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Now back to those white walls that some of you may love.

the true passion of the soul. Interior design is

Time to cover them with meaningful inspiration. Psychologists

unimportant if it does not embody the needs and

label the brain activity associated with creative thought as

beauty of individuals that reside within the four

“loose associative thinking.” This type of thinking does not

walls. “I think the most genuinely appealing and inspiring

follow a linear or organized thought process, but jumps around

homes I have visited are anything but the stage-set depictions

making associations while actively trying to form connections.

in ads, magazines, and coffee table books. The most inspiring

Encouraging this type of sporadic creative thought is imperative

spaces are deeply personal and livable. I am inspired by homes

as the brain is on “search mode” and needs time and space to

that come about when people question the true value of the

develop new ideas. According to a study done by the Harvard

objects around them, celebrate the beauty in the ordinary and

Business School, during this “jumpy thinking period” the

elevate the objects in their home to a higher status by simply

brain needs items to focus on in order to spur creative thinking

showing how much they themselves are inspired,” says Alex

forward. Message boards, vision boards, blackboards and mind

from Rusty Gold. You must be seen within your home. Jeffrey

maps all help the brain to focus in and create connections. But

from Junc states, “The most inspiring spaces for me are the

just like we glean inspiration from our environment, so it is the

spaces that reflect the personalities of its inhabitants - spaces

same with who we are and where we are from.

you walk into and you immediately know who lives there and what kind of a person they are.” Personality, preference and

Americans are a mixture of culture, religion, and backgrounds.

passions must be visible and obvious to your visitors. Otherwise

We come from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and

there is nothing that distinguishes your space from any other, or

beyond. Wouldn’t it follow that our trends in home décor are

your home from the staged home in the catalogue. Your space

influenced just as heavily by others? Just as fashion seems to

must fill the needs and functions of your family. The designers

trend from Paris or Milan, home décor also has its starting

at Progress realize that, “making a space personal is less about

point. Some trends are shared, and others are taken. We pull

acquiring decorative objects and more about creating a room

our inspiration “from the simplicity of Japanese design, the

that makes sense for an individual or family’s lifestyle.”

or the rich sophisticated design of Italy and so on,” says Jeffrey

Ready to dive in and create the perfect creative haven? Ask

from Junc Boutique and Gallery. But just as our culture is a

yourself a few key questions. “What is this spaced used

conglomeration of cultures, so is our influence in design. Laura

for? How many people does it need to accommodate? What

Lemle from Domicile-LA says, “We as Americans are influenced

functions will take place here? What style do I want to

by everyone and no one, meaning that we love all things foreign

convey? What feelings do I want to evoke?” Laura Lemle from

but make it our own.” Surround yourself with what you love

Domicile-LA suggests these as beginning questions to start the

and what resonates with you.

design process. Flip through some design books, magazines,


clean modern style of Scandanavia, effortless French interiors,

and most of all be aware of your surroundings. Designers are Rick from Rusty Gold suggests surrounding yourself with art

always seeing, planning and plotting improvements. Their eyes

that expresses what you love, and your past experiences, “I

notice details; they pay close attention to function and space.

definitely think that art is one big element that defines a space

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. I once designed an entire

and it is very often overlooked and undervalued. For me, art is

room around a client’s favorite tiny pillow.

like getting a tattoo – it has to be significant – after all it’s a fairly permanent fixture in your home. Don’t be afraid to take your

Another client cherished a painting that his grandfather painted

time to find the right pieces or to splurge if you are able. But

so we pulled colors and the feeling that the painting evoked for

keep in mind, art does not have to be expensive to be inspiring.

the entire room,” says Lemle. Begin to think like a designer. Gain

In fact, I’ve found my favorite room-defining art pieces in my

inspiration from everything. Soon you will be acutely aware of

travels in Mexico and Hawaii – they bring a smile to my face

the creativity and inspiration that is constantly swirling around us,

every time I see them. Plus, talk about conversation starters!

and in being aware you are open to the creativity within your own

You get to share stories and relive great moments with your

soul. You are ready to create the space that will promote optimum

friends and family.”

creativity and unleash the creative beast found within. Your creative beginning? An inspiring space of your own – the first

Just like a beautiful wedding means nothing if it does not reflect

step to that next novel, beautiful painting, extraordinary musical

the love of the couple, artwork means little if it does not express

composition and award winning runway design.



Graffiti Beach Fall 002  

Home Decor Issue - Graffiti Beach reveals emerging talent and trends around the globe. Get inspired!

Graffiti Beach Fall 002  

Home Decor Issue - Graffiti Beach reveals emerging talent and trends around the globe. Get inspired!


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