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BALLYGRACE IRISH DRAUGHTS Rick and Sue Rowdon Cartersville, VA

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The Fall e-Blarney The Official Newsletter of the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America The Irish Draught Horse Society was established in 1993, and is dedicated to fostering an appreciation and understanding of the Irish Draught Horse and its successful crossbred, the Irish Draught Sport Horse. The IDHSNA is a not-for-profit corporation. The Society strives to assist in the conservation of the breed throughout the world and maintains the studbooks for qualified Irish Draught and part Irish Draught horses in North America. The Blarney is the official newsletter of the IDHSNA and is generally published quarterly. The Blarney assumes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of the advertisements contained herein. Statements, opinions, and points of view expressed by the contributors and advertisers are not necessarily those of The Blarney staff and/or the IDHSNA Inc. We reserve the right to edit any editorial materials received and deny placing advertising or written material that is deemed damaging or contrary to the goals of the Society. The Blarney is copyrighted by the IDHSNA. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be re-printed in any form without the written permission of the IDHSNA. Subscriptions: The Blarney is included with most memberships. Non-members may subscribe to The Blarney for $30 per year. Contributions: Articles, photos, news items, and horse show results are always welcome. Contact the Editors at the addresses listed above. Advertising: Advertising rates are available from the editor, online at, or in The Blarney. 2015 officers & Directors President: Fleur Bryan | Vice President: Elizabeth McFarland Exec Secretary: Ann Cummings | Treasurer: Mary Hansen | Directors at Large: Brianne Sells | Connie Arthur | Nadia Cook | Regional Chairs: Sue Rowdon (SER), TBD (NWR), Lee Ramensky (SWR), Debbie Fullilove (SCR), Ann Morss (NER). IDHSNA Registrar and Member Services: Lucy Stevenson: 4617 Store Lane., Stevensville, MT 59870 Phone: (406) 540-2199 Information Officer: Rachael Cox HC65 Box 45 Pleasant Mount, PA 18453-9605 Phone: 1-866-IDHSNA-1 | COVER PHOTO: Courtesy Liz Freeman ~ 2015

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . From Our President . . . FELLOW MEMBERS

by Fleur Bryan, IDHSNA President


hope you have time to sit and enjoy our fall edition of the Blarney. It’s been a busy year so some quite reading sounds good to me. Thanks to everyone who contributed especially Ann Morss, Sue Rowdon and Laurie Monroe for all their hard work and butt kicking done to get this out before the holidays. The 2015 annual show and silent auction were a huge success and although there were a few kinks Stateside with the live stream I have heard good reviews from other Countries and folks tuning in. Thanks again to the show committee, volunteers, photographers and everyone who attended and contributed especially those who worked so hard to keep the horses looking so well. We had the privilege of a visit from Jimmy and Edel Quinn of Cappa Stud on Saturday for the show and banquet. Thanks to their spontaneous generosity three very lucky breeders went home with a breeding to one of the Cappa stallion’s available here in the US. The winners received an added bonus from Shelbourne farms when Nadia offered to waive the booking fees as well. Our silent/ live auction raised a record $7,500 for the society and was preceded by a lovely meal catered by the Holiday Inn. Let’s work together to make the 2016 show even better.


ost of you are aware that the board did vote to approve the Harmonization of the Purebred Studbook with the sister societies of CA and GB and the stud book of origin in Ireland. Great progress is being made in reviewing our rules and policies and we thank all of you who have sent questions and comments. In preparation for the 2016 stud season and Inspection tour, several board members and our registrar Lucy Stevenson are traveling to Ireland in November to meet with HSI for two days to continue the process. I would hope that the regional chairs will have a full report out to the members by the 1st of the year.

Thanks to our stallion owners for their contribution to the very beautiful Stallion Directory which is now available for you on our website. Christina Moutray and Paula Schneider worked tirelessly to produce this wonderful marketing tool that puts our list of available stallions, approved for breeding, at your fingertips for the 2016 breeding season. We are now in election season and as the post date for nominations closed we have an election for Director at large, incumbents Nadia Cook (NER) and Connie Arthur (SWR) have put their names forward along with Chris Neher (NWR). Good luck to all of you.


oth Tom Green and Sue Rowdon ran uncontested for their chosen positions and I would like to congratulate Tom on becoming the new Vice President I look forward to serving with him as I know he will do an excellent job. What is to be said of Sue, well not much as her work speaks for itself and she has helped the outgoing Executive Secretary through some tough times this year and got us de-

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. . . 2015 IDHSNA Board of Directors . . . President Fleur Bryan [SEr] 1279 Bates Lane, Smithfield, KY 40068 | (ph) 502-649-2037 Vice President Elizabeth McFarland [NWr] 260 Summer ridge road, Bozeman, MT 59715 | (ph) 406-585-9366 exec secretary Ann cummings [NWr] 1615 S.W. cozy Lane, port Orchard, WA 98367 | (ph) 360-876-7392 treasurer Mary Hansen [cr] | 175 Indian creek Lane SE, cedar rapids, IA 52403 (h) 319-364-4924 | (fax) 319-364-2557

Directors At LArge:

Brianne Sells [SEr] 18320 Yellow Schoolhouse road, round Hill, vA 20141 | 540-554-8320 Nadia cook [NEr] 1 Hill and Dale road, Lebanon, NJ 08833 | 908-803-0185 connie Arthur [SWr] 23806 Yosimite Blvd., Waterford, cA 95386 | 209-874-3401

regioNAL cHAirs:

OpEN pOSITION, Northwest region chair Ann Morss, Northeast region chair 4281 Huston road, geneseo, NY 14454 | 585-704-0985 Debbie Fullilove, South central region chair 4615 gainsborough Drive, Brookshire, TX 77423 | 281-346-2978 Sue rowdon, Southeast region chair 453 Ampthill road, cartersville, vA 23027 | 540-226-5944 Lee ramansky, Southwest region chair 4795 Acacia Way, penngrove, cA 94951 | 707-794-9299 OpEN pOSITION, central region chair

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... con’t From Our President livering minutes quite quickly. Mr. Bob garcia will take over as regional chair in the South West and I am putting a call out now for someone to step up and take the reins in the central region. Thank you Nadia, for trying to keep the flag flying and the members informed but as DAL it is not her job. Thanks to the outgoing officers for their incredible service which came during some very difficult times. It has been a pleasure to work with both Ann cummings and Liz McFarland. I will have an update of the complete board after the ballots are returned and counted.


inally, I would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe hunting and holiday season. Let’s hope it’s not quite so cold this winter. Keep your horses warm and safe and please continue to send photo’s and your wonderful stories of Irish horse adventures as 2015 draws to a close. coVer PHoto: courtesy Liz Freeman ~ 2015


. . . IDHSNA Ser�ices . . . registration & Member services Lucy Stevenson (Western Time) 4617 Store Lane, Stevensville, MT 59870 | 406-540-2199 information officer rachael cox (Eastern Time) Hc65 Box 45, pleasant Mount, pA 18453-9605 | 1-866-IDHSNA-1 Website Administrator Karen Young (Western Time) 6400 Orchard Station road, Sebastopol, cA 95472 | 707-665-0848

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . In This Issue . . .

2015 iDHsNA calendar

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2015 BOD contacts .. .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... ..4

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AgM Meeting reports. .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .8-9, 12 IDHSNA Financials .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 10

5/1 5/6-10 5/15-17

2016 IDHSNA Election results .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 10

5/21 5/31

IDHSNA LIfe Member Listing .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 12


IDHSNA Annual Show view .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. 13-14

6/3 6/18 6/30

2016 Foaling Season & regenerative Medicine.... .. .... 15


region reports ... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. . 16-19, 29 2015 Ireland (Inspector Training) .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 20

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2015 Ireland - Show Season in Numbers & pics .. .. 21-24 2015 IDHSNA Focus on Foals .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. 26-28 IDHSNA News.... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 29 2015 WBFSH Top Ten . .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 30 ADVertisers iNDeX Ballygrace Irish Draughts .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. ....IFc parkmore Stud.... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... ..5 Shelbourne Farms . .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... ..6 Darling Fiona For Sale .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 19 Kleary Field .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 15 grafX by Laurie .. .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 25 Lone Tree Farm . .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... 25

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sePteMBer 9/10-13 9/11 9/17 9/18-20

octoBer 10/1


2015 IDHSNA Annual Show 2015 AgM BOD Meeting Otter creek Fall Horse Trial IDSH Awards

Nominating committee presents slate of - candidates to Members West coast connemara & Irish Draught Show (contact Lee Webster, bluechip for details) BOD Meeting

Adsagsona Farm .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. ....IBc


Top gun Stables . .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... .. .... Bc


calling for The Blarney Team Member vOLuNTEErS! Would you like to be part of The Blarney, and bring news, articles and information to ID enthusiasts, breeders, and members? MAKE A vISuAL AND LASTINg vOLuNTEEr cONTrIBuTION, and JOIN the Editorial Team!! contact Ann Morss or Sue rowdon for more detail.

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record Date, Independent Nom’s due Equine Affaire Springfield MA BOD Meeting

DeceMBer 12/1 12/15 12/17 12/31

Year End Awards Submission for 2015 Stallion reports due in office BOD Meeting Foal registration deadline/current yr fees

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. . . AGM Meeting . . . fleur bryan, ishsna president

In addition to harmonization the IDHSNA are now proud alliance partners of the USEF.

WELCOME ADDRESS: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the 22nd Annual Irish Draught Breed show and AGM.

lliance Partners are national, state/regional, and educational affiliate associations of the USEF. These partners do not have rules in the USEF rule book or requirements (such as number of USEF competitions, or required number of Association members to join USEF) to maintain affiliation, but can work with the USEF to develop recognition for your breed/ discipline within USEF shows through the PHR and APH programs or other established partnerships with USEF.


Board members present tonight are Mary Hansen, Treasurer, Sue Rowdon, SER Chair, Ann Morss NER Chair, Brianne Sells DaL, Nadia Cook, DaL.


would ask that you join me in extending a thank you to the entire show committee for the outstanding job they have done putting the show together, with special thanks to Tom Green show chairman, Ann Morss liaison and Mary Hansen (Volunteer) secretary for their tireless efforts all year. Tom and Ann your determination and stamina jumping in and bringing the show back to New Jersey and the foresight to expand classes to include horses of Irish Draught descent has brought us new friends and opened a welcoming door to so many wonderful horses. I hope we continue to see regional shows in the NER and that our members give those shows the support they deserve. To all our volunteers, donors and sponsors who support the society year after year making this event possible we owe a debt of gratitude. A very warm welcome back to our distinguished judge Mr. Micheal Kirwan who will not only be judging but has agreed to walk us through the inspection process so that we can be properly prepared for the 2016 inspection tour.


ell what can I say about 2015 other WOW what a busy year. We have had many ups and downs, suffered jarring and concussion as we traveled a bumpy road but I believe we have come through the worst of it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. August 19th 2015, following reports from both the breeding and finance committees, input from our members and bod negotiations with HSI, we voted to approve the Harmonization of our purebred books including our RID studbook with the sister societies in GB and CA and the studbook of origin in Ireland. The decision was not made lightly but as we looked at how we could best conserve our breed and continue to improve the quality of the north American herd it became clear that the old system of Pass/fail was no longer in the best interests of the Purebred Irish draught. I believe that breeders want this more inclusive system and that through the proper use and understanding of the linear profile sheet we will see the Traditional Irish Horse become dominant in the worlds of show jumping and eventing once again. I have set aside some time at the end of the meeting for a member forum so if you have questions or comments please don’t be afraid to speak. The bod members are here to help in any way we can.

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With these exciting opportunities we now have access to build more shows to get our horses out in public, marketing will come through both the USEF publications and HSI with our herd being listed in the Stallion and Mare books and the Capaill Or database with the long term goal being our inclusion in the Irish Horse Gateway set up by HSI to sell Irish horses on a global basis.


n the mean time our responsibility is to continue to produce high quality purebred and partbred Irish Draughts and to give them the best training and showing chances available to us. We are fast approaching election time and nomination forms are due no later than October 31st , currently we have Ann Cummings -Vice President Sue Rowdon – Executive Secretary Nadia Cook Connie Arthur - Director at large Tom Green

Sue, Nadia and Tom are all here tonight and I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions. We are still in search of regional chairs for the Central and North West regions so please encourage anybody you know in these areas to step up and help us make a difference.


inally, I wish all of our competitors a safe and successful show and I look forward to meeting you again tomorrow night for the annual banquet.


P <<<<<<<<<<<



MEMBERSHIP: he Society’s membership currently stands at 208 including international members. Membership is recorded as lifetime, individual, family, farm or junior with family and farm allowing for two voting privileges. Membership is down from last year at this time (276). Membership by region and by category is as follows:


2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . AGM Meeting . . . MEMBERSHIP


















































REGISTRATION: Horses registered this year as of the AGM: 31. This number is below the last few years when registration was over twice this number. Number of horses registered has declined significantly from pre-recession years; at that time, annual registration consistently was over 100 and a few years upwards of 150. RMSC: Registrar and Member Services Coordinator functions were successfully transferred to contractor Lucy Stevenson in early 2015 as the KHP Office closed in late December of 2014. In the past 8 months, improvements and updates too many forms, the data base infrastructure and filing systems have been made as well as a conscientious application of registration policies and much improved response time and coordination.



P <<<<<<<<<<<

SUE ROWDON: Southeast Region – 2015 AGM Report


would like to thank the many SER members who have taken the time to share their thoughts on harmonizing the IDHSNA purebred registration. We have a lot more work to do and I look forward to hearing more comments. A gentle reminder that the IDHSNA Notices yahoo group is the location for official documents and notices. If you cannot access that group please contact me so I can help you gain access.

15 9



ANN MORSS: NORTHeast Region – 2015 AGM Report


e’ve been busy again this year! We’ve exhibited at the Western New York Horse Council Expo in March, we’ve awarded the highest placing Irish Draught Sport HOrses at the Jersey Fresh Event in May and Cosequin Stuart Event in July. Complete Reports with pictures for the IDSH Awards can be found in this e-Blarney. And we were awarded the honor of hosting the 2015 IDHSNA Annual Breed Show again! We wish to welcome all of you to the Swedesboro Holiday Inn for our 2015 Annual General Meeting. Big news for this year, the IDHSNA Board of Directors voted to harmonize our Purebred Studbook with the Studbook of Origin in Ireland.


he North East Region had 48 current members as of August 19th, 2015, and I asked all to tell me how they felt about harmonizing. I received 30 responses: 19 said “yes” for harmonization; 7 said “not sure and would go with the majority”; 1 wanted “what’s best for the Society”; 1 abstained; and 2 said “no” to harmonization. 8 of the “yes” responses were from breeders of Irish Draughts and Irish Draught Sport Horses; 1 breeder said “no”. I placed my vote on the board motion to reflect the majority of the answers from the North East Region - thanks to all who let me know how they felt!

I’ve seen pictures on Facebook of members out with their Irish horses, competing and having fun. I would love to have some of the pics with permission to print in the fall eBlarney. Please send them to me

We hope you’re enjoying the hospitality as much as we are here in New Jersey! Tom Green has worked mightily all year to produce our Society Show with many innovations. There is a great TEAM effort to put on this show; our volunteers are vital and we hope you give them all a hand-shake and thank-you for their dedication!


GOOD LUCK to all competitors, great thanks to our Sponsors and Volunteers and a big THANKS to all spectators coming to join us. slainte!

lease consider where and how you can volunteer to help the IDHSNA in the next years. I’ve heard from many members who are renewing memberships and I look forward to their enthusiasm and involvement in IDHSNA 2016!

Remember, Members are the IDHSNA... Ride On!


P <<<<<<<<<<<

2015 Fall e~Blarney


P <<<<<<<<<<< Page 9

. . . ProďŹ t & Loss as of September 2015 . . .

2016 RESULTS JUST IN: vice president - Tom green Executive Secretary - Sue rowdon Directors At Large: connie Arthur; Nadia cook [Election was for vp, Ex Sec, 2 DALs]

region chairs: Bob garcia (SWr); Debbie Fullilove (Scr)

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2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . Balance Sheet as of September 2015 . . .

2015 Fall e~Blarney

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. . . AGM Meeting . . . 2015 IDHSNA AGM MINUTES


he 2015 AGM was called to order by President, Fleur Bryan, at 7:30 PM. Fleur welcomed all attendees to the show and the AGM. It was determined that we were 2 members short of a quorum.

There being no further business, Fleur Bryan then adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted: Sue Rowdon, Brianne Sells, Ann Morss, Nadia Cook, Fleur Bryan, Mary Hansen

Fleur continued, referring to the AGM packets that were distributed to attendees upon arrival. She announced several updates. First, HSI has contacted IDHSNA to invite IDHSNA to send representatives to the inspectors training course to be help at Kildalton College, in Co. Kilkenny, Oct 15-16. Anyone interested in attending should contact Fleur Bryan, fleurbryan@, for more information. Second, Ann Cummings has withdrawn her name as candidate for VP for the 2016-17 BOD. The recent fire in Washington State which, burned over her farm, has caused her to reconsider the amount of time she can commit to the IDHSNA BOD. We all wish Ann and family good luck as they rebuild their farm. The Society will be looking forward to Third, Fleur reminded everyone that we still need candidates for the Regional Chair positions in Central and Northwest. We are hopeful that a candidate has stepped up for the Southwest RC position. Please contact any member of the BOD if you are interested in being considered for RC.


ext, Treasurer Mary Hansen, called attention to the financial information in the AGM Packet. She pointed out the comparison between 2014 and 2015 Net Income as of this date, saying that we seemed to have turned the corner and are getting back on track fiscally. There was a general voicing of approval at the improved financial state of the Society.


P <<<<<<<<<<<


Anthea McLauchlan (NWR)


Elizabeth Drake (SWR)


Maggie Tyler - Harkaway Farm (CER)


Brianne Sells - Bridon Irish Draughts (SER)


Brian Gwartz (SWR)


James W. Cogdell (SER)


Sue Rowdon - Ballygrace Irish Draughts (SER)

304 Rachel Cox - Windfield Farm (NER) 311 Patricia Orgas (CER) 377

Jutta Heinsohn - Adsagsona (SER)


Laurie Monroe - GrafX by Laurie (SER)

414 Cheryl Skigin (SWR) 511 Charles Yates (SER) 522

Marion G. Georgiev - Chisama Farm (NER)


Lauren Pollin - Happy Choice Farm (SER)

883 Karen Cobb - Woodland Hills Equestrian Center (SCR)

Society guest, Michael Kirwan, from Co. Kilkenny, Ireland, then discussed the inspection process used in Ireland. He showed a short video that is sent out by HSI to owners who are considering bringing horses forward for inspection. This video should be online shortly at A general discussion about the inspection process followed. Michael emphasized that owners need to have their horses adequately fit and in good condition. We were grateful for his clear presentation and insight into inspections.


Susan Yates (SER)


Barbara Zylbert - Kilfani Farm (SWR)


James B. Keogh - Grovendale, LLC (SER)

Ann Morss, NE Region Chair, thanked the competitors and the volunteers who are making this show such a success. We all agreed that the Nicholson Family Tribute Award for volunteerism should go to Tom Green for all of his hard work on the Annual Shows. Michael Kirwan spoke for a few minutes about the inspector training classes and encouraged IDHSNA to send some people over in October. He also reminded us that we need to accept differences of opinions. We all agreed that we can agree to disagree and keep an open dialogue and yet be accepting of othersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; opinions.

Page 12

1117 Patrick J. Flannery (SWR) 1119

Melissa Cason-Kinney - Kinson Stud (SER)


Andrea Duncan (SWR)


Lisa Kemp - Celtic Country Farm (SER)


Boo Fitch (SER)

1289 Jolanta Bott (NER) 1370

Ann Shira Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donnell - Top Gun Stables LLC (SCR)

1400 Cynthia Denehy (NER) 1405 Collin F. McNeil (NER) 1530 Rebecca Rickly (SCR) 1533

Lacy Warner (SER)

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . Annual Show View . . . THANK YOU by Joseph Lester Murphy


hank everyone who came to our last show on the 23rd, and thank you Deb, Sue and Jen for bringing the food and drinks. This show presented special awards in Dressage and Combined Training to the highest scoring Irish bred horses. It was very nice to see Joanne Racaniello Pelosi bring her lovely Irish Sport Horse “Cassie” to the show. She is coming along very nicely and was awarded the Champion Irish Horse in Combined Training. Bridget and Prince was awarded the Reserve Champion Irish Horse in Combined Training. I want to congratulate Deb Wenner for her wonderful dressage tests with Blue Cailleagh, our RID mare. Deb and Cailleagh was awarded the Reserve Champion Irish Horse in Dressage. And our Irish Sport Horse gelding, Loyal Touch, was awarded Champion Irish Horse in Dressage. Loyal Touch was Jumping Champion and also awarded the IDHSNA perpetual trophy for “Show Champion Irish Draught Bred Horse”.


hank you again to Ann Morss of the Irish Draught Horse Society of NA Northeast Region for providing the ribbons and Trophy. It was nice to see Jen Kotiv and Gordon do so well in their Horse Trial. Barbara and Evita jumping are always fun to watch. And once again, Alexa and Rocky did a fantastic job x-country! Thanks again to all who came. It was a fun day. Now we are looking forward to the IDHSNA annual show at the Dream Park of New Jersey.


P <<<<<<<<<<<



he 2015 Annual IDHSNA Show Committee worked it’s magic again this year at the Dream Park Facility in New Jersey, September 11 - 13, 2015!

Tom Green, Mary Hansen (Volunteer Computer & Scoring Wizardess!) Brianne Sells (Point Collector & Disseminator of Champion & Reserve Trophies!) Sue Rowdon (Dressage Scoring Compilation Expert!) Jennifer Sears Vanderwerken (Hunter/Jumper Coordinator & Course Designer) Beth Goettel (Sponsor Collector) Charles Yates (Announcer Extraordinaire) and Sarah Batzing (Prize List & Program Coordinator and Utility Course Designer) are among several of the hard-working folks from the North East & South East Regions who were so generous with their time and efforts!


e can’t say *Thank You* enough to everyone who competed, contributed, volunteered and traveled to join us again at our Irish Gathering!

There are more 2015 Programs available, if anyone would like to obtain one!

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Emerald Ivy RID, Supreme Champion w/owner Vicki Crawford, rider Brittany Fiebrandt, and judge Michael Kirwan (photo courtesy Sue Rowdon).

Live Streaming was used for the first time at the IDHSNA Annual Show and will hopefully be improved and continue to provide the world with live competitions! Tom Green led the warriors for months, implementing a new group of Irish Draughts & IDSHs for consideration for this year’s Show. The name, Horses of Irish Draught Descent, (HIDD) brought lots of interest from around the country and while we had 2 Qualified HIDD, there seem to be more in the mists of our Irish world! The Classes for the HIDD were only set for this year’s Show, but maybe there is a precedent for future Shows!


he 2015 Annual Banquet was a welcome party after all the competition and setup and the Live Auction garnered several thousand, in part, thanks to Jimmy & Edel Quinn offering Breedings to three of the Cappa Stud’s premier Stallions and with the generous help from Shelbourne Farms waiving fees! Another few hundred was collected through the dainty parade of high heels on the arm of our Irish Judge, you had to be there! The Silent Auction gathered another couple thousand through the efforts of many Members donating fine items of interest and the bidders eager to win a most desired article! The Silent Suction is a time honored tradition and will continue to be! Please enjoy a few Show pictures, there will be many more included with the Annual Show Report in the 2015 Blarney Yearbook! continued overleaf...

Page 13

. . . Annual Show View . . .

Brianne Sells, Sue Rowdon & Charles Yates. Photo credit Mayne Imaging.

SER member, Josh Wilkerson shows off one of the items from the Silent Auction at the Saturday night dinner (photo courtesy Sue Rowdon).

Irish Cup Supreme Purebred Champion Emerald Ivy, Brittany Fiebrandt, Vicki Crawford, Michael Kirwan, and Jimmy Quinn.

Tully Cross Trophy Partbred Performance Show Champion Arnchaglad, Charles & Susan Yates-Sponsor, Michael Kirwan, Beth Spatz, Mary Suttmeier. Owner-Rider, Jennifer Sears Vanderwerken.

Pam Wiedemann (Dressage Judge) at work, judging Dani Douphinette & PL Irish Fionna.

Glenograâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Keepsake Challenge Trophy Purebred Irish Hunter Champion Windfield Siver Hawk, Rachael Cox, Michael Kirwan, and Beth Spatz, Show Hunter-Jumper & Riding Judge.

Page 14

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . 2016 Foaling Season & Regenerative Medicine . . . Foaling Season 2016 Arrives With Promise… and regenerative medicine will reap rewards for your new arrivals! by Moira McCracken


he prospect of seeing the new year’s foals in the pastures with their mothers and stable mates is one of the most exhilarating prospects for the coming season. The equine industry invests day and night vigils by owners, veterinarians and staff – not to mention enormous sums of money – to ensure the health and vitality of each newborn.

The use of adult stem cells that are isolated and then cultured from bone marrow, adipose tissue or skin, are powerful agents prepared from the animal’s own immune system.


e invite you to search our website at for the purpose of seeing many clinical studies produced in the past five years that advance the scientific knowledge behind the use of regenerative medicine for the treatment of your horses’ injuries to restore his sound health.

Regenerative medicine has matured to the point of offering the foal the promise of better health and healing in their lifetimes. And, further, it offers owners an insurance policy for injuries and diseases throughout the horse’s life. We now know the simple procedure of collecting a sample of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cryostoring that sample for later use will offer the opportunity for many treatments through the life of the horse with its own perfectly matched cells. Cryostorage at a well-regarded laboratory is very reasonably priced and the sample in storage becomes an asset for your lifetime care of the horse, or it can be sold with the horse for the use of the new owner.


he preparation of the stem cells from umbilical cord or placenta cells collected at birth is an insurance policy for the owner and veterinarian for the life of the animal. However, for a horse already in your stable, adult stem cells can be isolated from bone marrow (aspirated from the sternum) or adipose tissue (biopsied from a choice of sites) or from skin (using a small biopsy – usually under the mane). Literally, every body cell can produce stem cells, but these are the more common sites to recover adult stem cells. Stems cells are used in the treatment of many and diverse injuries to the tendons and joints. Research now has shown stem cells to be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis. Some recent studies are testing results of stem cells used alone and others using the stem cells with other therapies such as platelet rich concentrates and IRAP.

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Page 15

. . . Region Reports . . . NORTH EAST REGION Ann Morss, Chair


he North East Region sends its best to everyone around the IDHSNA Society! We all hope your Summer has been wonderful. We have been busy gtting ready for the 2015 IDHSNA Annual show taking place at the Dream Park facility in Swedesboro, NJ, again this year. Our more favorable dates in September should help with the weather! Tom Green, Beth Goettel, Sarah Batzing, Deborah Briggs, Jennifer Sears Vanderwerken and secretary, Mary Hnsen, have been preparing show details and horses for the competition.

W future!

eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had many competing through the season this year, there will be a full report in the next Blarney. Please enjoy all the foal pictures, our stars of the

The North East Region awarded the highest placing IDSH at the Cosequin Stuart Horse Trials in Victor, NY, July 11th & 12th.

Already this year, we have hosted a booth at the Equifest in western New York, awarded the highest placing Irish Draught Sport Horses at the Jersey Fresh CCI and CIC** & *** Horse Trials and at the Cosequin Stuart CIC* & ** Horse Trials.

Clip Clop, ridden by Joe Meyer

We had some returning winners and some new faces at this prestigious event. Unfortunately, we have heard recently that 2015 will be last year for the Stuart competition, I will miss having this event in our backyard. The organizers did a wonderful job running Stuart and paid the best attention to sponsors!!! Ballingowan Pizazz, ridden by Micheal Pollard

We will be entertaining the masses at Equine Affaire, November 12-15, 2015, in Springfield, MA. The Breed Demo should be another spectacular one, look for more details as we get closer.

Delux Z, ridden by Kurt Martin

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P <<<<<<<<<<<

Here are some of the highest placing IDSHs and their Pictures in order: CIC*

Cooley Dream (by Cruising), ridden by Hannah Sue Burnett - 2nd Overall - CIC*

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . Region Reports (con’t) . . . Intermediate:



ith the hot & dry Texas summer behind us, Roxie’s looking forward to Fall’s leisurely strolls and taking in the SUNSHINE (right)! Windfield Flower Girl, ID, and Roger Daly Horses trainer, Jesus, practice the Texas Two-Step (below)!

Coolcorron Kinsale (by Coolcorron Cool Diamond), ridden by Mara Depuy - 2nd Overall - Intermediate


Windfield All Sunshine, RID, with rider Sarahjoy Mount and owner Ann Shira O’Donnell, celebrate Roxie’s Open Hunter 2’6” Division winnings in July at Hidden Lake Farm, Bartonville Texas (below). Sacramento (by Candle King), ridden by Kylie Dermody - 1st Overall - Preliminary

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



ebi and M e g a n Cramer shared two photos of their Irish Sport Horse filly. She is a year and 4 months and over 15.2 already! Filly by Beeston Laird (RID) and out of Essence of Legends (TB). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Page 17

. . . Region Reports (con’t) . . . My Shamrock Paddy, Normandy’s Cole’s Clover, Russell’s Reserve, Windfield All Sunshine, Windfield Flower Girl, Zamboni.


Jacqueline Hawks takes Roxie on her “Up Hill” exercises.


he IDHSNA South Central Region is fortunate to have so many ambassadors of the Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse breed. We celebrate with our wonderful equine companions throughout our Region with venues hosting events at The Texas Rose Horse Park, Greenwood Farm, Meadow Creek Farm, Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Pine Hill, Holly Hill Farm, Feather Creek Farm and many others. With show dates, schooling opportunities and clinic dates throughout the year, our Irish equine ambassadors’ turn on their charm, winning not only ribbons, but most of all, winning the hearts of all who meet them. ID & IDSH to watch in the South Central Region:

Braveheart, Breezy Vintage Diamond, Carlingford’s Forever, Charlie Tango, Deanfield Kit Baloo, Deanfield Crown & Peach, Diamant DUBH, Diamond Trooper, Elilish Spring, Fergus Mac Finn, Flagmount’s Celtic Rose, Flagmount’s Cool Customer, Flagmount’s Harmony, Flagmount’s Rebel, Glenlord’s Full Moon Fortune, Glenlord’s Crimson Tyton, Glenlord’s Laralie, Kingston Mac Dubh, Loughnatousa Caislean,

strong Irish showing was evident as the final results were posted for The American Eventing Championships held in Tyler, Texas, September 2427, 2015. First Place ribbons were awarded to: Atlantic Domino (Advanced), Charlie Glenlord’s Full Moon Fortune Tango (Intermediate), (RIDSH), with Amy Clemmons, DVM. Dassett Profile (Junior Novice) and Fernhill Jet (Training-ATC). The South Central Region was well represented at the AEC’s including many of the horses mentioned above. Thank you to all of the owners of these magnificent horses for sharing and showcasing their talents throughout this past year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



his fall has been a busy one in the SE Region. We had very good representation at the 2015 Annual Show in NJ. Not only members bringing horses to compete but also, volunteering at the show. There will be pictures from the show in the Blarney yearbook but here are a few casual shots.

For those foxhunters among us, the latest issue of “Covertside” published by the MHFA, features an article on Foxhounds written by our own Vicki Crawford, joint MFH of Potomac Hunt and owner along with husband, Skip, of Emerald Ivy and Dandelion Rebel, RID. As 2015 draws to a close, I’d like to remind everyone to submit scores for IDHSNA yearend awards. Also, send me pictures and information for the SE Region report in the Blarney yearbook. ~ Ride On’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

SOUTH WEST REGION Kleary Field Member News, Karen Young

Zamboni (ISH), with owner Amy Clemmons, DVM.

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015 brought our 8th purebred Irish Draught birth - a total outcross colt by Mountain Pearl out of Moorpark Girl. We named him Kleary’s M&M (Mike), and he is

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . Region Reports . . . Mountain Pearl’s first North American foal since 2008. Mike is a lovely bay, but his leg marking as very low - apparently this is called “wild bay” which we are now reading and learning more about.

enthusiasts the Irish Draught. Hopefully the Heritage Breed Turkey auction won’t be too exciting or near-by!

From left IDSH Kleary’s Lucky Star (Stella) by Brandenburg’s Windstar, RIDSH Kleary’s Sweet Heart and RIDSH Kleary’s Mighty Pip. RIDSH Kleary’s Sweet Heart (by RID The King of Hearts), with breeder Lucinda Romero in the irons!

Our competition year was not as planned, but we did have 3 Kleary Field bred horses competing and finishing in the ribbons at Woodside International Horse Trials in October. All three chestnut mares finished with ZERO jump faults. RIDSH Kleary’s Foolish Heart (by RIDSH Jack of Hearts) placed 3rd in Preliminary Rider with owner/rider Dawn Robbins. RIDSH Kleary’s Mighty Pip (by RID Tors Gentleman Farmer out of Sally Sells Shells) placed 4th in Junior Novice Rider with owner/rider Jessica Flores. Half-sister RIDSH Kleary’s Sweet Heart (by RID The King of Hearts, who also happens to be the sire of RIDSH Jack of Hearts) placed 7th in Senior Novice Amateur with breeder Lucinda Romero in the irons (photo left). A great weekend in Northern California and the second year in a row each of these three Kleary Field-bred combinations have finished in the ribbons at this show!


lso at the Woodside show we managed to get three chestnut mare half sisters into one photo with no squealing! Thanks to Society member Connie Arthur for taking the photo of Sally Sells Shells (Lulu’s) 2011, 2008 and 2006 Irish Draught Sport Horse foals! From left IDSH Kleary’s Lucky Star (Stella) by Brandenburg’s Windstar, RIDSH Kleary’s Sweet Heart and RIDSH Kleary’s Mighty Pip. Last and not least, we are excited to have been invited to participate in The Livestock Conservancy’s annual convention which is being held in nearby Santa Rosa, CA in November. We will be showing two pregnant RID mares, Kleary’s Grace (by Coille Mor Hill out of Moorpark Girl) and Kleary’s Diamond (by The King of Hearts out of Moorpark Girl), during the Conservancy’s fundraising Gala. It should be a super networking opportunity and chance to show other rare-breed

2015 Fall e~Blarney

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. . . Visit To Ireland - Inspector Training . . . PRELIMINARY INSPECTOR TRAINING, IRELAND by Rachael Cox


t did cross my mind as Sarah Watkins and I drove to Kildalton College on a beautiful crisp Irish morning (ready for a 9:00 am class), that Autumn Hunting would be well underway and scent must have been near perfect. It was fitting that we were going to see purebred Irish Draught Horses – the best Hunters EVER! KILDALTON COLLEGE

horses. He also gave us tremendous insight into their jumping ability via technology. Videos were played in slow motion to enable us to better understand exactly how a horse tackles his fences. The videos were very informative, immensely interesting and a very useful tool. As the horses travelled at a good pace down the chute, knowing exactly what to look for was a huge help. Quite quickly one’s eyes better followed each section of the horse’s transitions over an upright fence or an oxer. That afternoon we ‘scored’ five horses for athleticism and scope: a young stallion, a mature stallion and three younger horses in various stages of training. We had been taught a ‘shorthand’ for quick reference to each horse, so lots of help and encouragement enabled everyone to fairly assess the capabilities and scope of each horse.


We were all warmly welcomed and quickly settled down to the job in hand. We were guided through the linear inspection procedure with the expertise and experience of Dr. Charlotte Moore and Michael Kirwan. The class was made up of three from the UK, three from Ireland, one from Canada (with Cheryl Anderson sitting in to audit) and two from the US –everyone coming together from different directions but with a passion for the Irish Draught Horse and its long term preservation, not only as a foundation horse for the famous Part Bred but as a capable and athletic competition horse in its own right - thus fueling interest in the horse with THE most wonderful temperament. We spent the morning looking at all shapes and sizes of horses. After a delicious lunch, we were all invited to linear profile six horses at various stages of development ranging from youngsters being broken to mature broodmares. Learning to study each part of the horse individually and score that part is something that takes practice - especially to complete the task in a timely fashion!

he whole experience was invaluable. Input from Allison Corbally and HSI was all about the horses and their continued importance to Ireland, their owners, riders, competitors and breeders. Involvement is for the long term. There was much to learn from watching the ground crew of young people under the guidance of Declan McCauley who quietly and efficiently moved the horses around the arena and through the jumping lane. This took skill, horse sense and teamwork. Preparing horses properly for inspection makes a huge difference in their ability to show well. Kildalton College takes in around 80 equine trainees each year and everyone I spoke to was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interested in their work with the Irish Draughts. They were a great bunch of young people and were a pleasure to be around. Some of them will be the next generation of caretakers of the Irish Draught. Meeting up with old friends – making new friends and sharing our knowledge to protect and preserve this wonderful breed has to be the direction of the future.


For me, another special moment had to be recognizing Gordon (Fleur’s brother), whom I hadn’t seen for years, in a suit at Dublin Airport! Thank you, Gordon.

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2015 Fall e~Blarney

orning two was back in the classroom with John Ledingham whose passion for the Irish Draught was obvious as he recalled his childhood among these

. . . Ireland 2015 - Show Season in Numbers (and pics) . . . IRELAND 2015 - SHOW SEASON IN NUMBERS (AND PICS): Intro and Photos by Liz Freeman


he five (5) month showing calendar in Ireland packs in a staggering number of opportunities for the Irish Draught enthusiast. From the 2015 season opener at Kilkennyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Thomastown Show the first weekend in May, through the Ballinasloe Horse Show in Co. Galway the first weekend of October, there are no fewer than 89 separate Irish Shows Association events featuring in-hand and ridden Irish Draught classes, 13 All Ireland and other Irish Draught championships, 4 performance Irish Draught qualifiers, 2 dedicated breed shows, assorted branch shows, the Dublin Horse Show, and of course the many open ridden cob, ridden hunter, and working hunter classes in which purebred Irish Draughts excel.

Judging the cobs at Mullingar International Show.

Here is a selection of photographs of Irish Draught horses and their people from the 2015 show season in Ireland.

Joanne Maguire and Charmaine Kee discuss the weather whilst waiting for the judging to wrap up in the young mare class. Horses pictured: Goldsmith Country Ma Belle (Scrapman-Phantom Queen) and Gweebarra Genesis (Crosstown Dancer-Gweebarra Jen). IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Seamus Sloyanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2 year old filly (Clew Bay Bouncer-Ballintaffy Lady) shares a quiet moment with Brian Cogan at Athlone Show. This filly went on to win the 2 year old Irish Draught Filly All Ireland Championship in Limerick.

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Charmaine Kee and her Gweebarra Genesis at the IDHBA National Show at Punchestown.

Adrian Burke handling homebred 3 year old filly Pagestown Harmony (Crosstown Dancer-Liskillen Harmony). IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Page 21

. . . Ireland 2015 - Show Season in Numbers (and pics) . . .

Derry Rothwell and his Walnut Chase (Huntingfield Proud Tim-Lennox Christine) pose with judges Aidan Jones and Vicky Matthews following their win in the Senior Mare Class. IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Miriam O’Sullivan’s Banvalley Mandolin (Moylough Bouncer-Ardattin Mandy) and rider Melanie Horsman in the middleweight hunters at Galway Co. Show.

Hannah Gordon and Liam Lynskey’s Moylough Bouncer (Grange BouncerAnother June Day) celebrate their third place in the Ridden Irish Draughts 6 yo and over. IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Ken Bryan and his Rosheen Yeats (Huntingfield Rebel-Glanduff Breeze) take Charlotte Moore for a spin in the rain. IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Page 22

James Murphy leading Sean Barker’s newly approved stallion Gortfree Lakeside Lad (Gortfree Hero-Springvale Rose) in the stallion parade at the RDS.

2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . Ireland 2015 - Show Season in Numbers (and pics) . . .

Pagestown Harmony (Crosstown Dancer-Liskillen Harmony) and handler Samantha Fitzsimons make their RDS debut in the young mare class. Eileen Brennan presents the Susan Lannigan-O’Keefe Perpetual Tray to Seamus Sloyan and his Supreme Champion Elm View (Elm Hill-Morning Glow). IDHBA National Show Punchestown.

Leah Farrell and her lovely Rosco Gentleman (Gentle Diamond-Bronagh) stepping out in the ridden cob class at Athlone Show.

PaddyJoe Foy and his Clew Bay Bouncer (Grange Bouncer-Durrus Pride) on parade in Ring 1 at the RDS.

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Jim McNulty’s Edenagor Ellie by Hillviewfarm Superstar takes a break at the milk bar during her class at the RDS. Dam: Edenagor Wendy (Fast Silver-Wendy’s Beauty). Mare and foal handled by Jim’s son-in-law Eddie McGoarty and Jim’s daughter Marie.

James Whyte’s filly foal Carrigrua Whyte’s Girl (by Fintan Himself) wondering why the human is picking grass. Dam: Inisfree the White Lady (Crannagh Hero-Holly Daisy). RDS Horse Show. Mare handled by James’ daughter Aoife with Terry Phair entertaining the foal.

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. . . Ireland 2015 - Show Season in Numbers (and pics) . . .

Danny Molloy and his lovely Baltydaniel Silver Queen (Fast Silver-Mill Hollow Queen), winner of the Irish Draught mare class (age 5 and over) at the RDS.

Diarmuid Ryan pilots Jer Doran’s 6 year old gelding Duffy (Crosstown Dancer-Tullyoran Moonlight) through the Heavyweight Working Hunter course at the RDS. Duffy and Diarmuid also contested the Performance Irish Draught class earlier in the week.

Another Heavyweight Working Hunter and Performance Irish Draught competitor, Eamon Darcy’s Lachain Blue Boy (Blue Rajah-Moorspark Leading Lady), ridden by Amanda Fahy.

Ciara Mullen and her 6 year old mare Madame Stella (Crannagh HeroMaybe Jaybe) reflecting on their second place finish in the Intermediate Hunters at the RDS. Earlier in the week Madame Stella also placed second in the Small Hunters.

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Maeve O’Meara’s filly Callow’s Ceili Grey (Avanti Amorous Archie-Kingstead Emma) surveys the competition at Galway County Show.

2015 Fall e~Blarney


2000 16.3hh Registered Irish Draught Stallion By Mountain Pearl / Graceland Pride by King Elvis $1,200 BREEDING FEE 2012 National Eventing Champion Level 2 - IDHS-NA Famous Sire of Winning Irish Sporthorses Exceptional Temperament Incredible Athleticism Amazing Conformation

Competing at Open Intermediate Eventing and Prix St. Georges Dressage Standing at Lone Tree Farm • 23806 Yosemite Blvd • Waterford, CA 95386 For more information or breeding contract: • 209.985.3354

. . . 2015 Focus on Foals . . . Klearyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s M&M (Mike) Sex: Colt | DOB: 4/18/2015 Breed: Irish Draught Sire: Mountain Pearl | Dam: Moorpark Girl Dam Sire: Moorpark Boy Owner/Breeder: Kleary Field Not for Sale

Unnamed Colt Sex: Colt | Breed: Irish Draught Sire: Moorpark Image Dam: Knockaderry Pearl Owned by Dana Worcester (Epona Farm)

Irish Ivory Sex: Filly Breed: Irish Draught Sport Horse Sire: Sagar | Dam: Irish Allure Owned by Margo Taylor

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2015 Fall e~Blarney

. . . 2015 Focus on Foals . . .

Unnamed Colt Sex: Colt | Breed: Irish Draught Sport Horse Sire: KEC Double Diamond | Dam: Know It All (SF)

Irish Indigo

Owned by Dana Worcester (Epona Farm)

Sex: Filly | Breed: Irish Draught Sport Horse Sire: Sagar | Dam: Irish Allure Owned by Margo Taylor

CMF Anna Livia Sex: Filly | Breed: Irish Sport Horse Sire: Flag of Diamonds Dam: Greylyn Diamond Promise (Select ISH mare) Owned by Gina Kirby (Celtic Manor Farm)

2015 Fall e~Blarney

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. . . 2015 Focus on Foals . . . Unnamed Filly Sex: Filly | Breed: Irish Draught Sire: Avanti Amorous Archie Dam: MFF Touch Of Spice Owner/Breeder: Kleary Field

CMF Well Done (left) Sex: Colt | Breed: Irish Draught Sire: Flag of Diamonds | Dam: Duhonw Daisy Owned by Gina Kirby (Celtic Manor Farm)

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2015 Fall e~Blarney




North East Eventing News: Jorgen Olijslager & Northern Quest Ladyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Man (Mac) continue on their way up in the Eventing world. They have competed in six major competitions this year, two at Preliminary----May 23rd at Flora Lee, finishing 3rd out of 15 starters and June 20th at Surefire, finishing 3rd out of 19 starters. Moving up to Intermediate July 10th at Stuart in the CIC*, they finished 4th out of 15 starters and won the IDHSNA Highest Placed IDSH Award! Next, they competed July 30th at Millbrook, Intermediate, finishing 5th out of 29 starters; September 16th at Plantation, CIC* finishing 7th out of 37 starters and capping the year at the Virginia Horse Trials, October 29th, Intermediate, finishing 5th out of 19! This IDSH is bred by Michael & Marisa Frazier by West Cork (TB by Kris S) out of Silver Lady RID by Ard Grandpa and is a product of the USA!


n mid-November, seven members of the IDHSNA BOD and MSC, Lucy Stevenson, traveled to Ireland to meet with Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) and finalize registration policies. to reflect our harmonized status as well as the aspects unique to North America.

We will be following this young team based in New Jersey through the coming years with great interest & enthusiasm!

Taking a break, the group gathered in the HSI office, pictured are Sue Rowdon, Ann Cummings, Brianne Sells, Nadia Cook, Fleur Bryan, Mary Hansen, Michael Dempsey, Alison Corbally, Lucy Stevenson, and Liz McFarland. Alison and Michael were very surprised to hear that for some members of the NA group, this was the first time they had met in person. IDHSNA covers a lot of country. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dark Brown Colt (prior page bottom left) Sex: Colt | Breed: Irish Draught Sire: Touch Of The Blues | Dam: MFF Rivi Era Girl Owned by Manu Forti Farms

Bay Colt (prior page bottom right) Sex: Colt | Breed: Irish Draught Sport Horse Sire: Mannhattan (OLD) | Dam: MFF Touch Of Dutch Owned by Manu Forti Farms

2015 Fall e~Blarney

Page 29

2015 WBFSH Top Ten Eventing Horses with Irish Draught Backbreeding Rank Horse YOB Studbk Sire


Damsire ID Bloodlines

5 Hop and Skip



Skippy Too

9 Cambalda



Balda Beau Cathy’s Lady

14 Cooley SRS


ISH Ramiro B

Ballynattin Pride

17 Master Frisky



Frisky Legs Coopers Hill Clover Hill, Mountain View

30 One Two Many


ISH Chacoa Cul Na Breathar Colin Diamond

37 Annie Clover



Master Imp xx

La Sylphide Catherston Dazzler

Skippy, Telstar

Diamond Serpent

King of Diamonds

Kiltealy Spring

King of Diamonds

Diamond Lad, Clover Hill

Newmarket Venture Kilderry Clover Clover Hill Clover Hill

44 Harbour Pilot C 1999 ISH Coolcorran Cool Diamond

Beavers Bugsy Malone Hallodri xx Glidawn Diamond

61 The Duke of Cavan 2006

ISH Courage II

Dysert Girl Ricardo Z

66 Dromgurrihy Blue


ISH Puissance Castlemorris Hope


67 Bay My Hero


ISH Cult Hero xx

Tomgar Power Crest

Bing Power

Kildalton Gold, Western Pride Diamonds Are Trumps, Roll On Sea Crest, King of Diamonds

2015 WBFSH Top Ten Showjumping Horses with Irish Draught Backbreeding Rank Horse YOB Studbk Sire OBOS Quality


Damsire ID Bloodlines

71 Castlefield Eclipse



94 Flexible


ISH Cruising


129 Loughview Lou-Lou 2002



Loughview Diamond Lucy Jack of Diamonds

239 Suma’s Zorro



Ard VDL Douglas Vixens Frolic

Horos xx Pride of Shaunlara

293 Dougie Douglas



Ard VDL Douglas

High Roller Clover Hill

343 Ardcolum Duke


ISH Gypsy Duke

Dangerous Lady Clover Hill Clover Hill

417 Mic Mac du Tillard 2000

SF Cruising

Quanagra Galoubet A

568 Gatsby



Daisy Cruise Cruise On

604 Celestine


SWB Cardento

Diamond Hills

King of Diamonds

606 Billy Congo


AES Vechta

Billy Autumn

Animo Clover Hill


Furisto Clover Hill Clover Hill Clover Hill

Neill’s Girl

Safari xx

Sea Crest King of Diamonds, Gortlee

Sea Crest Sea Crest, Clover Hill King of Diamonds, Bantry Pearl

*compiled by Liz Freeman; ranking data from

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2015 Fall e~Blarney

2015 IDHSNA Fall e-Blarney