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WELCOME to the first issue of GRAFISTA! GRAFISTA is a PDF magazine devoted solely to all graffiti - vandals, doodles, and whatnots - found inside the walls of the University of the Philippines (Diliman) College of Fine Arts. Anything, image or type, drawn or scratched onto college property (walls, chairs, tables, doors, etc.) shall be honored and showcased here. It is our goal to preserve and archive all these original artworks before they are gone. ADMINISTRATORS Chino De Vera

Eira Gemanil

Every issue, a room or a certain spot in the college, together with the graffiti, shall be featured. At the same time, an anonymous artist who has a distinct artwork in the featured room or space may be showcased too.


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doors YOU enter the lobby, and a friendly nod from the guard welcomes you in. You walk straight past the benches and tables and all the students chattering lively at the lobby, past the white statues of Artemis and Apollo, and take a right turn towards the corridors. You walk pass by the dark room as Mang Obet emerges out of the door, giving you the usual nodand-grin and high five, and you walk on. You continue your journey, passing by the orange doors of the rooms B4, B5, and B6, past all the students dawdling by the corridor. You pass by

T1, by that lonely statue at the end corner, and turn a left. You walk straight past the comfort rooms, past the gates that lead outside to the ID rooms at the very back of the college, and past T2. Then, you stop by the third to the last door down the corridor and face yet again another brightly painted orange door. Welcome to T3.

“Then, you stop by the third to the last door down the corridor and face yet again another brightly painted orange door.�

Also, the fact the T3 is never locked makes it an easy target for students who enjoy “redecorating� school property.

T3 is probably one of the most vandalized rooms here in the College of Fine Arts. Reasons for this may include the fact that it is located at the very back of the college, hidden from most students, professors, and especially, from roaming security guards.

Students draw on walls, doors, chairs, tables, air conditioners, and whatever else is in the room. A great variety of styles and personality oozes out from within the four corners of the room. The drawings within T3 has become more than the usual graffiti and vandals. Stories have unfolded among the illustrations, and the room has acquired a sense of personality.

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Grafista 01  

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