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Semestral 2012/1 Edição nº1


Semestral 2012/1

José Marconi Bezerra de Souza

Edição nº1

Curitiba, Brazil

DiArte Diagramação: Maria Eduarda Martins de Oliveira Revista elaborada com função de aprendizado acadêmico. Disciplina de Grafica 2 Profº Heliana Pacheco Departamento de Desenho Industrial - UFES Conteúdo tretirado do site do designer José Marconi Bezerra de Souza http://jose-de-souza.prosite. com/14991/gallery 2012/1

Besides background in industrial and footwear design, my main expertise is on instructional illustrations, but I am also able to create expressive or artistic images (mixed media). My objective for the next years is to join my craft skills as illustrator (handrawn mainly) with my scientific knowledge on how to design effective graphic and cinematographic instructions. Fifteen years experience as university lecturer including a short experience as teacher assistant at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication (The University of Reading, UK). I have made presentations about the graphic representation of dynamic events in USA (Philadelphia and Atlanta) and UK (Wrexham, Cambridge, Greenwich and Reading), where my audience included technical communicators, information designers and illustrators. EXPERIENCE Jan 2009 Federal University of Paraná Information design lecturer (Part-time) EDUCATION Reading, United Kingdom Sep 2004 – Sep 2008 Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, The University of Reading (UK), PhD LANGUAGES English (Fluent), Portuguese (Native) SKILLS lecturer, Illustrator, Designer, Instructor, researcher


04 Ilustrações Ilustres


06 Pictogramas 08 Produto Design Manual Ilustrado



Ilustrações ilustres

Homage to Raul Seixas The Beauty of Craziness

According to Wikipedia, Raul Santos Seixas, was a Brazilian rock composer, singer, songwriter and producer. He is sometimes called the “Father of Brazilian Rock” and “Maluco Beleza”. He was born in Salvador (Bahia), Brazil, and died of pancreatitis in São Paulo.


Ilustrações ilustres

Bezerra da Silva, Rio’s sambandit

According to AllMusic website, Bezerra da Silva has composed and performed sambas full of the Carioca malice (malandragem) of the hills, with which he chronicles the hardships of the shanty town dwellers (and the violence/drugs scenario, even before gangsta rap). To know more about him visit AllMusic entry on him.



Pictorial cards for alternative communication These illustrations were developed for the project “Communis” sponsored by SENAI (Brazilian organisation that deals with industrial training). Communis is a graphic system formed by printed cards with images and text. It is targeted to industrial managers who has to deal with employees that have speech difficulties (e.g. brain damages, intellectual deficiency, autism). In graphic terms, there is an obvious influence from Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz work for the Isotype. However, later on these drawings had to be changed in order to fit to the in-house designer’s style.

Professions are represented in accordance with their uniform vests.



The study for representation of ethnic groups Family members

Facial expressions


Produto Design

Footwear design


Conceptual drawings developed during the development of “Hero� collection of safety footwear.

Produto Design

“Hero� is targeted to the safety footwear marketing, which at that time did not offer footwear that could be considered technologically advanced as performance footwear.


Manual ilustrado

Collection and “show and tell” about illustrated manuals This is a small sample of my collection of more than 300 illustrated manuals. The start point was my PhD research, which has a chapter on “graphic representations of motion for instructional purposes”. Besides working as a source of ideas, the collection became a topic of “show and tell” presentations at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication (The University of Reading, United Kingdom) and Department of Design (Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil).

A small sample of instructional volvelles about all sort of subjects: geography, sewing machine features, Portuguese grammar, maths, birth control and so on.



Urban and musical sketches



Trab 3 Maria Eduarda  

Gráfica 2 - Trabalho 3 2012.1

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