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Federation of European tile-fixers‘ association

Tasks and goals

Encouraging communication, transfer of knowledge and cooperation within the ceramic industry.


Assistance for setting up new national tile layer associations. Exchange of experience and launching new projects in the fields of - sales - marketing - technology - craftsmanship. Promotion of vocational education and training Communication platform for - industry - trade - craftsmanship - associations - institutions of the European Community.

Member countries

Österreichischer Fliesenverband

FECAMO Fédération Belge des Entrepreneurs Carreleurs et Mosaïstes

SPV - Schweizerischer Plattenverband

PROALSO Asociación Profesional de Alicatadores / Soladores

Fachverband des deutschen Fliesengewerbes Säurefliesner-Vereinigung e. V.

UNECB-FFB – Union des Entrepreneurs Céramistes du Bâtiment

TTA - The Tile Association

Assoposa, Italia

Fédération des Entrepreneurs de Carrelage du Grand Duché de Luxembourg

BOVATIN - Bond van Aannemers van Tegelwerken in Nederland


Supporting members

feinste Bauchemie


Projects and news

Dialogue with partners

European Tile Convention

A platform for the dialogue with the European partners. Every two years the partners and member associations meet in order to discuss current topics.

Round Table of Ceramics

Annual exchange of experience with representatives of the tile trade on the occasion of the Cersaie in Bologna.



Marketing concepts Video „De mes mains“ An initiative of the French association: The fascination for ceramics and the occupation are displayed in an imaginative story: a video both for the

Campaign of the Swiss tile association

exhibition for the consumer and for the training centre in order to get young people enthusiastic about this occupation.

Initiative of the industry The concepts „Healthy living with ceramics“ , „Saving energy due to ceramics“ and „Designing with ceramics“ are all successful marketing initiatives for the ceramics industry.

Advertising of the Austrian tile association

Technical Commission


„Exhibition 2020“ and „Craftsmanship 2020“

The tile technology is becoming increasingly complex and more important for the industry. The Technical Commission of the EUF is the point of contact for manufacturers and craftspeople in matters of technical implementation.

Bjรถrn Boomfalk (D) Thomas Fabian Siegentaler (CH), Thomas Liebenauer (A)

Citta della Posa

On the initiative of the EUF and the Italian association the best of the industry, the winners of the World Skills, demonstrated their skills at the Citta della Posa on the occasion of the Cersaie 2013 in Bologna.

EUF marke t information General market data on the website www. regarding home construction, tile production and consumption, distribution channels, proportion of the tile consumption and the structure of the tiling trade.



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