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Lund University

Who are Equilibrio and Lars Rokkjær? Equilibrio has worked with educational institutions in Scandinavia since 1994. Equilibrio’s owner, Lars Rokkjær, is known and respected in all of Scandinavia for his knowledge in education and leadership. He has written several books on the subjects and in 2006, researcher Elisabeth Cederwal wrote a Ph.d about his pedagogical methods and meaning for educational development. “The communicative pedagogy has its origins in Denmark and its advocate is Lars Rokkjær. A basic tenant in the communicative pedagogy is that the teacher is his or her own pedagogical tool and that he or she must understand how to apply themselves in relation to the students,” Elisabeth Cederwald states.

Lars Rokkjær is currently working with the leadership program at Lund University, one of Scandinavia’s best universities.

Chalmers University

He also works to improve the research environments at Chalmers University in Gothenburg and UniSA in Adelaide, Australia.


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Bachelor in english  

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