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INTEGRAGUIDE OVERVIEW › The control device is a small computer with own battery and power supply › About 3-4 hours of working with a full charged tool › Passengers are using their private smart devices with an app or device could be lended with a previously downloaded app › Master uses headset with microphone, for user is enough an earphone › Application could be downloaded directly from the central unit to the Android devices › Operates on free wifi radio channels


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Wireless, immediate communication Perfectly fits the tourguide activities Future-oriented and trendsetter Ideal as an extension to the existing FM system No need for renting equipment, the group members can use their own smart devices No trouble by charging (only one device should be charged) No passenger device is needed, because this function will be done via an application and a personal smart device Crystal clear digital voice 4 level battery warning Using wifi to ensure an absolute noise - and interference free function Guaranteed operating range 30 m in buildings and 60 m outside Best money/value ratio on the market


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IntegraGuide has special central unit Both master and slave use own (lended) smart phone or tablet Digital technology for lossless communication Operates with free Wifi channels


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