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Dear Readers, Dreaming of something new is the first step. Acting upon a dream with the first creative design is the next. And then sharing your work with the world finalizes the process. These steps are so easy to say and write, and so much harder to do. The designers, artists, and musicians within these pages have done just that, and we at Graffiti Beach aim to support the bravery, inspiration, and dreams of these Creatives and share them with the world. The goals of our magazine are two-fold. 1) We believe in the artists that we feature, and we believe in their success. We want to support these Creatives in the advancement of their careers by celebrating them in this step of the process 2) We are inspired by true creativity. We love to see new and interesting ways of doing things and we love to see designs that are eco-friendly and attempt to make new from old. If knowledge is power then we hope that the knowledge of their work will empower them to create more, and in turn inspire creativity within others. Just like Pinterest exposes the viewer to ideas that they might never have seen, and Facebook connects you with others, our intent is for this magazine to reveal, highlight and celebrate talent that you might never have known. We aspire to cultivate creativity by sharing what is unique and trendsetting within the worlds of art, music and fashion - in the hopes of inspiring you! When we surround ourselves with creativity, and experience the energy of people following their dreams despite the odds against them, our world becomes so much more vibrant and beautiful. Get inspired! Melanie Michaud Brandie Mata Alana Trevino Itaya

- meet the team -

Melanie Michaud - owner shopgraffitibeach.coM


e director, partner brandie Mata - creativ brandieMata.coM

alana trevino itaya - editor-in-ch

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list, artist colleen ordonio - sty ail.coM colleen.ordonio@gM

cassie Kobrin photo robert nguyen - stylist/ writer giovanna@giovannaavila.coM

lauren lee - fashion lMlee@iastate.edu

lara - photo assistant // ltishler@Msn.coM

assistant cKobrin@ucsd.edu




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Monarose ryan - designer Monarose@The pinkLibrarian.co M son - WriTer nicoLe sTeven oLe.coM nic randoM aLex chiMiLio - iLLusTr aTor achiMiLio@aoL.coM

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Dear Readers, We are embarking upon a home décor mission. We have surrounded ourselves with blogs, articles, images, designers, paint swatches and DIY projects that track current design trends for the home. This process is like the proverbial rabbit hole - the more you discover, the more you want to know, and then the more you want to discover. We sought to create an issue that would inspire you with creative, interesting, unique design, and in the process inspired ourselves as well. We are all rearranging, designing and painting our spaces as we have felt the call that only occurs when you surround yourself with “true” creativity. I currently have about 20 different swaths of gray on my walls right now as I look for that elusive “perfect color”. We hope that as you flip through these pages, your own rabbit hole will begin to beckon, begging to be explored, as you fall in love with the design process. At the same time, we hope to inspire you by introducing you to designers that are following their dreams. It’s more than a double dose of inspiration! Your décor/design adventure awaits! Sincerely,

Alana Trevino Itaya Editor-in-Chief


“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story,

not just to

sum everything up.”


Tate Linden


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sweet dreams by AriAnA levin

diy - vinyl record butterflies by shelby CerAgioli

spin me a yarn by eriK CArdonA

unto others - steven “the khob” martinez by eriK CArdonA

up the wall by KAllAh oAKes

diy - stenciled wall paper

by niCole sTevenson of pATChworK indie ArTs & CrAfT fesTivAl

the best blogs for diy decor by AriAnA levin

on the cover PhotograPhy: HeatHer Gildroy StyLISt: Colleen ordonio haIr: Giovanna avila

flea market finds by AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

the treasure of possibility by AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

feng shui: change your home - change your life by C.J. iTAyA

bright ideas by lArA Tishler

top home trends by lArA Tishler

a growing trend by MiKe MClAughlin

a space to call inspiring by AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

a step by step guide to choosing a designer by AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

home decor specialists - gb finds graffiti beach - reclaimed soil by AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

MakeuP: CHelsea Conklin ModeL: kiersten Hall

style quiz & answers by AriAnA levin


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rooted in fashion


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accessories on deck by Colleen ordonio

raw and on fire by KAllAh oAKes

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by MiKe MClAughlin

continuous style by lAuren lee

everyone’s crazy ‘bout a sharp - dressed man by AndreA reiTMAn

the spiritual essence of stones and human life by peArl ThienKosol

a modern cleopatra by lAuren Trevino

going tribal: growing a business sustainably by KAllAh oAKes

indie summer runway show I n s p I r I n g

C r e a t I v I t y





Dreams C r a f t y t i p s f r o m K e l l i m u r r ay

Written by: AriAnA Levin

Photos by: KeLLi MurrAy

DesigneD by: MonArose ryAn

If asked to vIsualIze the typIcal newborn’s nursery,



the usual suspects come to mind: sports, trains, or jungle animals for boys; flowers, rainbows, and butterflies for girls. Most nursery themes are full of vibrant colors, matching bedding, lamps, rugs, and curtains, and cheerfully cute cartoon décor. The rooms are sweet and whimsical, but without a doubt, proudly proclaim “baby!” and are specific to that particular gender and age. For the mommy-to-be who desires a crafty, creative, and calm environment that defies such restrictions, Kelli Murray has some great tips to inspire your creativity. Kelli is not a professional interior designer. She is a mother who has a special knack for making everything she touches adorable. She loves DIY projects, searching for crafty finds on Etsy, and adding a vintage flair whether she is decorating a room or styling herself for the day. She discusses her life as a mother, and gives tips on where she finds her uber trendy and cute baby clothes amongst many other subjects (KelliMurray.com). When searching her blog for amazing DIY ideas, we uncovered her post about the making of her daughter Rylee’s nursery. Kelli suggests beginning with a soft color palette to help create a ISSUE 002 FALL 2012 // SHOPGRAFFITIBEACH.COM

dreamy atmosphere, which sets the tone for the room. She chose light gray, peach, and ivory to keep colors in the neutral family. This also allowed her to handpick items that complemented her color scheme, such as embroidery hoops and a mobile. A few pops of color can be incorporated into the accessories in the room without detracting from the peaceful atmosphere. “I avoided dark colors altogether, and I think that helped me a lot in keeping it light and tranquil.” Kelli explains that she kept the walls neutral and hung bolder pieces on the walls, because it is far simpler to remove the items on a wall than to repaint. “I would definitely suggest that moms choose a color palate or theme up front, before beginning the design process and making purchases. Having a plan in mind helped me to chooses pieces that were right for the room and not regret my decision.”Keeping the bones of the room neutral and muted can also help the child grow with the room. Once a color scheme has been established, Kelli recommends selecting or creating statement pieces that tie intothe color scheme





decor If you are buying something new…buy it because you love it, not because you want to change it. But if you see potential in an old vintage piece, by all means, get creative and make it your own. and enhance the décor. For Rylee’s room, she first created a

one of those neutral colors, and incorporate your pop colors

dreamy cloud of poms in her color scheme as a mobile, which

into the detail and décor! This way, two months down the road,

helped her choose other key items, such as embroidery hoops to

you won’t despise your decision of hot pink walls.” Creating

hang on the walls, a clock, and paintings. Larger items such as

the “perfect” room is one of the first steps in anticipating and

rockers, cribs, and dressers can also serve

preparing for the arrival. It begins the myriad of choices and

as statement pieces that add to the atmosphere.

decisions that prepare every mother-to-be for welcoming her new little one.

Kelli thinks any mom can feel confident tackling DIY projects such as mobiles, picture collages, and wall art. She says that by

So much time is spent in this room, rocking, changing, playing,

spending some time as she did searching the internet, anyone can

and soothing, that it must be a space that allows both mother and

find hundreds of mobile ideas to try in their nursery. Another

child to relax and feel at peace. “Don’t overthink it and have fun!

simple DIY lies in vintage furniture pieces like the ones Kelli

Create an environment that both you and your baby will love!

found – they can easily be upcycled with fresh coats of paint and

Because let’s be honest, only you will be appreciating it for the

a change of hardware, enabling a personal touch to be added.

first few years.” Little touches that bring the room together can

“I am…a fan of homemade décor, so a majority of the details

turn an ordinary nursery into a work of art – or a dream come

were either purchased from Etsy or made by me. Both my

true for that little one who is just around the corner.

daughter’s crib and changing table (dresser) were bought vintage and refinished by my husband, so that left us with a bigger budget

Don’t have time for all the DIY projects?

for everything else.”

Not to worry, Kelli gave us some great tips on where to find some of the key items in her nursery or sites where she gained a lot of

Keeping with the vintage essence often means bypassing

her inspiration for the room!

as you track down possible items anywhere and everywhere.

ShopS to check out for your Nursery!

Kelli’s dream room for Rylee was highlighted by key pieces she


found scouring Craigslist, baby blogs, Etsy, and the ever popular


Pinterest. “My rule of thumb when designing a room is ‘Don’t


fix what’s not broken’. If you are buying something new…buy it


because you love it, not because you want to change it. But if you


see potential in an old vintage piece, by all means, get creative


and make it your own.” By taking the road less traveled, she


was able to find handmade and unique items that captured the


soothing feel she sought to create for her infant.



traditional baby stores - Babies R’ Us? - and becoming a detective

laylagrayce.com Every mommy-to-be can create a peaceful and soothing


environment that can grow with their little one. Searching


high and low for pieces to complete the calm atmosphere is an enjoyable labor of love that doesn’t just benefit the baby - it also

Need more inspiration?

allows mom to put her love into the room while anticipating

Check out the official blog post where Kelli lists the step-by-step

the new arrival. “The main thing I would probably suggest to

process of creating her nursery:

other moms is to first pick out your color palette. Include some


neutral colors as well as some ‘pop’ colors. Paint your walls in



SupplieS Needed: Vinyl RecoRd of youR choice Stencil of a ButteRfly (Make one!) SciSSoRS Pencil dReMel 1/4 inch Sanding Band MandRel + Sanding BandS 5/64 inch diaMond wheel

Vinyl RecoRd ButteRflies

Point StoVe Pot holdeRS


DIY TuTorIal bY: ShelBy ceRagioli Follow her on InsTagram: ShelBy_RaVioli

Step 1:

on the dremel to a low speed

the record up again and try to

Trace your butterfly stencil onto

and hold it at a low angle,

focus the heat on where you want

your record using a pencil.

gently moving the sanding band

to flatten it.


back and forth until you have a Step 2:

smooth edge.

Try not to stretch the record while bending it when it is hot because

Then with the diamond wheel point, make a hole at a corner

Step 4:

those will turn into ruffles that

point in your stencil.

If you choose to bend the

you cannot get out.

Begin pulling the dremel

butterfly in the middle, hold the

counter-clockwise around your

butterfly over the stove, and I

Step 5:

entire butterfly.

recommend you use pot holders.



You will notice that after about Going counter-clockwise makes

7 seconds the record will become

it so that whatever you are

very bendable, very fast. When

cutting out in the middle has a

it becomes bendable, put the

smooth edge and the part you

butterfly onto a flat surface and

don’t need will have the gritty

hold one half of the butterfly

melted vinyl.

down while pulling the other


half up and holding in place for You will notice some

about 10 second until the vinyl is

inconsistencies, like uneven edges

solid again.

or frayed paper from the label. Take note that there may be some Step 3:

cracks in the paper on the back

To fix the inconsistencies, use

side from the bending. If there are

the sanding band piece. Turn

lumps or bumps anywhere, heat



Spin Me a Yarn Writer: Erik Cardona



Designer: BrandiE Mata

They say idle hands are the Devil’s playground. Well, after

Today Geofrey Redd’s hands are anything but

talking with Geofrey Redd, founder of Yarns

Just 30 seconds into a time lapse video (vimeo.

& Noble, it’s clear they are the creator’s

com/45245880) and it’s easy to see why Geofrey

playground as well.

has logged over 13,000 pages worth of audio

idle. Time is a luxury long lost to his passion.

books including “the entire Game of Thrones, For as long as he could remember, Geofrey

almost all of Haruki Murakami’s books, Steve Jobs

felt pulled towards tools and the concept

Autobiography, and The Dark Tower Series all

of creating with his hands. He was drawn

while working on Yarns & Noble.” Perhaps the

to carpentry like a hammer to a nail. He

most telling aspect of Geofrey’s art is the patience

started with tree houses. But not your typical

required. “Patience is a serious virtue that I have a

‘No Girls Allowed’ shacks where the local

lot of. I spend hours by myself tediously working

neighborhood boys gathered to look at

on these.” Although nails and yarn are relatively

Penthouse and pull drags off half smoked

inexpensive, we all know time is money, and there

cigarettes found on corner shop floors. In fact,

indeed lies Geofrey’s true inherent worth.

neither boys nor girls were allowed. These tree houses were for Geofrey and Geofrey alone.

Geofrey’s talents speak for themselves, but until

They weren’t to be shared, or played in, as

now they’ve done so at a whisper. Balancing a

they weren’t so much tree houses as they were

full time job not only prohibits him from working

a setting for solitary thinking and planning.

on his passion as much as he’d like to, but also as

This time alone fostered a creative mind that

much as others would like him to as well. “People

didn’t lose its ‘Off’ button. It never had one.

keep asking me to do things for them, and I love

So why Yarn? Geofrey tells the story of

of the things I think about and want to see. Plus,

an old Macgyver episode he watched as

I’d like to be known for something. Maybe my art

a child where ‘Mac’ has to bend laser

will get popular and people will know of me from

beams to infiltrate...(fill in the venue of

around the world.” If the popularity doesn’t catch

your favorite bad guy). He was fascinated

on quick enough, we asked Geofrey to share a

with the image of hundreds of lasers

sure fire way to catch the world’s eye should Bruce

darting back and forth across a room. So

Willis be busy the next time our planet needs a

fascinated, he locked himself in his room

hero. His mission, should he choose to accept it,

for several hours replicating the scene by

was to save the world with yarn. “My master plan

stringing thousands of pieces of yarn, at all

would probably involve stopping a comet from

sorts of different angles and lengths, from

plummeting into Earth by creating a giant net that

wall to wall. The 3-dimensional creation

makes the comet bounce off of Earth, but bounces

turned out to be a more vivid and capable

out and destroys the moon. Then I gotta use more

representation of the image in his head than

nets to keep the whales from going “tide crazy,” as

what he could accomplish from a simple

we refer to the madness that hits the sea life after

sketch on paper. This concept nestled itself

the moon is destroyed, and beaching themselves

as the driving force behind Geofrey’s artistry.

on land...” That’s pretty cool, Geofrey. Actually

The yarn, along with the wood and nail

makes me kind of root for Armageddon.

foundation, give Geofrey the 3-dimensional Check out Geofrey’s site, www.yarnsandnoble.

platform that most effectively “holds his graphic style,” allowing him the best way to manipulate the depth and character of the images in his head.

com. One thing’s for sure, this ain’t your


grandma’s crochet.



it so much I wish I could do more and make more



Unto s r e h t O Steven ‘The Khob’ Martinez Written by: Erik Cardona designed by: brandiE mata

Published illustrator. Painter. Award winning sculptor. Toy

of trusted friends and family, Steven doesn’t seek validation

designer, conceptual innovator; all around creative genius.

from viewers outside the window shop. His self worth,

Or...you could just call him ‘Cabron.’

along with his art’s worth, is securely determined from the

This slang Spanish moniker doesn’t usually find

confidence fostered within his support system. “Nobody has

itself among the nomenclature of art and the community

ever put me down when it comes to my art. The people I love

of creators therein. However for Steven Martinez, 25,

and care about have always been very supportive of me.”

Huntington based, Graffiti Beach spotlighted artist, it’s a term

Relieved of every artist’s monkey on the back - the pressure

of endearment bestowed upon him from childhood friends

to produce and continually impress, Steven’s expressions

that still represents him today. Short for ‘Cabron,’ you can

are more of a liberating experience. Whereas most creators

find, “The Khob,’’ Steven’s signature and artistic alter-ego,

readily take on the ‘tortured artist’ motif, The Khob stays chill;

transcribed on every piece of work he lays claim to.

comfortable in his skin, doing what he does best - creating.

Due to Steven’s myriad of talents, The Khob’s

“It’s easier to create when you don’t care what other

signature can be readily found. He has found success

people think or feel like you’re being judged or pressured into

across a wide array of artistic avenues including graphic

a certain direction. You can be you, you can be real.” Being

design, illustration, and sketch artistry. Steven also enjoys

‘you’ seems to come natural with Steven, and he wouldn’t

collaborating with other creators from different artistic

have it any other way. “When you’re creating from a platform

backgrounds. His input and creative knack has helped

that’s an extension of your own identity, you’re there.”

countless creators summit their artistic visions, allowing

Though art and creating is what the Khob is best

Steven to diversify his own talent portfolio simuataneously.

known for, it’s not his day job. And if you ask him, it’s not

Though he’s dabbled in a wide array of artistry, from fashion

even his best job. Understanding the importance of support,

design to toy development, Steven’s true wheel - house lies

Steven gives back 5 days a week, working as a caregiver. He

in his gift of sculpting. He credits surrealism and dreams as

“looks out for people with disabilities, going to their houses,

a large contributing source to his creativity, and it’s through

making them food, administering proper medication, and

sculpting that Steven believes he can most effectively harness

just hanging out with them.” ‘Give unto others and ye shall

and express his energy.

receive ten fold.’ Someone important wrote that once. A

Steven’s confidence is a large contributing factor to his success. Abetted by positive reinforcement from a lifetime

tribute to his own success, it’s a message The Khob does not take lightly.





the wall

Vintage is reVeling in its resurrection. And much like pencil skirts, cat-eye makeup, and flare jeans, wallpaper is making a giant comeback. Spend five minutes on the Houzz app and you’ll see it for yourself. But taking a hint from the wild success of retro-inspired, yet ultra-modern cultcreators like “Mad Men” and Lana Del Rey, the wallpaper of today would never be found in your grandma’s sitting room.

Written by: Kallah OaKes

DesigneD by: MOnarOse ryan




diy tribal paint by vintagerevivals.coM

above and right Wallpaper and photo by Mr. persWall // MrpersWall.coM

Maybe the recent obsession with prints in fashion helped us

You can take a leaf out of the blog Vintage Revival, and create

to break out of the boring neutral “Benjamin Moore” colored

that patterned work of art yourself by making a little triangular

houses of yesterday. Maybe it began with the “chevron” and

stamp for paint. The result is funky, tribal, and a bit “carelessly

“ikat” fevers that have taken over. Or maybe it’s the newfound

rustic”. It won’t feel like you’re trying too hard.

fearlessness of layering and accessorizing found on a myriad of fashion blogs, allowing people without personal stylists to create their outfits. Either way, if you’re serious about decorating your space with the same chic boldness you decorate your body, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

It seems the only rule is to stay true to yourself. If you’re one of those “the world is my oyster” types, don’t be afraid of going with a rich, bold map wall. [The “Mr. Perswall” one is especially gorgeous]. Granola-muncher? The earthy themes and woodsy possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a bookworm,

If it all seems too bold or brash, a good place to start is an

musician, model or ad man, there is a wallpaper out there that

“accent wall.” Pick one wall that either gets the most light or

belongs with you.

just the most attention, and go to town. The options are endless when it comes to wallpaper these days… think of it as a giant,

The only thing you need to pull off this bold new décor is to

floor to ceiling work of art.

be confident and, most importantly, authentic. If your friends


decor Be yourself, Be confident but do keep a few rules in mind to stay out of tackyville: 1. Don’t overdo it; balance can be achieved by not attempting to “build rome in a day”. take your time with your wall. think of yourself as a curator, and be picky about your collection. 2. Don’t be too matchy-matchy. this doesn’t work on a mannequin so it sure as hell won’t work in an entire room.

know you’ve never left Nashville, for instance, it will probably

By following just a few rules, taking some time to shop around,

not be uber-cool to have the Manhattan skyline on your dining

and most importantly deciding what is most authentic to you and

room wall.

your life, you can create a space that gives all your friends major

Once you have your accent wall, it would be wise to accessorize. Every girl who calls herself fashionable knows the importance of accessorizing. The accessories are what set your look apart. Accessorizing is how you take a trend and make it


3. Choose a focal point. this is crucial for the balance of your room. you don’t want to give yourself attention deficit disorder when sitting on your couch in the evening.

wall envy. Like those softly filtered photos we all take with the beloved faux-vintage app Instagram, a little modern-vintage flair can be all it takes to make something ordinary (aka Spring Break Facebook pic) into a timeless work of art.

uniquely your own. It’s no different with your walls. To really make it your own, you have to layer the look with carefully selected lighting, pictures, and, a personal favorite, mirrors.



- written by nicole stevenson -



very Sunday there was an enormous pot

and has never once wavered. A lifelong

of marinara sauce bubbling on the stove

renter, my leases have expressly forbidden

in my grandmother’s kitchen. Those

wallpapering of any kind, which is why

afternoons, she and I played cards at the

I sought out a DIY solution. Not only is

kitchen table. Every so often she would

stenciled wallpaper perfect for renters,

dip a few thick-crusted pieces of Italian

or those who just can’t commit (since it

bread in the pot, which held us over until

disappears with a coat of paint), but it’s

cousins, aunts and uncles poured into

simple and inexpensive. The possibilities

the house for dinner. While she plotted

are endless, since you’re the designer.

her next move, or stirred the sauce, I

The inspiration for my floral pattern

stared behind her at my favorite wall in

is all those afternoons spent in my

her house - the one bursting with yellow

grandmother’s kitchen. Looking at it

and orange daises (circa 1967). My love

now, I can almost smell the tomatoes and

for wallpaper started in that kitchen,

garlic simmering on the stove.



pat c h w o r k s h o w. c o m

WhAT To gET: -water-based screenprinting ink


-screenprinting screen

-clear packing tape

-screenprinting squeegee

-cutting mat (you can also use

-plastic spoon

a piece of cardboard)

-card stock


-exacto knife

-temporary spray glue

WhAT To Do: 1. Choose a design for your stencil and draw it on a piece of

6. Mix your color.

card stock. It’s best to keep it fairly simple since you will have

7. Put a few spoonfuls of ink along the top of the non-flat side

to cut it out with an Exacto knife.

of the screen.

2. Carefully use the Exacto knife to cut out your design on the

8. Press the screen flush against the wall and use the squeegee

card stock to create your stencil.

to spread the ink over the whole screen. It’s best to use a bit of

3. Tape off about an inch around the inner edges of the screen

force to ensure you push the ink all the way through the screen.

4. Spray one side of the stencil with the spray glue and adhere

9. Pull back the screen, being careful not to smudge your wet

it to the flat side of the screen.

stenciled design on the wall.

5. Tape the stencil down making sure to tape all the way to the

10. Repeat steps seven and eight to create a pattern with

edges of the screen.

your stencil.




The best blogs


DIY Home Decor Writer: AriAnA Levin

Designer: BrAndie MAtA

Designlovefest.com Imagine a rainbow-sprinkled, buttercreamfrosted, decadent vanilla cupcake encased by a flirty polka-dotted wrapper - that’s the essence of the whimsical wonderland known as, DesignLoveFest (DLF). It’s hard to resist the pull of the quirky daily color section, the eyecatching recipes, design elements and fashion layouts. But the highlight is the DIY section; playfully painted shelves, an ombre diamond painted picnic blanket, or even Starry Night coasters. Many of the projects include fun video tutorials to show you how to do it yourself - and do it well.

Curbly.com This visually arresting community of bloggers sharing the trials and tribulations of DIY home projects truly embraces the Curbly motto: “everyone deserves to find happiness and beauty at home, and everyone has the power and creativity within themselves to unleash that beast.” The DIYs offer eco-friendly suggestions such as repurposing wood for a vertical garden; offbeat lighting options that light up more than just space, transforming the mundane side table into a sea of beauty with Washi tape – and the ever-helpful “Does it Work?” section, which myth-busts bogus theories to protect the DIY-selfers’ budgets and time.

Vintagerevivals.com In the style of “thrift shop glam,” vintagerevivals. com defines the word “repurposing” with their



finds - i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

incredible work. From “how-to” tutorials on making gorgeous headboards “up cycled” from wooden doors, re-envisioned nightstands, fabulous purple chandeliers, and sensationally striped walls, vintagerevivals. com is sure to turn anyone into a bargain hunter.

Designsponge.com soak up all the tidbits strewn like confetti on Designsponge.com. Whether the goal is to decorate a room, plan a gourmet meal, host a party, or even get some “crafting for dummies” help (an awesome section entitled “Building Your Toolbox”), Designsponge has it all. With an emphasis on utilizing salvaged or collected treasures and putting a new spin on the traditional goods,

Abeautifulmess.com Abeautifulmess.com subscribes passionately to the notion that beauty lies in the imperfect loveliness of the craft - hence a beautiful mess. From creating canvas wall art from trendy Instagram photos, to making chalkboard paint in any color, to designing an original wood grain patterned rug, abeautifulmess.com is just what it seems - a gorgeous disarray of potential.

Designsponge and its contributors reimagine recovered barn wood for headboards, nautical knots as trivets, beachcomber treasures as napkin rings, and even recycled wine bottles as magical torches. This site makes it invigorating to bask in the possibilities and then scout the home and outdoors for new things to bring to life.

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DIY regulars will surely want to



flea Market finds Seattle

fremont sunday street Market

Washington 400 N 34th St

(between Canal St & N Phinney Ave)


Seattle, WA 98103

North Dakota




Alemany flea Market

Point Antiques faire Wyoming * Alameda 2900 Navy Way (at Main Street)

100 Alemany Blvd San Francisco, CA 94110 yelp.com/biz/alemany-flea-market-san-francisco

Alameda, CA 94501 alamedapointantiquesfaire.com

Nevada Melrose Trading Post

Rose Bowl flea Market

Fairfax High School

1001 Rose Bowl Dr

7850 Melrose Ave

Pasadena, CA 91103

Los Angeles, CA 90036





San Francisco


South Dakota

Los Angeles


Kobey’s swap Meet



farm Antique show * Marburger Round Top Texas 2248 S State Highway 237


Round Top, TX 78954 New Mexico

3500 Sports Arena Blvd


(at Kemper St) San Diego, CA 92110 kobeyswap.com

Who doesn’t love a fabulous Flea Market Find? Where to begin is the question. We started our search with some standard market research on nationwide flea markets. Then we asked the amazing Jennifer Price, who has made a successful career out of “junking”, to share some of her secrets. We now have the perfect list to begin your search for that ideal decorative piece that will tie it all together. So grab some cash, double-down on patience, and begin the search for that elusive décor “must have” at some of the country’s most eclectic and varied locales.





finds - i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

soWa Vintage Market 460 C Harrison Ave

*1429 Main Street

Brimfield Antique show

Boston, MA 02118

Palmer, MA 01069 - 0269







*1429 Main Street






Ohio West Virginia

Renninger’s Adamstown *2500 North Reading Road Denver, PAKentucky 17517


Brooklyn, NY brooklynflea.com


North Carolina 740 Noble Street


Kutztown, PA 19530 renningers.com

Mississippi Louisiana

*45 Main St.

New JerseyBrooklyn flea

*Renninger’s Kutztown





R.I. Conn. New York


Palmer, MA 01069 - 0269



New York

Brimfield Antique show Homepage








South Carolina

Mount dora *Renninger’s 20651 US – 441 Mount Dora, FL 32757 renningers.com


* = Jennifer Price’s picks




The Treasure

of Possibility Writter by: AlAnA trevino itAyA DesigneD by: brAnDie mAtA

Jennifer Price has the trained eye of an old soul - one that appreciates the beauty and the history embedded in things of a bygone era. She has a love of old photography, vintage furniture and the antique items that chart the needs of a growing and increasingly industrial nation - café signs, old Italian taxi meters, glove molds created to hold a woman’s gloves as they were being made and shaped in the factory. These items capture a feeling, a mood, and a period of time that is only displayed through their nicks, scratches, faded materials and splintered edges. She seeks them out, brings them home, smoothes down the ruffled corners and places carefully chosen embellishments in old holes. She breathes new life into them and then shares them with the public. She takes their old lifeless bodies and turns them into something that will be used and loved in the modern home. Her style would best be defined as “vintage industrial” and she has been described as the reigning “Queen of Industrial Chic”. She believed in repurposing, restoring and reclaiming before those three R’s were considered trendy or “new”. She searches for treasures to restore and then adapts them to a modern lifestyle. She gives them a purpose. Her history has taken her across the country and back again, and the path she has followed mimics the search for that “true find” she can only discover when “junking”. She lovingly describes a trip taken with her sister, Joy, which led them around the country – a flight to New York, a train to Pennsylvania, and then a drive through Ohio and Illinois. The entire adventure was leading them to find the perfect pieces for her thriving business. Jennifer Price Studio is a creation of Jennifer’s

making, but artistic sisters Jennifer and Joy (a photographer and an artist respectively) collaborate to create many of the store’s “made pieces”. They come from a family of artists. Their father was a photographer who took breathtaking landscape shots. Their mother ran her own frame store, allowing her to delve into her love of painting. The frame shop and photography studio were next door to one another, an artistic environment which gave birth to a passion for creativity in these two sisters. Is it any wonder that they became artists themselves? They design, plan, and inspire each other as the business continues to grow. They hold Skype sessions working out new lighting for furniture pieces, share Pinterest boards to track inspiration, and spend weeklong sessions in California. “When Joy comes to visit (from her home in Florida) we work continuously until we fall into heaps of exhaustion.” Joy creates the inner workings of all the lamps that Jennifer Price Studio offers. “She can make

Her skill is attributed purely to her own taste. She knows what she loves and she seeks it out in Estate Sales, Flea Markets and small “mom and pop” shops across the country. Although when asked to reveal some of her favorite hunts she laughs - the market is so saturated with people seeking this now very popular style that she keeps a few secrets for herself. Some of her favorite pieces have found a home with her. She describes “an old crusty doctor’s cabinet” that now houses her jewelry and scarves. In her studio is a chest of drawers that has as many drawers and cabinets as she would ever need, and it has no replacement. And her current passion is a 1950’s French leather club chair with modern lines that sits under a large canvas of one of her father’s photographs taken in Chile in 1961. But the rest of her “finds” that have found themselves in her home are only there on a rotating basis. She keeps them until she is ready to let them go and then she

takes them to her store to send them on their way. In her quest for the perfect coffee table, she has “auditioned” eight such candidates in twelve years. When she is done she simply takes it to her store located inside SoLo.



“I am the idea person. I often don t sleep at night because the ideas are just rolling around in my head.” - Jennifer Price SoLo is a collective of 8 designers with strikingly different aesthetics. Jennifer adores having a store there. She is able to be there or not, and mostly she is left to pursue her art and continue to find items that will expand her business. SoLo provides a cashier and a constant presence, while the 8 designers provide the merchandise. When talking about starting her own store she pauses at the prospect. She is in an amazing location, with amazing designers (all women currently), and she is left to seek inspiration when inspiration begs to be found. Jennifer loves to discover where her “finds” end up. She shared a story of an “exceptionally cool French corset” that was old Victorian. The corset was a salesman’s sample and was made from leather with metal straps. It looked more like a medieval torture device rather than a Victorian

beauty staple used to strap in women’s bodies. It is now housed in the office of Sara Blakely, the woman who started Spanx, the modern corset. As we continue to make and create a history, who knows what the future will hold? Newer items become antiques and the “seek and find” game begins again. It is a neverending treasure hunt to find the perfect piece. Jennifer is currently expanding her online presence and the question of her own store lingers somewhere as a possibility in the future. She has boxes of old photographs from her father that she longs to restore, categorize and organize. But for right now, she is enjoying this moment in the present, with her store at SoLo. She is in a selfdefined “dream of a situation” and she doesn’t have to stare into the past to see it as being just that.




anything out of everything,” says Jennifer. “I am the idea person. I often don’t sleep at night because the ideas are just rolling around in my head. I wake up on a nightly basis and must write them down, because too many ideas have been lost. I used to have a notepad on the side of the bed, but it has now been replaced with an iPad. I am often overwhelmed with lists in the morning, but in the evening or afternoon I am more creative, freer.” That feeling combined with a nice glass of wine opens Jennifer’s mind to create tables out of old chicken coops, lamps out of oxygen tanks, turkey feeders, brass stencils and an antique Victorian child’s bustle, and helps her to know just what to do with that one promising piece found at a flea market.



Feng Shui:

Change Your Home – Change Your life

Written by: C. J. Itaya

Photos by: Gilmore Design Studio // GilmoreDesignStudio.com

Designed by: Brandie Mata

When life becomes crazy or chaotic, the

knew existed? Through the practice of Feng

and alive with energy (chi). In ancient

temptation is to hop a flight, go to a movie,

Shui, those that seek balance are rewarded if

China, chi could influence all aspects of the

or get lost in a book. These methods are all

they follow certain steps to ensure a life with

kingdom – its rise or its fall. Even today

great until…the return ticket, the end of the

positive energy at its core. The possibility of

these five elements associated with feng shui

movie and the last page of the book force

good fortune never hurts either.

come together as an ancient art to affect the

us to return to the reality that we fled in the

modern practices of home decor.

first place. What if it was possible to control

Feng (wind) and shui (water) combine

the pandemonium that you feel by changing

to create good fortune, or good health.

Trying to distil Feng Shui down to a few

the energy in your home? Could home

According to Taoist tradition and a deep

simple concepts would be like trying to

become a sanctuary, a place to find answers,

connection with nature – Feng Shui is based

describe an elephant by saying that is

and become the “staycation” you always

upon the principle that the earth is radiant

has a long nose. In the same way, there

is more to Feng Shui than hanging a few mirrors and remembering to keep the lid on the toilet seat shut. Feng Shui isn’t just interior decorating with an ancient Chinese twist. It’s a way of life. When practiced properly, Feng



Shui can improve every facet of life from health to relationships to money. This is where things get a little murky, because that sort of claim sounds like the pitch for a late night infomercial about a “revolutionary method for improving your life.” In fact, Feng Shui does have the power to change lives, but it isn’t some magic formula or revolutionary idea. It is instead based on sound principles and ideas that have been tried and tested over centuries. When done correctly, Feng Shui has the power to change lives.

“Chi energy is pervasive and changeable.”- Jon Sandifer So what is Feng Shui? In simple terms, Feng Shui is the art of self-improvement through environmental optimization. It does this by balancing the energy or chi of a place and creating an environment filled with positive associations. This is important because the environment exerts a subtle but powerful influence on every aspect of life. The brain is constantly being flooded with information from the environment. Everything around us, from the color of the walls to the light from windows and lamps to the feel of the furniture and the smell from the kitchen – it is all taken in and processed. Most of these details are ignored by the conscious brain. However, the subconscious brain is still aware of things like the creaking of floorboards or the placement of furniture. All information that is being fed into the brain has a profound effect. Fung Shui seeks to put purpose behind our interaction with the environment, and channel it into a positive direction. Feng Shui is an outside-in approach to self-improvement. As the noted ISSUE 002 FALL 2012 // SHOPGRAFFITIBEACH.COM

Feng Shui writer and practitioner Lillian Too points out, “Feng Shui always improves your living and work condition. But Feng Shui is not a magic cure all for every one of your problems. You will be presented with opportunities to enhance your life or improve your income. You must create your own manmade luck by seizing these opportunities, and accepting your good fortune.” The first step in putting Feng Shui into practice is awareness. Everything in a space has a subtle influence. If there are a lot of books in a home, a message is sent that books are important. A house full of clutter is a constant reminder that letting go of things is difficult. Learning to be aware of these details is important because the makeup of a home acts as a constant reminder to live a certain way or go in a particular direction in life. One of the basic tools of Feng Shui is the Bagua, which is a map used to denote the various areas of life as they relate to the home. The Bagua is oriented by lining up the bottom of the map with the main entrance to the home. If the front door sits in the center of the front of the house, the main entrance is in the Career area. Using the Bagua, a person can make changes in the areas of their home that they want to emphasize in life. According to Feng Shui, one could improve their wealth by emphasizing the colors Red and Purple in the back left corner of their home. They would also want to add symbols of wealth and make sure




the floor plan was clean and open. A large part of what makes Feng Shui

in circumstances of adversity and the ability to go through all kinds of

effective is the intention behind it. If someone goes to the trouble to clean

stormy weather.” Keeping a bamboo plant in the east corner acts as a

out the wealth corner of their home and emphasize the symbols and colors

constant reminder of what it represents – strength and growth.

of prosperity, it reinforces their importance. It’s important to keep in mind that negative symbols have an effect as Furniture is important symbolically because of its size and permanence.

well, so it is critical to get rid of everything in the home that is a negative

It’s critical to buy items of good quality and make sure that they don’t

influence. Lillian Too notes that, “dried plants or plants that look like

overcrowd a room. Take the bed for example. A messy bed, with a

they are dying or are unhealthy should be removed,” as they represent

poor quality mattress that is too big for the room, will leave the sleeper

dying and decay. Unused or broken belongings only add clutter and

feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, and cramped. Considering

leave things feeling disorganized and messy. Cheap or poorly designed

people spend about a third of their life in bed, that’s an overwhelming amount of time to be negatively influenced. So make sure to get a solid headboard and a good mattress with good quality sheets and bedding. Choose colors that are restful and relaxing. And, of course, keep it clean and free of clutter. Feng Shui makes use of symbols to help change people’s beliefs. Take the center of the home for example - life revolves around this point both literally

things should be removed as well. Things in a home

When a person changes their perspective, their reality changes along with it.

are a powerful physical representation of how people see themselves. Much like dressing for success, one’s home should be filled with the things that match a successful life. It’s a good idea to go through every room in the house and put things in order. Everything should fit with the vision that a person has for themselves. It’s not always critical to have the very best of everything.

and figuratively. In Feng Shui this area is represented by the colors

Keeping things clean and well taken care of will do more to improve

yellow or gold and the earth element. The center is also associated with

the Feng Shui of a place than anything else. Take the bathroom for

health, so having a healthy plant in a solid earthenware pot represents

instance. When the bathroom is clean, it leads to a greater feeling of

both growth as well as a solid foundation. Incorporating the color

cleanliness and in turn a healthier body image. An important part of

yellow or a gold turtle (a symbol of long life) will add to the positive

health is just feeling healthy. As Jon Sandifer notes, “All Feng Shui

association. In the same way, emphasizing symbols of prosperity in

approaches have one component in common, which is that they take

the wealth corner of the home creates a positive feedback loop. The

care of any negative chi that might be aimed at the property or may be

colors purple (the color of royalty) and red and symbols of money like a

generated internally from sharp angled structures or draughts of chi.”

coin jar or a vase filled with semi-precious stones create positive wealth overtones. Plants can also be powerful symbolically. Lillian Too points

Environment affects people’s perspectives. When a person changes their

out that bamboo is particularly important because “it represents strength

perspective, their reality changes along with it. It all starts at home.


bright ideas


Flea Market Rx


Jacks Red Barn




John Beck Paper and Steel johnbecksteel.com

Jennifer Price

Tanya Clarke









Graffiti Beach has identified some of the top trends to look forward to in 2013! Some of these trends have already begun “trending� but you will be seeing even more of them next year. Look forward to wild safari patterns, great vintage and industrial finds, hippie yarn furniture, succulents found in and out of the home, and loud geometrics!

Crafty Hippie

Geometric Pop

Trendy Safari

Written by: Lara TishLer

Vintage Inspired

DesigneD by: Brandie MaTa

Green Delights



Crafty Hippie

finds - i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

The Hippie style is always ‘IN’ for Graffiti Beach. We love the laid back style it represents. There are always new twists on this category. Moving forward, plan

33 Stewart Avenue shopGraffitiBeach.com

on seeing a whole lot of crochet. Yarn is definitely an emerging medium for artists. Add your hippie twist with signature icons such as the peace sign, VW bug and popular DIY techniques such as ombre and beading.

Knits for Life knitsforlife.com


Lipstick Gypsy lipstick-gypsy.blogspot.com

Art + Design + Love = Me brandiemata.com



finds Geometric Pop

Bend bendseating.com

Bianca Green DenyDesigns.com

Simbiotek ShopGraffitiBeach.com

Let’s get graphic! Triangles, circles and hexagons are here to stay for the rest of 2012 and through 2013. Tons of fabulous artists are using fun pops of color in illustrated or clean designs, and implementing them on various products like coasters, pillows, and even light switch covers! You can go Aztec with these shapes, keeping it loud and graphic!

PopGoesTheColor etsy.com/shop/ PopGoesTheColor


Clara nilles DenyDesigns.com

Trendy Safari


finds - i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

For 2013, get ready to see even more Safari designs than in previous years! This doesn’t mean your should break out your old animal prints. The updated version of Safari is bright, modern, and may be included in various home decor items such as pillows, bookends, and even wall hangings. Some of our favorite animals to incorporate into your design include elephants, giraffes and zebras.

Original Animal Magnet originalanimalmagnet.etsy.com


Hunters and Gatherers nYC huntersandgatherersnyc.com

Broder Press broderpress.com

Urban Octopus ShopGraffitiBeach.com

Bend bendseating.com



finds Vintage Inspired

TypeBTypewriters typebtypewriters.com

There are lots of ways to incorporate vintage elements into home dĂŠcor, and now with the DIY craze you can do this in a very economical manner. If you are not feeling crafty, there are tons of companies producing vintage inspired products that give you a design aesthetic, without having to do all the work. Some items that can really transform a space are: coffee tables, lighting, and small decor elements - think typewriters, clocks, and even old books. You can see our finds on this page!

Bughouse ShopGraffitiBeach.com

Flea Market Rx etsy.com/shop/FleaMarketRx

Jennifer Price Available in-store Graffiti Beach 2220 Fern Street, San Diego Ca

Urban Octopus ShopGraffitiBeach.com


Green Delights

Rooted in Succulents rootedinsucculents.com


finds - i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

Plants are an important element to add into your space. They help brighten up a room and provide an element of life. Succulents are all the craze, and should be, since they are so easy to care for and come in varieties that can fit anyone’s design aesthetic! We went through blog after blog and found fantastic planters and succulents to add to any room.

Tend Living ShopPigment.com

PUTIKMADE putikmade.com

Experimental Vintage experimentalvintage.etsy.com

Brian David Johnson bdjcraftworks.com


Rooted in Succulents rootedinsucculents.com

Wood Brain Zuelich.com






DesigneD by: BrANdIE MAtA

Whether you have a green thumb or a brown one or even a purple one, succulents are the popular plant of choice. Not only are they simple to care for, they are uniquely beautiful while also pairing perfectly with clean modern and architectural design. Their easy care regimen, beautiful aesthetic and artsy containers make this plant worth knowing about. They will add that element of greenery to any home décor allowing you to rid your house or apartment of any of the fake leaves that embarrassingly may have found a place there. Many of us just love plants but do not have the time or patience to care for them. Well, look no further – once you get to know this lovely, yet low-maintenance plant, it just might be the start of something special. Succulents, also known as “fat plants”, have the unique ability to store water in their roots, stems and leaves. This unique design allows these plants to exist temporarily from needing an external water supply - a key trait for climate zones with long dry spells. Despite their survivalist nature in arid regions, succulents are found around the world and thrive in a variety of conditions. There are thousands of species of succulents but the majority fall into a handful of families - knowledge that can come in handy when shopping for a specific type and eventually designing a proper care regimen. A few favorites: 1. GraftEd cactus – with splashes of color that include purple, pink, yellow and orange they are easy on the eyes and turn every space into a painter’s palette.

Photo courtesy of Pigment shoppigment.com Photo courtesy of Pigment shoppigment.com

Planter by MagPie Available at Graffiti Beach 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca



They are perfect paired with a vintage planter or ceramic, modernizing this

2) Less watering and little or no lawn-mowing means

plant even further.

less of a time strain on you in care-taking.

2. EchEvaria Plant – simple, clean and modern

3) Ease of propagation (cutting and replanting to ISSUE 002 FALL 2012 // SHOPGRAFFITIBEACH.COM

spawn new plants) extends the value of your initial Amy Paul from the San Diego store Pigment recommends the echeveria family

investment (and who doesn’t like saving money?)

of succulents. “They have beautiful architecture and grow in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The owner of Tend Living, Britt Neubacher, suggests

4) Research has shown that succulents are especially

the “green velvet” and the “coco” varieties.

efficient at cleaning and removing toxins from inside your home. The sun-loving Aloe plant, great for

For further inspiration, consider visiting The Huntington Botanical Gardens

a kitchen window, is particularly adept at clearing

in San Marino, CA, host to a 10-acre Desert Garden which features more

toxins that are often byproducts of chemical-based

than 5,000 species of succulents and desert plants in 60 landscaped beds. It

cleaners and paints.

is a succulent feast for the eyes prompting future dreams of a garden of that magnitude after all the basics of care are discovered.

GEttinG startEd: Now that you are fully convinced that succulents are

If the visual variety alone is not enough to kickstart your interest in adding

a plant lover’s delight, there are several ways to get

succulents to your garden or inside your home, there are several key benefits

started. For a completely gratifying, but challenging

that should entice you:

experience one can start from seed. The Pasadenabased Cactus and Succulent Society of America offers

1) Succulents are a key element in the Xeriscaping movement, in which landscapes are

a seed depot from which one can order succulent

designed in specific ways that reduce or eliminate the need to find more water while

seeds by mail for $4-5 including postage (visit cssainc.

inadvertently wasting it. Given their naturally water retentive properties, succulents

org for more info). Another very economical option

use less ground water, leaving more for the community and environment at large.

is to take cuttings from friends and families’ currently




Photo courtesy of Pigment shoppigment.com

growing succulents and plant those cuttings


into pots or into the ground directly, known

Succulent plants require light but grow more

as “propagation”. The third and most

consistently if they aren’t placed in direct

common method is to simply purchase a

midday sun. Filtered light is preferable –

succulent plant at your local home and

under a tree or on a window sill indoors. As

garden store. In any case, think about where

a rule, succulents with more color prefer full

you’ll be planting it first, as sunlight is a

sun and the greener leaved varieties are better

factor and light needs can vary based upon

kept in shady spots.

the type of succulent species that you fall in Across Southern California, businesses

love with.

centered on the use of succulents in Soil:

landscape and interior design are on

The next consideration is the soil. Many

the rise. One such success story is Felix

soil types and varieties will work depending

Navarro, owner and founder of The

on your local, but the two keys to success

Juicy Leaf, which has found a home

are: that the medium allows for proper

on the trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard

drainage and that it is poor in nutrients and

in Venice, CA.

fresh organic matter. Sand, pebbles and

Navarro’s mother ensured that plants

vermiculite can all be added to a soil mix to

were an integral part of his upbringing.

create a more porous, breathable foundation

Succulents, in particular, thrive in Texas.

for your succulent. Mulching or adding a

From childhood, he maintained his

top layer of crushed granite or pea gravel

passion for plants, but only as a hobby.

can add an attractive design element and

It wasn’t until the market crash of 2007,

helps prevent the topsoil from drying out too

when Navarro had been working as a

fast. And succulents don’t require the soil

Vice President of Corporate Finance at a

depths that vegetables often do – a broad

mortgage company for the prior 15 years,

space is more important if you are aiming for

that he decided to make this passion his

expansive growth.

full-time job. “I started out of my garage

Growing up in Texas, Antique Window Succulents by MagPie magpiecacti.com

in Orange County,” Navarro recounts. Water:

Soon, project work became consistent

The general rule on watering is: “when in

business and he found himself scouting

doubt, do not water”. If the soil is completely

locations in Venice for his new store, The

dry and has begun to pull away from the edges

Juicy Leaf. Touring the famously hip and

of the pot, water thoroughly then allow to dry.

often over-priced Abbot Kinney strip,

Generally, water once a week during the active

he was driven to create an opportunity

growth periods (Spring to Fall) and water once

for everyone to enter his doors and find

or twice a month during the winter months.

something they could afford. Succulent Wedding Favors

Courtesy of Tend Living // TendLiving.com Planter by MagPie

Available at Graffiti Beach

2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

Photo courtesy of

Pigment shoppigment.com

Photo by She Wanders

Now thriving, The Juicy Leaf specializes in succulent arrangements, gifts, interior design elements and uniquely offers a potting bar where shoppers can custom design their own plant arrangements. Customers can either select a container (or bring in their own), one of hundreds of different types of succulents (sourced locally from Southern California) and the planting medium, whether it be glass, sand or rocks. The Juicy Leaf staff is hands-on throughout

a passion project, with a goal of introducing unique, sustainable living art into her customers’ interior living spaces. Her products



range from succulents housed in simple, handmade wooden boxes to repurposed vintage wall frames filled with a beautiful assortment of living succulents, woven meticulously across a chicken wire grid.

the entire design and assembly process. Navarro also offers onsite consultations – a worthwhile investment given the depth of

DeAngelis’ favorite succulents include bright grafted cacti and the

knowledge he brings to selecting plant varieties that will perform

classic, but diverse Echevaria. “The coolest thing about succulents

well in certain household locations. His key to success in cultivating

is that you can break off a branch, stick it in the ground and it will

succulents is simple: know what you’re working with. “You have

grow,” she says, continuing on to reinforce the refreshing lack of

to know the different varieties. Sun versus shade can make a big

attention needed for cultivation, “Succulents can survive without

difference in keeping your plants alive and flourishing. And many people aren’t aware that some succulents are actually poisonous

much water and plain soil is the best.” This makes them a coveted plant in a wide variety of locations and for a variety of events.

- for example, the Euphorbia. You need to be careful if you have kids or pets,” Navarro says.

Amy Paul the store owner of Pigment, a home store that sells beautiful pieces for every home states, “Succulents are popping

At the same time, over-obsessing once you’ve planted your succulent can be detrimental: “People care about their plants too

all over the wedding scene and making their way into the bridal bouquet, DIY table center pieces and guest gifting. Aside from

much,” Navarro warns. “We should leave them alone. The cool

their inherent beauty and rich color palette, the popularity of

thing is that with many succulents, you can remove it from soil

the succulents over the classic floral bouquet is due in part to

and water and leave it lying on a table for 2-3 months

longevity (they don’t die after a week) and they are often

before it will die.” Not a recommended tactic,

less expensive than flowers. Creatives like Britt

but his point reinforces the hardiness of the

Neubacher, are revolutionizing the field with

plant species. His favorite succulent,

breathtaking designs.”

the Sansevaria Cylendrica is a novice’s to kill!” If you are attempting propagation, he suggests taking a cutting and leaving out in a shady area for 4-5 days to let it callous, then keep moist immediately after planting.

Aside from the easy care of this plant, another reason they have been all the rage is because there are so many different ways to display them. After you decide on the succulent variety to grow, the choices of container provide a myriad of other decisions to make. Some of our favorites

In terms of design, Navarro recommends a minimalist approach: for example, a glass container with one plant in the middle. With the various light and water needs of each subspecies, it

include: Succulent Furniture, Glass Orbs, Succulent Walls (both in vintage frames or live walls), Ceramic Planters (upside down preferably) and Vintage Planter Boxes.

is then easier to manage to the ideal conditions of that specific plant.

With succulents being so easy and so appealing to the eyes… let the decision making begin.

Maggie DeAngelis, founder of Magpie Cacti,

Succulents will add that beautiful greenery to

a succulent design business in San Diego,

any home or garden, making you look like a

wholeheartedly agrees: “Generally speaking,

gardening pro, while leaving you time to sit

less is more. If you are going to experiment with

back and enjoy your perfect decision to grow

different plant textures and mediums like seaglass

them in the first place. They are the trendy

and rocks.” From New York originally, Maggie

plant of the moment and they will grow

moved to San Diego and immediately noticed that succulents were right at home and naturally flourished. She launched Magpie Cacti as

anywhere including within your vision of the “perfect home”. GrAFTeD CACTuS, Photo Courtesy of Pigment, ShopPigment.com



dream; as he puts it, “It’s impossible




ASpace to Call Inspiring


Wallpaper aNd photos by Mr. persWall


WritteN: AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

A room of one’s own: A spAce to inspire creAtion. From Virginia Woolf to Vincent Van Gogh, the need

open surrounding – the space that promotes optimum

has been expressed for one’s own space, where design

creativity is as diverse as the types of people you ask,

yields creativity. It is sought after by creatives in the

and as varied as the personality types that inhabit it.

same way that knights sought after the Holy Grail. In

There are no secret formulas, but there are a few keys to

our hectic modern world it continues to be invaluable,

creating an inspiring spot that sparks the imagination.

for an inspiring space can provide the perfect setting for

New thoughts will be formed, new words will be written,

moments of intense creativity. In this imagined space

and new creations will be born if you can find and create

you can escape the cares and concerns of the world, fill

that magical personal blend - a space of one’s own.

your mind’s void and open yourself up to every creative possibility. Yet the execution of these desires may mean

What defines an inspired and inspiring space? How is

one thing to one person and something else entirely to

it constructed? Is it merely the physical area between

another, and yet it is agreed that creative space can make

the walls? Is it color, alignment, feel, mood? How do

all the difference between turning something ordinary

we perceive the space around us? All of these questions

into something that is truly extraordinary.

lead us to define our home environment. Once we define it, creativity can take root and really begin to grow.

Designers have specific ideas on how to create just such

Interviews were held with designers from Los Angeles

a space. From surrounding yourself with inspiring

to San Diego, all with very different design aesthetics,

prints and colors, to good lighting, to a clear and

and their advice and tips serve as a guidebook to help




Deep jewel tones and bright colors are energetic and visual.


decor navigate the world of design. “When I walk into a room

So many things to change, so little time. Looking to make

and I am able to take it all in as a whole…this is key for me.

the biggest statement with minimal changes? The options are

The line of sight, the ability for my eye to move continually

endless. One quick fix that designers across the board never

through the room, without distraction, and understand the

fail to mention is paint. Paint fixes a world of ills. There is

purpose or purposes of the space...thoughtful choices in

nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a room,

color, and a style that describes the people who live there

add some personality, or cover a previous design indiscretion.

are most important to me,” says Jeffrey from Junc Boutique

Tracy from Gilmore Design Studios says, “Fresh paint in any

and Gallery. Tracy from Gilmore Design Studios states, “An

room will instantly upgrade your space – and using no-VOC

inspired space will have a story, design intent, or concept

(Volatile Organic Compounds/paint toxins) paint will benefit

where all the elements relate to each other in terms of balance,


scale, color, and even contrast. There may be items that carry significance to the homeowner…and those often become the

But the colors are endless. Getting lost within the color palette

seed of a design scheme or story. A space is as much defined

on the Benjamin Moore website alone is enough to make you

by its utility as by its physical dimensions.” It is the beauty

throw in the towel and insist on sticking with white. Though

within the space as much as the utility and need for function.

white has its place in the color (or non-color) line up, there are

“Scale, textile and light define a space,” says designer Bruce

a few stellar and trendy additions. Colors to consider, Bruce

from Progress.

from Progress suggests “…a modern neutral like warm gray, walls with accent walls of “…teal, orange, or Dijon yellow.

or neat, colorful or muted, booked or magazined. Each space

Eggplant is also really interesting to me though somewhat

depends upon the purpose or need of the user. William Morris,

controversial,” says Alex of Rusty Gold. The key to choosing

a famous designer from the 1800’s states, “Have nothing in

paint is living with it for a “minute”, especially if you are

your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to

considering something bold. Gray, being the most popular “go

be beautiful.” Studies have shown that the optimum space

to” color of the moment, also needs some attention. The large

for creativity is a space that is clean and clear of clutter. If our

range of grays, from a cold blue/gray to a warm brown/gray

surroundings are clear, our minds will also be clear. The same

and everything in between, is seemingly endless. You will find

logic applies when our environment is cluttered and unfocused.

yourself in your own dilemma of 50 shades of Gray (although

Shayla Groves from designfinch.com agrees and follows this

the paint variety, not the New York Times’ best selling book).

principle in her own design practice. “My personal design

So, first steps? Slather the paint on some poster board and

aesthetic is really all about functionality. I create spaces that

tape it up on the wall. Change its location. Look at it in

function well because they are simply organized and thoughtfully

different lights and slide it under the furniture to check color

curated. Most people are more productive in a clutter-free space

cohesiveness. As in any relationship, you must see it during all

where they can focus on creative endeavors without piles of

phases, in dark and light, in order to see the faults and benefits

distractions all around, although many creatives will tell you that

for the mood you are trying to create. Then you will know,

they do their best work when they are surrounded by chaos. I

going in, exactly what the commitment entails. But it is just

really don’t think that is the case. I find that the simplest spaces

paint after all. Easily changed and easily altered, it’s somewhat

are often the most inspiring. “ This design aesthetic fits perfectly

harder and stickier in a relationship.


pale aqua, or linen.” Love color? Try mixing up those white This germ of inspiration occurs in a variety of spaces, messy

with the trendy design flavor of the modernist movement. Clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and simple construction refocus a

Open to any color? Because colors induce feelings and

space on functionality rather than a highly ornate item. Once this

promote energy, the colors you choose can profoundly affect

becomes your base, it provides endless possibilities upon which to

the space. Deep jewel tones and bright colors are energetic

build. Modern design is the perfect canvas for adding splashes of

and visual. Certain colors like reds have been shown to cause

color and personality to liven up the space.

physical changes in blood pressure, and are supposed to create



decor a sense of passion and excitement.

time and definitely a place within the

Just like natural light is necessary

Conversely, blues and greens are

home for dim or low lighting. The

because it reminds us of nature, actual

calming and soothing, allowing the

bedroom and other areas where you

nature in the form of plants should also

mind to be open to creativity. Colors

want a soothing quiet should have a

be present. Whether an herb garden

like purple inspire curiosity and interest,

dimmer, darker feel. Spaces with bright

on a windowsill, or a view out a large

which inspires creative thought. But if

light cause the mind to be alert and

open widow looking out upon a garden,

you decide to stay with the white walls

awake. So the areas of creativity or

plants are known to inspire creativity.

and simply use accent walls for splashes

spaces that require energy are best kept

Many gyms pump oxygen into the

of color, white is pure, promoting

well lit, if possible.

room so that energy is at its peak during

positive energy and can be used to

exercise. In the same way, creative space

enhance the other chosen colors. The

Feng Shui has long been known to

should have plants to create the natural

types of energy that you surround

affect creative output. Furniture

flow of needed oxygen, supplying the

yourself with are as varied as the colors.

placement, as well as the addition of

brain with fresh, clean thoughts and an

While some colors may benefit certain

plants and carefully chosen colors

energized mind. “Plants and foliage are

types of creative behavior, some will

all enhance a creative environment.

another way to bring color and life to

detract. Whatever color you choose

According to Feng Shui, the energy

the space. Choose plants with different

will be enhanced by the lighting in

of a space should describe and mirror

colored and varied sized leaves. They

the room, which is critical. That deep

the creative process, “the balance

are great for softening hard edges and

rich purple will begin to feel cave-like

between the quiet energy of dreaming/

filling bare spots. And don’t forget,

without a bright room to offset the

germination and the full bloom of

they also clean the air…healthy décor,”

richness of that jewel toned color.

active, strong manifestation,” states a

says Jeffrey from Junc Boutique and

piece on feng shui basics from about.

Gallery. According to one study by Jon

Lighting is imperative to creation.

com. Basic Feng Shui principles will

Bergs from the Netherlands, a tax office

There is a reason that residents of

help support the flow of creative ideas

strategically placed plants so that no

Seattle often buy lighting that simulates

and enhance your creative output.

employee would be more than 45 feet

the sun. Gloomy day after gloomy

“Just like music, the same with Feng

from a plant source. The result was

day makes the mind feel sleepy and

Shui energy – there are times when

an enhanced creative environment and

in need of a caffeine induced start

we need to listen to relaxing, soothing

a boost in productivity levels. NASA

(Starbucks anyone?). Natural light is

sounds, and then there are times

also supports the case for the inclusion

a must, and where natural light is not

when colorful jazz is the best way to

of plants within the home office. In a

a possibility the illusion of outdoor

go. The ideal Feng Shui planning of

recent study concerning houseplants and

light is essential. We need to feel

a creative space will be able to hold

the improvement of air quality in space

connected with the outside, linked to

both rhythms, because the creative

stations, they reported that up to 87

nature. This is when creativity really

process has both rhythms - the

percent of toxins were eliminated in a

soars. “The key ingredient to any

germination/dreaming/ planning time

24-hour period. Their recommendation?

inspiring space is natural light. While it

and the actual manifestation time.”

“Use 15-18 good sized house plants in

is often overlooked as a design element,

But because the creative space is

6-8 inch diameter containers for

this connection with the outdoors is

personal to your needs, the aspects of

an 1,800 square foot house,”

immensely important to our mental and

Feng Shui you decide to include are

as suggested by The NASA

emotional well-being, therefore when

up to you. Shayla from designfinch.

Clean Air Study. Eliminate

I’m designing a space I try to begin by

com states, “every space should

toxins and increase creative

studying the lighting conditions and

contain design elements representing

output? Nature continues

observing how they change throughout

Earth, Wind and Fire. This can be

to be a source of positivity

the day,” says Shayla Groves of

accomplished through the use of

even when we have to search

designfinch.com. However, there is a

color, texture and lighting.”

for it within the city limits.



Lighting is


imperative to creation






Now back to those white walls that some of you may love.

the true passion of the soul. Interior design is

Time to cover them with meaningful inspiration. Psychologists

unimportant if it does not embody the needs and

label the brain activity associated with creative thought as

beauty of individuals that reside within the four

“loose associative thinking.” This type of thinking does not

walls. “I think the most genuinely appealing and inspiring

follow a linear or organized thought process, but jumps around

homes I have visited are anything but the stage-set depictions

making associations while actively trying to form connections.

in ads, magazines, and coffee table books. The most inspiring

Encouraging this type of sporadic creative thought is imperative

spaces are deeply personal and livable. I am inspired by homes

as the brain is on “search mode” and needs time and space to

that come about when people question the true value of the

develop new ideas. According to a study done by the Harvard

objects around them, celebrate the beauty in the ordinary and

Business School, during this “jumpy thinking period” the

elevate the objects in their home to a higher status by simply

brain needs items to focus on in order to spur creative thinking

showing how much they themselves are inspired,” says Alex

forward. Message boards, vision boards, blackboards and mind

from Rusty Gold. You must be seen within your home. Jeffrey

maps all help the brain to focus in and create connections. But

from Junc states, “The most inspiring spaces for me are the

just like we glean inspiration from our environment, so it is the

spaces that reflect the personalities of its inhabitants - spaces

same with who we are and where we are from.

you walk into and you immediately know who lives there and what kind of a person they are.” Personality, preference and

Americans are a mixture of culture, religion, and backgrounds.

passions must be visible and obvious to your visitors. Otherwise

We come from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and

there is nothing that distinguishes your space from any other, or

beyond. Wouldn’t it follow that our trends in home décor are

your home from the staged home in the catalogue. Your space

influenced just as heavily by others? Just as fashion seems to

must fill the needs and functions of your family. The designers

trend from Paris or Milan, home décor also has its starting

at Progress realize that, “making a space personal is less about

point. Some trends are shared, and others are taken. We pull

acquiring decorative objects and more about creating a room

our inspiration “from the simplicity of Japanese design, the

that makes sense for an individual or family’s lifestyle.”

or the rich sophisticated design of Italy and so on,” says Jeffrey

Ready to dive in and create the perfect creative haven? Ask

from Junc Boutique and Gallery. But just as our culture is a

yourself a few key questions. “What is this spaced used

conglomeration of cultures, so is our influence in design. Laura

for? How many people does it need to accommodate? What

Lemle from Domicile-LA says, “We as Americans are influenced

functions will take place here? What style do I want to

by everyone and no one, meaning that we love all things foreign

convey? What feelings do I want to evoke?” Laura Lemle from

but make it our own.” Surround yourself with what you love

Domicile-LA suggests these as beginning questions to start the

and what resonates with you.

design process. Flip through some design books, magazines,


clean modern style of Scandanavia, effortless French interiors,

and most of all be aware of your surroundings. Designers are Rick from Rusty Gold suggests surrounding yourself with art

always seeing, planning and plotting improvements. Their eyes

that expresses what you love, and your past experiences, “I

notice details; they pay close attention to function and space.

definitely think that art is one big element that defines a space

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. I once designed an entire

and it is very often overlooked and undervalued. For me, art is

room around a client’s favorite tiny pillow.

like getting a tattoo – it has to be significant – after all it’s a fairly permanent fixture in your home. Don’t be afraid to take your

Another client cherished a painting that his grandfather painted

time to find the right pieces or to splurge if you are able. But

so we pulled colors and the feeling that the painting evoked for

keep in mind, art does not have to be expensive to be inspiring.

the entire room,” says Lemle. Begin to think like a designer. Gain

In fact, I’ve found my favorite room-defining art pieces in my

inspiration from everything. Soon you will be acutely aware of

travels in Mexico and Hawaii – they bring a smile to my face

the creativity and inspiration that is constantly swirling around us,

every time I see them. Plus, talk about conversation starters!

and in being aware you are open to the creativity within your own

You get to share stories and relive great moments with your

soul. You are ready to create the space that will promote optimum

friends and family.”

creativity and unleash the creative beast found within. Your creative beginning? An inspiring space of your own – the first

Just like a beautiful wedding means nothing if it does not reflect

step to that next novel, beautiful painting, extraordinary musical

the love of the couple, artwork means little if it does not express

composition and award winning runway design.




a Step BY Step guide to ChooSing a deSigner Written by: AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

Whether your décor aesthetic includes studs or faux

DesigneD by: BrAndie MATA

Deciding to hire someone to come into your home and help

fur rugs, or you stick more to plaid or trellis prints…

you direct the personality of the environment is a huge

Whether you buy mainly from home stores or find yourself

decision in and of itself. But how to go about deciding can

scouting flea markets… Whether you own or rent - there is

often seem overwhelming. We have created a step-by-step

a designer out there for you. You just need to find someone

guide to help your decision making throughout the process, in

who matches your personality and sensibility, guiding your

the hopes that this one aspect will be simplified. We cannot

preferences to create the perfect blend of the feeling and

promise as much when you go to start making decisions

mood you aspire to have in your home.

about paint color (we are still figuring that out for ourselves).

Step 1: identiFY Your perSonal aeSthetiC/StYle/déCor direCtion

Step 2: Set Your Budget

You can start this step right now... grab your favorite

have a vintage appeal but don’t have a huge budget, look for a designer that

home décor magazines and start tearing out photos of

specializes in DIY design. These specialized designers look for unique thrift

your favorite rooms. Visit websites and blogs that you

finds and transform them into masterpieces. Laura Lemle from Domicile-LA

love and save the photos in a special folder on your

says “Have a general idea of budget. Think about what activities will take

desktop. Lastly, take your camera everywhere you

place in the rooms to be designed. Give the designer an inventory of what

go…ideas are all around us! Anything that grabs your

stays and what goes.” Most of all know what you want to spend, or at the

attention from colors, to artwork, to the perfect chair

very least know your ceiling. No one goes to Vegas without having a limit.

should be labeled and held for a later date. Jeffrey

The same should be said of design. You can get swept up into the process too

from Junc Gallery and Boutique suggests “…create

easily and will forget that your limit is approaching while staring longingly at

a ‘swipe file’/an expandable file from an office store

the “perfect” piece.

Be realistic. Have a range of what you can spend. If you like unique items that

that allows you to label each pocket room by room. Start filling it with images of rooms you like, furniture pieces, lighting, styles, colors and so on. The more armed you are, the better idea the designer will have for what to look for and prepare.” A simple image can present the direction that you would like to go in a clear and concise way. A picture says a thousand words, just ask Pinterest. This is the first step in identifying your personal style to give your designer some direction. Knowing a few stores and finding a few brands to which you are drawn might also be to your aesthetic benefit. But even once you decide on a particular style, it is important to be open to new thoughts and ideas. Alex from Rusty Gold states, “I love a client with a good idea of what they want but with an open mind. That is ideal.”

Step 3: Find an interior deSigner Talk to friends - referral is a huge aspect of this business. It is the safest and most obvious answer and yet people often don’t think to ask when they love a friend’s design. It could also be as simple as going into one of your favorite restaurants or local retailers whose design you have admired, and asking who they work with. Or you could also contact your local design center. Overall, referrals often work out best. For example, in South Park San Diego, Progress is a great boutique that features contemporary furniture, décor and a plethora of amazing accessories for your home. Many customers walk into the space and fall in love with the distinct design aesthetic. Both the owners Kristie and Bruce happen to be interior designers! You might be surprised at how often that is the case in many home design stores. The owners already have an eye for design, so they maximize the utilization of their skill in other ways as well, to our benefit.


Step 4: QueStionS to ASk in the interview proceSS You must resonate with the designer. This relationship is important in that you are asking this individual to come into


your home and redesign it to express you, your personality and passions. Your home should reflect you, so therefore your designer needs to know who you are, and connect with you on a certain level. Tracy from Gilmore Design Studios says, “A client should always ask the designer to walk them through the design process. Every designer has a slightly different process and the client needs to be comfortable with what ends up being a significant and intimate working relationship.”

Some Specific QueStionS: Can they work within your budget? Educational background?/Training?/A.S.I.D. Member? What is their fee? And do they charge by project or hourly? When will you be billed? What happens if they do not finish on time?

“the DeSigner/client relAtionShip iS rAther intimAte, AnD neeDS to be cultivAteD on truSt.” - jeffreY from junc

How involved will the designer be once the design and construction documents have been completed? Do you get to review each item purchased? Who will be managing the contractors and subs?

It is very easy to get all dreamy with the vision of redecorating a house. You get so caught up in the creative vision that you do not tighten up the details. It is very important to clearly identify what the expectations are with time, budget and design aesthetic. Generally the designer would create this for you but make sure you request that they do, and really look through the details to make sure

Step 6: mAking the moSt of Your uniQue DeSigner/client relAtionShip Jeffrey form Junc Boutique and Gallery gives some tips on when a designer client relationship is working or when the match is not as perfect as it should be. “Communication. It is perfect when a client is honest and up-front about what they like and don’t like (you won’t hurt the designer’s feelings if you don’t like something).


Step 5: creAte A contrAct

But also be open about exploring new ideas. This quality must also be paired with a designer who is open to compromise; even if it

you are on the same page.

means that the client is missing out on something that the designer

Once you are in the design process it is important

cultivated on trust. When designers are not communicating clearly

thinks is perfect. It is a rather intimate relationship that needs to be

to be open-minded. Realize that these are experts at what they do. Make sure to give them direction but also be open to their creative ideas. After all, that is what you are paying them for!

“A gooD DeSigner will help You to think outSiDe of the box AnD bring freSh iDeAS to the tAble, All while StAYing within Your StYle AnD buDget” - lAurA lemle

the phases of a project or clients are making changes to work that has been completed without communication to the designer – it is time to sever the tie.” Ultimately this process should be wonderful, and an enjoyable expression of yourself. “It’s not a working relationship if no one’s having fun,” says Bruce from Progress.

To help you along with this process…we chose interior designers that we love. All have a unique aesthetic and are masters at what they do. Make sure to check out a few of our favorite designers on pages 52 and 53 in this magazine. Not in Southern California? There are fabulous designers in every town…just refer to the resources in step 2.




Home Decor Specialists

Company Name: Gilmore Design Studios Designer: Tracy Gilmore

Website: gilmoredesignstudio.com

Email: gilmoredesignstudio@gmail.com

Company Name: Domicile-LA Designer: Laura-Lemle

Email: designbyllb@yahoo.com

Company Name: DesignFinch.com Designer/Contact: Shayla Groves Website: DesignFinch.com

Email: shayla@designfinch.com

Company Name: Rusty Gold Designer/Contact: Alex Pena

Website: RustyGoldDesign.com

Email: rustygold73@hotmail.com



Photo by: Chad Thompson Photography


Company Name: Junc Boutique and Gallery Designer/Contact: Jeffrey Parish Website: junclifeandstyle.com

Email: juncboutique@gmail.com

Company Name: Progress

Designer/Contact: Bruce Jaynes

Website: progresssouthpark.com

Email: bruce@progresssouthpark.com





RECLAIMED SOIL Writen by: AlAnA Trevino iTAyA

It is trendy to recycle. It is hip to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store. It is hot to make your own decorative items from found scraps and bits and pieces, and then label it under the catchy “DIY” title. But, these trends are born out of necessity. Our earth is refusing our refuse and so it’s time that we claimed some of it back in order to launch new creative life, while still admiring the old form and forgotten shape. Melanie was ahead of the curve. She sought out new artists that looked to take the old and turn it into something new. Her mission was to support these “creatives” and their recycling process because the time and the effort can be timely and costly. Her new store in San Diego not only supports this needful and necessary trend, but it sets up a design space that follows the same mission. “I really want to make a conscious effort to be ecofriendly. I believe my responsibility as a business owner is to give back, whether it is by supporting emerging talent or helping the environment.” With this new store, she does both. Melanie Michaud created a space to inspire others - a space that would insist on imagination, as shoppers mingled among the dreams and inspired designs. Earrings made of old skateboards, lighting from old vintage pipes and blown glass, and bike tires made into jewelry are only a few of the items that have found new life in another form. Melanie’s mission was to provide a platform for new ideas, reimagining old ones. Even the space that houses these new imaginings follows her own personal “salvaged mission statement.”

DesigneD by: BrAndie MATA

The space that the store inhabits is in an old historic building that housed one of San Diego’s oldest fire stations and the once famous Burlingame Garage. Old pictures online reveal the classic lines of architecture that over years fell into disrepair. Time was erased and new life was found when the old building was restored and brought back to modern glory. It presented itself to a community that was well versed in the respect harbored for the old and antique. It was a beloved building and remains a loved landmark. It has found its place in an area that celebrates the “classic” styles. This space is now referred to as ‘Historical 30th & Fern’ and is located in the heart of South Park, San Diego. “South Park is well known for its historic home tour which brings thousands of eager guests nationwide to tour the beautiful Victorian and Craftsman style homes in the neighborhood. Naturally with all the history of the surrounding community, using reclaimed products is very important.” The respect and love for this restored and re-imagined landmark is played out again and again with each item found within its four walls. Graffiti Beach is now a part of that living history. The outside “story” is duplicated by a similar indoor one. Turning the old into something new, reclaiming life from something that was discarded, and recycling the scratched, dinged and dented into a modern piece that inspires conversation is just the message that Graffiti Beach presents. “I am most proud of myself for sticking to using reclaimed processes. We used pallets for tables and lighting fixtures, posts from

an old barge, newspaper decoupaged shelves, vinyl records and wire spools. I am constantly looking for new trends in merchandising and store décor, whether it is at events, when I go out shopping, traveling, or even browsing through blogs and Pinterest. I really wanted to create a space that was a mix of East Coast and West Coast style. The white brick walls, reclaimed materials, Edison bulbs and steel piping really represent the ‘Beach meets Street’ vibe that I was after.” Inspiration for Melanie is found everywhere, and within everything. But she admits to loving a city and a beach that has

These posts were salvaged by a local craftsman in North Park, San Diego. From an old barge that was turned over in the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami.”





She has surrounded herself with items that have a story and that inspire, and by doing so she inspires those around her. Shoppers who stare upward admire the tall wood beam ceiling, feel the openness inspired by the newly painted white brick walls. “When people walk in they can feel the creativity within this space but do not feel overwhelmed with a jam packed store.

"I believe my responsibility as a business owner is to give back, whether it is by supporting emerging talent or helping the environment.”

Because Melanie has such a passion for using reclaimed items, it follows that her store would contain a collection of reused and re-imagined touches. This goes beyond the merchandise itself. Everything that displays and houses the merchandise has a story. “…I chose reclaimed processes because I love the story behind things, whether it be fashion, art or décor. You will notice that everything in the store has a cool story…By using salvaged and reclaimed processes, there is always a fun story behind them. My boyfriend and I built almost every display in the store ourselves. Each piece is crafted with a ton of hard work, passion and love. One of my favorite items in the store are the patina posts that hold our clothing displays together. They were a very important piece that inspired most of the design in the store.

The space is airy and spacious… and always transforming. One of the reasons we built so many pallet tables for display was that we can easily shift them together to create a runway for our quarterly shows or move them apart to display artwork in the weekly art exhibits that we host. But their daily use is for displaying jewelry and clothing. When it came to really building out the merchandise displays, I relied heavily on the internet resources that were out there. One of my favorite blogs, scraphacker. com, inspired most of my pallet displays.” Saying you believe in recycling, reclaiming, and re-imagining is easy to do, and harder to live. Melanie Michaud’s store embodies her beliefs and allows for the trendiness of being eco-conscious while making plans for its longevity. With people like Melanie, it is easy to re-imagine our future. With her example of what is possible, the hope that others will follow continues to live strong. Trends come and go, but Graffiti Beach is here to stay, no doubt continuing to evolve with the ever changing currents of our fashionable, beautiful world.

- Melanie Michaud ISSUE 002 FALL 2012 // SHOPGRAFFITIBEACH.COM

had a profound effect upon her decisions as a designer. “I have always loved the upscale, hippie style of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.” It is easy to see this distinct and eclectic influence when walking through Graffiti Beach in the San Diego store.




style QUIZ

How to IdentIfy your desIgn AestHetIc Written by: AriAnA Levin


DesigneD by: BrAndie MAtA

You need a new couch for your living room and the one you’ve been eyeing is: a.) Patterned with multi-colored pillows b.) Velvet-tufted Chesterfield sofa c.) Black leather and chrome mid-century sofa d.) A soft neutral color with flower-patterned pillows


e.) A real statement piece


Your ideal color scheme for the house is: a.) The funkier the better! Mixing and matching colors and patterns are my thing. b.) Black and white – very clean c.) White, gray, and warm wood tones d.) Ecru – I prefer to add pops of soft color to my blank canvas. e.) Bright red offset by neutrals and black


The bare wall in your room is screaming for attention. You decide on: a.) A giant mirror- you can hang your scarves and funky jewelry on it - winner! b.) An array of found objects, like a wagon wheel c.) Letting it speak for itself- exposed brick says it all! d.) A trio of white distressed wood shelves to showcase your candles and vases with dried flowers e.) A cool piece of abstract art

Your fabulous first-date outfit consists of: a.) A maxi dress with funky sandals and jewelry b.) Skinny jeans and a blazer c.) The LBD (the classic, little, black dress) d.) A floral print dress and ballet flats e.) A mini-skirt


brooklyn cHIc, boHo trIbAl, QuIrky vIntAge, clAssIc edge, urbAn mod Photo by littlebluedeer.com

- Brooklyn chIc -

- Boho trIBal -

- QUIrky VIntage -

tHIs Is your brIck wAlls, Ivy but wItH sopHIstIcAtIon

tHInk trIAngles, pendleton, Aztec style wItH A boHo twIst (free people)

steAmpunk - vIntAge typewrIters, bIg clocks, plumbIng pIpes


decor 3


Your dream vacation would be: a.) Bali, ho! b.) Amsterdam – nothing more needs sayin’ c.) London- the theater and fashion are calling you! d.) Paris, oui! Cafes and caffes! e.) Tokyo – bright lights, big city!

When your honey brings you flowers, he knows to snag: a.) Sunflowers b.) Succulents c.) Orchids d.) Pink tea roses e.) No flowers – I’d prefer a custommade playlist.



You are pleased as punch with your newest addition to your kitchen: a.) Your yogurt maker b.) Your retro Kitchenaid mixer c.) Your espresso maker d.) Beautiful turquoise mason jars from Etsy e.) Your new wine cellar

Your favorite lighting scheme is: a.) Paper lanterns b.) Industrial pendant lights c.) Chrome sleek standing lamps d.) Candles and delicate lighting e.) A table lamp from MOMA



At happy hour, your go-to drink would be a: a.) Mojito b.) Artisanal Craft beer c.) Malbec d.) Sauvignon blanc e.) Manhattan

If you were an ice cream flavor, you would be: a.) Lavender honey blue cheese b.) Chocolate Guinness stout c.) Cinnamon macadamia nut d.) Butter pecan e.) Salted caramel

- UrBan Mod street vIbe wItH tHe clAssIc cleAn lIne of An ultrA modern spAce

wItH An edge...mAybe A pop of color or sometHIng bold to gIve It A twIst

mostly e = Urban Mod

mostly D = Classic edge

mostly C= Brooklyn Chic


- classIc edge clAssIc pIlArs sHAbby cHIc style but

mostly B= Quirky Vintage

mostly A= Boho tribal

AnsWer keY:

Wallpaper and photo by Mr. Perswall // mrperswall.com




Now that you have identified your own personal Design Aesthetic… how about some great clothes to match? Graffiti Beach prides itself on showcasing top indie designers that have a ‘Beach Meets Street’ style. Check out this next section for our favorite fashions for Fall!

Top and Pants by Continuous Top $64, Pants $78

Creative Direction


Melanie Michaud

Colleen Ordonio +

Earrings by Chime Made from Drum Cymbals Price $42


Lara Tishler

Heather Gildroy


Hair & Makeup

Sarah Karges +

Necklace by 1OakbySara Price $58

Giovanna Avila

Jaime Miller



Hat Stylist’s Own Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca


Brooklyn ChiC 59



Earrings by Mukee Made from Skateboards Price $26 Shirt by Continuous Price $34 Hat Stylist’s Own Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca




Earrings by Chime Made from Drum Cymbals Price $52 Necklace by Chime Made from Drum Cymbals Price $48 Shirt by Continuous Price $64 Hat Stylist’s Own Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca



fashion Below: Top by Continuous Price $34 Earrings by Jasmine Honey $68 Dress by Continuous Price $84 Vest and Denim Stylist’s Own Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca

Dress by Continuous Price $84 Earrings by Jasmine Honey Price $68 Shawl and Boots Stylist’s Own

Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern St., San Diego, Ca



Creative Direction Lauren Lee Photography Brianna Baggett Illustrations Callie Himsl Hair & Makeup Andrea Forsythe Styling Lauren Lee + Colleen Ordonio Model Emma Duty

Dress by 8000 Nerves Coming this Fall Earrings by JessBee $38


Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca






Headpiece by Ises K $45 Dress by 8000 Nerves Coming this Fall

Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca

Druzy Bracelet by 1OAKbySara $98 Dress by 8000 Nerves Coming this Fall

Earrings by Chime Made from Drum Cymbals $48



Necklace by Beatrice Holiday Made from Bike Inner Tubes $68 Shorts by 8000 Nerves Coming this Fall


Earrings by Ises K $35




Dress by 8000 Nerves $125 Earrings by Jasmine Honey $58

Constellation Necklace by 1OAKbySara $98 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca



Creative Direction


Melanie Michaud

Colleen Ordonio +


Robert Nguyen

Heather Gildroy



Lara Tishler

Colleen Ordonio



Ellesse Tzinberg +

Chelsea Conklin

Christian Chamacho

Hair Giovanna Avila

On Ellesse: Swimwear by Chelsea B Available this Fall Necklaces by Jasmine Honey Gemstone Necklace $68 Boyfriend Necklace $78 On Christian: Tank by Neoclassics $28

Skateboard Necklace by Mukee $26 Shorts by Rhythm $52

o h o B al b i r T


Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca






On Christian: Top by Neoclassics $32 Bracelets by Lesa Wallace $32/each

Skirt by WkShp $62 Hand Harness by Ises K $52 Wrap Bracelet by Jasmine Honey $125 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca



On Ellesse: Top by Neoclassics $38



On Ellesse: Headpiece by Ises K $60 Top by shegreetstheday $35 Shorts by Chelsea B $65 On Christian: Top by Continuous $32 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

On Christian Tank by Neoclassics $28

Necklace by Beatrice Holiday Made from Bike Inner Tubes $38

On Ellesse: Crop top by Neoclassics $28

Earrings by Ises K $40 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca



Creative Direction Melanie Michaud Photographed at Rusty Gold rustygolddesign.com Photography Garone Africa Illustrations Sentrock Hair & Makeup Giovanna Avila Styling

Coordinator Lara Tishler Models Cassidy Wolf + Steven Brewis Hat by Yellow 108 Price $38 Dress by 8000 Nerves Price $125 Bracelet by Chime (made from drum cymbals) Price $58 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca

Quirky Vintage 71


Michelle Africa


fashion On Steven Hat by Yellow 108 Price $30 Shirt by Fortune 421 Price $32 On Cassidy Ring by 1OAKbySara Price $68 Necklace by Jasmine Honey Price $125 Tank by Islay Price $38 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca


Necklace by Jasmine Honey Price $78


Shirt by Islay Price $42 Shorts by shegreetstheday Price $49 Ring by 1OAKbySara Price $68 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca

Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca


Hat by Yellow 108 Price $44 Tee by Fortune 421 Price $32 Bracelets by Lesa Wallace Price $32 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca




Photographed at Rusty Gold // rustygolddesign.com Couch Upcycled by Rusty Gold Suit by Ani Bikinis Top $94 Bottom $90 Bamboo Sunglasses by Yellow 108 Price $130 Necklace by Ardent Reverie $38 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca



Creative Direction Melanie Michaud Photography Heather Gildroy Illustration Alex Chimilio Makeup Chelsea Conklin Hair Giovanna Avila Styling Colleen Ordonio + Robert Nguyen Coordinator Lara Tishler Models Kiersten Hall + P책l Valgermo

Earrings by Mukee $26 Dress by 8000 Nerves $115

urban mod


Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca




On Kiersten: Hand Harness by Ises K $62 Necklace by 1OAKbySara $58 Shirt and Pants by Continuous Top $30, Pants $78 On P책l: Top by Neoclassics $28 Longboard by Alex Chimilio $375 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca







Tee by Continuous $32 Merchandise available at Graffiti Beach ShopGraffitiBeach.com 2220 Fern Street, San Diego, Ca

writer: robert nguyen photographer: Lara tishLer titLe design by: sonya caLderon

Imagine walking down a New York subway to encounter walls tattooed with vibrant chalk drawings. With such an environment, it would be difficult not to absorb the inspiring art culture. Raised in Brooklyn, Alex Chimilio began his obsession with art. Growing up in the 1980’s allowed Alex to gain inspiration from the graffiti and pop art of Keith Haring. Such art included the popular chalk drawings displayed in New York city subways. The vivid colors and bold lines set Alex on course for his own artistic journey. Thanks to his aunt, Alex’s early commitment began with his enrollment at the New York School of Visual Arts. From that moment on, every surface became a canvas for him to practice on. His fascination with graffiti culture and the pop art movement compelled him to express his creativity in various forms, with fashion being his “first love”. As Alex started to design, he realized how fashion acted as a “soft, moveable sculpture for the human body”. He then used fashion as a springboard to photography, film, and design. He conducted investigations to visualize “how certain garments molded the human body and how his concepts shaped a wearer’s perspective.” His early fashion

career designing for J. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger only acted as the building blocks to his later achievements as the Senior Graphic designer for Nautica. Movies like The Devil Wears Prada and other fashion-based television shows like Jane by Design do not exist just to entertain. They exemplify a perfect depiction of today’s intense and theatrical fashion industry. “From J. Crew’s prim and proper office life, to Tommy Hilfiger’s playful work environment, each company operates in the mode that they wish to present themselves” says Chimilio. However the fashion industry is personal and “comes down to the group of people you surround yourself with.” With that in mind, one can “hone in on a positive sense of well-being” to expel the stresses that the fashion industry creates. Although a career in the fashion world may seem intense if one works hard, the result is excitingly like playing harder, say Chimilio. Alex still gains inspiration from Keith Haring in aspects other than his artistic style. Haring’s life and success has taught him how to persevere through the risks of living the life as an artist. Alex has rooted his life achievements in fashion and has usd it to branch out into the different modes of artwork. Today, Chimilio’s latest integration of Morse code has influenced him to create illustrations, skateboards, toys, and T-shirts. Morse code has become a design motif in his work, especially in his skateboard and long board designs. And like his artistic inspiration, he covers every imaginable surface with Morse code. Whether it is designing for fashion companies, or adding hidden messages into his artwork, Alex Chimilio showcases how learning and perseverance in the world of fashion and art leads to success.








written by: Colleen Ordonio designed by: Rhoel Paghunasan

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This phrase is especially true for Derek

Keenan, owner of emerging brand Mukee. Using broken and unusable skate boards, Derek handcrafts anything from earrings to necklaces to belt buckles, and gives the world a complete new take on what it means to design a reclaimed accessory. With Mukee on deck at Graffiti Beach and selling on Etsy at etsy.com/shop/Mukee, the world gets a fresh look at handcrafted skate boards – but not in the way you would think. Derek Keenan gives new life to skate board decks and other reclaimed resources and turns them into unique, handcrafted pieces of jewelry that are so easy to love!

Skateboard Earrings | $26 | available at ShopGraffitiBeach.com Skateboard Belt Buckles | $34 | available in-store Graffiti Beach - 2220 Fern St., San Diego, CA

sped up the creation process, which brought his jewelry design to a reasonable price point. He chose key designs to create, and began production. After teaming up with a friend, who set up a trunk show in a retail store, Derek was finally able to introduce Mukee to the retail world. While much of the inspiration for Mukee lay in the use of reclaimed materials, Derek traces his initial inspiration to spending 27 months in

After making the initial few pieces for his girlfriend, Derek decided it was time to hone in on a potential business. “So I took a big chance… when a seasonal job was up I didn’t even look for another job. I was determined to make this work no matter what.” He registered Mukee officially and opened up a business banking account. His first turn was to sell on Etsy. He found himself jumping into his business full force. “I was proud to be putting my time and energy towards something for myself. I didn’t want to waste my time applying for a career type job when I was watching my friends getting laid off from their glamorous jobs left and right. I felt that going into business for myself was a safer bet, and way more exciting.” This jump came before the technology of streamlined credit card readers, and with a bulky wireless card device in hand, Derek would go out every night to sell wherever he could. In the fashion of a dealer, he had a flashlight in tow and earrings to sell! He did whatever it took to get the Mukee name out on the streets, and his efforts were definitely rewarded. Mukee began to take off, and this was only the beginning. In order to move forward with his business, Derek took a huge step and invested in a laser

that allows him to etch designs into the wood. In addition to more intricate designs, he was also able to do precise cutting that would be difficult any other way. In combination with the laser, he also makes use of band saws and multiple sanders to get the polished look

that we see today. He’d like to turn Mukee into a full-scale brand moving beyond the skateboard jewelry he has created. He’s created belt buckles, necklaces, earrings, and plans to move up into the screen-printing realm with a few designs he is working on. With all this work in his rearview mirror, Derek was asked to reflect upon any favorite pieces. “It’s so hard to have a favorite piece. In every batch there are always a couple that really speak to me. If it is a buckle and I really like it I’ll wear it for a while and then rotate it out with the next one that catches my eye. I usually like a piece because of the colors or interesting compositions. The design that was on the skateboard has to do with the final outcome of each piece.” As long as Mukee has been on the Graffiti Beach sales floor, people have consistently commented on the detailing and the innovative way the Mukee pieces are created. They are praised for their unique look. In addition to being distinct and different, they have once again called attention to the craft of small woodworking. The ornate cuts and designs, especially seen on the belt buckles, have long been a customer favorite. Derek has given us an inventive and unique presentation of accessories. The use of broken skateboard decks opens pathways for all sorts of distinct designs and creativity. Keep an eye on Mukee as Derek continues to handcraft and create – his style always looking for that new edge. His creations constantly prove that “… Anyone can make something from nothing.”


It all started as a way to impress a girlfriend. Derek wanted to give a gift that was completely unique, a gift that she would remember. After trying out rings made from tree branches, to a handmade pair of shoes, he stumbled upon the idea of utilizing skateboards. He thought that the colorful layers of skateboards would be eyecatching, so he ventured into a local skate shop and asked if he could have some of their broken decks. In the beginning many of the pieces he created were very labor intensive, especially with the sanding and sculpting that his pieces required. His hard efforts paid off when his girlfriend (at the time) would proudly wear the pieces he made. Soon her friends began to request pieces as well. Derek dialed in his designs and perfected them in a fashion that

a rural village in Gambia in West Africa. As a Peace Corps volunteer, Derek was exposed to many methods of creativity. Necessity is always the mother of invention. He often saw people making useful material that ranged from tools to sardine can toys. Their method of recycling and reuse inspired him to create from the resources that were readily available to him. That aspect, combined with his monetary limitations, due to his recent return from Africa, led him to the use of broken, free skateboards. The majority of these skateboards come from local skate shops. These shops now reserve broken skateboards for him, and he often receives calls for skateboard pick-ups as they collect. What seemed like just something to throw away becomes something to treasure. People have begun to request pieces made from their old boards, and girls bring in their boyfriend’s boards, giving the once loved and valued board new life in the form of a unique gift. Some of the boards that Derek has been able to get his hands on have even featured graphics designed by famous skaters and artists.




designed by: Brandie Mata Photos courtesy of raWartisttmedia

Written by: KaLLaH OaKes

An Underground Movement Catches On

RAW and On Fire

Heidi Luerra Founder/executive director raW:natural born artists

Artists are often portrayed as ultra-competitive, cut-throat divas who would stoop to any level to steal the spotlight. Think Karen and Ivy on “SMASH”, or Curt and Rachel on “Glee”… or Mercedes and Rachel on “Glee”… or pretty much anyone and Rachel on “Glee”. Heidi Luerra, founder of RAW Artists, would like to challenge that image. “RAW is an independent arts organization for artists by artists, our mission is to provide tools and resources to artists within the first 10 years of their career. By bringing artists of all types together RAW strengthens the community, cultivates creativity and forces recognition for indie artists everywhere. There is power in numbers.” Luerra was once a starving artist trying to “make it” in Los Angeles. She cherished the dream of being a fashion designer, but was experiencing the discouraging feeling of invisibility among the LA masses. Obviously, everyone from Beethoven to Thoreau to Katy Perry has gone through the “starving artist” experience, feeling desperate passion lived for art, in the face of the frustrating, heart-breaking fear that it might never be a full-time career. But Heidi did more than just fight this cliché for the sake of her own personal success. Instead, she dreamt of a way to rescue all other artists from the trap as well. Her dream was to create a community that would give artists confidence as well as inspire them, a community that exists for the purpose of relighting the fire for the struggling artist, and give them an audience. “When I realized there was no approachable entity to go to for help, and that there was a gaping hole between independent artists and artists making a living from their work, I knew something needed to be done,” explains Luerra, matter of factly. “I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a rebellious spirit. I root for the underdog, go against the grain, and really want to see everyone reach their highest potential in whatever makes them want to get up in the morning.” Luerra set aside her dreams for the fashion world and pursued this mission with complete determination. Thus began the RAW artists organization. It’s one thing to have a working concept. It’s a whole other story to make it a reality – especially something this monumental. Poring over the RAW website, watching the documentaries, reading the testimonials of countless artists and producers, it becomes obvious that Luerra is a genius with making connections. She is also anything but arrogant. “To get to this point it’s taken ten years of networking,” she protests when her praises are being sung too loudly. “Above all it’s blood, sweat and tears. Going five steps forward and three steps back. Keeping your word, being gracious and thinking positively.” Luerra’s humility aside, the discovery of the vast amount of underground talent that RAW has unveiled, combined with the ability to pull this talent together into a pulsating movement, is nothing short of unbelievable. “I can only take a fraction of the credit,” Luerra insists. “RAW is where it is today because of the many amazing people that attached their heart and soul to it and gave their all to help build it.” The website’s

documentaries are testament to Luerra’s declaration that “RAW has been a magnet for some of the greatest people across the nation that believe in the mission and want to see it succeed.” Everyone from singer/songwriters, poets, designers, actors - artists of every medium imaginable - thrive in the contagious energy that emanates from the eager scouts, glowing producers, and off-beat managers of RAW. They each seem to radiate Luerra’s own attitude toward the movement when she says, “At the end of the day, hard work, passion for the mission and great people have gotten us here as an organization.”

The fact that RAW is able to regularly launch starving artists into successful careers

is almost a contradiction, since the people behind RAW could not be less focused on money or fame. The focus for everyone involved – producer, manager, artist, audience - is on the rare beauty of the art itself. Perhaps it is this very contradiction that creates the sense of community that RAW has provided for artists. “Where each individual may be creating on their own and is not always surrounded by the creativity of other artists, RAW is an environment that is both inspiring and refreshing for artists of all types because they can feel like they aren’t in this alone,” explains Luerra. “They can meet artists similar to them, with similar goals.” Which brings us back to that common perception of struggling artists as Olympic-style competitive divas. Perhaps this angry competitiveness occurs when the focus is on monetary success, attention, or really anything but art. Luerra emphatically agrees. “On the contrary I think artists, when not in a broadcast competition, are quite accepting of other artists and their work.” She explains that the artists at RAW events don’t struggle with sharing the spotlight in the least. “I hear more often than not that RAW artists like this aspect of the show,” she says. “Most go on to become friends, collaborate together and involve each other in their own projects.” By creating a thriving, exciting underground community, RAW has effectively encouraged artists not to waste time competing with each other, but to focus on what makes each of them unique… their art! There are several huge ‘underground’ movements in America right now, giving people a thrill of being part of something. It spreads like wildfire. Luerra is optimistic that even as RAW gets bigger with its ever-exploding popularity, it will retain its “alternative” vibe along with its commitment to the unknown artists. We always want to stay underground, but in staying true to our mission we want to find value in the mainstream world for our artists,” Luerra says, thoughtfully. “We’re kind of like Robin Hood of the art world (without the whole stealing part).” RAW will indeed have to continue evolving with its non-stop growth, but Heidi Luerra and her team are determined that it won’t change the focus as an organization. “We will always do our best to remain for the every day artist, to stay an approachable entity that is for artists, by artists,” states Luerra. Still… you might want to get in on this movement before the rest of the world catches on. Like discovering the band Fun before “Some Nights” hit pop radio… there’s an undeniable attraction in discovering and becoming apart of a hidden gem like RAW in that tiny, exciting window of time that it is still thrillingly underground.



RAW does what its name suggests – strips away the nonsense that surrounds the climb to the “top”. It appeals to the that elusive, principled artist who decides not to try to get noticed on America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, or American Idol in an attempt to take a quick elevator to success. In cities where RAW has set up shop, the organizers put on a monthly exhibition show - open to the public with a small entrance fee. In just 2 years, the number of places that host a monthly RAW show jumped from a few locations to over 50, a number that is climbing (including internationally). At RAW exhibitions, artists are able to showcase their talents without being taken advantage of


in the slightest by the hand that feeds them. “We have sold a TON of work at our shows, and we don’t take a commission,” says Luerra proudly. The simple plan works like a charm; RAW has already jumpstarted tons of artists into successful careers. “One off the top of my head is Mariel Rojo, she was our ‘fashion designer of the year’ in 2011,” gushes Luerra. “She came to Hollywood to be honored at our annual RAWards ceremony all the way from Philadelphia. The Los Angeles Editor of Refinery 29 was present, saw one of her dresses and immediately asked Mariel if she could wear it to the Golden Globes! She was photographed in it, which lead to other celebrity opportunities for weddings and such!” Success stories like Rojo’s are far from being rare in the RAW movement. Luerra finds it hard to keep track of all the success stories. “We’ve had bands that have been signed and been given big opportunities,” she says, eagerly. “There are tons more stories, but RAW can’t take credit for all of them. An artist does a lot of work on their own and we’re just happy to be a part of their journey!”


DesigneD by: Brandie Mata


Written by: Mike McLaughLin

emerging bands


The Neighbourhood

oreN LyoNs

Indie Pop Los Angeles Sky’s the limit for this Newbury Park quintet with a penchant for catchy tunes that reference hip-hop, soul and bass-heavy rock. Download: “Sweater Weather”

Orchestral Soul/Pop Los Angeles

(I’m Sorry... EP - the [r]evolve group)

“If their debut single is any indication, this Silverlakebased group is brimming with potential.” Vocalist Kristianne Bautista’s haunting delivery, backed by a distinct bass line and a swelling string section, is an intoxicating blend. Download: “Forever” Found (Single)




Retro R&B/Pop Los Angeles

San Diego Rodney Hubbard & Co. successfully blend Latin jazz, bossa nova, soul, and folk with impressive range and a crisp, resonant aesthetic. Download: “The Real Thing” (The Shade Between - Blackflowerchild Records)

This trio of sisters from the San Fernando Valley sources influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to TLC and delivers a refreshingly stripped down, elementally percussive sound. Download: “Forever” (Forever EP - National Anthem)

tunage tr ennds ds



Garage Punk Los Angeles This fusion of classic California surf rock and early 90s punk results in a caustic, reckless explosion from this LA foursome. Download: “No Waves”

Blues Rock San Diego A one-man operation with a frenetic, stomping output that recalls the thunder and snarl of The Stooges. Download: “I Cried My Guts Out”

(Don’t Try... - Mom + Pop Records)

(Twist Shake Grind Break)

deAd FeATher mooN

The mATTsoN 2

Rock/Alt-Country San Diego

Jazz/Rock San Diego

Ranging from muscular classic rock riffs to elegant folk, Dead Feather Moon is a refreshing “throwback” rock ‘n roll outfit. With emotive vocals, and a cast of instruments that swell and pulse in perfect, layered synchronicity, their music is destined for greatness.

Twin brother duo delivers a unique fusion of clean jazz lines, spacey Shoegaze, and high-octane surf rock. Guitar and drum work are top-notch and beg to be witnessed live. Download: “Black Rain” (Feeling Hands - Galaxia Records)

Download: “Never Gets Better” (Single)






Continuous st yle Written by: Lauren Lee

Photos by: Garone africa

DesigneD by: Brandie Mata

An image of an elaborately illustrated wave

were hesitant about taking this momentous

Continuous team rediscovered that this wasn’t

was drawn using a single continuous line. This

leap. They worried it wasn’t the right time to

just a sport for these riders; it was a lifestyle…a

inspired image was created for an organization

start a business. However, after some serious

way of living. They observed these brave riders

known as “Surfer’s Healing” to benefit children

contemplation and soul searching, the four men,

perform new moves through trial and error. No

with autism. It eventually evolved into a full scale

who are all fathers, came back to the idea that

matter how hard the fall, or intimidating the

lifestyle brand. Their mission… to encourage

they desired to be good role models for their

trick, they always got up and tried again. The

others to follow their dreams and never give

children. Aspiring to teach their children an

persistence connected directly to the message

up. This small but amazing beginning is known

impactful message; that it is possible to follow

of their brand. Continuous began to sponsor

today as The Continuous Line. Gail Gonzales,

your dreams, persevere and be positive all at the

skateboarding events, traveling to different skate

Mike Gonzales, Jessie Castro, and Erwin Abcede

same time. After much discussion, these ambitious

parks nationwide. Not long after, riders were

are the founders and masterminds behind this

men decided there was no better time than the

asking them for stickers and showing an interest

innovative brand. The powerful tagline, “Don’t

present. The Continuous Line was created.

in the brand. Once The Continuous Line showed

stop. Stay Continuous.” helps to define the

active growth in the skateboarding market, they

message which holds a different meaning for each

Striving to get started on the right foot they

decided it was time to take the message out to the

person involved. “It means my daughter. It means

attempted to broadcast the message of what their

snow. The Continuous Line now sponsors some

my parents. It means the compassion and values

fledgling brand stood for. The Continuous team

of the best emerging talent in the active sports of

that I know will affect many who need help. I

decided to start by bringing their shirt designs to

Surfing, Skate Boarding and Snow Boarding.

know I can provide this help once this company

the local skate parks. They asked skate boarders if

is doing well,” Gail expresses.

they’d wear the design, and were initially rejected.

Based out of Los Angeles, California The

To understand modern riders better, the team

Continuous Line has developed a small team that

October 16th, 2010, was the official launch date

went out to reconnect with skate boarding, a

works diligently day and night to design new

for The Continuous Line. Initially the founders

pastime that they all had previously enjoyed. The

concepts and come up with artwork to screen

on tees that represent their target market of young

their brand connection to

trendsetters that are into fashion, music, sports

the underground music

and live an active lifestyle. Their target market is:

industry. As The Continuous

young, fashionable trendsetters interested in music

Line continues to grow, Mike Gonzales describes their

and sports while living an active lifestyle. The

target market as, “Everyone that purchases street wear,

Continuous team creates the products from start to

contemporary clothing and anyone that lives an active

finish. “We buy rolls of cotton, get them pressed,

lifestyle, and desires to stay continuous.”

dye them, and screen the pieces ourselves,” declares Jessie. Gail, the mastermind behind the original

While initially focused on targeting men, it occurred

piece of artwork, previously attended the Art Center

to the founders that their customers would often shop

College of Design in Pasadena. He is now taking

with their girlfriends or wives, and would seek out

a patternmaking course to further his knowledge

their opinion before making a purchase. Naturally,

in clothing design and hopes to take the brand to

they wanted to be able to offer something for those

a whole new level of design in the next few years.

women to try on as well. This led them to the recent

This is all on top of winning the best “Emerging

addition of women’s clothing, featuring a fashion

Designers” award at MAGIC in Las Vegas last

forward and colorful array of skinny pants and striped

August. When asking Jessie how they accomplish it

lounge tops. The Continuous Line’s general market is men and women ages 16-28. However, they have found the brand reaches out to an even larger variety of consumers, and even caters to people up to 50 years of age. The founders believe that the meaning behind the brand broadens the spectrum to a wider age bracket. The older market typically appreciates the brand’s mission because they have experienced life’s triumphs and tribulations as the journey that it is. Having this universally acknowledged concept makes The Continuous Line engaging for a diverse range of people. From the artwork they design, to the stories they represent, they are not only intriguing but a brand

According to Webster, the word ‘Lifestyle’ means: the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture. It isn’t one portion of a day, week, or year. It is the continuous line that connects every moment of a person’s life. The emerging brand embodies that adventure and spreads this exhilarating message to their

all, he responded with a chuckle, “We don’t sleep. Ha!” Maintaining true perseverance is obviously not taken lightly. The Continuous Line currently speaks most

jayBartLett photo

masses. The four founders are not just an average group of men; they are fathers, leaders, innovators, listeners, motivators and inspirers. They knew it would be a rigid and rough journey to start a business in a downward economy, but they rose to the challenge. The desire to create a business that they could be proud of, and would ultimately inspire those close to them, is what keeps the brand continuing along on its journey. With this

profoundly to the lifestyles of the skateboarding,

solid foundation, combined with the ambition of these

surfing, and snowboarding communities. But these

four men, The Continuous Line will follow its path no

groups are only the tip of the iceberg. In emphasizing

matter what challenges attempt to stand in its way.

the active journey through life, they have also begun working with lyricists, and are expanding

Don’t Stop. Stay Continuous.



worth standing behind.



Everyone’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp-Dressed Man

Written by: AndreA reitmAn Photos by: GArone AfricA DesigneD by: BrAndie mAtA

Men’s Fashion… is it a misnomer? Aren’t T-shirts and button-downs men’s

across the chest and the 421 logo on the back to get the name out there,”

only choices? How limiting! How frustrating! Now, thanks to Fortune

Herrick says. And get the name out there, it did. It didn’t take long for

421, how false. Jason Herrick created clothes that could go from beach

the design to catch on and for the Fortune 421 brand to take root in the

to club and look great in both venues. His line provides guys with fabric

nightlife scene.

choices, color choices, and myriad embellishments to express individual taste, style and personality.

To further broaden his line’s following, the designer introduced new looks. Fabric embellishments of diamond patterns, headphones and even

Certainly a bit of a surprise for a man who’s original interest was not in

neckties, all hand-applied by Herrick’s Mom, provide a personal touch

fashion design. He knew that he eventually wanted to create his own

that serve to separate this brand from the rest of the design world.

business but didn’t know what it would be. According to Herrick, “I was more into sports and architecture growing up than I was into fashion.

To appeal to an even wider demographic, in the past few years, Fortune

But I do remember having very little money to buy cool clothes compared

421 has introduced screen-printed designs and women’s swimwear

to some of my peers.” So he spent half a year petitioning for a job at a

and clothing. The women’s clothing has staple tanks and tees with the

local jeans boutique, which specialized in European brands, well outside

signature Fortune 421 designs and hand appliqués. The swimwear line

his budget. His entrepreneurial spirit united with his burgeoning love of

targets the girlfriend of the Fortune’s core market of eventgoers, and may

fashion to conceive Fortune 421.

be worn at pool parties while doubling as a suit fitting for the beach. For the menswear line, many of the prints honor the nightlife scene, featuring

The company was officially started in 2005 with an original design, hand

patterns of turntables, headphones and records, but there are also flags and

sewn from Herrick’s bedroom and created for his birthday trip to Vegas.

stripes as well as gilded circles and 3D print.

His close group of friends - DJs, bartenders and VIP hosts wore the shirt, bringing Fortune 421 to the spotlight. Soon, the fledgling company started

Aside from their T-shirts, the company also carries a variety of argyle

getting orders from top players in the nightlife industry.

diamond V-necks, polos and long sleeved shirts and hoodies. The line

“For the first 6 months I only made the original t-shirt with Fortune

is constantly growing, bringing new looks and more fabric choices.

Joie Joie, the Mother of Fortune’s Owner, hand stitches some of Fortune 421’s key designs,which adds an authentic and unique feel to the line. According to Herrick, one of the company’s

Fortune 421 goes beyond typical menswear and, although it’s very nice to look at, it’s more

major turning points “was when denim designer

than meets the eye. The company’s mission statement is “to spread a fortune of love and

and industry veteran, Jon Phenom, crossed paths

life” and Jason is motivated to use his clothing line to give back. Before the business began,

with us and was instantly drawn to what I had

Herrick’s mother was homeless for more than ten years. Part of Jason’s inspiration in

started… and agreed to come on board as our

creating his company was to ensure that his mom would never have to suffer those hardships

advisor and designer.”

again. He says that “to see her come so far and to know that, had she not been with me helping sew each and every shirt, I wouldn’t have ever been able to start this business. It’s an

Fortune 421 has been heralded as “the uniform of

amazing feeling.”

the local club scene” in San Diego and the brand is being seen across the country and around the world.

Through the Fortune 421 non-profit, Share the Fortune, and the company’s involvement with

This “urban beach” clothing has been spotted on

the privately-funded outreach center, Stand Up for Kids, the company has donated funds to

bartenders, VIP hosts and clubbers, not to mention

assist homeless, at risk street kids throughout the country. Fortune 421 leverages the ‘events’

Junior Sanchez and Bad Boy Bill. It has also recently crossed from the dance scene worn by the lead singer of Slightly Stoopid and the NFL’s Shaun Phillips and Kassim Osgood.


on notable DJs like Donald Glaude, Laidback Luke,

“family and friends bring true wealth.”

Fortune 421 clothing has appeared at recent super-

side of the business to organize annual clothing drives within the nightlife industry and the

hip events like the 2012 New Year’s Eve bash at San

company’s largest fundraising effort is an annual bowling tournament, raising about $3,000

Diego’s W Hotel and the Elevation Pool Party and

to provide Thanksgiving dinners for homeless teens. Jason is hopeful that Fortune 421 will

Fashion Show. Events like these are some of Jason’s

continue to make an ever-growing impact on the plight of people in need. They have donated

best moments. He says that “the fondest memories

a portion of the proceeds from clothing sales at past events. “With further initiatives in 2013

so far from the clothing line were when we first

we plan to continue to donate portions of our overall sales to help homelessness, especially as

started doing fashion shows around San Diego and I

our sales increase and our business continues to grow.”

was able to bring my mother up onto the stage with me.” Herrick has built his business on the principle

Jason Herrick’s next big step for his company is to get some outside backing. “We’ve

that “family and friends bring true wealth.” Since the

been bootstrapping this all along the way…. We’re looking forward to having the

company’s inception, Jason has included a number of

proper funding to mature the apparel into new categories and new markets across

friends and family in the process of clothing creation.

the country and, one day, the world!” Herrick believes that by continuing to run

His mother, Joie, hand stitches some of Fortune 421’s

the business, true to their “give back and pay forward” philosophy and by taking it

key designs, which adds an authentic and unique feel

slowly, the Fortune 421 brand will last forever. According to this entrepreneur, “the

to the line.

sky’s the limit for us.”




the spiritual


Jewelry can enhance any look as well as illuminate the human spirit. But how do gemstones become such beautiful pieces of art? Gemstones are a combination of minerals formed under tremendous heat and pressure inside the Earth. Like most things in life, it is only

of stones and human life Written by: Pearl Thienkosol Photos by: kelly lewis DesigneD by: Brandie MaTa

when a serious amount of heat and pressure are added that something beautiful is allowed to form. Most gemstones form in the Earth’s crust and can be cultivated through various methods of surface mining where the gemstone is excavated and then processed to separate the rock from the gem itself. Extracting a gem is always hard and laborious, making the final product - the sparkling, colorful gem - even more rewarding. Once gemstones are in their raw uncut stage, professional cutters and polishers turn the gems into usable stones for jewelry. Gemologists generally look at a few different characteristics when choosing a “quality” stone. These include inspecting the gravity, hardness, and color of each stone. Other attributes found in quality stones are Cut and Clarity. The cut of the gem is the design of the stone. The cut of a gemstone functions to display the gem’s natural beauty to the greatest extent possible. The various popular cuts of gemstones include everything from round, to heart shaped, to trillion, with a variety of shapes in between. With clarity, experts inspect for any visibility of inclusions, which indicate that other materials may also be present, corrupting the purity of the mineral. The gems are also checked for impact on durability, or any cracks that may be unsightly or cause breakage to the gem. Though understanding a stone’s valuable characteristics is certainly interesting, most people are drawn mainly to the metaphysical properties of gemstones. Many gemstones are thought to have healing powers and some believe that healing stones generate electromagnetic energy which influences the electrochemical nature of the human body. Accordingly,


when gemstones are paired with pure


of the beautiful colors of Hawaii.

electrolytes like copper, silver, and gold, an electromagnetic field is created when

Like the distinct island of Maui, Jasmine’s

gemstones come in direct contact with

home, each stone featured in Jasmine

the skin. Therefore, healing stones

Honey Designs is extraordinary. Some

work with the physiochemical energy of

of the stones are sourced from the outer

the human body and absorb or produce

islands of Hawaii such as Oahu, others

specific energies.

come from East Asia such as India, while others are locally mined from California

Two women who have taken gems to a

and Arizona. When choosing stones,

whole new level of wear-ability, design,

Jasmine searches for quality stones but

and meaning are Jasmine Bustamante

is particularly interested in their “fire”, a

of Jasmine Honey Designs, and Sara

term used to describe the color and ability

Reichert of One OAK by Sara. They

of a gemstone to be rich and iridescent;

chose gems that speak to them and then

the truer the color and iridescence, the

design them in such a way as to reach

better. The most common cut featured

out and choose their wearer. Spirituality

in Jasmine Honey Designs is faceted

swirls around the beauty of these

briolette, also known as the teardrop

pressurized minerals that are added to a

shape. Designs and prices vary, and

women’s apparel, adding a whole new

clients come from many different walks

level of meaning to beauty.

of life. According to Jasmine, “a girl on

On the island of Hawaii, many people

breaking the bank, or a girl can really

believe in the interconnectedness of

splurge on piece that she’s fallen in love

human life and the environment. A


perfect example of this is the word “Aloha”, which means “the presence

Each person is as unique as the stones

of breath” or “the breath of life.” On a

Jasmine features in her jewelry line. In

deeper level, the word Aloha conveys a

fact, many of Jasmine Honey Design

special message for the people of Hawaii.

clients choose particular stones for

It is much more than just a word; it

their specific meanings and powerful

symbolizes a way of living and treating

healing properties. Jasmine Honey

each other and the environment with

Designs feature a variety of precious

love and respect. Jasmine Honey Designs

stones including Amethyst, Rose quartz,

is a jewelry line that embodies the beauty

Turquoise, Topaz, Tahitian Pearls and

and heart of the Aloha spirit. The

Sunrise Shells. Amethyst is known to

designs incorporate the presence of life

be a powerful and protective stone. It is

while exuding the beauty of the island

believed to relieve emotional, physical,

and the ocean with pieces that reflect

and psychological stress and protect

blues, greens, and aquas, all reminiscent

the wearer from all types of harm. It



a budget can pick something out without


fashion is also thought to alleviate sadness and grief while

of the Aloha Spirit and represent hope, strength,

activating strong healing powers. Turquoise is

protection, and healing. In Hawaii, it is considered

believed to be a purification stone containing anti-

a blessing to own and wear a Sunrise Shell. Jasmine

inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It neutralizes

states, “Amber is a [popular] and powerful healing

acidity, aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances

stone. Many of Maui’s Mamas love to put amber

the immune system, and heals the whole body. Pearls

necklaces on their babies, especially when teething.

are believed to allow a person to open up and find

This is supposed to help calm them and it is also safe

the significance of one’s “true self.” They are said

for them to chew on”. With jewelry, pieces come

to enlighten and inspire while helping the wearer to

to life when the wearer and the stone are somehow

learn to love herself and others. They are a symbol

connected. For that reason, Jasmine encourages

of benevolence and positivity. Sunrise Shells are exceptionally special

individuals to choose pieces according to instant attraction, “If the piece speaks to you, get it.”

because they come from the ocean surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. These magnificent

Sara Reichert, designer of One OAK by Sara (One of A Kind) strives to find exceptionally beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces to match each one-of-a-kind

shells were once

woman. Sara picks gemstones from all over the

worn only by

world, cultivating stones directly from the source.

royal Hawaiian

She collaborates with different individuals who

Families. Sunrise

mine, cut, and polish the stones to enhance the

Shells are a symbol

stones innate radiance.



With nature being the heart and soul of her design, much of the line is based on the natural beauty of each individual stone. From the beginning of the design to the end, each piece captures the spiritual essence of nature, highlighting the improvement,

elements of the natural world. Each piece is designed with

bringing clarity to one’s

simplicity in mind, making it easy to wear with any


outfit. This approach in One OAK by Sara creates designs that are versatile and effortless to wear

Not only is One OAK by Sara a jewelry line that is

to Sara, “People seem to enjoy the fact that each

naturalistic, beautiful, and timeless, it’s also a business

stone is different…having confidence that they won’t

that is committed to giving back to the environment.

see the exact same necklace elsewhere.” The end result

One OAK by Sara contributes a percentage of every sale

is a masterpiece made to complement the personality

to 1% For The Planet, which gives back to a network of

and spirit of each individual while capturing the natural beauty of the world.


while avoiding the mass produced look. According

environmental organizations worldwide. As a member of this organization, One OAK by Sara takes their environmental impact into consideration and seeks

Like Jasmine Honey designs, One OAK by Sara designs

to make a difference. “Since the natural gemstones

also considers the meanings and metaphysical properties

are hand-picked and hand crafted from the earth’s

behind gemstones. Sara taps into the significance of

landscape, this is a great organization and I’m definitely

each stone and incorporates their meaning into her

proud to contribute.”

design process. For example, Agate is a stone made up of multicolored layers of quartz. Agate stands for

One OAK by Sara and Jasmine Honey understand the

unconditional love and is believed to provide a calming

value of appreciating the beauty of nature. They also

influence while encouraging honesty. Pyrite illuminates

recognize the symbolic interconnectedness of women and

as a shiny yellow mineral consisting of intersecting cubic

fashion. With such precision and care, it’s easy to see

crystals reflecting a beautiful gold color. Pyrite is a strong

how these two designers have the ability to capture the

stone and is believed to bring good luck and promote

natural beauty of the world and connect it to the heart

positive thinking and manifestation. Quartz is a glowing

and essence of each woman.

mineral and is believed to be a powerful tool for memory



photo by: heather gilDroy Makeup by: Chelsea Conklin

Writer: Lauren Trevino


Designer: Brandie MaTa

Modern Cleopatra



leopatra is a classic fashion icon, to say the least. Covering herself in gold and riches from head to toe, she ruled Egyptian lands with more than just a beautiful head on her shoulders, but with the finest jewelry to match. This last Egyptian pharaoh was more of a fashionista and modern indie goddess than history books have led us to believe. Even after her death, when all her jewels were buried with her lifeless body, her fashion style still lives on, now more than ever. Ises K. Jewelry is revitalizing this Egyptian style and turning it into something unique and modern. From head pieces to hand harnesses, ear cuffs, rings and earrings, bracelets that connect to armbands, Kim’s designs have a sense of unity. If your wardrobe is in dire need for that must-have accessory, and those cut off high waisted shorts

LEFT Pink Peacock Headpiece - $60 ShopGraffitiBeach.com BELOW Blue Feather Cuff - $28 ShopGraffitiBeach.com

paired with standard hoops just aren’t enough, Ises K. Jewelry is a one of a kind collection that perfectly captures the feel of Egypt while on the beaches of California. These exotic accessories are perfect to spice up your everyday attire, or simply be that piece that will make you stand out in the crowd. Kim of Ises K. Jewelry revitalizes and restores each individual to “Egyptian princess status” that had once seemed a very distant possibility. Kim started making accessories and jewelry only a few years ago, but has been on this journey for twenty-three years. Starting her business in 2008, her jewelry style has changed multiple times following her unique fashion sense. Lately her designs have been inspired by the “Lucky Brand look” but her jewelry tells a much deeper story. Her religious beliefs and cultural background is noticed upon first glance. Good luck symbols, charms, and amulets, combined with a sense of major creativity allows each

Swarovski Triangle Hand Harness - $34 available in-store Graffiti Beach ISSUE 002 FALL 2012 // SHOPGRAFFITIBEACH.COM

2220 Fern St., San diego

piece to shine with peace and love. Each accessory is hand crafted and takes a lot of hard work and dedication, ultimately driven by her intense love of fashion. Kim is accompanied by her niece Sabrina, who helps to make each piece unique. They create the jewelry using only original and innovative designs. Every tiny wire connecting to another has a finished look of perfection. Feathers and colorful sea foam turquoise as well as spikes, pyrite and Swarovski stones finish off the look take each piece to a whole new level.



fashion LEFT Brass Hand Harness - $52 ShopGraffitiBeach.com BELOW Pyrite Spike Earrings - $40 ShopGraffitiBeach.com

Kim takes a lot of risks that really

later). But what’s a business without

work in her jewelry, with chains

the loving customers that come back

and pieces that hang off the body

for more? When asked about the

in daring new ways. It allows us to

inspiration to go into this fashion field,

look outside the perceived frame and

Kim said, “I wanted to be able to make

to idealistically stand out. With her

people happy. I love when people fall

jewelry wrapping all the way around

in love with a certain piece that I have

the head, she allows us to look at her

created.” Getting a high off the success

designs as a whole. This is what art

is what fuels her.

is all about, and Kim does it in the most intriguing way.

Her work takes time, energy, focus and determination, and she

Lt. Pink Turquoise Earrings - $42 ShopGraffitiBeach.com

Kim was born in California and it

consistently exceeds all expectations.

doesn’t look like she’s planning on

Ises K. Jewelry can be found in a

leaving paradise anytime soon. Her

variety of spaces online and in stores.

jewelry can be worn by any, but

Thankfully we will not have to make

California girls crave this new look

a trip down to Cleopatra’s grave-site

year ‘round. While her business is on its

to uncover hidden treasures! Now

way to the top, she hopes to reach her

every modern woman can relive the

peak of success by opening a boutique

beauty that was modeled by Elizabeth

within ten years (sooner rather than

Taylor as she lounged by the Nile.


Growing a Business Sustainably

Written by:Kallah Oakes Photos by: Kelly Lewis

Designed by: Sonya Calderon


“Little by little, one walks far” is the motto of Inca Boot Company. Although this may seem vague at first, it all becomes clear when you look at the way Inca Boot Company is run. The indie chic designs, earthy leather materials, and intricately woven textiles are created in an organic process that retains the quality and artistry of the Peruvian craftspeople. Evan Streusand, the young CEO of Inca Boot Company, popped into a Peruvian boot shop while backpacking through South America in 2004. Streusand was immediately taken with the Inca style found in Cusco, Peru. He bought a pair, and upon returning from his backpacking trip, Streusand found that he was not the only one who was attracted to the Inca style. Streusand’s brightly colored and intricately woven boots drew constant attention from anyone and everyone he came across. “As I wore my boots around, I realized that there was really nothing […] like them being sold in the United States.” This realization and the attention that the unique boots received, inspired Streusand to return to Cusco. Streusand began to collaborate with the Peruvian shoemakers and shop owners to create a line of boots, shoes and sandals to be sold in the United States. Upon their release, the shoes were an instant hit due to the simple fact that they were totally one of a kind. “The key ingredient in our boots [is the] meshing of a classical boot construction with South American (tribal-style) textiles,” Streusand says in response to the popularity of the boots. “In fact, when we started selling to stores in 2010, there was still nothing like them on the market. A year after we started selling them, the ‘tribal’ look caught on and is now found all over.”



fashion The look is now everywhere! You don’t have to have a ticket to the popular music festival Coachella to be able to pull off the tribal look. Inca-inspired boots and sandals are unique additions to any outfit, and Graffiti Beach shop owner Melanie Michaud agrees. “Inca’s line is exactly what is going on in the fashion industry right now. The beautiful and bright colored textiles really speak for themselves,” says Melanie. You don’t just add the shoes to an outfit, but you build the outfit around the shoes. For example, the scene-stealing “Teresa Quena” or “Bandita” sandal and the “Inti” flat/wedge hybrid styles are meant to be the showcase of the outfit. Streusand agrees, and says “those two particular styles were actually the brainchild of one man, who shall remain nameless.” He does say, however, “he is a Peruvian designer that we work with on occasion, and he is very adept at coming up with his own, original designs. He always has his eyes open for new ideas and trends.”

Our boots were originally a wholly Peruvian creation... The fresh feel of Inca Boots can be attributed to their absolute authenticity. It is a credit to Streusand and his team that, rather than just stealing the intellectual property and ideas of the Peruvian craftsmen, they partner with them to create shoes. “It is a very collaborative process,” Evan says. “We find shoe styles that are interesting to us, and then allow the Peruvian designers to meld it with the textiles that Peru is known for.” The result is a unique blend of a growing mainstream trend with ancient Inca traditional style. These styles have been in place for over one thousand years, and can still be found all over present-day Peru, and now are being shared with the world. It is not simply the “attention grabbing style” that makes these boots a ‘must have’ for every closet. Streusand is quick to note that he was initially struck by the quality. Despite today’s tough market, Streusand has insisted on maintaining the highest quality of boots. It is clear that the public notices and appreciates his effort. Quality and original craftsmanship are growing trends as consumers appear to be increasingly appreciative of the value of their purchases (the obsession with benchcrafted Frye boots, for example). However, when it comes to running a small business, one has to ask: isn’t it hard to be committed to that level of quality? In light of this question, Streusand says, “I think when people are going to spend their hard earned money, they want to spend it on something worthwhile and well made. Also, we have to be able to stand behind our products, and the only way for us to sleep easy at night is for us to produce high quality items made by talented people.” The respect for the talent of the people with whom he collaborates is just part of what makes Streusand as unique as his business. He describes the styles and artists of Peru with eyes that have truly seen

its beauty, not just its opportunity to make money: “They are extremely friendly people, very welcoming and sweet-natured. It makes doing business with them a very fulfilling process, which I’m sure is not the same experience that others in the business would have with their suppliers.” Inca Boots Company is not a charity, but it is clearly run with principle. Streusand and his team have made it a priority to not only provide their customers with high quality items, but to provide their suppliers with satisfying, sustainable, well paying jobs. Inca Boot Company takes pride in outsourcing labor and design to the people of Peru, giving them an opportunity to grow as a community and benefit from the American popularity of their creations. This is an admirable choice on Streausand’s part. “Our boots were originally a wholly Peruvian creation and so it only felt right to infuse a huge part of Peru into our business. Fortunately for us, Peru also has a wealth of talented artisans and beautiful materials to source from – both of which are a huge benefit to us.” The process of discovering, designing, and creating Inca Boots has been a gradual one. Streusand and his team are content with the slow process of “little by little” creation, rather than hastily churning out shoes. Through this process, Inca Boot Company has set an example of a successful, organically grown business. The outcome is wholesome, wild, and beautifully crafted shoes, worth every penny.

Tee b Hat y FoRT by y u Ell nE 42 1 ow 108




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ISE Frin S k & Jewelr y b ge T op b EaTRI by yC CE Skir amER holI D t by o ISl n ha ay wa ay II


ffit i Be ach Fea Bou tur tiq For e ue tun D eme – 22 Jam r e g 20 F ing myP 421, ern the Bra aCK nDS S t. , Co , Ja nti Smi : San n ne Die ho uouS go ney Lin Ca e, C , Be 921 at r him 04 iCe eD eSi ho g L iDa n Hat y, u S , 1 o Tan by yE ll k by a rBa Con ow 10 n o KBySa TIn 8 uou Cto r S PuS a, muK , Si e mBi e, iSe ote S K, a Jewe Lry rDe , nt rev Camer eri e, i on ha SLa wa y ii,

run w 7.21 ay sh ow .12

S V Bag hEGRE est by Dre by bEa ETSTh ss b y Ca TRICE EDay Jew hol mE elry R I b aRD y SIm on ha Day b w En T R IoTEk aII EvE RIE and

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Graffiti Beach Fall 002  

Home Decor Issue - Graffiti Beach reveals emerging talent and trends around the globe. Get inspired!

Graffiti Beach Fall 002  

Home Decor Issue - Graffiti Beach reveals emerging talent and trends around the globe. Get inspired!