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I n s p i r i n g






- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

Ho liday Sho ppin g Gu ide

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

s r o t lI luswteralove

2012 Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

C r e a t i v i t y

BIKE // BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Vintage Bike bag/purse $68, Seat Cover $24, Set $88 AMY // JEDIDIAH: Bicycle crop top $28, BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Bike Chain necklace $24 MUKEE: Skateboard Pear earrings $26 CONTINUOUS: Red Cigarette pants $78 VINCE // YELLOW 108: Fedora $44 URBAN OCTOPUS: Think tee $32 Designed by: Brandie Mata



Dear Readers, Dreaming of something new is the first step. Acting upon a dream with the first creative design is the next. And then sharing your work with the world finalizes the process. These steps are so easy to say and write, and so much harder to do. The designers, artists, and musicians within these pages have done just that, and we at Graffiti Beach aim to support the bravery, inspiration, and dreams of these Creatives and share them with the world. The goals of our magazine are two-fold. 1) We believe in the artists that we feature, and we believe in their success. We want to support these Creatives in the advancement of their careers by celebrating them in this step of the process 2) We are inspired by true creativity. We love to see new and interesting ways of doing things and we love to see designs that are eco-friendly and attempt to make new from old. If knowledge is power then we hope that the knowledge of their work will empower them to create more, and in turn inspire creativity within others. Just like Pinterest exposes the viewer to ideas that they might never have seen, and Facebook connects you with others, our intent is for this magazine to reveal, highlight and celebrate talent that you might never have known. We aspire to cultivate creativity by sharing what is unique and trendsetting within the worlds of art, music and fashion - in the hopes of inspiring you! When we surround ourselves with creativity, and experience the energy of people following their dreams despite the odds against them, our world becomes so much more vibrant and beautiful. Get inspired!

Melanie Michaud Brandie Mata Alana Trevino Itaya

- meet the team -

Alana Trevino Itaya - Editor-in-Chie f ve Director, Partner Brandie mata - Creati tor Giovanna Avila - Beauty Direc m

s amana - Sale Frances Lacs om .c il ma @g 05 flacsamana

Michelle Africa - Stylist

Cassie Kobrin Writer ckobrin@ucsd.e du

Garone Africa - PHOTOGRA PHER

Estella Park - Coordinat or, Stylist

Susanna Liang - Coordinator, Copy

Jenna Sotelo - Events, Sales

f - writer Corrinne Bollendor ya corrinne.marie@ iter Lara Tishler - wr om n.c ms r@ ltishle

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Melanie Michaud - owner


Lauren Adams - Coordinator, Copy


- contributors -


Erik Cardona - Write r

Pearl Thienkosol - Writer

son - writer nicole steven co ni random

Makeup Carla Kirkpatrick otm @h ick car_kirkpatr

Monarose Ryan - Designer monarose@thep

Ariana Levin - Writer

Rhoel Paghunasan - Designe r, Photographer

Brianna Van Ness - Writer Michelen Mucho - Hair

- Photographer Jessika Levine jessika_levine@

r Alexa Magrum - Write m .co ail gm m@ gru an cam

Linda Zirkus - Hair & Ma

- Designer a Arenas Alejandr g @ s.rojo m ale.arena

Ana fuentes - designer

Samia Lavenant - Writer

Andrea Reit man - Writer abreitman07

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

akeup om


on - Designer Sonya Calder on er sonya_cald

Krissy Fernandez - Photographer

Kristen Winfre y - Hair rubb3rducky.k

Crystal Washington - Writer

Eileen Donieg o de France - Writer eileen@ohey



Dear Readers, The Holidays are upon us! We continue to see inspiring ideas and passionate creations here at Graffiti Beach. Isn’t that the true essence of these times together? We are called to appreciate our blessings, reflect upon the year, and plan towards the next, all while taking stock of the gifts in our own personal lives. The blessings of creativity, inspiration, and sheer raw talent are something we truly treasure. We find ourselves within a community of creative souls that are constantly striving to make the world a better place, to keep us eco-conscious, to encourage us to buy local, while enjoying the unique designs of our community. We are so blessed. As we wish you the Happiest of Holidays, we hope that we have been able to share these blessings with you. Our goal is to support and launch these Creatives while sharing their gifts as a gift to you, our readers. Our hope is that when you sit down and flip through the pages of our magazine, you feel that same feeling we do when surrounded by creativity. We want you to know these talented individuals, just as we have gotten to know them, and then we want you to share them with your friends and family, just as we have shared them with you. Their beginnings are beautiful and we hope you will help us see each of them to the next level. We all seek to share what we have‌ and this is what we hope to share with you. Happy Holidays, Alana Trevino Itaya Editor-in-Chief

“True art

is characterized by an irresistible urge in the

creative artist.”

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

- Albert Einstein

STOLEN SUNDAY: Infinity Scarf $55 CONTINUOUS: Black Leggings $49 SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Skull Cut Out Top $35 VOET: Leg Bandeaux $18 BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Inner Tube Cuff $24, Bike Chain Cuff $24


- table of contents -


finds art calendar out fashion feature tuneage trends DIY profile give

10 Old Keys and New Beginnings by Pearl Thienkosol


A Collaborative Work of Art: Home Decor by 8 Women by Alana Trevino Itaya

12 mUST SHOP INDIE ONLINE 14 Folded Papers by Eileen Doniego de France

by Erik Cardona

15 diy Magazine gift bows 16 Cool CorC- Beyond Wine Bottles by Eric Yo

by Lara Tishler

17 holiday cocktails 20 Art to Order 24 Have Your Art and Wear it Too by Brianna Van Ness

by Brianna Van Ness

by Cassie Korbin

25 Holiday shopping guide 40 Kids Rock 42 The Beat of the Heart by Andrea Reitman

by Alana Trevino Itaya

Holiday Goes 48 Beatrice Rock ‘N Roll by Alexa Mangrum

54 Beauty Stops from LA to SD by Ariana Levin

58 Make a Wish

by Crystal Washington

Illustrations by: Ilse Valfré


60 Organic Inspiration


by Samia Lavenant








61 The WOW of Native Honey by Eileen Doniego de France

Sweet Scent of 62 The Shoes in the Morning by Corrinne Bollendorf

64 A Symbiotic Love Affair 65 patchwork diy by Alexa Magrum

by nicole stevenson

Show 66 Patchwork Pieced Together by Crystal Washington

70 indie shopping events 72 Illustrators We Love by Ariana Levin

by Erik Cardona

by Alana Trevino Itaya








I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M


93 The Duality of Women 94 Daring to Dream



rators Illust we love

by Alana Trevino Itaya

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

96 Fire in the Hamptons 98 fortune 421 runway show by Corrinne Bollendorf

holiday shoppine g guid



I n s p i r i n g

C r e a t i v i t y

on the cover

s r o t a r t s Illu we love




I n s p i r i n g

Photography: Krissy Fernandez Coordinators: Lauren Adams and Susanna Liang Hair: Mish Mucho Makeup: Carla Kirkpatrick Model/Illustrator: Ilse ValfrĂŠ Dress by: 8000 Nerves

C r e a t i v i t y




OLD KEYS and New Beginnings Written by: Pearl Thienkosol Designed by: brandie mata

Keys are designed to unlock doors. They can also be symbols that represent opportunity, a source for change, or the presentation of a solution. Caitlin Crosby, founder and owner of The Giving Key has created a true “pay it forward” company. Her company embraces a humanitarian perspective while creating jobs and generating a call to action. Her mission empowers and establishes a mindfulness that: “anyone can help someone else”. The Giving Key is a company that uses old keys to create new beginnings. Each key has a special engraving on it with words like “courage”, “breakthrough”, or “passion”, and encourage each wearer to live according to the true meaning of each message. The hope is that one day the wearer passes the necklace on to someone else they feel is in need of encouragement, support, or simply a word imbued with a promise. The message and the key is then passed on from person to person, forming life-to-life bonds, while creating positive change in the world. In Buddhism, the ideology of living by The Four Virtues reveals the importance of treating others with compassion and appreciation. The Fourth Virtue describes treating those who are less fortunate with pity and kindness. We are to think of such persons as if they were one’s own children, showing them compassion and consideration at all times. The Giving Key began with Caitlin’s eagerness to help others by living the Fourth Virtue. Her desire was to help young Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

girls with body image issues. She wanted to remind them, through these one of a kind keys, that they themselves are significant and one of a kind. Then one day, after watching a documentary on “Invisible Children” she says, “I was bursting with the feeling that I wanted to do more to help people and change the world.” While walking down Hollywood Boulevard, Caitlin met a homeless couple named Cera and Rob. They were holding a sign that said “Ugly, Hungry, and Homeless”. Caitlin stopped and spent time with the couple and soon realized that Cera and Rob were the missing link - she asked them to be her business partners. As a result, Cera and Rob have been able to put a roof over their heads. Rob received his GED with all A’s, and Cera got a job working at the San Diego Zoo as she works towards her goal to become a massage therapist. Since then, Caitlin has also been able to support 10 people as they change their lives, helping them to get off the streets, while creating autonomous lives through this newfound employment. Caitlin developed The Giving Key to help others and is now a part of numerous charities, including transitional homes, counseling, schools, and shelters. She also supports various organizations such as “Not For Sale”, “Invisible Children”, “Charity Water”, and “To Write Love On Her Arms”. Hundreds of real-life heartwarming stories can be found on The Giving Key’s website at These keys can be

found and purchased online and all across the nation, even finding their way to Japan. They can be custom made, and have helped support people all over the world. No matter how young or old a person is, these keys can be the inspiration to living a fulfilling life, and are a reminder that everyone can be a help to someone else.

A Collaborative Work of Art:

Home Décor by 8 Women Written by: Alana Trevino Itaya

Photographed by: GARONE AFRICA


Designed by: Brandie Mata

If Carole’s impeccable taste does not draw you in, then her sweet Southern

time went by, her bookstore sadly went the way of most books stores these

accent surely will. Carole Carden is the owner of SoLo, a collective on

days, and was closed. The Cedros Trading Company changed ownership

Cedros Avenue in San Diego. Carole has taken a circuitous route (including

and was redesigned to accommodate a design studio in back and a 4,000 foot

stops in Paris and time spent as a magazine publisher in Texas) to becoming

retail space in the front. Carole stepped in, bringing her favorite merchants

the owner of this unique venture, but every step along the way has sharpened

with her, and started a new collective: SoLo. Now it is home to 8 female

her taste and brought her to this most perfect of spots, in life and location.

merchants, each with their own design sense, handpicked by Carole Carden.

SoLo is 4,000 feet of retail perfection and includes 8 spaces with carefully

Each vendor collaborates to create a cohesive store that focuses on upscale

chosen vendors. Each vendor has their own unique style and each one sticks

home décor, with a focus on design.

wordlessly to it. Realizing that the space inhabited by each vendor is without walls and meant to come together to create one store, each vendor has their

Even now, Carole’s books anchor the store. “People walk in and look at the

own unique niche that contributes in it’s own way to the whole.

books. They ground the whole store and help to set the tone.” Each book has its place. “They are flat or face up on the tables and shelves. No spine

It began with a love of books that led Carole to open her own bookstore –

is turned out.” The books, which are largely on design, art and architecture,

Esmerelda’s Books and Coffee in Del Mar, California. Seeking to expand, she

send out a very clear message… We are about design,” says Carole.

opened a 2 location in the Cedros Trading Company, a collective of about nd

Carole has a staff of 6 individuals, who have largely been with her since the beginning - eleven years ago this August. They maintain the space, ring the purchases, and take care of all the details involved in running a store. The merchants are asked to be there a few days a week to maintain a connection with their customers and the ebb and flow of their merchandise. For any merchant this is an ideal scenario. The collective frees up the time spent on bookwork and other miscellaneous business oriented tasks. It also allows them to search for items to sell, items that will represent them and the store as a whole. The women are as varied as their merchandise, each choosing distinctive items to maintain as their own focus. Jennifer Price focuses on industrial and repurposed design with interesting lighting elements, largely created by Jennifer and her sister. Sonya Kemp focuses on the children’s section with edgy and fun items for the younger set. Sharon Wilt’s area of expertise is Asian with some attention paid to jewelry. She chooses non-mainstream Asian pieces, focusing largely on Japan. Ruby Lang focuses on vintage antiques and obscure jewelry and has a huge following. Laurie Graham’s style is modern British. Adrian Newell sells soaps, candles and gift items. Beyond the books that she personally sells, Carole also sells modern cards and children’s books as well as a table top section with placemats, rugs and glassware. She also has a section that focuses on mid-century furniture. But the magical thing about SoLo is that it all looks like it came from one buyer. The styles effortlessly move from genre to genre much as the books do. They tell a story, the story of Carole and these 7 other women, as they create a place to make a living from their passions. When asked if she will ever expand and perhaps open another “SoLo” Carole quickly dismisses the notion. “ One is enough. We could not duplicate this location. The merchants and I are all good friends. It is brilliant. Besides, I like to have a life.”


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

40 merchants located in the current building that SoLo now inhabits. As


Written by: Eileen Doniego de France

Designed by: Brandie Mata

Off Street and Online


ModCloth ( Timeless, quirky, and classic - ModCloth is the ultimate e-commerce site for retro clothing, accessories, and decor. For those looking for a specific style, from rockabilly dresses, to 90’s style combat boots, ModCloth does a wonderful job providing shoppers with both one-of-a-kind vintage, and vintage inspired items. Great Prices: Emerging Brands:

3 Stars 2 Stars

Stanton James ( On point with trends and street looks from LA, NY, and Europe, Stanton James caters to the ultimate ‘cool kids’. Stanton James offers indie brand clothing perfect for those who are a little rough around the edges and those that have sense of humor. Great Prices:

1 Star

Emerging Brands:

5 Stars

80s Purple (

ThreadSence (

For chic fashion forward men and women, there

ThreadSence is all about the free-spirited and

is 80s Purple, an online boutique with pictorials

rebellious indie culture. This site satisfies the

that ooze style. But it isn’t just their lookbooks

fashion aesthetics of the artistically and musically

and fashion videos that draws in frequent

inclined, or at least those who take a great interest

shoppers, it is also their selection of hip brands

in it!

that street savvy kids know and love (see: Han Great Prices:

Cholo and Wildfox).

Emerging Brands: Great Prices: Emerging Brands:

2 Stars 2 Stars

3 Stars 3 Stars





- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

Gypsy Warrior (

Shown to Scale (

If you could combine your boho older sister and

Shown to Scale isn’t about showcasing trends, they

punk rock best friend, you’d get Gypsy Warrior - a

are about starting them. Their NY boutique and

site founded by fashion veterans with the afore-

e-commerce site features both vintage clothing and

mentioned contradicting styles. Gypsy Warrior

clothing that owner, Silke, designs. For those in

features clothing and accessories that marry the

search of both unique and timeless items, Shown to

two styles into one aesthetically pleasing look.

Scale is worth a visit.

Great Prices:

Great Prices:

Emerging Brands:

3 Stars

3 Stars

Emerging Brands:

4 Stars

Nasty Gal (

Graffiti Beach (

The insanely popular Nasty Gal started from

Graffiti Beach is a carefully curated boutique and online

humble blogger beginnings and is now one of the

shop that features emerging brands and artists. Each

first e-destinations for fashion bloggers around the

brand and art piece is unique to the store and has its

world. Nasty Gal features indie inspired apparel,

own story to tell.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

4 Stars

and most recently they have joined the design game and have brought forth their own clothing

Great Prices:


Emerging Brands:

Great Prices: Emerging Brands:

3 Stars 5 Stars

2 Stars 2 Stars





The problem with artists is well, we’re artists. Creators, innovators, originators all suffer from

the same syndrome. We’re all half-brains – with an intense focus on the right hemisphere. We

don’t balance checkbooks, we get lost with GPS,

Written by: ERIK CARDONA


and we wear Tom’s shoes because laces confuse us. But throw us a guitar pick and a typewriter

she could provide her own touch and sense of

a wide repertoire of artistic outlets including

and we’ll give you ‘Stairway’ and ‘Catcher in

self. “My creations are very much a balancing

illustrations, paper sculptures, pop-ups, quills,

the Rye’. We notoriously fail to have our cake, act between engineering and art. But the balance and eat it too. Of course, there’s always the exception.

and personalized sketchbooks.

is never 50/50. One has to be dominant over the other. It may be different every time, but like a

Having studied at USC film school and interned

dance, or any good relationship, only one can

with industry giants Dreamworks and Disney,

lead at a time.”

the sky is truly the limit for Jackie Huang. Her dual threat combo of rational and creative

Graffiti Beach’s featured, and first, ‘Paper Artist,’ loves to have her cake. One of the top 50 in

Though paper artistry is what Jackie is best

thinking keeps her constantly primed for success.

the world in her craft, Jackie’s artistry flows

known for, it by no means defines her. Her

For proof look no further than her unique

back and forth between her Corpus Callosum, intense work ethic coupled with a distaste for

method of networking. Holiday cards. “I realize

producing an art form both imaginative and

the ‘norm’ gives Jackie a myriad of artistic

for my art to be relevant, I have to be relevant.

fundamentally sound. “My first paper project

abilities. “Diversity is extremely important to

What better way to check in with clients, and

was actually an origami kit. I knew creativity

me. I was once told that to be a successful artist, simultaneously showcase my latest efforts, than

was an important component to it, but I was

I needed a specialization. But isn’t specialization

surprised to learn just how much the theory

just another word for pigeonhole? “Pigeonhole” innovative that they’ve made Jackie ‘relevant’

of it is rooted in math.” Though Jackie’s left

is perhaps the only word in the English dictionary

to Graffiti Beach. Mission accomplished, girl.

hemisphere appreciated the calculated precision

worse than ‘starving’ to an artist. Despite what

If you would like to get ‘relevant’ with Ms.

origami offered, her right side was stifled by

Maya Angelo would have you believe, caged

Huang’s work, do yourself a favor and grab

its inelasticity. So she immediately began to

birds don’t sing — they die. Jackie knows

these before the holidays - it beats posing in

reuse the instructions — bending rules where

this all too well, having armed herself with

an ugly sweater.

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

with a holiday card?” The holidays proved so


DIY Magazine BOWS Concept by: Eric Yo, Photos by: Eileen Doniego de France

Supplies Needed:

Step 5:

Magazines (preferably w/ full page ads or pictures) Scotch Tape (or glue dots) Ruler Exacto Knife Patience (good things and better bows come to those that wait)

Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and tape in the center. Step 6: Shape the 4th long strip will be the center

Step 1:


Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9

Step 7:

strips, 3/4� wide.

Layer the 3 remaining full length pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing them. Repeat for the smaller pieces.

Step 2: Leave 4 of the strips full length.

Step 8: Finally, stick the loop into the center.

Step 3: Cut one inch off 3 of the strips.

Try experimenting with the order and


Step 4:

positioning of the strips or find and use

Cut two inches off 2 of the strips.

images related to the gift it is being used on.




I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

secure it with tape or a glue dot.


Beyond Wine Bottles Written by: Lara Tishler

Designed by: brandie mata

It all began in 2006 with the collaboration of two brothers - Josh and

In addition to it’s workability, Cork

Larry. Jessica, president and product developer, and wife of Josh,

“is sustainably harvested and is also a

says that their ultimate goal was to “create useful products out of

regenerative material.” Cork, found in

an underutilized material - cork.” Thus was the start of the brand

cork oak forests, is home to a number


of endangered animals. This “rich” environment is listed as “one of

The two brothers first started with disposable cork cup sleeves, used

the most diverse

for hot or cold beverages. They wanted to provide an alternative to

eco-systems in the

traditional paper cup sleeves. Jessica was there, supporting them,

world”, according

helping at conventions and conferences, and educating attendees

to the World Wildlife

about the history and nature of cork.

Foundation. This is only one of the many

Jessica officially joined the design team in 2009, “on a quest with

benefits of this natural

my husband to make a reusable cork cup sleeve.” They had sourced

resource. The cork forests

samples of cork material in order to discover which would work

also help to provide tens

best for their design. “I received the samples of cork fabric in 2009.

of thousands of families

With my background in knitting, crocheting, sewing, design, and

with work, who rely on

architecture, my need to create was so overwhelming, I immediately

the harvesting of cork for

started sketching,” says Jessica. Cork has many unseen advantages,

their livelihood. This is a

and this team looked to capitalize on every single one. They fell in

continuation of a tradition that

love with this underused material because of its “texture, suppleness,

has occurred for thousands of

and durability.” “After a few prototypes and tests of my own I am

years. Not only does the harvesting of cork help support thousands

confident in saying that our cork fabric is also water, stain and scratch

of people, it also helps the tree itself by prolonging the life of the tree.

resistant. It has a natural insulation, and is a biodegradable material,

“Fascinating and completely counterintuitive from how we think of

making the CoolCorC cup sleeve superior to all others currently

the majority of trees, Cork trees are not endangered, and are actually

on the market. It wears incredibly well and only gets softer with

thriving. There is no shortage of cork. The only way cork trees can

use and time. I love all of these qualities of cork fabric, and the

be endangered is if we stop harvesting and using cork,” says Jessica.

fact that it is a natural material that

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

is also durable,

In 2010 CoolCorC decided to take a step forward in the world of

supple and

cork by branching into other products other than their cup sleeves.

works similar

They debuted their first line of cork accessories. They started selling

to leather, just

their products at their local Farmer’s Market to test the level of

makes me more

desirability. The demand for their eco-friendly and fashionable

excited to work

products was overwhelming. “People loved our designs, and most of

with it.”

all… they loved cork!” explains Jessica.


Harvestable cork forests are only found in the Mediterranean and in China - the largest exporters are Portugal and China. We source our cork fabric from China.






- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -




Designed by: Brandie Mata

urnished orange hues fill the sky. Lakes ice over in

snuggling fireside, the holidays are all about making great

shades of sapphire, and frosty winds whisper that

memories with family and friends. We’ve cooked up a few

winter is on the way. Dig your favorite sweaters

beverages that will have everyone gathered together and

out from the back of your closet and cozy-up with a few

ladling up the good-times. We’ve also included a few that

of our favorite specialty cocktails. With these recipes, you

will simply let you show off as the merry mixologist.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Written & Photographed by: BRIANNA VAN NESS

won’t have to fly away to sun-drenched islands or brave snowstorms to enjoy some holiday cheer. Our elegant

Get festive with simple fruits like apples and oranges,

concoctions will transform your abode with exotic fruit and

or get adventurous with persimmons, pineapples and

spicy cordials, while ciders and cognacs will transport you

pomegranates. Indulge in some homemade organic

to a cabin nestled in snow-laden pines.

cordials, and make your cocktail party sparkle with vintage glassware. These cocktails are the perfect centerpieces for

Whether it’s sipping, in the spirit of the New Year, or

any over-the-top holiday celebration. Cheers!



finds Wildflower Sweet Tea

Nouvelle Star

Clear, crystalline, and crisp. While drawing

The delicate, rosy, pink-cheeked hue of

on the sweet tea flavors that make us think of

this cocktail might appear to be an elegant

home, this beverage offers a sophisticated twist

ingénue, but looks can be deceiving.

of Elderflower liquor and honey.

Effervescent champagne is coupled with Pear Brandy and grows gradually sweeter as

3 oz. Absolut Wild Tea

bubbles dissolve the cranberry-infused sugar

1.5 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

cube at the bottom of the glass.

0.75 oz. BarenJager Honey Liqueur 4 oz. Champagne (Sweet or Brut) Pour ingredients over ice into a cocktail shaker

European Style White Sugar Cubes

and stir. Pour into a highball or rocks glass and

2 drops Cranberry Bitters per sugar cube

garnish with a wedge of lemon.

½ oz. Pear Brandy


Prepare Sugar Cubes with 2 drops of Cranberry Bitters in champagne flutes. Fill flute with ½ oz. of Pear Brandy, and then top off the glass with about 4 oz. of bubbly.

Spiced Fruit Cake Cider This sweet spiked-cider will have you dreaming of an exotic island escape as warm spices float through the air. 2qts. organic Apple Cider 1 cup Spiced Dark Rum 1 cup Irish Whiskey ½ cup BarenJager Honey Liqueur ¼ cup Cinnamon Schnapps 1 sliced apple 1 sliced orange 1-2 cinnamon sticks 4 whole cloves Break out the crockpot and start this recipe early in the morning. The holiday smell will permeate your home with delicious spices! Pour all the ingredients into a 6-8 quart crockpot. Add the thinly sliced apples, oranges, cloves and cinnamon stick. Before serving, muddle some pineapple at the bottom of the glass and garnish. Serve in a glass mug, stone earthenware, or hand painted mug.

Hot Buttered Rum

Christmas in Manhattan

Prep time on this one can put you into overtime, but it is

The Manhattan has four basic ingredients:

worth it. The compound butter can also be used on toast,

Whiskey (rye, brandy, or bourbon), Sweet

and the spiked whip cream is great on waffles, fresh fruit, or

Vermouth, bitters, and Maraschino cherries.

in coffee.

A traditional New York Manhattan is made exclusively with rye whiskey, where versions from

1 oz. dark rum

Minnesota and Wisconsin employ brandy. In the South,

1 oz. light rum

bourbon is the only acceptable spirit for a true southern

*Pat of Compound Butter (see recipe below)

gentleman. To make fruit-infused holiday splash, use an

½ oz. Maple or Simple Syrup

apple brandy like Apple Jack and Grand Mariner.

Hot water or hot cider **Bourbon-spiked vanilla whipped cream (See recipe below)

One of the strongest drinks in this compilation, Christmas

Cinnamon Stick for garnish

in Manhattan is stunningly smooth. A chilly exterior

Mix all ingredients in a goblet and stir a few times to melt the

pushes tart apple flavors to the forefront, while vermouth

butter. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and bourbon-spiked

and Grand Marnier warm through your chest. Everyone

vanilla whipped cream.

will be glowing with holiday cheer!

*Compound Butter: Soften 1 pound of butter in a stainless

2 oz. Apple Brandy

steel mixing bowl and mix 1 teaspoon each of ground

½ oz. of Sweet Vermouth

cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice, and ¼ cup of dark brown

½ oz. of Grand Marnier

sugar. Mix well. Prepare a cookie sheet with wax paper and spoon out heaping teaspoons onto the wax paper. Cool in the

Pour apple brandy, sweet vermouth, and Grand Marnier

refrigerator and remove 30 minutes before use.

over ice into a shaker. Stir and strain into a martini glass

**Bourbon-spiked vanilla whipped cream: Pour 1 pint of

with a red Maraschino cherry. For an added kick use

heavy whipping cream into a mixing bowl. Start mixing on

Italian Vignola preserved cherries, which can be found in

high and gradually add ¼ cup confectioners’ sugar. Add 1

most Italian markets.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

or serve on the rocks in a traditional rocks glass. Garnish

tablespoon bourbon and ½ teaspoon vanilla extract. Whip until peaks appear. Ginger Cordial (Non-Alcoholic): Make an extra batch of this cordial and package as gifts in re-usable glass bottles with swingtop closures. 2 cups sugar ¼ inch piece of ginger, peeled and chopped Peel of 1 lemon 1 cup fresh lemon juice In a 2-qt. saucepan, combine sugar, ginger, lemon peel, and 1 cup water. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally, and cook until sugar is dissolved, about 5 minutes. Add lemon juice and boil 1 minute more. Remove pan from heat. Set a fine mesh sieve over a large measuring cup. Strain liquid and transfer to a bottle. Keeps refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. Makes 3 cups.

Recommendations for sipping /no-prep spirits:

Heering Cherry Liqueur: Produced in Denmark since 1818, Cherry Heering is a ruby-red liqueur made by soaking lightly crushed Danish cherries and a blend of spices in neutral grain spirits, then cask-maturing the mixture for up to five years, adding sugar during the aging process. Perfect as an aperitif. Extase X.O.: An exotic spirit distilled in small batches from orange peels and imported from the island Curacao. Extase X.O. is carefully blended and distilled in Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy, using one of the oldest operating pot stills in France. Single Malt Scotch: Have you ever counted stars while lying on a blanket of peat moss next to a bon-fire-by-the-sea? Try Lagavulin 16-year scotch, and you’ll feel as if you have. Channel your inner sailor by pouring a dram of this amber colored magic into your glass. Scotland awaits. Remy Martin XO: The pillowy, gem-shaped bottle holds a velvety textured cognac. It teases out essences of sweet oranges and ripe figs while lingering on your tongue long after the first sip. Savor and drink slowly.




Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca


Art-DENto Order Y D es i g n sWritten by: Brianna Van Ness

tree that DENY has become. He is the orchard farmer folks…. and the artists he supports are like rare and beautiful trees, creating a kaleidoscope of color in a world of cold pixilation.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

DE-Lovely, DE-Lightful, and DE-vine: We’re DE-liriously infatuated with DENY Designs and Dustin Edward NYhus, the namesake behind DENY Designs. Prepare to be inspired in your living space. Why just hang art, when you can sleep on it and shower with it?!?

Designed by: Brandie Mata

Graffiti Beach (GB): On the company site you describe

DENY as “a small passionate group of people whose right sides of the brain dominates their left sides” as well as people who “want to create and be visionaries”. Tell me about the battle of the right vs. left hemisphere… Dustin: Yeah, it’s definitely a battle. We’ve got A.D.D. like

nobody’s business around here. We just want to be engulfed in design all the time. DENY, at the core, is about supporting the artists and the art community throughout the world. Everyone is passionate about building the future here. We have over 2,500 pieces of art from 80 artists around the world.

De- NEW: Ideas and Artists

GB: It sounds like DENY’s concept is really focused on building

a symbiotic relationship with the artists. How does DENY connect with these creatives?

Meet DENY Designs, or rather the man behind DENY. Get to know DENY from a glimpse into the life and journey of Dustin

Dustin: We are absolutely 100% about a partnership with the

Nyhus, the little Denver acorn that he was, and the gorgeous

artist. With each purchase from the Gallery, our team of



profile talented artists earn part of the proceeds, enabling DENY to support art communities all over the world. I feel like now is the best time to be an artist. You can actually make a substantial living nowadays. As far as connecting, sometimes DENY reaches out to individuals, but the most direct way to start is on the site at There is a ‘Join Us!’ tab. Every single person at DENY is involved in contributing their thoughts on the artwork that is featured. We take in 300 applications at a time and we click on every single submission, every single image, every single time. GB: Sounds like a lot of work. What is the response

time for artists who submit via the site? Dustin: Within 2 weeks we get back to the artist

with a response if it seems like it would be a good fit. We are always looking out for new ideas, new art - anything new! DENY only features non-competing work. We are really careful about selecting styles and approaches that don’t compete with each other and are equally amazing in their own right. We want to reach out and be with the artists throughout the entire process. DENY is there as a partner while making the visions work on the products. GB: I was reading about your renegade non-belief

in carrying inventory and the unique dye-printing process. DENY has been featured in a lot of highcirculation periodicals as well as trend-setting online sites. How do you keep up? Dustin: DENY is well-equipped to handle high

volume without compromising quality. We print each product after it’s ordered so that it’s 100% custom-made for each and every customer. My experience in industrial design and wholesale manufacturing has given me a lot of insight. The process involves dyeing ink into the fibers of the fabric (for textiles) or the coated aluminum (for our hanging art pieces) instead of the traditionally used direct print. This gives DENY’s products a huge advantage, as our colors stay fresh and vibrant. Instead of just art on your walls, DENY creates customized products for home décor.


“The basic philosophy I have tried to live by, and encourage others, with is to just dive in and do it!”

GB: In your bio, it says that you have

GB: You are the CEO of DENY

travel around the world together.

some “mad skills” when it comes to

designs, a.k.a. “the brains”, and your

Observing how people and artists in

designing and building furniture and

wife Kim is the COO. Does that make

other cultures and environments live

that it’s “in your blood”. Sounds like

her the “heart”? What influenced and

and thrive has been key.

your family roots have played a big

inspired you both in the development

part in your development and creation

of DENY? How is it running a

Dustin, his wife and co-founder

of DENY.

visionary, creative business with your

Kim, and the DENY staff and

partner in life?

artists truly seem to operate like a

Dustin: I grew up watching my father

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

-Dustin Nyhus

growing family. Rather than just

and grandfather build pretty much

Dustin: The concept of DENY, and

projecting art for consumption, the

anything they set their minds on. They

one of the major reasons we are here

principles of community, creativity,

would basically look at it and figure out

is that Kim and I had a lot of time

and eco-responsibility are taught

how to build it. My grandfather even

to talk about our vision for DENY.

through their visionary business

helped build a paddle boat. The basic

When she was pregnant with our

model, giving the international

philosophy I have tried to live by, and

twin boys, she was put on bed-rest

art community a platform to

encourage others with, is to just dive in

for a period of time, and it was then

thrive. DENY is helping new ideas

and do it! Don’t be afraid to get your

that we were able to talk in depth

and images continue to evolve,

hands dirty and to make mistakes - that

about what we envisioned. We were

while helping us all become more

is the process of discovery.

also fortunate enough to be able to

“engulfed in design.”




have your art

and wear it too Written by: Cassie Kobrin

Designed by: Brandie Mata

Brand names and company logos emblazoned across t-shirts are becoming less

at, where the “Albert Einstein” tie sold out almost

and less popular, making way for more artistic, “wearable art”. The notion

immediately upon arrival.

that having Abercrombie and Fitch or Volcom written across your chest could be replaced with pictures, patterns, and designs excites artist Michael Phipps,

Phipps’ main goal when designing is to produce creations that are “out of the

creator of Scatterbrain Ties. As a strong

box” and unique. In doing so, some of

advocate for wearable art, he favors

his designs may seem random - think

individuality over conformity within

circuit boards, portraits of Abraham

fashion, every time.

Lincoln, octopi and finely-dressed frogs. These surprising designs are

After graduating with a degree in

exactly what his customers appreciate

illustration, and doing various freelance

about him. Phipps’ goal is to design

jobs ¬ranging from making CD covers to

using “whatever comes to mind”,

designing a headstone, Phipps decided to

and to “make something that looks

explore other types of art. He wanted

awesome, interesting, and doesn’t

to find unique ways of displaying his art

necessarily have a joke or a theme, but

that could also fill in the “gaps” between

is visually appealing.”

larger jobs. He wanted to accomplish this all while allowing him to put together his

Mission accomplished.

passion for illustration, graphic design, and support of unique fashion. “There

For a man, “a tie is a good excuse to

are so many ways to display art that reach

wear something strange or funky. Some

far beyond two dimensional prints on a

people that wouldn’t wear a crazy shirt

wall,” says Phipps. With that mentality,

are willing to be more expressive with

Phipps started screen-printing his original

a tie,” notes Phipps, who frequently

illustrations and graphics onto t-shirts.

sports his own designs, “Dapper Fox” being his current favorite. Phipps’ ties

Fast forward four years and Phipps is

add a touch of spunk to the dreary

designing and selling t-shirts for men and

dress shirt and sports jacket. Although

women, ties, and even some messenger

the concept of adding craziness to a

bags - all covered in his funky designs.

typically formal article of clothing may

Phipps explains, when asked about the

seem strange, according to the artist

choice to add ties to the mix, “a tie has a very unique

himself, that’s what makes it all the more fun.

shape that surprisingly opens up possibilities, despite being confining in other ways.” He started making ties

At the end of the day, Michael Phipps’ Scatterbrain Ties

by recycling some of his t-shirt designs that could be sized

offers art that is “unique, cool, weird and amazing, ” on

down to fit on a “skinnier” canvas. Everything moved

a “canvas” that was simply an expected accessory. Wear

forward from there. Now he has created an entire line of

them to a business meeting, in the courtroom, out on

ties – Scatterbrain Ties.

the town, at your company’s next holiday party, or out to dinner. Or, why not just throw it on just because it’s

Today he offers dozens of hand screen-printed, one-of-a-

Friday? Regardless of where you wear it, Phipps’ unique

kind ties on his website: Scatterbrain Ties, as well as on

ties warrant some passing stares, and always offer a

Etsy and ThinkGeek. More recently, Scatterbrain Ties

guaranteed topic of conversation.

are being sold both in-store at Graffiti Beach and online Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca






- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Holiday Shopping Guide

2012 Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca BIKE // BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Vintage Bike bag/purse $68, Seat Cover $24, Set $88 AMY // JEDIDIAH: Bicycle crop top $28, BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Bike Chain necklace $24 MUKEE: Skateboard Pear earrings $26 CONTINUOUS: Red Cigarette pants $78 VINCE // YELLOW 108: Fedora $44 URBAN OCTOPUS: Think tee $32 Designed by: Brandie Mata





raffiti Beach seeks out specific designers and artists that have an interesting story behind their lives and work.

Whether their products are made from a unique material, support a cause, or just reflect their creator’s passion, each item reveals true heart and soul along with inventiveness and hours upon hours logged into design and creation. The holiday season is the perfect time to share their story/concept/ mission with your friends and family. Get ready to be inspired as you flip through the next few pages, and be prepared to share the gift of artistic passion with your loved ones! Nothing says holiday love like a carefully chosen, creative, one-of-a-kind gift. All of these items are available in-store and online: Graffiti Beach – 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca 92104










I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca AMY // JEDIDIAH: Free Bird tee$32 1OAKBYSARA: Agate necklace $58 VINCE // CONTINUOUS: Ganesh tee $32




T un es

Music is a very important element to our creative store concept. Our artwork, clothing and dĂŠcor all have a strong relationship with musical elements. We have something for every musical style at Graffiti Beach!





- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -







Left WALL // BUGHOUSE above 1. GAMAGO: 45 Record coasters $12 2. GAMAGO: BBQ Guitar spatula $20 3. BUGHOUSE: Cassette Panel (several genres to choose from!) $68 4. FORTUNE 421: 4 the Record tee $32 5. JAMMYPACK $48 6. FORTUNE 421: Treble + Bass tee $32 7. CHIME DESIGNS: Marimba Drum Cymbal necklace $72


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M


Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca











above 1. MAPTOTE: NYC tote (other cities available) $17 2. JEDIDIAH: Motorbike tee $30 3. NICE RAKC: White Mini Skyline clutch $38 4. POP CHART LAB: Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names print $28 5. CONTINUOUS: Subway tee $36 6. ALEX CHIMILIO: Handpainted Morse Code longboard $375 7. JAMMYPACK: Hoarder $68 8. GAMAGO: Hip Hopsicles ice tray $8 Right AMY // MUKEE: Skateboard Feather earrings $26 THE GIVING KEYS: Inspire Key necklace $35 CHIME DESIGNS: Rattle bracelet $48 JEDIDIAH: To Live and To Love tee $32 CHELSEA B: Native Red shorts $65 ISLAY: French Lace leggings $48





Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca


Graffiti Beach’s slogan: BEACH MEETS STREET allows for an urban coastal vibe indicative of our California coastlines. So this category was a no brainer! You can’t go wrong with our Subway tee, New York City Map Tote and of course the unique longboard, handpainted in Morse Code!

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

e st r e

- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -





We all have those friends and family members who live through their computers, video games and various iProducts. Give them the gift that feeds their obsession: a circuit board tie, Fantastic Mr. Fox shirt, and more!










6 Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca




Left VINCE // YELLOW 108: Driver hat $35 SCATTERBRAIN: Fox tee $28 above 1. BUGHOUSE: Joystick Future Fossil $78 2. SCATTERBRAIN: Circuit Board tee $28 3. SOCK IT TO ME: Mustache socks $9 4. URBAN OCTOPUS: Human Reflex print $16 5. POP CHART LAB: The Very Many Varieties of Beer print $28 6. POP GOES THE COLOR: Retro Video Geek lightswitch $9 7. URBAN OCTOPUS: Eyectopus pint glass $10 8. SCATTERBRAIN: Circuit Board tie $34 9. SCATTERBRAIN: Einstein tee $28


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -











ABOVE 1. WEWOOD: Jupiter watch (several colors and styles available) $139 2. YELLOW 108: Upcycled Felt fedora $38 3. COOLCORC: Bird Cork wallet $75 4. KANDALS: Eco Strawberry Scented shoes (other colors available) $48 5. MUKEE: California Skateboard belt buckle $34 6. TOAST: Bird on Wire Wood iPhone decal $29 7. BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Vintage Bike bag/purse $68 7. PUSH: Typewriter ring $30 Right AMY // BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Tire cuff, Bike Chain cuff $24 each





Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

We are passionate about eco-friendly items! Each has an incredible story and sports a cool look, all while being great for our environment. Guilt free shopping! Some of our favorite eco-friendly items for guys this season are skateboard belt buckles and cork wallets!

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

ec o

- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -




c azte

We cannot get enough of our love for Aztec designs! Think tribal designs, feathers, turquoise and intricate patterns.





- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -




5 Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca




Left AMY // 1OAKBYSARA: Agate necklace $58, ring $68 JEDIDIAH: Free Bird tee$32 ISLAY: Slub Maxi skirt $89 NATIVE HONEY: Upcycled Leather Upper bag $165 above 1. JEDIDIAH: Free Bird tee$32 2. INCA: Annie shoes (available in brown or gray) $98 3. ARDENT REVERIE: Juliet bracelet $38 4. STOLEN SUNDAY: Azusa Infinity scarf $55 5. NICE RAKC: Red Yellow Triangles clutch $38 6. SOCK IT TO ME: Toe and Arrow socks $9 7. DENY DESIGNS: Feathered Throw Pillow by artist Wesley Bird $49 8. PAPER BIRD CREATIONS: The Fly Catcher ring $25


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M








I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

Photographer: Jessika Levine Coordinator: Lauren Adams Makeup:Carla Kirkpatrick Hair: Kristen Lynette Winfrey

Left THE GIVING KEYS: Inspire key necklace $35 JEDIDIAH: To Live and To Love tee $32 Right VOET: Leg Bandeaux (other colors available) $18

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca




“When I grow up, I want to be...” all little ones say this. Some want to be doctors. Some want to be chefs. Some want to be rock stars. For the doctors and chefs, there are functional stethoscopes and “EZ Bake Ovens” made for little hands. For the rocker… there’s the Loog Guitar! This “build-it-yourself”, 3-string is a perfect starter for children and beginners. Assembly takes about fifteen minutes and requires no special tools. The guitar is a real instrument, made from real wood. It comes in three different shapes and has a choice of two scale lengths, one for younger children and one for kids over age nine. The strings are nylon instead of steel, making it easier on a child’s fingers. Once the child learns, a young musician can play real chords and virtually any song on this unique learning guitar. Because of its true musical capacity, the Loog Guitar, although designed for children, is suitable for anybody who wants to learn or likes to play guitar. This inventive instrument was created by Rafael Ajitas for his Master’s Thesis at NYU. Studying marketing, Ajitas knew that he could choose from a wide variety of projects. But he also knew that he had to create and focus on something he really loved. Rafael says “I narrowed it to something that combined two of my passions: music and industrial design.” He came up with a “melody maker” which would inspire a child’s love of music, and be fun and easy for families to assemble together. Ajitas believes that the assembly of the guitar helps the young musician “develop a deep connection” with the instrument.

Writer: andrea reitman images courtesy of: LOOG GUITAR

Designer: Monarose Ryan

The company was officially launched through Kickstarter,

since he was twelve years old. Initially, he played bass, since it

a fundraising website which procures backing for creative

had less strings and he felt that it would be easier to pick up and

projects. With Kickstarter, the company set a fundraising

master. He says that this early belief “was really the beginning

goal and deadline, and created a campaign. Through the social

of Loog Guitars.” By the time he was in high school he had

media resources and newsletters available, Loog Guitar not only

a band. Though at the time, he did not consider himself a

met their goal by deadline, but exceeded it by over $50,000.

‘professional musician,’ Ajitas successfully recorded two albums.

According to Ajitas, “the support, the sense of community, the backers from all over the world and the ‘we-can-make-it’ feeling, were exhilarating.”

The Loog Guitar is a game changer when it comes to the way people learn music. Because 6 strings can be overwhelming for children and beginners, the 3-string format is a good

Once the start-up capital was secured, Rafael Ajitas began

springboard. Easier to learn, and following the same method

seeing the true reward for the creation of his product. “I love

as a traditional 6 string guitar, the Loog guitar provides a

it when we get videos, pictures and stories from our customers,

stimulating and encouraging experience for novice players.

sharing how they build and play the guitar together with their

According to Ajitas, it was “specifically designed with the goal

kids. It’s very moving.”

to make it fun and easy for kids to play music.” Loog Guitar

Loog Guitar was not this innovator’s first foray into the harmonic world. “Music has always been my thing,” says Rafael. In fact, he has played guitar and other instruments

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M


is currently working to expand their product line. “Music definitely was an important part of my life,” Rafael affirms. And with the Loog Guitar, he intends to fill the lives of others with music as well.




the beat - of the -


C H I M E G I V E S : A cha r i t y p r o j ec t s u p p o r t i n g t he g r o w t h o f gi r l s i n m u sic Written by: Alana Trevino Itaya

Photographed by: Rhoel Paghunasan

Designed by: Brandie Mata

If one listens very closely you can hear the distinct

coming off the ground I’ve always wanted it to

beat of the heart begging to move beyond itself.

be based in positive, creative forces and I think

There are those who do not hear the call. There

giving to others is the core of that.” As a strong

are the individuals who do, but (perhaps worse)

woman with very clear dreams, Leslie seeks to

ignore it. Then there are those who hear it and

help, support and urge young women within

listen to the beat urging them onward toward an

and without of the classroom. In all her travels,

often life-changing humanitarian mission.

and throughout the collections of cymbals both gained and given, she has met a series of amazing

Leslie Barrett falls unquestionably into the third

female drummers. “Working with cracked drum

category. She works full time as a High School

cymbals as my main medium has allowed me the

teacher working with at-risk students to reach

opportunity to meet numerous musicians, mainly

the necessary first life goal of finishing High

drummers - many of them dynamic and talented

School. She nurtures them forward all day, and

women. I thought to myself ‘How can I bring

then only at night is she able to focus on her

all of these beautiful ladies together, and who can

other love - jewelry design. Each design reclaims

we help and inspire?’ It is through this connection

an old drum cymbal and breathes new life into

that she hopes to propel young women forward

its forgotten and dusty form. Whether it was

to reach out and grab their dreams of being a

cracked or dented matters not, as she shapes it

musician. “I wanted to connect established female

into delicate dangly earrings, a one of a kind

musicians with young, aspiring girls. I knew there

bracelet, or a necklace that grabs the attention

could be a powerful connection.”

of any onlooker, mimicking the attention it once received as a hi-hat. Being eco-friendly and using

Leslie, along with 6 female drummers, have

reclaimed materials is a worthy goal for any

partnered up to create unique CHIME jewelry,

designer, but Leslie is not stopping there. “Even

where a percentage of the proceeds go to support

though my jewelry business, CHIME, is just

other young women as they go to rock camp

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

“Originality is the key… Music is a language that can be used for the betterment of everything around you, so speak wisely.”-Nikki G



fashion – helping turn their musical dreams into a reality. Rock Camp for Girls LA’s (RCGLA) goals are similar to Leslie’s: “RCGLA strives to nurture self-esteem

“The women I decided to work with are inspirational, talented and have so much to offer this world. Their creativity expands far from their drum kits, and so do their hearts.”- Leslie Barrett

and self-expression in girls, in a world that doesn’t always give girls permission, space or the tools to do so. We hope that our programs inspire girls to be their best selves, to rock in life.” Leslie, along with her 6 female drummers aim to do just that. “Women are beautiful and have a lot to offer this world. I just want to be a part of the solution. Women, as a collective, can have a very positive and powerful influence on the world.” The goals are simple: “To bridge like minds. To inspire. To create. To promote kindness. To keep the beats and love of music running though generations.” Each jewelry piece captures the unique inspiration and experience of each drummer. Each design is a permanent record of their journey as they pass on their moments of triumph to other young women – taking the form and shape of jewelry. “The women I decided to work with are inspirational, talented and have so much to offer this world. Their creativity expands far from their drum kits, and so do their hearts.” Merry Young, The Mutineers Merry began playing the tambourine, the shakers and singing back-up. She then evolved to a bass drum and only later added a snare and then a hi-hat. Cymbals were added and “it just grew from there.” 4 years later she finds herself as an established drummer. Her design is “a pendant for a necklace. Three open rings, overlapping and joined at the top. I looked at my own cymbals for inspiration. I have these vintage Zildjians that just make the best shimmery sound. I sort of imagined what that sound would look like. You could see each ring as a wave of sound, like a chime actually…once I sketched it out it seemed to just make sense.” When speaking to other female drummers, she urges them to “practice, practice, practice. Your performance should speak for itself. If you are well prepared… try to be yourself and develop your own ways of playing. You don’t need to hit as hard as the next guy if that’s not your style. But don’t be afraid to make yourself heard either.” Merry makes herself heard through her distinct style and sound and now this design from CHIME will speak for her in a different way. Nikki G, Street Drum Corps Nikki was born with music and rhythm in her very soul. As she got older this relationship turned into a full-blown love affair. “Although I was introduced to music at a very young age, drumming and rhythm were being applied by the age of four and soon after I would start to explore percussion and then a full drum set. I’m always asked why I chose the drums, but the truth is my instrument chose me.” Despite being given the musical blessing of her family, Nikki still ran into the obstacles of being a woman in a male dominated career. “I have not only been

treated differently, but I have had the constant struggle of being turned down not because of my musical skills, but because I am female. Change is happening, but just as many factors of life create controversy between the sexes, this is one I unfortunately have personal experience with but will still fight to have the musicality speak for itself.” Nikki’s CHIME design centers around the art of street drumming. She mixes in the shape of the cymbals, vintage keys and other “artistically cut objects such as custom trashcans and more street found objects.” She mixes her love of the drums, vintage keys and how her career has led her to the place of being part of “Street Drum Corps” represented by the objects from the street. Her advice for young rockers is specific and poignant: “The good musical fight is a vicious cycle many artists endure, the cycle can either stop you, or motivate you. Working in the music industry is highly competitive and it truly takes constant perseverance. There is nothing more rewarding than taking every aspect of the art and applying it to make it stand out. Originality is the key…Music is a language that I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

can be used for the betterment of everything around you, so speak wisely. The music world is an unknown adventure, and with every knock of opportunity, be ready, because one knock will lead to the next.” Jen Carlson, The City Forced to play the flute because of her tomboy ways, Jen rebelled and took 2 drumsticks into her hands instead. She has been seriously studying the beats and rhythms that emit from this chosen instrument ever since totaling eleven years of practice. When critics say “You’re good for a girl” she moves on unbothered, secure in who she is and the choices that she has made that have led her to this point. Her motto? “Put yourself out there and play from the heart…everything will come together.”




Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

With her strength in her convictions, seen from the outset,

exciting and creative way to share her love of drumming.

it’s no wonder that she chose a symbol of endurance and

“Making cymbals into wearable art is a way to take

stability – an anchor. Her nickname is “tugboat.” She

something seen as just a scrap of metal into something

is the “little boat that pulls the ship.” Keeping with the

beautiful and timeless.”

theme of strength the symbol of the anchor is to represent the drummer’s role within the band, as the anchor of the

Julie Edwards, Deap Vally

music. Though she recognizes the important role of the

Her path to her drumsticks was more joyfully random.

drummer, she also realizes that they are just one part of the

She simply thought it looked like fun, “so I gave it a try”.

equation. “I hope they [the girls benefiting from the sale

Now 7 years later, her obstacles are few, with “overly

of her design] learn how to play with the band. Writing a

tightened hardware” at the top of the list. Her words

song isn’t about one instrument or person – it’s everyone

of encouragement are simple and joyful “ Hit hard, but

working together as a team

stay groovy. Everyone loves a girl

and picking your spots to be

drummer. You’ll get lots of attention


– enjoy it!”

Megan Moede,

Julie’s design is CHIME earrings

Member of the professional

“inspired by John Bonham’s

marching arts

pictorial symbol for Led Zepplin –

Born into a family with Julliard

three interlocking circles. It is the

in its genes, Megan embraced her

replication of John Bonham’s symbol

musical capabilities and followed

made from a cymbal.” She attributes

in her brother’s drumming

his powerful musical talents as her

footsteps. “My brother was a

greatest drumming inspiration.

drummer too, so being the younger sister I had to do anything that

Liv Marsico, Gothic Tropic

he did.” She took this passion

and Liphemra

for drumming and shared it with

The path to drumming was clearly

everyone she knew. She would

outlined by Liv’s father who was a jazz

drum, but she would also teach drumming and percussion.

drummer and vibraphonist. “I always saw it as something

She is surrounded daily by eager students who are every

necessary to life,” says Liv. She has been actively

bit as passionate as she is about the drums. “The learning

drumming since age 12. Because she began so early, her

experience and the family tradition are what got me in, but

obstacles were many. “In middle school the young boys

the passion and camaraderie is what kept me hooked.” Now,

my age would exclude me from playing with them. They

a decade later, she seeks to share her passion with other

were very particular about who they let into their bubble

young girls striving to make it as musicians.

to “jam”. I would often get made fun of and not taken seriously because I was female, even by teachers. There

Her design, like Megan, is based in music. It is modeled

are still moments where people react to me differently.

after paradiddles “which is a basic rudimental figure that

Recently, when I was playing a show in Mexico the drum

consists of two strokes of the hand followed by a double

tech looked at me and asked who the drummer was.

stroke. When you are playing it you’ll play out the pattern

When I replied that it was me… he said that he didn’t

‘RLRR’ or ‘LRLL’. She used the traditional “RLRR”

think that I could hit the drums hard enough.” With these

but translated it into morse code. She took a concept

sorts of hurdles to overcome it is no wonder that Liv plays

that is known by all levels of learners and connects them

the drums with so much power from within.

through the beginning steps of drum knowledge. Her inspiration lies in the very day that she met Leslie at a craft

Liv has worked hard to set herself apart, to create a unique

fair. “There was such an amazing energy from the room

and different drumming style. It makes perfect sense that

of people who made a living off of their creativity.” From

her CHIME design would be influenced by this path. “My

then on the prospect of collaboration with Leslie was an

design is a round bracelet that says ‘Different Drummer’.

“I think the words ‘different drummer’ are important to keep in mind when developing your own unique playing style.” -Liv Marsico

“Put yourself out there and play from the heart… everything will come together.”

This is a phrase that is strongly attached to

can find themselves through music. There

being a musician, but also to gain a sense of

Elvin Jones, a very famous jazz drummer.”

is very little in this world that can touch a

independence and stronger sense of self-

This “different drummer” played with many

person’s soul the way music can. The sooner a

esteem. We all know that music is a healing

of the jazz legends, including Coltrane. “I

child can experience this beauty, the better.”

force and can help shape lives for the better.”

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

-Jen Carlson

thought about what really shaped me as a musician and his approach to the drum-set

With the support of these amazing female

holds a special place in my heart. I think

Leslie plans to move forward with her

drummers, and the mission of Leslie Barrett,

the words ‘different drummer’ are important

charity, tending it and watching it grow as it

how can a young aspiring rocker girl not

to keep in mind when developing your own

continues to develop. In the future she plans

succeed? These 6 drummers are paving the

unique playing style.” Ultimately you don’t

to include a variety of musicians, and looks

way towards a future where the gender lines

need to “worry about being male or female,

forward to seeing and implementing their

are blurred and individuals are seen for their

just play the instrument with truth and the

designs into CHIME’s distinct and powerful

talent and ability, not the box they check.

rest will work itself out.”

collection. As she creates more collaborative

CHIME is being heard and CHIME Gives

designs, she plans to send more girls to camp.

will continue to inspire the next generations

When asked about her hopes for the young

“I hope this project allows financially less

of female music fans to reach beyond

girls that are enriched through rock camp, Liv

fortunate girls the opportunity to participate

themselves in order to achieve music as well

is very explicit…”I hope more young women

in RCGLA. And to not only experience

as equality.




Beatrice Holiday

Goes Rock ‘N Roll Written by: Alexa Mangrum Designed by: Brandie Mata Photographed by: Garone Africa Stylist: Michelle Africa hair makeup: Linda Zirkus


lisun Franson is a rock n’roll reinventionalist. Known for her bicycle inspired eco-friendly and innovative line, Beatrice

Holiday, Franson’s latest collection, “GILT RIDDEN” is for the fresh, fierce, femme fatale. Featuring an array of accessories that flaunt Franson’s jaw-dropping ability to transform old into new, the collection was named using a chic play on words that spoke to the origins of her creative medium. Transforming upcycled bicycle materials into a new stunning set of

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M






jewelry pieces, Franson drew inspiration for “Gilt Ridden� from a

Collecting materials used from local bike shops, the collection is

familiarity with the inner tubing of a bike wheel. This is a material

an intricate interplay of metal and tubing. Conceptualized as a

that she considers to be innate within her design work. Fusing

wearable, but avante-garde collection, she plays and manipulates

the recycled inner tube with the edgy cool metal of a bike chain,

the two opposing mediums. Franson designed specifically with the

the result culminated in a collection of accessories that is sure to

fearless fashionista in mind.

snazz up any outfit by adding a dose of seriously badass attitude.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M






Each piece is crafted to shine as the focal point of any outfit. For those that love the elegant boldness of the pieces, but are confused how to rock them, Franson recommends simplicity. “Think denim” she advises. “Pair the body pieces with a plain white tank or tee with skinny jeans and ankle boots,” she says. Imagine the outfit as a canvas, especially when donning statement accessories, such as her personal favorite, the TRIPOD—a seductive triangle finger harness. “I love the way it feels - magical and badass simultaneously,” she says, citing good scissors, music, and patience as critical to the creation of its elaborate design. Set to debut the collection in February 2013 at the POOL tradeshow in Las Vegas, GILT RIDDEN is only the beginning of her eco-friendly, feminine, yet futureforward designs. “The focus is to keep pushing the envelope and keep creating more,” says Franson. Currently available at Graffiti Beach, view the collection instore at select boutiques or online at

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M







LOS ANGELES TO SAN DIEGO Written by: Ariana Levin




Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and that place is the Salon on 30th! Specializing in beautifying the outside to match the inside, the Salon on 30th aims to please with beautiful cuts, styles, and color. 30th’s diverse staff focuses on truly listening and communicating with their clientele so they can make a personal connection while making their customers feel fabulous. Their talented staff can give the color you’ve been craving, the cut you’ve always wanted. Cheers! Company Name: Salon on 30th Phone Number: (619) 284-1687 Address: 2225 30th Street San Diego, CA 92104 Website: Specialty: Cuts, Styling






- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

HOLLY JONES HAIR SALON: VENICE BEACH ON ABBOT KINNEY Looking for that trendy dip-dye or ombre gleam? Look no further than the fashion-forward studio that is Holly Jones. Not only will you leave with naturally-placed highlights that look sun-kissed rather than striped, but your hair and nose will thank you for her use of low ammonia color and her beautiful lofty salon with an open-air environment. Company Name: Holly Jones Hair Salon

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Phone Number: (310) 399-1320 Address: 1221 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice Beach, CA 90291 Website: Specialty: Ombre, Dip Dye, Cuts, Styling








Balayage abounds in this Hunting-

Environmentally friendly, health-

ton Beach Salon owned by Meleesa

conscious, and financially feasible,

Miller! For natural-looking high-

Lulu’s offers beautiful manicures

lights that leave the hair looking

and pedicures without the use of

gorgeous, without obvious root

shellac and UV rays. Trendy and

regrowth. Meleesa’s is the place

spot-on for nail art, Lulu’s also

to go. Meleesa is known for her

is one of a very select few bou-

extensive knowledge, her careful

tiques across America selected to

communication with her clients,

feature MINX – protective nail

and for demonstrating how to use

coating available in multiple col-

specific products and techniques at

ors, designs, foil, and metallic. Be

home to recreate the “look”. She

sassy and let Lulu’s keep your nails

also specializes in curly hair and


extensions. Ladies of all hair types

Company Name: Lulu’s by Travis Parker

will certainly leave this salon feeling

Phone Number: (619) 521 2026

like new women.

Address: 2348 30th Street San Diego, CA

Company Name: Meleesa the Salon


Phone Number: (714) 969 7199


Address: 221 Main Street Suite E Hun-

Specialty: Nail Art, Soothing Manis and

tington Beach, CA 92648

Pedis, MINX protective coating

Website: Specialty: Innovative and Bohemian Styling – Braids, Balayage, Cuts







Color-blocking, galaxies, tie-dye,

Hair never looks quite as good as

and autumnal leaves are just a few

it does when you leave the salon-

of the spectacular design specialties

hair swinging, shiny, and perfectly

offered by Dipped. Relaxing mani/

blown out. Clients can get a fabu-

pedis in the laid-back atmosphere

lous blow-out at their local Drybar-

and special attention paid to the

salons specializing in “no cuts. No

latest nail trends ensure that fin-

color. Just blow-outs for only $35.”

gers and toes are fun, fresh, and

Clients can order appetizing styles


such as “The Cosmo,” a blow-out

Company Name: Dipped Nails

replete with luxurious loose curls.

Phone Number: (310) 944 9100


“The Mai Tai,” a glorious disarray

Address: 1300 South Pacific Coast High-

of beachy waves. As well as “Man-

way, Suite 109 Redondo Beach, CA 90277

hattan,” for those seeking straight


and smooth locks. Memberships

Specialty: Nail Art

to the bar also save money while

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M



- i n s p i r i n g c r e at i v i t y -

occasionally throwing in freebies So, don’t create a waste of energy and frizz- book an appointment at the Drybar for an affordable and beautiful blowout. Company Name: DryBars Phone Number: (877) 379-2279 Address: Throughout California, check website for exact locations. Website: Specialty: Blowouts




make a wish

Written by: Crystal Washington


Designed by: Brandie Mata

enbazuru is the art of folding one thousand

gemstones, Villarroel creates a unique look that is

origami paper cranes. According to Japanese

exceptionally decadent with a warm, earthy feel. “I

lore, folding 1000 cranes would grant the owner of

like things that are organic in look and vintage in

such dedicated hands a wish. Each careful fold of

style. There is something about hand wrapping a

the lovingly made cranes mimics the careful delicacy

stone into a ring. No two pieces are the same,” she

of Paper Bird Creations.

says of her company’s free spirited aesthetic.

Lovingly handmade with endless customizability,

Michelle Villarroel started Paper Bird Creations in

jewelry by Paper Bird Creations is truly special and

2005. It has been a tumultuous ride, but through

unique. Each piece is as inimitable as its wearer.

the years, with the love and support of her family

Ranging from delicately enchanting personalized

and friends, as well as her unyielding drive and

nameplate necklaces, to bewitchingly organic semi-

ingenuity, she has built her company from the

precious stones, PBC features an endless array of

ground up.

imaginative creations. Utilizing jewelry wires and

Not merely conversational, but inarguably fluent in

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

artistic talent and design skills, Michelle utilizes her creative aptitudes as well as her background in advertising, web and graphic design. With the aid of a small team to assist her, Michelle is directly involved with every detail of her burgeoning company. The transition from advertising and design to running a jewelry business was faintly more than a hop, skip and enormously big jump. The landing didn’t occur overnight. Michelle had been creating invitations for her friend’s weddings and birthdays. A trip to the craft store for invitation supplies led to the acquiring of a jewelry making kit. A request from one of the brides for custom bridesmaids’ gifts set everything in motion for the birth of the business. Having to compete against large companies with mass produced jewelry is a tribulation for any independent business. “Eventually I closed down my business and moved on,” she explained. Fortunately, not forever. As multifaceted as the very ingredients she utilizes in her work, Michelle’s inspiration hails from her exotic travels as well as au courant style icons like Zooey Deschanel, Blake Lively, and Nicole Richie. “She is doing what I want to do. She’s taken her accessory line to another level. Her style is modern but has a unique antique twist to it,” she says of definitely influenced by current trends but at the same time I do what I feel is right at the moment.” Many species of cranes migrate over vast distances. The same has held true for this California originating company. The sun drenched shores of the golden state couldn’t keep the treasures of PBC a secret for long. Soon Michelle was sending shipments clear across the 50 states to New York, and across the sea to Australia. “It’s such an amazing feeling to know someone half way across the world is wearing something that was created from my own hands. There is nothing better than that feeling that something you put your whole heart into is being appreciated and shared with someone you don’t know,” states Villarroel. Off the internet, the line has recently been welcomed through the doors of Graffiti Beach and is now sold in-store and online. Cranes fly with necks outstretched, rather than pulled back, ready to take on the wind and the world. A fitting representation, for a company that has come a long way; evolving and taking on challenges with unwavering gusto.


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 jewelry line. “My jewelry is



Organic Inspiration Written by: Samia Lavenant Photographed by: Kelly Lewis Designed by: Brandie Mata


ith all the current trends in the

exclusively ‘members only’,

bamboo, which

Fashion Industry, it’s easy to

while playing with another

makes them

forget the most essential and oldest

idea - jewelry. The idea

lightweight and

inspiration source of all - nature.

of creating wearable art

durable. “I love

Nature combined with the love of

is something she adores.

watching my

her environment provided a powerful

The laser cutter makes

creative launch pad for Jessica Coleman,

each piece an intricate and

creator of Folia Design SF. “I live

detailed combination of

and work in San Francisco, a city that

“the exploration of geometry

inspires me and delights me every day.”

and the playful representation of

The love of her city and her ability to

shapes.” The laser cut technique allows

find and commune with nature is what

all pieces to match her perfect vision of

she attributes as her main source of

them. Jessica is the main motor behind

For now, Folia Design SF will be looking

inspiration – these are the elements that

this San Francisco based company. They

forward toward the holiday season.

brought her career and hobby together,

have already been featured in Dwell

The variations on the designs give the

in perfect union. “I find inspiration in

Magazine’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, a

customer the option to choose from a

the every day, natural and urban forms

great showcase that strives to encourage

spectrum of geometrical shapes to more

around me, and translate this into the

modern designers. After only one year

organic forms such as leaves and tree

organic and modern geometries of my

of working with this technique, the

shadows. Still, all of Folia Design SF


company has been so well received by

pieces always have that element of unity

clients that it has become her sole focus.

that makes them so distinctive. The

With a Masters in Landscape

designs come to life with the laser cutter and then seeing those pieces become part of someone else’s life through use or wear.”

hand on process from designing, to laser

Architecture and background in urban

Not only are the designs inspired by her

etching, to laser cutting is apparent in

design, her curiosity was piqued by

relationship with nature, but she also

each piece. The necklaces and earrings

a new and cutting edge technique of

has a strong commitment to remain

can translate into much more than a

laser cutting. This interest become an

environmentally aware using recycled

reminder of Jessica’s relationship with

essential educational need and inspired

material as much as possible. When

nature; they can bring back that natural

her to take a class at Tech Shop to satisfy

asked about her best sellers she mentions

and organic sensibility that we ourselves

this new possibility of a creative outlet.

the water drop earrings and the water

need to revisit from time to time. In

“I started experimenting with laser cut

drop necklace. This comes as no

this way, not only does Folia Design

design about a year ago – fell in love

surprise given their attention grabbing

SF perform its purpose, which is to

with the hands on intricate results once

design. They are also made with

have the access to wearable art, but it

can achieve.” Tech Shop would not only

also accomplishes the goal of looking

allow her to satisfy this curiosity, but

fashionable and modern while doing

it also helped her to evolve as an artist,

so. This serves as the explanation of

while creating something completely

why this small company is starting to

different. This is an artist’s constant

reach beyond the San Francisco market,

quest. The class gave her the possibility

and making its way to San Diego and

to use Tech Shop’s facilities, which are


Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

recycled fabric and leather remnants so it can be tricky finding that ‘wow’ we know customers are looking for. But when we do, it makes the bags that much more original.” To help create that originality, Jackson partnered up with Adrian Villanueva to help with the luxury bags. Referred to as “The Magic Man,” due to his eye for detail, Villanueva works with Jackson on designing and sewing for Native Honey. Together they shape the brand and work to achieve their mission of creating eco-friendly bags that are unique and special to women.

Style is all about expression. Though our clothes do not define who we are, what we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it is a great indicator of our personalities. Because of this, we are always on the constant search for clothes and accessories that will “wow” us. One brand that truly understands the “wow factor” is Native Honey. Like people, each bag has a style and design unlike any other. Each piece is uniquely handmade from carefully selected recycled fabric remnants, allowing each owner to feel wowed. “We are always working toward designing what women want and what is practical,” she says. From yoga bags, to totes, to clutches - Native “Keeping our product eco-friendly and at an Honey has a colorful array of fabric and leather affordable price is a challenge, but something we swatches that are designed and crafted to create take seriously.” bags for any occasion. The line of bags is not overbearing, but instead is most definitely eye- This dedication of creating handbags that catching with beautiful simplicity. This unique customers will truly love is not the only thing balance is the type of “wow” that comes from that makes Native Honey a “wow” brand. the thoughtful creative process of owner and Their thoughtful consideration for style and creator Kelly Jackson. “I am a sucker for a great environment also spans to the community. Part textured leather. I am always looking for new of their mission is to also help improve the world fabrics and textures that will continue to give by donating a portion of the proceeds of Native Native Honey originality and keep customers Honey to charities all over the world. “Being coming back for more,” says Jackson. “We use a mom, I participate in many school and PTA

donations,” says Jackson about her interest in giving back. “[Native Honey] has donated to breast cancer foundations and auctions for homeless fundraisers in Orange County. All organizations need all the help they can get. If I have it to give, I try to pay it forward as much as possible.” One cannot help but feel wowed by the good vibes and style of Native Honey. These fabulous bags tickle your fashionista funny bone - and just in time for the holidays!



Written by: Eileen Doniego de France Designed by: Sonya J. Calderon



The Sweet Scent of Shoes in the Morning Written by: Corrinne Bollendorf

Designed by: Brandie Mata

When contemplating losing one of the 5 senses… the sense of

scent. Scents to avoid are just as numerous as the smells

smell is one that very few would give up. The scent of coffee

we seek out. KANDALS Shoes seeks to strike one from the

in the morning. The skin of a newborn baby. The smell of

“bad” category and switch it to the pleasant column.

aftershave that you associate with your boyfriend’s clean shaven face. Smell defines our existence in such a way that

The smell of strawberry wafting through the air from…your

present, past, and future can mingle with one clearly defined


Scented shoes?

natural, flexible rubber. So flexible in fact, that they

Abel, student turned entrepreneur and founder of

easily fold and you can stick them into your purse,

KANDALS shoes, came to San Diego from Ethiopia.

gym or yoga bag to be worn when you just can’t take

He wanted to develop a vision for a design savvy,

a second more of “those heels”.

unique women’s casual shoe, and thus KANDALS was born. These shoes, unlike Toms or Keds, have

KANDALS does not stop at simply smelling good…

strawberry scented rubber soles.

they also seek to DO good. Their overall vision is to give their customers stylish and practical shoes

When the KANDALS’ team was in the

that always stay fresh and last long while partnering

developmental stage they explored some issues

with organizations that help solve world-wide issues.

that their competitors were having. One major

They wanted to go beyond just designing eco-friendly

complaint was that all canvas slip on shoes started

shoes by contributing to a transparent non-profit

to have a bad odor after repeated wear. To mitigate

organization. With every purchase of a KANDALS

this problem, KANDALS found a way to combat

pair of shoes, a tree is planted in a lower income

the funk by using scented rubber soles. The sole

country to aid drought stricken communities in Haiti,

of the shoe is dipped into a strawberry scent prior

Ethiopia, and the Philippines. The organization,

to being assembled. Not only does the rubber

Trees for the Future, actively reaches out to farmers,

foundation of the shoe add a fresh aroma, but

giving them the tools to learn new irrigation methods.

it also adds increased stability, durability, and comfort.

KANDALS recently helped to plant five hundred trees through this incredible organization.

Another aspect that makes KANDALS stand out from other canvas shoe clones

As KANDALS expands, so will their giving. There

is the fact that they have a double canvas

are many problems in the world that need attention

stitched layer, encasing a layer of foam, instead

- water, education and hunger. KANDALS hopes to

of just a single layer. They are also entirely

help eradicate some of them. KANDALS is a new,

made out of eco-friendly material, with the

San Diego based start-up with big heart. Despite

upper portion made out of green certified

their newness to the fashion industry, they are taking

100 percent cotton and the outsole made with

big risks in order to give even bigger gifts.


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

A Symbiotic

Love Affair Written by: Alexa Mangrum

Designed by: Brandie Mata

“Symbiosis,” is the sort of word one doesn’t run into much within the

generated by a

fashion world. Referring to the concept of a synergetic relationship, the

computer algorithm.

word may seem more like a fancy biology term instead of a word used to

The designs are then

describe cutting edge jewelry. Creative energy is the foundation behind

outsourced to a laser cutter,

Simbiotek Design Lab, a local San Diegan design duo. Symbiosis is the

a tool with which both designers

root of their future-forward aesthetic design philosophy.

are very familiar. “We both used the laser cutter to make architectural models. I always thought someday I would use it to

Inspired by their mutual love of botany, biology, anthropology and

make jewelry,” says Stewart.

geometry, Hayley Stewart and Hunter Ruthrauff create new and edgy décor and accessories for the modern, fashion-forward client. They are

Much like their natural inspiration, the creative relationship between

now busy creating a design aesthetic from years of exploration within

Stewart and Ruthrauff has been an organic process. “We both knew

these studies. Together they produce a line of eco-conscious accessories

around the very beginning of our freshman year of high school that we

that fuse together their collective passions in a completely new and

wanted to be architects,” says Ruthrauff. He is a self-described “big

unique way.

doodler,” with a big fascination for buildings. For Stewart, who grew up around architecture, the entry into the design world was also natural.

Architects by day, designers by night, the prisms, hexagons, triangles

Both were raised in the Los Angeles area. Both studied architecture

and tessellations incorporated into the designs are derived from the plant

and environmental science at Cal Poly Pomona. Both studied abroad

formations and architecture which they have scouted and photographed

together in Scandinavia - a geographic influence apparent in their

while traveling. All of the designs are crafted with

designs. This aspect is especially seen in the

the intention of reinterpreting a naturally occurring

geometric snowflakes that appear in their new

geometric pattern. “Obviously geometry is not

Holiday ornament line. “We’re always evolving

a new thing, but people are always interested in

and figuring out what we want to do,” says

the process behind the products, because they

Ruthrauff. “We call it ‘The Lab’ because we want

don’t look like things you find everywhere,” says

to make sure we’re always researching and not

Stewart, who cites a love of cultural anthropology

taking ourselves too seriously,” he concludes.

as critical to her design influences. Conveying their commitment to raising an awareness of the

For now, the two are drawing inspiration locally,

implicit relationship between humans and their

using the rich geographic landscape of San Diego,

environment, the accessories produced by the Lab

such as the La Jolla Cove, the canyons and the

are more of a system of translation, than simply

succulent gardens of Balboa Park as favorite areas

a crafty creation. “A symbiotic relationship in

to scope out the next patterns that will inspire

nature is two opposing forces that work together

future designs. At the end of the day, the catalyst

for the benefit of both,” says Ruthrauff. “We

for all of their productions comes from the simplest

abstractly applied that to the relationship between

and purest motive behind innovation… curiosity.

man and biodiversity.” The Simbiotek Design Lab collection is Made from biodegradable plastic and Birchwood, the Lab designs are generally sketched, then

available in-store at Graffiti Beach and online at Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

- written by nicole stevenson

felt & fabric woodland creature ornaments Growing up in Southern California winter never meant building snowmen in the front yard or careening down powdery hills on sleds, but rather trees changing from green to gold and red and long rainy days spent inside crafting with my mom. Every year she’d pull out her sewing machine and begin working


what to do: 1. choose the woodland creature for your ornaments, like a fox, a deer, mushrooms, a bird or a bear. 2. draw your animal on a sheet of paper. This will be your template. If your drawing skills are less than stellar, use a google image search to find drawing, then print and trace.

handmade gifts. Winter still means lots of time indoors but

3. cut out your template.

now also includes drinking a Manhattan by the fireplace as I

4. place your template on a piece of felt or fabric, trace and cut.

begin my holiday crafting projects. This year I decided to say goodbye to my lovely vintage mirrored bulb ornaments and make my own. If you have an abundance of fabric and felt scraps, this project is perfect for you, and even if you don’t, the supplies are super low cost. The theme for my tree this year is woodland creatures, so I started with a mushroom and a bird on a branch but intend to round out my forest of ornaments

5. add any details to your animals, like wings for birds, button eyes, leaves on branches etc. 6. put the wrong sides together of your fabric or felt and sew along the edges, leaving a space about an inch large open so you can stuff it. I suggest a blanket stitch for added detail. 7. use a pencil or chopstick to stuff your animal.

with a fox, a deer and maybe even a bear. So, put a log on fire,

8. sew the opening closed.

mix up a manhattan (I suggest Luxardo cherries), cue up your

9. sew on a loop of ric rac or ribbon as the hanger.

favorite holiday film (Christmas Story anyone?) and settle in for a night indoors full of crafty goodness.

10. make another manhattan and repeat steps 1-9 to create a full forest for your tree.

-Felt (assorted colors)

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

what to get: pat c h w o r k s h o w. c o m

-Thread (assorted colors) -Ric rac or thin ribbon -Fabric scraps -Sewing needle -Paper -Scissors -Stuffing







Patchwork Show Pieced Together There are many types of families. There are the traditional families in which you are born into; the starter-kit relationships you’re presented in your initiation to life. Then there’s the family which you gain through a marriage. There are the close friends whom you’ve known for so long, having shared so many experiences and memories that the lines of relation have become blurred. Last, there is the type of family that you create when people come together for a common cause. A family born of sweat, toil and tears. In that sense, the Patchwork Show is the greatest family reunion you could ever imagine. A quilt is comprised of three layers: the patchwork, a layer of insulation and a layer of backing material. Historically, communities would come together for a quilting circle. With every stitch, friendships were formed and bonds were sealed. Fast forward to the present day and you have the Patchwork Show.

stuff.” In the competitive world of fashion, sample sales consist predominantly of big name labels with mass-produced pieces. The fashion world is fast paced and driven by sales. “There wasn’t a sense that the producers cared about the vendors or understood what the vendors were doing… There was never a ‘thank you’.” Not willing to give up on her dream, Nicole realized that there was a dire need for independent artists to have a venue to showcase their lovingly made yet underappreciated wares. Joining forces with her aunt Delilah Snell, who was Orange County based and well-connected in the region, they came to the conclusion, “Why don’t we put on our own show?” Motivated by the sample sales, Stevenson created a list of the good, the bad and the ugly of those previous productions, and Snell enlisted her army of connections to publicize the event. In less than three months, Patchwork was born. Initially, the bi-annual festival was held in the parking lot of

The Patchwork Show was the very first of its kind - created to address the need to showcase indie artists in an environment that genuinely cares about arts, crafts, and their makers. Years ago, while living in Los Angeles, Stevenson had a clothing line. “I used to sell my stuff at church bazaars, flea markets

Writer: crystal washington

and sample sales. I was the only one there with handmade

Designer: Monarose Ryan

Delilah’s DIY and instructional shop in Santa Ana, “A Road Less Traveled” with 25 vendors. “We actually lost money but it was really successful. We had no idea anyone was even going to show up!” Nowadays, each location features over 100 different vendors from crafters to musicians and culinary artisans.

PROFILE One of the greatest surprises for Nicole was the support and

pay for college. There is also the sense of community that

dedication shown by the vendors and seekers from the get go.

modern civilization generally lacks where business is concerned.

The layer of insulation of the patchwork quilt. “OMG there are people here. There are A LOT of people here!” She explained that there were many vendors who had driven down from Los Angeles. “We made a cool hangout... It changed Orange County’s reputation.” People would tell her, “I had no idea there was cool stuff in Orange County!” Coming from staunch Angelinos, that is quite the compliment.

“We’ve talked before about doing a beer garden,” Stevenson immediately replies when asked about the future evolution of Patchwork. She also wants to bring in an educational aspect explaining that in addition to interactive crafting booths, more demos would be ideal. This fall you can take your pick from four different Patchwork Shows. Opening day is in Culver City by the historic Helms

When asked what inspires Patchwork Show’s co-founder Nicole

Bakery on November 4, then heading south to the seaside in

Stevenson most, she immediately mentions family. “My parents

Long Beach on November 11. The newest location, and first

were always so supportive and encouraging of me. It was hard

traipse out of Southern California, the Oakland show, will be

for them in the beginning because I was one of the first in the

on November 18 at the Jack London Square Pavilion. And last,

family to go on to higher education to get a master’s degree,

where it all began, the Santa Ana show will be on November

and I left that to do art.” Family and her close-knit group of

25th at its new location in downtown Santa Ana on Sycamore

dedicated friends are the backing material making up the third

and Second Street. All shows are from 11am to 5pm and are free

and last layer of a patchwork quilt.

for the public to attend. In addition to the spring Patchwork Show, Craftcation is the newest endeavor produced by Snell and Stevenson. “Craftcation: Indie Business & DIY Craft I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Conference” is a four day indie business and DIY conference, held in the coastal locale of Ventura. It will feature everything “Staying busy” is an understatement for Nicole, who in addition

from industry professional led workshops to panel discussions

to running the Patchwork shows alongside her aunt, recently

and Q&A sessions in the areas of business, various crafts and

continued her educational journey, completing graduate school.

delicious foods. “It’s a learning vacation,” says Stevenson. In

Like a quilt, the Patchwork Show begs to be expanded. “We have a couple of different cities on our radar,” Stevenson says enthusiastically. “San Diego and Phoenix are high on our

addition to the diverse selection of workshops, Craftcation is an incredible setting for artists and entrepreneurs, both budding and veteran, to network amongst a like-minded crowd.

list.” Since the very first show in Santa Ana, the homegrown

At both the Patchwork Show and Craftcation, you get to meet

movement has absolutely exploded. There definitely isn’t a

the artists and learn about what drives them. And that drive is

shortage of artistically-minded individuals or a lack of a desire

contagious. If you’re guaranteed to leave with anything from

for locally sourced and independently created goods, regardless

these events, it’s undeniably going to be a big heavy canvas bag

of location. There’s comfort in knowing that your vegan cupcake

chock full of homegrown, passion fueled inspiration. That alone

is locally produced and 100% organic, and that your quirky

is worth every penny.

screen printed t-shirt purchase is supporting a student as they



Handmade Goods from 100+ Local Vendors, Artisan Food, DIY Crafting, and Indie Music check for upcoming events All Shows 11-5pm & Free to Attend

look coy

opas soap

the red swing

Hau’oli By Hali

Bad Pickle T-shirts


The Fruits of My Labor

Goat & Kettle





Written by: Ariana Levin


Designed by: Brandie Mata

Shopping Events

crafted la

South Park Holiday Walkabout

State of Unique

The holidays are just around the corner

Starving patriots looking to support the

and what better way to celebrate in style

American economy as well as their thirst

than the South Park Holiday Walkabout?

for fashion and art need look no further

Local boutiques hosting trunk shows from

than State of Unique. They host shopping

hand-picked lines, complimentary foods,

events in San Francisco, Los Angeles and

beverages, and music adorn this festive

New York. This huge indie shopping

event. Take a leisurely trolley ride to scope

event is truly one-of-a-kind in that all

out the galleries, stores, taverns, and eateries

designs and products are made exclusively

jauntily decorated for the winter season.

in the USA. State of Unique showcases

Every store in the community takes part and

hundreds of local independent designers,

many have specials to highlight this holiday

artists, and their craft, allowing attendees

celebration. South Park Walkabouts occur

to get their creative shopping on while

every season; for more information visit

simultaneously engaging in workshops

and craft projects. Bless the USA!

Season’s greetings!


Date: December 1st and 2nd

Date: December 1st, 2012

Time: 11am-6pm

Time: 6pm-10pm

Cost: $10 (10% of al ticket sales go to

Cost: Free

the downtown Los Angeles non-profit

Place: South Park, San Diego

organization Inner-City Arts)

From Kalmia St. to Beech St.

Place: California Market


Center’s Penthouse 110 East 9th Street,

Make sure to check out Graffiti Beach

Los Angeles, CA 90079

while you are at this walkabout! 2220 Fern


St., San Diego Ca. See you there! renegade





Crafted LA

Renegade Craft Fair

Crafted at the Port of LA

For those who like to color outside the

This huge, permanent craft marketplace in

Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival

lines and think outside the box, there is the

San Pedro is an unbelievable treasure. It is

Renegade Craft Fair. Held across multiple

a collection of warehouses that showcase

Eclectic pieces of different color, fabric,

US cities as well as London, RCF features

artisanal chefs, designers, and artists (many

contemporary indie-craft artists along with

who also highlight their creations on

their artwork and goods. This craft fair

Etsy) as well as their hand-crafted pieces

highlights the indie-craft culture as a whole,

every weekend of the year! Along with

as well as DIY. Multiple media styles are

entertainment, grub from food trucks, and

used by the up-and-coming artists who

demonstrations, visitors can enjoy special

showcase new creations while utilizing

events, and leave with a one-of-a-kind

traditional styles. Dare to be crafty and join

creation that they can add to their home for

the featured hands-on workshops, as well as

a unique touch.

quilt. The same can be said for the free Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival, held bi-annually across California. The show highlights the talents of local new artists and designers and their crafts, as well as tasty bites from local restaurants. Clothes, accessories, and dĂŠcor are hand-picked to ensure that your treasures are unique,



Time: 11am-6pm

Date: December 8th and 9th

Cost: No entrance fee, $5.00 parking fee

Time: 10am-5pm

Place: 110 & 112 E. 22nd St.,

Cost: Free

San Pedro CA 90731

Place: Los Angeles State Historic Park


UPCOMING EVENTS Date: Visit for Spring Calendar Cost: Free Place: Culver City, Long Beach, Oakland,

1245 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

and Santa Ana



Crafted LA



I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

and yet somehow all perfectly match your

UPCOMING EVENTS Date: Friday - Sunday


and style are the backbone of a patchwork

eye-catching, from a wide variety of arenas

enjoy the music and art performances – the rebel in you will be satiated.




aa RT RT...

a word that radiates creation and passion. At Graffiti Beach we are inspired everyday by amazing artists. They all have a unique way of expressing themselves, and strive to make a living through their raw talent. The holiday season is all about sharing gifts. This is our way of sharing undiscovered gems - an article all about ILLUSTRATORS WE LOVE. Ilse Valfré, Kelli Murray, Gregg Visintainer, and our very own Creative Director Brandie Mata all have one thing in common… they love to illustrate and express themselves through art. Not to mention, they are GREAT at it! Each has a unique style, whether it is through intricate designs with hidden meanings, girly bohemian sketches, quirky drawings of girls making bold statements or beautiful decoupage graphics with loads of color. To make sure we told each of these designers’ stories in the most unique way, we asked one of our favorite creative writers, Erik Cardona, to put a fun twist on each story. We hope when you read the story of each of these illustrators, you feel like you are sitting right there with them, getting to know who they are and why we have fallen in love with them. We want you to feel the warmth and love that Kelli projects, connect with Ilse’s Mexican heritage, be inspired by Gregg’s patience and leave with a smile from Brandie’s love of color. Get ready to be inspired.

Artista Bonita - Ilse Valfré Fearless. Mexican. Woman. There are three central qualities that run through Ilse Valfré’s art like blood through her veins. Be it through sketch work, illustrations,

Illustrators we love

SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Upcycled cutout maxi dress $45 / CHIME: Triangle drum cymbal necklace $64, Square drum cymbal bracelet $54, Black drum cymbal bracelet $46 / PAPER BIRD DESIGNS: Double-finger ring $30

writing, or modeling, Ilse embraces who she is through unbridled exposition. A seasoned scholar, Ilse not only studied with Montessori guidance, but graduated as a maestro. Within a year of teaching young children, Ilse drew the inspiration to create an entire niño’s book series, dubbed “The Bambinis.” But brains are not the

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

Written by: ERIK CARDONA Photographed by: Krissy Fernandez Designed by: Brandie Mata Lighting Assistant: Gabriel Grover Coordinators: Lauren Adams and Susanna Liang Hair: Mish Mucho Makeup: Carla Kirkpatrick


only part to this artist’s package. Ilse’s olivó skin, long hair, and photogenic features have helped make her a successful model as well. “I don’t consider myself an artist, I see myself more as an entertainer.” Be it Ilse’s pictures, or pictures of Ilse, either way she shines off the página; loaded with personality and a spectacular sense of fashion. With Ilse’s illustrations and color patterns reminiscent of those one might find at an el Dia de los Muertos celebration, Ilse’s heritage is easily to spot. Her characters masterfully blend dark, shadowy foundations with bright and colorful features. But perhaps Ilse’s strongest trademark is the personal anecdote of cómico she stamps on nearly every sketch. “I think what separates me from others among my craft is the blend of humor and fashion in my illustrations.” For example, such charming quips include, “Pretty girls are not to be trusted, Not all who wander are lost, and I remind myself its ok not to be perfect.

SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Upcycled cutout maxi dress $48 Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Illustrators we love




I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Illustrators we love

SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Upcycled sweater $52, Key necklace $20 CONTINUOUS: Grey leggings $49 / SOCK IT TO ME: Mustache socks $9


Aside from aesthetics, maybe the best part of Ilse Valfré’s arsenal is her intangibles. Her passion is central to her work and to her drive. But unlike many artists that create for themselves, Valfré is very clear about her creativo identity. “I do my illustrations with so much passion and love knowing that some people will smile, laugh, cry or connect with my creations. I just want people to have a good time when they appreciate the final result.” However, Ilse has one especial demographic she tends to with great care. “I particularly like to make girls/women happy.” Her website contains an entire page dedicated to ‘Girly Thoughts’ where she spotlights honest takes of real women in real life situations. A pictorial role model to feminine truth, spirit, and beauty, Ilse’s fearlessness to unmask women by way of her illustrations send estrogen even down mi espina.

SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Upcycled cutout maxi dress $48

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Illustrators we love




Life is Like a Box of Crayons - Brandie Mata -

Written by: ERIK CARDONA Designed by: Brandie Mata Photographed by: garone africa

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

There’s something bracing about youth. Reminiscing about the hourglass sand that now rests in your rear view. An earlier time when WarmAndFuzzy feelings

Illustrators we love

and new experiences trumped the jaded Black Shadows of the harsh realities of life which we become accustomed to

as adults. Without a flux capacitor and a Quick Silver DeLorean, most of us have no choice but to accept life as it is, and leave that beautiful, Raw Umber, childlike naivete behind us. Unless you’re artist/designer

Brandie Mata that is... “I’m the girl that treasured her crayola box, and never, ever grew up.” Speaking with Brandie is like sipping from the fountain of youth. Her innocence, her sincerity, her unbridled, BlazingBonfire passion for her work all Tickles Me Pink. “I’m very lucky to be able to earn a living and steadily create. I get to feed my soul.” To Brandie, art isn’t her pastime, it’s her sustenance. Brandie Mata has an interesting duality that is atypical of your average artist. Rather than sit around home, get Stonewashed, and wait for divine inspiration from Deep Space Sparkle, Brandie took her talents to the front line. She knew if she wanted to be Polished Pine, she needed to practice with other real world artists. With all due

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

respect to her formal training, Brandie credits her true indoctrination




Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

as an artist to a time period where she worked with handicapped and severely disabled people. “They were what you’d call ‘Outside Artists. No formal training,

Illustrators we love

but also no inhibitions. They created in their own way, for themselves. They were raw, they were brave.” Though Brandie still attributes her formal training to supplying her artistic technique, it was her experience with these ELECTRIC LIME outside artists that opened her imagination to coloring beyond them. Brandie’s talent in artistic design has left countless onlookers in Wisteria. However, despite the beauty left in the eyes of these beholders, Brandie remains firm that there’s nothing MYSTIC MAROON about her creative process. “I create for me, what I like, what stimulates me visually. I realize it may not be for everyone, but it’s sure nice when it does.” Well Brandie, here at Graffiti Beach, we’re all big fans. And that’s not just nice, it’s Mauvelous.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

MUKEE: Skateboard earrings $26



art Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

VIZ INK ART: Cards $7, Prints $35-40 / YELLOW 108: Driver Cap $35 / POCKET CHANGE: Sullivan plaid button down $44

I love seeing the detail of an artist’s mind when it is expressed.

Illustrators we love

Hidden Messages - Gregg the Viz Written by: ERIK CARDONA Designed by: Brandie Mata Photographed by: garone africa Stylist: Michelle Africa

I am always thrilled when I interview an artist off the typical path. Love, colorful imagery, sunshine and lollipops; all artistic clichés we get used to seeing when we think of illustrators. Not the Viz. Gregg ‘The Viz’ Visintainer’s genius stems from a slightly different place. A blue collar, intensely detail oriented, chip on the shoulder place. The youngest of three boys growing up, Gregg grew an appetite for competition. His desire for I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

overcoming obstacles in life has translated to canvas, making him one of the hardest working artists in his field. One particular example came from a time in Gregg’s life when he was isolated to a hospital bed after back surgery. Rather than succumb to stir-craziness, Gregg took advantage of his situation, leaning on his art to carry him out of the difficult time. His art took on a life of its own, working as a means of meditation and therapy for his mind. Four years later, what started as a personal source for strength has now touched lives throughout the entire West Coast. When focus and patience meet, that’s where you’ll find Gregg Visintainer. He painstakingly accrues 60-80 hours per art piece. However, if

you asked the Viz, he’d say it feels like it takes him 10 minutes. Time flies when you’re



art When focus and patience meet, that’s where you’ll find Gregg Visintainer. He painstakingly accrues 60-80 hours per art piece.

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

JEDIDIAH: Flag tee $30 / YELLOW 108: Ball cap $30

Illustrators we love

having fun. It is Gregg’s sincere and unapologetic passion for his craft that speed the hands of time while he works. It also allows for his trademark story within a story that he so proudly hangs his I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

hat on. Hidden pictures, words, and various meanings expressed throughout his art create Gregg’s calling card. These embedded details tell a story to support the theme of every piece - a story everyone can plainly see, if you only take the time to look. A man who thrives on overcoming challenges, perhaps this is The Viz’s way of challenging us.

DICK CHASEY: Mustache tee $28 / YELLOW 108: Bamboo sunglasses $130




A Woman to Know - Kelli MURRAY -

Written by: ERIK CARDONA Designed by: Brandie Mata Photographed by: garone africa Stylist: Michelle Africa

8000 NERVES: Dip dye dress $119 / BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Bike inner tube necklace $38

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca


elli Murray is a simple woman. Devoted

Illustrators we love

wife, loving mother, beholden daughter, auspicious sister, Jill-of-all-trades including

merchandising, graphic design, branding, fine art, and of course, renowned illustration. Like I said, simple. Simple in only the most ironic sense of the word, but you wouldn’t get that from an interview with her. As complicated as her life appears, she takes it all in stride. There’s a comfortable, calming sense in her controlled chaos and it didn’t take long to discover the source. Blanketed by her faith, comforted by her love for creation, and secure in her commitment to family, Kelli Murray does not walk alone. “The love of my family and an endless desire to create and inspire makes me who I am.” Her words radiate warmth off the page. I’m reminded of cookies and milk, getting tucked in bedside, or curling up by a fireplace in the winter. Kelli’s art follows a similar path of piercing your heart while mending wounds. A band-aid for the soul. “I try to convey my heart

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

and evoke emotion through a lot of my work.”

KELLI MURRAY: Prints $26-38




Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca

left: SHEGREETSTHEDAY: Skull Cut Out Top $35 / CHIME DESIGNS: V Drum Cymbal Necklace $56 above: 8000 NERVES: Dip dye dress $119 / BEATRICE HOLIDAY: Bike inner tube necklace $38 / PAPER BIRD DESIGNS: Double-finger ring $30

Much of Kelli’s artistic style derives

Though simplicity is a through line with

from a sense of realness. Not the

Kelli Murray’s finished products, it by

abstract or intense type of artistry

no means endorses her work ethic. “I

many creators rear back and pummel

am a perfectionist, often to a fault. And I

our senses with.

But instead,

am most certainly my own worst critic. I

comforting pictures of our world,

think this stems from my desire to make

connecting us to a place we frequent,

the most of the gifts and talents I have

but rarely inhabit. “I am inspired by color and texture, by the

been given.” If you don’t use it, you lose it. That’s what I’ve

people around me, by nature, emotion, and even just simple

always been told. It’s Kelli’s genuine appreciation for life, and

every day things.” Kelli Murray’s straightforward work is

her place in it, that makes her never take her work for granted.

alarmingly effective. She emanates heart with every pursed

She loves what she does, she loves her support, and she loves

lip, coy smile, and occasional not-so-innocent advance from

herself. Kudos to you, Kelli. May we all be so lucky. Of course

her character sketches.

if you studied her work, you might realize...we already are.


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Illustrators we love










Emerging Brands Revealed

Leg Candy


the duality of women Designed by: Brandie Mata

Just like a coin has two faces, a woman has two halves. One part

one. Tami is the youngest and the creative, friendly, social sister. Our

sugar, spice and everything nice, one part strength, purpose, fearless

different personalities work out well in building 8000 Nerves. Ultimately

nerves…8000 Nerves to be exact. 8000 Nerves is a company that revels

we find a way to work as a team because everyone contributes a fascinating

in femininity, and it shares its mission through vintage Peter Pan collars,

perspective.” Four sisters equals a full house and a collaborative designer’s

touches of lace, bows and oodles of other girly details. At first glance


you see only the most obvious side of the softer sex with “a touch of quirky and colorful, moving to more sophisticated and fun”. The models

It is not often that a little girl gets to take one of her hobbies as a child

are dainty and the fabric is noticeable in its carefully

and carry it into adulthood. Like any household full

planned details. But the mission of the company

of girls, there was an abundance of dolls. One of Efi’s

mirrors the strength of the women who don their

favorite pastimes was to design clothing for her Barbies.

clothing. “Be daring, be free, empower yourself with

While her best friend would staple the clothing to her

your 8000 nerves”. Their philosophy: “To embrace

dolls, Efi would carefully and “gently sew all the details

yourself and feel beautiful from the inside out… the

together”. These were the “design seeds” that took her

idea is to own what makes you unique and dress the

into adulthood. “I love texture and form a lot. I love

part of the free spirited, colorful person that only you

colors and new concepts. I am inspired by those that

can be. You are the master of your own destiny, and it

love what they do and who are driven to make a positive

is YOU who will decide where you’ll go, how you’ll get

difference. I find that helping others is very fruitful and

there, and what you’ll be wearing along the way.”

that my family keeps me on the right track. I am inspired by music and newness, which can be mind openers. I

It is fitting that 8000 Nerves is a 4 sisters creation. In

find that with an open mind, I can see the vision I’m

a house full of estrogen there are no “male vs. female

aiming for a whole lot clearer.” The vision that you see

jobs and roles”. Everyone pitches in, and everyone has

when looking at their clothing is as clear as the wishing

their own jobs. In the same way, these sisters were able to define their roles

well into which you throw a coin. With such clear feminine strength,

within their company. “Revi is the oldest and is the ambitious, business-

there is no doubt that any wish made by this incredible company will

minded sister. Leeron is the second oldest and is the organized, responsible

be granted, and that 8000 Nerves will be bestowed upon every strong

one of the bunch. I (Efi) am the second youngest and the ambitious, creative

woman that wears their clothing.


I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

Written by: Alana Trevino Itaya



Daring Dream to

Written by: Alana Trevino Itaya

Photographed by: Jay Barlett

Designed by: Rhoel Paghunasan

Continuous began with an eye-catching, soul-

to grab the eye of each audience member.

searching bang at the L.A. Fashion Week.

A dress with a floral print and earth tones

A lone voice… “People Don’t Dream

Self-described as “ bold and confident,” this

mixed with a brighter hue of flowing color

Anymore,” said aloud by spoken word artist

company is maturing as they “grow into

that makes a surprising, yet feminine pop.

Maestro Gamin.

their own,” all while taking the runway by

The fabric, like the seams that run across the

colorful storm.

legs, offer interesting aesthetic details along

A dark stage.

Bodies from Team Millenia glide down the catwalk, light emanating from their gloves…

with the layered fabric. Bright colors mix The models begin to strut down the catwalk,

with fatigue prints and are then covered by

bright arm and leg bands carry over

sheer feminine pieces that add a girlish quality

If this opening does not inspire creative and

from model to model. The theme reflects

to the overall appearance. One model wore a

imaginative thought… then the clothing from

the clothing line’s inability to feel fear,

bright orange bandeau top with fatigue fitted

Continuous that followed certainly did.

continuously dreaming, as they splash bright

pants and an overlay of knitted mesh that

color around in just enough strategic places

worked like a dress or cover-up, softening the

out entire look. Tribal, retro and boho prints and

easy going style that we have all come to

to the Californian that likes to be noticed

stripes were also seen in dresses, leggings,

know and love.

and they play up the fact that the weather

and skirts. Tight was balanced with flowing


requires more, begs for more, and allows for

fabric. Bright was balanced by earth tones. A

Each look was paired with Paper Bird

more risks. Continuous is not only up for

loud print was feminized by a carefully placed

Creations accessories. Chunky bracelets,

the challenge, they meet it headlong. Fresh

ruffle or thin belt.

long necklaces, and multiple bracelets round

off their MAGIC win for best emerging

out each look. Each accessory complemented

designers, LA Fashion Week was a perfect

Men were dressed in board shorts styled with

by beautiful shoes helped to emphasize the

challenge. The men from Continuous dream,

bright tanks and hand screen-printed tees.

design that can be dressed up as well as down.

and dream big. They plan to use their

Sometimes a mesh tank was covering a bright

successes as a springboard to their future Based in Los Angeles, Continuous is

plans. Their styles ebb and flow, and they

hoodie took on the task. The male models

constantly evolving as they splash color

play with the balance of trendy and classic,

emphasized wear-ability and that Californian

all over the industry. They are catering

while always‌ staying continuous.

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M

color, other times a short sleeved urban

Available at or in-store 2220 Fern St., San Diego Ca




Fire in the Hamptons Scratchy and electronic sounds mesh together in a dreamy melody of late n i g h t s a n d f i r s t l ov e s . Written by: Corrinne Bollendorf

Designed by: ANA Fuentes

L.A. based indie band Fire in the Hamptons sounds like

this year and since then the band has been touring and

the bratty love child of Phoenix and MGMT - similar

rehearsing non-stop as they try to make their name known.

tones but with a younger and smarter attitude. Their self-

titled debut album F.I.T.H takes the listener on a journey

inspired idea of a few into a full on band. This group is

through the streets of buzzing L.A. all the way to the

made up of a sweet bearded drummer named Arron Bilyeu

back roads of Joshua Tree. They have struck indie genius

a.k.a. “ABSK”, Ian Dowd a.k.a “Values” on lead guitar,

with their single titled “Stargazer”.

Emvy Venti on synth/ piano and of course Zach Arnett as

lead singer. Surprisingly the band also has some California

Lead singer Zach Arnett a.k.a “Zboy” started the

Fire in the Hamptons has evolved from the

musical concept of Fire in the Hamptons with the idea of

hip-hop roots due to Zach Arnett’s collaboration in a five-

making one song and see where it would lead. They were

man hip-hop collective called Ostrich Head as the Emcee.

so pleased with their first single that they decided to make

Listening to a little bit of Ostrich Head, immediately

a record out of it, with the help of co-producer Bert Selen.

one is able to tell how Zachs’s hip-hop background

Thus, Fire in the Hamptons was born. Arnett, originally

has influenced Fire in the Hamptons. Because of his

from Northern California, has lived in L.A. for ten years

background, up-tempo flowing beats that have both energy

and says he started working on the album F.I.T.H. about

and chill have found their way into the music.

two and a half years ago. The album was released earlier

What sets Fire in the Hamptons apart from

every other L.A.indie/electro/alternative band trying to make it, is that their music has a mood. Their tunes, in combination with the dream-like videography portrayed in their music videos, work together to create something remarkable. Watching their music video “Stargazer,” filmed in Joshua Tree it is easy to connect to a feeling - a feeling of youth set free. There is a mood of true uninhibited adventure.

tunage tr ennds ds tre

Filming the music video was an adventure all

Currently, Fire in the Hamptons is working on a

in itself. Arnett describes how he put up a long ad on

new video project for their song “Children of the Sun,”

Craigslist in an attempt to convince an actor to come out to

which will not be a music video per se, but more of an

Joshua Tree to star in the “Stargazer” music video without

experimental visualization to compliment the music.

compensation. On the drive up to Joshua Tree Zach passed

Additionally the group is working on securing more

a drifter on the highway. Since no one had replied to the

shows to galvanize a bigger following, or in Arnett’s

ad yet, he thought about picking up the ragged looking

words, “have our music heard by the entire world to

drifter for the music video. In the end he decided against it

make the world dance.”

and everything fell into place. A boy named Nathan, along

with his Aunt, saw the add on Craigslist and decided to

Diego some time in December and has a show coming up

take a chance and drive up to Joshua Tree. They surprised

at the Roxy in L.A. on November 28th.

the band by jumping in and starring in the music video.

BAND NAME: Fire in the Hamptons BASED OUT of: Los Angeles Music Type: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Electronic

chances and living in the moment. Arnett admitted that the universe helped out “a lot” in shooting the video.

I S S UE 0 0 3 H O LIDAY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O PGRAFFITI B EACH . C O M

And that is exactly what this group’s mood exudes - taking

Fire in the Hampton plans on playing in San




ay Show Fortune 421 Runw h

at Graffiti Beac

DJ Dr. Eye e 421 Team, ordinated by Fortun Fashion Show Co k Bae ace Gr ella Park, Robert Nguyen, Est Perez Photos by Jose G hunasan Layout by Rhoel Pag

I S S U E 0 0 3 H O L I D AY 2 0 1 2 / / S H O P G R A F F I T I B E A C H . C O M





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Graffiti Beach Holiday Issue 003  

Graffiti Beach Holiday Issue featuring our very own Shopping Guide and Illustrators We Love including Ilse Valfre, Kelli Murray, Brandie Mat...

Graffiti Beach Holiday Issue 003  

Graffiti Beach Holiday Issue featuring our very own Shopping Guide and Illustrators We Love including Ilse Valfre, Kelli Murray, Brandie Mat...