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For nearly two decades two families, the Coffmans and the Mazurs, have worked together to build what is now Graftobian Make-up Company. Eric Coffman with his knowledge of the industry and John Mazur with his nearly 40 years of experience in cosmetic chemistry are just the tip of the iceburg. Susan Coffman and Skyler Coffman lead our financial team, Jessica Coffman as creative director designs our literature and packaging etc., Mary Mazur assists in sales and the list of supporting family and friends goes on and on. Graftobian is truly an American family business. We are a manufacturing success story with expanding facilities in both the Mazur’s city of Brooklyn, NY and the Coffman’s hometown of Madison, WI. The result of all this family talent is a rapidly growing company which boasts the manufacture and distribution of virtually every type of make-up, sold all over the world. Two families with one enduring mission: We will only offer the highest quality products, and we will always take great care of our customers.

Eric G. Coffman

John Mazur

Helping Shape Graftobian Brad Look is a top tier, Emmy Award® winning, professional Hollywood makeup artist featured throughout this catalog. His specialty is airbrush makeup, both beauty and F/X, but within these pages he shares a wide variety of makeup tips. Brad played a key role in helping create the colors in our Glamour Creme and matching GlamAireTM Airbrush foundations. Today, Brad continues to be one our most valuable friends and consultants as we develop new F/X and HD beauty makeup.

Mary Erickson is a nationally respected print, editorial, and fashion makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. Mary was instrumental in the development of Graftobian’s Hi-Def Glamour Creme Palettes, Lip Color Palettes, Corrector Palette and our now famous Super Palettes (p.7). She created the concept of offering our HD Pro Powders in kit friendly 37mm size pans for use in custom multi-well compacts, which all professional makeup artists need for their work. Mary’s understanding of today’s trends in professional makeup helps keep us on the cutting edge of pro cosmetic technology.


Suzanne Patterson is an Emmy Award®* winning makeup artist with decades of experience in film and television production. She began working with Graftobian several years ago after discovering GlamAireTM Airbrush Makeup, and its amazing ability to bring visual warmth and extremely natural looking color to very pale skin tones in HDTV. Suzanne had a fundamental influence on the development of our professional Hi-Def makeup products by classifying their warm, cool, and neutral undertones. This makes Graftobian’s Hi-Def makeup line a tremendously important, and user friendly component of any makeup artist’s kit, and always correct in true skin tone shades from light to dark. Suzanne’s tireless work on our new “HD Makeup 101”DVD (p.25) brought the concept to reality! *Team Emmy, National Capital Region

ontents CContents

Catalog designed by Jessica Coffman, Edited by Annie Hatleberg and Eric Coffman.

About Our Cover Makeup Artist: Mary Erickson Photographer: William Morton

Hi-Def Creme Foundations 5 Hi-Def Creme Palettes 6 Super Palettes and Tattoo Covers 7 Lip Colors and Lip Seal 9 Powdered Blush and HD Pro Powders 10 GlamourGripTM HD Beauty Sponges 11 Brow Powder, Cake Eyeliner and Eyebrow Wax 13 Pressed Eye Shadows and Refills 15 Lining Pencils and Mascara 17 GlamAireTM Airbrush Makeup 19 TM Walk-Around Airbrush System 20-21 Airbrushes and Cleaner 22 TM GlamAire Systems 23 GlamAireTM Tips 24 Instructional Videos 25 F/X AireTM Airbrush Makeup 27 TM Luster Creme Makeup 29 LusterTM Powder Makeup 31 Cosmetic Grade Powdered Glitter 32 Glitter Glam 33 Powdered Metal and Glitterspray 35 Adhesives, Removers and Setting Liquids 36-37 Brushes and Tools 38-39 S.I.L.K. Brushes 41 Brush Sets and Brush Cleaner 42 Powder, Puffs and Blotting Paper 43 Skin Care 45 Professional Makeup Cases 46

Model: Jaimie Hilfiger

Jaimie Hilfiger is wearing Anti-Shine Primer #12795, HD Glamour Creme Foundation Ingenue #30303, HD Pro Powder Alabaster Baby #30202, Powder Blush Mauvaliscious #30109, Jet Black Cake Eyeliner #30001, Black Velvet Eye Pencil #88360, Jet Black Mascara #30011, Eyebrow Powders Deep Taupe and Soft Blonde from Palette #30080, Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows Natural Beige #30527 and Warm Creme #30522, Lip Color Nude #88292, and Lip Gloss Cotton Candy from Palette #30292.

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MAke-up CoMpAny

Model: Christa Miller The “no make-up” look is easily achieved with Graftobian’s HD Creme Foundatons. The super fine quality of the pigments combined with the intense pigmentation of the formulation provide artists the most complete range of coverage options. See pages 6 and 7 for neutralizing shades.


Warm Colors (These colors have yellow undertones)

i-Def ef C CreMe reMe ffounDAtions ounDAtions HHi-D W


#30379 Ivory

#30301 Graceful Swan

W #30308 Enchantress


Specialty Warm Shades

#30353 Deep Xanthe

W #30382 Sunlit Linen

Specialty Cool Shades

Cool Colors (These colors have pink undertones)

Specialty Neutral Shades

Neutral Colors (Neither pink nor yellow undertones)

N #30377 Porcelain


W #30315 Femme Fatale

W #30360 Ginger

W #30381 Caramel

W #30303 Ingenue

W #30351 Desert Sand

W #30354 Midnight Marigold

W #30361 Pecan



#30378 Lady Fair

#30302 Bombshell



#30307 #30306 Sweet Heart Glamour Girl

#30309 Cabaret Kitten

W #30313 Vixen

W #30383 Winter Wheat

W #30355 Burnt Amber

W #30321 Vienna Rose


Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundations, 1/2 oz.



#30314 Temptress

#30350 Buttermilk

For nearly a decade, our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes (as coined by Marianne Skiba, one of the Key Makeup Artists on TV’s super popular Law & Order), have been considered the ultimate Hi-Definition makeup whether or not you’re in front of a camera.  This formula is soft, silky, and light enough for everyday use, but with enough coverage to perform through even the most demanding of circumstances- while yielding a flawless finish.

W #30352 Golden Sunset

W #30365 Sienna

We asked Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look, who worked on Star Trek Enterprise, to help us create a line of colors comprised of the most commonly used shades in the professional makeup business today. Relying heavily on Brad’s extensive knowledge of digital and HDTV color requirements, we created this timeless and trememdously useful color range. Next, we duplicated each shade into our GlamAire™ airbrush makeup (p.19), so that artists can use cross platform application on the same face without having to match colors from scratch. We know you will find these products to be useful tools in your kit.

W #30322 Raspberry Wine


#30305 #30304 Prima Donna Leading Lady



#30311 #30310 Broadway Star Show Stopper




#30312 Screen Goddess

#30316 Diva

#30362 Chestnut







#30371 Evening Mist

#30380 Olivia

#30372 Smoke

#30373 Phantom

#30367 Hidden Magic


#30368 Nightfall


#30375 Silk Sprite


#30376 Nymph

C #30341 Bisque

#30384 Butterscotch

C #30340 Buff

C #30333 Sandstone

Our Hi-Def Glamour Shades are classified into Warm, Cool and Neutral for the convenience of the makeup artist or daily wear makeup user.

N #30364 Warm Umber

C #30342 Sunrise Flush

N #30366 Hazelnut

C #30330 Aurora

HD Glamour Cremes Tag



#30370 Soft Wisp


#30331 Cashmere Beige

#30343 Morning Glow

N #30320 Peach Blush

C #30332 Afterglow

N #30324 Dusty Plum

C #30385 Cedar Spice

N #30325 Cherry Glaze

C #30334 Ceylon Cinnamon

C #30344 Henna

C #30345 Auburn

C #30363 Sable

C #30374 Shadow Dance

C #30323 Autumn Breeze

See page 6 for palettes containing these individual colors See matching GlamAire™ Air Brush Makeup shades on page 19.


MAke-up CoMpAny

i-Def ef C CreMe reMe p pAlettes Alettes HHi-D

The High-Definition Crème palettes are available in Warm, Cool, and Neutral temperature ranges. Each one is compact and convenient, offering customers a selection of possibilities, and small enough for the traveling makeup artist. Try the new Ultra- Lites palette #30255 for a range of lighter colors.

#30255 Ultra-Lites Palette C





#30375, #30376, #30377, #30378, #30379

#30251 Warm Palette #1

#30301, #30303, #30313, #30314, #30308

#30252 Warm Palette #2

#30350, #30351, #30352, #30353, #30354

#30252 Warm Palette #2 shown actual size. Note: See pages 7 and 9 for Lip Color Palettes.

#30253 Warm Palette #3

#30315, #30383, #30360, #30355, #30365

#30261 Cool Palette #1

#30340, #30342, #30330, #30343, #30332

#30262 Cool Palette #2

#30271 Neutral Palette #1

Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundation Palettes 0.39 oz. / 11 g. This collection of palettes organizes most of our HD Creme Foundation shades, 55 of 64, into handy and attractive palettes whose purpose is to allow the artist a useful range of colors within the Warm, Cool, or Neutral* undertones as required.

#30302, #30304, #30305, #30306, #30307

#30272 Neutral Palette #2

#30309, #30310, #30311, #30312, #30316

#30273 Neutral Palette #3

#30385, #30334, #30344, #30363, #30374

#30277 Corrector Palette

#30391 Soft Orange

#30392 Yellow Hi-lite

#30393 Muted Green

#30394 #30395 Pink Extra Hi-lite Hi-lite

Hi-Def Creme Corrector shades are also available in 1/4 oz individual size. (Stock #’s indicated above)

HD Creme Correctors Tag


*Warm= yellow undertones, *Cool= pink undertones, *Neutral= grey/neutral undertones

#30362, #30364, #30366, #30367, #30368

#30274 Specialty Neutral Palette

#30371, #30380, #30372, #30373, #30324

#30269 Blush Palette

#30325, #30323, #30322, #30321, #30320

#30249 Hi-Def Palette Display -Empty This countertop display is the perfect way to display Graftobian HD palettes.

uper p pAlettes Alettes ssuper Graftobian now offers our High Definition Glamour Cremes and Lip Colors in this artist friendly Super Palette configuration. This is the most convenient way for an artist to use and travel with our full line of HD cremes. Each palette contains substantially all of our color range in each of the four Super Palette styles. HD Creme Foundations: Warm (#30245), Neutral (#30246), Cool (#30247), plus Lip Color (#30248).

# 30245 Super Palette - Warm Foundation Shades Net wt. 50g / 1.78 oz.

# 30246 Super Palette - Neutral Foundation Shades Net wt. 50g / 1.78 oz.

# 30247 Super Palette - Cool Foundation Shades Net wt. 50g / 1.78 oz. Pictured is # 30245 Super Palette- Warm size: 4” x 6.25” x 1/2” # 30248 Super Palette- Pro Lip Colors Net wt. 43.5g / 1.55 oz.

HD Creme & Powder Blush Tag

Tattoo Cover / Corrector Wheels, 1 oz. Frequently in beauty or film work, an actor has color imperfections, blemishes, stains, tattoos, or other discolorations which require neutralizating or concealing.  These two wheels are designed to include the most often used shades for neutralizing, highlighting, and concealing used by professionals.  These two wheels employ our heavier, theatrical base and offer 10% more pigment than our HD creme correctors. Special thanks to Brad Look for his selection of these colors. Note: For the Hi-Def Glamour Creme version of the Light Correctors, see p. 6, #30277.

#88888 Light Corrector Wheel

#88889 Dark Corrector Wheel

Includes: Pink Hi-Lite: Counteracts gray or brown. Extra Hi-Lite: A lighter highlighter. Yellow Hi-Lite: Cancels deep red & purple. Muted Green: Removes redness. Orange Neutral: Neutralizes blue. Soft Orange Neutral: Softer blue neutralizer. Includes: Burnt Orange: Neutralizes blue. Red Neutralizer: Removes redness. Deep Red Neutralizer: Removes redness. Soft Orange Neutral II: Blue neutralizer. Suntan Red: Counteracts gray. Deep Muted Green: Removes redness.

Hints From a Pro Brad Notes: “Many times when working on an actor, you might notice that a discoloration on their face will be a combination of colors. If this is the case, you can mix between the colors in the wheels. For example, if an actor has a gray blue Brad Look under eye discoloration, I’ll use a mix of pink and orange to counteract the problem. If the problem is a small, minor one, I’ll dab a brush in each of the colors I need on the wheel and mix the correction right on the actor’s skin, as opposed to mixing it on a palette before hand.”


MAke-up CoMpAny


Model Sha Granville is wearing Anti-Shine Primer #12795, HD Glamour Creme Foundation in Midnight Marigold #30354, HD Pro Powder in Bronze Tone #30221, Powder Blush in Sparkling Wine #30110, Eye Pencil in Black Velvet #88360, Mascara in Jet Black #30011, Brow Powder in Mid-Tone Brown from palette #30080, Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows in Dark Chocolate #30529 and Black Smoke #30520, Lip Color in Sandalwood #88297 and Lip Gloss in Coco Glaze from Lip Gloss Palette #30292. Make-up art by Mary Erickson, photo by William Morton.

olors llipip CColors Lip Color Palettes

# 30281 Fashion Lip Palette 0.333 oz. / 9.5 g.

#30285 Cool Palette shown actual size #88297

#88214 #88290 #88219

Sandalwood Kiss Me

Autumn Rust




# 30285 Cool Lip Palette

#88292 #88294 Nude

#88296 #88295

Soft Cherry

Plum Wine


#88220 Savage

# 30289 Specialty Lip Palette Our Lip Color Palettes are the perfect way to order several fashion colors at once. Useful for the girl on the go and for the professional artist. #88224

Lip Sticks & Dishes


#88225 #88222 Fashionista


#88230 #88221 Couture Mahogany

# 30292 Lip Gloss Palette

Opal Frost

Cotton Candy

Vanilla Spice

Coco Glaze


30 shades of velvety smooth Lip Color. Most shades are available in both stick and dish. Our long-lasting formulation and intense pigmentation yields a truly fine professional lipstick. Artists marvel at the durability and the color range, especially in our natural print media fashion shades.

Opal Silver Gold Green Blue 88201/88251 88202/88252 88203/88253 88207/88257 88208/88258

Purple Black Hot Pink Coral Red 88209/88259 88210/88260 88212/88262 88213/88263 88217/88267

Dorothy Classic Rose Savage Soft Cherry Autumn Rust Garnet Ebony Plum Wine Sandal Wood Nude 88219/88269 88220/88270 88290/88190 88291/88191 88292/88192 88293/88193 88294/88194 88295/88195 88296/88196 88297/88197

Mahogany* 88221

Spice* 88222

Kiss Me* 88214

Runway* 88224

Fashionista* 88225

Couture* 88230

Red Glitter* 88240

Pink Glitter* 88241

Silver Glitter* Gold Glitter* 88242 88243

Numbers shown: Stick/Dish Note: Custom lipstick shades may be formulated with a 180 pc. min. order plus a $250 color matching fee * Syles currently available in sticks only

HD Lip Color & Gloss Tag

SuperSealTM Intense Shine Lip Gloss NEW! Can be mixed with LusterTM Cremes or Powders, (p.29-31) or used alone to enhance the shine of your lip color. 30299 SuperSealTM, .25 oz.


MAke-up CoMpAny

GlAMour lAMour p presseD resseD p powDers owDers G Powder Blush Series, .18 oz.

Multi-Function Blush Compact Includes Mirror & Blush Brush These shades of powder blush create a naturally radiant glow when swept across cheekbones and dusted lightly on nose and forehead. Sweep a small amount of blush over eyelids as well to make eyes appear more vibrant and alert.








#30101 Classic Pink

#30102 Healthy Glow

#30103 For Da Boys

#30104 Candy Apple

#30105 Velvet Peach

#30106 Dusty Rose

#30107 Coral Cocktail









#30109 Mauvaliscious

#30110 Sparkling Wine

#30111 Shiny Penny

#30112 Radiant Rose

#30114 Hint of Blush

#30115 Cognac Kiss

#30116 Sunset Peach

#30113 Cinnamon

Powder Blush Palettes

In the industry these are known as dual active and high definition powders. Applied wet or dry, usually dry, HD Pro Powder™ is ideal for Hi-Def video, TV, film, and print work to soften features and remove glare. Also ideal for daily use by the girl on the go. For a flawless finish, apply directly over our Hi-Def Glamour Cremes (see pages 5 - 7) in lieu of face powders. For replacement sponges, see p.43. W




#30201 Porcelain Doll

#30202 Alabaster Baby

#30203 Soft Ivory

#30219 Healthy Tan





#30217 Fair Maiden

#30205 Milk ‘N Honey

#30204 Silk Beige



#30218 Cool Breeze

#30206 Pale Honey

Cool #30130




#30214 Cafe Au Lait

#30210 Butter Cream

#30212 Golden Tan





#30211 Satin Sand

#30220 Natural Glow

#30221 Bronze Tone

#30215 Cocoa

#30222 Mocha





#30207 Honey Dew

#30208 Honey Glow

#30213 Cleopatra

#30108 Raspberry Shimmer

( Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm. Pan Refills , ex: #RM30109 Mauvaliscious Refill)

HD Pro Powder™ Foundation, .41 oz.



N #30266 *Hazelnut


Warm #30131

#30267 *Hidden Magic

Tips from a Pro #30209 #30216 Cinnamon Hot Honey Chocolate

(Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm. Pan Refills ex: #RM30266T Hazelnut Refill)

HD Pro Powder™ Palettes (8- 37mm pans @ .18oz.) Have the whole temperature range of HD Pro PowdersTM readily accessible with these compact and convenient palettes.

Warm #30230


Neutral #30231

Cool Plus* #30232 *Includes two neutral shades

“HD Pro Powder™ can be applied dry with either a brush or the provided sponge. Using a brush will allow more translucency, while a sponge will provide more opaqueness to the coverage. Apply with a wet sponge for even greater coverage. When using over a creme foundation application, it is suggested that a light brush (like fan brush #78107, p.41) be used to apply the HD Pro Powder™ for a soft and natural looking finish to the makeup.” -Suzanne Patterson

tM GlAMourGriptM “I worked with Graftobian to help develop the Glamour GripTM HD Beauty Sponge line because I loved its shape, feel, easy clean up and practicality. The hourglass design gives it a perfect grip for any makeup artist and the super soft sponge, especially when wet, feels great on the skin. Used to apply Graftobian HD Glamour Cremes, it goes on beautifully and easily with a flawless, almost airbrushed finish. I also love the variety of colors to choose from. This makes organizing my actor bags so much easier; each actor gets their own color. Finally, I love the way it cleans up so well with simple dish soap and warm water, quick and easy. “ -Suzanne Diaz*


#40101 Rose Bud

#40010 4-pack

#40102 Jet Stream

(1 of each color)

#40103 Lemon Chiffon

#40020 12-pack

#40104 In the Buff

(3 of each color)

Model Meanne Estacio is wearing HD Creme Foundation in Winter Wheat (#30383) and Temptress (#30314). Makeup and Hair by Michelle Arcilla, Photography by Lorenz Yatco.

*Suzanne Diaz is a Professional Makeup Artist for the film and television industry. A member of union Locals 706 and 798. Nominated for nine Prime Time Emmys, with film and tv credits including Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides, The Cape, Saving Grace, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, etc. Currently working on ABC’s “ Body of Proof”.


MAke-up CoMpAny

Eyes are the window to the soul. Frame them with perfectly shaped eyebrows.


Š Joaquin Compta Palacin

row p powDers owDers AnD AnD C CAke Ake e eye ye lliners iners bbrow The Graftobian HD Brow Powder Palette offers you all the needed colors for total brow grooming. These 8 shades are perfectly selected to yield true brow hair colors so you can contour, color, add volume, or just fill in bare spots for the most natural looking brow line. Take brows from bare to there with subtle color, or sculpt and lift brow shape to bring focus to the eyes. It is easy to custom mix colors for the right match. The matte texture allows the most natural looking finish to your work. For the most professional looking results use our Eyebrow Brush, #88428, or the #78121 and #78122 Brow/Lash Brushes that are specially designed with stiff hair bristle for precise grooming and coloring brows (p. 38 and 41). Each of the colors in the #30080 HD Brow Powder Palette are also available individually in 37mm pan refills.

HD Brow Powders 0.18 oz. / 5.1 g. -Refills (37mm pan)

#RM30081 Ultra Dark Brown

#RM30082 Mid-Tone Brown

#RM30083 Chestnut Brown

#RM30084 Charcoal Smoke

#RM30085 Deep Taupe

#RM30086 Warm Auburn

#RM30087 Soft Blonde

#RM30088 Golden Blonde

HD Brow Powder Palette #30080

See p. 15 for refillable empty professional palettes StudioBrowTM Eyebrow Styling Wax 88583 Eyebrow Wax, .25 oz.

Style brows using a #4 flat brush (#88404 p.39). This formula is soft for easy application and offers enough tack to hold brow powders beautifully. (Note: If you need to totally obscure brows, use our Modeling Wax #88580 sealed with Flexible Wax Sealer #88584, not shown.) Cake Eye Liner - Professional Size Graftobian Professional Cake Eye Liner yields rich color with long-lasting durability. Apply with a #2 Round Brush (p. 39) and water or use Magic Set™ (p. 37) for increased durability.

HD Brow Powders Tag

HD Cake Eye Liner Tag

#30001 Jet Black .18 oz. #30002 Espresso .18 oz. Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm Pan Refill #RM30001 Black Refill #RM30002 Espresso Refill


MAke-up CoMpAny

Model Sha Granville is wearing FantasEyesTM Eye Shadows in Blue Agua #30570 and Black Night #30561. Model Jaimie Hilfiger is wearing Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows in Medium Cocoa #30528 and Dark Chocolate #30529. Make-up art by Mary Erickson, photo by William Morton.

14 14

resseD e eye ye ssHADows HADows AnD AnD r refills efills ppresseD #30501 Pink Satin

#30502 Gentle Mauve

#30503 Dusty Violet

#30504 Lovely Ecru

#30505 Peach Bliss

#30506 Subtle Shadow

Mineral Eye Shadows 0.18 oz. / 5.1 g. This super smooth, talc-free formula yields a satin luster finish with high durability and great blendability. Our all natural ingredients are sure to please, and these six shades are gorgeous! Note: For an even more impacting luster effect, see our Luster™ Cremes and Powders on pages 28 - 31. ( Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm. Pan Refills ex: #RM30504 Lovely Ecru Refill)

#30500 Mineral / Matte Combo, 8 Color Palette (Six Minerals plus Black Smoke and White Whip)

HD Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows 0.18 oz. / 5.1 g. Our luxurious Ultrasilk Matte Eye Shadows are formulated for comfort and durability while yielding a matte, nonreflective finish. Ideal for professional HDTV, film and print work. #30520 Black Smoke

#30521 White Whip

#30522 Warm Creme

#30523 Moss Green

#30524 Apricot

#30525 Grey Cloud

#30526 Soft Rose

#30527 Natural Beige

#30528 Medium Cocoa

#30529 Dark Chocolate

#30510 HD Matte 8 Color Palette (All HD Mattes) HD Matte Eye Shadows Tag

Empty 8 Well Refillable Palette This sturdy, mirrored palette uses magnets to hold in your custom mix of 37 mm. pan refills. Refills are listed after the various items when offered.

( Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm. Pan Refills ex: #RM30526 Soft Rose Refill)

#RM30200-8 Pro Palette- 8 Well (37 mm dia.) Size: 4” x 6.25” x 1/2”

Bold fantasy eye shadows for intense eye effects. Use with Magic Set™(p.37) to increase intensity and durability. #30575 Purple Power

#30574 Fuchsia Fervor

#30571 Blue Powder

#30570 Blue Agua

#30567 Red Crimson

#30568 Orange Geuse

#30569 Yellow Ray

#30572 Green Flash

#30561 Black Night

#30562 Silver Star

#30560 White Opal

#30566 Golden Opal

#30573 Pink Deco

#30565 Brown Cafe

#30564 Copper Calico

#30563 Gold Peace

(Refills: 0.18 oz., 37 mm. Pan Refills ex: #RM30575 Purple Power Refill)

Empty 4 & 12 Well Refillable Palettes

#30597 FantasEyes™ 8 color palette #1

#30598 FantasEyes™ 8 color palette #2

#RM30200-4 Black-Soft Touch “Drop-In” Magnetic 4 Well (37 mm dia.) w/ Mirror. Size: 3.375” x 3.75” x 1/2”

#RM30200-12 Black-Soft Touch “Drop-In” Magnetic 12 Well (37 mm dia.) Size: 3.625” x 10.625” x 1/2”


MAke-up CoMpAny


© Joaquin Compta Palacin

ininG p penCils enCils AnD AnD M MAsCArA AsCArA llininG HD Mascara Tag


#30011 Jet Black .38 oz.

Graftobian Professional Mascara

HD Pro Pencils Tag

Makeup artists love this Keratin-rich, smooth, volumizing formula. They say it glides on without clumping and provides tremendous durability and water resistance. New improved brush style perfect for super thick, runway-length glamorous lashes.

DUO Eyelash Adhesive

Eye Pencil -Professional Series

Widely accepted as the BEST eyelash adhesive on the market. Available in clear and dark shades.

Add vibrance, detail, and accentuation to your gaze with our rich, Italian made, professional length, 15cm pencils. Create a clean line with a single stroke, or use the softness of the pencil to smudge into a smokey eye. Currently available in these top requested shades with more to come!

#88360 Black Velvet #88361 Dark Chocolate #88362 Cocoa Bean

#88505 Clear #88506 Dark 1/4 oz. tube 1/4 oz. tube

Pencil Sharpener #88300 This German instrument sharpens both regular and jumbo pencils quickly and cleanly.

Lining Pencils An important tool in any makeup artist’s kit. Eyeliners and lip liners, depending on the shade, are used for clown make-ups, theatrical character make-up, special effects makeup, and straight or glamour makeup. Made in the U.S.A.!


Lining Pencils (7 1/2”)
















Luster™ Creme Pencils






White Blue Black Red Med. Brown Dark Brown Charcoal Grey Pink Coral Bronze Tawny Natural Cinnamon Plum


Luster™ Creme Pencils A fabulous compliment to the Luster™ creme shades. Each Deluxe Pencil is 7 1/2.” See page 29 for Luster™ Creme Makeup. Made in the U.S.A.!

88301 88302 88310 88317 88306 88307 88309 88312 88313 88315 88319 88320 88321 88318




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

88350 88351 88352 88353 88354 88355 88356 88357

Silver Sparkle Gold Glimmer Copper Class Pink Candie Coral Reef Green Mint Azure Blue Lovely Lilac


GlamAiretmTMAAirbrusH irbrusH M MAke Ake--up up GlamAire MAke-up CoMpAny

GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup Graftobian has worked closely with Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look and his peers to create an Airbrush makeup range of shades and a special formulation that yields durable coverage, comfort and color while offering an alcohol-free and siliconefree product.  Satisfied actors/ personalities and their artists include Scott Bakula of “Star

Trek Enterprise” (Brad Look), Tim Allen of “Santa Claus III” (Hallie D’Amore), Courtney Cox of “Dirt” (Suzanne Diaz), fitness expert Denise Austin (Suzanne Patterson), and the list goes on and on. All praise the look, feel, and durability of Graftobian as they face the High Definition challenges of today’s filming and broadcasting techniques.

GlamAire™ HD Water Based Airbrush Beauty Makup 1 oz.


Warm Colors (These colors have yellow undertones)

GlamAiretmTMAAirbrusH irbrusH M MAke Ake--up up GlamAire W



#30679 Ivory

#30601 Graceful Swan

#30603 Ingenue




#30660 Ginger

#30654 Midnight Marigold



#30653 Deep Xanthe


Cool Colors (These colors have pink undertones)

Neutral Colors (Neither pink nor yellow undertones)

#30677 Porcelain

N #30609 Cabaret Kitten

N #30664 Warm Umber

#30678 Lady Fair

#30602 Bombshell


N #30611 Show Stopper

#30610 Broadway Star

N #30666 Hazelnut

N #30667 Hidden Magic

W #30613 Vixen

W #30655 Burnt Amber




#30614 Temptress

#30650 Buttermilk






#30682 Sunlit Linen

#30681 Caramel

#30661 Pecan

#30621 Vienna Rose



#30665 Sienna


N #30612 Screen Goddess

N #30668 Nightfall

N #30616 Diva

N #30671 Evening Mist

N #30680 Olivia


#30672 Smoke

#30673 Phantom

#30670 Soft Wisp

#30620 Peach Blush






#30675 Silk Sprite

#30676 Nymph

#30640 Buff

#30642 Sunrise Flush

#30630 Aurora







#30644 Henna

#30645 Auburn

#30632 Afterglow

#30685 Cedar Spice




#30663 Sable

#30674 Shadow Dance

#30641 Bisque

#30634 Ceylon Cinnamon


#30684 Butterscotch


#30662 Chestnut


#30692 CVA Red

#30693 Blue

#30683 Winter Wheat

W #30622 Raspberry Wine

W #30652 Golden Sunset

This is the ideal product to create a flawless finish on all skin types, and is especially good on problem skin. The clean and gentle formula, and its inherent touch-free application process will not irritate the skin.

GlamAire™ / HD Creme Samplers


#30624 #30625 Dusty Plum Cherry Glaze


#30633 Sandstone


#30631 Cashmere Beige

#30600W2 Warm #2 GlamAire™ Airbrush / HD Creme sampler pack. This set takes colors from our Warm #2 palette.


#30600N3 Neutral #3 GlamAire™ Airbrush / HD Creme sampler pack. This set takes colors from our Neutral #3 palette.

#30623 Autumn Breeze

#30600C1 Cool #1 GlamAire™ Airbrush / HD Creme sampler pack. This set takes colors from our Cool #1 palette. Clear

#30691 White

#30651 Desert Sand


Pictured below is the Warm GlamAire™ / HD Creme sampler

Adjustor Shades #30690 Black


To introduce our HD products and illustrate the cross platform compatability of our GlamAire with our HD Cremes, we have put together three sampler sets. Each set is a small representation of shades from our warm, cool, and neutral color ranges. Sampler sets include one HD Creme Palette (p. 6) and its five matching GlamAire™ shades in .25oz sample size.




#30608 #30615 Enchantress Femme Fatale

#30604 #30605 #30606 #30607 Prima Donna Leading Lady Sweet Heart Glamour Girl


#30643 Morning Glow


#30694 Oriental Yellow

#30695 Green

#30699 Clear Medium 1 oz

(See p.6 to view all of the HD creme palettes)


wAlk-ArounDtM AirbrusH systeM MAke-up CoMpAny

NEW! Walk-Around™ Airbrush System is now available in a shiny black and hot pink! In response to the overwhelming need for a solid, reliable, fully portable airbush system, Graftobian has created the ideal Walk-AroundTM Airbrush system. The equipment is compact, rechargeable and has an A/C plug in. This recharged detachable battery pack gives hours of service. Special bleeder valve controlled single action airbrush allows for total psi control from 2-26psi. Snap it together and go! Choose from HD beauty package #20045GA, or F/X AireTM fantasy face and body art package #20045FX.

All Walk-Around™ Systems Include: Ě Ě Ě Ě Ě Ě Ě Ě Ě 20

Fully portable (110v. and 220v. compatable compressor Rechargable and detachable battery pack Graftobian SA35 -single action airbrush Adjustable 2-26 psi using bleeder valve control 6’ super flexible silicone rubber hose A/C and DC power cords International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS) Cleansing fluid Applicable insructional DVD (#30050 “HD Makeup 101” see p. 25)

wAlk-ArounDtM AirbrusH systeMs

Walk-Around™ GlamAire™ System #20045GA Includes all three Sampler Packs (see page 19)

Walk-Around™ Airbrush System -Deluxe Sets Whether your desire is an HD Beauty Airbrush application or fantasy face and body art, we’ve got your fully portable, Walk-AroundTM airbrushing option.

Walk-Around™ F/X Aire™ System #20045FX

Includes 5 colors of F/X Aire™ Airbrush Makeup

Available Replacement Parts If you need a spare needle or nozzle for our Graftobian Cup Fed Walk-Around Single Action airbrush, or if you need another Battery Pack with Recharger so you can have one pack charging while the other is in use, etc., this is where you’ll find the individual components.

#20042 Compressor w/AC Plug Cord Walk-Around Maintanance Tag

#20043 Battery Pack w/Charger

#20044-SH Silicone Rubber Hose, 6’

#20044-BH Braided Hose, 6’

#20042-IPS Intn’l. Plug Ends

#20044-BV Bleeder Valve Assembly

#20044 SA-35 Airbrush #20044-Z SA-35 Nozzle

#20044-N SA-35 Needle


MAke-up CoMpAny

irbrusHes AnD AnD C CleAner leAner AAirbrusHes

(Iwata HP-CH .30mm) While our airbrush makeup formulations can be used with virtually any brush, we highly recommend Iwata airbrushes to achieve professional results.

(Iwata HP-CS .35mm)

Lg. Cup Fed Brush #20067L Extra Needle #20067N Extra Nozzle #20067Z

We believe this to be the perfect, dual action airbrush for the beginning and intermediate airbrush makeup artist.

Cleansing Fluid Ideal for cleaning bottles, tubes, and brushes after each use. Only this SDA 40 alcohol cleaner should be used when cleaning up our alcohol based F/X Aire™. Also suitable for cleaning up GlamAire™ coated equipment.

Hi-Line Brush #20064L Extra Needle #20064N Extra Nozzle #20064Z

With Micro Air Control and adjustable lever backstop, this brush is best suited for the advanced airbrush artist.

(Iwata HP-BCS .50mm) With #20 QC fitting

Bottle Fed Brush #20065 Extra Needle #20066B-N Extra Nozzle #20066B-Z Extra Cap #20066B-C

This brush is used in conjunction with the adapter below when you wish to use a bottle to supply your airbrush makeup.

#20068 20mm Adapter Cap (for 2oz. F/X Aire™ bottle) Turns any of our F/X Aire™ bottles into an airbrush supply bottle for your #20065 brush.

#20102 Air Brush Cleansing Fluid, 2 oz. #20108 Air Brush Cleansing Fluid, 8 oz. #20126 Cleansing Fluid, 32 oz.

Iwata Table Top Cleaning Station #20092 Ideal for containing spray while cleaning your airbrush. 22

TM TM GlamAiretm ysteMs GlamAire ssysteMs Graftobian has worked closely with Hollywood makeup artists to create a product ideal for use with High Definition and Digital Camera Media. Although HDTV offers astounding images, there are many challenges awaiting the artist including little imperfections that are accentuated by the camera. However, by using Graftobian’s GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup, your artist can create flawless looks that will read beautifully on camera. These systems offer the perfect duo of professional grade, reliable equipment and the best Hi-Def Airbrush Makeup made: GlamAire™. #20049 Silver Jet Airbrush Compressor Powerful and quiet, the Silver Jet compressor is a breakthrough in compact performance and reliability. This 7” X 7” x 7” pressure adjustable compressor comes with brush hose and inline moisture trap. Also available in 220v. Airbrush sold separately (p.22).

#20052S Silver Jet System Includes: 12 full sized, 1 oz. Colors Of GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup, Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, cup-fed brush, Iwata Silver Jet Air Brush Compressor, 8 oz. bottle of Graftobian Airbrush Cleansing Fluid, 2 oz. Empty Spray Bottle to aid in clean-up, 2 oz. Setting Spray Bottle, and HD Makeup 101 DVD. Iwata Hi-Line Airbrush Upgrade #20052 (see p. 22 for Hi-Line Brush)

#20049 Silver Jet Airbrush Compressor

#20050 Smart Jet Pro™ Airbrush Compressor This professional compressor is absolutely top of the line. Just look at these features: Auto Shut-off feature, 0-44 psi, precise adjustment, super quiet, easy-to-empty moisture trap, and longest lasting pro compressor on the market today. 14 lbs, dim. 10.5 x 12 x 6 inches, Also available in 220v.

#20053S Smart Jet Pro System Includes: 12 full sized, 1 oz. colors of GlamAire™ Airbrush Makeup, Iwata Eclipse HP-CS cup-fed brush, Smart Jet Pro Airbrush Compressor, 8 oz. Bottle of Graftobian Airbrush Cleansing Fluid, 2 oz. Empty Spray Bottle to aid in clean-up, 2 oz. Setting Spray Bottle, and HD Makeup 101 DVD. Iwata Hi-Line Airbrush Upgrade #20053 (see p. 22 for Hi-Line Brush)

For a complete break down of all system components go to:

#20050 Smart Jet Pro™ Airbrush Compressor


MAke-up CoMpAny

TM TM GlamAiretm ips etC etC.. GlamAire ttips Tips From a Pro

Whether you are using airbrush makeup for the nightly news anchor, the leading lady in a drama, print media such as magazines or brochures, big time film productions, or just for your own daily wear makeup, Graftobian GlamAire™ HD Airbrush Makeup will outperform and be more cost effective than anything else you have tried.

Brad Notes: “Always start with a clean, dry face. A light moisturizer may be applied to the skin prior to the application of makeup.” Brad Look “Use colors from the corrector wheel (for serious corrective work) or palette (see pages 6 & 7) to minimize any discoloration under the eyes, around the nose, and anywhere else on the face. Set with powder.”

The in-process pictures to the right illustrate the effectiveness of Graftobian GlamAire™ Airbrush Beauty Makeup in bringing out the best in your subject.

“Remove any excess powder. Use the matching Graftobian HD Cream Foundation (p.6) under the eyes and nose. Blend off the color before setting with powder.”

Go to the GlamAire™ section at www.GraftobianMakeup. com to see the color equivalency, which compares our GlamAire™ shades with colors from other product lines with which you may be familiar.

“The airbrushing process should be a pleasant one. It is recommended that air pressures between 3 to 6 psi be used.”

“Cosmetics should never be sprayed in the eyes, nose, ears, or mouth!” “Work in a well-ventilated area, no smoking or eating.” “Never airbrush cosmetics over broken skin.” “The airbrush I like to use has a large cup with a cap (#20067L). I recommend that while you are spraying, the cap remains secured in place.”

#20041B Beauty Ensemble Stencil Set w/ mini DVD Featuring Graftobian Makeup

The Zazzo Beauty Ensemble Stencil Set consists of a four sheet stencil collection, which can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the subtle shading contours of a model’s face and neck. You’ll find eight different Eyebrow Patterns, Beauty Spots, Circles, and a Mask configuration. Included with the stencils is a 20-minute instructional DVD.



Brad applying finishing touches. Special thanks to Suzanne Diaz and Brad Look. Also thanks to The Makeup Designery, Burbank CA,for the use of their first rate makeup facilities.

nstruCtionAl V ViDeos iDeos iinstruCtionAl HD Makeup 101 DVD “Achieving Perfection with Simpicity” The long-awaited (and now award winning*) Graftobian HD Makeup 101 DVD is here! This DVD will set the standard for what HD Makeup instructors will teach to beginning and intermediate students for years to come. It is absolutely loaded with technique after technique; Suzanne Patterson shows her meticulous HD Makeup application style up close (macro-close) and personal. Both Graftobian products and Suzanne Patterson’s techniques shine as the HD lense doesn’t miss a thing! If you want to truly understand HD Makeup, you need to see this DVD! –Eric G. Coffman, Graftobian Make-Up Company

#30050 (running time 63 min.) *winner of the 2011 Aurora Gold Award and the 2011 Silver Communicator Award for video excellence.

#20040 MakeupFX Instructional DVD Featuring Graftobian Make-up

Zazzo Makeup FX DVD for Film and TV Makeup (70 min.). With an emphasis on airbrush techniques for high-definition and using a wide variety of Graftobian airbrush makeup, Bradley M. Look shares with you his Emmy Award-winning techniques and applications to create masterful makeup and special effects. Brad takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood makeup artistry to demonstrate not only beauty application using the airbrush, but also how to create alien characters.


Airbrush Video or DVD Air Brush Face & Body Art For Fantasy, Horror and Beauty Featuring Nicki Wilson, Air Brush Specialist. Airbrushing with Graftobian F/X Aire ™ is as easy as 1-2-3 as Airbrush artist Nicki Wilson demonstrates in this instructional video. Learn how to create simple and complex designs using both stencils and free hand techniques. Nicki even demonstrates proper #20100 #20099V cleaning and care of your airbrush Airbrush DVD Airbrush Video equipment (running time approx. 2 25 hours, 18 minutes).

MAke-up CoMpAny

Model Reven is wearing White (#28002) and Dark Purple (#28042) F/X AireTM on the face and Silver Cosmetic Powdered Metal #88644 mixed with Magic SetTM #88692 on the body. Make-up and body art by Andrea O’Donnell, Hair by Kelley DeCoste, and Photography by Roe Photo.


tm tm F/X Aire AirbrusH irbrusH M MAke Ake--up up F/X Aire A Graftobian has formulated a professional grade alcohol-based airbrush makeup. The smooth and micronized formula will not clog your air brushes, even at low pressures. Graftobian F/X Aire™ airbrush makeup is available in 57 colors plus 4 brilliant Day Glow colors. This product is durable and long-lasting, water resistant and vibrant, yet can be washed off with ordinary bar soap and water. It is ideal for creating ultra durable beauty makeups as well as more vibrant and extreme high fashion, high definition looks.

F/X AireTM Air Brush Makeup, 2 oz. Bottle Clear Diluting Fluid 28000

White 28002

Blue 28004

Navy 28048

Black 28012

Red 28003

Deep Yellow Alien Green 28034 28153

Dark Purple Blithe Spirit 28042 28038

Frankie Grey Clotted Red Blood Blister 28050 28154 28152

Burnt Amber 28355

Olivia 28380

Nikki 28176

Plum 28079

Soft Cherry Blush 28139

Ebony 28071

Warm Tan 28180

Green 28006

Mold Green Forest Green 28151 28029

Turquoise 28009

Teal 28010

Capillary Shadow 28155

Purple 28011

Pink 28008

Gold 28014

Silver 28013

White Opal 28148

Old Age 28119

Corpse Flesh 28150

Alabaster 28121

Special Dark 28070

Hazelnut 28366

Olive Brown 28108

Milk Chocolate 28068

Natural Tan 28064

Egyptian 28107

CVA Suntan Red 28392

Dp. Golden Highlight 28106

Sierra 28112

Ceylon Cinnamon 28334

Dark Bronze 28104

Natural Bronze 28100

Light Olive 28115

Fairest Tone 28109

Graceful Swan 28301

Light Cream 28122

Desert Sand Med Honey Warm Honey 28351 28178 28174

Rose Blush Warm Peach Warm Olive Sunrise Flush 28095 28088 28117 28342

Medium Highlight 28111

F/X AireTM Day Glow Colors! 2 oz. Bottle F/X Aire™ Day Glow colors add a dynamic to the original line that allows endless possibilities for artists.

Neon Violet 28404

Neon Pink 28403

Neon Orange 28402

Neon Yellow 28401

# 20098P Single Airbrush System (Expandable) Includes: Smart Jet Pro™ Iwata Air Compressor with Auto Shutoff, Iwata HP-CS Cup-Fed Brush (just fill the cup with color and spray), 6 Primary colors of F/X Aire™ Airbrush Makeup @ 2 oz., the How-To DVD on Airbrush Face & Body Art (For Fantasy, Horror and Beauty, featuring Nicki Wilson, Air Brush Specialist). System also includes 8 oz. bottle of Cleansing Fluid, 27 2 oz. bottle of Setting Spray, and 2 oz. spray bottle to aid in clean-up.

MAke-up CoMpAny

28 28

© Joaquin Compta Palacin

tM tM l uster reMe M MAke Ake--up up luster CCreMe Luster™ Creme Make-Up can be used as a foundation or a lining shade for glamour and fantasy makeup with stunning effects. Can be applied lightly or intensely. To further intensify, apply matching Luster™ Powder over the top of the creme. Blend complementary colors for an infinite number of effects. To add even more sparkle, use GlitterGlam™ (p.33), or Powdered Glitter (p.32) as a finishing touch.

Luster™ Tester Box #88985 One refillable box holds all 24 Mini Luster™ Cremes and their matching Mini Luster™ Powders.

Luster™ Applicator A dual-tipped applicator for easy application of Luster™ Creme and matching or contrasting Luster™ Powders.

#88425 Foam-Tipped Luster™ Powder Applicator

(13” x 10” x 1.25” laptop style case)

Graftobian Luster™ Creme 1/8 oz. #89000s: Bulk

#89145 Golden Nova

#89146 Golden Glow

#89147 Opal Ice

#89148 White Opal

#89149 Silver Starlight

#89150 Blue Jazz

#89151 Fuchsia Fire

#89152 Black Galaxy

#89153 Copper Quasar

#89154 Bronze Sun

#89155 Burgundy Blast

#89156 Lavender Lights

#89157 Golden Rose

#89158 Pink Champagne

#89159 Astral Peach

#89160 Shimmering Sand

#89161 Stellar Mocha

#89162 Cafe Cosmos

#89163 Morningstar Turquoise

#89164 Twilight Teal

#89165 Oro Verde

#89166 Emerald Eclipse

#89167 Orchid Odyssey

#89168 Pulsar Purple

Joaquin Compta Palacin


MAke-up CoMpAny


© Tatiana De Khtyar

tM tM l uster owDers luster ppowDers Use Luster™ Powder over Luster™ Cremes to intensify the brilliance of color or use directly on skin as eye shadow, or body shimmer. These colors mix easily to create custom shades (see photo below). Luster™ Powders can be easily mixed with our Magic SetTM mixing and lining liquid (p.37) to create unlimited shades of beautiful, dynamic, liquid liners or body art makeup.

#88000’s Large Luster™ Powder with Shaker Top, .25 oz. Large Luster™ Shaker

Tatiana DeKhtyar

Graftobian Luster™ Powders 24 Luster™ Powder Shades to Match Our Luster™ Cremes #89000s: Mini Luster™ Powder Shaker, 0.036 oz. #88000s: Large Luster™ Powder Shaker, 0.25 oz.

#_ _650 Golden Nova

#_ _651 Golden Glow

#_ _652 Opal Ice

#_ _653 White Opal

#_ _654 Silver Starlight

#_ _655 Blue Jazz

#_ _656 Fuchsia Fire

#_ _657 Black Galaxy

#_ _658 Copper Quasar

#_ _659 Bronze Sun

#_ _660 Burgundy Blast

#_ _661 Lavender Lights

#_ _662 Golden Rose

#_ _663 Pink Champagne

#_ _664 Astral Peach

#_ _665 Shimmering Sand

#_ _666 Stellar Mocha

#_ _667 Cafe Cosmos

#_ _668 Morningstar Turquoise

#_ _669 Twilight Teal

#_ _670 Oro Verde

#_ _671 Emerald Eclipse

#_ _672 Orchid Odyssey

#_ _673 Pulsar Purple

Tip: Dust Golden Nova or Shimmering Sand on cheeks for a dewey glow, or Bronze Sun for a shimmery sun-kissed appearance. Dust Pink Champagne or Astral Peach over eyes for vibrance or to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Mix any color alone or multiple colors with Magic Set to create custom shades of liquid eye liner.




Every LusterTM Powder has a matching LusterTM Creme shade (p.29)

Mix to Create New Shades 31

osMetiC G GrADe rADe ppowDereD owDereD G Glitter litter CCosMetiC MAke-up CoMpAny © Sara Kamkarian

Graftobian offers the ideal Powdered Glitter for use with our famous Disguise Stix® face painting makeup. Also used with Colored Latex for fantasy makeup (p. 36-37 of the full line catalog), Magic Set™ Mixing & Lining Liquid (p. 37) for eye lining, and our new GlitterGlam™ Liquid Skin Sparkle in Clear to make custom colors of GlitterGlam™ (p. 33).

12 Color Bulk Assortment #1 #96150

12 Color Bulk Assortment #2 #96151

Augment luster makeup with glitter for additional impact.























Pink Opal

Black Opal Confetti







Gun Metal


Sea Blue

Light Violet



Cool Copper Goth Garnet


Neon Pink


Neon Orange Neon Yellow Neon Green



Neon Blue

Hologram Prismatic

© Sara Kamkarian


Sprinkle any of Graftobian’s 24 shades of cosmetic grade powdered glitter onto a design while it is still moist. Want a specific area to have glitter? Use a paintbrush with liquid makeup on it, dip in glitter, then paint the skin.

Glitter litter G GlAM lAM G kin s ) liquiDsskin l(l iquiD spArkle pArkle Glitter Glam™ Liquid Skin Sparkle is a very durable liquid glitter that can be applied over lips and eyes. This waterbased product is safe for use anywhere you need intense sparkle to last and last. Perfect for ice skating, cheerleading, Halloween, Mardi Gras and more! Custom colors may be mixed using our clear mixing medium and the powdered glitter (p. 32) of your choice.

#87700-Tester Glitter Glam™ Display (Filled) Our countertop display is the ideal way to hold a full set of Glitter Glam™.

#87700 CLEAR MIXING MEDIUM (0.5 oz) Clear GlitterGlam™ Liquid Skin Sparkle may be mixed with any of our 24 shades of Powdered Glitter to create custom shades of GlitterGlamTM. (See p.32)








Opal Confetti

Opal Flash

Opal Neon (bluish opal)

Ruby Sunrise

Sapphire Sky

Blue Blast





Coral Fire

Ravishing Rose


(multicolored opal) (greenish opal)



Electric Jade

Pink Passion

Golden Sunlight


MAke-up CoMpAny


powDereD MetAls AnD GlittersprAy powDereD MetAls (Facing Page) Model Christa Miller is wearing Gold Powdered Metal mixed with Magic Set on the edges of the face and neck, and Gold Luster powders mixed with Magic Set on the center of the face. Matching Luster Cremes and Powders in White Opal and Black Galaxy were used on the eyes (p. 28 - 31). Photography by Mike Bechner, Black Ice Studios. If your desire is to resemble a statue or a shooting star, we have your fantasy covered.

Cosmetic Powdered Metals

Graftobian Glitterspray Ideal for prom or wedding updos, gymnastic and dance competitions, or any time the hair, neck, skin, etc. needs some serious sparkle!

#88644 Silver, 1/2 oz. #88645 Gold, 1 oz.

12481 Opalescent/Pearl White

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(Soft fairy dust like shimmer, tremendous impact on dark hair and skin) 12482 Silver

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(Top seller, ideal on all hair colors) 12483 Gold

Magic Set™ Mixing Tips

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(Perfect for blondes) 12484 Multi

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(Hologram, “Diamond Sparkle” Prismatic Mix) 12485 Red

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(Great for devils and stunning on black hair) 12486 Blue

3 oz. / 125 ml.

(For Team Colors, mermaids and great on black hair)

1. Pour Magic Set™ into dish.

2. Spoon about half that much powder in with the liquid.

The most concentrated glitterspray on the market! One can of Glitterspray will sparkle up 5-7 heads easily.

3. Use yellow sponge (p.38) to mix and then to apply the mixture to skin or hair using a stippling or patting motion.


ADHesiVes DHesiVes MAke-up CoMpAny

Push the bounds of your creativity and achieve stunning effects with Graftobian’s professional grade adhesives Spirit Gum This is the classic theatrical adhesive. Our formulation is second to none! Use prior to an application of eyebrow wax and to adhere lighter-weight items to the skin. 88533 Spirit Gum, 1 oz. w/Brush 88534 Spirit Gum, 8 oz.

Pro Adhesive This is a serious professional prosthetic adhesive used for long wearing glitter tattoos and other ultra durable applications. 88510 Pro Adhesive, 1 oz. w/Brush 88514 Pro Adhesive, 8 oz.

How to use Pro Adhesive: When you need something to stay on, virtually no matter what, use Pro Adhesive. Coat the appliance and the skin area with the Pro Adhesive. Allow to dry clear. Press the two coated surfaces together and they are stuck. To remove: Pro Adhesive Remover doesn’t dissolve the Pro Adhesive. What it does is work an ultrafine oil between the attached piece and your skin. With time and patience, the piece is removed.


© Joaquin Compta Palacin

tM reMoVers eMoVers, MAGiC AGiC set ettM & settinG sprAy Spirit Gum Remover Strongly recommended for the gentle removal of Spirit Gum from skin. 88542 Spirit Gum Remover, 1 oz.

Pro Adhesive Remover Used to loosen the bond of Pro Adhesive. 88521 Pro Adhesive Remover, 2 oz. 88522 Pro Adhesive Remover, 8 oz.

Make-Up Remover For quick and complete removal of all creme based makeup - Fragrance free (If you prefer a creamy remover, see our “Creamy Clean” on p. 45). 88552 Make-Up Remover, 1 oz. 88553 Make-Up Remover, 2 oz. 88554 Make-Up Remover, 8 oz.

Setting Spray™ #88697 Setting Spray, 1.25 oz. #88698 Setting Spray, 2 oz. #88699 Setting Spray Refill, 8 oz.

Make-up artists tell us frequently of the versatility of our Setting Spray. Listed below are just a few of its capabilities / properties. Set Luster™ Makeups for smudgeproof finish Use as barrier under makeup to combat sweat Spray on as an additional insurance coat over powder- set makeup Use to adhere powdered glitters to the hair or skin Spray, through airbrush, over any Graftobian airbrush makeup application to yield a soft sheen, as well as a smudge proof protective finish

Magic Set™ can be used as a mixing liquid to create colors of liquid makeup out of Luster™ Powders (p. 31) or Cosmetic Powdered Metals (see Tips & Techniques on previous page, page 35). Magic Set™ can Lusters with also be used as a lining liquid when mixed Magic Set Tag with our Luster™ Powders or our Powdered Glitters.

Magic Set™ Mixing & Lining Liquid #88692 Magic Set™ .5 oz #88694 Magic Set™ 2 oz #88696 Magic Set™ 8 oz © Joaquin Compta Palacin

Scattered metal effect created using silver craft foil (left) or gold foil (right) adhered with Graftobian Spirit Gum. 37 Photography by Joaquin Compta Palacin.

rusHes AnD AnD ttools ools:: p pArt Art 11 bbrusHes

MAke-up CoMpAny

Hints From a Pro

Brad Look

Brad Notes: “I like to use natural sea sponges to acheive irregular makeup patterns and texturing when using a stippling technique.”

Sponges and Natural Sea Sponges Face Painting Sponges Cut the sponge into pie shaped wedges to use for application of color through stencils or directly onto the skin. Proper tools can make the difference between an average artist and a professional. Our sponges-both synthetic and natural--help apply color in a hurry.

Miscelaneous Tools #88428 Eyebrow/Lash comb

#88452 Flat Mixing Spatula

#88454 Double Ended Spatula/Sculpting Tool

#88450SS 7” Scissors

#88458 Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

#78055 Synthetic Face and Body Art Sponge

#78063 3” Sea Sponge

#78065 5” Sea Sponge

Empty 5 Well Palette #RMDISH22 This is the empty version of the palettes shown on p. 6 for those who want to fill their own.

Ideal for mixing custom liquid makeups. Ex: A few drops of Magic Set™ (p. 37) with a bit of Luster Powder™ (p. 31) for custom eyeliner.

Disposable Mixing Tray #RMBLISB04 (please order in multiples of 12)

Wooden Handled Spatulas Excellent for creme color mixing 8oz. 2oz. spray

#88453 2 1/2” Slim Flex (flat) #88455 3 1/2” Flat #88456 2 1/2” Bent #88457 3” Bent



Many makeup artists enjoy our clear and durable empty PET bottles and jars.

1oz. 1oz. Brush


#88459 #88460 #88461 #88462 #88463


rusHes AnD AnD ttools ools:: p pArt Art 22 bbrusHes Artist Detail Brushes Our brushes are made to satisfy our strict requirements and will allow you to perform your artistry properly and professionally. See p. 42 for Brush Cleaner.

Econo #4 Rnd. #78060 5/0 Fine Detail, #94051 #4 Round, #78058 Sponge-Tip, #78054

#88400 Economy #4 Flat (3/16”)

#4 Flat (3/16”), #78052 #10 Flat (3/8”), #78053

#88402 #2 Flat (1/8”) 1” Flat, #78071

#88404 #4 Flat (3/16”) 1 1/4” Flat, #78072

#88406 #6 Flat (1/4”) 1 1/2” Flat, #78073

#88408 #8 Flat (5/16”)

1/4” Angle, #78077 3/8” Angle, #78078

#88411 #1 Round (1/16”) 1/2” Angle, #78079 #88413 #2 Round (1/8”) #2 Fan, #78074 #88418 #8 Round (1/4”)

#6 Fan, #78076 #88420 3/4” Powder #6 Filbert, #78081

#10 Filbert, #78083 #88421 1” Powder 1” Filbert, #78085


MAke-up CoMpAny


Model AJ Meyer is wearing HD Glamour Creme foundation in Buttermilk #30350 from Warm Palette #2 (#30252), Lip Stick in Runway #88224, Lip gloss in Ambrosia from palette #30292, FantasEyes eye shadow in Copper Calico #30564 and Golden Opal #30566, Cake Eye Liner in Jet Black #30001 mixed with Magic Set #88692, and Jet Black mascara #30011. Makeup by RJ McCasland, Photography by Jim Wildeman.

s.i.l.k. bbrusHes rusHes s.i.l.k. Graftobian presents the Royal S.I.L.K. line of professional brushes. Designed for intense daily professional use, SILK has been developed to exceed all expectations. Handcrafted in true Royal brush-making tradition, SILK offers class-leading performance in a simple, yet elegant design utilizing matte black handles and chrome-plated solid brass ferrules.

#78116 Angle Eye Blender Brush (Fibres: goat/squirrel)

#78115 Flat Eyeliner Brush (Fibres: synthetic)

#78111 Eye Shader Medium Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78110 Eye Shader Large Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78114 Pointed Liner Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78109 Foundation Brush #78113 Crease Brush

(Fibres: synthetic)

(Fibres: dlx. squirrel)

#78108 Concealer Brush #78112 Smudger Brush

(Fibres: synthetic)

(Fibres: ultra-fine goat)

#78107 Fan Brush

(Fibres: badger)

#78124 Retractable Lip Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78123 Lip Brush

(Fibres: sable)

#78106 Retractable Powder Brush (Fibres: ultra-fine goat)

#78122 Brow/Lash Comb (Fibres: boar bristle)

#78105 Bronzer Brush (Fibres: ultra-fine goat)

#78121 Brow/Lash Brush (Fibres: boar bristle/nylon spoolie)

#78104 Dome Powder Brush (Fibres: ultra-fine goat)

#78120 Angle Shader Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78103 Angled Contour Brush

(Fibres: light goat)

#78119 Eyebrow Brush (Fibres: synthetic)

#78102 Blush Brush #78118 Detail Liner Brush

(Fibres: dlx. squirrel)

(Fibres: sable)

#78117 Eye Detailer Brush (Fibres: sable)

#78101 Powder Brush (Fibres: ultra-fine goat)


rusHss etsAnD AnDbb rusHCC leAner bbrusH ets rusH leAner MAke-up CoMpAny

The Brush Sleeve by Rebecca Rachael

#88497 International makeup artist Rebecca Rachael developed this incredible product to assist makeup artists everywhere in increasing their productivity and working speed. The brush sleeve keeps 13 brushes and tools at eye level for rapid access, molds to fit contours of your own arm shape, has a handy pocket on back for business cards, and is easily cleaned and sanitized.

#88495 Mini Travel Set This set covers the essentials in a purse sized selection of professional brushes.

NEW AND IMPROVED Pro Brush Cleaner Our New Brush Cleaner formulation easily cleans creme-based makeups and powders out of brushes of all types. Extend the life of your brushes by cleaning them properly! Sanitizes, protects fibres, cleans all makeups, cleans all fibres, and allows for quick turnaround of your brushes. #88394 Brush Cleaner, 2 oz. #88396 Brush Cleaner, 8 oz. #88398 Brush Cleaner, 32 oz.

#88496 Pro Brush Set This 17 brush professional set was designed by Suzanne Patterson (see p.2) as the perfect starter set for a working makeup artist. The handsome, supple leather wrap is also included. See our website for details on each brush and its uses at:

Menda 4 oz. Pump Dispenser Clean brushes last longer! The Menda pump dispenser allows you to clean brushes by pooling the perfect amount of brush cleaner at the top of the pump, while keeping the rest of your cleansing solution free of contaminants. The pump locks to prevent leakage during travel. 42

#88390 Menda™ Pump Dispenser

owDerAnD AnDpp uffs ppowDer uffs Powder Puffs

HD SuperSilicaTM Powder NEW! This translucent and ultra-micronized silica mineral formula provides a talcfree option for all skin colors and types including sensitive skin. It can be worn alone or used to set Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation for a flawless HD finish. *TIP: Apply lightly with a large powder brush such as #78101 (p.41) then gently and carefully* buff away any excess for smooth skin with a soft-focus finish. *Important when using flash photography.

#88438 3 3/4” Puff #30020 HD Silica Face Powder, .7 oz. Translucent SuperSilicaTM

HD LuxeCashmereTM Setting Powders NEW!

#88436 12pk. 2”Puffs

Soft velour puffs, ideal for setting makeups and absorbing moisture. Some pros even use them for makeup removal when coupled with our Makeup Remover (p.37).

HD Pro Powder Sponge

Graftobian HD LuxeCashmereTM Setting Powders are newly formulated from an ultra-fine ingredient base. These powders are smooth and touchable, and available in four shades. These are designed to quickly matify the skin without taking away from its natural appearance, while yielding an ultra light and silky feel. Transclucent is a neutral setting powder which will not change or dull colors. Fair is a translucent light powder, which works well to set light to light-medium skin tone makeups. Chestnut is applied to set makeups on mid-tone brown skin, and Ebony will set the richest of dark skin tones without making dark skin look “ashy” as can often result from using powder that is too light.

This 55 x 6 mm. soft NBR sponge is the one included with our full sized HD Pro Powder Foundations (p.10). #88448, 6 pk. NBR Sponges #88448-12, 12 pk. NBR Sponges #88448-24, 24 pk. NBR Sponges

#30031 HD LuxeCashmereTM .7 oz. Translucent

#30032 HD LuxeCashmereTM .7 oz. Fair

#30033 HD LuxeCashmereTM .7 oz. Chestnut

#30034 HD LuxeCashmereTM .7 oz. Ebony

Blotting Paper - Unscented Removes shine, perspiration, dirt, and oil. Won’t remove makeup, won’t smudge makeup, won’t remove lotion, and helps unclog pores. Lintfree, handmade, soft and absorbent, all natural fiber paper. © Joaquin Compta Palacin


MAke-up CoMpAny


Model Carla Reed is wearing OxyDerm Moisturizer #12792, a blend of Foundations from the HD Glamour Creme Super Palette -Warm #30245, a blend of HD Pro PowdersTM from Warm palette #30202. Make-up art by Lisa Carter-McPhee, photo by Ajani Truth.

kinCC Are sskin Are Each of Graftobian’s skin care products has been formulated to promote healthy, smooth skin. These gentle blends are ideal for skin that undergoes even the most extreme makeup uses. Designed for use by professional makeup artists, these products are suited to heal, and are forgiving of even the most overused and mistreated skin. Note: Many Graftobian Skin Care products contain a proprietary blend of Aloe, Rhodolite, Smithsonite, and Malachite to promote additional derma wellness.

Anti-Shine HD Foundation Primer The perfect HD makeup foundation primer, especially helpful for the oiliest of skin types. Foundation primers do two things: First, they prepare the skin with a light barrier that keeps oils from degrading the makeup, helping to keep a makeup looking good for several additional hours. Second, a good HD primer will give a slight yet dry tack to the skin, that will bond to both the skin on one side and to the makeup on the other.

Anti-Shine Primer Tag

#12795 1/2 oz.

DERMACARE Recovery Balm For users of F/X makeups who extremely overuse and over stress their skin. If your skin is required to be abused due to several quick change makeups, too rapid removal of prosthetics, etc., replenish lost oils and soften your skin with DermaCare Recovery Balm. Typically used as a night cream, DermaCare is also meant for those with very dry skin or for those suffering from sun burn or chapped heels.

#12796 1 oz.

Hints From a Pro

Brad Look

Brad Notes: “We keep our Graftobian OxyDerm in the refrigerator. The actors really like the refreshing feel of the cool lotion on their skin.”

OXYDERM Moisturizer OxyDerm provides the skin with vital energy to keep it young and healthy-looking, containing several ingredients to refine your skin, improve texture, clarity and tone, reduce puffiness, and improve the overall radiance of your skin. Directions: Gently massage into face and neck morning and evening to help deeply moisturize and firm the skin.

#12792 2oz.

CREAMY CLEAN Cold Cream Makeup Remover Our Creamy Clean is a rich, cold cream makeup remover with a blend of the finest waxes, oils, and extracts. It easily removes all cream and powder based makeups, while supplying the skin with a soothing blend of aloe and mineral ingredients. Directions: Apply with fingertips or a cleansing pad and use circular motions to gently loosen and remove makeup.

#12790 2 oz.

For full information regarding the ingredients and their various properties, refer to the Skin Care section of our website: 45

rofessionAlM MAke Ake -upCCAses Ases pprofessionAl -up MAke-up CoMpAny

Graftobian offers 5 different professional make-up cases for storing and transporting your make-up supplies. These cases are attractive, durable and hold quite a bit of make-up! The three largest cases transform into convenient roller cases with telescoping handles so you can pull them along rather than carrying them.

#88477 Master Makeup Case - Empty (16” x 10” x 10.5”)

#88476 Deluxe Makeup Case - Empty (14.125” x 8.5” x 9.25”)

#88475 Basic Makeup Case - Empty (9” x 5.5” x 8”)

This is the perfect case for the Pro Makeup Artist to set up virtually anywhere. It is very durable and sturdy with plenty of work surface, a nice sized mirror, strong lighting, and easily moved and set up. The Pro Makeup Stand operates on both 110 and 220 voltage. (Supplied with bulbs for 110 use)

#88478 Super Combo Makeup Case - Empty (15.5” x 11” x 24.75”)


#88479 Pro Makeup Stand with Lights (27” x 18” x 9”)

“Marie Antoinette” © Joaquin Compta Palacin

A depiction of Marie Antoinette inspired by the media’s tendency to portray her as a figure of extravagance or doomed beauty. The face is created using Graftobian F/X Aire tm Airbrush make-up #28002 White and #28139 Soft Cherry Blush. Eyelashes are enhanced with Graftobian Professional Cake Eye Liner #30001 Jet Black (p. 13). Lips are brushed with Graftobian Lip Color #88270 Savage, LusterTM Powder #89665 Shimmering Sand, and SuperSealTM Intense Shine Lip Gloss #30299 (p.9).

“Let Them Eat Cake” © Joaquin Compta Palacin

“The inspiration came from great women throughout history. Marie Antoinette is a great image of the renaissance and infamously credited with the saying, ”Let them eat cake.” It was too much fun not to do something with it. The Renaissance was a great time of opulence and wigs so we re-created the theme with a bit of a modern twist and a little sense of humor. The wig was blended into the hair with an airbrush and Graftobian’s amazing make up.” -Joaquin Compta Palacin “Cake” is adhered with the aid of Graftobian Spirit Gum #88533 applied first to the skin where additional adhesion was desired. 47

AkeA -up Artists ...GrAftobiAn wHywMHyAkeM-up rtistss loVe MAke-up CoMpAny

Model is Veronica Lavery. Makeup and photography by Philip’e Hernandez

“I have been working with Graftobian Cosmetics in my freelance makeup & body art business for many years, and it has been a very positive experience from the start. I now carry Graftobian products at Skincognito, my professional makeup studio and retail makeup supply, where we use their products in our classes as well as on our clients . Their airbrush supplies are the BEST; my absolute favorite tool is my Walk-AroundTM Airbrush System. Graftobian has always been extremely reliable in providing us with high quality products and excellent customer service and helping us to meet the needs of our customers on a consistent basis.” -Andrea O’Donnell (see her work featured on p.26)

© Joaquin Compta Palacin

48 48

...loVe GrAftobiAn

“My experience using Graftobian for the past several years for my many high-profile celebrities, has met with flawless results and amazing pictures. I was especially interested in the line of foundations because in my day-to-day schedule I need an effectively smooth finish with a perfect match to the skin tone. I can go from a sheer finish with a lighter application to more coverage for shading and sculpting the face. For many years I had to battle oily residue on the skin, causing me to constanly powder the face. With Graftobian, I just have little powder touch ups and the skin stays brilliant. The Graftobian line has become such a daily process for me, with their many eye shadows, cheek colors and lip shades. It is the only product I can say, ‘Does it all!’” Jeffrey Fetzer

Model is wearing HD Glamour Creme foundation in Afterglow #30332 from cool palette #1 (#30261), Lip gloss in Coco Glaze from palette #30292, Black Velvet eyeliner #88360, and Jet Black mascara #30011. Makeup by Jeffrey Fetzer, Photography by Anthony Farusto.


wHy pHotoGrApHers... MAke-up CoMpAny

When a photographer or a client undertakes the project of a photo shoot, the expense is in the photographer’s time, the makeup artist’s time, the model’s time, assistant’s time, costuming, props, special lighting, etc. All of that expense can be wasted if you don’t have a proper model who is wearing proper make-up. Graftobian is the proper makeup. Period. -Eric G. Coffman President, Graftobian Make-up Company

© Joaquin Compta Palacin

Our company was originally started by a photographer (Gene Coffman, right), with a photographer’s dreams in mind. Carrying on in his tradition, we at Graftobian continue striving to provide artists, photographers, and models with the tools to capture that perfect image.


© Estate of Gratton “Gene” Coffman

...AnD MoDels loVe GrAftobiAn

Dorothy Dandridge “I have been a long time fan of Dorothy Dandridge’s unique beauty, style, and personality. I wanted to bring this essence of Dorothy back to modern life through a pictorial story, but finding the right model that could translate the look and character through pictures was a challenge. When Carla Reed was cast for the Graftobian HD Makeup 101 DVD shoot, I knew instantly that she was the talented model and actress that could visually “speak” the essence of Dorothy to such a degree that fans of Dorothy could instantly relate to Carla as her “reincarnation.”

-Suzanne Patterson

Photography by Ajani Truth


MAke-up CoMpAny

Model is wearing HD Glamour Creme foundation in Afterglow #30332 from cool palette #1 (#30261), Lip gloss in Coco Glaze from palette #30292, Black Velvet eyeliner #88360, and Jet Black mascara #30011. Makeup by Jeffrey Fetzer, Photography by Anthony Farusto.

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