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hyritupy crz Music:Kalêvala - Lyrics:D.Zoncheddu

Used to sleep in the cold between a fire and a c i r cl e of wolves. There’s a village where the wood gets low there nothing’s said but something’s told. From a g y p s y girl you bought with a kiss a response and two eyes to miss. She said:”Take your head out of the sand, son of the brother of who rules the land!” The w izard in the g o l d en ha l l foretold luck for his reign but the old man in the cavern said: “You’re a diamond in the rough state” He burned the boughs,they wrote on the rocks until the stone got warm: - S ee d il l ed k ak in






“Throw your mantle! Show your ring! People waitin’ to fight and sing!” fa t h

er o f t h e


To the meeting at the stones ! all their sickles now are swords No r t h and S ou t h,W Wes t and E a s t swear the oath, r ai s e t he i r fis t ! Hear the noises of the crowd you should hear those who cry loud!

Hear the whispers of the ground it waits for thunder to come down! “We are waitin’…deliver us!” They’re waitin’ for someone to deliver’em. Co m e t h e s t o r m ! ” “C

Worlds’ End Inn Music:Kalêvala - Lyrics:A.Bianchi

Old sextant you don’t work well tonight too high sister Pole Star in the Orion sky at Borgopass I turn left... maybe right? think I’l et ls

e! tim

my sail o n

Lil’ abaft of the Sun at the bow o’ the Moon as far as the P l é ia d e s or an upwind harpoon a place you shall find when there’s no road to hit sparks the water mill of L on g J o h n Si l v e r ’s Inn.


e th

De-la de-la dee dee HO! no wisdom I’m looking for! neither searching for the knowledge De-la de-la dee dee HO! just console my soul - D a s G r en z ev o l k ! with a stout or an abbey ale where the rocky road falls!

W i r d wind th i

The D u t c h m a n shouts “Aye, aye crew! Tides for the next bloody fly” they ch a n t e n t “ L a Me s s e d es Mor t s ” tasting burgundy wine Elric “ fr eo n d m in ” deal me Chaos’ cards in my hand it’s too hard to solve Lord’s riddle for this borderline man. Is there something to learn? All just rollin’ of dice? Ask who’ll press “/Q” on my P h ot o s h o p file!

Dee-la Dee-la Dee-Dee HO! We’ll sing refrains no more! - D a s G r e n z ev o l k ! Yet Jig’s lilt reaches us across the cliffs Dee-la Dee-la Dee-Dee HO! To tell of the W andering J ew… when he’s tired of wandering but still proud o’ being J ew Dee-la Dee-la Dee-Dee HO! Just one more... time at all so drink the s o ur c up of life in 1..2 ..3 ..4 draughts Dee-la Dee-la Dee-Dee HO! 'Til it’s empty go slow you may find the hidden sweet or you can always hope!


Music:Kalêvala - Lyrics:A.Bianchi

Haunted fire burning bright Lights the forest ,moonlight smile Willow trees bless pagan rites Creeps life that day can only hide Through the dancin’ fireflies Woody arhythmic beats nearby, whistle disharmonious rhymes Gathering,rings out the magic chimes Feel attracted by beastie eyes,

naked like the day I die Take a step, break circle lights swift elapse …and they spin me round. Roots start climbing to the sky, and leaves go down below… liquid laughing,my mind seems to explode Silver Gates are open now,on the rotten way to Co r e, human eyes rip the veil of Underworld. L ep r ec h au n …Nu ah c er p el ! ” “L

ER OB to

ur lord, now you walk the ON yo Ha l l



el ne


v ant,k ser

r e!

g in

“Glad to se e you !,m an l You will be the source of our sexual exaltation, deadly extinction pleasure’ll be your fate!” So u l ”…F Faë r ie e Sirens…come from River “S hu m a n ! Givers and gifts my stream nymphs,…h Sickly smell from these female flowers…Faë r ie e Stare at the roses from Moor that weeds you call!


My ancient galliard shall break your spell,turn barrow reign to light “Eerie” choose to deal or take up the fight! You force me to the dealing round ,my present you refuse… sure it’s less than life, my man,you lose? Just pay for your freedom with vivid gems of life… The small price of two human eyes! “Take’em! keep’em! I don’t need to see, L ea n an - S id h e has to set me free!” Hold the pact, manling, I’ll light your way outside, of y o ur s o n! and keep in payment the eyes…o

MY BALLAD FOR PILGRIMS AN’ CROWS Music: Kalêvala - Lyrics: S.Casula

I’m a stranger,these strangers I call friends we march together to the promised land we follow our fate on this everlasting day but winds of the Wes t swept the truth away Eyes are bleeding and burning like fire for the shining sun is our only guide “we must face Satan,give praise to the L ord” we can’t even remember who we’re dying for I know that another age will come we’ll believe until the night will fall

Take the path of the ground when the gates of E d e n will be found Take the path of the ground before the call of dawn

t glor y lis


to the song of time

t Lis


fo r

Somewhere under the ground we’ll be the memory of a town Take the path of the ground for the gates of H el l must be found

y to pa my e w e story, c about the pri

To the sun we ride through rivers of white light from the sun we’re going to hide To the sun we march, waiting for the dark

at last we feel the shadows nigh I know another time is near now that we are blind everything is so clear stars have never been so dark scars become the devil’s mark I’m a stranger these strangers I call friends now my ballad’s coming to an end neither knowing nor needing to know why we’re just p i l g r i m s but we feel like cr o w s In the middle of this s acred c ircle we invoke the G o d of D usk while mists of ashes surround our eyes like a macabre mask

G o d of D usk bless this m o u nd ” ”G We dance the dance of time, its dust is running through my veins soon,under cover of darkness we will creep across the land the only lights that we can stand are thunderbolts and stars for they’re the words of darkness tearing the sky apart.

Take the path of the ground inside this wicked temple m o u nd Take the path of the ground before the coming of dawn Somewhere under the ground we’ll be the memory of a town Take the path of the ground for the gates of H el l have been found


Music:Kalêvala - Lyrics: D.Zoncheddu,A.Bianchi

“Singin’ the old song, men and let’s have a drink to the old Buddies dead! I had a name, …seas washed apart, just like the tides in the shores of my heart Waves sail the coffin along to the end… Singin’ the old song, men!”

now he s cre am and looks far away He shuts up, he shouts and his thoughts are too loud to be heard now.

t eve sa


mee t

Every night it’s like a fever hear it! Wood against wood, he feels it’s getting’ nearer I know

,he talk s to every sh eam ip we s cr

The heart of the shepherd ran dry he’ll never lead the s he e p out of the night The heart of the shepherd ran dry for the saltiness of the sea. The water, seems to reflect the sky but don’t confuse that supernatural W h i t e someone can reach but that shade of G eh e nn a’s fire Hold the rhumb line, fathom by fathom to the ivory Ma ël s t r o m

three times the helmsman saw the D a v y J o n es call! now he asks everyone, he stands beside this fatal man and looks far away we call him fool ‘cause his c ha r ad es are too hard to be solved now. Where has poor P ip gone? He’s been too long there alone water maybe washed his heart,the sky surely stole his soul! I know nothing good is waiting for us all! His life! He forgot his flesh is not stone if you could hear sounds under this d eep flat b lue w all you’d know nothing good is waitin for us all. The heart of the shepherd ran dry he’ll never lead the s he e p out of the night The heart of the shepherd ran dry for the saltiness of the sea.

“Here L or d my father I lie tried to be yours more than mine but at the end what’s a man to live all his G od ’s life?” The water,look,may seem to reflect the sky but don’t confuse that supernatural W h i t e someone can reach but that shade of G eh e nn a ’s fire …someone can reach but that shade of G eh e nn a ’s fire… Based on the novel “Moby Dick or the Whale” by H. Melville

Theoden’s speech Music:Kalêvala - Lyrics: D.Zoncheddu

“Where now the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? Where is the helm and the hauberk,and the bright hair flowing? Where is the hand on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow, The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.” (Lament of the Rohirrim)

Hidden swords and whispered words, shall G r im a heal my pain? my shoulders bent, my tremblin’ hand I saw the clouds, I wait for the rain. He’s the On e who watchin’ darkness doesn’t close his eyes thunder from his severe wood, woke me from the dead of night I failed to see, I failed to do I’ll repair my wrongs! P un i s h m en t …for those who fooled me! cr o w ns ! for the faithful…c I hail you Land! I pray and bow my head. Black clouds are approaching from the eastern sky like the fathers of the fathers of your fathers r i d e ! and if you want …s in g fo r m e o n c e m o r e!


Here I fall! I fought and won and d i e d !



Kings! they live in battle, in battle they die...


r t h or at M

Here are now the black ghosts of the Ni n e who died horse,make s hadows fear our last ride, h e ar m y b at t l e c r y ! I’ll pay in blood,let me earn some pride! s side w e’ n a

ry on Mi d dl e gl o

Based on the tale “The Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien

The foggy dew Music - Lyrics: Traditional

“...While Brit t ania's Huns with their long-range guns Sailed in through the foggy dew.”

Many thanks to:

Moni Ovadia, Geezer Butler, Achab & crew, the Voice, Long John Silver, Steve Sylvester, Vittorio Nocenzi, Miyamoto Musashi, Chris Squire, Ian Gillan, John Constantine, Shane Mc Gowan, the King, Bilbo Baggins, Errol Flynn, Cabassi Enzo, Slaine Mc Roth, M.J.Watson, Glenn Danzig, Dave Deprave, Yoda, Terry Gilliam, Martin Walkyer, Black Dahlia, Maggot & his mushrooms, Ruko Tatase, Jesse Custer, Tim Burton, Elric of Melnibonè, Flash Thompson, ...but don’t forget the Joker!

Kalèvala is:

Daniele Zoncheddu: guitars, flute, bkvocals A.“Achab” Bianchi: drums concept & percussion Simone Casula: vocals, bkvocals Emiliano Occhi: bass, bkvocals Eleanor Jones: keys Additional musicians: Giorgio Cremonesini: drums on 2, 3, 4, 6 Helder Stefanini: drums on 1, 5 Edera: female vox Alan Jones: violin Marco Gambarelli: mandolin A mico: choirs Michele Luppi, Angela Castellani, Stefano Dell’A Thanks to Arjuna for his help in: Heritage cry, Faëriee, Theoden's speech and Enomys for his help in : Skrimshander

Recorded by: Helder Stefanini except: drums 2,3,4,6 (Sliver Sound Studio) & keyboards (Frozen sound studio) Mixed at: Manhattan studio by S. Dell’A Amico in winter 2001, sound fx: Sound Dogs inc, 12301 stanwood drive Los Angeles CA

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Kalevala h.m.s.- Worlds End Inn  

Kalevala h.m.s. Worlds End Inn booklet of the music album

Kalevala h.m.s.- Worlds End Inn  

Kalevala h.m.s. Worlds End Inn booklet of the music album