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GOURMET CHOICE Gourmet tourism is constantly increasing, with more and more travelers who appreciate every year to taste the flavour of vacation, especially in a country so rich in high quality wine&food proposal as Italy is. Gourmet Choice is an elegant and refined publication, a comprehensive guide for all those who wish to live a real taste experience during a holiday in Italy by plunging into the rich and varied culinary tradition of this beautiful country. Marco Pion | Director

A selection of the best hotels, farms, wineries and wine&food producers will let you discover, dear reader, the unique and modern flavors of the “made in Italy”: Gourmet Choice, designed and built as a simple and immediate reference tool, does not renounces


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Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition



Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition

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Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

From the traditional Medieval dishes up to the sea with the freshly caught fish, food and wine in Abruzzo has a rich variety of dishes and especially of wines. The Region presents a few succulent delicacies like the maccheroni alla chitarra, the Adriatic soups, the lamb, but also pork, salami dell’Aquila, all accompanied by the unmistakable Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and why not to try closing with the famous confetti of Sulmona. Another important product of Abruzzo, which is considered as the red gold is the L’Aquila saffron DOP. It is produced in the Plateau of Navelli, in the heart of Abruzzo in the fall when the little purple flowers bloom. The Saffron crocuses grow between 350 and 1000 meters above sea level and the spectacle of flowering fields around Navelli and other charming villages is breathtakingly beautiful.

2 Loreto Aprutino 1 Pietracamela 4 Rivisondoli 5 Roccaraso 3 Sulmona 6 Villetta Barrea

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition



Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition


Castello Chiola Hotel


Via degli Aquino, 12 – 65014 Loreto Aprutino (PE) – Italy Phone +39 0858290690 – Fax: +39 0858290677 –


Castello Chiola, a prestigious residence situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Abruzzo, Loreto Aprutino The rooms are situated on three floors and they are extremely meticulous in detail and all different from each other. Restaurant offers Abruzzo traditional dishes reinterpreted in a modern cuisine concept.

A generous land, Abruzzo: its conformation is

ical is the Marcetto, flavoured cheese enriched

typical of its gentle valleys, the springs make

with mountain herbs.

the land fertile and wherever they are bearing

In all the parks and protected areas of Abruzzo

the hallmarks of production typical of this Italian

there is an interesting honey production. Bee-


keeping is an ancient fact that even today, de-

The quality and simplicity of recipes is ampli-

spite the crisis that affects the industrious insects

fied by the authenticity of local products, among

in the world, continues to produce a delicious

which one cannot cite legumes such as beans

honey. In addition to wildflowers, most types of

and grain or fracture Montereale Sulina Maiella,

honey produced and appreciated are the thyme,

but the spices that make the really special dishes

the sainfoin and chestnut.

as saffron eagle. Among the products of excellent

If the recipes with meat and cheese are typi-

wine stands out among the red Montepulciano

cal of the inner areas of the region, the Adriatic

d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano among whites.

coast of Abruzzo prepares tasty recipes based on

Abruzzo is a region of agro-pastoral vocation,

fish. Among these fish soup prepared with fresh

precisely for this reason among the products of

fish, especially Redfish, shrimp and octopus.

excellent typical local production appear various

The smell of the sea that is released from these

types of cheeses from Abruzzo’s sheep cheese

dishes is spreading through The Streets of the

with fresh pasta, ricotta and until scamorze. Typ-

seaside restaurants dotting the area.

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

Discovering Emilia Romagna may well be like discovering an entire kitchen full of unique dishes both with bold and refined taste. This Italian city has tradition embedded in its cuisine setting it apart from the other food havens in the world. Its dishes are simple in every way but within its simplicity is the elegance of a cuisine that has created profound influence all over the world. Its simplest delicacy the Erbazzone, pisarei e faso, tortelloni and home-made pastas are all enhanced by special fillings of herbs found and cultivated only in the area. It’s Parma Ham, a festive combination of meat; goes perfectly with the Parmigiano cheese are simply legendary that any tourist would want to have a bite of. Its cuisine would be nothing without the perfect wine to with it – Gutturnio which is made in vineyards of Piacenza, Barbera, and Sangiovese. Indeed, Emilia Romagna has everything that any tourist would crave for and more!






2 Castell’Arquato 1 Gragnano Trebbiense 4 Pianoro 3 Quattro Castella

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition



Emilia Romagna


Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition

Emilia Romagna is one of the most productive and

the major pride of the region. Taste the stuffed pasta

fertile regions of Italy lying between the Apennine

and the tagliatelle which differs in shapes. In this

mountains and the River Po.

region of Bologna, tortellini is in many cases stuffed

The mountains and the sea In Emilia Romagna offer

with ham, meat and mortadella which are served

its visitors breathtaking views for both the eye as well

in capon or chicken. In nearby towns, you will find

as the spirit owing to a mixture of Emilia Romagna’s

tortellini served with spinach and ricotta cheese,

earthly colors, fragrance and fresh sea air. In addition

seasoned with sage and butter. Mortadella is an-

to this is the cinema, music and art that’s appreci-

other typical specialty that you should give a taste.

ated both nationally and internationally.

After taking Certosino Bolognese there are a variety

Emilia Romagna is among the famous tourist des-

of both white and red wine such as pinot Bianco,

tination with those loving a combination of sea,

Bianco Pignoletto, Barbera and Merlot.

sun and entertainment drawing their attention to

The province of Ferrara extending to the delta of

Romagna Riviera that possesses Europe’s longest

River Po offers beautiful sceneries of rare charm

beach. Other towns such as Riccione, Rimini and

with the valleys and lagoon settlements, pinewoods

Cattolica are highly-outfitted for tourist reception

along the coast. The cuisine in Ferrara is connected

emphasizing fun and relaxation.

to its history and thus a walk to taste what it has to

This region started with agriculture as the main

offer would be worth the while. Nearing the court of

source of business, wealth and well being were

the Estense where cooking was considered an art,

synonymous in the local speech and culture. The

great dishes are prepared from the local produce.

fertility of the plains of Emilia Romagna generated

To start off your first courses you should try the cap-

riches and strongly influenced the growth of tradi-

pellacci with pumpkin, maccheroni pie and risotto

tions and popular festivals among the locals. Cur-

with bald coot. Proceed to take stewed escargot

rently, Emilia Romagna is among the competing

alla ferrarese, sauced eels raisedin the valleys of

cities in Italy as the wealthiest.

comacchio for you second courses. Have a taste of

A visit to Emilia Romagna wouldn’t be complete

delicious salama da sugo which is particular kind

without taking a gastronomy tour tasting the de-

of salami made of pork, red wine among other con-

licious food and wine across the region. A walk

stituents. A commonly known dessert in Ferrara is

through the streets of Bologna you will see the pro-

the panpepato and mandorlini del ponte cookies

duction of tortellini and fresh egg paste which forms

that are made of almonds.

Emilia Romagna

Hotel Leon d’Oro e Ristorante Don Ferdinando Piazza Europa 6 – 29014 Castell’Arquato (PC) – Italy Phone +39 0523805319 – Fax +39 0523806690 – Leon D’Oro Hotel and Don Ferdinando Restaurant are in Castell’Arquato, one of the most well-preserved medieval village. The hotel welcomes the guests with its elegant atmosphere while the restaurant offers special dishes prepared with great care in the selection of raw materials. In kitchen we chose a return to the simple pleasures!

Your next food tour stop should be in the province of

and chestnuts will give you a taste of the wide range

Modena, a region rich in traditions, motors and car

of products available in this province.

designs and the passion of good cooking. Modena

Make sure you taste the best products in the entire

is characterized by plains extending the most beau-

country namely the Parma ham and salames, the

tiful plains in Italy covered by fortresses, castle,

culatello of Zibello, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

villages and towers. As pointed out earlier food is

together with the well cooked shoulder of san sec-

a true passion of the local residents and thus a cui-

ond. The first course that you ought to take while in

sine tour around Modena will certainly leave you

Parma include the cappelletti in beef broth, tortelli

with a mouth watering experience.

di erbette while you let the second course be graced

Zampone which is stuffed pig trotter is a symbol

by appetizing beef stew with polenta, stuffed breast

of local cookery cooked throughout the year in-

of veal, boiled meat with tasty sauces among oth-

cluding the traditional Modena’s balsamic vinegar

ers. The desserts are numerous such as the almond

that has received quality recognition. Other popu-

cake, pastries stuffed with honey, candy violets as

lar products include the typical Modena pears and

well as the wine meeting DOC standards such as

the Vignola cherries.

Malvasia, and Colli di Parma.

A visit to Parma will offer you an experience of highly

A further tour to the remaining provinces namely Ra-

diverse foods which comprehending would be dif-

venna, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Rimini you will

ficult. The herb quiches, the mushroom of Albereto

in no doubt get the best taste of the various delica-

and Borgotaro and dishes that are based on berries

cies and wines that will keep you wanting for more.

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

Lombardy is one of the 20 regions of Italy and considered to be the most populous and richest region in the country due to its booming tourism and commercial industries. Even if it is well known for some funky cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Taleggio and R obiola, Lombardy is now advancing a reputation in the winery arena as one of Italy’s most dynamic wine zones. As a geographically diverse region, a lot of growers, newcomers and established alike, are virtually growing wines in almost every part. Here are two notable wine zones that you should check out. Oltrepò Pavese – noteworthy wines made there include Bonarda-based reds from producers such as Bruno Verdi and Vercesi del Castellazzo and the Giorgio Odero Pinot Noir from Frecciarossa. Even if Oltrepò Pavese competes with Soave as Italy’s most productive wine region, you will still get to taste wonderful wines when you go there. Franciacorta – is Italy’s answer to champagne being the most serious sparkling-wine appellation among the country. Bellavista and Ca’ del Bosco are well established wine estates which are joined by new wineries. All of them make Franciacorta as the most important producer of méthode champenoise wines in Italy.









4 Gorgonzola 2 Mantello 3 Scanzorosciate 1 Teglio

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition


Lombardy / Mantello

La Fiorida


La Fiorida Agriturismo is open all year round and is located in Lower Valtellina along the

Services Access for Disabled People

banks of the Adda River, embraced between Orobiche Alps and the Rhaetian Alps, very

Airport Shuttle

close to Lake Como. La Fiorida is unique of its kind: a place where elegance and tradition

Car Rental

coexist in a perfect union and harmony with the surrounding nature. Founded as a small breeding, over the years, thanks to the hard work of its founder Plinio Vanini and his collaborators, La Fiorida has grown and developed over an area of

Air Conditioning Internet WiFi

10 hectares, our guests can enjoy the stable, the crops, the store sales, outdoor dining

Non-Smoking Rooms

“calech” and the central body of the farm with 29 rooms, the Four Seasons Restaurant,

Soundproof Rooms

La Présef Restaurant, the spa area over 400 square meters and the Educational Farm.


Our crops are treated with love and our animals (cattle, pigs, goats) are treated with care and fed with healthy food in order to ensures their well-being and a high quality of our

Meeting Rooms Indoor Swimming Pool

products, that guests can find in the shop.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre

Via Lungo Adda, 12 – 23016 Mantello (SO) – Italy


Phone: +39 0342680846 – Fax: +39 0342681310

Panoramic View –

Family Friendly

Open all year round

Pets Allowed

Credit Cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa

Typical Products Wine & Food Tours Teaching / Seminars Parking Areas



Parking 1


Garage -


Restaurants Quantity


Indoor 2


Terrace 1


Swimming Pool



Rooms Quantity


Standard 3 € 165-168 Living 4 € 172-178 11

€ 199-205

Country Chalet


€ 209-215

Family Suite


€ 215-225

Junior Suite


Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition

Agreements with Local Producers Easy Access Other: Producer of Cheese & Meat

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

There is one place in the world where all your gustatory cravings will be satisfied – it is in Piedmont, Italy. This region in Italy boasts of the unique combination of an authentic Italian gourmet plus the right wine to go with it. Its patches of land is a home to thousands of vineyards that produce the most fine tasting and expensive wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato D’Asti that has been fermented for many years. This tradition of wine making dates back to the ancient times and has been perfected for many generations now. To match the wines are Piedmont’s white truffles that are sure to tickle anyone’s taste buds. These white truffles have been akin to gold because of its taste and its price. The scenery of Piedmont is as breath taking as its cuisine. It is literally at the “foot of the mountains” because it is surrounded by the massive mountains of Alps and Monte Rosa. Satiate your thirst today and do it while having picturesque backdrops that are sure to satisfy all of your senses. Make Piedmont, Italy your next destination to visit.




1 Aglié 2 Casale Monferrato 6 Castiglione Falletto 4 Dogliani


5 La Morra 3 Montemagno

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition



Cascina Ballarin Frazione Annunziata, 115 – 12064 La Morra (CN) – Italy Phone +39 017350365 – Fax +39 017350365 – – Cascina Ballarin is a family-run farm. The old barn was refurbished to create 4 guest rooms furnished in typical Piedmontese style, with en-suite bathrooms and independent heating. The Cascina produces high quality wines like three main red wines: Barolo, Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba, as well as several crus. For small groups are organized tastings of wines served with cold cuts, cheeses and local desserts.

Hotel Villa Santa Teresa


Via Torino, 54 – Dogliani (CN) – Italy – Phone +39 0173743569 – Fax +39 0173720037 – Situated in Dogliani, in the heart of the langa, between the Barolo’s and Dolcetto’s graperies, a polished modern 4 stars hotel of new building that offers to his clients a high level standard of services, with a very interesting high price/quality ratio. The hotel has Air Conditioning in all of his rooms and areas, outdoor pool, big parking and private garage. The thirteen rooms, all with wood parquet, has Cable tv, internet wifi, frigo bar and lots of other services. Come to find us!”


Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition


Le Torri Hotel


Via Roma 29 – 12060 Castiglione Falletto (CN) – Italy Phone +39 017362961 – Fax +39 017362961 – Le Torri Hotel stands in Castiglione Falletto, quiet village among the Langa’s hills near Alba. Propose 8 rooms and 8 apartments furnished with all conforts. Breakfast is prepared with local and organic products. The staff will help you for reservation in the best restaurants and winery of the area.

Tenuta Montemagno Via Cascina Valfossato, 9 – 14030 Montemagno, Asti – Italy Phone +39 014163624 – Fax +39 0141653800 – – Their ancient walls tell of the history and traditions of the true Monferrato. The first documents that give testimony to its existence go back to the Napoleonic period. Then, as now, it was a place dedicated to the cultivation of the most prised vineyards of the area. And like a good wine preserves its secrets in time, to then donate it to us, the farmhouse does the same and presents us it ancient splendours, also thanks to a consistent restoration work executed with the passion a craftsman.

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition





Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition

Piedmont is one of the regions that have amused

For instance, Nebbia (fog and smog) is essen-

people in their tours to Italy. It is located on the

tial in the development of the plant. Mist cov-

North-western part of Italy near the border of Italy

ers the hill tops of Langhe. Therefore, mist is

and France. Piedmont is known for the wine and

a key element of attraction for Langhe. First, it

activities relating to the vine plant. One of the

blends well for those who would like to plant

most interesting places in this region that visitors

the Nebbiolo. Many claim that it is interesting

and locals can visit are the Langhe lands.

for one to spend in a misty place of a local

This territory is cool and awesome due to its

hilly place eating nodules or serving each oth-

strategic location; it is on top of a hilly terrain

er with snacks. Fog also adds aesthetic value

stretching on the south and east of a river. River

to the cities of Langhe which are Alba, Asti,

Tanaro engulfs and mingles the past province of

Barbaresco, Barolo, Monforte d’Alba, and La

Cuneo. The river serves as water catchment’s


area and source of water for vine plants. In fact,

Besides Nebbiolo, there are other types of grapes

the area is well known for wines, cheeses and

grown in the region: Barbera and Dolcetto. They

white truffles.

survive due to ample rainfall and the type of soil

Italians have several names that conjure well the

which is mainly clay and limestone.

conditions. The core traditional grape for central

After discover and taste the fantastic wine during

Piedmont is referred to Nebbiolo. This type is

the tour in the wineries, it is possible for visitors

rare in the world. It makes people travel from

explore the cities and do several activities in this

all sorts of countries to visit Langhe and get the

special region.

right grape.

Langhe has several cities that form the total com-

For the case of this place, the region lies facing

mercial sector of the region. There is much to

the Alps from the west and on the south side

talk about the cities. They range from the first

feels the sea. It has all that are essential for

capital city of the current Italy, Turin, all the way

growth of Nebbiolo.

to Verbania. Just to highlight a few and their cor-



responding unique features, we may look at Alba

forces during the Second World War. It was a

after the two above.

military base for Italy. Other cities that one may

Alba is the entrance city to the region under study.

visit while in Langhe include: Barolo (majorly

It was founded by Romans depicting much in

for issues concerning wines), Biella, Asti, and

terms of the Roman wall. Before they left, they

Alessandria. Stresa is another town that tourists

shade behind architectural designs all over the

finish with while at Langhe. Stresa city is part

city. People visit this city in order to have a look

of the sophisticated small towns on the shore of

at the evidence of Roman traces.

Lake Maggiore. It has health and visitors resorts

Another town one may visit is Bra. It is situat-

with conducive climatic conditions and measur-

ed in between Turin and Cuneo on the edge of

able sceneries. Besides, it has close proximity to

Langhe. It has numerous churches and ancient

Verbania, which is the chief town on the west

palaces build back in the 17th and mid-18th

shores of the lake. The two need visitors who

centuries. It is the backbone of Langhe in food

enjoy marine services.

production. It feed the other cities. It hosts one

In langhe, people are able to get awards in

the most serious institutions in Langhe region;

form of wines. In the recent days, the forefront

the university of gastronomic science. This im-

experts, Gambero Rosso and Duemilavini have

plies that Bra is an educational center. Therefore

offered their leading wines from farms in Pie-

students may form part of their core visitors this

monte and Tuscany to the society as one of the

city expect. Learners from other universities visit

social mutual responsibility. Visitors join the

this city for exchange program within the two

game and carry some wine back home. This is

days of the tour.

a motive behind the rise of visitors to the two

Cuneo city is another one. It is the headquar-


ters of the biggest province of Piedmont. It is known due to the historical feature in which it was used as the center of Italian resistance

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

Sicily is not just the cultural and scientific center of Italy but the city also takes pride in being a food and gourmet capital of the country. The island’s popularity as a tourist destination stems from its variety of offerings to tourists – its beaches, volcanoes, cultural and historical landmarks, and people who happen to be excellent chefs. In addition to that, the locals are friendly and always helpful to tourists. Carefully prepared handmade pastries, Easter and Christmas desserts are common in Sicily and are served to every tourist in the island. Cannoli, pignoli, biscotti ennesi, ciarduna, and cuccia are among the most mouth watering sweets that Sicily has to offer. Aside from that, there is also excellent wine to cap any heavy meal. With its wide array of raw materials for cooking world class dishes like fresh produce and seafood, Sicily tops the list of destinations around the world where the word “diet” is a forbidden word. No wonder the island is dubbed as “god’s kitchen” and to forego such a taste bud haven would be akin to losing half of your life. Go on, make Sicily the next place to cross on your bucket list by experiencing it.





1 Favignana 2 Marsala 3 Modica

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition



Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition


B&B Atenea 191


Via Atenea, 191 – 92100 Agrigento – Italy Phone +39 0922595594 – Fax +39 0922660122 –


The B&B is placed in the heart of the city, where all the restaurants and typical shops specialized in local wine and food are. We will drive you through these different smells and we would be glad to offer you some tasty snacks as welcome. There is also the possibility to arrange a “gourmet itinerary” for our guests.

The intriguing island of Sicily is Mediterranean’s

variety or marine delicacies which in no doubt

largest island as well as the southern part of Italy.

can make just anyone to salivate.

This island is best known for Mount Etna which

To round this up, Sicily is credited with producing

is the largest active volcano in the entire region

some of the highly regarded new wines across

of Europe.

Europe supplementing it long-renowned fruit

Sicily being one of the pearls of southern Italy

drinks, ices and other digestives.

and can well be discovered, experienced and un-

If you intend to give Sicily’s great delicacies a

derstood through a series of tours to not only to

taste, your tour should start from Palermo which

areas of nature but also to those of history and

is surrounded by oranges of lemon groves of the

the island’s immense traditions and scrumptious

Conca D’Oro. This city is a site by itself owing to


its polychromatic marble of its buildings. Other

A visit to the Sicily you will not fail to notice the

attractions include the richly decorated churches

captivating nature’s endowment in the island

and archeological sites but while on this don’t fail

ranging from hills, mountains and the sea with

to visit the vibrant and colorful Vucciria which is

incredible colors and crystal clear waters. The

one of the famous markets in Palermo.

great volcanoes and the other Mediterranean

Food is in plenty here ranging from fried fish

islands offer unique intense scenarios engulfing

everywhere with amazing ricotta -filled pastries

the vicinity with flavors and scents of uncontami-

among other delicacies which you wouldn’t pos-

nated nature.

sibly exhaust in a day’s visit. Starting with the

Sicily is home to a vivacious culinary tradition

setteveli, a seven layer cake that will leave you

that mixes its local delicious produce with the

yearning for more are other foods such as the

cooking styles drawn from many foreign rulers

ricotta-filled cornetti, frittola, a sandwich made

ranging from Arabs to Byzantines, from Spanish

with meat bits and mostly covered in baskets

to Normans who have ruled Sicily earlier. The

and sold at the street corners. Have a taste of

delicious products come from the fertile plains

stigghiola which are calf or lamb intestines char-

and rolling hills of Sicily which seem to produce

coal grilled at night on Palermo streets starting

unlimited quantities of nut, vegetables, fresh

from 5 pm. Pane con Panelle, Pane ca’ Meusa,

fruits with the livestock in the region producing

street fish which can be prepared as you watch

sweet cheeses and meat. The surrounding fish-

and whole lot of other delicacies is what Palermo

ing grounds add to this wealth by providing a

has to offer.

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

Trentino Alto Adige located in the north of Italy is famous for the gorgeousness of its peaks as well as the foods and wines found there. The region has splendid mountaintops, wide valleys, streams, lakes, woods, and among other startling features. Grapes which are the main ingredient of manufacturing wines are composed of three types; red Teroldego Rotoliano, white Nasiola and Marzemino which are commonly native ones. International grapes varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot,Moscato, Pinot Nero, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are also important composition for wine ingredients as they are grown in the region. The farmers in this region have joined cooperatives to be able to market their products more effectively. Most of the foods sold in this region are made up of butter, cheeses and cream due to their plentiful milk production. Speck, which is Tyrol smoked ham, is the most famous dish in the region and served as an appetizer. Sausages are also a common food available here. Among the other types of foods in the region are; apple desserts, olive oils, Canederli, filling soups, cheeses such as. Food and wine is one of the famed tourist attractions in the region.



2 Brunico 6 Faver 3 Ortisei 4 Selva di Val Gardena 1 Tirolo 5 Vigo di Fassa

Gourmet Gourmet Choice Choice || 2013 2013 Edition Edition


Trentino Alto Adige / Faver

La Locanda del Passatore


Even if you expected a cozy little home in the hills of Italy, what you got wa unimaginable.

Access for Disabled People

This little home in Faver is a joy to stay at. Restaurants here are dressed of that elegance,

Airport Shuttle

delicate and refind typical of the Trentine attracting noble Houses. This elegance is to

Car Rental

let guests feel at home, and to serve foods transmitting messages of knowledge and flavours of Emilia Romagna, with a clear and strong mark of Trentine culture. Dishes from Trentine traditions reinvented with fantasy, worked out with genuine skill and love.

Air Conditioning Internet WiFi

Experience perfect and fabulous by the familiar welcome and the never ending flow of

Non-Smoking Rooms

natural beauties Val di Cembra offers with splendid generosity.

Soundproof Rooms Minibar Meeting Rooms Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre

Via Campagna, 16 – 38030 Faver (TN) – Italy


Phone: +39 3286766881

Panoramic View –

Family Friendly

Open all year round

Pets Allowed

Credit Cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa

Typical Products Wine & Food Tours Teaching / Seminars Parking Areas



Parking 1


Garage -


Restaurants Quantity


Indoor 1


Terrace 1


Swimming Pool



Rooms Quantity Matrimoniale 2


Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition

Rates 70-90

Agreements with Local Producers Easy Access Other

Gourmet Choice | 2013 Edition




Gourmet Choice | 2013 2013 Edition Edition

Most people picture Tuscany as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The region is littered with museums and places attached with cultural and artistic stories. More than its being an epicenter of high art that influenced the world, the people of Tuscany also makes Italy’s finest wines. Some of the most well known brands are Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano grown in Tuscany’s acres of vineyards. Tuscany’s tradition of wine-making dates back to the 8th century BC and by that time the Tuscan region was already exporting wines to other places in Europe. The process of wine making has been perfected by the people of Tuscany from the harvesting of the Sangiovese grapes to its fermentation - each step by step process is done to produce the best quality wines. Tuscan wines often command higher prices than the rest of the wines in Europe because it is widely regarded as the best there is in the region so when you visit the place, never miss on tasting several of its excellent wines.






2 Gaiole in Chianti


4 Massa Marittima 3 Montepulciano 5 Scansano 1 Serravalle Pistoiese

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Tuscany / Massa Marittima

Tenuta il Cicalino e Parco dei Lecci


Beautiful Estate, embedded in the region of Tuscan Maremma, the Tenuta Il Cicalino & Parco

Access for Disabled People

dei Lecci, in the wonderful country of Massa Marittima (Tuscany, Italy), offers hospitality in

Airport Shuttle

carefully restored apartments and bedrooms with private bathrooms; the Tenuta is the ideal

Car Rental

place for anyone wishing to have an holiday in the nature, which is both relaxing and sporting (the estate offers its guests 5 swimming pools, one of them indoors, gym centre, saunas, whirlpools, MTB-rent and MTB-tour, trekking Trails, massage service), but also for the family

Air Conditioning (just in room type 1) Internet WiFi (free by the reception)

with children and for those seeking the quiet of an unspoilt landscape, where to complete this

Non-Smoking Rooms

splendid frame there is an excellent range of facilities and activities. A very good restaurant

Soundproof Rooms

where the guest can enjoy the best local dishes. The estate produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


For mountain bike fans there is the MTB-rent and repairing, guided tours and hundreds of courses, offering to visitors the possibility to discover the beauty of this territory with its wild

Meeting Rooms Indoor Swimming Pool

appearance and unique landscapes.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre SPA

Località Cicalino, 3 – 58024 Massa Marittima (GR) – Italy

Panoramic View

Phone: +39 0566902031 – Fax: +39 0566904896

Family Friendly –

Pets Allowed

Open from February to November

Typical Products

Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa

Wine & Food Tours Teaching / Seminars Parking Areas



Parking 6


Garage -


Restaurants Quantity


Indoor 1


Terrace 1


Swimming Pool



Rooms Quantity 7

€ 77-116


€ 80-156

Apartment for 4 persons


€ 148-208

Apartment for 5/6 persons


€ 175-312

Apartment for 8 persons


€ 296-416

Double Room Apartment for 2/3 persons



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Agreements with Local Producers Easy Access Other: Cooking and Language Classes

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Tuscany / Scansano

Antico Casale di Scansano


The Hotel Resort Antico Casale di Scansano is the result of the accurate renovation of an

Services Access for Disabled People (1 room)

old farm built in 1800. It offers 30 rooms, some with balcony and some with suites with

Airport Shuttle (on request)

fireplace and Jacuzzi; all the rooms are finely furnished in the typical Tuscan style. For

Car Rental

those who prefer a more independent holiday, with all the Hotel facilities on request, we offer a Residence solution in apartments at 300 m from the main buildings of the Hotel, surrounded by the countryside of Maremma. Our restaurant “La Castagneta” is open every

Air Conditioning (just in room type 1) Internet WiFi (free by the reception)

day both for lunch and for dinner and offers typical local food. At the Spa you can enjoy

Non-Smoking Rooms

the indoor pool, Calidarium, Laconicum, the outdoor Jacuzzis and Solarium, as well as the

Soundproof Rooms

new Salt Grotto. Several kinds of messages and treatments are also available. In Summer,


you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool facilities and a 7-seat Jacuzzi with warm water. We also offer horseback and lessons for beginners in the riding school.

Meeting Rooms Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre

Loc. Castagneta – 58054 Scansano (GR) – Italy


Phone: +39 0564507219 – Fax: +39 0564507805

Panoramic View –

Family Friendly

Open from 21/03 to 8/01; closed in the month of November

Pets Allowed

Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express

Typical Products Wine & Food Tours Teaching / Seminars Parking Areas



Parking 1


Easy Access

Garage -


Other: Horse riding centre

Restaurants Quantity


Indoor 1


Terrace -


Swimming Pool



Rooms Quantity


Classic 10 € 138-168 Deluxe with Veranda


€ 158-188

Superior with Balcony


€ 168-198

Suite 4 € 218-258 Single 4 € 89-109


Agreements with Local Producers

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Castello di Meleto Loc. Meleto – 53013 Gaiole in Chianti (SI) – Italy Phone / Fax +39 0577749129 – –


The Castello di Meleto in the heart of the Chianti Classico region, is surrounded by six beautiful houses. Each house has a private garden or terrace that overlooks the countryside surrounded by green vineyards and olive groves. It gots also six rooms with canopy bed in the first floor of the castle. At the castle is possible to join guided tours of the frescoed halls, theatre and original cellar, taste the wines in the wine shop and have dinner at the restaurant at the bottom of the hill.

The Chianti Hills, also known by the name of the

ty years they have bought and renovated many

Chianti Mountains, are a ridge of mountains that

stone houses and moved to this area permanently

extends for about 20 km between the provinces

or have elected it as their favourite destination for

of Florence, Siena and Arezzo. The highest peak

their holidays. Hence the term “Chiantishire”.

is Mount St. Michael, about 893 meters in the

Radda in Chianti, was the capital of the League of

municipality of Greve in Chianti. The boundaries

Chianti, including Radda, Gaiole and Castellina.

of this area are very controversial because they

The Walls, Palace of the Podesta, The Grand

have been extended in the time by incorporating

Duke’s Ice house in addition of chapels and

other municipalities.

churches, make this locality very suggestive and

The main municipalities included in the Chianti

popular in chianti.

Classico sub-area are: Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole

One of the more distinctive town in the Chianti area

in Chianti, Radda in Chianti.

is Castellina in Chianti, near Siena, characterised

Other locations that are part of this subzone are:

by the presence of Etruscan communities. But also

Barberino Val d’Elsa, Castelnuovo Berardenga,

there are a large testimonies of the Medieval period

Greve in Chianti, Poggibonsi, San Casciano in Val

with monuments, walls and castles in a very pre-

di Pesa, Tavernelle in Val di Pesa. Hills and vine-

cious rural landscape.

yards alternate in this breath-taking landscape

Gaiole is a city in the province of Siena. Centre

between Florence and Siena. British people were

of trade during its history was the centre for ex-

immediately attracted by the mild climate, the

changing goods. There are a rich concentration

beauty of the landscapes and especially the food

of castels and churches. Nowadays it is famous

and the famous Chianti wines. Over the last twen-

for the food and wine tourism.

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Between sea, lagoons, plains, lakes, hills and snowy peaks, Veneto is the Italian region with the most radical territorial and environmental differences. This wealth is reflected in a complex geomorphology culinary tradition that offers a rich catalog of typical products. Among the cheeses such as Asiago and Montasio, the typical pasta bigoli, risotto etc, this region has a multitude of dishes. Among the soups are very particular the manai, with flour, lard, beans and raisins. Polenta is the hallmark of Venetian cuisine with Osei (birds) and the codfish or meat, mushrooms and red sauces. The white polenta is served with fish, yellow polenta with meat. In Veneto were born two famous internationally sweet: the Tiramisu and the Pandoro. The Veneto is a region of prestige from its wine: Amarone is recognized as one of the great Italian red wines in the international arena, Bardolino and Valpolicella Superiore DOCG. The white Soave Superiore and the Bianco di Custoza are among the most important at the national level. Exquisite dessert wines are the Recioto di Soave and Torcoloate Breganze. Talking about Spumante DOC is very popular the Prosecco di Conegliano - Valdobiaddene. The Venetian grappa are among the most appreciated.




1 Asolo



4 Bardolino 2 Bassano del Grappa 5 Caorle 6 Malcesine 3 Murano

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Veneto / Bardolino

Color Hotel Style & Design


A creative hotel, where design, colours and unique details are harmoniously combined. The

Services Access for Disabled People

rooms, suites and interiors have been renovated according to cromotherapy, transforming

Airport Shuttle

this hotel into the only design hotel on Lake Garda.

Car Rental

The hotel offers 6000 square-metres of lush gardens, with palm trees, olive trees, and oleanders, waterfalls and fountains, 4 swimming pools Lagoon, Color, for a swim in spring and autumn the Sun Bay 600sqm heated at 25°C until May and from September and

Air Conditioning Internet WiFi

whirpool Samsara with 30°C warm salt water.

Non-Smoking Rooms

Make sure not to miss out on our dine & unwind in the Gourmet restaurant “La Veranda”,

Soundproof Rooms

rated 3 red Michelin fork; our chef prepares the most sumptuous Italian dishes, which


spoil not only the most delicate palate, but also the eyes and “La Cantina” our wine cellar with fantastic wine tasting. Free wifi e free Bike rental.

Meeting Rooms Indoor Swimming Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Fitness Centre

Via S. Cristina, 5 – 37011 Bardolino (VR) – Italy


Phone: +39 0456210857 – Fax: +39 0456212697

Panoramic View –

Family Friendly

Open from the end of March to the end of October

Pets Allowed

Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa

Typical Products Wine & Food Tours Teaching / Seminars Parking Areas



Parking 1


Garage -


Restaurants Quantity


Indoor 1


Terrace 1


Swimming Pool



Rooms Quantity


Standard 20 € 109-246 Deluxe 10 € 196-276 Junior Suite


€ 218-298

Suite 14 € 250-338 Premium Suite


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€ 326-410

Agreements with Local Producers Easy Access Other: free bike rental

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