and learn new things, because I knew he was there to guide and support without taking over or taking credit for my work. I feel he was a driving force for me to always feel like I could achieve anything I set my mind to. POKABLA: I had many excellent mentors during my medical training. I completed my Orthopaedic Surgery residency in Columbus, Ohio, and am very thankful to the outstanding faculty at Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the physicians in private practice who taught me to practice 6 Memphis Medical News

Orthopaedic surgery. The most influential mentors to me are my fellowship directors, Dr. Buddy Savoie at Tulane University and Dr. Larry Field at Mississippi Sports Medicine. Their dedication to teaching and passion for medicine have inspired my clinical practice and they remain special mentors to this day. SCARBROUGH: I have been very fortunate to have several valuable mentors during my career, but none have been more meaningful to me personally and professionally as Al King. I worked for Al for nearly 16 years across three different companies.

Chris Pokabla, MD, President Memphis Medical Society

Al is someone of incredible character, spiritually strong, and in many ways a father figure to me. He knew how to tell me the hard things I needed to hear but he also knew how to show tremendous love and care for a sometimes too-hard charging young health care executive. How would you describe your style of leadership? COSBY: I believe in servant leadership. Helping those around you be successful. If you help people be successful, then your organization will be successful. I am also big on having a family culture. Treating people like family. I tell the staff that if we treat each other and our patients like family, then we will get it right every time. GILMORE: I would consider my leadership style primarily democratic, with a little bit of transformational leadership thrown in! I love involving staff at every level in conversations and allowing them to share their ideas is a huge part of my leadership style. When there are open dialogues across the organization and people feel their voice is heard, it is much simpler to have alignment with the organizational mission and goals. I also like to empower people to have individual goals and

For over 100 years, Semmes Murphey Clinic has been a leader in neurological and spinal care. Our dedicated team of doctors provides cutting edge treatment options with compassionate, personal care.


InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 take on new things so they can grow with the organization. I like to promote collaboration and innovative thinking, not just within my leadership team, but in every area of the organization. The best ideas often come from those with boots on the ground, so to speak. They have a different viewpoint, and they often see things we may miss. Sometimes you find hidden gems when you give people the chance and the freedom to fly! POKABLA: I believe leadership involves a great deal of listening and collaboration. As a board member of OrthoSouth, I work closely with the other physician leaders and our CEO to guide our organization’s strategy and build a culture that helps power the organization’s collective success. The ideas and views of my physician colleagues, physician assistants, nurses, and OR and office staff are extremely important to me. My style of leadership involves approaching problems by helping to facilitate an accurate assessment of the issue and involving those best trained or experienced in that area to help guide our decision making for the organization. SCARBROUGH: I love to find talented people, set clear expectations for them, and 8 Memphis Medical News

Michael Scarbrough, Co-Founder & President Prospero Health

get out of their way and see what they can accomplish. I have very high expectations of myself and those who work for me, and while that can be challenging for those on my team, they know I won’t ask them to do something I can’t or won’t do myself. I’ll go as deep as need be on an issue to figure out the right answer with my team and ultimately, I think most people who have worked for me appreciate that. What are you most looking forward to in 2022? COSBY: Professionally: I am looking forward to immersing myself in Saint Francis as we move this organization forward.

Creating that family culture with our patients, staff, and physicians. We want to care like family. Personally: My family and I are very excited to be in Memphis. I look forward to watching my kids grow up in this community and forming lifelong friendships. This is the place that we want to be! GILMORE: Professionally, I am looking forward to a year of continued growth and expansion at Gastro One and One GI. There are many exciting things happening in our organization. As we continue working as part of the One GI platform, there are great things ahead for us with new locations and additional providers joining us. We also have a goal this year to expand our services to Memphis and the surrounding areas, so I am excited for all that is ahead of us. We are truly becoming a comprehensive gastroenterology provider and I am proud to work with this amazing team. Personally, as I do every year, I look forward to fun times with my big family. My husband and I have 6 kids and, as of now, one amazing grandkid. They are my greatest treasures and my “why”! POKABLA: I’m optimistic about this upcoming year and the prospect of returning to a relatively normal way of

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 life. Hopefully, this will be the year that we get COVID-19 under control. I look forward to working as president of the Memphis Medical Society to help support our physician colleagues in this regard. On a personal note, I’m excited for an upcoming ski trip with my wife, Maygan! SCARBROUGH: Personally, I plan to experience the wedding of another one of my children this year and enjoy spending time with our evergrowing family of young adults and grandchildren. My wife, Christina, and I love to travel both as an extended family as well as just ourselves. It’s our 30th anniversary this year and we have several places we would like to visit. We love the process of thinking about all the pros and cons of each potential trip and then picking the one we think is best. Professionally, I have a few goals this year, including: • Settling into our new offices in downtown Memphis at Prospero Plaza • Expanding our services into three more states for a total of 29 states, coast-to-coast • Continuing to serve more people who need and benefit from the homebased medical care we provide – we enter 2022 with nearly 20,000 patients on service and plan to double that number this year • Continuing to build trust in the community with patients and their loved ones

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about going into healthcare administration/leadership, what would it be? COSBY: Go into this career for the right reason. Go into this career with the desire to help people. If you are blessed enough to get into a leadership position, then you will have the ability to help shape the future of healthcare. Put people first! Being successful does not necessarily make you great. What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great. GILMORE: Be willing to do the seemingly “small” things first. When I mentor people the first thing I tell them is that you must be willing to go through the steps it takes to get to your goals and don’t try to skip those necessary steps. There is a mentality among many young college students these days that you should be able to get “the job” because you have the piece of paper on your wall. You can have multiple master’s degrees and not be prepared for leadership. Experience matters. Be willing to work side by side with people, learn what it takes to do the work and how each position in an organization affects patient care and outcomes. Learn all about organizational processes and understand the path the patient walks before moving to leadership. If you are not willing to do those things, you probably have no business being in leadership. My first job in the medical field was

answering phones. I then moved to a nurse extern role and then a nursing role before becoming a supervisor, manager, director, and now Market VP. I can honestly look at any of my team and tell them, ‘I have done what you do. I understand what it takes. Your role matters and is essential to what we do.’ If I hadn’t walked where they are, I don’t think I would appreciate them as much, nor would I have as clear of a vision for how all the pieces of the organization fit and work together. As a nurse, I can also see things through the lens of the patient because I have taken care of them, held their hands when they were scared, cried with them, grieved with them, and experienced things with them through the healthcare continuum. I wouldn’t trade any of that and honestly feel that it makes me a better leader. POKABLA: I would advise anyone considering healthcare leadership to be ready to listen to multiple perspectives and understand a diverse range of needs. The job also requires a balance of patience and the ability to act quickly when the situation arises. Ultimately, we as leaders should always be guided by what is best for our patients. SCARBROUGH: Appreciate the special opportunity you have in healthcare to impact the system and improve the lives of so many, while never settling for the status quo.

Memphis Medical News 9

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

A Imad Abdullah

Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

As the principal attorney and general counsel, Abdullah is responsible for managing all aspects of legal affairs and risk management. Prior to joining Regional One Health in 2014, Abdullah was a Shareholder at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash & Smoak and spent nearly a decade at Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota Law School and his B.A. from the University of Minnesota. Abdullah has previously served on the boards Bodine School and Pleasant View School. He is a member of Western District of Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility; past president of the Ben F. Jones Chapter of the National Bar Association; past chair of the Memphis Bar Association Employment Law Section; and past chair of the Society of Human Resources (SHRM) – Memphis Legal/Legislative Committee.

Karen Adams, CMPE Director of Operations Semmes Murphey Clinic 6325 Humphreys Boulevard Memphis, TN 38120 901-522-7724

Adams oversees the logistical operations of the Clinic ensuring that they are executed in accordance with the organization’s missions and objectives. She previously served as Clinic Manager for seven years. She has a B.S.Ed. in Education from Abilene Christian University and is a Board Certified Medical Practice Executive. Adams served as the 2019 President of the MidSouth Medical Group Management Association.

10 Memphis Medical News

Stephen E. Alway, PhD, FASCM

Dean, College of Health Professions The University of Tennessee Health Science Center 930 Madison, 6th floor Memphis, TN 38163 901-448-7951

In addition to his role as dean of the College of Health Professions, Alway is a tenured professor in the Departments of Physical Therapy and Physiology and the director of the Center for Muscle, Metabolism and Neuropathology in the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Health Professions. For more than 28 years, he has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and various foundations for research in cellular and molecular adaptations related to sarcopenia, and the effects of aging on relative to muscle loading, exercise, and disuse. He has authored or co-authored more than 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers, written chapters for nine textbooks and authored more than 400 lay publications in exercise and fitness journals.

Kimberly Avery, BBA, MBA, JD

Chief Executive Officer/ Administrator Mid- South Pulmonary Specialists, PC 5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 800 Memphis, TN 38157 901-276-2662

Avery graduated with a BBA in International Business, an MBA in Healthcare Economics and a Juris Doctorate all from the University of Memphis. She was named administrator of Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, PC, in September of 1998. Since then, she helped grow the practice from five physicians to 37 providers specializing in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Success has come from working with all three hospital systems in Memphis as well as embracing change and being willing to constantly restructure the way the physicians practice to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare market. Having such high-quality physicians who care about their patients has also been an integral part of the success of Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, P.C.

Frederick M. Azar, MD

Chief of Staff – Campbell Clinic Campbell Clinic 1400 South Germantown Road Germantown TN, 38138 901-759-3100

Dr. Azar joined Campbell Clinic in August of 1995 and currently serves as Chief of Staff. Azar specializes in elbows, knees, shoulders and sports medicine and serves as the team physician for the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Hustle, Memphis 901FC, University of Memphis Tigers, Christian Brothers University, LeMoyne-Owen College, and Christian Brothers High School. A 1982 graduate of University of Notre Dame, Azar then graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine in 1989. He completed his residency at UT Campbell Clinic in 1994. Azar is also a professor at University of Tennessee-Campbell Clinic, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Biomedical Engineering.

B Scott Balentine

Disaster Recovery Program Manager Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare 2022 President MidSouth Healthcare Executives PO Box 40919 1325 Autumn Ave Memphis, TN 38104 901-516-7000

Balentine will be serving as the 2022 president of the MidSouth Healthcare Executives (MHCE) which is the West Tennessee chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He also manages the disaster recovery program for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Balentine earned an MBA with an emphasis in healthcare management from Western Governors University in 2014.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Brian M. Barbeito, MBA, MSHA, FACHE, FRBMA

Chief Executive Officer Mid-South Imaging & Therapeutics, P.A. Vascular Interventional Physicians 7600 Wolf River Blvd., Suite 200 Germantown, TN 38138 901-747-1000

Mr. Barbeito serves as CEO of MidSouth Imaging & Therapeutics, PA, a large multi-specialty radiology practice serving Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. He a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives as well as a Fell0w with the Radiology Business Management Association. He currently serves as a board member for the Rhodes College International Alumni Association.

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David Baytos

President Methodist Olive Branch Hospital 4250 Bethel Rd. Olive Branch, MS 38654 662-932-9000 olivebranch

Baytos was named CEO of Methodist Olive Branch Hospital in 2009. In this role he oversaw the development, construction and operations of the hospital, which was the first newly licensed hospital approved in Mississippi in 25 years when it opened in August 2013. Baytos has been with Methodist since 1998 and is the former President of Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital. He received a Master of Healthcare Administration from Xavier University, and currently serves on the Boards of several business, community and educational organizations in Mississippi and Tennessee.

Lindsey Blevins, LPC-MHSP

Associate Administrator Lakeside Behavioral Health System 2911 Brunswick Road Memphis, TN 38133 901-377-4700 901-633-5605 mobile

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Blevins is a native of Wisconsin and

Memphis Medical News 11

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 holds her master’s degree in counseling from Concordia University-Wisconsin and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She worked as a direct care counselor and counseling manager for a local non-profit for almost 8 years before transitioning to Lakeside to work in business development. Since starting at Lakeside in 2017, she has held multiple roles including, Business Development Representative-Clinical Services, School Liaison, Assistant Director of Business Development, Director of Business Development, and now Associate Administrator.

Daniel Boyd, MD

Chief Medical Officer Lakeside Behavioral Health System 2911 Brunswick Road Memphis, TN 38133 901-377-4700

Dr. Boyd was named Chief Medical Officer in November 2020. He has been a part of the Lakeside family since 1996. Dr. Boyd is a graduate of University of Tennessee School of Medicine (1990), completed a Pediatric Internship at Baylor College of Medicine (1990-1991), and was a Psychiatry Resident at Vanderbilt School of Medicine (1990-1994). He is board certified in both psychiatry and addiction medicine. He is a member of the Tennessee Medical Association and Memphis & Shelby County Medical Society. As a teaching hospital, Lakeside supports residents from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Medicine, where Dr. Boyd has served as Clinical Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry since 2009. Dr. Boyd is also on the Medical Executive Committee of Lakeside and the Medical Director of Lakeside’s Neuroscience Center.

William R. (Bill) Breen Jr, DSc, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer Honeycomb Management 6401 Poplar Avenue, Suite 604 Memphis, TN 38229 901-832-4494 bill@honeycomb

Breen has been involved in Memphis healthcare for over 30 years. He joined Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in 1991 and spent over 27 years there leaving in 2018. During his tenure at Methodist,

12 Memphis Medical News

he led Health Choice, LLC for 13 years and developed Methodist’s physician enterprise, leading it for over 8 years. In late 2020, Breen formed two new organizations, Honeycomb Management Services, LLC (Honeycomb) and Mid-South Independent Group, PLLC (MIG) in late 2020. He serves as CEO of Honeycomb and Administrator for MIG. Both were formed to assist independent primary care and specialty physician practices to prosper through value based clinical and business operations. MIG has now reached 17 affiliated practices in the Mid-South region and is growing rapidly. Honeycomb manages the MIG practice and other independent practices. In addition, Honeycomb offers other value-added services as well such as managed care consulting and value based contracting services to several large provider entities.

Kennard D. Brown, JD, MPA, PhD, FACHE

Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operations Officer The University of Tennessee Health Science Center The Mooney Building 875 Monroe Avenue Memphis, TN 38163 901-448-4797

As executive vice chancellor and chief operations officer at UTHSC, Brown is responsible for the campus central administration and management of the day-to-day operations. Brown, who has been with the university for more than two decades, began his UTHSC career in the Office of the General Counsel. He has served as director of the Office of Equity and Diversity, the Office of Employee Relations, and the Center on Health Disparities. He is an assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy and the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine. He also manages the Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Solutions and the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center.

Peter Buckley, MD

Chancellor The University of Tennessee Health Science Center The Mooney Building 875 Monroe Avenue Memphis, TN 38163 901-448-4796

Buckley, the 11th chancellor of UTHSC, begins his tenure February 1, 2022. Buckley is a psychiatrist and expert in schizophrenia. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and sits on the Data and Safety Monitoring Board of the National Institute of Mental Health. He has served on numerous boards and committees related to his clinical specialty. With a background of studies in brain imaging and neurodevelopment, he has published more than 360 articles and more than 80 book chapters, and has received numerous awards for his academic, clinical, and research work. Before joining UTHSC, he served as dean of the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and executive vice president of medical affairs for the VCU Health System.

Denise Burke

Partner Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP 1715 Aaron Brenner Drive Memphis, TN 38120 901-288-1651 denise.burke@

Burke is an accomplished healthcare attorney providing special regulatory counsel to private equity companies, hospitals, physicians, medical device companies and other healthcare clients on a wide range of complex regulatory/ compliance, operations and transactional issues. She is a prior Chair of the Tennessee Bar Association Health Law Section and was named a Fellow of the Nashville Health Care Council in 2016. Burke has been consistently recognized by Best Lawyers for the past decade, including “Lawyer of the Year” in healthcare law for the Memphis and West Tennessee area in 2012 and 2022 and as a “Woman of Influence” in 2017. She is also ranked in Healthcare by Mid-South Super Lawyers ®. She has served as a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Health Law & Policy at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law and the Common Table Health

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Alliance. She currently serves on the executive council for the Tennessee Bar Associations Health Law Counsel and as the Independent Review Organization chosen by two hospitals systems to provide monitoring services under Corporate Integrity Agreements with the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. She frequently serves as special regulatory counsel to large healthcare transactions including a billion-dollar transaction in 2021.

Get a quote at

Robert Burns

Principal/CEO Clearly MD 8110 North Brother Blvd Memphis, TN 38133 901-373-8949

Having managed medical practices for over 30 years, Burns currently serves as owner and CEO for ClearlyMD Practice Solutions and is responsible for the development and management of Memphis’ largest women’s health practice, Memphis Obstetrics and Gynecological Association, PC (MOGA). A graduate of Memphis State University, (now University of Memphis), Burns has consulted with multiple practices throughout his career, having been instrumental in many local practice start-ups, mergers and acquisitions. ClearlyMD offers a full range of practice services including billing, human resources, marketing, IT, and financial management. Throughout the years, he has served in various positions with MGMA, OBGA, and Mid-South MGMA.

Together, we go further. The practice of medicine is full of unforseen challenges. You need an experienced, proactive partner to help navigate them. As a premier provider of medical malpractice insurance, our in-house attorneys collaborate with local defense attorneys and are always at the ready to help you be prepared for what lies ahead.

C Tommy Campbell, MD

Board Chairman Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis Cresthaven Internal Medicine 6799 Great Oaks Road, Suite 250 Memphis, TN 38138

901.821.8300 medicalof

Dr. Campbell attended Delta State University and graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in 1983. He completed his residency training in internal medicine at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Memphis, and in 1986, he served as chief resident

Memphis Medical News 13

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 in his field. In 2013, Campbell attended Auburn University and earned his MBA. He is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. In 2016, he served as president of the Memphis Medical Society.

Brad Canada, MD

Chief Medical Officer University Clinical Health 1407 Union Avenue, Ste 700 Memphis, TN 38104 901-866-8864 universityclinical

Dr. Canada assumed the role of Chief Medical Officer for University Clinical Health in 2013. A board-certified nephrologist, he joined the medical staff of UCH and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center faculty in 2004. He remains in the active practice of nephrology along with his administrative duties.

Zach Chandler

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-5137 Zach.chandler@

Chandler is the executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Baptist Memorial Health Care. After earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baylor University, he received a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Washington University School of Medicine. Before stepping into his current role, Chandler served as CEO of five different hospitals, as well as vice president and CEO of Baptist’s metro-Memphis and regional divisions. He serves on numerous boards, including those of Hospital Wing, Crestwyn Behavioral Health and American Hospital Association Regional Policy Board, and he is a member of the Health Innovators Professional Society.

Harris L. Cohen, MD, FACR Radiologist-in-Chief Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Dr. Cohen is the Radiologist-in-Chief and medical director of radiology at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. He serves as executive chair of radiology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. He completed his medical degree at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. He completed a fellowship in diagnostic radiology at Children’s Hospital, National Medical Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Radiology with special qualifications in pediatric radiology and certificate in diagnostic radiology. His patient care emphasis includes diagnostic imaging, gastrointestinal disease, neuroradiology, pediatric radiology, pediatric, adolescent and OB/GYN ultrasonography.

Your “Sleep Well Dream Team” Official Sleep Center for the Memphis Grizzlies

Mid-South Pulmonary & Sleep Specialists, PC

14 Memphis Medical News

(901) 276-2662

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Allison Cook

Director, Marketing and Communications Memphis Medical Society, MedTemps and Memphis Medical Foundation 1067 Cresthaven Road Memphis, TN 381193833 901-761-0200

Cook has more than 20 years of experience in print production, marketing and communications strategies. She stood as editor for a statewide magazine for many years, later working with a variety of industries, including non-profits and healthcare entities, as a marketing strategist for a full-service marketing firm. Most recently, Cook served as the Executive Director for Memphis Farmers Market, where she led the organization in growth and expansion as well as national accolades. Cook is a graduate of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. She currently sits on the board of MidSouth MGMA and is a member of PRSA Memphis, American Medical Writers Association and American Association of Medical Society Executives.

Reginald Coopwood, MD

Susan Cooper, RN, MSN, FAAN

Senior Vice President and Chief Integration Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Cooper joined Regional One Health in 2013 with a focus on population health and the health care delivery model of the future. Cooper earned her nursing degrees from Vanderbilt University, where she later served as a faculty member and assistant dean of the School of Nursing. Appointed by Governor Phil Bredesen in 2007, Cooper served as the Commissioner of the Department of Health, State of Tennessee, for five years. In 2011, Cooper transitioned to the Governor’s Office, working on health and wellness related special projects. Cooper serves as a board member of QSource, Community Alliance for the Homeless and the Essential Hospital Institute of America’s Essential Hospitals. Her work with complex care patients has been recognized nationally by America’s Essential Hospitals, and she was honored by the University of Memphis Loewenberg College of Nursing as one of their 50 Leaders in 50 Years.

President and Chief Executive Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Dr. Coopwood has been the President and CEO of Regional One Health since March 2010. Prior to joining Regional One Health, Dr. Coopwood served in leadership roles including CEO and CMO in other health systems. Dr. Coopwood’s work at Regional One Health is complemented by his commitment to the health and well-being of the individuals in our community. Dr. Coopwood serves as a board member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and the Memphis Medical District Collaborative. He is an alumnus of Leadership Memphis. Dr. Coopwood serves on the Tennessee Hospital Association Board of Directors and is a member of the American Hospital Association’s Nomination Committee. He has earned numerous honors for his work in healthcare over the years, including Inside Memphis Business’ CEO of the Year in 2014; and the Tennessee Hospital Association’s CEO Meritorious Service

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21-BSN-0016 M1mp Butler Snow 2021_Print_MemphisMedical_10x6.38.indd 1

10/19/21 3:50 PM

Memphis Medical News 15

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Award in 2011, the Diversity Champion Award in 2013 and the President’s Award in 2016.

Chris Cosby

Market Chief Executive Officer Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis Chief Executive Officer Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis 5959 Park Ave. Memphis, TN 38119 901-765-1000

In November 2021, Cosby assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for Tenet Healthcare’s Memphis market and as CEO of Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis. Tenet’s Memphis market includes Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis and Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. With more than 20 years of healthcare leadership experience, Cosby has spent the last decade as a CEO with HCA Healthcare. Most recently, he served as the CEO of Poinciana Medical Center in Orlando, Florida—a position he held for the past five years. While there, he developed and enhanced several of the hospital’s key service lines including orthopedic surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, urology and gynecology and added new programs for colorectal surgery and bariatrics. Cosby also oversaw a more than $22 million ER expansion project inclusive of a free-standing emergency department, and created programs aimed at enhancing healthcare delivery to the senior population. Cosby holds a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham as well as a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration from Auburn University.

Martin Croce, MD

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Dr. Croce transitioned to the role of chief medical officer in August of 2018 after a lengthy and distinguished career in one of the busiest trauma centers in the United States – the Elvis Presley Trauma Center at Regional One Health. As chief medical officer, Dr. Croce oversees quality, medical research, medical staff

16 Memphis Medical News

services, regulatory readiness and infection prevention for the system. Dr. Croce earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). He completed a surgical critical care fellowship at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida before returning to Memphis. He completed a residency and internship with UTHSC that started his career in the Trauma Center at Regional One Health, where he served as medical director 2000 to 2018. Dr. Croce’s work focuses heavily on quality initiatives, enhancing the physician/administration relationship and exploring new opportunities for patient care.

André K. Cromwell, MBA, MSN, RN

Chief Executive Officer Delta Specialty Hospital 3000 Getwell Road Memphis, TN 38118 901-369-8518 Andre.Cromwell@

Cromwell joined Acadia Healthcare in 2019 with over 23 years of progressive leadership experience. He previously served as the Chief Nursing Officer of Millwood Hospital in Arlington, Texas. Cromwell received his Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Nursing and Business Leadership from Washington Adventist University. He has served in a variety of roles and settings within the healthcare industry. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between a developed workforce and improved patient outcomes. For this reason, he is dedicated to the education and development of staff, at all levels of the organization. Cromwell is a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the American Organization of Nurse Executives.

Rebecca Cullison, FACHE

President Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital 7691 Poplar Ave. Germantown, TN 38138 901-516-6000 Germantown

Cullison is the president of Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital. She began her career with Methodist in 2004 as an administrative resident after graduate school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Over the years she has

held numerous positions with increasing responsibilities. Cullison was named assistant administrator in 2007 and in 2012 named vice president. She left this role to become the chief executive officer of The Village at Germantown, an affiliate of Methodist. Cullison was then named president of Methodist Germantown Hospital in 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham followed by a Master of Science in Health Administration and an MBA also from UAB.

Clint F. Cummins, MHA

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President Memphis Medical Society, MedTemps and Memphis Medical Foundation 1067 Cresthaven Road Memphis, TN 381193833 901-761-0200

Cummins has more than 20 years of executive leadership, administration, and advocacy experience in healthcare and nonprofit organizations. He is currently a board member of the American Association of Medical Society Executives (AAMSE), Mid-South Medical Group Management Association (MSMGMA), UT Martin Alumni Chapter, Memphis Region, volunteers for Woodland Presbyterian Church and School, and the Vitalant Community Leadership Council. He has served on the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Memphis chapter, Dorothy Snider Foundation, and is a Fast Track graduate of Leadership Memphis. Clint is a graduate of the University of Tennessee-Martin and more recently, a graduate of the University of Memphis MHA program.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

D Rusty DeGeorge, CMPE

Chief Executive Officer The Conrad | Pearson Clinic, P.C. 1325 Wolf Park Drive, Suite 103 Germantown, TN 38138 901-252-3420 rustydegeorge@ www.conrad

DeGeorge is a native of Biloxi, Mississippi, and has been in Memphis since January 1992. He has been involved in healthcare since 1985 and has almost thirty years’ experience in healthcare management. He has been chief executive officer of The Conrad | Pearson Clinic since January 2000. The clinic has ten physicians, several NP/PA providers, an ASC, advanced imaging, in-house clinical and Path Labs and an in-office dispensary. DeGeorge has served in various leadership roles with MGMA, Mid-South MGMA and TNMGMA. He has a BS in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi and an MBA from William Carey College and is a Certified Medical Practice Executive with MGMA since 2003.

You Can’t Beat This Office Location

Class A medical office space for lease at 8000 Wolf River Boulevard The Wolf River medical corridor is near three main hospital hubs and draws patients from East Memphis, Germantown, Collierville and Cordova. Call for a tour of available suites from 4,000 square feet.

Paul DePriest, MD

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-4140 Paul.depriest@

Dr. DePriest is the first physician to serve as Baptist Memorial Health Care’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University, he received a medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He subsequently completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology and a fellowship in gynecological oncology at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Dr. DePriest earned a master’s degree in healthcare management from the Harvard School of Public Health.

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Wolf River Bo



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St. Francis Hospital Memphis H

Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital

Germantown 385


Liza Wohrman 901.747.0300

Memphis Medical News 17

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 James R. Downing, MD President and Chief Executive Officer St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 262 Danny Thomas Place Memphis, TN 38105 901-595-3300

Dr. Downing is president and chief executive officer of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He is leading a $11.5 billion commitment to accelerate progress in the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other catastrophic diseases by expanding St. Jude clinical care and scientific programs in Memphis and around the globe. A renowned leader in pediatric cancer research, Dr. Downing focuses his work on understanding the genetic basis of cancer and using that information to improve treatments. He was instrumental in launching the Pediatric Cancer Genome Project, an ambitious sequencing effort to discover why childhood cancer arises, spreads and resists treatment. Beyond research, Dr. Downing has been a driving force to take St. Jude to the world. He has champi-

oned an extraordinary new program to raise pediatric cancer survival rates internationally. This will be accomplished in part through a global alliance of health care providers who work to ensure that children everywhere have access to quality care.

Gregory Duckett

Senior Vice President/ Chief Legal Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-5233 Greg.duckett@

Duckett joined Baptist Memorial Health Care in 1992 and serves as senior vice president/chief legal officer for the organization. He holds a bachelor’s from Oberlin College and a law degree from the University of Memphis Cecil B. Humphreys School of Law. Duckett is deeply involved in the Memphis community, serving on numerous boards, including the Tennessee Election Commission, Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, MIFA, National Civil Rights Museum, Tennessee Board of Regents, AutoZone

Liberty Bowl, Vice Chair Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, Memphis River Parks Partnership, along with several other boards. He formerly served on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis board of directors from 2008 to 2014 and the American Health Lawyers Association board of directors from 2003 to 2009. Duckett was honored as a 2020 Memphis Living Legend.

E James W. Eubanks, III, MD

Chief of Pediatric Surgery Surgeon-in-Chief Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Dr. Eubanks is chief of pediatric surgery and surgeon-in-chief at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. He is also a professor of surgery and pediatric and division chief of pediatric surgery at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Dr. Eubanks earned his medical degree


18 Memphis Medical News

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He completed his residency at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and a fellowship in pediatric surgery The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery with a special qualification in pediatric surgery. His patient care emphasis includes thoracic surgery (including Pectus Excavatum), trauma surgery, cancer surgery, and surgery of IBD.

Hella Ewing, RN, MSM

Vice President for Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Ewing is Vice President for Patient Services and Chief Nursing Officer for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. She is a veteran of the United States Air Force where she served as an avionics technician on F-15 fighter aircraft. She has served in the role of CNO at several

children’s hospitals Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, and Stanford Children’s Hospital. Hella holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University and a Master of Science in Management, core in healthcare, from Troy State University. She is a member of the American Organization Nurse Leaders, Tennessee Nursing Association, Florida State Alumni Member and Sigma Theta Tau.

It continues to grow its outreach with 6 offices in the Memphis area and with the addition of Dr. Phillip Flinn in 2019. Same day exams with instant reporting are standard operation. Flinn Imaging Centers treats every patient with care and precision and maintains the mission statement “We treat you like family.”

Bill Fox

Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital 6019 Walnut Grove Road Memphis, TN 38120 901-226-1049

F George Flinn, MD

President and Founder Flinn Imaging Centers 1325 Eastmoreland Suite 545 Memphis, TN 38104 901.516-8970 www.flinnimaging

Dr. Flinn founded Flinn Imaging Centers (as Diagnostic Ultrasound Consultants) in 1975 to improve access to state-of-the-art medical imaging services in the Memphis area. Over the past 47 years, the practice has expanded to offer mammography, X-ray, CT, and MRI.

Fox is the CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Restorative Care Hospital. He is responsible for executive management operations, ancillary services, the business office, pharmacy and medical records. Fox has more than 20 years of hospital management experience and has served in leadership roles in hospitals all over the country. Prior to joining Baptist, he was the regional market director/chief executive officer, Las Vegas and Albuquerque,

At Colliers we believe what others say about us is the most powerful. does a great job of clearly defining client requirements and ensuring those “ Ron needs are met through his services. His market knowledge and transparent Ron Riley Senior Vice President Memphis, TN +1 901 312 5787

“ Ron Riley and his firm came highly referred. Creative problem solving is his specialty. He became a key stakeholder with our client’s goals and interests. He helped us focus on downside protection and executing strategic multi-year planning initiatives.

communication efforts allow our partnership to excel. - Weston Wylie, Director of Real Estate for Methodist Hospital

- Kathy Hunt, Executive Director for Hunt & Associates

“ I am so thankful for the time and attention Ron gives to his work and his client. He is quick to “

respond and is always available when needs arise. - Lauren McCann, Director of Operations for Le Bonheur

6363 Poplar Avenue, Suite 400 Memphis, TN 38119 P: +1 901 375 4800 F: +1 901 312 5750

Memphis Medical News 19

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 for Acadiana Management Group. He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and economics from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

G Eric Gibson

Principal/Chief Financial Officer Clearly MD 8110 North Brother Blvd Bartlett, TN 38133 901-373-2459

For over 20 years, Gibson has worked exclusively in healthcare and physician practice management and consulting and is currently co-owner and CFO for Clearly MD, LLC, a medical practice management services company. His experience includes financial and operational management, information technology solutions, and benefits and human resources administration. He is a graduate of Union University, currently serves as the 2022 Secretary for Tennessee MGMA, and serves as the Immediate Past President for Mid-South MGMA.

Joy Gilmore, MSN, RN

Market Vice President Gastro One/One GI 8000 Wolf River Blvd. Memphis, TN 901-747-3630 Gilmore has been chief operating officer of Gastro One since February of 2020. She is healthcare executive with over 20 years’ experience in pediatric and adult healthcare. Gilmore is a leader who guides teams to high performance, exceptional patient satisfaction, and growth. She has experience in operations, practice and program development, quality, and policy implementation to positively impact outcomes and improve patient experience. Prior to joining Gastro One, Gilmore worked at Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare for 25 years as both a director and a clinical manager.

20 Memphis Medical News

Anna Joy Golden, MSN

Chief Executive Officer Lakeside Behavioral Health System 2911 Brunswick Road Memphis, TN 38133 901-377-4700

Golden has worked in the healthcare industry in the Memphis area for a number of years. Joining Lakeside in 2000, she held several roles as staff nurse, house supervisors, CNO, and COO. In 2012, she moved into the role of CEO. Golden has served as an active member of the Tennessee Hospital Association Board of Directors and is a member of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Golden holds a Master of Science Degree in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Operations Management.

Teresa Golden, RN, BSOL

Practice Manager Mid- South Pulmonary Specialists, PC 5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 800 Memphis, TN 38157 901-276-2662

Golden has been with Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists for 25 years. She has an Associate of Science in Nursing from Southwest Community College. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Healthcare Management from Union University. She attributes the success of Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, P.C. to working with highly skilled physicians who practice within the scope of their knowledge base yet remain flexible and easily adaptable to changes in the healthcare market.

Mitch Graves

Chief Executive Officer West Cancer Center 7945 Wolf River Blvd Germantown, TN 38138 901-683-0055

Graves has over 35 years of leadership experience in healthcare. As CEO of West Cancer Center since 2019, he is creating a culture that focuses on clinical excellence, research, education, patient centric care, recruitment and retention of top talent, and growth of patient access to care throughout the Mid-South. Prior

to joining West Cancer Center, he served as CEO of HealthChoice, LLC and prior to that was a senior executive for 25 years at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Mitch serves on the Church Health Center’s finance committee and is board chairman for Memphis Light Gas and Water.

Bill Greenfield

Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis 1555 C Lynnfield Road, Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38119 615-714-9336 bgreenfield@medical

Greenfield serves as Executive Vice President and CAO of Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis, one of the largest multi-specialty groups in the region. Prior to joining CMPM, he was CEO of Novation Healthcare Solutions, a healthcare consultancy based in Dallas and Denver. He was also Western Group Vice President at HCA Physician Services and held a number of senior executive positions with physician practice/ hospital management companies over his 30 years in the healthcare industry. Greenfield holds a B.A. and Master of Healthcare Administration from Washington University in St. Louis and was a post graduate Fellow at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives, and a Certified Medical Practice Executive.

Bill Griffin

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-7014

Griffin received his Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Mississippi in 1982. He then began his career in public accounting, working 11 years with top accounting firms Arthur Andersen and KPMG Peat Marwick. In 1993, he joined Baptist Memorial Health Care and has served as the chief financial officer for Baptist Memorial HospitalGolden Triangle, chief financial officer for Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis and corporate system director of finance.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 In 2000, Griffin was promoted to vice president of corporate finance and served as corporate privacy and security officer. He was promoted to EVP/CFO in December 2015. He is a certified public accountant, a chartered global management accountant, a fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and an HFMA-certified healthcare financial professional.

H Kevin Hammeran

Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women The Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital 6225 Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-9106 Kevin.hammeran@

Kevin Hammeran is the CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital. Prior to assuming these

roles, Hammeran served as senior vice president and chief operating officer at New York Presbyterian. In that role, he was the chief administrative officer of the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and the Sloane Hospital for Women. Hammeran also served as executive vice president and COO for Miami Children’s Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. He also held various key leadership roles at The Children’s Hospital in Boston and Geisinger Children’s Hospital Center (now Janet Weis Children’s Hospital at Geisinger) in Danville, Pennsylvania.

Chip Harris

Administrator Neurology Clinic 8000 Centerview Pkwy #300 Cordova TN 38018 901-255-7155 charris@neuro Harris is a Memphian who for the past 18 years has served as administrator at the Neurology Clinic in Cordova. The clinic includes nine physicians, 3 nurse practitioners, a sleep, DME, research and MRI center. Harris has worked with

Beautiful Medicine. Beautiful You. 360° Empower Your Life Through Health

various hospitals as an administrator including Baptist Hospital in the early 1980’s. He has a BS in Biology from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in hospital administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Brian Hogan

Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto 7601 Southcrest Pkwy. Southaven, MS 38671 662-772-2118 Brian.hogan@

Hogan became the CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto in 2020. He came to Baptist DeSoto as an associate administrator in 2016 after holding several leadership roles at Baptist Memorial hospitals, including as CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Rehabilitation Hospital in Germantown, Tennessee. He began his Baptist career in 1994 as a head nurse in Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis’ orthopedic and neurology unit.

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Memphis Medical News 21

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Linda Hughlett, RNC, DNP, CNM

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Hughlett joined Regional One Health in 2016 as a nurse manager in women’s services. Since that time, she has been promoted to Director of Women and Neonatal Services, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, and eventually Chief Nursing Officer in 2020. Hughlett spent her early nursing years working in acute care, emergency and critical care before discovering her love for obstetrics and women’s services. Hughlett studied at Vanderbilt University, earning her masters and doctorate degrees. Hughlett is also a Certified Nurse Midwife and spent 10 years in a faculty practice at Vanderbilt before moving to Memphis and Regional One Health. for information and to join

Kathy Hunt

Executive Director Hunt & Associates 8719 Citrus Bend Drive Cordova, TN 38018 901.828.4539 kathyhunt1231@

Hunt is Executive Director, Hunt & Associates, providing consulting and contract services to not-for-profit and for-profit hospitals, healthcare systems, physicians and ambulatory care organizations. With over 25 years senior leadership experience, her focus includes physician and hospital initiatives, strategy, operations, practice management, partnerships/alliances, service line growth, building networks, business and market development. Previously Hunt served as Regional Director Business Development/Physician Services, West Cancer Center; Administrative Director, Baptist Minor Medical Centers, Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation; Administrative Director, Integrated Delivery Systems/Business Development Columbia Lakeside Hospital; and Administrative Director, Physician Services, East Jefferson General Hospital. She served as 2016 Mid-South Medical Group Management Association President,

We Are

Medical group managers and a affiliates focused on networking and continued education to better patient care for all.


FEBRUARY 17 Ryan Soisson

Chickasaw Country Club


Chickasaw Country Club

MARCH 30-APRIL 1 TMGMA Conference Franklin Marriott

22 Memphis Medical News

serves on numerous boards and committees, and a contributing author for publications.

J Chris Jenkins

Chief Operating Officer Saint Francis HospitalBartlett 2986 Kate Bond Bartlett, TN 38133 901-820-7000 www.SaintFrancis

As Chief Operating Officer, Jenkins oversees day-to-day operations at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett. Prior to arriving at Saint Francis, he served as Executive Director of UT Methodist Physicians at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Jenkins was responsible for overseeing all adult academic faculty physicians, inpatient and outpatient operations spanning Methodist Healthcare across 19 different specialties. Previously at Methodist Le Bonheur he was Administrator of Clinical Operations for University Hospital. Additionally, Jenkins has served as Administrator of the Tulane Cancer Center in New Orleans. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Montana and Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of Memphis. In 2010, Jenkins was honored by the Memphis Business Journal as a Top 40 under40 recipient. In 2013, he was named the Young Healthcare Executive of the Year for Tennessee by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Jenkins serves on the Bartlett City Schools strategic planning committee and is currently vice-president for Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.

Kimble L. Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer OrthoSouth 6077 Primacy Parkway, Suite 140 Memphis, TN 38119 901-641-3000

Jenkins joined MSK Group, P.C. as CEO in 2017. In 2019, the individual practices within the group – Memphis Orthopaedic Group, OrthoMemphis, and Tabor Orthopedics – rebranded together as the single entity OrthoSouth. Jenkins previously served as CEO of MRI Interventions, Inc., a publicly traded medical device company.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Robbie Johnson

Vice President/Chief Development Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 N. Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 Robbie.Johnson@

Johnson, a 10-year Baptist Memorial Health Care employee, was promoted to vice president and chief development officer in July 2021. In this role, he leads Baptist’s systemwide fundraising activities. Before assuming this new role, Johnson was the executive director of NEA Baptist Foundation in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he successfully oversaw and managed foundation funds, which helped support many needed programs and projects in the community. He graduated from Arkansas State University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Radio and Television. He served on the following boards: Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce Board (2019-present), Jonesboro Hispanic Center Board of Directors (2019-present), Craighead County Crimestoppers Board of Directors (2017-present), United Way of Northeast Arkansas Board of Directors (2016-2019) and the Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors (2014-2019).

Florence Jones, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

President Methodist North Hospital 3960 New Covington Pike Memphis, TN 38128 901-516-5200 north

Jones is President of Methodist North. In 2013, she was named vice president and chief Nursing officer in 2013. Previously, she served as CNO at Methodist South Hospital starting in 2008. Under her leadership, Methodist North Hospital received the Magnet Designation and is now one of nine Magnet-designated hospitals in Tennessee. Less than ten percent of hospitals in the country hold the Magnet designation. Jones earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Murray State University, a master’s degree in nursing administration from the University of Evansville, and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Union University.

Memphis Medical News 23

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Dr. Saju Joy

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Physician Executive Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 N. Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-2418

Dr. Saju Joy joined Baptist Memorial Health Care as senior vice president, chief medical officer and chief physician executive in September 2021. In this role, he leads Baptist’s medical staff functions and has responsibility for Baptist Medical Group. He also provides oversight of regulatory compliance, infection prevention, operational quality and quality analytics, clinical research and graduate medical education. Before coming to Baptist, Dr. Joy was the chief medical officer for the central division of Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he also led the hospital’s quality and safety efforts and COVID-19 surge response. He also served as facility president of Atrium Health Mercy hospital. Dr. Joy graduated from North Carolina State University with engineering degrees

and received a Doctor of Medicine from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He completed obstetrics and gynecology residency training at the University of Florida Health Science Center in Jacksonville and a subspecialty fellowship in maternal fetal medicine at the Ohio State University. He has an MBA from Duke University and is board certified in general OB-GYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine.

K William Kim

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Kim joined Regional One Health as senior vice president and chief information officer in December 2018. In this role, he is responsible for all information technology services at Regional One Health, including strategic planning, tactical roadmap, and operational excellence. Kim leads efforts to build and

When It Comes To Your Medical Practice’s Computer System

Downtime = $$,$$$.$$ Other money grabbers: Cybersecurity Threats Ransomware | Insider Threats

Call John Pantall

901.466.6358 Local | Dependable Microsoft Certified Over 20 years IT experience Former Systems Admin for UTHSC & US NAVY Network Security

901.466.6358 |

24 Memphis Medical News

implement enterprise-wide information systems and solutions that support clinical and business operations. Kim has more than 20 years of information technology services leadership experience across diverse health systems, including large-scale public, private, and university integrated delivery network systems. Kim is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles.

Tina Kovacs, MBA

Market Chief Financial Officer Saint Francis Healthcare 5959 Park Avenue Memphis, TN 38119 901-765-1000

Kovacs serves as the Market Chief Financial Officer for Saint Francis Healthcare and is responsible for the financial operations of Saint Francis Bartlett and Saint Francis Memphis. Originally from New Orleans, La., Kovacs graduated from Loyola University with an accounting degree and then earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of New Orleans. She has worked for the hospital’s parent company, Tenet Healthcare, since 2001, when she was hired as a controller. Continuing to move up the career ladder, she worked as the assistant CFO for a large hospital in El Paso, Texas before moving to CFO of Saint Francis Bartlett and then to CFO for the Saint Francis market.

L Chuck Lane

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare 1211 Union Ave., Suite 700 Memphis, TN 38104 901-478-0525

Lane serves as SVP/chief financial officer for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Lane joined MLH in 1996, where he served as project facilitator for the corporate finance department and director of business planning for the MLH corporate division. He was promoted to CFO for Methodist University Hospital in 2001. After leading MUH for 16 years, Lane was promoted in 2017 to senior vice president/associate CFO for the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare system. He received both a bachelor’s degree and a Master

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 of Business Administration from the University of Memphis.

John A. Lewis

Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC 6325 Humphreys Boulevard Memphis, Tennessee 38120 901-522-2615

Lewis is Administrator and CEO at Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC, where he is involved in all phases of leading the operation and setting strategic direction. With 25-plus years of leadership experience in multiple industries, including manufacturing, distribution and healthcare, Lewis has spent the last 18 years at Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC. He completed his Master of Business Administration at Christian Brothers University, and he is a Certified Public Accountant, a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives and Certified in IT Project Management.

Wendy M. Likes, PhD, DNSc, FAANP

Dean, College of Nursing, Ruth Neil Murry Endowed Chair University of Tennessee Health Science Center 874 Union Avenue Memphis, TN. 38163 901-448-6135

A three-time alumna of UTHSC, Likes was appointed dean of the College of Nursing in June 2015. Under her leadership, the college has been ranked among the Top 26 DNP programs in the country and recently was recognized by the National League for Nursing as a Center of Excellence in Enhancing Student Learning and Professional Development. She is responsible for managing more than 100 faculty and staff members and educating and serving some 600 students annually. She holds the Ruth Neil Murry Endowed Chair in Nursing. Likes has served as principal investigator or co-investigator for more than $1.2 million in grants and special project funding.

The Best in Rehab Facilities Now Serving Our Community The Best in Rehab Facilities Now Serving Our Community Filled with state-of-the-art equipment, our rehab gym is the largest in the Mid-South. • Aquatic Therapy Center • 4 Person Pool with Underwater Treadmill • Fully Functional ADL Suite with Kitchen • Transfer Training Car Inside Gym • Three Private Treatment Areas • Three Private Speech Therapy Rooms • Two Physician’s Offices • Indoor Walking Track • Multi-Surface Outdoor Therapy Area • 16 New Private Rehab Suites • Roll-In Showers in Every Suite

36 Bazeberry Road, Cordova, TN 38018 901-758-0036,

Memphis Medical News 25

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

STOCK MARKET OUTLOOK 2022 We expect solid economic and earnings growth in 2022 to help U.S. stocks deliver additional gains next year. If we are approaching—or are already in—the middle of an economic cycle with at least a few more years left (our view), then we believe the chances of another good year for stocks in 2022 are quite high. We believe the S&P 500 could be fairly valued at 5,000–5,100 at the end of 2022, based on an EPS estimate of $235 for 2023 and an index P/E between 21 and 21.5. When forecasting stock market performance, we start with the economic cycle. We believe we are currently approaching—or are already in—the middle of an economic cycle with at least a few more years left. Historically, if this holds true, then we believe the chances of another good year for stocks in 2022 are quite high, which is an important added factor for our positive outlook for stocks next year. THE MID-CYCLE PUSH Looking more closely, in a mid-cycle economy, recession fears do not typically cause stocks to fall in a given year, nor do stocks typically surge as investors celebrate emerging from the prior recession. Over the past 60 years, the S&P 500 Index was up an average of 11.5% during the 30 mid-cycle years we identified, with gains in 80% of those years [Figure 2]. As you can see, stocks rose during most of these mid-cycle years, with 1966 and 1977 being the only two years with double-digit losses. The Fed, which we expect to start raising interest rates in early 2023, can also help us gauge the cycle because the central bank typically begins to raise rates when the economy is exhibiting mid-cycle characteristics. That also characterizes 2022 as a likely mid-cycle year. Historically, stocks have done very well during the 12 months leading up to the Fed’s initial rate hike, with gains in each of the past nine instances and an average gain of 15%. Although the timetable for the initial Fed rate hike has been moved forward several months, we expect stocks to follow this mid-cycle pattern and potentially deliver double-digit gains next year as the economy continues to expand at a solid pace. EARNINGS ARE THE ANCHOR An expanding economy is a great start, but stocks fundamentally derive their value from earnings. On the top line, the environment for companies to grow revenue next year should be excellent, with potential for above-average economic growth and some pricing power from elevated inflation. Revenue growth has historically been well correlated to nominal GDP growth, which is simply real GDP growth (the inflation-adjusted number that’s normally reported) plus inflation. Our 4–4.5% real GDP growth forecast for next year plus perhaps 3% inflation (about the consensus forecast for the increase in the Consumer Price Index) puts a 7% revenue increase in play. With stable profit margins and increasing share buybacks likely next year, a double-digit percentage increase in S&P 500 earnings per share (EPS) is a possibility. But COVID-19- related supply chain issues and materials and labor shortages are risks that could lead to higher costs in 2022, potentially weighing on profit margins. Many companies warned of such pressures during third-quarter earnings season. As a result, we are forecasting slightly below- average S&P 500 earnings growth in the 6-7% range in 2022 to $220 per share. At this point it is unlikely that higher corporate taxes will eat into any of those earnings gains next year, as they have reportedly been pushed out into 2023 in negotiations for President Biden’s social spending package.

26 Memphis Medical News

VALUATIONS MAY NOT PROVIDE AN ASSIST Forecasting a year ahead is tough enough, but predicting where stocks might be at the end of 2022 actually requires us to look ahead to 2023. The 2023 earnings outlook will determine where valuations are likely to be at the end of 2022. Strong earnings gains in 2021 have prevented the priceto-earnings ratio (P/E) for the S&P 500 from going much above 20. In fact, stocks are actually more reasonably priced as 2022 approaches than they were at the start of 2021, because 2021 earnings are tracking more than 20% above the estimate when the year began. While a 21 P/E is above the long-term average of around 16, we believe still low interest rates justify current valuation levels. But P/E multiple expansion will likely be difficult if interest rates rise in 2022, potentially leaving earnings growth as the primary driver of any stock market gains. S&P 500 INDEX KNOCKING ON THE DOOR OF 5,000? 5,000 on the S&P 500 will be a nice round number for investors to celebrate. But will that celebration take place in 2022 or later? If we assume S&P 500 EPS growth in 2023 stays around its long-term average, implying roughly $235 in EPS, while the P/E stays about where it is between 21 and 21.5, the S&P 500 could be fairly valued at 5,000–5,100 at the end of 2022. Note, however, that stocks can stay above (or below) fair value for an extended period of time due to market sentiment, so we would not necessarily view reaching that target as a sell trigger. If interest rates stay lower for longer and support P/E multiple expansion, stocks could potentially exceed this target by year-end 2022. But if profit margins face more intense pressure than anticipated, possibly from wages, earnings may have a hard time growing at all in 2022. THE RACE CONTINUES IN 2022 Prospects for above-average economic growth and accompanying earnings gains in 2022 point to another potentially good year for stock investors. While the pandemic is not completely behind us as the COVID-19 Omicron variant spreads rapidly (though with a high proportion of mild cases), and there are several other risks to watch, particularly inflation, stocks have historically done well in mid-cycle economies. We do not expect 2022 to be an exception. Content courtesy of LPL Financial Weekly Market Report dated December 20, 2021 As you prepare to update your yearly goals, remember that life can change at any moment, so your plans should be updated regularly. Bluff City Advisory Group is ready to help. Contact us today at admin@ or 901-365-3447. Chirag Chauhan, MBA, AIF®, CFP® Managing Partner Bluff City Advisory Group Memphis, Tennessee For more info, please visit

Jason Little

President and Chief Executive Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-5134 Jason.little@

Little is Baptist Memorial Health Care’s president and CEO. He is the fifth president in Baptist’s history, and under his leadership Baptist has grown from a 14-hospital system to a 22-hospital, $3.1 billion integrated health care system. Little received his bachelor’s degree in health administration from the University of Tennessee, where he received the prestigious Whittle Scholarship and was elected student body president. He earned master’s degrees in business administration and health care administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He came to Baptist in 2002 after serving as an operations administrator at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2011, Little received the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Early Career Healthcare Executive Award. He serves on boards of the Greater Memphis Chamber, Memphis Tomorrow, the New Memphis Institute, the Tennessee Hospital Association, the Mississippi Hospital Association, the Healthcare Institute, the University of Memphis Foundation, Briarcrest Christian School, and the Senior Protection Coalition.

Chris Locke

Chief Executive Officer Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett Market Chief Operating Officer Saint Francis Healthcare 2986 Kate Bond Rd. Bartlett, TN 38133 901-820-7000 www.SaintFrancis

Locke joined Saint Francis HospitalBartlett as CEO in 2015, having previously served as the hospital’s interim CEO in 2012. Locke’s leadership experience in the healthcare field includes serving as chief operating officer of Atlanta Medical Center where he excelled in operations, physician engagement, team building and strategic planning. He also served as the chief operating officer at Spalding Regional Medical Center in Griffin, Ga. and Wellington Regional Medical Center

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 in Wellington, Fla. Locke has served as Chairman of the Board of the Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce. He holds a Master of Health Administration degree from Washington University at St. Louis School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Kansas.

M Jon McCullers, MD

Memphis Obstetrics and Gynecological Association, P.C.

Pediatrician-in-Chief Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Dr. McCullers is the Pediatrician-in-Chief at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. He is also the Senior Executive Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Chief Operating Officer for the College of Medicine and Dunavant Professor and Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. He earned his medical degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He completed his fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. His research interest includes influenza viruses and viral-bacterial synergism. Dr. McCullers is a pandemic expert who serves in multiple roles related to the Coronavirus pandemic in Shelby County. McCullers serves on the city and county COVID-19 task force, the Back to Business reopening subcommittee, and the Back-to-School Task Force formed in collaboration with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Bobby G. Meadows III

Executive Director Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab 36 Bazeberry Road Cordova, TN 38018 901-758-0036 bmeadows@ memphisjewish

Meadows joined Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab in 2013 after 13 years in the nursing home industry, 11 of those as an executive director. He attended Marshall University and then the University of Alabama where he earned a business degree in healthcare management. He began his work in nursing homes as a CNA and

Compassionate care for every stage of life. Schedule your annual screenings at MOGA today and feel confident knowing your health and safety are in good hands. (901) 843-1500 / Visit our website to learn more and to schedule on-line.


WOLFCHASE 8110 N. Brother Blvd. Bartlett, TN 38133

GERMANTOWN 7705 Poplar, Bldg. B #210 Germantown, TN 38138

EAST MEMPHIS 6215 Humphreys Blvd., #401 Memphis, TN 38120

DESOTO 7900 Airways, Bldg. C #2 Southaven, MS 38671

Memphis Medical News 27

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 worked his way up to being a licensed nursing home administrator. Meadows currently serves on the National Board for the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS), the Tennessee Healthcare Association Board as Nonprofit Council Vice President, and the Tennessee Health Care Association (THCA) Memphis District Board as Vice President. He was named 2016 National Young Executive Leader by AJAS, was highlighted and named Healthcare Leader in the October 2014 issue of Memphis Medical News and was named Tara Cares 2011 Administrator of the Year.

passionate about reducing mental health stigma and helping others gain easy access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment. She joined the Lakeside team in 2018 as a Marketing and Business Development Representative and was recently promoted to Director of Business Development and Marketing in 2021.

G. Scott Morris, MD, MDiv

Chief Executive Officer & Founder Church Health 1350 Concourse Ave. Memphis, TN 38104 901-272-7170 morriss@

Kala Meadows

Director of Business Development Lakeside Behavioral Health System 2911 Brunswick Road Memphis, TN 38133 901-377-4700 901-633-5604 mobile

Meadows was born and raised in Northeast Ohio but has called Memphis home for the last 6 years. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has worked in the Behavioral Health Industry for close to a decade. Meadows is

Dr. Morris has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, and MD from Emory University. He is a board-certified family practice physician and an ordained United Methodist minister. Since its founding by Morris in 1987, Church Health has provided quality, affordable health care for working, uninsured people and their families. It has grown to become the largest faith-based clinic of its type in the country.

G. Coble Caperton Licensed Tennessee Attorney

37 years of experience

Practicing in the following areas: • Business and Commercial Law • Family Law • Personal Injury • Contracts Rule 31 General Civil/Family Mediator


28 Memphis Medical News

Susan G. Murrmann, MD FACOG Chief Medical Officer/ Medical Director McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health McDonald Murrmann Center for Skin and Laser 7205 Wolf River Blvd Suite 150 Germantown, TN 38138 901-752-4000

Dr. Murrmann is the Chief Medical Officer of McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health and the Medical Director of McDonald Murrmann Center for Aesthetics and Laser. In 1996, she co-founded the all-female McDonald Murrmann Women’s Clinic with Dr. Mary McDonald believing that no one else could better understand or help deal with women’s issues better than women. Since that time, she has expanded on that concept and reinvented women’s healthcare to include a more integrated approach to women’s health—physically, mentally, and aesthetically. In 2018 Dr. Murrmann spearheaded a change in the direction of the clinic and rebranded the clinic to better fit the needs of the patients and their overall health. The clinic and the other providers are focusing on preventative, integrative, and restorative medicine along with many added services. McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health also includes McDonald Murrmann Center for Aesthetics and Laser to cover 360º of women’s health. Dr Murrmann, graduated from the University of Tennessee in OB/GYN, specializes in minimally invasive surgery, bio-identical hormones, and has recently completed her fellowship in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

N Keith Norman

Vice President/Chief Government Affairs and Community Relations Officer Baptist Memorial Health Care 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-5041 Keith.norman@

As vice president of government affairs for Baptist Memorial Health Care, Norman’s primary responsibilities include establishing and maintaining relationships with government officials and strengthening Baptist’s community outreach partnerships. He is pastor of First Baptist Church-Broad, a member of the Memphis-Shelby County Crime Commission board of directors, a board trustee at Christian Brothers University and a former commissioner of the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance. Norman is the immediate past president of Memphis’ NAACP chapter and now serves on the national board of trustees. A graduate of Morehouse College, Norman earned a doctorate degree from Memphis Theological Seminary in 2016 and published his dissertation, which outlines strategies for urban community development in Memphis, Tennessee. Norman is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.



Aron K Chary, MD T O



Dr. Chary is a board certified interventional Radiologist who performs the full spectrum of interventional procedures. He has a special interest in Interventional Oncology, to include liver directed therapy for treatment of primary and metastatic cancer to the liver, as well as thermal ablation of soft tissue tumors. Dr. Chary also specializes in Interventional Pain for both malignant and non-malignant etiologies with a focused expertise in image-guided cryoneurolysis. As a third area of specialized interest, Dr. Chary performs Prostate Artery Embolization for the treatment of BPH.

Rola A. Obaji

Chief Executive Officer McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health 7205 Wolf River Blvd Suite 150 Germantown, TN 38138 901-752-4000

Obaji has twenty-two years of healthcare experience in the Memphis area, including previously serving as CEO of Integrity Oncology Foundation. She was a key player in developing and implementing the vision and expansion of the McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health and now serves as CEO of the group. Obaji has served as chair of the American Cancer Society Gala for several years and started the

To Refer Patients With Vascular Interventional Needs Call 901-747-1007 W W W. V I P P H Y S I C I A N S M E M P H I S . C O M

Vascular Interventional Physicians (VIP) is an outpatient-style clinic offering convenience and choice to physicians, and to patients who refer themselves. VIP offers services at 3 convenient locations in Memphis, Tennessee, Southaven, Mississippi, and Jonesboro, Arkansas. The VIP clinic and office based lab is located at 6286 Briarcrest Ave., Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38120. VIP is the only clinic of its kind in the area, and one of only a few clinics regionally to perform certain highly specialized procedures. All VIP physicians are board-certified in their areas of specialty.

Memphis Medical News 29

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 UT/West Cancer Institute Gala in 2019. She and her husband, Dr. Suhail Obaji, an oncologist at West Cancer Center, reside in Memphis.

P Brad Parsons

Chief Executive Officer and Administrator Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis 6019 Walnut Grove Road Memphis, TN 38120 901-226-0505 Brad.parsons@

Parsons is the CEO and administrator of Baptist Memorial Health Care’s flagship entity, Baptist Memorial HospitalMemphis. Parsons previously served as administrator and CEO of NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, NEA Baptist Clinic and Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City. He began his career with Baptist as an assistant administrator at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle in 2008. Parsons holds a bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College and master’s degrees in hospital administration and business administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Keith Perry

Senior Vice President/ Chief Information Officer St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 262 Danny Thomas Place Memphis, TN, 38105 901-595-3300

After joining St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2015 as Chief Information Officer, Perry was given the task of finding the best way to support the staff of researchers and clinicians at St. Jude with technology that advances at a rapid pace. That includes making sure St. Jude acquires technology that improves the way clinicians and doctors treat and follow up with patients. It also ensures researchers have top notch technology to conduct experiments and store data derived from those experiments. Out of his work has come St. Jude Cloud, an online data-sharing and collaboration platform that provides researchers access to the world’s largest public repository of pediatric cancer genomics data. St. Jude Cloud was developed

30 Memphis Medical News

through a partnership between St. Jude and Microsoft.

Chris Pokabla, MD 2022 President Memphis Medical Society Orthosurgeon OrthoSouth 2100 Exeter Road Suite 200 Germantown, TN 38138 901.641.3000

Dr. Pokabla is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, arthroscopic shoulder surgery and shoulder replacement. He received his medical degree from Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine. He completed orthopaedic surgery residency at Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. He then completed a fellowship in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Jackson, Mississippi and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his fellowship training, Dr. Pokabla served as a team physician for Tulane University. He is currently an associate master instructor for AANA shoulder courses at the Orthopaedic Learning Center in Chicago, IL. Currently, he serves as the team physician for Arlington High School and as a preceptor for physician assistant students at Christian Brothers University. Dr. Pokabla will serve as the 2022 President of the Memphis Medical Society.

Nikki S. Polis, PhD, RN

Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare 1211 Union Ave., Suite 700 Memphis, TN 38104 901-478-0565

Polis joined Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in January 2012 as chief nurse executive. Polis is responsible for creating and communicating the vision and direction for nursing within Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. In addition, she provides strategic leadership and supports a progressive professional practice environment that promotes excellence in patient care and nursing

practice, with an emphasis on accelerating our organization’s commitment to patient- and family-centered care. Polis has a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from University of Kentucky, a Master of Science degree from The Ohio State University and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University.

Jenny BartlettPrescott

Chief Operating Officer Church Health 1350 Concourse Ave. Memphis, TN 38104 901-272-7170 prescottj@

Bartlett-Prescott is the COO at Church Health, where she has served in a variety of leadership positions since 1997. She has a master’s degree in epidemiology and is the leader driving quality improvement throughout the organization. She is also the leader of integrated health at Church Health.

James Proctor

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Proctor is senior vice president and chief financial officer at Regional One Health, leading all areas of finance for the health care system including revenue cycle, accounting, strategic financial planning, internal audit, facilities operations and materials management. Proctor has more than 24 years of professional experience in health care finance. He joined Regional One Health in 2009 and served in various finance positions before being named CFO in 2021. Prior to joining Regional One Health, Proctor spent 13 years with a managed care organization. He earned his Master of Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Memphis. He is a six-sigma green belt and has worked on numerous process improvement items. Proctor serves on the THA Center for Innovative Solutions (TCIS) board.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

There are two Certified Family Law Specialists actively representing clients in Memphis.

Both are named Rice.

NBTA certification is a credential earned by judicial recommendation, trial experience, review of the lawyer’s cases, endorsement by other lawyers and rigorous examination. In the United States, 135 Lawyers have achieved this certification in Family Law. For information about divorce, go to To talk to a lawyer about divorce call 901.526.6701.

Memphis Medical News 31

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

R Sylvia Richey, MD, FACP

Chief Medical Officer West Cancer Center 7945 Wolf River Blvd Germantown, TN 38138 901-683-0055

Dr. Richey joined West Cancer Center as a Hematology Oncology specialist in January 2005. With a passion for her patients and commitment to provide the best cancer care available to every patient she treats, it comes as no surprise that she is beloved by patients and staff. In 2017, she has successfully led and built West Cancer Centers Integrative Oncology program and leads our Clinical Practice Quality initiatives. Dr. Richey has recently been appointed as the Chief Medical Officer for West.

Tammie Ritchey, CRFE

Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer Regional One Health Foundation 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100 regionalonehealth

Ritchey has served as the leader of the Regional One Health Foundation since 2004. Prior to that she served as Development Director for Girls Incorporated of Memphis. Tammie is a proud native Memphian, having graduated from Ridgeway High School and Rhodes College. Tammie is a Certified Fund-Raising Executive, an internationally-recognized designation for philanthropic fundraising executives. She is a member of the Health Management Academy, the Association of Health Care Philanthropy, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Memphis Downtown Rotary Club, and a former President for Women of Achievement.

We are expanding speciality care for the uninsured. We need you. Time commitments are yours to decide. Many pracitioners are already seeing uninsured patients. Our team can track these patients, collect all claims, and submit CME credit for the work you are already doing. Call us today 901-761-0200

32 Memphis Medical News

Jennie N. Robbins

Chief Financial Officer Church Health 1350 Concourse Ave. Memphis, TN 38104 901-272-7170 robbinsj@

Prior to joining Church Health in 2007, Robbins worked in the banking world, serving as Vice President of Corporate Banking for BancorpSouth, as well as positions with Bank of America and Regions Bank. She is a Past-President of Mid-South Medical Group Management Association and is involved in many community projects and organizations including the Board of Advisors of Memphis Bio-works Foundation’s New Market Tax Credit Program, Tennessee Charitable Care Network Association, and the Junior League of Memphis.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Charles W. M. Roberts, MD, PhD

Executive Vice President Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 262 Danny Thomas Place Memphis, TN 38105 901-595-3300

Dr. Roberts is director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and executive vice president at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is home to the first and only National Cancer Institute–designated Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. Roberts also serves as full member in the Department of Oncology and holds the Lillian R. Cannon Comprehensive Cancer Center Director Endowed Chair. Dr. Roberts supports five major interdisciplinary research programs that are organized with the specific intent of translating basic science discoveries into curative therapies for children with cancer, while minimizing long-term side effects.

S Michael Scarbrough

Co-Founder, President Prospero Health 50 South B.B. King Boulevard Memphis, TN 38103 901-459-5010 michael.scarbrough@

In 2019, Scarbrough and Doug Wenners co-founded Prospero Health, which provides compassionate home-based medical care for people facing serious illness. Scarbrough is a native Memphian and a seasoned senior healthcare executive with more than 30 years of experience with managed care services, government health programs, technology to drive value in healthcare, P&L, provider/payer value-based arrangements, and business development. Prior to Prospero, Scarbrough served as an advisor to firms pursuing opportunities in government funded healthcare, and he also served as Senior Vice President in Anthem’s government business, with 17 years combined at Anthem and previously Amerigroup as a member of its executive leadership. Having led multiple new business ventures from start-up through maturity, Scarbrough

At Risk for Alzheimer’s? The image depicted contains models and is being used for illustrative purposes only.

A clinical research study for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease As we age, it helps to assess our risk for Alzheimer’s. A great first step is a memory screening, which may be available in TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 3, a clinical research study for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. We’re seeking adults with normal memory, thinking, mood, and behavior patterns. You may be able to participate if you: 4 Are 55–80 years old 4 Have a reliable study partner who knows you well and is familiar with your day-to-day life

Compensation may be avaialble for time and travel. See if you qualify: Please call Neurology Clinic, PC, 901-300-2755 or email


Memphis Medical News 33

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 has overseen Prospero’s growth and expansion from 1,700 patients served in three states in January 2020 to 20,000+ patients in 29 states in January 2022.

Eric Schnapp, JD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer Mays & Schnapp Neurospine and Pain 55 Humphreys Center Drive Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38120 901-507-1595

Since 2019, Schnapp has served as CEO of Mays & Schnapp Neurospine and Pain, a pain management practice providing comprehensive pain management to help relieve pain, restore function, and return patients to living their lives for over 20 years. Schnapp develops business strategies and manages company operations and growth across clinical operations, physical therapy, and an ambulatory surgery center over multiple locations. Before joining Mays & Schnapp, Schnapp served as an attorney, working as a special prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office, as well as five years as a trial attorney, specializing in medical malpractice and medical device and product liability litigation and thereafter another two years focusing on healthcare and complex commercial litigation. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Emory University School of Law, a Master of Business Administration from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vanderbilt University itself. Schnapp is a published author and regular contributor and presenter on legal and societal topics.

David Schwartz, DO Market Chief Medical Officer Saint Francis Hospital 5959 Park Avenue Memphis, TN 38119 901-765-1000

In 2019, Dr. Schwartz assumed the role of CMO for the Mid-South Region that includes Saint Francis Memphis, TN; Saint Francis Bartlett, TN; Piedmont Medical Center, Charlotte, NC; East Cooper Medical Center, Coastal Carolina Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital in South Carolina. Dr. Schwartz oversees quality, patient safety, regulatory readiness, and medical staff services. Under his leadership, Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis earned the prestigious Advanced ThrombectomyCapable Stroke Center certification from

34 Memphis Medical News

The Joint Commission. Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis and Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett received the distinction of being Accredited Chest Pain Centers from the Society of Chest Pain Centers, and have garnered disease-specific certifications for hip, knee and stroke from the Joint Commission. He earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at the College of Osteopathic Medicine Residency at Tucson Medical Center. Before assuming his role at Saint Francis Healthcare, Schwartz was in a variety of administrative roles with Sentara Health System based in Woodbridge, Virginia and Vanguard Health Systems in Nashville.

Daniel Shumate, MBA, MHA

Chief Executive Officer Campbell Clinic 1400 South Germantown Road Germantown TN, 38138 901-759-3100 dshumate@ www.campbell

Shumate leads Campbell Clinic, an orthopaedic surgery group founded in Memphis in 1909. Prior to being named CEO in 2021, Shumate was the clinic’s CFO and had held that role since 2010. The organization employs 65 providers and over 750 employees at five locations across the Mid-South along with two outpatient surgery centers.

Randy Sites

Executive Director, UT Regional One Physicians Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Sites came to Memphis in 2014 to launch UT Regional One Physicians, a partnership between Regional One Health and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. The practice includes more than 200 physicians and advanced practitioners in more than 20 specialties. Sites earned both his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Alabama with concentrations in finance and health administration. Prior to joining UT Regional One Physicians, Sites spent several years as the Chief Revenue Cycle Officer at University of Mississippi Medical Center,

University Physicians and has worked with several leading health systems and physician practice management firms.

Tim Slocum, FACHE

President Methodist University Hospital 1265 Union Ave. Memphis, TN 38104 901-516-7000 university

Slocum joined Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in October 2019 as Chief Operating Officer for Methodist University Hospital before becoming president in 2021. Prior to that, he was vice president of Systems Support Services for Navient Health in Macon, Georgia. During his 16-year career with Navicent, Slocum was responsible for Facilities Management, Medical Real Estate, Construction, Safety & Emergency Management, Food & Nutrition Services, Patient Transport, Wellness Services, Environmental Services, Clinical Engineering, Police, Parking and Cardiopulmonary Rehab Departments. Slocum also assisted with efforts in programmatic developments for oncology. Slocum has also had success in implementing Lean techniques to improve efficiencies. Prior to that, he was assistant vice president at the system’s 637-bed tertiary teaching hospital. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Mercer University, and he has both an MBA and an MS in Health Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Andreana Smith, MBA, CMPE

2022 President Midsouth MGMA Director of Clinical Administration Church Health 1350 Concourse Ave., Suite 142 Memphis, TN 38104 901.272.0003 ext. 2153 smitha@church

Smith serves as the Director of Clinical Administration for Church Health. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a master’s in Business Administration from Freed Hardeman University. Smith has worked with other non-profit organizations serving vulnerable Memphians around the areas of Education, Healthcare, and inequity in the community. She has spoken at the National Association of Health Service

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Ocpivia Stafford, PharmD, MBA

Executives in Washington, DC, is a recipient of the Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 and a member of Leadership Memphis’s Executive Class.

Dr. Somer joined West Cancer Center in 2002 from the University of Pennsylvania. As President of West Cancer Center, Dr. Somer supports the executive team, serves as a leader in major projects, provider development, growth and expansion. He also continues to develop sub-specialization throughout the network and continued hospital support. Dr. Somer is also a medical oncologist, with a focus in treating GI cancers.

Chief Executive Officer Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville Administrator for Orthopedic Services Baptist Memorial Health Care 1500 West Poplar Ave. Collierville, TN 38017 901-861-9411 Lindsay.stencel@

President Methodist South Hospital 1300 Wesley Dr. Memphis, TN 38116 901-516-3700 methodist

Bradley G. Somer, MD

President West Cancer Center 7945 Wolf River Blvd Germantown, TN 38138 901-683-0055

Lindsay Stencel

Stafford joined Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in 2008. Most recently, she served as Vice President of Support and Professional Services for Methodist South Hospital before becoming president in 2021. Prior to that, she was director of Pharmacy at Methodist Olive Branch Hospital. She began her career at Methodist University Hospital where she was the lead pharmacist for Central Pharmacy. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana, a Master of Business Administration Executive Degree from The University of Memphis and a Doctor of Pharmacy from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Lindsay Stencel was promoted to chief executive officer of Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville in 2020. She held the title chief administrative officer for the hospital from 2016 to 2020. Stencel served as an assistant administrator from 2011 to 2016 at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, where she supervised a number of departments, including rehabilitation, food and nutrition, safety and security, pharmacy, oncology services, transportation, teleservices, facility services and construction. A trained occupational therapist, she began her career at Baptist in 2002 as the director of rehabilitation services. Stencel earned a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy from the University

Center of Excellence for Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray, CT, & MRI

George S. Flinn, Jr., M.D. Rapid Results

Phillip O. Flinn, M.D.

Same Day Appointments

6 Locations

Central Location: 1325 Eastmoreland Avenue, Suite 545 Memphis, TN 38104 Phone: 901-516-8970 Fax: 901-274-6600

Memphis Medical News 35

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 of Louisiana-Monroe and a Master of Business Administration from Union University.

Scott Strome, MD

Executive Dean, College of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs University of Tennessee Health Science Center 910 Madison Ave Memphis, TN 38163 901-448-5293

Dr. Strome, a cancer surgeon and investigator, joined UTHSC in 2018, coming from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, where he served as professor and chair of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology for 13 years. He has expertise in the treatment of head and neck tumors, thyroid cancer, and diseases of the anterior skull base. Dr. Strome is the co-founder of Gliknik Inc., a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics to treat cancer and autoimmunity. His scientific achievements have resulted in 125 publications in leading basic science and clinical journals. He is passionate about reducing the cost of medical education, growing the research portfolio of the College of Medicine, and expanding its entrepreneurial opportunities.

Mark Swanson, MD

Vice President Baptist Memorial Health Care Chief Executive Officer Baptist Medical Group 350 North Humphreys Blvd. Memphis, TN 38120 901-227-4056 Mark.swanson@

Dr. Swanson is CEO of Baptist Medical Group, Baptist’s 850-member multispecialty medical group. He accepted the role after serving as interim CEO for BMG and chief medical officer for Baptist in 2016. Dr. Swanson came to Baptist in March 2014 as chief quality officer. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Swanson earned a medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. He received his pediatric residency training at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia, and accepted a fellowship in pediatric critical care and anesthesia at the Children’s Hospital at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He also earned

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a Master of Science degree in health care management from the Harvard School of Public Health.

T Shannon Tacker

Chief Executive Officer University Clinical Health 1407 Union Avenue Ste 700 Memphis, TN 38104 901-866-8864 universityclinic

Tacker was appointed CEO of University Clinical Health in May of 2020. She is a CPA and brings more than 20 years of experience in health care administration, including senior-level management positions in finance and operations. Her areas of expertise include revenue cycle management, financial analysis, practice acquisitions, physician compensation, payer contracting, strategic planning and regulatory compliance. Most recently, she served as vice president and executive director for UT Le Bonheur Pediatric Specialists. Tacker also served as chief financial officer for Baptist Medical Group, Inc. and in two vice president roles at UT Medical Group, overseeing Adult Multispecialty Services and Revenue Services, Analysis and Decision Support.

Kurt W. Tauer, MD, FACP

Chairman West Cancer Center 7945 Wolf River Blvd Germantown, TN 38138 901-683-0055

In February 2019, Dr. Tauer was appointed Chairman of West Cancer Center bringing 35 years of experience and success to lead the network into the next decade of growth. Along with Drs. William H. West and Lee Schwartzberg, Dr. Tauer was one of the original founding partners of West Clinic. He is also a medical oncologist, with a focus in treating lung cancer.

Michelle Taylor, MD, DrPH, MPA

Director Shelby County Health Department 814 Jefferson Avenue Memphis TN. 38105 901-222-9080 www.shelbytn

Dr. Taylor is the Shelby County Division Director for Health Services. In this role, Dr. Taylor leads the team that plans, organizes, and maintains public health programs and services for Shelby County. She is responsible for the delivery of all public health services and enforcement of applicable health codes and ordinances of Shelby County and applicable statutes and regulations of the Tennessee Department of Health. With a budget of $106 million and comprised of seven (7) bureaus and 701 employees, the Shelby County Division of Health Services is committed to the improvement of community health, inmate health care oversight, COVID-19 pandemic response and many other aspects of public health.

Manoucheka Thermitus, MBA

Chief Operating Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Thermitus is chief operating officer at Regional One Health, leading clinical and non-clinical operational areas including pharmacy, surgical services, laboratory, imaging, food and nutrition services, environmental services, security and emergency management. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from The George Washington University. She has extensive experience in hospital administration, strategic planning, physician relations and patient experience. Thermitus is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves on the Tennessee Hospital Association Council on Inclusion and Health Equity, Mid-South American Heart Association Board of Directors, and Shelby County COVID-19 Task Force.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Kevin Todd

Chief Financial Officer Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Todd joined Le Bonheur as vice president, chief financial officer in June 2013 but has been part of the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare family since 1996. Todd previously served as CFO at Methodist North Hospital (2008-2013) and Methodist South Hospital (2005-2008). He also worked as director of Finance at Le Bonheur Children’s from 2002-2005. Todd received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Union University in 1993 and has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Memphis. Todd currently serves as treasurer for the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Foundation and as treasurer for UT Le Bonheur Pediatric Specialists. He also serves on the board for Le Bonheur Community Outreach and is an advisor for Le Bonheur Pediatrics.

Tish Towns, FACHE

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Towns has more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, beginning her career in State Government with the Tennessee Departments of Human Services and Health. Towns has served in senior executive roles in community not-for-profit, rural and urban academic delivery settings in Illinois, Georgia and South Carolina. Certified in healthcare management, Towns is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Delegate on the American Hospital Association (AHA) Regional Policy Board 4 and member of ACHE’s Management Series Editorial Board and Memphis Rotary. Her past service includes Chair, ACHE Examination Committee, 2009 ACHE Service Award Recipient, UAB Programs in Health Administration Board of Directors and AHA Metropolitan Hospitals Governing Council Nominating Committee. Towns was honored with the 2017 Meritorious Service Award for a Senior Executive and the 2018 Diversity Champion Award by the Tennessee Hospital Association.

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Patient referrals can be made at or call 901-747-0040. 55 HUMPHREYS CENTER DRIVE, SUITE 200, MEMPHIS, TN

Medical Director: Moacir Schnapp, MD Pain Clinic Associates, PLLC, is a licensed pain management clinic. License #PMC0000000690

Memphis Medical News 37

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 Arthur M. Townsend IV, MD, MBA, FACOG, LSSC, CPHQ Interim President and CEO HealthChoice, LLC 1661 International Place Dr., Suite 150 Memphis, TN 38120 901-821-6709 Arthur.Townsend@

Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis (CMPM) was formed in 2008 as a collection of just six small internal medicine private practice groups. Today, CMPM has grown into a large, multispecialty practice that includes nearly 40 physicians and more than 50 mid-level healthcare professionals, such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and dieticians. Our large team of multispecialty providers include primary care physicians and specialists in allergies, cardiology, endocrinology, hematology and oncology, infectious disease, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and rheumatology. We have 23 locations in the greater Memphis area. We strive to maintain our independence within the healthcare industry by creating an autonomous network of nationally recognized and highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, and professional healthcare staff. We address the healthcare needs of those in Shelby County and the surrounding areas by providing outstanding and compassionate care. All of our providers offer telehealth services, as well, so your patient can consult with a doctor without ever leaving the comfort and safety of their home. Our physicians also see and treat patients in their office, the hospital, as well as at assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Dr. Townsend has been the interim President and CEO of HealthChoice, LLC since September 2020. He is also a Vice President and Chief Clinical Transformation Officer for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and has been in that role since July 2016. Prior to assuming roles at Methodist and HealthChoice, he was a practicing OB/GYN hospitalist at Methodist Germantown Hospital and continues to be the director of that program. Before launching the hospitalist program, he ran a successful OB/GYN private practice for 17 years. He has been a clinical faculty member of the UTHSC OB/ GYN department since 1994 and has served in multiple medial staff leadership positions at Methodist, including Medical Staff President and Chief of Staff. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a member of multiple national and local medical organizations. Dr. Townsend graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, completed his OB/GYN residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center and received a Master of Business Administration degree from the Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Renee Trammell

Find out more about CMPM by calling us at 901.261.0707

M E D I C A L O F M E M P H I S . C O M

38 Memphis Medical News

Senior Vice President for Business Growth and Post-Acute Care Operations Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Trammell serves as Senior Vice President for Business Growth and Post-Acute Care Operations at Regional One Health. She is a proven health care leader, having worked in the field since 1986 in areas including hospital administration/operation, business development, contract negotiations, budget development and management and leadership of high-

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 performance teams that consistently achieve goals and objectives. Trammell has dual master’s degrees from the University of Memphis, in Health Education and Counseling Psychology. She has served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce and the Harbor Town Community Association and has held active memberships with the Healthy Memphis Common Table, Memphis Business Group on Health, Greater Memphis Employee Benefits Council, Mid-South Workers Compensation Association and the Medical Group Management Association.

U Michael Ugwueke, MPH, DHA, FACHE

President/CEO Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare 1211 Union Ave., Suite 700 Memphis, TN 38104 901-478-0520

Since January 2017, Ugwueke, MPH, DHA, FACHE has served as President and CEO of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. He assumed the role of president and chief operating officer of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in May 2014. For the year prior, he served as COO of Methodist, providing strategic and operational leadership for the system’s five adult inpatient hospitals and affiliated companies. Ugwueke previously served as senior vice president for Methodist North and South Hospitals, which he began in June 2009. Prior, he was CEO of Methodist South Hospital since February 2007. Ugwueke has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Shaw University, a Master of Public Health from Emory University and a Doctor of Health Administration and Leadership degree from the Medical University of South Carolina.

Helping Businesses Connect their Vision to the Bottom-line DaSilva Consulting is a data-driven and innovative consulting company designed to add value to the healthcare community through its various service lines. Their services are designed to create and promote operational excellence through consulting services and fractional executive leadership. DaSilva Consulting is led by Al DaSilva, an experienced and results oriented business professional with clinical nursing background, inpatient and outpatient administration, data analytics, lean six sigma and performance improvement expertise with over $50 million in value delivered to clients and previous employers. In 2022, DaSilva Consulting is breaking barriers for small to mid-size businesses by helping them identify and articulate their vision, mission, and values, establish goals, and break down roadblocks hindering success. Establishing a clear vision for your business is more than creating a blanket Al Da Silva, MHA MBA RN statement and setting goals; it’s a process that lays out CEO your vision for the next three to five years and developing Seasoned, data-driven results-oriented, SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and operational executive leader with 15+ years of time-bound) goals. Businesses who are motivated towards experience in business and healthcare market, achieving their goals are focused on connecting their vision focusing on connecting clinics and hospitals Vision to the bottom line through evidence-based and goals and identifying strategies to attain their bottommanagement practices. line results. DaSilva Consulting can help businesses do just that. As a result, DaSilva Consulting is launching three exciting new services to help business align their goals and achieve ultimate growth, otherwise known as connecting their vision to the bottom line. Beginning in February, DaSilva Consulting will launch their Vision to Bottom-line (V2B) Workshop. This workshop is for healthcare providers or administrators running a small to mid-size practice who strive to balance the challenges of running and growing their business. The V2B Workshop is a dynamic, effective, and efficient way of completing a company’s strategic plan by connecting their vision to the reason they became a healthcare professional along with their bottom-line goals. This full day workshop will provide healthcare practices with a three-year high-level plan that is easy for providers, administrators, and practice staff to understand, implement, and ultimately thrive. This is an event you do not want to miss! V2B Workshop – DaSilva Business Consulting ( In March, DaSilva Consulting will host a follow-up workshop titled High-Performance Framework (HPF) Workshop. This workshop will allow healthcare providers and administrators to take what was learned in the first workshop and develop a tactical 90-day plan to fully implement the V2B by using the HPF core areas of leadership, people, process, customer, profitability, and execution. This workshop is for practice administrators and managers to accomplish the practice vision and improve team execution, patient satisfaction and financial outcomes. The HPF is a dynamic tool and can be applied to all revenue generating service lines as well as cost centers. This is another great resource to enhance the performance of healthcare businesses. Finally, DaSilva Consulting will be launching the Business Advisors Networking Event for 2022! These networking events are designed to connect business professionals within the greater Shelby County, Tennessee area. It will be an opportunity to network, build business relationships, knowledge exchange, and hear about market trends for the year to come. DaSilva will host the first networking event at TPC Southwind on January 20th , 2022 at 4:30-7:00 PM. Sign up for this exclusive and appropriately social distanced event! Business Advisors Networking Event Tickets, Thu, Jan 20, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite Get in touch and join the select group of companies that use data to predict the future and make the best decisions! 5100 POPLAR AVE FL 27, MEMPHIS TN Phone: +1 855-501-9372

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InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022

W LaTonya B. Washington, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAP, FACP, FHM

President Bluff City Medical Society Vice President/Chief Medical Officer Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare Methodist North Hospital 3960 New Covington Pike Memphis, TN 38128 ​ 901-516-5178 bluffcitymedical

Dr. Washington currently serves in the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare System as the vice-president and CMO of Methodist North Hospital leading in medical affairs, medical staff recruitment, and patient care. She is also the president of the Bluff City Medical Society, the premier organization for physicians of color in the Memphis metropolitan area, and a subsidiary of the National Medical Association. Dr. Washington is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and has held numerous clinical roles in primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine and hospital medicine, caring for both adult and pediatric patients.

Nicole Washington, MBA, SPHR, SHRMSCP

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Regional One Health 877 Jefferson Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 901-545-7100

Washington serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Regional One Health. She oversees all human resources functions including benefits and wellbeing, compensation and HRIS, HR business advisory, organizational development, and talent acquisition. Washington has over 18 years of comprehensive leadership experience in the human resources field, working in diverse industries including health care, gaming, consumer services and manufacturing. Prior to her cur-

40 Memphis Medical News

rent role, she served as the Director of Employee Relations and Vice President of Human Resources for Regional One Health. A graduate of Tennessee State University, Washington obtained her bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management as well as certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the YWCA Greater Memphis, the Tennessee Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (TSHHRA), and the New Memphis Talent Collaborative.

Jacquelyn Whobrey MSN, RN, CMSRN, NEA-BC Chief Nursing Officer Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett 2986 Kate Bond Rd. Bartlett, TN 38133 901-820-7000 www.SaintFrancis

Whobrey joined Saint Francis Bartlett in 2020, having previously served as vice president and chief nurse executive at Community Howard Regional Health. She is a member of the American Organization of Nursing Leadership, Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses, American College of Healthcare Executives and the Tennessee Nurses Association. Jacquelyn is board-certified as a Medical Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) and has achieved her Nurse Executive Advanced Certification (NEA-BC). Whobrey received both her bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s in healthcare administration from Indiana UniversityPurdue University of Indianapolis.

Michael Wiggins MBA, FACHE

President Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 848 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 901-287-6030

Wiggins was appointed president of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in 2019. He formerly served as senior vice president of Clinical Operations and the Northern Market, and administrator for Children’s Medical Center in Plano, Texas. Before that, he served as vice president of operations at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham. A native of Atlanta, Ga., he holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Debby Willis

Chief Executive Officer Crestwyn Behavioral Health Hospital 9485 Crestwyn Hills Cove Memphis, TN 38125 866-545-0216 www.crestwyn

Willis joined Crestwyn Behavioral Health in 2019 as the CEO and has been with Acadia 10+ years having served as a direct care provider, clinical director, and CEO in Arkansas. She is licensed in Arkansas as a Professional Counselor (LPC) and Co-Occurring Disorders Professional at the Diplomate Level (CCDP-D). Willis received her master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Arkansas State University and has worked in private and not-for-profit sectors in mental healthcare for 25 years. Her overall goal is to assist in reducing the stigma attached to mental health disorders and ensure that each individual receives care and support throughout their continuum of care.

InCharge HEALTHCARE 2022 InCharge Healthcare 2022 Company Index B Baptist Memorial Health Care 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 29, 30, 35, 36 Bluff City Medical Society 40 Bluff City Advisory Group 26 Butler Snow 15 C Campbell Clinic 10, 34 Church Health 28, 30, 32 Clearly MD 13, 20



Health Choice 38

Neurology Clinic 21, 33

Healthcare Realty Trust 17 O

High Point Climbing 18 Honeycomb Management 12 Hunt & Associates 22

OrthoSouth 22, 30, 43 Prospero Health 33



Lakeside Behavioral Health System 2, 11, 12, 20, 28 Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital 14, 18, 19, 27, 37, 40

Regional One Health 10, 15, 16, 22, 24, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 40 Rice Law Firm 28, 31

Colliers 19 The Conrad Pearson Clinic, PC 17 Consolidated Medical Practices of Memphis 13, 20, 38 Crestwyn Behavioral 40



M Mays & Schnapp Pain Neurospine Center 34, 37 McDonald Murrmann Center for Wellness and Health 21, 28, 29 Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab 25, 27

DaSilva Consulting 39

Memphis Medical Society 15, 16, 32

Delta Medical Center 16

Memphis Obstetrics & Gynecological Association 27

F Flinn Imaging Centers 19, 35 G Gastro One 20 Greg Campbell Photojournalist 41

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare 10, 11, 16, 23, 24, 30, 34, 35, 39 MidSouth Healthcare Executives 10 Midsouth Imaging 11, 29 Midsouth MGMA 22, 34 Mid-South Pulmonary Specialists, PC 10, 14, 20

Saint Francis Bartlett 22, 26, 40 Saint Francis Memphis 16, 24, 34 Semmes Murphey Clinic, PC 7, 10, 25 Shelby County Health Department 36 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 18, 30, 33 State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company 13 U University Clinical Health 14, 36 University of Tennessee Health Science Center 10, 12, 25, 36 W Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP 12, 23 West Cancer Center 20, 32, 35, 36

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