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300 Spot Classic

CitySkape 48TM

600 Series

The ROBIN速 600E Spot has a dramatically increased light output (from the 300 Series) and lower power requirements - thanks to an optimized optical path made from carefully selected components. The super strong light-output can be maximised by using ROBE's unique HotSpot Control system together with the linear iris to create very powerful beam effects. An innovative patented cooling system ensures the best lamp operating temperatures and allows DMX controlled noise reduction. Users have complete control of all features of this fixture, making it ideal for environments where noise levels are critical and light output requirements are high.

The ROBIN速 600E Beam has an amazing linear iris ranging between 1 and 6.5 degrees. By implementing this feature over a wider range, users can have full control over the beam size. It has also enabled the provision of more gobos in the gobo wheels for customizable beam shaping. Two blackhole positions are available for a full and fast blackout in dark-sensitive environments. The extended focusing range also allows for very precise focusing, starting with closer distances.

The ROBIN速 600E Wash also features a massively increased light output and lower power requirements - thanks to an optimized optical path comprising of carefully selected components. A unique silent control system enables users to carefully adjust the desired noise levels while maintaining the best lamp operating temperatures, due to the newly patented lamp cooling system. All Top Hat accessories are compatible with the new ROBIN 600E Wash fixture.

300 Series Classic

300 Spot Classic

This fixture has a host of specially designed modular features including a 12° – 36° zoom, colour wheel, rotating gobo wheel, colour/gobo wheel, rotating prism and many more. The ROBIN® 300 Spot Classic is a punchy profile fixture with features such as linear zoom, a full package of rotating gobos, colour – gobo wheel including 4 colours and 5 static gobos and standard colour wheel. Up to 24 colour mixes can be achieved with a combination of the colour wheel and colour/gobo wheel.

300 Beam Classic

The ROBIN® 300 Beam Classic uses a Philips MSD Gold 300/2 Mini FastFit lamp and has a beam angle of 1.5 -1.6 degrees, complete with dichroic glass reflector for maximising the light output. The ROBIN® 300 Beam Classic has a colour wheel with 7 replaceable 'Slot&Lock' dichroic filters, plus both static and rotating gobo wheels. A variable frost effect ensures a smooth transition from a beam light to a regular wash light, and there is also full dimming, variable strobe effect and pan/tilt of 540/260 degrees.

300 Wash Classic

A flexible, lightweight, silent fixture with a zoom range of 10 – 40°. The compact dimensions of the ROBIN® 300 Wash Classic make it easy to conceal, whilst providing an extremely efficient light output and a stunning colour range from the gentlest of pastels to the richest of saturates. The enhanced CMS system mixes real colour correction quickly and accurately. The 7+1 colour wheel with its easily replaceable magnetic positions can spin rainbow effects at high and low speeds.

New Color Series

ColorBeam 700E AT TM The ColorBeam 700E AT TM is a special beam effect offering a tight, punchy, powerful beam with an angle ranging from 1.5– 6.5 degrees - for additional flexibility. The 7 rotating and 9 static gobos - all using Robe's amazing "SLOT&LOCK" system - when combined with the prism, offer the possibility of creating stunning, abstract aerial effects. This further enhances the ColorBeam 700E AT TM as a tool for those with fertile imaginations! As is standard with all Robe's other 700 Series fixtures - other features include an ultra-smooth colour mixing system plus CTO, and a colour wheel with 7 "SLOT&LOCK" options.

ColorBeam 2500E AT TM A Brand new ColorBeam 2500E AT TM is the most powerful moving head coming from Robe. ColorBeam 2500E AT TM delivers extremely bright, strong and punchy beam light output.

This product Is ideal for the largest applications needing extremely powerfull beameffect fixtures. On board Multi-step zoom provides optional beam size from 5–10 degrees. Rotating gobos and Rotating prism create beautiful mid-air effetcs. ColorBeam 2500E AT TM provides full CMY/ CTO and variable frost for creating nice washlight effects.

ColorSpot 1200E AT ProfileTM The inbuilt framing shutters enable the fixture to be used like any standard profile discharge lightsource, when very precise framing and pin-pointing of objects and areas onstage is required. This will be of great interest for theatical applications and TV productions. For full flexibility, the framing shutter module uses 4 rotating blades, and the final framed image can also be rotated. All other features and functions are similar to the standard ColorSpot 1200E AT TM, with 1 x rotating gobo wheel, 1 x rotating effects wheel, 1 x colour wheel and variable CMY and CTO.

City Series

CitySkape XtremeTM The most powerful outdoor LED fixture on the market is just released! 188 High Power Luxeon K2 RGBW LEDs! The LEDs are densely populated, providing an extremely bright light output. The unit is completely silent due to the convection cooling system, and its IP 65 rating means it can be used for a variety of exterior installations. It is an ideal fixture for illuminating large buildings and indoor/outdoor stages, thanks to the high light output of the LED modules. The unique combination of RGBW LED colours delivers a stunning quality of white light, not seen in other competitive products.

CitySkape 48TM

The CitySkape 48 TM is a durable and robust fixture with a projected lifespan of at least 60.000 hours. The base is made from cast metal and includes an inbuilt power supply and an intelligent LED driver. The fixture´s head is made up of a cast aluminium radiator onto which the LED matrix and lenses are fitted. The head can be moved in relation to the base in ranges: pan +45°/-45°, tilt +60°/-90°.

CitySource 96TM The fixture has the power to produce the light output required by the most demanding of lighting projects. Housed in a compact IP65 rated aluminium casting, the 96 high brightness Rebel LEDs provide an incredible light output - previously unavailable in LED fixtures of this size. Control is via DMX/RDM allowing for advanced programming options. The latest electronics ensure a stable white balance is achieved as well as a minimum life expectancy of 60,000 hours. Available in a variety of colour options including RGB/CW, RGB WW, RGB/A as well as CW and WW, the CitySource 96 TM is a truly versatile unit that can be specified for all types of interior and exterior lighting schemes.

Fog and Haze

FOG 1550 FT TM FOG 1550FT TM ensures that only the purest, driest white fog is produced. The electronic fluid level sensor halts operation in low-fluid situations offering complete protection to the heavy-duty and silent running pump and 100% pure aluminium cast heater. FOG 1550 FT TM is the perfect solution for all productions needing intense fog. FOG 1550 FT TM is also highly portable with custom flightcases available.

FOG 1000 FT TM FOG 1000 FT TM, is designed for special applications for which other fog machines are not suitable. It uses mirror-piping heater technology that supports advance features and high-throughput 'burst mode' with its extreme low energy consumption. There are many options for positioning and mounting. Features include onboard DMX and an inbuilt electronic low fluid detector. Lightweight, sleek and compact design, easy installation and maintenance.

FOG 850 FT TM FOG 850 FT TM, has the latest technological Advantages and is highly portable and efficient. An easy to operate machine very suitable for smaller venues and mobile DJs. The FOG 850 FT TM can be controlled via wireless timer or in stand-alone mode and features rock-steady continuous output. There is a fast warm-up time of under 100 seconds and the machine produces a steady, constant fog for as long as needed without any reheating time in between.

LOW FOG 3000 FT TM Distinctive from other products currently on the market, the FOG 3000 FT TM creates low fog straight from machine's nozzle. This makes it far more efficient and convenient without the hassles of CO2 installations and other attachments. There is no pollution, environmental impact or harm to the human body, making LOW FOG 3000 FT TM a true green machine. This is especially relevant with rising awareness of environmental and health issues. The effects produced look virtually identical to dry ice.

Fog and Haze

FAZE 1050 FT TM This versatile FAZE 1050 FT TM has been evolved from the combination of a fog and a haze machine, taking the best features of both without compromise. Nearly silent, the FAZE 1050FT TM emits a fine, dry haze effect that is perfect for enhancing lighting. A range of sophisticated features include a high precision PCB design, aluminium cast heater, a silent heavy-duty pump and controllable twin fans. Precise DMX fan control offers 3 adjustable levels and DMX in is via 3 or 5 pin connector.

FAZE 800 FT PRO TM FAZE 800 FT PROTM offers a new concept of Faze machine using both liquid and air pumps. This new system provides many advantages like dry fog, reduced liquid consumption and less residue on the stage and surrounding equipment. The liquid does not remaining inside the heater, preventing blockages and extending the heater's life. Placed in a sturdy flight case the unit is fitted with a high contrast blue & white display for maximum readability. The FAZE 800 FT PROTM is a great tool for situations requiring high quality fog that is also friendly to sensitive equipment onstage.

HAZE 500 FT PRO TM This groundbreaking product has been developed with extensive knowledge and experience in the study and design of haze machines, and the performance of HAZE 500FT PRO TM is second to none It can work perfectly with lasers and lighting, bringing the best atmospheric effects to all events. HAZE 500FT PRO TM is also the best choice for sensitive environments, stage designs performers and audiences.

HAZE 400 FT PRO TM The HAZE 400 FT PRO TM is equippe with a very quiet internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism, and a specially designed liquid tank, together with two haze nozzles capable of producing a large volume of very subtle haze. The fine translucence and lingering quality of the haze is more remarkable given that there are no temperature controls on this hazer or hot air/warm-up times during operation.


LEDForce 7 RGB, RGBW TM The LEDForce 7 RGB TM and LEDForce 7 RGBW TM are new compact TriColor and Quadcolor LED based PAR can fixtures, housed in sturdy high impact aluminium bodies and equipped with 7 x 3 Watt Tri Color RGB LEDs and 7 x 5 Watt Quad Color RGBW LEDs. Fitted with an LED control display for easy set-up and with double hanging brackets for either truss mounting or floor standing. These powerful Tri-color and Quad-color LEDs will amaze you with bright saturated colours and their smooth homogenised output. Special driver technology ensures flicker free operation while maintaining a 50.000 hour life expectancy from the LEDs.

LEDForce 18 RGB, RGBW eXterior TM LEDForce 18 RGB eXterior TM and LEDForce 18 RGBW eXterior TM fixtures are a perfect fit for any outdoor installations needing a powerful light output and an IP 65 rating. An extremely bright homogenised 25°beam is provided by new Tri-color and Quad-color LED technology. 18 x 3 IN 1 RGB LEDs or 18 x 3 IN 1 RGBW LED multichip with optional 10° lens kit available. Supplied with die cast aluminium housing and double hanging brackets for mounting in any position, The LED set up and control display with Auto Shut function and Universal Internal Power supply are two of many excellent features of this LED PAR Can.

LEDForce 18 RGB, RGBW TM LEDForce 18 RGB TM and LEDForce 18 RGBW TM PAR cans feature an incredibly powerful light output of 18 x 3 IN 1 RGB LED or 18 x 3 IN 1 RGBW LED multichip New Tri-color and Quad-color LED technology. The superior homogenised colour mixing and an extremely bright beam angle of 25° will delight any lighting professional. Supplied in a die cast aluminium housing, with double hanging brackets - for truss mounting and floor standing. A gel frame included as standard and an optional 10° lens kit is available on request.

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